Alamo Area Regional Radio System (AARRS)

System Name: Alamo Area Regional Radio System (AARRS)
Location: San Antonio, TX
County: Bexar
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 0D2 WACN: 91F78
Last Updated: September 22, 2022, 8:44 am CDT   [(1) Talkgroups Updated (San Antonio Fire Dept. - EMS to Hospital)]
System Notes

700 MHz Sites are for interoperability overlay capabilites in Bexar County and surrouding areas.

800 MHz Sites are for San Antonio and Bexar County Public Safety  

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
11 (B) 011 (B) Frio 769.10625c770.53125c771.98125c773.48125774.66875   
12 (C) 012 (C) Hallmark 770.00625770.78125c771.41875772.35625773.93125   
13 (D) 013 (D) Zarzamora 769.35625c771.08125771.66875772.60625774.40625   
14 (E) 014 (E) Austin Highway 769.11875770.28125c771.40625772.88125c774.65625c   
15 (F) 015 (F) Toepperwein 769.75625c770.65625c771.65625c773.13125c774.90625c   
20 (14) 020 (14) Northwest Simulcast 852.150c852.8625c853.2625c853.4875c855.7375c857.2875c858.3625c859.2875c
50 (32) 050 (32) Northeast Simulcast 852.9125c853.2375c853.7625c854.2375c854.5125c854.6625c855.9875c856.2125c
70 (46) 070 (46) West Simulcast 851.875c852.700c852.9375c853.4125c855.0625c855.4625c855.6375c856.2875c
140 (8C) 140 (8C) Central Simulcast 851.625c852.650c853.1625c853.3875c854.6375c855.5125c856.3625c856.7125c
170 (AA) 170 (AA) Southeast Simulcast 852.275c852.7875c853.5125c853.8375c853.8875c854.9125c855.6125c855.9375c


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
398479ba7DLCRA SA 6LCRA to SAUA 6Interop
398739bc1DMutual Aid 01Mutual Aid 01Interop
398749bc2DMutual Aid 02Mutual Aid 02Interop
398759bc3DMutual Aid 03Mutual Aid 03Interop
398769bc4DMutual Aid 04Mutual Aid 04Interop
398779bc5DMutual Aid 05Mutual Aid 05Interop
398789bc6DMutual Aid 06Mutual Aid 06Interop
398799bc7DMutual Aid 07Mutual Aid 07Interop
398809bc8DMutual Aid 08Mutual Aid 08Interop
398819bc9DMutual Aid 09Mutual Aid 09Interop
398829bcaDMutual Aid 10Mutual Aid 10Interop
398839bcbDMutual Aid 11Mutual Aid 11Interop
398849bccDMutual Aid 12Mutual Aid 12Interop
398859bcdDMutual Aid 13Mutual Aid 13Interop
398869bceDMutual Aid 14Mutual Aid 14Interop
398879bcfDMutual Aid 15Mutual Aid 15Interop
398899bd1DMutual Aid 16Mutual Aid 16Interop
398909bd2DMutual Aid 17Mutual Aid 17Interop
398919bd3DMutual Aid 18Mutual Aid 18Interop
398929bd4DMutual Aid 19Mutual Aid 19Interop
398939bd5DMutual Aid 20Mutual Aid 20Interop
398949bd6DMutual Aid 21Mutual Aid 21Interop
398959bd7DMutual Aid 22Mutual Aid 22Interop
398969bd8DMutual Aid 23Mutual Aid 23Interop
398979bd9DMutual Aid 24Mutual Aid 24Interop
398989bdaDMutual Aid 25Mutual Aid 25Interop
398999bdbDMutual Aid 26Mutual Aid 26Interop
399009bdcDMutual Aid 27Mutual Aid 27Interop
399019bddDMutual Aid 28Mutual Aid 28Interop
399029bdeDMutual Aid 29Mutual Aid 29Interop
399039bdfDMutual Aid 30Mutual Aid 30Interop
399059be1DMutual Aid 31Mutual Aid 31Interop
399069be2DMutual Aid 32Mutual Aid 32Interop
399079be3DMutual Aid 33Mutual Aid 33Interop
399089be4DMutual Aid 34Mutual Aid 34Interop
399099be5DMutual Aid 35Mutual Aid 35Interop
399109be6DMutual Aid 36Mutual Aid 36Interop
399119be7DMutual Aid 37Mutual Aid 37Interop
