System Name: SARA Network
Location: Various, IL IA
County: 21 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System IDs: Sysid: 006 WACN: 45564
Sysid: 007 WACN: 45564
Sysid: 01f WACN: 45564
Sysid: 034 WACN: 45564
Sysid: 039 WACN: 45564
Sysid: 052 WACN: 45564
Sysid: 055 WACN: 45564
Sysid: 05C WACN: 45564
Sysid: 06A WACN: 45564
Last Updated: May 8, 2024, 12:42 pm UTC   [Added Talkgroup to: Quad Cities Area (58223 Emergency)]
System Notes

“What is the SARA Network?” Here’s a quick overview and update to the SARA Network. SARA stands for Shared Area Radio Agreement. SARA is the connection of dozens of 700 MHz and 800 MHz P25 trunking (both Phase I and Phase II) radio towers (both simulcast and multicast) across the state that are owned and controlled by multiple local jurisdictions and some by RACOM. The SARA network started with the seamless connection of the P25 networks in Johnson and Linn Counties and has now grown to P25 networks in multiple Iowa Counties. Other counties include: Polk, Marshall, Grundy, Black Hawk, Iowa, Dubuque, and Jasper.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Sysid RFSS Site Name County Freqs
006 10 (A) 010 (A) Benton Co Simulcast Benton, IA 769.76875c771.05625c772.23125c773.71875c   
007 10 (A) 010 (A) Black Hawk Co Simulcast Black Hawk, IA 851.1375c852.075c852.3125c853.425c853.925c854.2625c854.4125c
007 20 (14) 020 (14) Buchanan Co Simulcast Buchanan, IA 769.61875c770.11875c771.19375c771.73125c   
007 51 (33) 051 (33) Oelwein Fayette, IA 856.4375c857.4375c858.4375c859.4375c   
01F 10 (A) 010 (A) Dubuque Co Simulcast Dubuque, IA 851.1875c851.7375c852.050c852.550c853.2875c853.6125c 
01F 50 (32) 050 (32) Bellevue Dubuque, IA 851.7125c851.975c852.225c852.775c   
034 10 (A) 001 (1) Johnson Co Simulcast Johnson, IA 851.050c851.7875c852.1375c852.5375c852.825c853.1125c854.2375c
039 1 (1) 001 (1) Linn Co Simulcast Linn, IA 851.225c851.6125c851.825c853.0625c853.3125c853.6375c854.1375c
039 20 (14) 020 (14) Iowa Co Simulcast Iowa, IA 851.0875c852.0625c853.450c853.7375c   
052 20 (14) 020 (14) Quad Cities Metro Simulcast Scott, IA 769.50625c770.58125c771.05625c771.55625c771.96875c772.43125c772.89375c
052 30 (1E) 030 (1E) Scott Co Rural Simulcast Scott, IA 769.35625c769.84375c770.78125c771.39375c   
052 60 (3C) 060 (3C) Port Byron, IL Rock Island, IL 769.85625c770.60625c771.10625c771.73125c   
052 61 (3D) 061 (3D) Illinois City, IL Rock Island, IL 769.30625c770.28125c770.85625c771.48125c   
052 150 (96) 150 (96) Cedar County Simulcast Cedar, IA 770.10625c771.53125c772.06875c772.84375c   
055 40 (28) 040 (28) Story Co Simulcast Story, IA 769.09375c769.50625c770.00625c770.50625c771.09375c771.50625c 
05C 10 (A) 010 (A) Wasington Co Simulcast Washington, IA 851.2375c851.550c852.600c853.7125c   
06A 10 (A) 010 (A) Polk Co Simulcast Polk, IA 769.29375c770.04375c770.79375c771.61875c772.44375c773.16875c774.16875c
06A 50 (32) 050 (32) Marshalltown Marshall, IA 854.0625c856.2625c857.2625c858.2625c859.2625c860.0625c861.0625c
06A 51 (33) 051 (33) Collins Marshall, IA 854.7125c855.3375c856.8625c858.8375c859.8375c  
06A 52 (34) 052 (34) Polk City (Big Creek) Polk, IA 856.0625c856.7125c857.4625c857.7125c858.4625c859.4625c 
06A 53 (35) 053 (35) Mitchellville Polk, IA 851.1875c851.4375c851.7125c853.2875c853.5875c853.8625c 
06A 54 (36) 054 (36) Pella Marion, IA 856.1375c858.1375c859.1375c860.1375c   
06A 55 (37) 055 (37) Newton Jasper, IA 769.34375c769.60625c770.36875c770.84375c771.81875c  
06A 56 (38) 056 (38) Grundy Center Grundy, IA 769.58125c769.84375c771.13125c771.40625c771.74375c772.01875c 
06A 59 (3B) 059 (3B) Zearing Story, IA 851.0625c851.8625c852.8625c853.6625c   
06A 62 (3E) 062 (3E) Grinnell Jasper, IA 772.11875c772.49375c772.91875c773.23125c773.65625c  
06A 63 (3F) 063 (3F) St. Anthony Marshall, IA 769.31875c770.34375c770.81875c771.30625c771.71875c  
06A 64 (40) 064 (40) LeGrand Marshall, IA 769.79375c771.03125c771.44375c771.85625c772.54375c  
06A 70 (46) 070 (46) Tama Co Simulcast Tama, IA 770.60625c771.26875c771.88125c772.41875c   
06A 80 (50) 080 (50) Mahaska County Simulcast Mahaska, IA 854.1125c856.4375c858.7125c859.7625c   


SARA Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100012711TSARA CALL 1Call 1Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1069929cbTE06 LAW OPS+Law Operations - Patched from VHFLaw Dispatch
1069729c9T06 VHF FIRE+County Fire VHF PatchFire Dispatch
406049e9cT06 EVENT 4Event 4Multi-Tac

Fire/EMS Departments are paged on 460.2625 POCSAG

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2070150ddTE07 LAW 1Law Ops 1Law Dispatch
2070250deTE07 LAW 2Law Ops 2 - used by Waterloo PDLaw Dispatch
2070350dfTE07 LAW INFO 3Law InfoLaw Dispatch
2070450e0TE07 LAW CARSheriff Car to CarLaw Talk
2070550e1TE07 LAW TACSheriff TACLaw Tac
2070750e3TE07 LAW REG CARSheriff Regional CarLaw Talk
2071050e6TE07 SHERIFFSheriffLaw Talk
2070850e4TE07 JAIL OPSJail OperationsCorrections
2070950e5TE07 JAIL OPS 2Jail Channel 2Corrections
307217801TEEVANSDALE PD CAREvansdale Police Car to CarLaw Talk
407109f06T07 FIRE DISPATCHFire PagingFire Dispatch
407029efeT07 FIRE OPSFire OperationsFire Dispatch
407039effT07 FIRE INFOFire InfoFire-Tac
407049f00T07 FIRE 4Fire Ch 4Fire-Talk
407119f07TDUNKERTON F-TACDunkerton Fire TAC - Channel 2Fire-Tac
407219f11TEVANSDALE F-TACEvansdale Fire TAC - Channel 2Fire-Tac
407419f25TGILBERTVL F-TACGilbertville Fire TAC - Channel 2Fire-Tac
407619f39THUDSON F-TACHudson Fire TAC - Channel 2Fire-Tac
407819f4dTLAPORT CTY F-TACLaPorte City Fire TAC - Channel 2Fire-Tac
407919f57TRAYMOND F-TACRaymond Fire TAC - Channel 2Fire-Tac
407099f05TMERCYONE PAGEMercyOne Ambulance Paging (was Covenant)EMS Dispatch
407069f02TMERCYONE HOSPMercyOne Waterloo Hosptial (was Covenant)Hospital
407959f5bTCOV CARMercyOne Ambulance Car to CarEMS-Talk
407969f5cTMERCYPNE CARMercyOne Ambulance Unit to Unit (was Covenant)EMS-Talk
407059f01TALLEN HOSPITALAllen HosptialHospital
407079f03TSARTORI HOSPITALSartori HospitalHospital
407089f04TCARE AMB PAGECare Ambulance PagingEMS Dispatch
1070129cdTe07 INCIDENT 8Incident 8Multi-Tac
1070229ceTe07 INCIDENT 9Incident 9Multi-Tac
1070329cfT07 INCIDENT 10Incident 10Multi-Tac
1070429d0T07 INCIDENT 11Incident 11Multi-Tac
1070529d1T07 INCIDENT 12Incident 12Multi-Tac
50701c60dTCEDAR FALLS LEAIowa State Patrol - Cedar Falls LEA Patch - 155.700Interop
50703c60fT07 VLAW31 PATCHV-Law 31 Patch - 155.475Interop
50704c610T07 VFIRE21 PATCHV-Fire 21 Patch - 154.280Interop
50705c611T07 PT 2 PT PATCHPoint to Point Patch - 155.370Interop
50711c617T06 LAW PATCHBenton Law Info Patch - 154.815Interop
50712c618T09 LAW PATCHBremer Law Patch - 155.070Interop
50713c619T10 LAW PATCHBuchanan Law Patch - 151.3775Interop
50714c61aT12 LAW PATCHButler Law Patch - 158.790Interop
50715c61bT33 LAW PATCHFayette Law Patch - 154.055Interop
50716c61cT86 LAW PATCHTama Law Patch - 151.265Interop
50717c61dTUNI INCIDENTUNI Incident Patch - LTR StandardInterop
50722c622TWATERLOO STREETSWaterloo Streets Channel Patch - 157.350Interop
50726c626TISICS R6 CALL 61Region 6 Call 61Interop
50721c621T07 ROADSRoad DeparmentPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30731780bTEWPD CARPolice Car to CarLaw Talk
30732780cTEWPD TACPolice TACLaw Tac
30733780dTEWPDPoliceLaw Tac
407019efdTWFD DISPATCHFire / EMS PagingFire Dispatch
407309f1aTWFD DISPATCHFire/EMS PagingFire Dispatch
407319f1bTWFD STATION 1 PGStation 1 PageFire Dispatch
407329f1cTWFD STATION 2 PGStation 2 PageFire Dispatch
407339f1dTWFD STATION 3 PGStation 3 PageFire Dispatch
407349f1eTWFD STATION 4 PGStation 4 PageFire Dispatch
407359f1fTWFD STATION 5 PGStation 5 PageFire Dispatch
407369f20TWFD STATION 6 PGStation 6 PageFire Dispatch
407399f23TWFD TACFire TACFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30751781fTECFPD CARPolice Car to CarLaw Talk
307527820TECFPD TACPolice TACLaw Tac
407519f2fTCFFD DISPATCHFire/EMS PagingFire Dispatch
407529f30TCFFD TACFire TACFire-Tac
Tri-County Drug Task Force

