System Name: Miami-Dade County
Location: Miami, FL
County: Miami-Dade
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 065 WACN: 92A5E
Last Updated: December 1, 2022, 1:31 pm CST   [Added P25 CH ID Table [Harris]]
System Notes

Harris Corporation has been awarded the contract to replace the 18- year-old EDACS system in Miami-Dade County. 

Miami-Dade Police Dispatch console RIDS are:
30000, 30013, 30017, 30021, 30025, 30029, 30033, 30037, 30041, 30045, 30049, 30060, 30064.



Site 101: Local Government

Site 102: Miami Dade Police

Site 103: Micro site covering area west of US27

Site 104: Miccosukee Indian Reservation

Site 107: Key Biscayne. Carries HQ dispatch talkgroup 15033 and bolos only.

Site 108: Reserve system

Site 109: Site for Golden Beach & Sunny Isles Beach


Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
101 (65) 001 (1) Miami - TCC 851.1125c851.1375c851.3625c851.3875c851.6125c851.6375c851.8625c851.8875c
102 (66) 001 (1) Site 102 851.0375c851.0625c851.2875c851.3125c851.5625c851.7625c851.8125c852.0625c
103 (67) 001 (1) Site 103 851.7375c852.2375852.6875853.2375853.7375   
104 (68) 001 (1) Miccosukee - 40 Mile Bend 769.09375c769.61875c770.61875c771.74375c772.76875c   
108 (6C) 001 (1) CAB (SPCC) 769.08125c769.35625c769.60625c769.85625c770.10625c770.35625c770.60625c770.85625c
109 (6D) 001 (1) Sunny Isles Beach 855.0125c855.8875c858.4625c     
136 (88) 001 (1) Key Biscayne 770.11875c770.36875c771.11875c771.36875c772.26875c   


 Active on Site-108.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100002710DMDC-1Miami-Dade County 1Multi-Tac
100012711DMDC-2Miami-Dade County 2Multi-Tac
100022712DMDC-3Miami-Dade County 3Multi-Tac
100032713DMDC-4Miami-Dade County 4Multi-Tac
100042714DMDC-5Miami-Dade County 5Multi-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
109002a94DMDPDPolice Inter-CityInterop
109012a95DMDFRMiami Dade Fire RescueInterop
109022a96DMIA-1Miami - 1Interop
109032a97DMIA-2Miami - 2Interop
109042a98DMIA-3Miami - 3Interop
109052a99DHIA-1Hialeah -1Interop
109062a9aDHIA-2Hialeah -2Interop
109072a9bDBSOBroward Sheriff's OfficeInterop
109082a9cDMB-1Miami Beach - 1Interop
109092a9dDMB-2Miami Beach - 2Interop
109102a9eDMB-3Miami Beach - 3Interop
109112a9fDCGBLS-1Coral Gables -1Interop
109122aa0DCGBLS-2Coral Gables -2Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10046273eDIO-1Interop 1Interop
10047273fDIO-2Interop 2Interop
100482740DIO-3Interop 3Interop
100492741DIO-4Interop 4Interop
100502742DIO-5Interop 5Interop
100512743DIO-6Interop 6Interop
100522744DIO-7Interop 7Interop
100532745DIO-8Interop 8Interop
100542746DIO-9Interop 9Interop
100552747DIO-10Interop 10Interop
100562748DIO-11Interop 11Interop
100572749DIO-12Interop 12Interop
10058274aDIO-13Interop 13Interop
10059274bDIO-14Interop 14Interop
10060274cDIO-15Interop 15Interop
10061274dDIO-16Interop 16Interop
Miami-Dade Aviation Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10253280dDTERMAIRMIA Terminal Airside OperationsPublic Works
10254280eDTERM 2MIA Terminal Airside OperationsPublic Works
10255280fDAIR 2MIA Terminal Airside OperationsPublic Works
102562810DLAND 1MIA Landside Operations 1Public Works
102572811DLAND 2MIA Landside Operations 2Public Works
102582812DMAINT 1MIA Maintenance 1Public Works
102592813DMAINT 2MIA Maintenance 2Public Works
102602814DMAINT 3MIA Maintenance 3Public Works
102612815DAV SAFEAviation SafetyPublic Works
102622816DAV COM1Aviation Comm 1Public Works
102632817DAV COM 2Aviation Comm 2Public Works
Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
150183aaaDDOC CSBCourt Service BureauCorrections
160003e80DDOC 00CorrectionsCorrections
160013e81DDOC 01CorrectionsCorrections
160023e82DDOC 02CorrectionsCorrections
160033e83DDOC MainMain Operations Corrections