399129be8DMutual Aid 38Mutual Aid 38Interop
399139be9DMutual Aid 39Mutual Aid 39Interop
399149beaDMutual Aid 40Mutual Aid 40Interop
399159bebDMutual Aid 41Mutual Aid 41Interop
399169becDMutual Aid 42Mutual Aid 42Interop
399179bedDMutual Aid 43Mutual Aid 43Interop
399189beeDMutual Aid 44Mutual Aid 44Interop
399199befDMutual Aid 45Mutual Aid 45Interop
398259b91DMutual Aid 46Mutual Aid 46Interop
398269b92DMutual Aid 47Mutual Aid 47Interop
398279b93DMutual Aid 48Mutual Aid 48Interop
398289b94DMutual Aid 49Mutual Aid 49Interop
398299b95DMutual Aid 50Mutual Aid 50Interop
398309b96DMutual Aid 51Mutual Aid 51Interop
398319b97DMutual Aid 52Mutual Aid 52Interop
398329b98DMutual Aid 53Mutual Aid 53Interop
398339b99DMutual Aid 54Mutual Aid 54Interop
398349b9aDMutual Aid 55Mutual Aid 55Interop
398359b9bDMutual Aid 56Mutual Aid 56Interop
398369b9cDMutual Aid 57Mutual Aid 57Interop
398379b9dDMutual Aid 58Mutual Aid 58Interop
398389b9eDMutual Aid 59Mutual Aid 59Interop
398399b9fDMutual Aid 60Mutual Aid 60Interop
LCRA Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
398469ba6DBEX_COMMBexar County CommInterop
398459ba5DBEX_FIREBexar County FireInterop
398449ba4DBEX_LAWBexar County LawInterop
398419ba1DLC_SACLCRA SACInterop
398429ba2DLC_SA_1LCRA San Antonio 1Interop
398439ba3DLC_SA_2LCRA San Antonio 2Interop
Bexar Area Hailing
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
398089b80DFLEET-HAILFleetwide HailingInterop
398099b81DPD CALLPD CallingInterop
398109b82DFD CALLFD CallingInterop
398119b83DSO CALLSO CallingInterop
398129b84DPW CALLPW CallingInterop
398139b85D900 CALL900 CallingInterop
398149b86DBCFA DSP HailBCFA Dispatch HailingInterop
398159b87DBC EMS HailBC EMS HailingInterop
398169b88DVCALL10VCall10 PatchInterop
398179b89DVCALL1DVCall1D PatchInterop
398189b8aDHAIL AP CALLAP HailingInterop
398209b8cDIH37 LNKInterstate 37 LinkInterop
398219b8dDVIA CALLVIA Metro CallingInterop
398229b8eDCPS CALLCity Public Service CallingInterop
398239b8fDOA CALLOA CallingInterop
Bexar County Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
390409880DBCSO FltwideFleetwide Code-3 (E-Tones)Law Dispatch
390419881DBCSO E-DispEast Dispatch (A&B)Law Dispatch
390429882DBCSO E-OpenEast Open (A&B)Law Talk
390439883DBCSO W-DispWest Dispatch (C&D)Law Dispatch
390449884DBCSO W-OpenWest Open (C&D)Law Talk
390459885DBCSO CentralCentral DispatchLaw Dispatch
390479887DBCSO InfoInfo/Records Law Talk
390489888DBCSO Spec OpsSpecial OpsLaw Tac
390499889DBCSO Tac 1Tactical 1 (A&B)Law Tac
39050988aDBCSO Tac 2Tactical 2 (A&B)Law Tac
39051988bDBCSO Tac 3Tactical 3 (C&D)Law Tac
39052988cDBCSO Tac 4Tactical 4 (C&D)Law Tac
39053988dDBCSO L AdminAdministrationLaw Talk
39054988eDBCSO TrafficTraffic OpsLaw Tac
3910398bfDBCSO Jud SvcsJudicial ServicesLaw Tac
Bexar County Task Force
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3915298f0DBCTF FleetwideFleetwideLaw Tac
3915398f1DBCTF Auto TheftAuto TheftLaw Tac
3915498f2DBCTF NarcoticsNarcoticsLaw Tac
3915598f3DBCTF WarrantsWarrantsLaw Tac
3915698f4DBCTF HostageHostageLaw Tac
3915798f5DBCTF SWATSWAT TeamLaw Tac
3915898f6DBCTF Ops 1Operations 1Law Tac
3915998f7DBCTF Ops 2Operations 2Law Tac
3916098f8DBCTF Ops 3Operations 3Law Tac
