Hawaii Wireless Interoperability Network (HIWIN)

System Name: Hawaii Wireless Interoperability Network (HIWIN)
Location: Varies, HI
County: Statewide
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 888 WACN: 0000B
Last Updated: November 23, 2022, 5:31 am CST   [Updated 1 talkgroups for Hawaii Emergency Management Agency]
System Notes

This is the new statewide interoperability network, which is currently in its first phase of deployment on the islands of Maui and Oahu by JVC Kenwood. Currently, the system on Maui will operate on 800 MHz conventional channels; whereas, the deployment on the island of Oahu will use 700 MHz Project 25 trunking. Funding for this project was received through the Statewide Shared Blended (SSB) System grant valued at $2.5 million dollars, provided by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security. 

Moreover, as additional phases are completed, the entire state will have island-wide Project 25 trunking coverage in the 700/800 MHz radio bands. This will ensure interoperable communications between all of Hawaii's first responders, regardless of what island they are on. Likewise, this matrix will make it possible for users to communicate from one island to another; thus, creating a truly seamless interoperable environment.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 040 (28) East Honolulu Honolulu 765.9375c773.55625c773.80625c774.30625c  
1 (1) 205 (CD) Hilo Hawaii 770.70625c773.30625774.03125775.56875  
1 (1) 208 (D0) Hilo Hawaii 769.15625c769.40625c769.65625769.90625770.15625 
1 (1) 037 (25) Honolulu 2 Honolulu 769.15625c769.40625769.65625769.90625770.15625 
1 (1) 094 (5E) Kawaihae Hawaii 773.83125774.33125c774.83125c   
1 (1) 090 (5A) Kona Hawaii 769.20625c769.45625c769.70625c769.95625c770.20625 
1 (1) 017 (11) Site 1-17 Kauai 774.04375c     
1 (1) 016 (10) Site: 1-16 Kauai 773.79375c774.29375c774.54375c774.79375c  
1 (1) 028 (1C) Site: 1-28 Maui 773.79375c774.04375c774.29375c774.54375c  
1 (1) 032 (20) Site: 1-32 Kauai 769.18125c769.43125c769.68125c769.93125c770.43125c770.68125c
1 (1) 033 (21) Site: 1-33 Hawaii 769.18125c     
1 (1) 034 (22) Site: 1-34 UNKNOWN 769.16875c769.41875c769.66875c769.91875c770.16875c 
1 (1) 038 (26) Site: 1-38 Statewide 773.55625773.80625774.30625774.55625774.80625c 
1 (1) 039 (27) Site: 1-39 UNKNOWN 770.40625c770.90625773.03125773.28125773.53125 
1 (1) 046 (2E) Site: 1-46 Maui 773.84375774.09375c774.34375774.59375c774.84375 
1 (1) 048 (30) Site: 1-48 Maui 769.21875c769.46875c769.71875c769.96875c770.46875c 
1 (1) 067 (43) Site: 1-67 UNKNOWN 769.19375c769.44375c769.69375c769.94375c770.19375c 
1 (1) 071 (47) Site: 1-71 UNKNOWN 773.79375c774.29375c774.54375c774.79375c  


Dept. of Public Safety
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
71411be5DKCCC OPS1Kauai Community Correctional CenterLaw Tac
Hawaii Emergency Management Agency
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
77011e15DHI EMA ALLEmergency Ops / Civil Defense Warning SirensEmergency Ops
Hawaii Harbor Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
78591eb3DHHPHarbor PatrolLaw Dispatch
Hawaii State Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
71011bbdDMotorcadeMotorcadeLaw Tac
71231bd3DSTATE SHERIFFOperationsLaw Talk
Hilo International Airport (ITO)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
Inouye International Airport (HNL)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
78141e86DHNL ARFFAirport Fire and Rescue DispatchFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
79171eedDINTEROP 3Interop 3Interop
79181eeeDINTEROP 4Interop 4Interop
Lihue Airport (LIH)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
78791ec7DLIH SECURITYLihue Airport SecuritySecurity
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1001DTECH 1Range and Audio TestingOther
2002DTECH 2Range and Audio TestingOther
7007DTECH 7Range and Audio TestingOther
University of Hawaii
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
79521f10DUHM HOMEUniv of Hawaii at Manoa: Dept of Public Safety - Primary OpsLaw Dispatch
79741f26DKCC CPSKauai Community College: Campus Public SafetyLaw Dispatch