160043e84DDOC Trans CarvnTransport CaravanCorrections
160053e85DDOC Ward DWard D at Jackson Memorial HospitalCorrections
160063e86DDOC Trans CrdTransport CoordinationCorrections
160073e87DDOC CourtCourt Operations Corrections
160083e88DDOC 08CorrectionsCorrections
160093e89DDOC YardTGK Yard / RecCorrections
160203e94DDOC 20CorrectionsCorrections
Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
102652819DTest10265Parks and Recreation 10265Public Works
10266281aDTest10266Parks and Recreation 10266Public Works
10267281bDHauloverHauloverPublic Works
10268281cDTest10268Parks and Recreation 10268Public Works
10269281dDDeerngEstateDeering EstatePublic Works
10271281fDZoo Mia-1Zoo Miami-1Public Works
102722820DZoo Mia-2Zoo Miami-2Public Works
Miami-Dade County Public Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
102932835DM-DCPS EEast TransportationTransportation
102942836DM-DCPS NNorth TransportationTransportation
102952837DM-DCPS SSouth TransportationTransportation
102962838DM-DCPS NENortheast TransportationTransportation
102972839DM-DCPS SWSouthwest TransportationTransportation
10298283aDM-DCPS NWNorthwest TransportationTransportation
10299283bDM-DCPS CWCentral West TransportationTransportation
10300283cDM-DCPS 9xx9xxx units TransportationTransportation
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10110277eDJMH RDRAir Rescue to JMHFire-Tac
10111277fDMIACHLDMiami Children's HospitalHospital
101122780DKENDALLKendall Regional Medical CenterHospital
101192787DMED COMMED COM CallingEMS Dispatch
101202788DHIALEAHHialeah HospitalHospital
101212789DJMH NTHJMH NorthHospital
10122278aDAVNTURAAventura Medical CenterHospital
10123278bDMIA HRTMiami HeartHospital
10124278cDMEM HSPMemorial HospitalHospital
10125278dDMEM WSTMemorial WestHospital
10126278eDM SINAIMount SinaiHospital
10127278fDNTH SHRNorth ShoreHospital
101292791DPSPRINGPalm SpringsHospital
101302792DJMH WESTJMH WestHospital
101312793DU OF MUniversity of MiamiHospital
101322794DJMH STHJMH SouthHospital
101352797DGABLESCoral GablesHospital
10138279aDMERCY HMercyHospital
10140279cDS MIAMISouth MiamiHospital
10141279dDWST BPTWest BaptistHospital
10143279fDMDFR AdminAdministrationFire-Talk
1014427a0DMDFR DispMDFR Automated Dispatch (testing)Fire Dispatch
1014527a1DMDFR AdminAdministrationFire-Talk
1015327a9DMDFR SP EV 1Special Event-1Fire-Talk
1015627acDMDFR SP EV 4Special Event-4Fire-Talk
Miami-Dade Local Government
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
102452805DMDLG10245Local GovernmentPublic Works
102472807DMDLG10247Radio ShopPublic Works
102482808DMDLG10248Radio ShopPublic Works
102492809DITD Radio ShITD Radio ShopPublic Works
10252280cDVizcayaVizcayaPublic Works
102762824DMDLG10276Local GovernmentPublic Works
102792827DMDLG10279Local GovernmentPublic Works
103062842DAnimalContrlAnimal ControlPublic Works
103072843DCode EnforceCode EnforcementPublic Works
103092845DDCPS ADMIN DCPS ADMIN (DCON)Public Works
103122848DMDLG10312Local GovernmentPublic Works
1069429c6DMDLG10694Local GovernmentPublic Works
Miami-Dade Office of Emergency Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
103242854DEOC 1Emergency Operations Center - 1Emergency Ops
103252855DEOC 2Emergency Operations Center - 2Emergency Ops
103262856DEOC 3Emergency Operations Center - 3Emergency Ops
103272857DEOC 4Emergency Operations Center - 4Emergency Ops
103282858DEOC 5Emergency Operations Center - 5Emergency Ops
Miami-Dade Police Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
641281DMDPD 641Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
642282DMDPD 642Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
643283DMDPD 643Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
644284DMDPD 644Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
