NSW Public Safety Network

System Name: NSW Public Safety Network
Location: NSW Statewide and ACT, NSW ACT
County: 2 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 2D1 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: November 21, 2022, 10:41 pm CST   [Changed Talkgroup Category: Liasion Channels to Liasion Channels]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 002 (2) Beecroft (Pennant Hills) Sydney Outer (SO), NSW 413.1375415.1375415.6375415.8875416.1375c416.3875416.6375
1 (1) 003 (3) Bilgola Plateau Sydney Outer (SO), NSW 415.7625416.0125416.2625c416.5125416.7625417.0125417.2625c
1 (1) 004 (4) Cowan (Millicent Trig) Sydney Outer (SO), NSW 415.6625415.7875416.2875c416.7875c417.2875417.7875418.0375
1 (1) 005 (5) Belrose Sydney Outer (SO), NSW 413.175415.675415.925416.175c416.425416.675416.925c
1 (1) 006 (6) Heathcote Sydney Outer (SO), NSW 413.3125415.0625415.8125416.3125417.0625c417.3125417.5625c
1 (1) 007 (7) Chullora Sydney Outer (SO), NSW 415.750416.000416.250c416.500416.750417.000c417.500
1 (1) 008 (8) Glenbrook Sydney Surrounds (SS), NSW 415.6625415.9875416.1625416.4875c416.6625416.9125416.9875
1 (1) 009 (9) Picton (Razorback) South Eastern (SE), NSW 415.100415.975416.475c416.975417.475417.975418.225c
1 (1) 010 (A) Gosford (Mt Penang) Sydney Surrounds (SS), NSW 415.950416.450416.950c417.450c417.950419.450419.550
1 (1) 011 (B) Wyee Sydney Surrounds (SS), NSW 415.9875416.4875c416.9875417.4875c417.9875418.9875419.0875
1 (1) 012 (C) Gosford (Mt Elliot) Sydney Surrounds (SS), NSW 422.200422.450c423.200423.450423.700423.950424.200c
1 (1) 013 (D) Bateau Bay Sydney Surrounds (SS), NSW 415.9375416.4375416.9375417.4375c417.9375c419.1875 
1 (1) 014 (E) Copacabana Sydney Surrounds (SS), NSW 418.5875418.8375419.0875c    
1 (1) 015 (F) Umina Sydney Surrounds (SS), NSW 413.275415.025415.0625418.3625418.650c418.8375419.025
1 (1) 016 (10) North Head Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 416.050c416.550417.050417.550c418.050419.550 
1 (1) 017 (11) Collaroy Plateau Sydney Outer (SO), NSW 415.6875417.1875417.6875c418.6875418.9375419.4375c419.5625
1 (1) 021 (15) Cronulla Sydney Outer (SO), NSW 415.9875416.4875c416.9875417.4875c417.9875418.2375418.9875
1 (1) 022 (16) Little Bay Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 413.200413.325415.075418.075418.825c418.950419.075
1 (1) 027 (1B) Katoomba (Explorers Tree Hill) Sydney Surrounds (SS), NSW 413.1625413.175413.2875413.300415.0375415.050415.125
1 (1) 028 (1C) Lithgow (Hassans Walls) Central West (CW), NSW 415.800416.300c416.800417.300c419.300419.800 
1 (1) 029 (1D) Lithgow (Mt Lambie) Central West (CW), NSW 415.0125416.2625c416.5125416.7625417.0125417.2625c417.5125
1 (1) 030 (1E) Oberon (Falls Hill) Central West (CW), NSW 416.2125416.4625416.7125c416.9625417.2125417.4625c 
1 (1) 032 (20) Kurrajong Heights Sydney Surrounds (SS), NSW 413.1875c415.6875416.0625416.1875c416.5625416.6875416.8125c
1 (1) 033 (21) Mt Tomah Sydney Surrounds (SS), NSW 415.9375416.4375c416.9375417.4375c417.6875417.9375c419.1875
1 (1) 034 (22) Wisemans Ferry (Simpsons Hill) Sydney Surrounds (SS), NSW 416.050c416.550417.050417.550c418.050419.550 
1 (1) 035 (23) Wyong (Bumble Hill) Sydney Surrounds (SS), NSW 415.8125416.3125c417.3125c417.8125418.8125419.3125419.8125
1 (1) 036 (24) Kulnura (Boomerang Ridge) Sydney Surrounds (SS), NSW 415.9625c416.4525416.9625417.4625c417.9625419.2125 
1 (1) 037 (25) Delhi Road (North Ryde) Railway Station Sydney Outer (SO), NSW 416.0625416.1875c416.4375416.5625416.6875416.8125c 
1 (1) 038 (26) Macquarie Park Rail Station Sydney Outer (SO), NSW 415.7625416.0125416.2625c416.5125c416.7625417.0125 
1 (1) 039 (27) Cross City (Road) Tunnel Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 415.7625416.0125416.2625c416.3875c   
1 (1) 040 (28) Lane Cove (Road) Tunnel Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 415.7625416.0125416.2625c416.5125c   
1 (1) 041 (29) Eastern Distributor (Road) Tunnel Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 413.1125c413.250413.3875415.050c   
1 (1) 042 (2A) M5 East Freeway Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 415.8875416.0125416.1375c416.2625c   
1 (1) 043 (2B) Olympic Park Railway Station Sydney Outer (SO), NSW 413.1125c413.1375413.1625413.250413.3625413.3875415.050c
1 (1) 044 (2C) Miranda Westfield Sydney Outer (SO), NSW 413.150413.275415.025418.525c418.650419.025419.150c
1 (1) 045 (2D) Horsley Park Sydney Outer (SO), NSW 415.9625c416.4625416.9625417.4625c417.9625418.2125418.3375
1 (1) 046 (2E) North Bondi Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 415.950416.450416.950c417.450c417.950419.450419.5875
1 (1) 047 (2F) Homebush Bay (RAS) Sydney Outer (SO), NSW 415.7875416.2875416.7875c417.2875c417.7875418.0375418.525
1 (1) 048 (30) Governor Philip Tower Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 413.125413.375415.125415.625c415.875416.125c416.375
1 (1) 049 (31) Governor Phillip Tower - BDA Host Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 415.800416.300c416.800417.300c417.800419.300 
1 (1) 050 (32) Crown Castle - BDA Host Sydney Outer (SO), NSW 416.2625c416.5125416.7625417.0125417.2625417.5125c 
1 (1) 053 (35) Warringah Mall Sydney Outer (SO), NSW 415.975416.475c417.475c417.925419.475  
1 (1) 054 (36) Green Square Railway Station Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 413.100c413.200413.350415.050c   
1 (1) 055 (37) International Airport Railway Station - BDA Host Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 413.1125c413.250413.3875415.1125c   
1 (1) 056 (38) Town Hall Railway Station Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 415.0875415.7625415.8875416.0125416.1375c416.2625c416.3875
1 (1) 057 (39) Redfern Railway Station - BDA Host Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 416.0625416.1875c416.4375416.5625416.6875416.8125c 
1 (1) 058 (3A) Kings Cross Railway Station Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 416.0625416.1875c416.4375416.5625416.6875416.8125c 
1 (1) 059 (3B) Wynyard Railway Station - BDA Host Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 416.0625416.1875c416.4375416.5625416.6875416.8125c 
1 (1) 060 (3C) St James Railway Station - BDA Host Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 415.5875415.7625416.0125416.1375c416.2625c416.3875 
1 (1) 061 (3D) Museum Railway Station Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 416.0625416.1875c416.4375416.5625416.6875416.8125c 
1 (1) 062 (3E) North Sydney Railway Station Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 415.7625415.8875416.0125416.1375c416.2625c416.3875 
1 (1) 063 (3F) Bondi Junction Railway Station Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 416.0625416.1875c416.4375416.5625416.6875416.8125c 
1 (1) 064 (40) Edgecliff Railway Station Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 415.7625415.8875416.0125416.1375c416.2625c416.3875 
1 (1) 067 (43) Opera House Sydney Inner (SI), NSW 422.250c422.375c     
2 (2) 002 (2) West Wyalong (Wyrra) Central West (CW), NSW 416.1875c416.6875417.1875c418.3125418.6875  
2 (2) 003 (3) Nyngan North Western (NW), NSW 416.1875c416.4375416.6875416.9375417.1875c417.4375 
2 (2) 004 (4) Brewarrina North Western (NW), NSW 416.300c416.550416.800417.050417.300c417.550 
2 (2) 005 (5) Cobar (Mt Boppy) North Western (NW), NSW 416.4875c416.7375416.9875417.2375417.4875c  
2 (2) 006 (6) Bourke (Mt Oxley) North Western (NW), NSW 416.4875c416.7375416.9875417.2375417.4875c  
2 (2) 007 (7) Coonamble North Western (NW), NSW 416.2375416.4875c416.7375416.9875417.2375417.4875c 
2 (2) 008 (8) Walgett (Trilby Park) North Western (NW), NSW 416.1875c416.4375416.6875416.9375417.1875c417.4375418.9375
2 (2) 009 (9) Dunedoo (Broombee Mountain) North Western (NW), NSW 416.300c416.550416.800417.050417.300c417.550 
2 (2) 010 (A) Cowra (Bellevue Hill) Central West (CW), NSW 416.0875416.3375416.5375c416.8375417.0875417.3375c 
2 (2) 011 (B) Condobolin (Hospital Hill) Central West (CW), NSW 416.100c416.350416.600416.8125416.850417.100417.475c
2 (2) 013 (D) Warren North Western (NW), NSW 416.1625c416.4125416.6625416.9125417.1625417.4125c418.675
2 (2) 014 (E) Lightning Ridge North Western (NW), NSW 416.375416.625416.875c417.125417.375c418.950419.000
2 (2) 015 (F) Collarenebri North Western (NW), NSW 416.1625c416.4125416.6625416.7875417.1625417.5375c418.975
2 (2) 016 (10) Coonabarabran (Bingie Grumble) North Western (NW), NSW 416.075416.325c416.575c416.950417.200  