3916198f9DBCTF Ops 4Operations 4Law Tac
3916298faDBCTF Ops 5Operations 5Law Tac
3916398fbDBCTF Ops 6Operations 6Law Tac
3916498fcDBCTF Ops 7Operations 7Law Tac
3916598fdDBCTF Ops 8Operations 8Law Tac
3916698feDBCTF Ops 9Operations 9Law Tac
3916798ffDBCTF Ops 10Operations 10Law Tac
Bexar County Fire Alarm
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3910598c1DBCFM AdminFire Marshal AdministrationFire-Talk
3910698c2DBCFM InvestFire Marshal InvestigationsLaw Tac
3910798c3DBCFM InspectFire Marshal InspectorsFire-Tac
3934499b0DBCFA FltwideFleetwideFire Dispatch
3934599b1DBCFA Tac1 DispTac 1 Dispatch (patched with 154.25 MHz)Fire Dispatch
3934699b2DBCFA Tac2 AccessTac 2 AccessFire-Tac
3934799b3DBCFA Tac3 OpsTac 3 Operations (patched with 153.77 MHz)Fire-Tac
3934899b4DBCFA Fireground1Fireground 1Fire-Tac
3934999b5DBCFA Fireground2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
3935099b6DBCFA Fireground3Fireground 3Fire-Tac
3935199b7DBCFA Fireground4Fireground 4Fire-Tac
3935299b8DBCFA Fireground5Fireground 5Fire-Tac
3935399b9DBCFA Fireground6Fireground 6Fire-Tac
3935499baDBCFA Fireground7Fireground 7Fire-Tac
3935599bbDBCFA Fireground8Fireground 8Fire-Tac
3935799bdDBCFA EMS EMS ResponseEMS Dispatch
3935899beDBC Medical DirMedical DirectorEMS-Tac
3935999bfDBCFA AdminAdministrativeFire-Talk
San Antonio Police Dept. - Patrol Section
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
382569570DSAPD AgencyFleetwide AlertLaw Dispatch
382739581DSAPD1-A Nor DispCh. 1-A North PatrolLaw Dispatch
382749582DSAPD1-B Nor OpenCh. 1-B North OpenLaw Talk
382759583DSAPD1-C Wst DispCh. 1-C West PatrolLaw Dispatch
382769584DSAPD1-D Wst OpenCh. 1-D West OpenLaw Tac
382779585DSAPD1-E Sou DispCh. 1-E South PatrolLaw Dispatch
382789586DSAPD1-F Sou OpenCh. 1-F South OpenLaw Tac
382799587DSAPD1-G Cen DispCh. 1-G Central PatrolLaw Dispatch
382809588DSAPD1-H Cen OpenCh. 1-H Central OpenLaw Tac
382819589DSAPD1-I Eas DispCh. 1-I East PatrolLaw Dispatch
38282958aDSAPD1-J Eas OpenCh. 1-J East OpenLaw Tac
38283958bDSAPD1-K Pru DispCh. 1-K Prue PatrolLaw Dispatch
38284958cDSAPD1-L Pru OpenCh. 1-L Prue OpenLaw Tac
38285958dDSAPD1-M InfoCh. 1-M InformationLaw Dispatch
38286958eDSAPD1-N TRU GangCh. 1-N TRU Gang UnitLaw Tac
3833395bdDSAPD1-O TrafficCh. 1-O Traffic Law Tac
San Antonio Police Dept. - Special Unit Section
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
382899591DSAPD 2-A TCS 1Ch. 2-A Traffic 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
382909592DSAPD 2-B TCS 2Ch. 2-B Traffic 2 Open/EventsLaw Tac
382919593DSAPD 2-C BikeCh. 2-C DFU/Bike UnitsLaw Tac
382929594DSAPD 2-D OpenCh. 2-D Traffic OpenLaw Tac
382939595DSAPD 2-E Tac 1Ch. 2-E Tactical 1Law Tac
382949596DSAPD 2-F Tac 2Ch. 2-F Tactical 2Law Tac
382959597DSAPD 2-G MetroCh. 2-G MetroLaw Tac
382969598DSAPD 2-H Events1Ch. 2-H Special Events 1Law Tac
382979599DSAPD 2-I Events2Ch. 2-I Special Events 2Law Tac
38298959aDSAPD 2-J Events3Ch. 2-J Special Events 3Law Tac
38299959bDSAPD 2-K RAUCh. 2-K RAU Law Tac
38300959cDSAPD 2-L TrainCh. 2-L TrainingLaw Tac
San Antonio Police Dept. - Detective Section
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3830595a1DSAPD 3-A FUSIONCh. 3-A FusionLaw Tac
3830695a2DSAPD 3-B VICECh. 3-B ViceLaw Tac