Operations conducted in Black Hawk and Bremer Counties

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30734780eTETRI-CO DRUG TFOperationsLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
210015209TE10 LAW 1Law 1Law Dispatch
21002520aTE10 LAW 2Law 2Law Tac
21003520bTE10 LAWLawLaw Tac
210095211TE10 LAWLawLaw Tac
210165218TE10 LAWLawLaw Tac
210105212TEINDY PD CHATIndependence PD ChatLaw Talk
41001a029TE10 PAGINGPagingFire Dispatch
41025a041TAURORA PAGEAurora Fire/First Responders PageFire Dispatch
41026a042TBRANDON PAGEBrandon Fire/First Responders PageFire Dispatch
41027a043TFAIRBANK PAGEFairbank Fire/Ambulance PageFire Dispatch
41028a044THAZLETON PAGEHazleton Fire/First Responders PageFire Dispatch
41029a045TINDEPENDENCE PAGIndependence Fire PageFire Dispatch
41030a046TJESUP PAGEJesup Fire PageFire Dispatch
41031a047TLAMONT PAGELamont Fire/First Responders PageFire Dispatch
41032a048TQUASQUETON PAGEQuasqueton Fire/First Responders PageFire Dispatch
41033a049TROWLEY PAGERowley Fire/First Responders PageFire Dispatch
41034a04aTSTANLEY PAGEStanley Fire/First Responders PageFire Dispatch
41035a04bTWINTHROP PAGEWinthrop Fire/First Responders PageFire Dispatch
41036a04cTINDY AMR PAGEIndependence AMR Ambulance PageEMS Dispatch
41037a04dTJESUP EMS PAGEJesup Ambulance PageEMS Dispatch
41002a02aTE10 FIRE OPSFire Ops 1Fire Dispatch
41003a02bTEAURORA TACAurora TACFire-Tac
41004a02cTEBRANDON TACBrandon TACFire-Tac
41005a02dTEFAIRBANK TACFairbank TACFire-Tac
41006a02eTEHAZLETON TACHazleton TACFire-Tac
41007a02fTEINDEPENDENCE TACIndependence Fire TACFire-Tac
41008a030TEJESUP TACJesup TACFire-Tac
41009a031TELAMONT TACLamont TACFire-Tac
41010a032TEQUASQUETON TACQuasqueton TACFire-Tac
41011a033TEROWLEY TACRowley TACFire-Tac
41012a034TESTANLEY TACStanley TACFire-Tac
41013a035TEWINTHROP TACWinthrop TACFire-Tac
41014a036TEAURORA LOCALAurora Local TACFire-Talk
41015a037TEBRANDON LOCALBrandon Local TACFire-Talk
41016a038TEFAIRBANK LOCALFairbank Local TACFire-Talk
41017a039TEHAZLETON LOCALHazleton Local TACFire-Talk
41018a03aTEINDEPENDENCE LOCIndependence Local TACFire-Talk
41019a03bTEJESUP LOCALJesup Local TACFire-Talk
41020a03cTELAMONT LOCALLamont Local TACFire-Talk
41021a03dTEQUASQUETON LOCALQuasqueton Local TACFire-Talk
41022a03eTEROWLEY LOCALRowley Local TACFire-Talk
41023a03fTESTANLEY LOCALStanley Local TACFire-Talk
41024a040TEWINTHROP LOCALWinthrop Local TACFire-Talk
41039a04fTEBCHC ERBuchanan County Health Center - ERHospital
110022afaT10 VLAW31VLaw31 Patch - 155.475Interop
110042afcT10 PT 2 PT PATCHPoint to Point Patch - 155.370Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
216015461TE16 LAW 1Law 1Law Dispatch
21613546dTE16 LAW TACLaw TACLaw Tac
41601a281T16 FIRE/EMS DISPFire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
41642a2aaTBENNETT FIRE PGBennett Fire PagingFire Dispatch
41644a2acTCLARENCE FIRE PGClarence Fire PagingFire Dispatch
41646a2aeTDURANT FIRE PGDurant Fire PagingFire Dispatch
41648a2b0TLOWDEN FIRE PGLowden Fire PagingFire Dispatch
41650a2b2TMECHNCSVLE FR PGMechanicsville Fire PagingFire Dispatch
41652a2b4TSTANDWOOD FR PGStanwood Fire PagingFire Dispatch
41654a2b6TTIPTON FIRE PGTipton Fire PagingFire Dispatch
41656a2b8TW BRACH FIRE PGWest Branch Fire PagingFire Dispatch
41602a282T16 WX OPSStorm WatchEmergency Ops
41643a2abTBENNETT EMS PGBennett EMS PagingEMS Dispatch
41645a2adTCLARENCE EMS PGClarence EMS PagingEMS Dispatch
41647a2afTDURANT EMS PGDurant EMS PagingEMS Dispatch
41649a2b1TLOWDEN EMS PGLowden EMS PagingEMS Dispatch
41651a2b3TMECHCSVLE EMS PGMechanicsville EMS PagingEMS Dispatch
41653a2b5TSTANDWOOD EMS PGStanwood EMS PagingEMS Dispatch
41655a2b7TTIPTON EMS PGTipton EMS PagingEMS Dispatch
41657a2b9TW BRANCH EMS PGWest Branch EMS PagingEMS Dispatch
116102d5aT16 CALLINGCallingMulti-Dispatch
116142d5eT16 EVENT 4Event 4Multi-Tac
116152d5fT16 EVENT 5Event 5Multi-Tac
116162d60T16 EVENT 6Event 6Multi-Tac
116172d61T16 EVENT 7Event 7Multi-Tac
116182d62T16 EVENT 8Event 8Multi-Tac
116192d63T16 EVENT 9Event 9Multi-Tac
41622a296T16 CHAT AChat AMulti-Talk
41623a297T16 CHAT BChat BMulti-Talk
41624a298T16 CHAT CChat CMulti-Talk
41625a299T16 CHAT DChat DMulti-Talk
41621a295T16 FIRE/EMS CHATFire/EMS ChatMulti-Talk
116232d67T16 TRAININGTrainingMulti-Talk
116012d51T16 V-LAW 31+V-Law 31 PatchInterop
116032d53T16 POINT+Point to Point PatchInterop
116042d54T16 V-FIRE 21+V-Fire 21 PatchInterop
116062d56T16 7AG88D+Air to Ground PatchInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
231015a3dTE31 LAW 1Law 1Law Dispatch
231025a3eTE31 LAW 3Law 3Law Dispatch
231035a3fT31 JAIL OPSJail Operations Corrections
43101a85dT31 FIRE DISPATCHCounty Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
43103a85fT31 FIREGROUND 2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
43104a860T31 FIREGROUND 3Fireground 3Fire-Tac
43105a861T31 FIREGROUND 4Fireground 4Fire-Tac
43106a862T31 FIREGROUND 5Fireground 5Fire-Tac
43107a863T31 FIREGROUND 6Fireground 6Fire-Tac
331108156T31 911911Emergency Ops
53102cf6eTFINLEY HOSPITALFinley HospitalHospital
53103cf6fTMERCY1 HOSPITALMercy One DubuqueHospital
131203340T31 COM 1Com 1Multi-Tac
131213341T31 COM 2Com 2Multi-Tac
131063332TGRANT WI LAW Grant County WI Law PatchInterop
131073333TGRANT WI FIREGrant County WI Fire PatchInterop
131083334T49 FIRE PATCHJackson County Fire PatchFire-Tac
131093335T49 LAW PATCHJackson County Law PatchInterop
131103336T53 FIRE PATCHJones County Fire PatchFire-Tac
131113337T53 LAW PATCHJones County Law PatchInterop
131123338T28 FIRE PATCHDelaware County Fire PatchFire-Tac
131133339T28 LAW PATCHDelaware County Law PatchInterop
13115333bT22 FIRE PATCHClayton County Fire PatchFire-Tac
13116333cT22 LAW PATCHClayton County Law PatchInterop
131283348T31 VLAW31 VLaw31 Patch - 155.475Law Dispatch
53124cf84T31 ROADSRoad DepartmentPublic Works
53111cf77T31 LANDFILLLandfillPublic Works
Dubuque County - Local Government
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
43108a864TASBURY FIREAsbury Fire LocalFire-Talk
43109a865TCENTRALIA FIRECentralia Fire LocalFire-Talk
43110a866TDYERSVILLE FIREDyersville Fire LocalFire-Talk
43111a867TEPWORTH FIREEpworth Fire LocalFire-Talk
43112a868TFARLEY FIREFarley Fire LocalFire-Talk
43113a869TCASCADE FIRECascade Fire LocalFire-Talk
43114a86aTBERNARD FIREBernard Fire LocalFire-Talk
43115a86bTHOLYCROSS FIREHoly Cross Fire LocalFire-Talk
43116a86cTKEYWEST FIREKey West Fire LocalFire-Talk
43117a86dTNEWVIENNA FIRENew Vienna Fire LocalFire-Talk
43118a86eTSHERRILL FIRESherrill Fire LocalFire-Talk
43119a86fTWORTHINGTON FIREWorthington Fire LocalFire-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
33101814dTEDBQ POLICE DISPPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
331088154TEDQB POLICE 2Police Channel 2Law Tac
33102814eTEDBQ POLICE TAC9Police Tac 9Law Tac
33103814fTEDBQ POLICE TAC10Police Tac 10Law Tac
331048150TEDBQ POLICE TAC11Police Tac 11Law Tac
331058151TEDBQ POLICE TAC12Police Tac 12Law Tac
43102a85eTDBQ FIRE DISPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
53104cf70TDBQ PUBLIC WORKSPublic WorksPublic Works
53116cf7cTDBQ BUS 53116City BusesTransportation
53117cf7dTDBQ PARATRANPara TransitTransportation
53118cf7eTDBQ BUS 53118City BusesTransportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
333128220TEOPD 33312PoliceLaw Dispatch
333138221TEOPD 33313PoliceLaw Tac
333148222TEOPD 33314PoliceLaw Tac
43304a928TOFD TACFire TACFire-Tac
53302d036TOELWEIN EMSEMS ResponseEMS-Tac
1330133f5TOELWEIN VLAW31+VLaw31 Patch - 155.475Law Dispatch
233015b05T33 LAW PATCHSheriff Patch - 154.055Law Tac
43301a925T33 FIRE PATCHCounty Fire Patch - 154.160Fire-Tac
43302a926TEOELWEIN DIGITALOelwein DigitalMulti-Tac
43303a927T33 FTAC1 PATCHFire TAC 1 Patch - 153.755Fire-Tac
53301d035TOELWEIN PW PATCHPublic Works Patch - 155.730Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
238015cf9T38 LAW 1Law 1Law Dispatch
238025cfaT38 LAW INCIDENTIncidentLaw Talk
238035cfbTE38 LAW 3Law 3Law Talk
43801ab19T38 FIRE DISPATCHFire DispatchFire Dispatch
43805ab1dT38 FIRE DISPATCHFire DispatchFire Dispatch
43802ab1aT38 FIREFireFire-Tac
43803ab1bT38 FIREFireFire-Tac
1380135e9D38 VLAW31 PATCHV-Law 31 Patch - 155.475Law Dispatch
53801d229T38 ROADSRoad DepartmentPublic Works