2 (2) 017 (11) Cobar (Telephone Exchange) North Western (NW), NSW 416.300c416.800417.050417.300c417.550  
2 (2) 018 (12) Lake Cargelligo (Brown Mountain) Central West (CW), NSW 416.200416.700416.950c417.200417.450c418.700 
2 (2) 019 (13) Dubbo (Buninyong Hill) North Western (NW), NSW 416.375c416.625416.875c417.125417.375418.675418.875
2 (2) 020 (14) Coonabarabran (Needle Mountain) North Western (NW), NSW 413.3875416.1375c416.6375416.8875c417.1375417.3875 
2 (2) 021 (15) Parkes (Mt Coonambro) Central West (CW), NSW 415.050415.1375416.300c416.800417.050417.300c417.550
2 (2) 022 (16) Wellington (Mt Wellesley) North Western (NW), NSW 416.1875c416.4375416.6875416.9375417.1875c418.6875 
2 (2) 023 (17) Wellington (Mt Bodangora) North Western (NW), NSW 416.3125416.5625416.925c417.0625417.3125c417.5625 
2 (2) 024 (18) Dubbo (Sappa Bulga Mountain) North Western (NW), NSW 415.000416.2875c416.2975416.425416.8125416.925417.0375
2 (2) 025 (19) Kandos (Cumber Melon Mtn, Baldy Peak) Central West (CW), NSW 415.000416.1375c416.6375416.8875c417.1375419.3875419.6375
2 (2) 026 (1A) Mudgee (Magpie Hill) Central West (CW), NSW 416.2375416.4875c416.7375416.9875417.2375c417.4875 
2 (2) 028 (1C) Singleton (Obanvale) Hunter (HT), NSW 416.200c416.450416.700416.950c417.200417.450418.950
2 (2) 030 (1E) Murrurundi (Mt Helen) Hunter (HT), NSW 415.1375416.1375c416.3875416.8875c417.1375417.3875418.3875
2 (2) 031 (1F) Gilgandra North Western (NW), NSW 416.225416.475c416.725416.975417.225417.475c418.825
2 (2) 032 (20) Tottenham Central West (CW), NSW 416.2125416.4625c416.7125416.9625417.2125417.4625c418.975
2 (2) 033 (21) Sofola (Monkey Mountain) Central West (CW), NSW 416.425416.925c417.175417.550418.925c  
2 (2) 034 (22) Baradine North Western (NW), NSW 416.250c416.500416.750417.000c417.250418.950 
2 (2) 035 (23) Parkville (Black Mtn near Scone) Hunter (HT), NSW 416.0875c416.3375416.5875416.8375417.0875c417.3375 
2 (2) 036 (24) Merriwa (Banderra Downs Hstd) Hunter (HT), NSW 416.075c416.575416.825417.075c417.325  
2 (2) 037 (25) Tamworth (Bald Hill) Northern (NR), NSW 416.225416.475c416.725416.850417.225417.475c 
2 (2) 038 (26) Narrabri (Kapatur - Mt Dowe) Northern (NR), NSW 416.300416.550416.800c417.050417.300c  
2 (2) 039 (27) Newcastle (Mt Sugarloaf) Hunter (HT), NSW 413.1875415.0625416.1875c416.6875416.9875417.1875417.5625c
2 (2) 040 (28) Newcastle (New Lambton Heights) Hunter (HT), NSW 413.250415.000416.250c416.500416.750417.000417.250
2 (2) 041 (29) Cessnock (Brokenback Range) Hunter (HT), NSW 416.125c416.375416.625416.875c417.125417.375418.375
2 (2) 042 (2A) Port Stephens (Gan Gan Hill) Hunter (HT), NSW 413.300415.125416.1375c416.3875416.6375416.8875c417.1375
2 (2) 043 (2B) Muswellbrook (Mt Arthur) Hunter (HT), NSW 416.175c416.425416.675416.925c417.175419.675 
2 (2) 046 (2E) Merriwa (Wappinguy) Hunter (HT), NSW 416.1875c416.4375416.6875417.1875c   
2 (2) 047 (2F) Howes Valley (Little Darkey) Hunter (HT), NSW 416.4625c416.5125416.7625417.2625c   
2 (2) 048 (30) Grenfell (Warraderry Range) Central West (CW), NSW 416.175416.425416.675416.925c417.425c  
2 (2) 049 (31) Dungog (Mt Richardson) Hunter (HT), NSW 415.3625418.6125419.6125c    
2 (2) 050 (32) Bulahdelah (Cabbage Tree Mtn) Hunter (HT), NSW 416.175c416.425416.675416.8125416.925c417.175417.425
2 (2) 052 (34) Bathurst (Mt Panorama) Central West (CW), NSW 413.125413.375416.125c416.375416.625416.875c417.125
2 (2) 053 (35) Orange (Mt Canobolas) Central West (CW), NSW 415.000416.250c416.500416.750417.000c417.250417.500
2 (2) 054 (36) Canowindra Central West (CW), NSW 416.1375c416.3875416.6375416.8875c417.3875  
2 (2) 055 (37) Peak Hill Central West (CW), NSW 416.2375416.4875c416.7375416.9875417.2375417.4875c418.950
2 (2) 056 (38) Bourke (Telephone Exchange) North Western (NW), NSW 416.225416.475c416.975417.225417.475c418.975 
2 (2) 057 (39) Blayney Central West (CW), NSW 416.200416.450416.700416.950c417.200417.450c 
2 (2) 059 (3B) Martins Creek (Mt Douglas) Hunter (HT), NSW 418.525418.775419.025c419.275419.525c419.775 
2 (2) 060 (3C) Bucketty Sydney Surrounds (SS), NSW 422.3125c422.5625423.0625423.3125c423.5625423.8125 
2 (2) 081 (51) Armidale Northern (NR), NSW 414.825415.075415.325418.575418.825419.075419.325
2 (2) 085 (55) Dumaresq Northern (NR), NSW 418.5125418.7625419.0125c419.2625419.5875419.8375 
2 (2) 093 (5D) Morisset (Telstra Site) Hunter (HT), NSW 414.800415.050415.300418.550418.800419.050c419.300
3 (3) 002 (2) Canberra (Black Mountain Tower) N/A, ACT 415.3875416.700c417.200417.825418.075418.825419.075c
3 (3) 003 (3) Canberra (One Tree Hill) N/A, ACT 415.325416.0875416.3375c416.5875416.8375417.0875c417.3375
3 (3) 004 (4) Canberra (Mt Ainslie) N/A, ACT 415.9625416.2125416.4625c416.7125416.9625417.2125417.4625c
3 (3) 006 (6) Canberra (Mt Stromolo) N/A, ACT 416.1125c416.3625416.6125416.8625c417.1125417.3625417.6125
3 (3) 007 (7) Isaacs Ridge N/A, ACT 417.1625417.475c417.750418.0625418.600418.850419.100
3 (3) 008 (8) Canberra (Bulls Head) N/A, ACT 413.1875c417.9375418.1875418.4375418.6875418.9375419.1875c
3 (3) 009 (9) Canberra (Mt Ginini) N/A, ACT 415.9875416.2375416.4875c416.7375417.2375417.4875c417.7375
3 (3) 010 (A) Canberra (Mt Tennent) N/A, ACT 416.050416.300c416.550416.800417.050417.300c417.550
3 (3) 011 (B) Vincentia / Jervis Bay South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.250416.500416.750c417.000417.250417.500 
3 (3) 012 (C) Milton (Little Forest Trig) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.1125c416.3625416.6125416.8625c417.1125  
3 (3) 013 (D) Termeil (Boyne Trig) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.200416.450416.700416.950417.450c420.050 
3 (3) 014 (E) Mt Cowangerong South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.525c417.025417.525418.525c419.275419.775 
3 (3) 015 (F) Cooma (Mt Gladstone) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.1375c416.3875416.8875c417.1375417.3875  
3 (3) 016 (10) Mt Mundoon South Eastern (SE), NSW 415.0125416.2625c416.7625417.2625c417.5125  
3 (3) 017 (11) Wollongong (Berkeley Tops) Illawarra (IL), NSW 415.7625416.2625c416.7625417.2625c417.7625418.0125419.6875
3 (3) 018 (12) Robertson (Mt Murray) Illawarra (IL), NSW 415.9125416.4125c416.9125417.4125417.9125419.0875419.1625c
3 (3) 019 (13) Mittagong (Mt Gibralter) Illawarra (IL), NSW 413.2125415.0125415.950416.450416.950c417.450c417.950
3 (3) 020 (14) Freestone (near Marulan) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.175c416.425416.675416.925c417.175417.425 
3 (3) 021 (15) Goulburn (Mt Gray) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.125c416.375416.625416.875c417.125417.375 
3 (3) 022 (16) Lake George (Chaton Ridge) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.1375c416.3875416.6375416.8875c417.1375417.3875 
3 (3) 023 (17) Kiama (Saddleback Mountain) Illawarra (IL), NSW 416.1875c416.6875416.9375417.1875417.4375c417.6875418.375
3 (3) 024 (18) Bookham (Black Trig) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.175c416.425416.675416.925c417.175  
3 (3) 025 (19) Queanbeyan (Mt Jerrabomberra) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.250c422.2875422.5375423.0375423.2875423.5375c423.7875
3 (3) 027 (1B) Nowra (Mt Cambewarra) Illawarra (IL), NSW 416.075c416.325416.575417.075417.325424.500424.750
3 (3) 028 (1C) Batesmans Bay (Round Hill) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.1875c416.4375416.9375417.1875c417.4375418.6875 
3 (3) 029 (1D) Moruya (Mt Wandera) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.0875c416.3375416.5875416.8375417.0875c  
3 (3) 030 (1E) Bodalla (Princes Highway) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.2375416.4875c416.7375417.2375417.4875c418.2375 
3 (3) 031 (1F) Narooma (Buckeridge Lookout) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.175c416.425416.675416.925c417.175  
3 (3) 032 (20) Cobargo (Peak Alone) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.1625416.4125c416.9125417.1625417.4125c  
3 (3) 033 (21) Broga (Mount Mumbulla) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.225416.725416.975c417.225417.475c  
3 (3) 034 (22) Eden (Bimmil Hill) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.1875c416.4375416.6875416.9375417.4375c  
3 (3) 035 (23) Jerrawangala (Vodafone Site) South Eastern (SE), NSW 420.275c420.525420.775421.275421.525421.775 
3 (3) 036 (24) Captains Flat (Mt Cronin) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.425c416.675416.925c417.175417.425  