3830795a3DSAPD 3-C NARCCh. 3-C NarcoticsLaw Tac
3830895a4DSAPD 3-D ROPCh. 3-D ROPLaw Tac
3830995a5DSAPD 3-E ROPCh. 3-E ROPLaw Tac
3831095a6DSAPD 3-F ROPCh. 3-F ROPLaw Tac
3831195a7DSAPD 3-G SWATCh. 3-G SWAT TeamLaw Tac
3831295a8DSAPD 3-H HOMCh. 3-H HomicideLaw Tac
3831395a9DSAPD 3-I AUTOCh. 3-I Auto TheftLaw Tac
3831495aaDSAPD 3-J COSACh. 3-J COSALaw Tac
3831595abDSAPD 3-K OPENCh. 3-K OpenLaw Tac
3831695acDSAPD 3-L OPENCh. 3-L OpenLaw Tac
3831795adDSAPD 3-M ASETCh. 3-M ASETLaw Tac
3831895aeDSAPD 3-N PDSTCh. 3-N Property CrimesLaw Tac
3831995afDSAPD 3-O RBYCh. 3-O RobberyLaw Tac
San Antonio Fire Dept. - Operations
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
385299681DSAFD AlertAlerting (Locution)Fire Dispatch
3862596e1DSAFD D 1 AccessDistrict 1 AccessFire Dispatch
3862696e2DSAFD D 2 AccessDistrict 2 AccessFire Dispatch
3862796e3DSAFD D 3 AccessDistrict 3 AccessFire Dispatch
3862896e4DSAFD D 4 AccessDistrict 4 AccessFire Dispatch
3862996e5DSAFD D 5 AccessDistrict 5 AccessFire Dispatch
3863096e6DSAFD D 6 AccessDistrict 6 AccessFire Dispatch
3863196e7DSAFD D 7 AccessDistrict 7 AccessFire Dispatch
3863296e8DSAFD D 8 AccessDistrict 8 AccessFire Dispatch
3860996d1DSAFD Tac 01Tactical 01Fire-Tac
3861096d2DSAFD Tac 02Tactical 02 Fire-Tac
3861196d3DSAFD Tac 03Tactical 03Fire-Tac
3861296d4DSAFD Tac 04Tactical 04 EMS-Tac
3861396d5DSAFD Tac 05Tactical 05Fire-Tac
3861496d6DSAFD Tac 06Tactical 06Fire-Tac
3861596d7DSAFD Tac 07Tactical 07Fire-Tac
3861696d8DSAFD Tac 08Tactical 08Fire-Tac
3861796d9DSAFD Tac 09Tactical 09Fire-Tac
3861896daDSAFD Tac 10Tactical 10 EMS-Tac
3861996dbDSAFD Tac 11Tactical 11Fire-Tac
3862096dcDSAFD Tac 12Tactical 12Fire-Tac
3862196ddDSAFD Tac 13Tactical 13Fire-Tac
3862296deDSAFD Tac 14Tactical 14Fire-Tac
3862396dfDSAFD Tac 15Tactical 15Fire-Tac
385329684DSAFD Tac 16Tactical 16Fire-Tac
385339685DSAFD Tac 17Tactical 17Fire-Tac
385349686DSAFD Tac 18Tactical 18Fire-Tac
385359687DSAFD Tac 19Tactical 19Fire-Tac
385369688DSAFD Tac 20Tactical 20Fire-Tac
385379689DSAFD Tac 21Tactical 21Fire-Tac
38538968aDSAFD Tac 22Tactical 22Fire-Tac
38539968bDSAFD Tac 23Tactical 23Fire-Tac
38540968cDSAFD Tac 24Tactical 24Fire-Tac
38541968dDSAFD Tac 25Tactical 25Fire-Tac
San Antonio Fire Dept. - Support
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
385309682DSAFD MED BREvents - Medical Branch CommandEMS-Tac
385459691DSAFD SHOPSFleet ShopFire-Tac
385489694DSAFD STNSTNFire-Tac
385499695DSAFD PREVPreventionFire-Tac
385529698DSAFD SPL OPSSpecial Ops BC-8Fire-Tac
385539699DSAFD ARSONArson InvestigatorsFire-Tac
38555969bDSAFD HAZMATHazardous Materials ResponseFire-Tac
38559969fDSAFD TECHSERVTechnical ServicesFire-Tac
3856396a3DSAFD MED CTRLMedical ControlFire-Tac
3856496a4DSAFD AIRAir SupportFire-Tac
3856696a6DSAFD MED DIRMedical DirectorFire-Tac
3857596afDSAFD Radio FleetExtra Radio FleetFire-Talk
San Antonio Fire Dept. - EMS to Hospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3856596a5DEMS Med CtrlSA EMS 3-F Medic ControlEMS-Tac
3857796b1DHOSP SAMMCSA Military Medical Center E.R.Hospital
3857896b2DHOSP DTBDowntown Baptist E.R.Hospital
3857996b3DHOSP MSTMethodist Specialty Transplant E.R.Hospital
3858096b4DHOSP MCHLDMethodist Children's E.R.Hospital