645285DMDPD 645Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
646286DMDPD 646Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
647287DMDPD 647Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
648288DMDPD 648Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
649289DMDPD 649Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
65028aDMDPD 650Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
65128bDMDPD 651Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
65228cDMDPD 652Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
65328dDMDPD 653Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
65428eDMDPD 654Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
65528fDMDPD 655Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
656290DMDPD 656Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
657291DMDPD 657Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
658292DMDPD 658Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
659293DMDPD 659Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
660294DMDPD 660Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
661295DMDPD 661Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
662296DMDPD 662Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
663297DMDPD 663Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
664298DMDPD 664Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
665299DMDPD 665Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
66629aDMDPD 666Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
66729bDMDPD 667Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
66829cDMDPD 668Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
66929dDMDPD 669Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
67029eDMDPD 670Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
67129fDMDPD 671Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6722a0DMDPD 672Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6732a1DMDPD 673Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6742a2DMDPD 674Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6752a3DMDPD 675Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6762a4DMDPD 676Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6772a5DMDPD 677Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6782a6DMDPD 678Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6792a7DMDPD 679Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6802a8DMDPD 680Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6812a9DMDPD 681Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6822aaDMDPD 682Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6832abDMDPD 683Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6842acDMDPD 684Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6852adDMDPD 685Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6862aeDMDPD 686Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6872afDMDPD 687Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6882b0DMDPD 688Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6892b1DMDPD 689Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6902b2DMDPD 690Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6912b3DMDPD 691Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6922b4DMDPD 692Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6932b5DMDPD 693Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6942b6DMDPD 694Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6952b7DMDPD 695Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6962b8DMDPD 696Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6972b9DMDPD 697Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6982baDMDPD 698Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