3 (3) 037 (25) Braidwood (Mt Gillamatong) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.2625c416.5125416.7625417.0125417.2625c  
3 (3) 038 (26) Bembroka (Snowy Mtn Highway) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.200416.450416.700416.950c417.200c  
3 (3) 039 (27) Bega Valley (Brown Mountain) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.250c416.500416.750417.000c417.250  
3 (3) 040 (28) Nimmitabel (Hudsons Peak) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.175c416.425416.675416.925c417.175  
3 (3) 041 (29) Merimbula (Tura Beach) South Eastern (SE), NSW 416.2875c416.7875417.0375417.2875417.5375c  
3 (3) 042 (2A) Ulladulla (Water Reservoir) South Eastern (SE), NSW 422.0375422.075422.2875c422.5375423.0375423.2875423.5375
3 (3) 043 (2B) Bungendore (Kings Highway) South Eastern (SE), NSW 415.050c419.050419.300419.550419.800c  
3 (3) 044 (2C) Wollongong (Mt Kiera) Illawarra (IL), NSW 412.800413.175415.050416.050c416.550417.050417.425
3 (3) 045 (2D) Robertson (Knights Hill) Illawarra (IL), NSW 415.525c415.675415.925417.675417.925c418.675419.425
3 (3) 046 (2E) Wollongong (Maddens Plains) Illawarra (IL), NSW 413.300413.375415.0875415.800416.300c416.800417.300c
3 (3) 077 (4D) Mt. Ulandra (Bethungra) Statewide, NSW 418.700c418.950419.200419.450419.700419.950 
3 (3) 083 (53) Port Macquarie (Transit Hill) Mid - North Coast (NC), NSW 419.2125c419.7125c     
3 (3) 087 (57) Kempsey Hospital GRN Mid - North Coast (NC), NSW 419.025c419.525c     
3 (3) 091 (5B) Kempsey (Mt. Yarrahapinni) Mid - North Coast (NC), NSW 418.7375418.9875419.2375c419.4875419.7375c419.9875 
3 (3) 098 (62) Willans Hill (Wagga Wagga) Murrumbidgee (MG), NSW 414.800415.050415.300418.550418.800419.050c419.300
3 (3) 101 (65) Coffs Harbour (Mt Moobil) Mid - North Coast (NC), NSW 419.075c419.575c     
3 (3) 148 (94) Springbrook Richmond - Tweed (RT), NSW 418.600418.725418.850418.975419.225c419.350419.475


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
105022906DunkAusgrid ?Utilities
105032907DGH UGAusGrid Gore Hill UndergroundUtilities
105042908DGH OHAusGrid Gore Hill OverheadUtilities
105052909DHorn OHAusGrid Hornsby OverheadUtilities
10506290aDHorn UGAusGrid Hornsby UndergroundUtilities
10507290bDNth SubsAusGrid North SubstationsUtilities
10508290cDNth ProtAusGrid North ProtectionUtilities
10509290dDNth DistOpsAusGrid North District OperatorsUtilities
10510290eDGH StreetAusGrid Gore Hill Street LightingUtilities
10511290fDNth OpAusGrid North OperatorUtilities
105122910DUtil 1AusGrid Utility 1Utilities
105132911DNth EMSO 1AusGrid North EMSO Data 1Utilities
105142912DDY OH 1AusGrid Dee Why Overhead 1Utilities
105152913DDY OH 2AusGrid Dee Why Overhead 2Utilities
105162914DDY OpAusGrid Dee Why OperatorUtilities
105172915DDY SubsAusGrid Dee Why SubstationsUtilities
105182916DProjectsAusGrid Projects and ContractsUtilities
105192917DEast OpAusGrid East OperatorUtilities
105202918DUtil 1AusGrid Utility 1Utilities
105212919DUtil 2AusGrid Utility 2Utilities
10522291aDEast UGAusGrid East UndergroundUtilities
10523291bDEast OHAusGrid East OverheadUtilities
10524291cDEast SubsAusGrid East SubstationsUtilities
10525291dDAsset AccAusGrid Asset AccessUtilities
10526291eDEast DistOpsAusGrid East District OperatorsUtilities
10527291fDEast ProtAusGrid East ProtectionUtilities
105282920DCBD HV UGAusGrid CBD High Voltage UndergroundUtilities
105292921DPINC CtrlAusGrid PINC Network Operations ControllerUtilities
105302922DSO TPDR 1AusGrid SO Transponder 1Utilities
105312923DSO TODR 2AusGrid SO Transponder 2Utilities
105322924DRad CMDRAusGrid Radio CommanderUtilities
105332925DunkAusgrid ?Utilities
105342926DunkAusgrid ?Utilities
105352927DSth OPAusGrid South OperatorUtilities
105362928DIW OHAusGrid Inner West OverheadUtilities
105372929DHB UGAusGrid Homebush UndergroundUtilities
10538292aDSW TrainAusGrid Silverwater Training CentreUtilities
10539292bDBT OHAusGrid Bankstown OverheadUtilities
10540292cDBT Dist OpAusGrid Bankstown District OperatorsUtilities
10541292dDSth Dist OpAusGrid South District OperatorsUtilities
10542292eDBT OpAusGrid Bankstown OperatorUtilities
10543292fDunkAusgrid ?Utilities
105442930DOAT OHAusGrid Oatley OverheadUtilities
105452931DNth EMSO 1AusGrid South EMSO Data 1Utilities
105462932DunkAusgrid ?Utilities
105472933DunkAusgrid ?Utilities
105482934DTrans 1AusGrid Transmission 1Utilities
105492935DTrans 2AusGrid Transmission 2Utilities
105502936DunkAusgrid ?Utilities
105512937DunkAusgrid ?Utilities
10556293cDNth OpAusGrid North OperatorUtilities
10557293dDSth OpAusGrid South OperatorUtilities
10558293eDEast OpAusGrid East OperatorUtilities
10559293fDBT OpAusGrid Bankstown OperatorUtilities
105602940DDY OpAusGrid Dee Why OperatorUtilities
105612941DTeleCtrlAusGrid Telecontrol-Facilities-Driver TrainingUtilities
105622942DCIP-IMSAusGrid CIP-IMS Control-Duty ManagersUtilities
105632943DINC OpsAusGrid Incident OperationsUtilities
105642944DSubs MeterAusGrid TCA Substations MeteringUtilities
105652945DNet Test 1AusGrid TCA Network Test 1Utilities
105662946DNet Test 2AusGrid TCA Network Test 2Utilities
105672947DNet Test 3AusGrid TCA Network Test 3Utilities
105682948DNet Test 4AusGrid TCA Network Test 4Utilities
105692949DNet Test 5AusGrid TCA Network Test 5Utilities
10570294aDCASS Data1AusGrid CASS Data 1Utilities
205015015DCC OpAusGrid Central Coast OperatorUtilities
205025016DCC InspectAusGrid Central Coast Installation InspectorsUtilities
205035017DCC EMSOsAusGrid Central Coast EMSOsUtilities
205045018DCC SubsAusGrid Central Coast SubstationsUtilities
205055019DGos OHAusGrid Gosford OverheadUtilities
20506501aDCC UGAusGrid Central Coast UndergroundUtilities
20508501cDNora OHAusGrid Noraville OverheadUtilities
20509501dDCC ProtAusGrid Central Coast ProtectionUtilities
20510501eDNora OHAusGrid Noraville OverheadUtilities
20511501fDCC EMSO 1AusGrid Central Coast EMSO Data 1Utilities
205125020DCC OpAusGrid Central Coast OperatorUtilities
205135021DNewc OpAusGrid Newcastle OperatorUtilities
205145022DNewc Des DatAusGrid Newcastle Despatch Data 1Utilities
205155023DWall OH 1AusGrid Wallsend Overhead 1Utilities
205165024DWall UGAusGrid Wallsend UndergroundUtilities
205175025DWall SubsAusGrid Wallsend SubstationsUtilities
205185026DMait 1AusGrid Maitland 1Utilities
205195027DWall OH 2AusGrid Wallsend Overhead 2Utilities
205205028DHunt TCAAusGrid TCA HunterUtilities
205215029DHunt OpAusGrid Hunter OperatorUtilities
20522502aDMusw 1AusGrid Muswellbrook 1Utilities
20523502bDMusw 2AusGrid Muswellbrook 2Utilities
20524502cDCASS Data2AusGrid CASS Data 2Utilities
20525502dDSingAusGrid SingletonUtilities
20526502eDHunt DistOpAusGrid Hunter District OperatorsUtilities
20527502fDNewc DistOpAusGrid Newcastle District OperatorsUtilities
205285030DHunt ProjAusGrid Hunter ProjectsUtilities
Australian Broadcasting Corporation - ABC News
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
114712ccfDABC 1ABC NewsMedia
114722cd0DABC 2ABC NewsMedia
114732cd1DABC 3ABC NewsMedia
114742cd2DABC 4ABC NewsMedia
114752cd3DABC 5ABC NewsMedia
Australian Capital Territory
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
400109c4aDESA 7ESA 7Interop
400119c4bDESA 8ESA 8Interop
400139c4dDACTAS Ops1ACT Ambulance Ops 1EMS Dispatch
400319c5fDAir SupAir SupInterop
400329c60DESA 1ESA 1Interop
400339c61DESA 2ESA 2Interop
400349c62DESA 3ESA 3Interop
400359c63DESA 4ESA 4Interop
400369c64DESA 5ESA 5Interop
400379c65DESA 6ESA 6Interop
400389c66DESA 9ESA 9Interop
400399c67DESA 10ESA 10Interop
400409c68DESA 11ESA 11Interop
400419c69DESA 12ESA 12Interop
400429c6aDESA 13ESA 13Interop
400439c6bDJoint TJoint TInterop
400509c72DEACTFBACTFB ?Public Works
400519c73DEACTFBACTFB ?Public Works
400529c74DEACTFBACTFB ?Public Works
400599c7bDPriorityRFS Priority ChannelEmergency Ops
400679c83DTAMS ParkingTAMS Parking EnforcementPublic Works
400689c84DRFS Ops 1ACT RFS Ops 1Fire-Tac
400699c85DFG 2ACT RFS FG 2Fire-Tac
400709c86DFG 3ACT RFS FG 3Fire-Tac
400719c87DFG 4ACT RFS FG 4Fire-Tac
400729c88DFG 5ACT RFS FG 5Fire-Tac
400739c89DRFS Ops 6ACT RFS Ops 6Fire-Tac
400749c8aDFG 7ACT RFS FG 7Fire-Tac
400759c8bDIMTACT RFS IMTFire-Tac
400769c8cDAir OpsACT RFS Air OpsFire-Tac
400779c8dDRFS Plt OpsACT RFS Plant OpsFire-Tac
400789c8eDSES Ops 1ACT SES Ops 1EMS-Tac
400799c8fDSES Ops 2ACT SES Ops 2EMS-Tac
400809c90DSES Ops 3ACT SES Ops 3EMS-Tac
400819c91DSES Ops 4ACT SES Ops 4EMS-Tac