3858196b5DHOSP UHUniversity Hospital E.R.Hospital
3858296b6DHOSP METH *Main Methodist E.R.Hospital
3858396b7DHOSP METROMetropolitan Methodist E.R.Hospital
3858496b8DHOSP NEBNortheast Baptist E.R.Hospital
3858596b9DHOSP NIXNix Hospital E.R.Hospital
3858696baDHOSP MT BAPTMission Trail Baptist E.R.Hospital
3858796bbDHOSP SLSt. Luke's E.R.Hospital
3858896bcDHOSP SRChristus Santa Rosa E.R.Hospital
3858996bdDHOSP SRWOH PEDChristus Santa Rosa Westover Hills Pediatric E.R.Hospital
3859096beDHOSP SRNWChristus Santa Rosa Northwest E.R.Hospital
3859196bfDHOSP TX VISTATexas Vista E.R.Hospital
3859396c1DHOSP VAVeteran's Affairs E.R.Hospital
3859496c2DHOSP NEMNortheast Methodist E.R.Hospital
3859596c3DHOSP WHWilford Hall E.R.Hospital
3859696c4DHOSP NCBNorth Central Baptist E.R.Hospital
3859796c5DHOSP NCBCHNorth Central Baptist Children's E.R.Hospital
3859896c6DHOSP TXSANMethodist Texsan E.R.Hospital
3860096c8DHOSP MOCMOC?Hospital
3860196c9DHOSP METH SOMethodist Stone Oak E.R.Hospital
3860296caDHOSP SR WOHChristus Santa Rosa Westover Hills E.R.Hospital
3860396cbDHOSP METH QMMethodist Quarry E.R.Hospital
San Antonio Aviation Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3881697a0DAP FLTAirport FleetwideMulti-Tac
3881797a1DAP 1-A FireCh. 1-A Fire/Rescue DispatchFire Dispatch
3881897a2DAP 1-B SecurityCh. 1-B Security DispatchSecurity
3881997a3DAP 1-C EmergCh. 1-C Emergency Emergency Ops
3882097a4DAP 1-D OpsCh. 1-D OperationsPublic Works
3882197a5DAP 1-E MaintCh. 1-E MaintenancePublic Works
3882297a6DAP 1-F AdminCh. 1-F AdministrationPublic Works
3882397a7DAP 1-G Grnd TranCh. 1-G Ground Transportation and Parking Public Works
3882497a8DAP I-H InquiryCh. 1-I InquiryLaw Talk
3882597a9DAP 1-I AlertingCh. 1-I AlertingFire Dispatch
3882697aaDAP 1-J SSF MaintCh. 1-J Stinson MaintenancePublic Works
3882797abDAP 1-K OpsCh. 1-K OperationsPublic Works
3882897acDAP 1-L OpsCh. 1-L OperationsPublic Works
3882997adDAP 1-M PoliceCh. 1-M Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
3883097aeDAP 1-N Ch. 1-NPublic Works
3883197afDAP 1-OCh. 1-OPublic Works
San Antonio Water System
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
42018a422DSAWS SEC PTLSEC PTLUtilities
42022a426DSAWS TroubleTrouble ShooterUtilities
42006a416DSAWS MW CrewWater Main CrewUtilities
San Antonio Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
387849780DPW FLT 1Fleet 1Public Works
387859781DBLDG MAINTBuilding MaintenancePublic Works
387869782DCAP PROJCapital ProjectsPublic Works
387879783DPARKINGParkingPublic Works
387889784DSTREETSStreetsPublic Works
387899785DROWRight of WayPublic Works
387909786DST WATERWaterPublic Works
387919787DTRAFFICTrafficPublic Works
387929788DSIGNALSSignalsPublic Works
387939789DPW COORDCoordinationPublic Works
38794978aDPW SPEC1Special Ops 1Public Works
38795978bDPW SPEC2Special Ops 2Public Works
38796978cDPW SPEC3Special Ops 3Public Works
38797978dDPW SPEC4Special Ops 4Public Works
38798978eDPW SPEC5Special Ops 5Public Works
38799978fDPARK ENFParking EnforcementPublic Works
41007a02fDCPS SA FDCPS Ops with SAFDUtilities
41008a030DCPS BC FACPS Ops with Bexar Co Fire AlarmUtilities
41248a120DCPS Trouble CrewCPS Trouble CrewUtilities