Fire/EMS/QRS are paged on 460.2875 POCSAG

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1480139d1T48 LAW 1Law 1Law Dispatch
1480239d2TE48 LAW 2Law 2Law Tac
1480339d3TE48 LAW 3Law 3Law Tac
1482139e5TE48 SURVEILLANCE1Surveillance 1Law Talk
1482239e6TE48 SURVEILLANCE2Surveillance 2Law Talk
148913a2bTMARENGO PDMarengo PoliceLaw Tac
148923a2cTWILLIAMSBURG PDWilliamsburg PoliceLaw Tac
1481139dbT48 JAIL OPSJail OperationsCorrections
1481239dcTE48 JAIL SECUREJail SecureCorrections
2480160e1T48 FIRE OPSFire OperationsFire Dispatch
2481160ebTAMANA FIREAmana FireFire-Tac
2481260ecTLADORA FIRELadora FireFire-Tac
2481360edTMARENGO FIREMarengo FireFire-Tac
2481460eeTMILLERSBURG FIREMillersburg FireFire-Tac
2481560efTN ENGLISH FIRENorth English FireFire-Tac
2481660f0TWILLIAMSBRG FIREWilliamsburg FireFire-Tac
2481760f1TVICTOR FIREVictor FireFire-Tac
248416109T48 EMA OPSEmergency Management OpsEmergency Ops
2482160f5T48 EMS OPSEMS/QRS OperationsEMS Dispatch
2482260f6TCOMPASS MEMORIALCompass Memorial HospitalHospital
2483160ffTAMANA QRSAmana QRSEMS-Tac
248326100TLADORA QRSLadora QRSEMS-Tac
248336101TMILLERSBURG QRSMillersburg QRSEMS-Tac
248346102TN ENGLISH QRSNorth English QRSEMS-Tac
248356103TPARNELL QRSParnell QRSEMS-Tac
248366104TVICTOR QRSVictor QRSEMS-Tac
54801d611T48 EVENT 1Event 1Multi-Tac
54802d612T48 EVENT 2Event 2Multi-Tac
54803d613T48 EVENT 3Event 3Multi-Tac
54804d614T48 EVENT 4Event 4Multi-Tac
54805d615T48 EVENT 5Event 5Multi-Tac
54806d616T48 EVENT 6Event 6Multi-Tac
54812d61cT48 PT 2 PT PATCHPoint to Point Patch - 155.370Interop
54813d61dT48 VFIRE21 PATCHV-FIRE 21 Patch - 154.280Interop
54814d61eT48 VLAW31 PATCHV-LAW 31 Patch - 155.475Interop
54815d61fT48 FIRE MUT AIDCounty Fire Mutual Aid - 154.445Interop
54816d620T48 EMS F2 PATCHRegional EMS F2 Patch - 155.220Interop
54817d621T48 VMED28 PATCHV-MED 28 Patch - 155.340Interop
54818d622T54 FIRE PATCHKeokuk Co Fire Patch - 154.160Interop
54819d623T79 FIRE PATCHPoweshiek Co Fire Patch - 154.235Interop
54820d624T06 FIRE PATCHBenton Co Fire PatchInterop
54821d625T79 LAW PATCHPoweshiek Co Law Patch - 151.1675Interop
54822d626T54 LAW PATCHKeokuk Co Law Patch - 151.2725Interop
3480187f1T48 CONSERVATIONConservationPublic Works
3481187fbT48 ROADSRoad DepartmentPublic Works
348218805T48 TRANSPRTATIONTransportationTransportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2500161a9T50 LAW 1Law 1Law Dispatch
2500261aaT50 LAW 2Law 2Law Tac
2500361abTE50 LAW 3Law 3Law Tac
2500461acTE50 LAW 25004LawLaw Tac
2500561adT50 LAW 25005LawLaw Tac
2500861b0T50 LAW 25008LawLaw Tac
2500961b1TE50 LAW 25009LawLaw Talk
45011afd3TSULLY/LYNV PAGEVHF Fire Page - Sully/LynnvilleFire Dispatch
45012afd4TPRAIRIE CTY PAGEVHF Fire Page - Prairie CityFire Dispatch
45014afd6TRSNR/MONRO PAGEVHF Fire Page - Reasnor/MonroeFire Dispatch
45015afd7TCLFX/MINGO PAGEVHF Fire Page - Colfax/MingoFire Dispatch
45005afcdTNEWTON FIRE/EMSVHF Fire Page/Ops, EMS Ops - NewtonFire Dispatch
45001afc9TCLFX/MINGO F-OPSFire Operations - Colfax/MingoFire Dispatch
45002afcaTKELLOGG F-OPSFire Operations - KelloggFire Dispatch
45003afcbTSULLY/LYNV F-OPSFire Operations - Sully/LynnvilleFire Dispatch
45004afccTRSNE/MONRO F-OPSFire Operations - Reasnor/MonroeFire Dispatch
45008afd0T50 FIRE 45008FireFire-Tac
45009afd1T50 FIRE 45009FireFire-Tac
45016afd8T50 FIRE 45016FireFire-Tac
45017afd9TNEWTON EMS DISPEMS Dispatch - NewtonEMS Dispatch
150093aa1T50 VLAW31 PATCHV-LAW 31 Patch - 155.475Law Dispatch
150133aa5T50 MICRN PATCHMICRN PatchEmergency Ops
150013a99T50 INTEROP 15001InteropInterop
150023a9aT50 INTEROP 15002Interop/PatchInterop
150043a9cT50 INTEROP 15004Interop/PatchInterop
150053a9dT50 INTEROP 15005InteropInterop
150063a9eT50 INTEROP 15006InteropInterop
150073a9fT50 INTEROP 15007Interop/PatchInterop
150083aa0T50 INTEROP 15008Interop/PatchInterop
150103aa2T50 INTEROP 15010InteropInterop
150113aa3T50 INTEROP 15011InteropInterop
150143aa6T50 INTEROP 15014InteropInterop
150153aa7T50 INTEROP 15015Interop/PatchInterop
2500761afT63 LAW PATCHMarion Law Patch - ISICSInterop
150313ab7TPELLA PD PATCHPella Police Patch - 159.390Interop
45010afd2TPELLA EMS PATCHPella EMS PatchInterop
150323ab8T79 LAW PATCHPoweshiek Law Patch - 151.1675Interop
45006afceT79 FIRE PATCHPoweshiek Fire Patch - 154.235Interop
150303ab6TGRINNELL POLICE+Grinnell Police Patch - 151.1825Interop
45007afcfTGRINNELL FIRE+Grinnell Fire Patch - 154.965Interop

Includes: Iowa City, North Liberty, Coralville Police and Johnson County Sheriff

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s from 3PM till 3AM, ICPD will be using Law Channel 3 by themselves
due to it being very busy at those times.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52011cb2bDE52 LAW 1Law 1Law Dispatch
52012cb2cDE52 LAW 2Law 2Law Talk
52013cb2dDE52 LAW 3Law 3Law Dispatch
52014cb2eDE52 LAW 4Law 4Law Talk
52015cb2fDE52 LAW 5Law 5Law Talk
52108cb8cDE52 L-TAC 1Law Tac 1Law Tac
52254cc1eDE52 SHERIFF OPS 1Sheriff Operations 1Law Talk
52255cc1fDE52 SHERIFF OPS 2Sheriff Operations 2Law Talk
52251cc1bDE52 SHERIFF TAC 1Sheriff Tactical 1Law Tac
52250cc1aDE52 SHERIFF CARSheriff Car to CarLaw Talk
52021cb35DE52 SHERIFF 52021SheriffLaw Talk
52022cb36DE52 SHERIFF 52022Sheriff 52022Law Talk
52107cb8bDE52 SHERIFF 52107SheriffLaw Tac
52156cbbcDE52 SHERIFF 52156SheriffLaw Talk
52252cc1cDE52 JAIL 1Jail 1Corrections
52253cc1dDE52 JAIL 2Jail 2Corrections
52124cb9cDE52 LAW TRAINING1Law Training 1Law Talk
52125cb9dDE52 LAW TRAINING2Law Training 2Law Talk
52256cc20DE52 SHERIFF SPARESpareLaw Talk
52401ccb1D52 FIRE DISPATCHFire/EMS Dispatch - 158.820Fire Dispatch
52405ccb5D52 FIRE OPSFire OperationsFire Dispatch
52435ccd3D52 FIRE JOINTOPSJoint Fire OperationsFire-Tac
52408ccb8D52 F-TAC 1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
52406ccb6D52 F-TAC 2Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
52407ccb7D52 F-TAC 3Fire Tac 3Fire-Tac
52123cb9bD52 FIREGROUNDCountywide Fire TalkgroupFire-Talk
52436ccd4DSOLON FIRESolon FireFire-Talk
52440ccd8DESWISHER FIRESwisher FireFire-Talk
52446ccdeDEOXFORD FIREOxford FireFire-Talk
52450cce2DEHILLS FIREHills FireFire-Talk
52455cce7DELONE TREE FIRELone Tree FireFire-Talk
52495cd0fDUIHC ETCUniversity of Iowa Emergency Treatment CenterHospital
52496cd10DVA ERVeterns Affair ERHospital
52497cd11DMERCY ERMercy ERHospital
52456cce8DELOND TREE FIRELone Tree FireFire-Talk
52460ccecDETIFFIN FIRETiffin FireFire-Talk
52471ccf7DE52 EMS TACJohnson County Ambulance TACEMS-Tac
52121cb99D52 FIRETRAINING1Fire Training 1Fire-Talk
52122cb9aD52 FIRETRAINING2Fire Training 2Fire-Talk
52100cb84D52 EVENT 5Event 5Multi-Tac
52101cb85D52 EVENT 6Event 6Multi-Tac
52102cb86D52 EVENT 7Event 7Multi-Tac
52103cb87D52 EVENT 8Event 8Multi-Tac
52104cb88D52 EVENT 9Event 9Multi-Tac
52105cb89DE52 EVENT 10Event 10Multi-Tac
52106cb8aDE52 EVENT 11Event 11Multi-Tac
52062cb5eD52 EMA OPSEmergency Management OperationsEmergency Ops
52000cb20D52 POINT+Point to Point Patch - 155.370Interop
52001cb21D52 V-LAW 31+V-Law 31 Patch - 155.475Interop
52009cb29D52 8TAC91+8TAC91 Patch - 851.5125Interop
52030cb3eD52 VFIRE21+V-Fire 21 Patch - 154.280Interop
52031cb3fD52 FIRE MUT AID+County Fire Mutual Aid Patch - 154.340Interop
52034cb42D52 V-MED 28+V-MED 28 Patch - 155.340Interop
52060cb5cD52 ROAM 1+Roam 1 Patch - RACOMInterop
52061cb5dD52 ROAM 2+Roam 2 Patch - RACOMInterop
52073cb69D52 7TAC73+7TAC73 Patch - used by JECC to Highway HelperInterop
52110cb8eD52 RNUG 1Racom Networks Users Group 1Interop
52111cb8fD52 DPWDPWPublic Works
52521cd29D52 ROADS 1Road Department 1Public Works
52522cd2aD52 ROADS 2Road Department 2Public Works
52523cd2bD52 ROADS 3Road Department 3Public Works
52524cd2cD52 ROADS 4Road Department 4Public Works
52525cd2dD52 ROADS 5Road Department 5Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52112cb90DSE OPS 1Operations 1Multi-Dispatch
52113cb91DSE TAC 1Tactical 1Law Tac
52115cb93DSE TAC 2Tactical 2Law Tac
52114cb92DSE FIREFireFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52200cbe8DECPD CARPolice Car to CarLaw Talk
52201cbe9DECPD TAC 1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
52202cbeaDECPD TAC 2Police Tactical 2Law Tac
52203cbebDECPD TAC 3Police Tactical 3Law Tac
52204cbecDECPD OPS 1Police Operations 1Law Tac
52205cbedDECPD OPS 2Police Operations 2Law Tac
52425ccc9DEICFD TACFire TacticalFire-Talk
52426cccaDECFD FIRE TACFire TacticalFire-Talk
52530cd32DCV CITYWIDECitywideInterop
52531cd33DCV PW TRASHPublic Works - TrashPublic Works
52532cd34DCV PW 52532Public WorksPublic Works
52533cd35DCV PW 52533Public WorksPublic Works
52534cd36DCV PW 52534Public WorksPublic Works
52535cd37DCV PW 52535Public WorksPublic Works
52539cd3bDCV PW WATERWater DepartmentPublic Works
52540cd3cDCV PW 52540Public WorksPublic Works
52544cd40DCV TRANSIT CH 1Transit Ch 1Transportation
52545cd41DCV TRANSIT CH 2Transit Ch 2Transportation
52562cd52DCV TRANSITBUS102Transit Bus 102 PrivateTransportation
52568cd58DCV TRANSITBUS108Transit Bus 108 PrivateTransportation
52569cd59DCV TRANSITBUS109Transit Bus 109 PrivateTransportation
52570cd5aDCV TRANSITBUS110Transit Bus 110 PrivateTransportation
52571cd5bDCV TRANSITBUS111Transit Bus 111 PrivateTransportation
52572cd5cDCV TRANSITBUS112Transit Bus 112 PrivateTransportation
52574cd5eDCV TRANSITBUS114Transit Bus 114 PrivateTransportation
52575cd5fDCV TRANSITBUS115Transit Bus 115 PrivateTransportation
52576cd60DCV TRANSITBUS116Transit Bus 116 PrivateTransportation
52577cd61DCV TRANSITBUS117Transit Bus 117 PrivateTransportation
52578cd62DCV TRANSITBUS118Transit Bus 118 PrivateTransportation
52007cb27DERESERVOIR RANGRSReservoir Park Rangers PatchPublic Works
52500cd14DERESERVOIR RANGRSReservoir Park RangersPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52300cc4cDEICPD CARPolice Car to CarLaw Talk
52301cc4dDEICPD TAC 1Police Tactical 1Law Talk
52302cc4eDEICPD TAC 3Police Tactical 2Law Tac
52303cc4fDEICPD TAC 3Police Tactical 3Law Tac
52304cc50DEICPD OPS 1Police Operations 1Law Tac
52305cc51DEICPD OPS 2Police Operations 2Law Talk
52404ccb4DEICFD TacticalFire TacticalFire-Talk
52606cd7eDIC STREETS DEPTStreets DepartmentPublic Works
52610cd82DIC WATER DEPTWater DepartmentPublic Works
52609cd81DIC LANDFILLLandfillPublic Works
52615cd87DIC TRANSIT OPSTransit OpsTransportation
52616cd88DIC TRANSIT CH 2Transit Ch 2Transportation
52617cd89DIC TRANSIT MAINTTransit MaintenanceTransportation
52515cd23DMERCY IC MAINTMercy Hosptial MaintenanceBusiness
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52220cbfcDENLPD CARPolice Car to CarLaw Talk
52221cbfdDENLPD TAC 1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
52222cbfeDENLPD TAC 2Police Tactical 2Law Tac
52223cbffDENLPD TAC 3Police Tactical 3Law Tac
52224cc00DENLPD OPS 1Police Operations 1Law Tac
52225cc01DENLPD OPS 2Police Operations 2Law Tac
52431cccfDENLFD OPSFire OPSFire-Talk
52432ccd0DENLFD 52432FireFire-Talk
52505cd19DNL PW 52505Public WorksPublic Works
52506cd1aDNL PW 52506Public WorksPublic Works
52507cd1bDNL PW 52507Public WorksPublic Works
52508cd1cDNL PW 52508Public WorksPublic Works
52509cd1dDNL PW 52509Public WorksPublic Works
University Heights
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52230cc06DEUHPD CARPolice Car to CarLaw Talk
52231cc07DEUHPD TAC 1Police Tac 1Law Tac
52232cc08DEUHPD TAC 2Police Tac 2Law Tac
52233cc09DEUHPD TAC 3Police Tac 3Law Tac
52234cc0aDEUHPD OPS 1Police Operations 1Law Tac
52235cc0bDEUHPD OPS 2Police Operations 2Law Tac
University of Iowa
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52351cc7fDEUIPD DISPATCHCampus DispatchLaw Dispatch
52352cc80DEUIPD CARCampus Car to CarLaw Talk
52350cc7eDU OF I GUARDCampus GuardSecurity
52353cc81DU OF I GUARDCampus GuardSecurity
52354cc82DEUIPD TAC 1Campus Tactical 1Law Tac
52355cc83DEUIPD TAC 2Campus Tactical 2Law Tac
52356cc84DEUIPD TAC 3Campus Tactical 3Law Tac
52357cc85DEUIPD OPS 1Campus Operations 1Law Tac
52358cc86DEUPID OPS 2Campus Operations 2Law Talk
52036cb44DU OF I OPS+Operations Patch - NXDNInterop
52550cd46DCAMBUS MAINTCambus MaintenenacePublic Works
52551cd47DCAMBUS OPSCambus OperationsTransportation
52552cd48DCAMBUS CH 2Cambus Ch 2Transportation
52553cd49DCAMBUS CH 3Cambus Ch 3Transportation
52554cd4aDUOFI HOSP MAINT1Hospital Maintenance Business
52555cd4bDUOFI HOSP MAINT2Hospital Maintenance Ch 2Business
52556cd4cDUOFI HOSP MAINT3Hospital Maintenance Ch 3Business
52583cd67DUOFI MAINT 1Maintenance Ch 1Business
52584cd68DUOFI MAINT 2Maintenance Ch 2Business
52585cd69DUOFI MAINT 3Maintenance Ch 3Business