400829c92DSES Ops 5ACT SES Ops 5 - Vehicle TalkgroupEMS-Tac
400839c93DSES Ops 6ACT SES Ops 6EMS-Tac
400849c94DSES Ops 7ACT SES Ops 7EMS-Tac
400859c95DSES Ops 8ACT SES Ops 8EMS-Tac
400869c96DSES Ops 9ACT SES Ops 9EMS-Tac
400879c97DSES Ops 10ACT SES Ops 10EMS-Tac
400889c98DSES Ops 11ACT SES Ops 11EMS-Tac
400899c99DPCL OpsParks, Conserv & Land - OpsFire-Tac
400909c9aDPCL OpsParks, Conserv & Land - OpsFire-Tac
400919c9bDFire MgtTAMS Fire MgmtFire Dispatch
400929c9cDPCL CNPCanberra Nature ParksFire-Tac
400939c9dDPCL RuralParks, Conserv & Land - RuralFire-Tac
400979ca1DPCL HRBHazard Reduction BurnFire-Tac
402099d11DCHS RagusaCanberra Health Services - Ragusa FacilityEMS-Tac
42000a410DGuises CkRFS Guises CreekFire Dispatch
42001a411DGunghalinRFS GunghalinFire Dispatch
42002a412DHallRFS HallFire Dispatch
42003a413DJerrabomberaRFS JerrabomberaFire Dispatch
42004a414DMolongloRFS MolongoFire Dispatch
42005a415DFD RiversRivers BrigadeFire Dispatch
42006a416DFD SouthernSouthern BrigadeFire-Tac
42007a417DFD TidbinbilTidbinbilla BrigadeFire-Tac
42008a418DFD HQACT RFS HQFire-Tac
42013a41dDACT StrSweepStreet SweepingPublic Works
42021a425DNatl ArboretumNational ArboretumPublic Works
44010abeaDACTION 44010ACTION BusesTransportation
44011abebDACTION 44011ACTION BusesTransportation
44012abecDACTION 44012ACTION BusesTransportation
44013abedDACTION 44013ACTION BusesTransportation
44030abfeDACTION Buses 030ACTION BusesTransportation
44035ac03DACTION Buses 035ACTION BusesTransportation
44036ac04DACTION FleetACTION Fleet ManagementTransportation
44106ac4aDCorrectionsAMCCorrective Services AMCCorrections
Corrective Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1040228a2DETransportCorrective Services TransportsCorrections
1040328a3DVG visitsCorrective Services VG visitsCorrections
1040428a4DVK visitsCorrective Services VK visitsCorrections
1040528a5DNC visitsCorrective Services NC visitsCorrections
1040628a6DWG visitsCorrective Services WG visitsCorrections
1040728a7DunkCorrective ServicesCorrections
1040828a8DunkCorrective ServicesCorrections
1040928a9DExt EscortsCorrective Service External escortsCorrections
1041128abDunkCorrective Services ?Corrections
1041328adDunkCorrective ServicesCorrections
1041428aeDSecure UnitCorrective Services Secure UnitCorrections
1041528afDunkCorrective ServicesCorrections
1041928b3DunkCorrective ServicesCorrections
1042128b5DProjectsCorrective Services projectsCorrections
1042228b6DunkCorrective ServicesCorrections
1042328b7DunkCorrective ServicesCorrections
1042728bbDunkCorrective Services ?Corrections
1042828bcDunkCorrective Services ?Corrections
1042928bdDunkCorrective Services ?Corrections
1043028beDunkCorrective Services ?Corrections
1048128f1DunkCorrective Services ?Corrections
Fire and Rescue New South Wales - FRNSW
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
101012775D101 ME1 AMetro East 1 A - (Normally patched to '103 ME3 A')Fire Dispatch
101022776D102 ME2 AMetro East 2 A - (Normally patched to '103 ME3 A')Fire Dispatch
101032777D103 ME3 AMetro East 3 A (Sydney Inner/North/EastFire Dispatch
101202788D104 MS1 AMetro South 1 A - Wollongong/ South Coast/ Central WestFire Dispatch
10106277aD105 MS2 AMetro South 2 A - Sydney West/ North Wst/ SouthFire Dispatch
10107277bD106 MS3 AMetro South 3 A - (Normally patched to '105 MS2 A')Fire Dispatch
101122780D107 MN1 AMetro North 1 - (Normally patched to '109 MN3 A')Fire Dispatch
101142782D108 MN2 AMetro North 2 - (Normally patched to '109 MN3 A')Fire Dispatch
101152783D109 MN3 AMetro North 3 - Gosford/ NewcastleFire Dispatch
101042778D110 MW1 AMetro West 1 A - (Normally patched to '105 MS2 A')Fire Dispatch
101052779D111 MW2 AMetro West 2 A - (Normally patched to '105 MS2 A')Fire Dispatch
101302792D112 MW3 AMetro West 3 - (Normally patched to '104 MS1')Fire Dispatch
101162784D201 RN1Region North 1Fire Dispatch
101172785D202 RN2Region North 2Fire Dispatch
101182786D203 RN3Region North 3Fire Dispatch
10125278dD301 RS1Region South 1 (Normally patched to '401 RW1')Fire Dispatch
10123278bD302 RS2Region South 2 (Normally patched to '401 RW1')Fire Dispatch
101282790D303 RS3Region South 3Fire Dispatch
10126278eD304 ACT-NSWACT-NSWFire Dispatch
101322794D401 RW1Region West 1 - (Normally parched to '104 MS1')Fire Dispatch
101292791D402 RW2Region West 2 - (Normally parched to '104 MS1')Fire Dispatch
101332795D403 RW3Region West 3 - (Normally patched to '104 MS1')Fire Dispatch
1019727d5DD514 TSKGRN1TSKGRN1Fire Dispatch
1019827d6DD515 TSKGRN2TSKGRN2Fire Dispatch
1019927d7DD516 TSKGRN3TSKGRN3Fire Dispatch
101342796D601 TACT 01Tactical Operations 1Fire Dispatch
101352797D602 TACT 02Tactical Operations 2Fire Dispatch
101362798D603 TACT 03Tactical Operations 3Fire Dispatch
101372799D604 TACT 04Tactical Operations 4Fire Dispatch
10138279aD605 TACT 05Tactical Operations 5Fire Dispatch
10139279bD606 TACT 06Tactical Operations 6Fire Dispatch
10140279cD607 TACT 07Tactical Operations 7Fire Dispatch
10141279dD608 TACT 08Tactical Operations 8Fire Dispatch
10142279eD609 TACT 09Tactical Operations 9Fire Dispatch
10143279fD610 TACT 10Tactical Operations 10Fire Dispatch
10111277fD611 SYD AIRSydney Airport - ARFF (Sydney Airport Fire Services) LinkFire Dispatch
1014427a0D701 TACT 11Tactical Operations 11Fire Dispatch
1014527a1D702 TACT 12Tactical Operations 12Fire Dispatch
1014627a2D703 TACT 13Tactical Operations 13Fire Dispatch
1014727a3D704 TACT 14Tactical Operations 14Fire Dispatch
1014827a4D705 TACT 15Tactical Operations 15Fire Dispatch
1014927a5D706 TACT 16Tactical Operations 16Fire Dispatch
1015027a6D707 TACT 17Tactical Operations 17Fire Dispatch
1015127a7D708 TACT 18Tactical Operations 18Fire Dispatch
1015227a8D709 TACT 19Tactical Operations 19Fire Dispatch
1015327a9D710 TACT 20Tactical Operations 20Fire Dispatch
1015427aaD1001 COMMSCommunicationsFire Dispatch
1015527abD1002 PROPTYPropertyFire Dispatch
1015627acD1003 FLEETFleetFire Dispatch
1015727adD1004 ADMINAdministrationFire Dispatch
1015827aeD1005 MECHMechanicsFire Dispatch
1015927afD1006 ENGEngineersFire Dispatch
1016027b0D1101 OPCOMSOperation CommunicationsFire Dispatch
1016127b1D1102 BA HAZBA/HazmatFire Dispatch
1016227b2D1103 BUSHFRBushfireFire Dispatch
1016327b3D1104 FIUFire Investigation UnitFire Dispatch
1016427b4D1105 PRVENTFire PreventionFire Dispatch
1016527b5D1106 TRAINTrainingFire Dispatch
1016627b6D1107 RESCUERescueFire Dispatch
1016727b7DE1401 DSREC0DISREC 1 BelroseFire Dispatch
1016827b8DE1402 DSREC0DISREC 2 CowanFire Dispatch
1016927b9DE1403 DSREC0DISREC 3 GPTFire Dispatch
1017027baDE1404 DSREC0DISREC 4 KurrajongFire Dispatch
1017127bbDE1405 DSREC0DISREC 5 Horsley ParkFire Dispatch
1017227bcDE1406 DSREC0DISREC 6 RazorbackFire Dispatch
1017327bdDE1407 DSREC0DISREC 7 ChulloraFire Dispatch
1017427beDE1408 DSREC0DISREC 8 HeathcoteFire Dispatch
1017527bfDE1409 DSREC0DISREC 9 Mt Tomah (Blue Mountains)Fire Dispatch
1017627c0DE1410 DSREC1DISREC 10 Mt Lambie (Lithgow)Fire Dispatch
1017727c1DE1411 DSREC1DISREC 11 Mt Penang (Gosford)Fire Dispatch
1017827c2DE1412 DSREC1DISREC 12 Mt Sugarloaf (Newcastle)Fire Dispatch
1017927c3DE1413 DSREC1DISREC 13 Mt Arthur (Muswellbrook)Fire Dispatch
1018027c4DE1414 DSREC1DISREC 14 Maddens Plains (Wollongong)Fire Dispatch
1018127c5DE1415 DSREC1DISREC 15 Mt Keira (Wollongong)Fire Dispatch
1018227c6DE1416 DSREC1DISREC 16 Mt Gibralter (Mittagong)Fire Dispatch
GRN - Short Term Rental
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
198014d59DRent 1Short term rentalBusiness
198024d5aDRent 2Short term rentalBusiness
198034d5bDRent 3Short term rentalBusiness
198044d5cDRent 4Short term rentalBusiness
198054d5dDRent 5Short term rentalBusiness
Hatzolah Ambulance Service
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10381288dDNet 1Hatzolah Net 1EMS Dispatch
10382288eDNet 2Hatzolah Net 2EMS Dispatch
10383288fDNet 3Hatzolah Net 3EMS Dispatch
103842890DNet 4Hatzolah Net 4EMS Dispatch
103852891DNet 5Hatzolah Net 5EMS Dispatch
103862892DNet 6Hatzolah Net 6EMS Dispatch
103872893DNet 7Hatzolah Net 7EMS Dispatch
103882894DNet 8Hatzolah Net 8EMS Dispatch
103892895DNet 9Hatzolah Net 9EMS Dispatch
103902896DNet 10Hatzolah Net 10EMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
210015209DHuntWat EstHunter Water EastUtilities
21002520aDHuntWat 2Hunter WaterUtilities
21003520bDHuntWat NthHunter Water NorthUtilities
21004520cDHuntWat 4Hunter WaterUtilities
21005520dDHuntWat 5Hunter WaterUtilities