41252a124DeCPS Circuit JumpCPS Circuit Jumper CrewUtilities
San Antonio Animal Care Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
389459821DACS Ch 1Channel 1Public Works
389469822DACS Ch 2Channel 2Public Works
389479823DACS Ch 3Channel 3Public Works
389489824DACS Ch 4Channel 4Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
395769a98DAlamoHts PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
395779a99DAlamoHts PD Tac2Police Tac 2Law Tac
395789a9aDAlamoHts FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
395799a9bDAlamoHts FD Med2Fire Medical 2Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
396499ae1DBalcHts PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
396509ae2DBalcHts PD Tac 2Police Tac 2Law Tac
396519ae3DBalcHts FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
395859aa1DCastleHls PD DisPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
395869aa2DCastleHls PDTac2Police Tac 2Law Tac
395879aa3DCastleHills FD 1Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
395889aa4DCastleHills FD 2Fire Ch 2Fire-Tac
Harlandale Independent School District
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
396069ab6DHDale ISD PD DisPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
396079ab7DHDale ISD PD TacPolice Tactical 1Law Tac
Helotes and Grey Forest
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
396179ac1DHelotes/GFPD DisPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
396189ac2DHelotes PD Tac2Police Tac 2Law Tac
396199ac3DHelotes FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
396239ac7DKirby PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
396249ac8DKirby Fire DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
396269acaDKirby PD Open 2Police Open 2Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
400569c78DLO/Selma PD1Police Dispatch (LO/Selma)Law Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
395579a85DWindcrest PD 1Police Ch. 1Law Dispatch
395589a86DWindcrest PD 2Police Ch. 2Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
390649898DTexas DPS AirAirLaw Tac
390659899DDPS BaseBase C DispatcherLaw Dispatch
39066989aDDPS TacticalTacticalLaw Tac
39067989bDDPS CIDInvestigatorsLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3940999f1DTxDOT HERO Ch 1Highway Emergency Response Operator Ch. 1Public Works
3941099f2DTxDOT HERO Ch 2Highway Emergency Response Operator Ch. 2Public Works
3941199f3DTxDOT HERO Ch 3Highway Emergency Response Operator Ch. 3Public Works
3941299f4DTxDOT HERO Ch 4Highway Emergency Response Operator Ch. 4Public Works
3941399f5DTxDOT HERO Ch 5Highway Emergency Response Operator Ch. 5Public Works
3941499f6DTxDOT HERO Ch 6Highway Emergency Response Operator Ch. 6Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
396389ad6DVIA Police 1Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3884997c1DHBGCC AllAllPublic Works
3885397c5DHBGCC A/VAudio/VideoPublic Works
3884897c0DHBGCC FLTFLTPublic Works
3885197c3DHBGCC MaintMaintenancePublic Works
3885497c6DHBGCC MUNPMUNPPublic Works
3885097c2DHBGCC OperationsOperationsPublic Works
3885297c4DHBGCC SecuritySecuritySecurity
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3883397b1DAD A EventsCh. A EventsPublic Works