Volunteer Fire Departments are paged on 460.200 POCSAG

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57011deb3DE57 LAW 1Law 1Law Dispatch
57012deb4DE57 LAW 2Law 2Law Dispatch
57013deb5DE57 LAW 3Law 3Law Talk
57014deb6DE57 LAW 4Law 4Law Talk
57015deb7DE57 LAW 5Law 5Law Talk
57016deb8DE57 LAW 6Law 6Law Talk
57021debdDE57 ANNOUNCEMENTLaw AnnouncenmentLaw Talk
57022debeDE57 ASSAULTLaw AssaultLaw Talk
57023debfDE57 SNIPERSLaw SnipersLaw Talk
57024dec0DE57 PERMITERLaw Uniform PermiterLaw Talk
57025dec1DE57 INVSTGTN 1Law Investigation 1Law Talk
57026dec2DE57 INVSTGTN 2Law Investigation 2Law Talk
57061dee5DEHIAWATHA PDHiawatha PoliceLaw Talk
57063dee7DELISBON PDLisbon PoliceLaw Talk
57065dee9DEMT VERNON PDMount Vernon PoliceLaw Talk
57067deebDEROBINS PDRobins PoliceLaw Talk
57069deedDELISBON/MTVRN PDLisbon / Mount Vernon PoliceLaw Talk
57017deb9D57 JAIL OPSJail OperationsCorrections
57018debaD57 JAIL IN-TAKEJail In-TakeCorrections
57027dec3D57 JUVENILE 1Juvenile Detention Center F1Corrections
57028dec4D57 JUVENILE 2Juvenile Detention Center F2Corrections
57029dec5D57 JUVENILE 3Juvenile Detention Center F3Corrections
57031dec7D57 FIRE 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
57032dec8D57 FIRE 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
57033dec9D57 FIRE 3Fire 3Fire-Tac
57034decaD57 FIRE 4Fire 4Fire-Tac
57035decbD57 FIRE 5Fire 5Fire-Tac
57036deccD57 FIRE 6Fire 6Fire-Tac
57925e245D57 FIRE PatchPatch to Jones Co. Fire and S&R 154.265Fire Dispatch
57974e276D57 F-OPS 1Fire Operations 1Fire-Tac
57975e277D57 F-OPS 2Fire Operations 2Fire-Tac
57976e278D57 F-OPS 3Fire Operations 3Fire-Tac
57071deefDALBURNETT FIREAlburnett FireFire-Talk
57072def0DCENTER PT FIRECenter Point FireFire-Talk
57073def1DCENTRAL CTY FIRECentral City FireFire-Talk
57074def2DCOGGON FIRECoggonFireFire-Talk
57075def3DELY FIREEly FireFire-Talk
57076def4DFAIRFAX FIREFairfax FireFire-Talk
57077def5DHIAWATHA FIREHiawatha FireFire-Talk
57078def6DLISBON FIRELisbon FireFire-Talk
57079def7DMT VERNON FIREMount Vernon FireFire-Talk
57080def8DMONROE TWP FIREMonroe Township FireFire-Talk
57081def9DPALO FIREPalo FireFire-Talk
57082defaDPRAIRIEBURG FIREPrairieburg FireFire-Talk
57083defbDROBINS FIRERobins FireFire-Talk
57084defcDSPRINGVILLE FIRESpringville FireFire-Talk
57085defdDTROY MILLS FIRETroy Mills FireFire-Talk
57086defeDWALKER FIREWalker FireFire-Talk
57087deffDW BERTRAM FIREWest Bertram FireFire-Talk
57091df03DANAMOSA FIREAnamosa FireFire-Talk
57092df04DATKINS FIREAtkins FireFire-Talk
57093df05DMARTELLE FIREMartelle FireFire-Talk
57151df3fDAREA AMB DISPAREA DispatchEMS Dispatch
57088df00DCENTER PT AMBCenter Point AmbulanceEMS-Talk
57089df01DL-MT VERNON AMBLisbon - Mt Vernon AmbulanceEMS-Talk
57090df02DNE LINN AMBNortheast Linn AmbulanceEMS-Talk
57981e27dDMERCY ERMercy Hospital ERHospital
57982e27eDST LUKES ERSt Lukes Hosptial ERHospital
57984e280DHIAWATH MERCY ERHiawatha Mercy Care ERHospital
57951e25fD57 ICS 1ICS 1Multi-Tac
57952e260D57 ICS 2ICS 2Multi-Tac
57953e261D57 ICS 3ICS 3Multi-Tac
57954e262D57 ICS 4ICS 4Multi-Tac
57955e263D57 ICS 5ICS 5Multi-Tac
57961e269D57 MC 1Multi-County 1Multi-Tac
57962e26aD57 MC 2Multi-County 2Multi-Tac
57963e26bDE57 MC 3Multi-County 3Multi-Tac
57971e273DE57 LAW OPS 1LAW Ops 1Multi-Tac
57972e274DE57 LAW OPS 2LAW Ops 2Multi-Tac
57973e275DE57 LAW OPS 3LAW Ops 3Multi-Tac
57977e279DE57 Multi-AgencyEncryptedMulti-Talk
57051dedbD57 EMA 1Emergency Management Operations 1Emergency Ops
57052dedcD57 EMA 2Emergency Management Operations 2Emergency Ops
57053deddDE57 EMA 3Emergency Management Operations 3Emergency Ops
57054dedeD57 HAZMAT CMDHazmat CommandEmergency Ops
57055dedfD57 HAZMAT 2Hazmat 2Emergency Ops
57045ded5D57 IW ALL CALLIndoor Warning - All CallEmergency Ops
57042ded2D57 IW LAWIndoor Warning - LAWEmergency Ops
57041ded1D57 IW SCHOOLIndoor Warning - SchoolsEmergency Ops
57044ded4D57 IW HOSPIndoor Warning - HospitalsEmergency Ops
57043ded3D57 IW MEDIAIndoor Warning - MediaEmergency Ops
57181df5dD57 SCHOOLS EMGSchools EmergencyEmergency Ops
57902e22eD57 VLAW31 PATCHV-LAW 31 Patch - 155.475Interop
57905e231D57 VMED 28 PATCHV-MED 28 Patch - 155.340Interop
57906e232D57 EMS F2 PATCHRegional EMS F2 Patch - 155.220Interop
57901e22dD57 VFIRE21 PATCHV-FIRE 21 Patch - 154.280Interop
57903e22fD57 PT 2 PT PATCHPoint to Point Patch - 155.370Interop
57904e230D57 FIRE MUT AIDCounty Fire Mutual Aid Patch - 154.430Interop
57915e23bD57 8CALL90 PATCH8CALL90 Patch - 851.0125Interop
57916e23cD57 8TAC92 PATCH8TAC92 Patch - 852.0125Interop
57917e23dD57 8TAC94 PATCH8TAC94 Patch - 853.0125Interop
57907e233TeCR ISP LEAIowa State Patrol - Cedar Rapids LEA Patch 155.685Interop
57909e235DISICS 06 OPS 1+Benton County ISICS Ops 1 PatchInterop
57910e236D10 LAW PATCHBuchanan County Sheriff PatchInterop
57911e237D16 LAW PATCHCedar County Sheriff PatchInterop
57924e244D16 FIRE PATCHCedar County Fire PatchInterop
57912e238D28 LAW PATCHDelaware County Sheriff PatchInterop
57913e239D48 LAW PATCHIowa County Sheriff PatchInterop
57914e23aD53 LAW PATCHJones County Sheriff PatchInterop
57311dfdfD57 ROADS 1Road Department 1Public Works
57312dfe0D57 ROADS 2Road Department 2Public Works
57313dfe1D57 ROAD CNSTRCTNRoad Department ConstructionPublic Works
57314dfe2D57 ROADS D1Road Department - District 1Public Works
57315dfe3D57 ROADS D2Road Department - District 2Public Works
57316dfe4D57 ROADS D3Road Department - District 3Public Works
57317dfe5D57 ROADS D4Road Department - District 4Public Works
57318dfe6D57 SURVEY 1Road Department Survey 1Public Works
57319dfe7D57 SURVEY 2Road Department Survey 2Public Works
57301dfd5D57 CONSERVATION1Conservation 1Public Works
57302dfd6D57 CONSERVATION2Conservation 2Public Works
57303dfd7D57 N CEDARConservation - North CedarPublic Works
57304dfd8D57 NAT RESOURCESConservation - Natural ResourcesPublic Works
57305dfd9D57 SERVICESConservation - ServicesPublic Works
57306dfdaD57 WAPSIConservation - WapsiPublic Works
57351e007DFAIRFAX PWFairfax Public WorksPublic Works
57332dff4D57 HEALTH 2Health Department 2Public Works
57333dff5D57 HEALTH 3Health Department 3Public Works
57321dfe9D57 SEATS OPSSEATS OperationsTransportation
57322dfeaD57 SEATS 2SEATS Ch 2Transportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57111df17DECRPD DISPATCHPolice Dispatch F1Law Dispatch
57112df18DECRPD F2Police F2Law Tac
57113df19DECRPD F3Police Information F3Law Talk
57114df1aDECRPD F4Police F4Law Tac
57115df1bDECRPD F5Police F5Law Tac
57116df1cDECRPD F6Police F6Law Tac
57117df1dDANIMAL CONTROLPolice Animal Control F7Law Tac
57118df1eDCRPD 8Police Animal Control F8Law Tac
57120df20DECRPD F10Police F10Law Talk
57121df21DECRPD ANNOUNCEMNTAnnouncementLaw Talk
57122df22DECRPD ASSAULTAssaultLaw Talk
57123df23DECRPD SNIPERSSnipersLaw Talk
57124df24DECRPD PERMITERUniform PermiterLaw Talk
57125df25DECRPD DETECTIVEDetective Law Talk
57126df26DECRPD NARCOTICSNarcoticsLaw Talk
57127df27DeCRPD 57127PoliceLaw Talk
57130df2aDCRFD STN ALERTFire Station AlertFire Dispatch
57131df2bDCRFD DISPATCHFire DispatchFire Dispatch
57132df2cDCRFD F2Fire F2Fire-Tac
57133df2dDCRFD F3Fire F3Fire-Tac
57134df2eDCRFD F4Fire F4Fire-Tac
57135df2fDCRFD F5Fire F5Fire-Tac
57136df30DECRFD SP OPS 1Fire Special Operations 1Fire-Tac
57137df31DECRFD SP OPS 2Fire Special Operations 2Fire-Tac
57138df32DECRFD SP OPS 3Fire Special Operations 3Fire-Tac
Eastern Iowa Airport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57141df35DKCID AIRPORT 1Airport 1Multi-Dispatch
57142df36DKCID AIRPORT 2Airport 2Multi-Tac
57143df37DEKCID AIRPORT 3Airport 3Multi-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57211df7bDEMPD DISPATCHPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
57212df7cDEMPD F2Police InformationLaw Talk
57213df7dDEMPD F3Police F3Law Tac
57214df7eDEMPD F4Police F4Law Tac
57215df7fDEMPD F5Police F5Law Tac
57216df80DEMPD F6Police F6Law Talk
57221df85DEMPD ANNOUCEMENTAnnoucement Law Talk
57222df86DEMPD ASSUALTAssualtLaw Talk
57223df87DEMPD SNIPERSSnipersLaw Talk
57224df88DEMPD PERIMTERUniform PerimterLaw Talk
57225df89DEMPD INVSTGTN 1Investigations 1Law Talk
57226df8aDEMPD INVSTGTN 2Investigations 2Law Talk
57231df8fDMFD DISPATCHFire DispatchFire Dispatch
57232df90DMFD F2Fire F2Fire-Tac
57233df91DMFD F3Fire F3Fire-Tac
57234df92DMFD F4Fire F4Fire-Tac
57235df93DMFD F5Fire F5Fire-Tac
57236df94DMFD F6Fire F6Fire-Talk
LifeGuard Air Ambulance
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57983e27fDLIFEGUARDDispatchEMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
262016659T62 LAW 1Law OpsLaw Dispatch
26202665aT62 LAW 2Law InfoLaw Talk
46206b47eT62 PAGEFire/EMS PagingFire Dispatch
46201b479T62 PS1Public Safety 1Multi-Tac
46202b47aT62 PS2Public Safety 2Multi-Tac
46203b47bT62 PS3Public Safety 3Multi-Tac
46204b47cT62 PS4Public Safety 4Multi-Tac
46205b47dT62 PS5Public Safety 5Multi-Tac
162053f4dT62 EMA1Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
162063f4eT62 EMA2Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
162073f4fT62 EMA3Emergency Management 3Emergency Ops
162083f50T62 EMA4Emergency Management 4Emergency Ops
162093f51T62 EMA5Emergency Management 5Emergency Ops
162013f49T62 EMERGENCYEmergencyEmergency Ops
56243dbb3T62 PW EMERGENCYPublic Works EmergencyPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
264016721DE64 LAW TRAININGSheriff TrainingLaw Talk
264026722DE64 LAW TAC 1Sheriff TAC 2Law Tac
264036723DE64 LAW TAC 2Sheriff TAC 2Law Tac
264046724TE64 LAW INFOSheriff InfoLaw Talk
264056725DE64 LAW CARSheriff Car to CarLaw Talk
264076727TE64 DETECTIVEDetectiveLaw Talk
264086728TE64 DETECTIVEDetectiveLaw Talk
264066726DE64 JAILJailCorrections
46405b545T64 PAGEFire/EMS PagingFire Dispatch
46402b542T64 FIRE DISPATCHFire DispatchFire Dispatch
46403b543D64 FIRE TAC 1Fire TAC 1Fire-Tac
46404b544D64 FIRE TAC 2Fire TAC 2Fire-Tac
46406b546T64 FIRE TAC 3Fire TAC 3Fire-Tac
46407b547T64 FIRE TAC 4Fire TAC 4Fire-Tac
46408b548T64 FIRE TAC 5Fire TAC 5Fire-Tac
164094019DNWS or EMANational Weather Service or EMAEmergency Ops
164044014DMTOWN HOSPMarshalltown Hospital Patch - 155.160Hospital
164064016TUNITYPOINT AMBUnity Point AmbulanceEMS Dispatch
164014011DLAUREL LEAIowa State Patrol - Laurel LEA Patch - 155.790Interop
164024012D64 VLAW31 PATCHV-LAW31 Patch - 155.475Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
364038e33DEMPD DISPATCHPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
364058e35DMPD Special 1Police Special 1Law Tac
364068e36DMPD Special 2Police Special 2Law Tac
364018e31DEMPD SWATPolice SWATLaw Tac
364028e32DEMPD INFOPolice InfoLaw Talk
364048e34DEMPD TRAININGPolice TrainingLaw Talk
46401b541DMFD DISPATCHFire DispatchFire Dispatch