21006520eDHuntWat 6Hunter WaterUtilities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
106012969DControl 1Integral Energy - ControlUtilities
10602296aDControl 2Integral Energy - ControlUtilities
10603296bDControl 3Integral Energy - ControlUtilities
10604296cDControl 4Integral Energy - ControlUtilities
10605296dDControl 5Integral Energy - ControlUtilities
10606296eDControl 6Integral Energy - ControlUtilities
10607296fDControl 7Integral Energy - ControlUtilities
106082970DControl 8Integral Energy - ControlUtilities
106092971DControl 9Integral Energy - ControlUtilities
106102972DControl 10Integral Energy - Consion ControlUtilities
106112973DunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
106122974DunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
106132975DunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
106142976DunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
106152977DunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
106162978DunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
106172979DunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
10618297aDunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
10619297bDunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
10620297cDunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
10621297dDunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
10622297eDKatoombaIntegral Energy - KatoombaUtilities
10623297fDunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
106242980DPenrith 1Integral Energy - Penrith 1Utilities
106252981DPenrith 2Integral Energy - Penrith 2Utilities
106262982DWindsorIntegral Energy - WindsorUtilities
106272983DKings Park 1Integral Energy - Kings Park 1Utilities
106282984DKings Park 2Integral Energy - Kings Park 2Utilities
106292985DParramatta 1Integral Energy - Parramatta 1Utilities
106302986DParramatta 2Integral Energy - Parramatta 2Utilities
106312987DHoxton 1Integral Energy - Hoxton 1Utilities
106322988DHoxton 2Integral Energy - Hoxton 2Utilities
106332989DNarellan 1Integral Energy - Narellan 1Utilities
10634298aDNarellan 2Integral Energy - Narellan 2Utilities
10635298bDunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
10636298cDunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
10637298dDunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
10638298eDunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
10639298fDunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
106402990DunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
106412991DunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
106422992DunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
106432993DunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
106442994DunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
106452995DTechsIntegral Energy - Radio techs and workshopUtilities
106492999DunkIntegral Energy - ?Utilities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100002710DGL 01Government Liaison 1Interop
100012711DGL 02Government Liaison 2Interop
100022712DGL 03Government Liaison 3Interop
100032713DGL 04Government Liaison 4Interop
100042714DGL 05Government Liaison 5Interop
100052715DGL 06Government Liaison 6Interop
100062716DGL 07Government Liaison 7Interop
100072717DGL 08Government Liaison 8Interop
100082718DGL 09Government Liaison 9Interop
100092719DGL 10Government Liaison 10Interop
10010271aDESO 01Emergency Liaison 1Interop
10011271bDESO 02Emergency Liaison 2Interop
10012271cDESO 03Emergency Liaison 3Interop
10013271dDESO 04Emergency Liaison 4Interop
10014271eDESO 05Emergency Liaison 5Interop
10015271fDESO 06Emergency Liaison 6Interop
100162720DESO 07Emergency Liaison 7Interop
100172721DESO 08Emergency Liaison 8Interop
100182722DESO 09Emergency Liaison 9Interop
100192723DESO 10Emergency Liaison 10Interop
100202724DESO 11Emergency Liaison 11Interop
100212725DESO 12Emergency Liaison 12Interop
100222726DESO 13Emergency Liaison 13Interop
100232727DESO 14Emergency Liaison 14Interop
100242728DESO 15Emergency Liaison 15Interop
100252729DESO 16Emergency Liaison 16Interop
10026272aDESO 17Emergency Liaison 17Interop
10027272bDESO 18Emergency Liaison 18Interop
10028272cDESO 19Emergency Liaison 19Interop
10029272dDESO 20Emergency Liaison 20Interop
New South Wales Ambulance Service - NSWAS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10301283dD1 STATEAdministration - State Operations / MRUEMS Dispatch
10302283eD2 TG 2Administration - Talkgroup 2EMS Dispatch
10303283fD3 TG 3Administration - Talkgroup 3EMS Dispatch
103042840D4 TG 4Administration - Talkgroup 4EMS Dispatch
103052841D5 TG EDUAdministration - Education ServicesEMS Dispatch
103062842D6 NETSAdministration - Newborn Emergency Transport ServiceEMS Dispatch
103072843D7 PUB HLTHAdministration - Public Health Service LiaisonEMS Dispatch
103082844D8 G/WEST A/HAdministration - Greater West AHSEMS Dispatch
103092845D9 HU A/HAdministration - Hunter AHSEMS Dispatch
103102846D10 NSCC A/HAdministration - North Sydney/Central Coast AHSEMS Dispatch
103112847D11 S/W A/HAdministration - Sydney West AHSEMS Dispatch
103122848D12 SSW A/HAdministration - Sydney South West AHSEMS Dispatch
103132849D13 SESI A/HAdministration - South Eastern Sydney/Illawarra AHSEMS Dispatch
10314284aD14 A/H INCDTAdministration - AHS Incident 1EMS Dispatch
10315284bD15 A/H INCDTAdministration - AHS Incident 2EMS Dispatch
10316284cD16 A/H INCDTAdministration - AHS Incident 3EMS Dispatch
10317284dD17 MEDI 1Administration - Medical 1EMS Dispatch
10318284eD18 MEDI 2Administration - Medical 2EMS Dispatch
10319284fDPTO OPS 1Patient Transport - Operations 1EMS Dispatch
103202850DPTO OPS 2Patient Transport - Operations 2EMS Dispatch
103212851DPTO OPS 3Patient Transport - Operations 3EMS Dispatch
103222852DPTO OPS 4Patient Transport - Operations 4EMS Dispatch
103232853DPTO OPS 5Patient Transport - Operations 5EMS Dispatch
103242854DPTO OPS 6Patient Transport - Operations 6EMS Dispatch
103252855D1 NTH OPSSydney - North OperationsEMS Dispatch
103262856D2 STH OPSSydney - South OperationsEMS Dispatch
103272857D4 EAST OPSSydney - East OperationsEMS Dispatch
103282858D6 WEST OPSSydney - West OperationsEMS Dispatch
103292859D7 S/W OPSSydney - South West OperationsEMS Dispatch
10330285aD8 F S/W OPSSydney - Far South West OperationsEMS Dispatch
10331285bD9 RUR OPSSydney - Rural OperationsEMS Dispatch
10332285cD10 ECP 1Sydney - Extended Care Paramedic 1EMS Dispatch
10333285dD11 ECP 2Sydney - Extended Care Paramedic 2EMS Dispatch
10334285eD12 INCDNT 1Sydney - Incident 1EMS Dispatch
10335285fD13 INCDNT 2Sydney - Incident 2EMS Dispatch
103362860D14 INCDNT 3Sydney - Incident 3EMS Dispatch
103372861D15 INCDNT 4Sydney - Incident 4EMS Dispatch
103382862D16 INCDNT 5Sydney - Incident 5EMS Dispatch
103392863D17 INCDNT 6Sydney - Incident 6EMS Dispatch
103402864D18 INCDNT 7Sydney - Incident 7EMS Dispatch
103412865D19 SPORTSSydney - SportsEMS Dispatch
103422866D20 WRKSHPSSydney - WorkshopsEMS Dispatch
103432867D21 NTH HOSPSydney - Hospital NorthEMS Dispatch
103442868D22 STH HOSPSydney - Hospital SouthEMS Dispatch
103452869D23 EST HOSPSydney - Hospital EastEMS Dispatch
10346286aD24 WST HOSPSydney - Hospital WestEMS Dispatch
103582876DIT SUPPORTAll - IT SupportEMS Dispatch
203014f4dDNEWC OPSNorth - Newcastle OperationsEMS Dispatch
203024f4eDOHUN OPSNorth - Outer Hunter OperationsEMS Dispatch
203034f4fDGOS OPSNorth - Gosford OperationsEMS Dispatch
203044f50DECP 4North - Extended Care Paramedic 4EMS Dispatch
203054f51DINCIDENT 1North - Incident 1EMS Dispatch
203064f52DINCIDENT 2North - Incident 2EMS Dispatch
203074f53DINCIDENT 3North - Incident 3EMS Dispatch
203084f54DINCIDENT 4North - Incident 4EMS Dispatch
203094f55DMID WESTWest - Mid West OperationsEMS Dispatch
203104f56DMACQ 1West - Macquarie Operations 1EMS Dispatch
203114f57DMACQ 2West - Macquarie Operations 2EMS Dispatch
203124f58DNEW ENG 1West - New England Operations 1EMS Dispatch
203134f59DNEW ENG 2West - New England Operations 2EMS Dispatch
203144f5aDECP 5West - Extended Care Paramedic 5EMS Dispatch
203154f5bDINCIDENT 1West - Incident 1EMS Dispatch
203164f5cDINCIDENT 2West - Incident 2EMS Dispatch
203174f5dDINCIDENT 3West - Incident 3EMS Dispatch
203184f5eDHOSP 1West - Hospital 1EMS Dispatch
203194f5fDHOSP 2West - Hospital 2EMS Dispatch
203204f60DHUN HOSPNorth - Hunter HospitalsEMS Dispatch
30301765dDFSC OPSSouth - Far South Coast OperationsEMS Dispatch
30302765eDILLA OPSSouth - Illawarra OperationsEMS Dispatch