3883497b2DAD B OperationsCh. B OperationsPublic Works
3883597b3DAD C MaintenanceCh. C MaintenancePublic Works
3883697b4DAD D SecurityCh. D SecuritySecurity
3883797b5DAD E ClubCh. E ClubPublic Works
3883897b6DAD F TranCh. F TranPublic Works
Harris Radio Technicians
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
380179481DHarris Radio 1Harris Radio Techs 1Business
380189482DHarris Radio 2Harris Radio Techs 2Business
380199483DHarris Radio 3Harris Radio Techs 3Business
380209484DHarris Radio 4Harris Radio Techs 4Business
380219485DHarris Radio 5Harris Radio Techs 5Business
64053fa35TP2 HR TEAM-LGHarris Radio Test Teams TDMA LogisticsBusiness
64491fbebTP2 HR TEAM-1Harris Radio Test Teams TDMA 1Business
64492fbecTP2 HR TEAM-2Harris Radio Test Teams TDMA 2Business
64493fbedTP2 HR TEAM-3Harris Radio Test Teams TDMA 3Business
64494fbeeTP2 HR TEAM-4Harris Radio Test Teams TDMA 4Business
64495fbefTP2 HR TEAM-5Harris Radio Test Teams TDMA 5Business
64496fbf0TP2 HR TEAM-6Harris Radio Test Teams TDMA 6Business
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65023fdffDPatch 65023PatchInterop
65024fe00DPatch 65024PatchInterop
65026fe02DPatch 65026PatchInterop
65029fe05DPatch 65029PatchInterop
65030fe06DPatch 65030PatchInterop
65032fe08DPatch 65032PatchInterop
65033fe09DPatch 65033PatchInterop
65036fe0cDPatch 65036PatchInterop
65037fe0dDPatch 65037PatchInterop
65038fe0eDPatch 65038PatchInterop
65039fe0fDPatch 65039PatchInterop
65043fe13DPatch 65043PatchInterop
65045fe15DPatch 65045PatchInterop
65046fe16DPatch 65046PatchInterop
65048fe18DPatch 65048PatchInterop
65052fe1cDPatch 65052PatchInterop
65056fe20DPatch 65056PatchInterop
65057fe21DPatch 65057PatchInterop
65058fe22DPatch 65058PatchInterop
65059fe23DPatch 65059PatchInterop
65060fe24DPatch 65060PatchInterop
65061fe25DPatch 65061PatchInterop
65064fe28DPatch 65064PatchInterop
65066fe2aDPatch 65066PatchInterop
65067fe2bDPatch 65067PatchInterop
65068fe2cDPatch 65068PatchInterop
65069fe2dDPatch 65069PatchInterop
65074fe32DPatch 65074PatchInterop
65076fe34DPatch 65076PatchInterop
65078fe36DPatch 65078PatchInterop
65080fe38DPatch 65080PatchInterop
65081fe39DPatch 65081PatchInterop
65082fe3aDPatch 65082PatchInterop
65084fe3cDPatch 65084PatchInterop
65085fe3dDACOG VCall-2Alamo Council of Governments (patch to VHF Call-2)Interop
65086fe3eDPatch 65086PatchInterop
65087fe3fDPatch 65087PatchInterop
65090fe42DPatch 65090PatchInterop
65091fe43DPatch 65091PatchInterop
65092fe44DPatch 65092PatchInterop
65093fe45DPatch 65093PatchInterop
65098fe4aDPatch 65098PatchInterop
65099fe4bDPatch 65099PatchInterop
65100fe4cDPatch 65100PatchInterop
65105fe51DPatch 65105PatchInterop
65107fe53DPatch 65107PatchInterop
65109fe55DPatch 65109PatchInterop
65110fe56DPatch 65110PatchInterop
65111fe57DPatch 65111PatchInterop
65112fe58DPatch 65112PatchInterop
65114fe5aDPatch 65114PatchInterop
65116fe5cDPatch 65116PatchInterop
65117fe5dDPatch 65117PatchInterop
65119fe5fDPatch 65119PatchInterop
65141fe75DPatch 65141PatchInterop
65142fe76DPatch 65142PatchInterop
65143fe77DPatch 65143PatchInterop
65144fe78DPatch 65144PatchInterop
65146fe7aDPatch 65146PatchInterop
65147fe7bDPatch 65147PatchInterop
65149fe7dDPatch 65149PatchInterop