Dispatches for Sheriff, Ankeny, Polk City, Altoona, Pleasant Hill, Johnston, Mitchellville, and Windsor Heights

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1801709TE77 LAW 1Law 1 - Altoona/Mitchellville/Pleasant Hill Police/Rural Sheriff PatrolLaw Dispatch
1892764TE77 LAW 2Law 2 - Ankeny/Johnston/Polk City PoliceLaw Dispatch
1857741T77 PS-1Public Safety 1Law Dispatch
180570dTE77 LAW INFOLaw InformationLaw Talk
180670eTE77 LAW CARLaw Car to CarLaw Talk
1877755TE77 L-TAC 1Law Tactical 1Law Tac
1816718TE77 L-TAC 2Law Tactical 2Law Tac
183472aTE77 L-TAC 3Law Tactical 3Law Tac
183572bTE77 L-TAC 4Law Tactical 4Law Tac
1812714TE77 JAIL OPSJailCorrections
1809711T77 JAILJailCorrections
1810712T77 JAILJailCorrections
1889761T77 FIRE DISPATCHFire DispatchFire Dispatch
1841731T77 FIRE RESPONSEFire Response 1Fire Dispatch
1856740T77 F-TAC 1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
183972fT77 F-TAC 2Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
1847737T77 F-TAC 3Fire Tac 3Fire-Tac
186874cT77 F-TAC 4Fire Tac 4Fire-Tac
1894766T77 FIRE MUT AIDCounty Fire AidFire-Tac
77131e21T77 FIRE 7713FireFire-Tac
17738454aTALTOONA EMSAltoona EMSEMS Dispatch
1893765T77 CMED METROCMED MetroEMS-Tac
180270aT77 LINK PATCHLink Patch - 156.210/460.500Interop
180370bTDM LEAIowa State Patrol - Des Moines LEA Patch - 155.790Interop
180470cT77 VLAW31 PATCHV-LAW31 Patch - 155.475Interop
377139351TWESTCOM LAW 1+WESTCOM Law 1 PatchInterop
183672cT77 ROADSRoad DepartmentPublic Works
377129350T77 SNOW PLOWSCounty Snow Plow OperationsPublic Works
Polk County - Local Government
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
185073aTALTOONA PD CARAltoona Police Car to CarLaw Talk
17016a5TALTOONA FIREAltoona FireFire-Talk
1849739TEALTOONA CITYAltoona CityLaw Tac
17006a4DALTOONA PWAltoona Public WorksPublic Works
194879cTEANKENY PD CARAnkeny Police Car to CarLaw Talk
1944798TANKENY FIREAnkeny FireFire-Talk
1942796TANKENY CITYAnkeny CityInterop
1925785TEBONDURANT FIREBoundurant FireFire-Talk
1927787TEDELAWARE TWP FDDelaware Township FireFire-Talk
1936790TELKHART FIREElkhart FireFire-Talk
1937791TGRANGER FIREGranger FireFire-Talk
188275aTJOHNSON PD CARJohnston Police Car to CarLaw Talk
1923783TJOHNSTON FIREJohnston FireFire-Talk
188575dTEJOHNSON CITYJohnston CityInterop
1920780TMITCHELLVILLE FDMitchellville FireFire-Talk
1865749TEPLEASANT HILL PDPleasant Hill PoliceLaw Talk
190076cTPLEASANT HILL FDPleasant Hill FireFire-Talk
189976bTPLEASANTHILLCHATPleasant Hill City ChatMulti-Tac
189876aTPOLK CITY FIREPolk City FireFire-Talk
190176dTSAYLOR TWP FIRESaylor Township FireFire-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1858742TCAMP DODGE SECSecuritySecurity
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
37710934eTDMPD DISPATCH+Police Dispatch PatchInterop
377019345TISF 2 POLK CO SOIowa State Fair to Polk Co Sheriff PatchInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1860744TECORP OF ENGINEERCorp of EngineersFederal
Prairie Meadows Casino and Hotel
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1842732TP MEADOWS CASINOCasino Security Patch - 462.400Security
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12234c7TE82 LAW OPS 1Sheriff Ops 1Law Dispatch
282056e2dTE82 SHERIFF OPS 2Sheriff Ops 2Law Tac
182134725T82 EVENT 1Sheriff Event 1Law Talk
182144726T82 EVENT 2Sheriff Event 2Law Talk
182154727T82 EVENT 3Sheriff Event 3Law Talk
282106e32T82 EVENT 28210Sheriff Event 28210Law Talk
282116e33TE82 COVERT 1Sheriff Covert 1Law Tac
282126e34TE82 SHERIFF ENCSheriffLaw Tac
282526e5cTE82 SHERIFF ENCSheriffLaw Tac
58245e385T82 JAILJail OpsCorrections
58246e386T82 BAILIFFSBailiffsCorrections
282066e2eTE82 ENCUnknown ENCLaw Tac
38254956eTELECLAIRE PDLeClaire PD & FireLaw Talk
58226e372TLG ELDG DON PAGELong Grove Eldridge Donahue Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
58227e373TWALCOTT PAGEWalcott Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
58229e375TLEC PRINCE PAGELeClaire Princeton Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
48222bc5eT82 FIRE OPSFire Main OpsFire Dispatch
48235bc6bT82 FIREGROUND 1Fireground 1Fire-Tac
48242bc72T82 FIRGROUNDFireground 48242Fire-Tac
48255bc7fT82 FIREGROUNDFireground 48255Fire-Tac
48256bc80T82 FIREGROUNDFireground 48256Fire-Tac
48260bc84T82 FIREGROUNDFireground 48260Fire-Tac
382419561T82 SECC EVENT 1SECC Event 1Multi-Tac
18251474bT82 SECCSECC 18251Multi-Tac
18252474cT82 SECCSECC 18252Multi-Tac
18253474dT82 SECCSECC 18253Multi-Tac
58240e380TE82 SECC TACSECC TacticalMulti-Tac
58268e39cT82 PARK ALLConservation Park AllPublic Works
58269e39dT82 PARKSParksPublic Works
58270e39eT82 PARKS MAINTParks MaintenancePublic Works
58260e394TEWITTENMEYERWittenmeyer CenterPublic Works
58265e399T82 ROADS 1Roads 1Public Works
58262e396T82 ROADS 2Roads 2Public Works
58266e39aTPVAL SCHOOLEVENTPleasant Valley CSD EventSchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
38238955eTEBDRF PD 1Police Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
58241e381TEBDRF PD 2Police 2Law Tac
382089540TEBDRF PD ENCPolice 38208Law Tac
38252956cTEBDRF PD ENCPolice 38252Law Tac
48205bc4dTBDRF FDGND GOLDFireground GoldFire-Tac
48258bc82TBDRF FD TRAININGFire TrainingFire-Talk
58255e38fTBDRF TRANSITCity TransitTransportation
58253e38dTBDRF PW 1Public Works 1 StreetsPublic Works
58254e38eTBDRF PW 2Public Works 2Public Works
58232e378TBDRF PW 4Public Works 4 TrashPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
382019539TEDAVNPRT PD 1Police Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
38202953aTEDAVNPRT PD 2Police 2Law Tac
38239955fTEDAVNPRT PD 3Police 3 InformationLaw Tac
58244e384TEDAVNPRT PD C2CPolice Car-to-CarLaw Talk
38207953fTEDAVNPRT PD TOB1Police UndercoverLaw Talk
58242e382TEDAVNPRT PD TAC 1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
182164728TEDAVNPRT PD TACPolice TACLaw Tac
38255956fTEDAVNPRT PD DETDetective 1Law Tac
382569570TEDAVNPRT PD ENCPolice 38256Law Tac
382579571TEDAVNPRT PD ENCPolice 38257Law Tac
382589572TEDAVNPRT PD ENCPolice 38258Law Tac
382599573TEDAVNPRT PD ENCPolice 38259Law Tac
38203953bTDAVNPRT FIREFire DispatchFire Dispatch
48225bc61TDAVNPRT FGND 1Fireground 1Fire-Tac
48226bc62TDAVNPRT FGND 2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
48251bc7bTDAVNPRT F TRAINFire TrainingFire-Talk
58277e3a5TDAVNPRT CITIBUSCitibusTransportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
38253956dTEELDRG PD 3Police Channel 3Law Talk
58228e374TELDRIDGE PAGEEldridge Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
Rock Island County
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
58213e365TERICO SHERIFF 1Sheriff Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
58216e368TERICO SHERIFF 2Sheriff Ch 2Law Tac
182424742TERICO SO EVENTSheriff EventLaw Tac
282046e2cTERICO SO OPSSheriff OpsLaw Tac
282136e35TERICO DETECTIVESDetectivesLaw Tac
382139545TERICO SO SURVSurveillanceLaw Tac
382159547TERICO JAILJailCorrections
182404740TERICO SO ENCRICSO 18240Law Tac