303047660DWAGGA OPSSouth - Wagga OperationsEMS Dispatch
303057661DRIV OPSSouth - Riverina OperationsEMS Dispatch
303067662DMURRAY OPSSouth - Murray OperationsEMS Dispatch
303077663DECP 3South - Extended Care Paramedic 3EMS Dispatch
303087664DINCIDENT 1South - Incident 1EMS Dispatch
303097665DINCIDENT 2South - Incident 2EMS Dispatch
303107666DINCIDENT 3South - Incident 3EMS Dispatch
303117667DINCIDENT 4South - Incident 4EMS Dispatch
303127668DINCIDENT 5South - Incident 5EMS Dispatch
303137669DINCIDENT 6South - Incident 6EMS Dispatch
30314766aDILLAW HOSPSouth - Illawarra HospitalsEMS Dispatch
30315766bDGOULB HOSPSouth - Goulburn HospitalsEMS Dispatch
30316766cDS/HAVEN OPSSouth - Shoalhaven OperationsEMS Dispatch
303207670DACT AMBSouth - ACT Ambulance LiaisonEMS Dispatch
303217671DSTH EAST OPSSouth - South East OperationsEMS Dispatch
New South Wales Police Force
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1045028d2DETAC 10-450VKG GRN TAC TGLaw Tac
1045128d3DETAC 10-451VKG GRN TAC TGLaw Tac
1045128d3DETAC 10-451VKG GRN TAC TGLaw Tac
1045228d4DETAC 10-452VKG GRN TAC TGLaw Tac
1045328d5DETAC 10-453VKG GRN TAC TGLaw Tac
1045428d6DETAC 10-454VKG GRN TAC TGLaw Tac
1045528d7DETAC 10-455VKG GRN TAC TGLaw Tac
1045628d8DETAC 10-456VKG GRN TAC TGLaw Tac
1045728d9DETAC 10-457VKG GRN TAC TGLaw Tac
1045828daDETAC 10-458VKG GRN TAC TGLaw Tac
1045928dbDETAC 10-459VKG GRN TAC TGLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
109512ac7DSyd RegionNSW Maritime - Sydney RegionPublic Works
109522ac8DunkNSW MaritimePublic Works
109532ac9DunkNSW MaritimePublic Works
109542acaDHbr CleanNSW Maritime - Harbour CleaningPublic Works
109552acbDTG AlphaNSW Maritime - Special talkgroup AlphaPublic Works
109562accDTG BravoNSW Maritime - Special talkgroup BravoPublic Works
109572acdDunkNSW Maritime - ?Public Works
109582aceDunkNSW MaritimePublic Works
109592acfDunkNSW MaritimePublic Works
109602ad0DunkNSW MaritimePublic Works
109612ad1DunkNSW MaritimePublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
110212b0dDCitySheriff CityLaw Dispatch
110222b0eDWestSheriff WestLaw Dispatch
110232b0fDNorthSheriff NorthLaw Dispatch
110242b10DNth BC 1Sheriff Nth Region Back Ch 1Law Talk
110252b11DSouthSheriff SouthLaw Dispatch
110262b12DSth BC 1Sheriff Sth Region Back Ch 1Law Talk
110272b13DTac 1Sheriff Tactical 1 (ch17)Law Tac
110282b14DTac 2Sheriff Tactical 2Law Tac
110292b15DTac 3Sheriff Tactical 3Law Tac
110302b16DJTF Sec ChSheriff Joint Task Fed Sec ChannelInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
111012b5dD801 460Railroad
111032b5fDDIU 1Railroad
111042b60DSEC 1Rail SEC 1Railroad
111052b61DSEC 2Rail SEC 2Railroad
111062b62DSEC 3Rail SEC 3Railroad
111072b63DSEC 4Rail SEC 4Railroad
111082b64DPATROL 1Rail PATROL 1Railroad
111092b65DPATROL 2Rail PATROL 2Railroad
111102b66DPATROL 3Rail PATROL 3Railroad
111112b67DCONSECRail CONSECRailroad
111122b68DSP OPS 1Rail SP OPS 1Railroad
111132b69DSP OPS 2Rail SP OPS 2Railroad
111142b6aDSP OPS 3Rail SP OPS 3Railroad
111152b6bDREV PR 1Rail REV PR 1Railroad
111162b6cDREV PR 2Rail REV PR 2Railroad
111172b6dDREV PR 3Rail REV PR 3Railroad
111182b6eDREV PR 4Rail REV PR 4Railroad
111192b6fDFIRE 1FireRailroad
111202b70DBLACK 1Rail BLACK 1Railroad
111212b71DBLACK 2Rail BLACK 2Railroad
111222b72DCITY 1Rail CITY 1Railroad
111232b73DCITY 2Rail CITY 2Railroad
111242b74DGOSFORD 1Rail GOSFORD 1Railroad
111252b75DGOSFORD 2Rail GOSFORD 2Railroad
111262b76DNEWC 1Rail NEWC 1Railroad
111272b77DNEWC 2Rail NEWC 2Railroad
111282b78DSOUTH 1Rail SOUTH 1Railroad
111292b79DSOUTH 2Rail SOUTH 2Railroad
111302b7aDILLAW 1Rail ILLAW 1Railroad
111312b7bDILLAWA 2Rail ILLAWA 2Railroad
111322b7cDS/COAST 1Rail S COAST 1Railroad
111332b7dDS COAST 2Railroad
111342b7eDRERU TEAMRailroad
111352b7fDDIU TEAMRailroad
111362b80DChan 01Rail CHAN 01Railroad
111372b81DCHAN 02Railroad
111382b82DCHAN 03Railroad
111392b83DCHAN 04Railroad
111402b84DCHAN 05Railroad
111412b85DCHAN 06Railroad
111422b86DCHAN 07Railroad
111432b87DCHAN 08Railroad
111442b88DChan 9Rail Channel 9Railroad
111452b89DHunter OpsRail Hunter OperationsRailroad
111462b8aDHunter IncRail Hunter IncidentsRailroad
111472b8bDChan 12Rail CHAN 12Railroad
111482b8cDNO CHANRailroad
111492b8dDNO CHANRailroad
111502b8eDNO CHANRailroad
111512b8fDALL ChansRail "All Channels"Railroad
111522b90DCBD STNSRailroad
111532b91DEVENT STAFFRailroad
111542b92DSUBN STNSRailroad
111552b93DOP CTL STNRailroad
111572b95DINC RESP OFRailroad
111592b97DOP STD MGRRailroad
111612b99DPRES SERVRailroad
111622b9aDROLL STOCKRailroad
111632b9bDBLDG SIDERailroad
111642b9cDSPARE ARailroad
111652b9dDSPARE BRailroad
111662b9eDEVENT INC 1Railroad
111672b9fDEVENT INC 2Railroad
111682ba0DSW Rail 1Rail SW Rail 1Railroad
111692ba1DSW Rail 2Rail SW Rail 2Railroad
111702ba2DRAIL 3Railroad
111712ba3DRAIL 4Railroad
111722ba4DRAIL 5Railroad
111732ba5DRail 6Rail Rail 6Railroad
111742ba6DRAIL 7Railroad
111752ba7DRAIL 8Railroad
111762ba8DRAIL 9Railroad
111772ba9DRAIL 10Railroad
111782baaDRAIL 11Railroad
111792babDRAIL 12Railroad
111802bacDRAIL 13Railroad
111812badDRAIL 14Railroad
111822baeDRAIL 15Railroad
111832bafDRAIL 16Railroad
111852bb1DHIRE 02Railroad
111862bb2DHIRE 03Railroad
111872bb3DHIRE 04Railroad
111882bb4DHIRE 05Railroad
111892bb5DHIRE 06Railroad
111902bb6DHIRE 07Railroad
111912bb7DHIRE 08Railroad
111922bb8DHIRE 09Railroad
111932bb9DHIRE 10Railroad
111942bbaDHIRE 11Railroad
111952bbbDHIRE 12Railroad
111962bbcDHIRE 13Railroad
111972bbdDHIRE 14Railroad
111982bbeDHIRE 15Railroad
111992bbfDHIRE 16Railroad
112022bc2DSTH WESTRailroad
112102bcaDNET OPSRailroad
112152bcfDCCS INCBRRailroad
112172bd1DCIV SYDNMRailroad
112192bd3DCIV ROWRailroad
112262bdaDSIG SYDNMRailroad
112272bdbDSIG CENT1Railroad
112282bdcDSIG CENT2Railroad
112292bddDSig Cent3Rail SIG CENT3Railroad
112302bdeDSIG CENT4Railroad
112312bdfDCITYUG BRRailroad
112362be4DCLYDE 1Railroad
112372be5DCLYDE 2Railroad
112402be8DW'Gong 1Rail W'Gong 1Railroad
112412be9DW-GONG 2Railroad
112442becDGOSFORD ARailroad
112452bedDGOSFORD BRailroad
112482bf0DGEN STN 01Railroad
112492bf1DGEN STN 02Railroad
112502bf2DGEN STN 03Railroad
112512bf3DGEN STN 04Railroad
112522bf4DGEN STN 05Railroad
112532bf5DGEN STN 06Railroad
112542bf6DGEN STN 07Railroad
112552bf7DGEN STN 08Railroad
112562bf8DGEN STN 09Railroad
112572bf9DGEN STN 10Railroad
112582bfaDGEN STN 11Railroad
112592bfbDGEN STN 12Railroad
112602bfcDGEN STN 13Railroad
112612bfdDGEN STN 14Railroad
112622bfeDGEN STN 15Railroad
112632bffDGEN STN 16Railroad
112642c00DCIVIL 1Railroad
112652c01DCIVIL 2Railroad
112662c02DELEC 1Railroad
112672c03DELEC 2Railroad
112682c04DSIGNALS 1Railroad
112692c05DSIGNALS 2Railroad
112702c06DSIGNALS 3Railroad
112742c0aDCOMM 1Railroad
112752c0bDCOMM 2Railroad
112772c0dDECRL 1Railroad
112782c0eDECRL 2Railroad
112802c10DCIV HBY 1Railroad
112812c11DCIV HBY 2Railroad
112822c12DCIV HBY 3Railroad
112832c13DCIV WYG 1Railroad
112842c14DCIV WYG 2Railroad
112852c15DCIV WYG 3Railroad
112862c16DCIV ADM GNRailroad
112872c17DCIVADM WDRailroad
112882c18DCIVADM TPRailroad
112892c19DSTR BGRailroad
112902c1aDSTR HRRailroad
112912c1bDEarthRail earthRailroad
112962c20DHBY 152Railroad
112972c21DHBY 154Railroad
112982c22DHBY 155Railroad
112992c23DHBY 161Railroad
113002c24DHBY 162Railroad
113012c25DHBY 163Railroad
113022c26DHBY 164Railroad
113032c27DNEW 158Railroad
113042c28DNEW 159Railroad
113052c29DNEW 154Railroad
113062c2aDC/C SupRailroad
113072c2bDNEW 151Railroad
113082c2cDNEW 153Railroad
113092c2dDNEW 152Railroad
113102c2eDNCY SupRailroad
113122c30DEL M HBY1Railroad
113132c31DEL M HBY2Railroad
113142c32DELE D HBYRailroad
113152c33DELE C HBYRailroad
113162c34DunkRail ?Railroad
113172c35DunkRail ?Railroad
113192c37DSWITCH 2Railroad
113202c38DunkRail ?Railroad
113212c39DunkRail ?Railroad
113222c3aDunkRail ?Railroad
113232c3bDunkRail ?Railroad
113242c3cDunkRail ?Railroad
113252c3dDunkRail ?Railroad
113262c3eDSW POS 1Railroad
113272c3fDSW POS 2Railroad
113282c40DSTH INCIDRailroad
113292c41DSTH GROUPRailroad
113302c42DSTH POSSERailroad
113312c43DCMPSI CIV1Railroad
113322c44DCMPSI CIV2Railroad
113332c45DFLEM CIVILRailroad
113382c4aDLIV SIG 1Railroad
113392c4bDLIV SIG 2Railroad
113402c4cDLIV SIG 3Railroad
113412c4dDELEC MAINRailroad
113422c4eDEXT PARTYRailroad
113432c4fDMETSTH HQRailroad
113442c50DSUTHO TPRailroad
113452c51DWGONG TPRailroad
113462c52DKIAMA TPRailroad
113502c56DRow 1Rail Row 1Railroad
113512c57DROW 2Railroad
113522c58DSIGS SUTH1Railroad