6992bbDMDPD 699Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7002bcDMDPD 700Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7012bdDMDPD 701Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7022beDMDPD 702Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7032bfDMDPD 703Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7042c0DMDPD 704Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7052c1DMDPD 705Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7062c2DMDPD 706Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7072c3DMDPD 707Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7082c4DMDPD 708Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7092c5DMDPD 709Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7102c6DMDPD 710Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7112c7DMDPD 711Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7122c8DMDPD 712Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7132c9DMDPD 713Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7142caDMDPD 714Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7152cbDMDPD 715Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7162ccDMDPD 716Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7172cdDMDPD 717Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7182ceDMDPD 718Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7192cfDMDPD 719Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7202d0DMDPD 720Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7212d1DMDPD 721Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7222d2DMDPD 722Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7232d3DMDPD 723Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7242d4DMDPD 724Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7252d5DMDPD 725Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7262d6DMDPD 726Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7272d7DMDPD 727Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7282d8DMDPD 728Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7292d9DMDPD 729Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7302daDMDPD 730Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7312dbDMDPD 731Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7322dcDMDPD 732Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7332ddDMDPD 733Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7342deDMDPD 734Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7352dfDMDPD 735Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7362e0DMDPD 736Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7372e1DMDPD 737Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7382e2DMDPD 738Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7392e3DMDPD 739Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7402e4DMDPD 740Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7412e5DMDPD 741Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7422e6DMDPD 742Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7432e7DMDPD 743Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7442e8DMDPD 744Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7452e9DMDPD 745Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7462eaDMDPD 746Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7472ebDMDPD 747Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
7482ecDMDPD 748Patch-BOLOLaw Dispatch
1072430DEMDPD 1072PoliceLaw Talk
1075433DEMDPD 1075PoliceLaw Talk
988826a0DMDPD-BSO LinkMiami-Dade link to Broward CountyLaw Dispatch
989626a8DMDPD IntercityIntercity (patched with 155.37 MHz)Law Talk
1070029ccDHQ PD UNITS Headquarters (Radio Tests)Law Talk
150003a98DPD Task 1PD Task 1Law Talk
150013a99DPD Task 2PD Task 2Law Talk
150023a9aDPD Task 3PD Task 3Law Talk
150033a9bDPD Task 4PD Task 4Law Talk