282156e37TERICO SO ENCRICSO 28215Law Tac
282176e39TERICO SO ENCRICSO 28217Law Tac
382129544TERICO SO ENCRICSO 38212Law Tac
382429562TERICO SO ENCRICSO 38242Law Tac
382469566TERICO SO ENCRICSO 38246Law Tac
382489568TERICO SO ENCRICSO 38248Law Tac
48218bc5aTERICO SO ENCRICSO 48218Law Tac
48230bc66TERICO SO ENCRICSO 48230Law Tac
58218e36aTERICO SO ENCRICSO 58218Law Tac
58247e387TERICO SO ENCRICSO 58247Law Tac
48250bc7aTRICO FireFire DispatchFire Dispatch
48274bc92TRICO FGND 1Fireground 1Fire-Tac
48275bc93TRICO FGND 2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
48270bc8eTRICO FGNDFireground 48270Fire-Tac
48281bc99TRICO 911 MAIN911 MainMulti-Dispatch
58217e369TRICO 911RI Co 911Multi-Dispatch
48221bc5dTHENRY CO FIRE+Henry Co Fire Patch (154.190)Interop
48266bc8aTRICO VHF RED+VHF Red (154.830) CrosspatchInterop
182174729TBH FIRE+Blackhawk FPD (154.160R) Dispatched by RICOMInterop
48239bc6fT154.190 PATCH154.190 PatchInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
38222954eTERICOMM DISPATCHRICOMM DispatchLaw Dispatch
382259551TERI PD 1Police Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
38223954fTERI PD ENCPolice 38223Law Tac
382289554TERI PD ENCPolice 38228Law Tac
48219bc5bTRI FIREFire DispatchFire Dispatch
48220bc5cTRI FGND 800BLACKFireground 800 BlackFire-Tac
48213bc55TRI F-AIDFire Mutual AidFire-Tac
182414741TRI FIRE COMMANDFire CommandFire-Tac
58219e36bTRI FIRE TALKFire TalkFire-Talk
48216bc58DRIFD TrainingFire TrainingFire-Talk
Moline/East Moline
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
58206e35eTMOL/E MOL PWPublic WorksPublic Works
58221e36dTE MOL PWEast Moline Public WorksPublic Works
58231e377TMOL PWMoline Public WorksPublic Works
58236e37cTMOL WATERWater Department - Fire Hydrant FlushingPublic Works
Rock Island Arsenal
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48227bc63TRI ARSENAL FIREFire DispatchFire Dispatch
QCOMM Consolidated Dispatch

Consolidated dispatch for East Moline, Milan, Moline, and Silvis

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
38204953cTEQCOMM 1 WESTPolice Dispatch 1 - WestLaw Dispatch
38205953dTEQCOMM 2 EASTPolice Dispatch 2 - EastLaw Dispatch
38218954aTEQCOM 2 MOBILEMobile to QCOM 2 DispatchLaw Dispatch
382329558TEQCOM TAC 1QCOM TAC 1Law Tac
382119543TEQCOM EVENT 1Event 1Law Tac
382099541TEQCOM ENCQCOM 38209Law Tac
38234955aTEQCOM ENCQCOM 38244Law Tac
182084720TQCOM FIRE/EMSFire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
58201e359TQCOM EAST 2QCOM East 2Fire Dispatch
18218472aTBARSTOW/SIL FIREBarstow/Silvis Fire (155.895R) QCOM DispatchedFire Dispatch
182094721TFIREGROUND REDFireground RedFire-Tac
182104722TFIREGROUND WHITEFireground WhiteFire-Tac
182114723TQCOM FGND BLUEFireground BlueFire-Tac
48269bc8dTQCOM FIREFireFire-Tac
48214bc56TMOLINE FIRE TRNMoline Fire TrainingFire-Tac
48263bc87TE MOL FIRE TRNEast MolineFire TrainingFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48231bc67TMEDCOM DISPATCHMEDCOM Ambulance DispatchEMS Dispatch
48232bc68TeMEDCOM 2MEDCOM Ambulance 2EMS Dispatch
48209bc51TMEDCOM ILLINIMEDCOM Illini Ambulance DispatchEMS Dispatch
48210bc52TMEDCOM ILLINI 2MEDCOM Illini 2EMS Dispatch
48203bc4bTAMT AMBAMT AmbulanceEMS Dispatch
48233bc69TMEDIC N SCOTTMedic North Scott (Eldridge and LeClaire) DispatchEMS Dispatch
48234bc6aTMEDIC W SCOTTMedic West Scott Alternative Dispatch Method SystemEMS Dispatch
58289e3b1TEMS CALL ALERTEMS Call AlertEMS-Tac
48204bc4cTUNITY PT RIRock Island MedControlHospital
48236bc6cTUNITY PT BDRFBettendorf MedControlHospital
48241bc71TGENESIS EASTGenesis East MedControlHospital
48201bc49TUNITY PT SEC 1Unity Point Security 1Security
48261bc85TUNITY PT SEC 2Unity Point Security 2Security
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
18202471aTQC EVENT 1Event 1Multi-Tac
18203471bTQC EVENT 2Event 2Multi-Tac
18205471dTQC EVENT 3Event 3Multi-Tac
282026e2aTEQC MEGMetropolitan Enforcement GroupLaw Talk
48207bc4fTEQC MEG 1Metropolitan Enforcement Group 1Law Talk
48254bc7eTQC RIVERQC River ChannelFire-Tac
58202e35aTQC TOWER CRASHTower CrashMulti-Talk
58214e366TQC POINT+Point to Point PatchLaw Talk
58223e36fTSTARCOM 21 EMERGEmergencySecurity
Black Hawk College
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
58207e35fTBH COLLEGE PDCollege PoliceLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
58248e388TEAUGUSTANA SECCollege SecuritySecurity
Riverdale School District
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
58230e376TRiverdale SchoolRiverdale School District 100 (Pt.Bryon IL) BusesSchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
58251e38bTPALMER SECURITY1Security 1 - Davenport CampusSecurity
58252e38cTPALMER SECURITY2Sercurity 2Security
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
285016f55T85 LAW 1Law 1Law Dispatch
285026f56T85 LEAStory Co LEALaw Dispatch
285146f62T85 LTAC2Law TAC2Law Tac
48502bd76T85 FIRE DISPATCHFire PagingFire Dispatch
48501bd75T85 F-OPS 1Fire Ops 1Fire Dispatch
48505bd79T85 F-TAC 4Fire Tac 4Fire-Tac
58586e4daT85 F-TAC 5Fire Tac 5 - old TGFire-Tac
185154853T85 MUTUAL AIDMutual AidMulti-Tac
185194857T85 PSTAC7PS TAC7Multi-Tac
385049668TCAMBRIDGE CHATCambridge Fire ChatFire-Talk
38506966aTCOLO CHATColo Fire ChatFire-Talk
38508966cTHUXLEY CHATHuxley Fire ChatFire-Talk
38509966dTKELLEY CHATKelley Fire ChatFire-Talk
38511966fTNEVADA CHATNevada Fire ChatFire-Talk
385179675TMAXWELL CHATMaxwell Fire ChatFire-Talk
185014845TV-FIRE 21+V-Fire 21 Patch - 154.280Interop
185024846TV-LAW 31+V-Law 31 Patch - 155.475Interop
185054849T08 LAW+Boone County Law Patch - ISICSInterop
18508484cT40 FIRE+Hamilton County Fire PatchInterop
185134851TISU Comm CallISU Comm CallInterop
58501e485T85 ROADSRoad DeparmentPublic Works
58502e486T85 ROADS 2Road Department 2Public Works
58503e487T85 ROADS 3Road Department 3Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
285056f59TEAMES PD DISPATCHPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
285086f5cTAMES PARKINGParking and Community Service OfficersLaw Tac
48503bd77TAMES FIRE OPS1Fire Ops 1Fire Dispatch
48513bd81TMARY GREELY EMSMary Greely Ambulance PagingEMS Dispatch
58507e48bTAMES PW WATERPublic Works - WaterPublic Works
58509e48dTAMES PW STREETSPublic Works - StreetsPublic Works
58519e497TAMES POWERLight and PowerPublic Works
38526967eTCY-RIDE ADMINCy-Ride AdminTransportation
Iowa State University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
285096f5dTISU PD DISPATCHPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
285106f5eTISU PD CH 2Police Channel 2Law Tac
285196f67TISU PD LTAC1Police Law TAC 1Law Tac
285206f68TISU PD LTAC2Police Law TAC 2Law Tac
285286f70TISU PARKING 1Parking Division Channel 1Schools
385299681TSERVICES 38529SERVICES 38529Schools
385319683TSERVICES 38531SERVICES 38531Schools
385329684TSERVICES 38532SERVICES 38532Schools
385359687TSERVICES 38535SERVICES 38535Schools
385369688TSERVICES 38536SERVICES 38536Schools
385379689TSERVICES 38537SERVICES 38537Schools
38541968dTSERVICES 38541SERVICES 38541Schools