113532c59DSIGS SUTH2Railroad
113562c5cDSIG SUPPTRailroad
113572c5dDELEC 1Railroad
113582c5eDELEC 2Railroad
113602c60DCENT CH 8Railroad
113612c61DCENT CH10Railroad
113622c62DCENT CH12Railroad
113632c63DCENT CH13Railroad
113642c64DTH KX 10Railroad
113652c65DTH KX 12Railroad
113662c66DWYNYRD 14Railroad
113672c67DST JAME 13Railroad
113682c68DST JAME 15Railroad
113692c69DBOND JN 11Railroad
113702c6aDMARTN PL12Railroad
113712c6bDMUSEUM 13Railroad
113722c6cDREDFERN 16Railroad
113732c6dDEPP NRYD14Railroad
113742c6eDMAC UNI 15Railroad
113752c6fDMAC PARK16Railroad
113762c70DART CH x01Railroad
113772c71DART CH x02Railroad
113782c72DART CH x03Railroad
113792c73DART CH x04Railroad
113802c74DART CH x05Railroad
113812c75DART CH x06Railroad
113822c76DART CH x07Railroad
113832c77DART CH x08Railroad
113842c78DART CH x09Railroad
113852c79DART CH x10Railroad
113862c7aDART CH x11Railroad
113872c7bDART CH x12Railroad
113882c7cDART CH x13Railroad
113892c7dDART CH x14Railroad
113902c7eDART CH x15Railroad
113912c7fDART CH x16Railroad
113922c80DTRANSFLD 1Railroad
113932c81DTRANSFLD 2Railroad
113942c82DHIRE 01Railroad
Roads and Maritime Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1070229ceDD NATO 1Transport Operations 1 (Transport Management - TMC)Public Works
1070329cfDD NATO 2Transport Operations 2Public Works
1070429d0DD NATO 3Transport Operations 3 (Traffic Closures)Public Works
1070529d1DD NORTH1Sydney North 1Public Works
1070629d2DD NORTH2Sydney North 2Public Works
1070729d3DD NORTH3Sydney North 3Public Works
1070829d4DD NORTH4Sydney North 4 - Special Event Clearway TowsPublic Works
1070929d5DD SOUTH1Sydney South 1Public Works
1071029d6DD SOUTH2Sydney South 2Public Works
1071129d7DD SOUTH3Sydney South 3Public Works
1071229d8DD SOUTH4Sydney South 4 - Clearway TowsPublic Works
1071329d9DD WEST 1Sydney West 1Public Works
1071429daDD WEST 2Sydney West 2Public Works
1071529dbDD WEST 3Sydney West 3Public Works
1071629dcDD WEST 4Sydney West 4Public Works
1071729ddDD NEWC 1Newcastle (North) 1Public Works
1071829deDD NEWC 2Newcastle (North) 2Public Works
1071929dfDD NEWC 3Newcastle (North) 3Public Works
1072029e0DD WOLL 1Wollongong (South) 1Public Works
1072129e1DD WOLL 2Wollongong (South) 2Public Works
1072229e2DD WOLL 3Wollongong (South) 3Public Works
1072329e3DD BOWEN1Bowenfels (West) 1Public Works
1072429e4DD BOWEN2Bowenfels (West) 2Public Works
1072529e5DD BOWEN3Bowenfels (West) 3Public Works
1072629e6DD B'CASTBroadcast ChannelPublic Works
Rural Fire Service - RFS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100032713DGL 4GL 4 - Primary GRN Channel for the Nerriga Fire GroundFire-Tac
10030272eDTG01 AVIATN1Aviation Operations 1Fire Dispatch
10031272fDTG02 AVIATN2Aviation Operations 2Fire Dispatch
100322730DTG03 AVIATN3Aviation Operations 3Fire Dispatch
100332731DTG04 AVIATN4Aviation Operations 4Fire Dispatch
100342732DTG05 AVIATN5Aviation Operations 5Fire Dispatch
100352733DTG06 AVIATN6Aviation Operations 6Fire Dispatch
100362734DeG019 BKM HLBaulkham HillsFire Dispatch
100372735DeG020 BL MTNBlue MountainsFire Dispatch
100382736DTG07 CISSCritical Incident Support ServicesFire Dispatch
100392737DTG08 COM ED1Communication Education 1Fire Dispatch
100402738DTG09 COM ED2Communication Education 2Fire Dispatch
100412739DTG10 COM ED3Communication Education 3Fire Dispatch
10042273aDeG023 CMBRLDCumberlandFire Dispatch
10043273bDeG024 EST OPEast OperationsFire Dispatch
10044273cDTG21 EXEC OPExecutive OperationsFire Dispatch
10045273dDTG22 FIU 1Fire Investigation Unit 1Fire Dispatch
10046273eDTG23 FIU 2Fire Investigation Unit 2Fire Dispatch
10047273fDeG026 CentCoast1Central Coast 1Fire Dispatch
100482740DeG027 HWKSBHawkesburyFire Dispatch
100492741DeG028 HRNSBYHornsbyFire Dispatch
100502742DTG24 LDS 1Learning and Development Systems 1Fire Dispatch
100512743DTG25 LDS 2Learning and Development Systems 2Fire Dispatch
100522744DeG032 MCRTHRMacarthurFire Dispatch
100532745DTG26 MEDIA1Media 1Fire Dispatch
100542746DTG27 MEDIA2Media 2Fire Dispatch
100552747DTG28 OP COM1Operations Communications 1Fire Dispatch
100562748DTG29 OP COM2Operations Communications 2Fire Dispatch
100572749DTG30 OP COM3Operations Communications 3Fire Dispatch
10058274aDTG31 OPS 1Special Operations/Training 1Fire Dispatch
10059274bDTG32 OPS 2Special Operations/Training 2Fire Dispatch
10060274cDTG33 OPS 3Special Operations/Training 3Fire Dispatch
10061274dDTG34 OPS 4Special Operations/Training 4Fire Dispatch
10062274eDTG35 OPS 5Special Operations/Training 5Fire Dispatch
10063274fDTG36 OPS 6Special Operations/Training 6Fire Dispatch
100642750DTG37 OPS 7Special Operations/Training 7Fire Dispatch
100652751DTG38 OPS 8Special Operations/Training 8Fire Dispatch
100662752DTG39 OPS 9Special Operations/Training 9Fire Dispatch
100672753DTG40 OPS 10Special Operations/Training 10Fire Dispatch
100682754DTG41 OPS 11Special Operations/Training 11Fire Dispatch
100692755DTG42 OPS 12Special Operations/Training 12Fire Dispatch
100702756DTG43 OPS 13Special Operations/Training 13Fire Dispatch
100712757DTG44 OPS 14Special Operations/Training 14Fire Dispatch
100722758DTG45 OPS 15Special Operations/Training 15Fire Dispatch
100732759DeG034 RG ESTEast Region CoordinationFire Dispatch
10074275aDTG57 STATEOPState OperationsFire Dispatch
10075275bDeG035 STHRLDSutherlandFire Dispatch
10076275cDeG037 WARNGHWarringahFire Dispatch
10077275dDeG039 STN HLD2Southern Highlands 2Fire Dispatch
10079275fDTG11 DSPCH1Dispatch Operations 1Fire Dispatch
100802760DTG12 DSPCH2Dispatch Operations 2Fire Dispatch
100812761DTG13 DSPCH3Dispatch Operations 3Fire Dispatch
100822762DTG14 DSPCH4Dispatch Operations 4Fire Dispatch
100832763DTG15 DSPCH5Dispatch Operations 5Fire Dispatch
100842764DeG025 MD CST1Mid Coast 1Fire Dispatch
10092276cDTG51 SMSS 1State Mitigation & Support 1Fire Dispatch
10093276dDTG52 SMSS 2State Mitigation & Support 2Fire Dispatch
200004e20DwG016 BAR DLBarwon/DarlingFire Dispatch
200014e21DwG018 CANBLSCanobolasFire Dispatch
200024e22DnG013 CSTRGHCastlereaghFire Dispatch
200034e23DeG021 CHIFLYChifleyFire Dispatch
200044e24DnG014 CL VLYClarence ValleyFire Dispatch
200054e25DwG019 CDGNGCudgegongFire Dispatch
200064e26DnG015 FNCFar North CoastFire Dispatch
200074e27DwG020 FARWSTFar WestFire Dispatch
200084e28DeG031 LR HTRLower HunterFire Dispatch
200094e29DeG029 HUNTVLHunter ValleyFire Dispatch
200104e2aDeG022 LTHGOWLithgowFire Dispatch
200114e2bDnG016 LVPL RLiverpool RangeFire Dispatch
200124e2cD120 LNC A120 Lower North Coast - AlphaFire Dispatch
200134e2dDeG033 MD CST2Mid Coast 2Fire Dispatch
200144e2eDwG021 MD LCHMid LachlanFire Dispatch
200154e2fDnG018 MNCMid North CoastFire Dispatch
200164e30DnG019 N GWDRNamoi/GwydirFire Dispatch
200174e31DnG020 NW ENGNew EnglandFire Dispatch
200184e32DnG021 NTH OPNorth OperationsFire Dispatch
200194e33DwG023 NTHWSTNorth WestFire Dispatch
200204e34DnG022 NTHN RNorthern RiversFire Dispatch
200214e35DnG023 NTH TBNorthern TablelandsFire Dispatch
200224e36DwG024 ORANAOranaFire Dispatch
200234e37DnG024 RG NTHNorth Region CoordinationFire Dispatch
200244e38DwG025 RG WSTWest Region CoordinationFire Dispatch
200254e39DnG025 TMWRTHTamworthFire Dispatch
200264e3aDeG036 CentCoast2Central Coast 2Fire Dispatch
200274e3bDwG027 WST OPWest OperationsFire Dispatch
200284e3cDTG19 DSPCH9Dispatch Operations 9Fire Dispatch
200294e3dDTG20 DSPCH10Dispatch Operations 10Fire Dispatch
200344e42DTG53 SMSS 3State Mitigation & Support 3Fire Dispatch
200354e43DTG54 SMSS 4State Mitigation & Support 4Fire Dispatch
200364e44DTG16 DSPCH6Dispatch Operations 6Fire Dispatch
200374e45DTG17 DSPCH7Dispatch Operations 7Fire Dispatch
200384e46DTG46 OPS 16Special Operations/Training 16Fire Dispatch
200394e47DTG47 OPS 17Special Operations/Training 17Fire Dispatch
200404e48DTG48 OPS 18Special Operations/Training 18Fire Dispatch
300007530DwG017 BLD TMBland/TemoraFire Dispatch
300017531DsG016 FSCFar South CoastFire Dispatch
300027532DsG027 S BDRSouthern BorderFire Dispatch
300037533DeG030 ILWARAIllawarraFire Dispatch
300047534DsG017 LK GRGLake GeorgeFire Dispatch
300057535DsG018 LR WTNLower WesternFire Dispatch
300067536DsG019 MIAMIAFire Dispatch
300077537DsG020 MD MURMid MurrayFire Dispatch
300087538DwG022 MD WSTMid WestFire Dispatch
300097539DsG021 MONAROMonaroFire Dispatch
30010753aDsG022 RG STHSouth Region CoordinationFire Dispatch
30011753bDsG023 RV HLDRiverina HighlandsFire Dispatch
30012753cDsG024 RVERNARiverinaFire Dispatch