150043a9cDPD Task 5PD Task 5Law Talk
150053a9dDPD Task 6PD Task 6Law Talk
150063a9eDPD Task 7PD Task 7Law Talk
150073a9fDPD Task 8PD Task 8Law Talk
150083aa0DPD Task 9PD Task 9Law Talk
150093aa1DPD Task 10PD Task 10Law Talk
150103aa2DEvent 1Special Events 1Law Talk
150113aa3DEvent 2Special Events 2Law Talk
150123aa4DEvent 3Special Events 3Law Talk
150133aa5DEvent 4Special Events 4Law Talk
150143aa6DEvent 5Special Events 5Law Talk
150153aa7DEvent 6Special Events 6Law Tac
150163aa8DMDPD Train1MDPD Training 1Law Talk
150173aa9DMDPD Train2MDPD Training 2Law Talk
150193aabDMDPD 15019PoliceLaw Tac
150203aacDPolicePolice - MarineLaw Tac
150213aadDBuildngMaintPolice - Building MaintenanceLaw Tac
150223aaeDMDPD 15022PoliceLaw Tac
150233aafDMDPD 1Northwest Dispatch (Mike) - Miami Lakes, Opa LockaLaw Dispatch
150243ab0DMDPD 2Northside Dispatch (North)Law Dispatch
150253ab1DMDPD 3Midwest Dispatch (Delta)- West Miami, Virginia GardensLaw Dispatch
150263ab2DMDPD 4Cutler Ridge Dispatch (Charlie) - Florida City, Cutler Bay, Palmetto BayLaw Dispatch
150273ab3DMDPD 5Kendall Dispatch - Kendall, South MiamiLaw Dispatch
150283ab4DMDPD 6Intracoastal Dispatch (India) - Sunny Isles, Golden Beach, Miami ShoresLaw Dispatch
150293ab5DMDPD 7MIA Dispatch - AirportLaw Dispatch
150303ab6DMDPD 8Hammocks Dispatch (Hotel Units)Law Dispatch
150313ab7DStation9DispStation 9 Dispatch [future use]Law Dispatch
150323ab8DStation10DspStation 10 Dispatch - SeaportLaw Dispatch
150333ab9DHQ DispHeadquarters DispatchLaw Dispatch
150343abaDMun PD 2Municipal 2 Dispatch - Surfside, Biscayne Park, N Bay Village, N Miami, Bal Harbour, Bay Harbor Islands, El Portal, Indian CreekLaw Dispatch
150353abbDMun PD 3Municipal 3 Dispatch - Doral, Sweetwater, Hialeah Gardens Law Dispatch
150363abcDMun 4 DispMunicipal 4 Dispatch (future)Law Dispatch
150373abdDMun 6 DispMunicipal 6 Dispatch (future)Law Dispatch
150383abeDStation1CarAStation 1 Car ALaw Talk
150393abfDStation2CarAStation 2 Car ALaw Talk
150403ac0DStation3CarAStation 3 Car ALaw Talk
150413ac1DStation4CarAStation 4 Car ALaw Talk
150423ac2DStation5CarAStation 5 Car ALaw Talk
150433ac3DStation6CarAStation 6 Car ALaw Talk
150443ac4DStation7CarAStation 7 Car ALaw Talk
150453ac5DStation8CarAStation 8 Car ALaw Talk
150463ac6DStation9CarAStation 9 Car A (Future Use)Law Talk
150473ac7DStatn10CarAStation 10 Car ALaw Talk
150483ac8DHQ Car AHeadquarters Car ALaw Talk
150493ac9DMun Car AMunicipal Car ALaw Talk
150503acaDMun W Car AMunicipal West Car ALaw Talk
150513acbDMuni 4 CarMunicipal 4 Car-Car (Future Use)Law Tac
150523accDMuni 6 CarMunicipal 6 Car-Car (Future Use)Law Tac
150533acdDStation 1 Tac AStation 1 Tactical ALaw Tac
150543aceDStation 2 Tac AStation 2 Tactical ALaw Tac
150553acfDStation 3 Tac AStation 3 Tactical ALaw Tac
150563ad0DStation 4 Tac AStation 4 Tactical ALaw Tac
150573ad1DStation 5 Tac AStation 5 Tactical ALaw Tac
150583ad2DStation 6 Tac AStation 6 Tactical ALaw Tac
150593ad3DStation 7 Tac AStation 7 Tactical ALaw Tac
150603ad4DStation 8 Tac AStation 8 Tactical ALaw Tac
150613ad5DStation 9 Tac AStation 9 Tactical A (FUTURE USE)Law Tac
150623ad6DStation 10 Tac AStation 10 Tactical ALaw Tac
150633ad7DHQ Tactical AHQ Tactical ALaw Tac
150643ad8DMuni 2 Tac AMunicipal 2 Tactical ALaw Tac
150653ad9DMuni 3 Tac AMunicipal 3 Tactical ALaw Tac
150663adaDMuni 4 Tac AMunicipal 4 Tactical A (FUTURE USE)Law Tac
150673adbDMuni 6 Tac AMunicipal 6 Tactical A (FUTURE USE)Law Tac
150683adcDMDPD 15068PoliceLaw Tac
150693addDMDPD 15069PoliceLaw Tac
150703adeDMDPD 15070PoliceLaw Tac
150713adfDSweetwaterPDSweetwater Police Car-CarLaw Tac
150723ae0DPinecrestPD1Pinecrest Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
150733ae1DPOL Tac 1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