Fire/EMS are paged on 460.3125 POCSAG

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
286016fb9T86 LAW 1Law 1Law Dispatch
286026fbaTE86 LAW 2Law 2Law Tac
3860196c9TTAMA-TOLEDO PDTama and Toledo Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
3860296caTETAMA-TOLEDO PD 2Tama And Toldeo Police Ch 2Law Tac
3860396cbTETAMA-TOLEDO PD 3Tama and Toldeo Police Ch 3Law Tac
3860496ccTMESKWAKI PDMeskwaki Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
3860596cdTEMESKWAKI PD 2Meskwaki Police Channel 2Law Tac
3860696ceTEMESKWAKI PD 3Meskwaki PD 3Law Tac
1860748afT86 FIRE DISP+Fire Dispatch - 154.205Fire Dispatch
48611bde3TTRAER CHATTraer Fire ChatFire-Tac
1861048b2T86 EVENT 3Event 3Multi-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
292017211TE92 LAW 1Law 1Law Dispatch
292027212TE92 LAW 2Law 2Law Tac
292037213TE92 LAW 3Law 3Law Tac
392009920T92 FIREFire ResponseFire Dispatch
392199933TRIVERSIDE FIRERiverside Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
392219935T92 EMS DISPATCHEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
392239937T92 EMS ALL CALLEMS All CallEMS Dispatch
392259939TKALONA QRSKalona QRS DispatchEMS Dispatch
39290997aT92 EMS OPSEMS OperationsEMS Dispatch
192074b07T92 OPS 6Ops 6Multi-Tac
192084b08T92 OPS 7Ops 7Multi-Tac
192094b09T92 OPS 8Ops 8Multi-Tac
192104b0aT92 OPS 10Ops 10Multi-Tac
192814b51T92 PT 2 PT PATCHPoint to Point Patch - 155.370Interop
192824b52T92 VLAW31 PATCHV-LAW 31 Patch - 155.475Interop
192834b53T92 VFIRE21 PATCHV-FIRE 21 Patch - 154.280Interop
192844b54T92 VMED 28 PATCHV-MED 28 Patch - 155.340Interop

The mission of Iowa Task Force-1 (IA-TF1) is to provide the citizens of Iowa with a highly trained and well equipped USAR team to be used for statewide emergencies.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57161df49DTASK FORCE 1 CH2Channel 2Emergency Ops

These talkgroups are simulcast from the ISICS system as needed

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
150123aa4TDPS LAW 2ALaw 2AInterop
57929e249DDPS LAW 5CLaw 5CInterop
57908e234TDPS LAW 2DLaw 2DInterop
57928e248DDPS LAW 3DLaw 3DInterop
50001c351TISICS IA CALL 1Statewide CallingInterop
50002c352TISICS IA TAC2Statewide Tac 2Interop
50003c353TISICS IA TAC3Statewide Tac 3Interop
50004c354TISICS IA TAC4Statewide Tac 4Interop
50005c355TISICS IA TAC5Statewide Tac 5Interop
50006c356TISICS IA TAC6Statewide Tac 6Interop
185034847TISICS R1 CALL 11Region 1 Call 11Interop
50011c35bTISICS R1 CALL 11Region 1 Call 11Interop
50012c35cTISICS R1 Tac 12Region 1 Tac 12Interop
50013c35dTISICS R1 Tac 13Region 1 Tac 13Interop
50014c35eTISICS R1 Tac 14Region 1 Tac 14Interop
50015c35fTISICS R1 Tac 15Region 1 Tac 15Interop
50016c360TISICS R1 Tac 16Region 1 Tac 16Interop
50071c397TISICS SR1CALL111Sub Regional 1 Call 111Interop
50051c383TISICS R5 Call 51Region 5 Call 51Interop
50061c38dTISICS R6 CALL 61Region 6 Call 61Interop
50062c38eTISICS R6 Tac 62Region 6 Tac 62Interop
50063c38fTISICS R6 Tac 63Region 6 Tac 63Interop
50064c390TISICS R6 Tac 64Region 6 Tac 64Interop
50065c391TISICS R6 Tac 65Region 6 Tac 65Interop
50066c392TISICS R6 Tac 66Region 6 Tac 66Interop
37711934fTISICS MICRNMetropolitan Incident Command Radio Network Emergency Ops
State of Iowa - Department of Corrections High Risk Unit
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52392cca8DEDOC HRU 1Operations 1Corrections
52393cca9DEDOC HRU 2Operations 2Corrections
52394ccaaDEDOC HRU 3Operations 3Corrections
52396ccacDDOC HRU 4Operations 4Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4004DSignal TestsSignal Testing(Pre-Recorded Messages)Business
5005DeRACOM 5Technician'sBusiness
7007DERACOM 7Technician'sBusiness
1200cTRACOM 12Technician'sBusiness
1500fTRACOM 15Techinician'sBusiness
99063DERadio TechRadio MaintenanceBusiness
913391DRACOM IO 913RACOM users interoperabilty channelInterop
10193fbTRCM Ops/TechTechnician OperationsBusiness
52097cb81DERadio TechRadio MaintenanceBusiness
52098cb82DeRadio TechRadio MaintenanceBusiness
52099cb83DERadio TechRadio MaintenanceBusiness
57990e286TRadio TechRadio MaintenanceBusiness
57991e287DeTest ATest ABusiness
57992e288DeTest BTest BBusiness
57993e289DeTest CTest CBusiness
57994e28aDeTest DTest DBusiness
57995e28bDeTest ETest EBusiness
57996e28cDeTest FTest FBusiness
57997e28dDeTest GTest GBusiness
57998e28eDeTest HTest HBusiness
57999e28fDERadio TechRadio MaintenanceBusiness