30013753dDsG025 SHLHNShoalhavenFire Dispatch
30014753eDsG026 STH OPSouth OperationsFire Dispatch
30015753fDwG026 SWSZSouth Western Slopes ZoneFire Dispatch
300167540DsG028 STN TDSouthern TablelandsFire Dispatch
300177541DeG038 STN HLD1Southern Highlands 1Fire Dispatch
300247548DTG55 SMSS 5State Mitigation & Support 5Fire Dispatch
300257549DTG56 SMSS 6State Mitigation & Support 6Fire Dispatch
30026754aDTG18 DSPCH8Dispatch Operations 8Fire Dispatch
30027754bDTG49 OPS 19Special Operations/Training 19Fire Dispatch
30028754cDTG50 OPS 20Special Operations/Training 20Fire Dispatch
State Emergency Service - SES
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202554f1fD203 MTZ OPS 1203 METRO ZONE - OPS 1EMS-Tac
202564f20D204 MTZ OPS 2204 METRO ZONE - OPS 2EMS-Tac
202574f21D205 MTZ OPS 3205 METRO ZONE - OPS 3EMS-Tac
202584f22D206 MTZ OPS 4206 METRO ZONE - OPS 4EMS-Tac
202594f23D207 MTZ OPS 5207 METRO ZONE - OPS 5EMS-Tac
202644f28D303 NHZ OPS 1303 NORTHERN ZONE - OPS 1EMS-Tac
202654f29D304 NHZ OPS 2304 NORTHERN ZONE - OPS 2EMS-Tac
202664f2aD305 NHZ OPS 3305 NORTHERN ZONE - OPS 3EMS-Tac
202674f2bD306 NHZ OPS 4306 NORTHERN ZONE - OPS 4EMS-Tac
202684f2cD307 NHZ OPS 5307 NORTHERN ZONE - OPS 5EMS-Tac
202034eebD403 SEZ OPS 1403 SOUTH EASTERN ZONE Ops 1EMS-Tac
202044eecD404 SEZ OPS 2404 SOUTH EASTERN ZONE Ops 2EMS-Tac
202054eedD405 SEZ OPS 3405 SOUTH EASTERN ZONE Ops 3EMS-Tac
202064eeeD406 SEZ OPS 4406 SOUTH EASTERN ZONE Ops 4EMS-Tac
202074eefD407 SEZ OPS 5407 SOUTH EASTERN ZONE Ops 5EMS-Tac
202084ef0D408 SEZ LOPRI408 SOUTH EASTERN ZONE Back ChannelEMS-Tac
302127604D503 SHZ OPS 1503 SOUTHERN ZONE - OPS 1EMS-Tac
302137605D504 SHZ OPS 2504 SOUTHERN ZONE - OPS 2EMS-Tac
302147606D505 SHZ OPS 3505 SOUTHERN ZONE - OPS 3EMS-Tac
302157607D506 SHZ OPS 4506 SOUTHERN ZONE - OPS 4EMS-Tac
302167608D507 SHZ OPS 5507 SOUTHERN ZONE - OPS 5EMS-Tac
202464f16D603 WTZ OPS 1603 WESTERN ZONE - OPS 1EMS-Tac
202474f17D604 WTZ OPS 2604 WESTERN ZONE - OPS 2EMS-Tac
202484f18D605 WTZ OPS 3605 WESTERN ZONE - OPS 3EMS-Tac
202494f19D606 WTZ OPS 4606 WESTERN ZONE - OPS 4EMS-Tac
202504f1aD607 WTZ OPS 5607 WESTERN ZONE - OPS 5EMS-Tac
30219760bDOLD SES 1101-MQ-OLD SES 1101-MQ-TAC1EMS-Tac
30220760cDOLD SES 1102-MQ-OLD SES 1102-MQ-TAC2EMS-Tac
30221760dDOLD SES 1103-MQ-OLD SES 1103-MQ-TAC3EMS-Tac
30222760eDOLD SES 1104-MQ-OLD SES 1104-MQ-TAC4EMS-Tac
30223760fDOLD SES 1105-MQ-OLD SES 1105-MQ-TAC5EMS-Tac
302247610DOLD SES 1106-MQ-OLD SES 1106-MQ-TAC6EMS-Tac
302267612DOLD SES 1109-MY-OLD SES 1109-MY-TAC1EMS-Tac
302277613DOLD SES 1110-MY-OLD SES 1110-MY-TAC2EMS-Tac
302287614DOLD SES 1111-MY-OLD SES 1111-MY-TAC3EMS-Tac
302297615DOLD SES 1112-MY-OLD SES 1112-MY-TAC4EMS-Tac
302307616DOLD SES 1113-MY-OLD SES 1113-MY-TAC5EMS-Tac
302317617DOLD SES 1114-MY-OLD SES 1114-MY-TAC6EMS-Tac
202374f0dDOLD SES 1129-NM-OLD SES 1129-NM-TAC1EMS-Tac
202384f0eDOLD SES 1130-NM-OLD SES 1130-NM-TAC2EMS-Tac
202394f0fDOLD SES 1131-NM-OLD SES 1131-NM-TAC3EMS-Tac
202404f10DOLD SES 1132-NM-OLD SES 1132-NM-TAC4EMS-Tac
202414f11DOLD SES 1133-NM-OLD SES 1133-NM-TAC5EMS-Tac
202424f12DOLD SES 1134-NM-OLD SES 1134-NM-TAC6EMS-Tac
302337619DOLD SES 1209-SH-OLD SES 1209-SH-TAC1EMS-Tac
30234761aDOLD SES 1210-SH-OLD SES 1210-SH-TAC2EMS-Tac
30235761bDOLD SES 1211-SH-OLD SES 1211-SH-TAC3EMS-Tac
30236761cDOLD SES 1212-SH-OLD SES 1212-SH-TAC4EMS-Tac
30237761dDOLD SES 1213-SH-OLD SES 1213-SH-TAC5EMS-Tac
30238761eDOLD SES 1214-SH-OLD SES 1214-SH-TAC6EMS-Tac
30239761fDOLD SES 1215-SH-OLD SES 1215-SH-TAC7EMS-Tac
302407620DOLD SES 1216-SH-OLD SES 1216-SH-TAC8EMS-Tac
202104ef2DOLD SES 127-CW-TOLD SES 127-CW-TAC1EMS-Tac
202114ef3DOLD SES 128-CW-TOLD SES 128-CW-TAC2EMS-Tac
202124ef4DOLD SES 129-CW-TOLD SES 129-CW-TAC3EMS-Tac
202134ef5DOLD SES 130-CW-TOLD SES 130-CW-TAC4EMS-Tac
202144ef6DOLD SES 131-CW-TOLD SES 131-CW-TAC5EMS-Tac
202164ef8DOLD SES 135-FW-TOLD SES 135-FW-TAC1EMS-Tac
202174ef9DOLD SES 136-FW-TOLD SES 136-FW-TAC2EMS-Tac
202184efaDOLD SES 137-FW-TOLD SES 137-FW-TAC3EMS-Tac
202194efbDOLD SES 138-FW-TOLD SES 138-FW-TAC4EMS-Tac
202204efcDOLD SES 139-FW-TOLD SES 139-FW-TAC5EMS-Tac
202214efdDOLD SES 140-FW-TOLD SES 140-FW-TAC6EMS-Tac
202234effDOLD SES 155-HU-TOLD SES 155-HU-TAC1EMS-Tac
202244f00DOLD SES 156-HU-TOLD SES 156-HU-TAC2EMS-Tac
202254f01DOLD SES 157-HU-TOLD SES 157-HU-TAC3EMS-Tac
202264f02DOLD SES 158-HU-TOLD SES 158-HU-TAC4EMS-Tac
202274f03DOLD SES 159-HU-TOLD SES 159-HU-TAC5EMS-Tac
202284f04DOLD SES 160-HU-TOLD SES 160-HU-TAC6EMS-Tac
3020175f9DOLD SES 163-IS-TOLD SES 163-IS-TAC1EMS-Tac
3020275faDOLD SES 164-IS-TOLD SES 164-IS-TAC2EMS-Tac
3020375fbDOLD SES 165-IS-TOLD SES 165-IS-TAC3EMS-Tac
3020475fcDOLD SES 166-IS-TOLD SES 166-IS-TAC4EMS-Tac
3020575fdDOLD SES 167-IS-TOLD SES 167-IS-TAC5EMS-Tac
3020675feDOLD SES 168-IS-TOLD SES 168-IS-TAC6EMS-Tac
3020775ffDOLD SES 169-IS-TOLD SES 169-IS-TAC7EMS-Tac
302087600DOLD SES 170-IS-TOLD SES 170-IS-TAC8EMS-Tac
202304f06DOLD SES 173-LA-TOLD SES 173-LA-TAC1EMS-Tac
202314f07DOLD SES 174-LA-TOLD SES 174-LA-TAC2EMS-Tac
202324f08DOLD SES 175-LA-TOLD SES 175-LA-TAC3EMS-Tac
202334f09DOLD SES 176-LA-TOLD SES 176-LA-TAC4EMS-Tac
202344f0aDOLD SES 177-LA-TOLD SES 177-LA-TAC5EMS-Tac
202354f0bDOLD SES 178-LA-TOLD SES 178-LA-TAC6EMS-Tac
1020127d9DOLD SES 307-SN-TOLD SES 307-SN-TAC1EMS-Tac
1020227daDOLD SES 308-SN-TOLD SES 308-SN-TAC2EMS-Tac
1020327dbDOLD SES 309-SN-TOLD SES 309-SN-TAC3EMS-Tac
1020427dcDOLD SES 310-SN-TOLD SES 310-SN-TAC4EMS-Tac
1020527ddDOLD SES 311-SN-TOLD SES 311-SN-TAC5EMS-Tac
1020627deDOLD SES 312-SN-TOLD SES 312-SN-TAC6EMS-Tac
1020827e0DOLD SES 316-SS-TOLD SES 316-SS-TAC1EMS-Tac
1020927e1DOLD SES 317-SS-TOLD SES 317-SS-TAC2EMS-Tac
1021027e2DOLD SES 318-SS-TOLD SES 318-SS-TAC3EMS-Tac
1021127e3DOLD SES 319-SS-TOLD SES 319-SS-TAC4EMS-Tac
1021227e4DOLD SES 320-SS-TOLD SES 320-SS-TAC5EMS-Tac
1021327e5DOLD SES 321-SS-TOLD SES 321-SS-TAC6EMS-Tac
1021527e7DOLD SES 324-SW-TOLD SES 324-SW-TAC1EMS-Tac
1021627e8DOLD SES 325-SW-TOLD SES 325-SW-TAC2EMS-Tac
1021727e9DOLD SES 326-SW-TOLD SES 326-SW-TAC3EMS-Tac
1021827eaDOLD SES 327-SW-TOLD SES 327-SW-TAC4EMS-Tac
1021927ebDOLD SES 328-SW-TOLD SES 328-SW-TAC5EMS-Tac
1022027ecDOLD SES 329-SW-TOLD SES 329-SW-TAC6EMS-Tac
1022227eeDOLD SES 332-SW-ROLD SES 332-SW-RCREMS-Tac
1022327efDOLD SES 340-HN-COLD SES 340-HN-CNT1EMS-Tac
1022427f0DOLD SES 341-HN-COLD SES 341-HN-CNT2EMS-Tac
1022527f1DOLD SES 342-HN-COLD SES 342-HN-CNT3EMS-Tac
1022627f2DOLD SES 343-HN-COLD SES 343-HN-CNT4EMS-Tac
1022727f3DOLD SES 344-HN-COLD SES 344-HN-CNT5EMS-Tac
1022927f5DOLD SES 348-CO-OOLD SES 348-CO-ORDEMS-Tac
1023627fcDOLD SES 355-S/OPOLD SES 355-S/OPS3EMS-Tac
1023727fdDOLD SES 356-S/OPOLD SES 356-S/OPS4EMS-Tac
1023827feDOLD SES 357-S/OPOLD SES 357-S/OPS5EMS-Tac
1023927ffDOLD SES 358-S/OPOLD SES 358-S/OPS6EMS-Tac
102402800DOLD SES 359-S/OPOLD SES 359-S/OPS7EMS-Tac
102412801DOLD SES 360-S/OPOLD SES 360-S/OPS8EMS-Tac
102422802DOLD SES 361-S/OPOLD SES 361-S/OPS9EMS-Tac
102432803DOLD SES 362-S/OPOLD SES 362-S/OPS10EMS-Tac
102442804DOLD SES 363-S/OPOLD SES 363-S/OPS11EMS-Tac
102452805DOLD SES 364-S/OPOLD SES 364-S/OPS12EMS-Tac
Sutherland Council
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
110712b3fDunkSutherland CouncilPublic Works
110722b40DunkSutherland CouncilPublic Works
110732b41DunkSutherland CouncilPublic Works
110742b42DDepot / WSSutherland Council depot / workshopPublic Works
110752b43DunkSutherland CouncilPublic Works
110762b44DRangersSutherland Council - RangersPublic Works
110772b45DBack ChanSutherland Council - Rangers back channelPublic Works
110782b46DWork CrewsSutherland Council - Work crewsPublic Works
110792b47DunkSutherland CouncilPublic Works
110802b48DunkSutherland CouncilPublic Works
110812b49DunkSutherland CouncilPublic Works
110822b4aDunkSutherland CouncilPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
109012a95DCh 1 ?Sydney FerriesTransportation
109052a99DCh 5 ?Sydney FerriesTransportation
109062a9aDCh 6 ?Sydney FerriesTransportation
109072a9bDCh 7 ?Sydney FerriesTransportation
109092a9dDCh 9 ?Sydney FerriesTransportation
109102a9eDCh 10 ?Sydney FerriesTransportation
109112a9fDCh 11 ?Sydney FerriesTransportation
109142aa2DCh 14 ?Sydney FerriesTransportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
199014dbdDTest TG 1Test talkgroup 1Business
199024dbeDTest TG 2Test talkgroup 2Business
199034dbfDTest TG 3Test talkgroup 3Business
199044dc0DTest TG 4Test talkgroup 4Business
199054dc1DTest TG 5Test talkgroup 5Business
199064dc2DTest TG 6Test talkgroup 6Business