150743ae2DPOL Tac 2Police Tactical 2Law Tac
150753ae3DPOL Tac 3Police Tactical 3Law Tac
150763ae4DCITY P1West MiamiLaw Tac
150773ae5DCITY P2Bal Harbour, Bay Harbor, Golden Beach, Sunny Isles, Surfside, North Bay VillageLaw Tac
150783ae6DCITY P3Florida City, Sweetwater, Key BiscayneLaw Tac
150793ae7DCITY P4Opa LockaLaw Tac
150803ae8DCITY P5Virginia Gardens, Hialeah GardensLaw Tac
150813ae9DCITY P6 Sweetwater, Pinecrest-2, FIULaw Tac
150823aeaDNMB PD1 DISPNorth Miami Beach Police DispatchLaw Tac
150833aebDMDPD 15083PoliceLaw Tac
150843aecDPD WARRANT1 Warrants 1Law Talk
150853aedDPD WARRANT2 Warrants 2Law Talk
154973c89DSA-1State Attorneys OfficeLaw Tac
154993c8bDFIU PD DISPFlorida International University - Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
27002697aDESRT 002SRT 002Law Tac
270306996DEWarrants 030WarrantsLaw Tac
270326998DESRT 032SRT 032Law Tac
270336999DK-9K-9Law Tac
27034699aDEPD AIRAir Law Tac
27035699bDESRT 035SRT 035Law Tac
2706169b5DEMDPD27061RID 061Law Tac
2709069d2DEMDPD27090RID 090Law Tac
2709169d3DEECU 1Economic Crime Bureau 1 Law Tac
2709269d4DEECU 2Economic Crime Bureau 2Law Tac
2709369d5DEMDPD27093RID 093Law Tac
2709469d6DERID 094RID 094Law Tac
2711969efDERID 119RID 119Law Tac
2712069f0DERID 120RID 120Law Tac
2712169f1DERID 121RID 121Law Tac
271496a0dDERID 149RID 149Law Tac
271506a0eDENarcotics 150Narcotics 150Law Tac
271516a0fDENarcotics 151Narcotics 151Law Tac
271526a10DENarcotics 152Narcotics 152Law Tac
271536a11DENarcotics 153Narcotics 153Law Tac
271546a12DENarcotics 154Narcotics 154Law Tac
271556a13DNarcotics 155Narcotics 155Law Tac
271566a14DEMDPD27156Narcotics 156Law Tac
271796a2bDERID 179RID 179Law Tac
271816a2dDEMDPD27181RID NorthLaw Tac
271826a2eDERID SouthRID SouthLaw Tac
272096a49DERID 209RID 209Law Tac
272106a4aDERID 210RID 210Law Tac
272116a4bDERID 211RID 211Law Tac
272126a4cDERID 212RID 212Law Tac
272396a67DERID 239RID 239Law Tac
272456a6dDERID 245RID 245Law Tac
272706a86DEWarrants 270Warrants 270Law Tac
272716a87DEWarrants 271Warrants 271Law Tac
272726a88DEWarrants 272Warrants 272Law Tac
272736a89DEWarrants 273Warrants 273Law Tac
272746a8aDERID 274RID 274Law Tac
272756a8bDEWarrantsWarrants 275Law Tac
273006aa4DERID 300RID 300Law Tac
273026aa6DEBomb SquadBomb SquadLaw Tac
273306ac2DERID 330RID 330Law Tac
273316ac3DERID 331RID 331Law Tac
273606ae0DESRT 360SRT 360Law Tac
273616ae1DESRT 361SRT 361Law Tac
273906afeDESRT 390SRT 390Law Tac
273916affDESRT 391SRT 391Law Tac
274196b1bDESRT 419SRT 419Law Tac
274206b1cDEMDPD27420SRT 420Law Tac
274216b1dDESRT 421SRT 421Law Tac
274506b3aDEMDPD SMIA DETSouth Miami DetectivesLaw Tac
274616b45DEMDPD NMIA DETNorth Miami DetectivesLaw Tac
274706b4eDEMDPD Doral DETDoral DetectivesLaw Tac
274756b53DEOpaLocka CarOpa Locka DetectivesLaw Tac
274806b58DEMiami SpringMiami Springs DispatchLaw Dispatch
274856b5dDEMDPD SI DETSunny Isles DetectivesLaw Tac
274906b62DEMGPD Wolf Pack-1Miami Gardens Wolf Pack-1Law Tac
274956b67DEMGPD Wolf Pack-2Miami Gardens Wolf Pack-2Law Tac
300007530DEStation1DispStation 1 Dispatch - Miami LakesLaw Dispatch
300017531DEStation1CarAStation 1 Car ALaw Tac
300027532DEStation1Tac1Station 1 TAC 1Law Tac
300037533DEPD Info 1Info 1 Law Tac
300047534DEPD Info 2Info 2Law Tac
300057535DEPD CAR 1 Car-to-Car 1Law Tac
300067536DEPD CAR 2Car-to-Car 2Law Tac
300077537DEPD Tac 1Tactical 1Law Tac
300087538DEPD Tac 2Tactical 2Law Tac
300097539DEPD Tac 3Tactical 3Law Dispatch
30010753aDEPD Tac 4Tactical 4Law Tac
30011753bDEPD Tac 5Tactical 5Law Tac
30012753cDEStation1Tac2Station 1 Tac 2Law Tac
30013753dDEStation2DispStation 2 Dispatch - NorthsideLaw Dispatch
30014753eDEStation2CarAStation 2 Car ALaw Tac
30015753fDEStation2Tac1Station 2 Tac 1Law Tac
300167540DEStation2Tac2Station 2 Tac 2Law Tac
300177541DEStation3DispStation 3 Dispatch - MidwestLaw Dispatch
300187542DEStation3CarAStation 3 Car ALaw Tac
300197543DEStation3Tac1Station 3 Tac 1Law Tac
300207544DEStation3Tac2Station 3 Tac 2Law Tac
300217545DEStation4DispStation 4 Dispatch - Cutler RidgeLaw Dispatch
300227546DEStation4CarAStation 4 Car ALaw Tac
300237547DEStation4Tac1Station 4 Tac 1Law Tac
300247548DEStation4Tac2Station 4 Tac 2Law Tac
300257549DEStation5DispStation 5 - KendallLaw Dispatch
30026754aDEStation5CarAStation 5 Car ALaw Tac
30027754bDEStation5Tac1Station 5 Tac 1Law Tac
30028754cDEStation5Tac2Station 5 Tac 2Law Tac
30029754dDEStation6DispStation 6 - Intracoastal Dispatch (Sunny Isles and Golden Beach)Law Dispatch
30030754eDEStation6CarAStation 6 Car ALaw Tac
30031754fDEStation6Tac1Station 6 Tac 1Law Tac
300327550DEStation6Tac2Station 6 Tac 2Law Tac
300337551DEStation7DispStation 7 Dispatch - AirportLaw Dispatch
300347552DEStation7CarAStation 7 Car ALaw Tac
300357553DEStation7Tac1Station 7 Tac 1Law Tac
300367554DEStation7Tac2Station 7 Tac 2Law Tac
300377555DEStation8DispStation 8 Dispatch - HammocksLaw Dispatch
300387556DEStation8CarAStation 8 Car ALaw Tac
300397557DEStation8Tac1Station 8 Tac 1Law Tac
300407558DEStation8Tac2Station 8 Tac 2Law Tac
300417559DEStation9DispStation 9 Dispatch [future use]Law Dispatch
30042755aDEStation9CarAStation 9 Car ALaw Tac
30043755bDEStation9Tac1Station 9 Tac 1Law Tac
30044755cDEStation9Tac2Station 9 Tac 2Law Tac
30045755dDEStation10DspStation 10 Dispatch - SeaportLaw Dispatch
30046755eDEStatn10CarAStation 10 Car ALaw Tac
30047755fDEStatn10Tac1Station 10 Tac 1Law Tac
300487560DEStatn10Tac2Station 10 Tac 2Law Tac
300497561DEHQ DispHeadquarters DispatchLaw Dispatch
300507562DEHQ Car AHeadquarters Car ALaw Tac
300517563DEHQ Tac 1Headquarters Tac 1Law Tac
300527564DEHQ Tac 2Headquarters Tac 2Law Tac
300537565DEPol Tac 4Tactical 4Law Dispatch
300547566DEPol Tac 5Tactical 5Law Tac
300557567DEPol Tac 6Tactical 6Law Tac
300567568DEPol Tac 7Tactical 7Law Tac
300577569DEPol Tac 8Tactical 8Law Dispatch
30058756aDEPol Tac 9Tactical 9Law Tac
30059756bDEPol Tac 10Tactical 10Law Tac
30060756cDEMuni 2 DispMunicipal 2 DispatchLaw Tac
30061756dDEMuni 2 Car AMunicipal 2 Car ALaw Dispatch
30062756eDEMuni 2 Tac 1Municipal 2 Tactical 1Law Tac
30063756fDEMuni 2 Tac 2Municipal 2 Tactical 2Law Tac
300657571DEMUNI 3 CAR AMUNI 3 CAR ALaw Dispatch
300677573DEMUNI 3 TAC 1MUNI 3 TAC 1Law Tac
300687574DEMUNI 4 DISPATCH MUNI 4 DISPATCH (Future Use)Law Tac
300697575DEMUNI 4 CAR AMUNI 4 CAR ALaw Tac
300707576DEMUNI 4 TAC 1MUNI 4 TAC 1Law Tac
300717577DEMUNI 4 TAC 2MUNI 4 TAC 2Law Tac
300727578DEMUNI 6 DISPATCH MUNI 6 DISPATCH (Future Use)Law Tac
300737579DEMUNI 6 CAR AMUNI 6 CAR ALaw Tac
30074757aDEMUNI 6 TAC 1MUNI 6 TAC 1Law Tac
30075757bDEMUNI 6 TAC 2MUNI 6 TAC 2Law Tac
30076757cDMDPD MotorsMotorsLaw Tac
30077757dDEMDPD077PoliceLaw Tac
30078757eDEP1 Car AWest Miami Car ALaw Tac
30079757fDEP2 Car ASunny Isles Beach, Bal Harbour, Bay Harbor Islands Car ALaw Tac
300807580DEP3 Car AFlorida City, Key Biscayne Car ALaw Tac
300817581DEP4 Car AOpa Locka Car ALaw Tac
300827582DEP5 Car AHialeah Gardens Car ALaw Tac
300837583DEP6 Car AFlorida International University Car ALaw Tac
300847584DES.Miami Car South Miami CarLaw Tac
300857585DEDoral CarDoral CarLaw Tac
300867586DEN.Miami Car North Miami CarLaw Tac
300877587DEMiami G DispMiami Gardens Dispatch Law Dispatch
300887588DEMiami G CarAMiami Gardens Car ALaw Tac
300897589DEGoldenBeachGolden Beach Police (Car to Car)Law Talk
30090758aDEGoldenBeach CarAGolden Beach Police Car ALaw Tac
30091758bDESweetwater CSweetwater CarLaw Tac
30092758cDEStateAttorneState Attorney's OfficeLaw Tac
30093758dDENMBPD DispNorth Miami Beach Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
30094758eDENMBPD Car ANorth Miami Beach Police Car ALaw Tac
30095758fDENMBPD Tac 1North Miami Beach Police Tac 1Law Tac
300967590DENMBPD Tac 2North Miami Beach Police Tac 2Law Tac
300977591DENMBPD Tac 3North Miami Beach Police Tac 3Law Tac
300987592DEMDSPD MainMiami-Dade Schools Police MainLaw Dispatch
300997593DEMDSPD SouthMiami-Dade Schools Police SouthLaw Tac
301007594DEMDSPD TacticalMiami-Dade Schools Police TacticalLaw Tac
301017595DEPinecrest LocalPinecrest LocalLaw Tac
301027596DEMDPD102PoliceLaw Tac
301037597DEMDPD103PoliceLaw Tac
301047598DEMDPD104PoliceLaw Tac
301057599DERadio TechsRadio TechniciansPublic Works
30107759bDEAventuraAventuraLaw Tac
30109759dDESweetwaterSweetwaterLaw Tac
30110759eDEState Attorney UState Attorney UnitsLaw Tac
30111759fDEKeyBiscayneCarKey Biscayne Car ALaw Tac
3011375a1DEMiamiShoresPDMiami Shores Police (Car to Car)Law Talk
3011575a3DEMiccosukee PD1Miccosukee Police 1 Law Dispatch
3011675a4DEMiccosukee PD2Miccosukee Police 2Law Tac
3011775a5DEMiccosukee PD3Miccosukee Police 3 Law Tac
3011875a6DEMedley PD DispMedley Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
3011975a7DEHomestead PDHomestead Police - Tactical Law Tac
3014975c5DEMDPD IOPoliceLaw Tac
Miami-Dade Seaport (Port of Miami)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1023727fdDMDLG10237Local GovernmentPublic Works
1023827feDPortofMiamiPort of MiamiPublic Works
1023927ffDTaxi StandTaxi StandPublic Works
102402800DMDLG10240Local GovernmentPublic Works
102412801DDesk UnitsDesk UnitsPublic Works
102432803DMDLG10243Local GovernmentPublic Works
102442804DDesk UnitsDesk UnitsPublic Works
Miami-Dade Traffic Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10078275eDDISP-1Traffic Signals and Signs Division Traffic Control Center (TCC) Public Works
10079275fDDISP-2Traffic Signals and Signs Division Traffic Control Center (TCC) Public Works
100802760DDISP-3Traffic Signals and Signs Division Traffic Control Center (TCC) Public Works
Miami-Dade Transit
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1066029a4DTR10660Transit - MetroBusTransportation
1066329a7DTR10663Transit - MetroBusTransportation
1066429a8DTR10664Transit - MetroBus Transportation
1066529a9DTR10665Transit - MetroBus Transportation
1066629aaDTR10666Transit - MetroBus (patched w/ old system)Transportation
1067629b4DTransit -1MetroRail OpsTransportation
1067729b5DTransit -2Metromover OpsTransportation
1067829b6DTransit -3Metrorail YardTransportation
1067929b7DTransit -4Transit -4Transportation
1068029b8DTransit -5Transit -5Transportation
1068229baDTransit -7Transit -7Transportation
1068329bbDTransit -8Transit -8Transportation
1068529bdDTransit -10Transit -10Transportation
1068729bfDTransit -12Transit -12Transportation
Miami-Dade Waste Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10282282aDSW10282Solid Waste - CollectionsPublic Works
10284282cDSW10284Solid Waste Public Works
10286282eDSW10286Solid Waste Public Works
10287282fDSW10287Solid Waste Public Works
102882830DSolid Waste Solid Waste Public Works
Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1021627e8DPUMP-NORTHPump - North Public Works
1021727e9DPUMP-SOUTHPump - South Public Works
1021827eaDDIST-NORTHDistribution - NorthPublic Works
1021927ebDDIST-SOUTHDistribution - South Public Works
1022027ecDSEWR-NORTHSewer - NorthPublic Works
1022127edDSEWR-SOUTHSewer - South Public Works
1022227eeDCUSTSVCCustomer Service Public Works
1022327efDCOM-CTRComm CenterPublic Works
1022427f0DSCADASCADAPublic Works
1022527f1DMETEROPMeter Operations Public Works
1022627f2DGEN-COMGen CommPublic Works
1022727f3DWATR-NORTHWater - NorthPublic Works
1022827f4DWATR-SOUTHWater - SouthPublic Works
Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
108002a30DMicco PDPoliceLaw Tac