Listing of the soft patches for the different System ID's, which create a dedicated new talkgroup for a patch.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
92212405TPATCH 9221Patch 9221 - 05C SysIDInterop
92222406TPATCH 9222Patch 9222 - 05C SysIDInterop
92232407TPATCH 9223Patch 9223 - 05C SysIDInterop
92242408TPATCH 9224Patch 9224 - 05C SysIDInterop
92252409TPATCH 9225Patch 9225 - 05C SysIDInterop
9226240aTPATCH 9226Patch 9226 - 05C SysIDInterop
9227240bTPATCH 9227Patch 9227 - 05C SysIDInterop
9228240cTPATCH 9228Patch 9228 - 05C SysIDInterop
9229240dTPATCH 9229Patch 9229 - 05C SysIDInterop
9230240eTPATCH 9230Patch 9230 - 05C SysIDInterop
9231240fTPATCH 9231Patch 9231 - 05C SysIDInterop
92322410TPATCH 9232Patch 9232 - 05C SysIDInterop
92332411TPATCH 9233Patch 9233 - 05C SysIDInterop
92342412TPATCH 9234Patch 9234 - 05C SysIDInterop
92352413TPATCH 9235Patch 9235 - 05C SysIDInterop
92362414TPATCH 9236Patch 9236 - 05C SysIDInterop
92372415TPATCH 9237Patch 9237 - 05C SysIDInterop
92382416TPATCH 9238Patch 9238 - 05C SysIDInterop
92392417TPATCH 9239Patch 9239 - 05C SysIDInterop
92402418TPATCH 9240Patch 9240 - 05C SysIDInterop
1400136b1TPATCH 14001Patch 14001 - 034 SysIDInterop
1400236b2TPATCH 14002Patch 14002 - 034 SysIDInterop
1400336b3TPATCH 14003Patch 14003 - 034 SysIDInterop
1400436b4TPATCH 14004Patch 14004 - 034 SysIDInterop
1400536b5TPATCH 14005Patch 14005 - 034 SysIDInterop
1400636b6TPATCH 14006Patch 14006 - 034 SysIDInterop
1400736b7TPATCH 14007Patch 14007 - 034 SysIDInterop
1400836b8TPATCH 14008Patch 14008 - 034 SysIDInterop
1400936b9TPATCH 14009Patch 14009 - 034 SysIDInterop
1401036baTPATCH 14010Patch 14010 - 034 SysIDInterop
1401136bbTPATCH 14011Patch 14011 - 034 SysIDInterop
1401236bcTPATCH 14012Patch 14012 - 034 SysIDInterop
1401336bdTPATCH 14013Patch 14013 - 034 SysIDInterop
1401436beTPATCH 14014Patch 14014 - 034 SysIDInterop
1401536bfTPATCH 14015Patch 14015 - 034 SysIDInterop
1401636c0TPATCH 14016Patch 14016 - 034 SysIDInterop
1401736c1TPATCH 14017Patch 14017 - 034 SysIDInterop
1401836c2TPATCH 14018Patch 14018 - 034 SysIDInterop
1401936c3TPATCH 14019Patch 14019 - 034 SysIDInterop
1402036c4TPATCH 14020Patch 14020 - 034 SysIDInterop
1402136c5TPATCH 14021Patch 14021 - 034 SysIDInterop
1402236c6TPATCH 14022Patch 14022 - 034 SysIDInterop
1402336c7TPATCH 14023Patch 14023 - 034 SysIDInterop
1402436c8TPATCH 14024Patch 14024 - 034 SysIDInterop
1402536c9TPATCH 14025Patch 14025 - 034 SysIDInterop
1402636caTPATCH 14026Patch 14026 - 034 SysIDInterop
1402736cbTPATCH 14027Patch 14027 - 034 SysIDInterop
1402836ccTPATCH 14028Patch 14028 - 034 SysIDInterop
1402936cdTPATCH 14029Patch 14029 - 034 SysIDInterop
1403036ceTPATCH 14030Patch 14030 - 034 SysIDInterop
1403136cfTPATCH 14031Patch 14031 - 034 SysIDInterop
1403236d0TPATCH 14032Patch 14032 - 034 SysIDInterop
1403336d1TPATCH 14033Patch 14033 - 034 SysIDInterop
1403436d2TPATCH 14034Patch 14034 - 034 SysIDInterop
1403536d3TPATCH 14035Patch 14035 - 034 SysIDInterop
1403636d4TPATCH 14036Patch 14036 - 034 SysIDInterop
1403736d5TPATCH 14037Patch 14037 - 034 SysIDInterop
1403836d6TPATCH 14038Patch 14038 - 034 SysIDInterop
1403936d7TPATCH 14039Patch 14039 - 034 SysIDInterop
1404036d8TPATCH 14040Patch 14040 - 034 SysIDInterop
1404136d9TPATCH 14041Patch 14041 - 034 SysIDInterop
1404236daTPATCH 14042Patch 14042 - 034 SysIDInterop
1404336dbTPATCH 14043Patch 14043 - 034 SysIDInterop
1404436dcTPATCH 14044Patch 14044 - 034 SysIDInterop
1404536ddTPATCH 14045Patch 14045 - 034 SysIDInterop
1404636deTPATCH 14046Patch 14046 - 034 SysIDInterop
1404736dfTPATCH 14047Patch 14047 - 034 SysIDInterop
1404836e0TPATCH 14048Patch 14048 - 034 SysIDInterop
1404936e1TPATCH 14049Patch 14049 - 034 SysIDInterop
1405036e2TPATCH 14050Patch 14050 - 034 SysIDInterop
1405136e3TPATCH 14051Patch 14051 - 034 SysIDInterop
1405236e4TPATCH 14052Patch 14052 - 034 SysIDInterop
1405336e5TPATCH 14053Patch 14053 - 034 SysIDInterop
1405436e6TPATCH 14054Patch 14054 - 034 SysIDInterop
1405536e7TPATCH 14055Patch 14055 - 034 SysIDInterop
1405636e8TPATCH 14056Patch 14056 - 034 SysIDInterop
1405736e9TPATCH 14057Patch 14057 - 034 SysIDInterop
1405836eaTPATCH 14058Patch 14058 - 034 SysIDInterop
1405936ebTPATCH 14059Patch 14059 - 034 SysIDInterop
1406036ecTPATCH 14060Patch 14060 - 034 SysIDInterop
1406136edTPATCH 14061Patch 14061 - 034 SysIDInterop
1406236eeTPATCH 14062Patch 14062 - 034 SysIDInterop
1406336efTPATCH 14063Patch 14063 - 034 SysIDInterop
1406436f0TPATCH 14064Patch 14064 - 034 SysIDInterop
1406536f1TPATCH 14065Patch 14065 - 034 SysIDInterop
1406636f2TPATCH 14066Patch 14066 - 034 SysIDInterop
1406736f3TPATCH 14067Patch 14067 - 034 SysIDInterop
1406836f4TPATCH 14068Patch 14068 - 034 SysIDInterop
1406936f5TPATCH 14069Patch 14069 - 034 SysIDInterop
1407036f6TPATCH 14070Patch 14070 - 034 SysIDInterop
1407136f7TPATCH 14071Patch 14071 - 034 SysIDInterop
1407236f8TPATCH 14072Patch 14072 - 034 SysIDInterop
1407336f9TPATCH 14073Patch 14073 - 034 SysIDInterop
1407436faTPATCH 14074Patch 14074 - 034 SysIDInterop
1407536fbTPATCH 14075Patch 14075 - 034 SysIDInterop
1407636fcTPATCH 14076Patch 14076 - 034 SysIDInterop
1407736fdTPATCH 14077Patch 14077 - 034 SysIDInterop
1407836feTPATCH 14078Patch 14078 - 034 SysIDInterop
1407936ffTPATCH 14079Patch 14079 - 034 SysIDInterop
140803700TPATCH 14080Patch 14080 - 034 SysIDInterop
142003778TPATCH 14200Patch 14200 - 039 SysIDInterop
142013779TPATCH 14201Patch 14201 - 039 SysIDInterop
14202377aTPATCH 14202Patch 14202 - 039 SysIDInterop
14203377bTPATCH 14203Patch 14203 - 039 SysIDInterop
14204377cTPATCH 14204Patch 14204 - 039 SysIDInterop
14205377dTPATCH 14205Patch 14205 - 039 SysIDInterop
14206377eTPATCH 14206Patch 14206 - 039 SysIDInterop
14207377fTPATCH 14207Patch 14207 - 039 SysIDInterop
142083780TPATCH 14208Patch 14208 - 039 SysIDInterop
142093781TPATCH 14209Patch 14209 - 039 SysIDInterop
142103782TPATCH 14210Patch 14210 - 039 SysIDInterop
142113783TPATCH 14211Patch 14211 - 039 SysIDInterop
142123784TPATCH 14212Patch 14212 - 039 SysIDInterop
142133785TPATCH 14213Patch 14213 - 039 SysIDInterop
142143786TPATCH 14214Patch 14214 - 039 SysIDInterop
142153787TPATCH 14215Patch 14215 - 039 SysIDInterop
142163788TPATCH 14216Patch 14216 - 039 SysIDInterop
142173789TPATCH 14217Patch 14217 - 039 SysIDInterop
14218378aTPATCH 14218Patch 14218 - 039 SysIDInterop
14219378bTPATCH 14219Patch 14219 - 039 SysIDInterop
14220378cTPATCH 14220Patch 14220 - 039 SysIDInterop
14221378dTPATCH 14221Patch 14221 - 039 SysIDInterop
14222378eTPATCH 14222Patch 14222 - 039 SysIDInterop
14223378fTPATCH 14223Patch 14223 - 039 SysIDInterop
142243790TPATCH 14224Patch 14224 - 039 SysIDInterop
142253791TPATCH 14225Patch 14225 - 039 SysIDInterop
142263792TPATCH 14226Patch 14226 - 039 SysIDInterop
142273793TPATCH 14227Patch 14227 - 039 SysIDInterop
142283794TPATCH 14228Patch 14228 - 039 SysIDInterop
142293795TPATCH 14229Patch 14229 - 039 SysIDInterop
142303796TPATCH 14230Patch 14230 - 039 SysIDInterop
142313797TPATCH 14231Patch 14231 - 039 SysIDInterop
142323798TPATCH 14232Patch 14232 - 039 SysIDInterop
142333799TPATCH 14233Patch 14233 - 039 SysIDInterop
14234379aTPATCH 14234Patch 14234 - 039 SysIDInterop
14235379bTPATCH 14235Patch 14235 - 039 SysIDInterop
14236379cTPATCH 14236Patch 14236 - 039 SysIDInterop
14237379dTPATCH 14237Patch 14237 - 039 SysIDInterop
14238379eTPATCH 14238Patch 14238 - 039 SysIDInterop
14239379fTPATCH 14239Patch 14239 - 039 SysIDInterop
1424037a0TPATCH 14240Patch 14240 - 039 SysIDInterop
1424137a1TPATCH 14241Patch 14241 - 039 SysIDInterop
1424237a2TPATCH 14242Patch 14242 - 039 SysIDInterop
1424337a3TPATCH 14243Patch 14243 - 039 SysIDInterop
1424437a4TPATCH 14244Patch 14244 - 039 SysIDInterop
1424537a5TPATCH 14245Patch 14245 - 039 SysIDInterop
1424637a6TPATCH 14246Patch 14246 - 039 SysIDInterop
1424737a7TPATCH 14247Patch 14247 - 039 SysIDInterop
1424837a8TPATCH 14248Patch 14248 - 039 SysIDInterop
1424937a9TPATCH 14249Patch 14249 - 039 SysIDInterop
1425037aaTPATCH 14250Patch 14250 - 039 SysIDInterop
1425137abTPATCH 14251Patch 14251 - 039 SysIDInterop
1425237acTPATCH 14252Patch 14252 - 039 SysIDInterop
1425337adTPATCH 14253Patch 14253 - 039 SysIDInterop
1425437aeTPATCH 14254Patch 14254 - 039 SysIDInterop
1425537afTPATCH 14255Patch 14255 - 039 SysIDInterop
1425637b0TPATCH 14256Patch 14256 - 039 SysIDInterop
1425737b1TPATCH 14257Patch 14257 - 039 SysIDInterop
1425837b2TPATCH 14258Patch 14258 - 039 SysIDInterop
1425937b3TPATCH 14259Patch 14259 - 039 SysIDInterop
1426037b4TPATCH 14260Patch 14260 - 039 SysIDInterop
1426137b5TPATCH 14261Patch 14261 - 039 SysIDInterop
1426237b6TPATCH 14262Patch 14262 - 039 SysIDInterop
1426337b7TPATCH 14263Patch 14263 - 039 SysIDInterop
1426437b8TPATCH 14264Patch 14264 - 039 SysIDInterop
1426537b9TPATCH 14265Patch 14265 - 039 SysIDInterop
1426637baTPATCH 14266Patch 14266 - 039 SysIDInterop
1426737bbTPATCH 14267Patch 14267 - 039 SysIDInterop
1426837bcTPATCH 14268Patch 14268 - 039 SysIDInterop
1426937bdTPATCH 14269Patch 14269 - 039 SysIDInterop
1427037beTPATCH 14270Patch 14270 - 039 SysIDInterop
1427137bfTPATCH 14271Patch 14271 - 039 SysIDInterop
1427237c0TPATCH 14272Patch 14272 - 039 SysIDInterop
1427337c1TPATCH 14273Patch 14273 - 039 SysIDInterop
1427437c2TPATCH 14274Patch 14274 - 039 SysIDInterop
1427537c3TPATCH 14275Patch 14275 - 039 SysIDInterop
1427637c4TPATCH 14276Patch 14276 - 039 SysIDInterop
1427737c5TPATCH 14277Patch 14277 - 039 SysIDInterop
1427837c6TPATCH 14278Patch 14278 - 039 SysIDInterop
1427937c7TPATCH 14279Patch 14279 - 039 SysIDInterop
1428037c8TPATCH 14280Patch 14280 - 039 SysIDInterop
1428137c9TPATCH 14281Patch 14281 - 039 SysIDInterop
1428237caTPATCH 14282Patch 14282 - 039 SysIDInterop
1428337cbTPATCH 14283Patch 14283 - 039 SysIDInterop
1428437ccTPATCH 14284Patch 14284 - 039 SysIDInterop
1428537cdTPATCH 14285Patch 14285 - 039 SysIDInterop
1428637ceTPATCH 14286Patch 14286 - 039 SysIDInterop
1428737cfTPATCH 14287Patch 14287 - 039 SysIDInterop
1428837d0TPATCH 14288Patch 14288 - 039 SysIDInterop
1428937d1TPATCH 14289Patch 14289 - 039 SysIDInterop
1429037d2TPATCH 14290Patch 14290 - 039 SysIDInterop
1429137d3TPATCH 14291Patch 14291 - 039 SysIDInterop
1429237d4TPATCH 14292Patch 14292 - 039 SysIDInterop
1429337d5TPATCH 14293Patch 14293 - 039 SysIDInterop
1429437d6TPATCH 14294Patch 14294 - 039 SysIDInterop
1429537d7TPATCH 14295Patch 14295 - 039 SysIDInterop
1429637d8TPATCH 14296Patch 14296 - 039 SysIDInterop
1429737d9TPATCH 14297Patch 14297 - 039 SysIDInterop
1429837daTPATCH 14298Patch 14298 - 039 SysIDInterop
1429937dbTPATCH 14299Patch 14299 - 039 SysIDInterop
64901fd85TPATCH 64901Patch 64901 - 055 SysIDInterop
64902fd86TPATCH 64902Patch 64902 - 055 SysIDInterop
64903fd87TPATCH 64903Patch 64903 - 055 SysIDInterop
64904fd88TPATCH 64904Patch 64904 - 055 SysIDInterop
64905fd89TPATCH 64905Patch 64905 - 055 SysIDInterop
64906fd8aTPATCH 64906Patch 64906 - 055 SysIDInterop
64907fd8bTPATCH 64907Patch 64907 - 055 SysIDInterop
64908fd8cTPATCH 64908Patch 64908 - 055 SysIDInterop
64909fd8dTPATCH 64909Patch 64909 - 055 SysIDInterop
64910fd8eTPATCH 64910Patch 64910 - 055 SysIDInterop
64911fd8fTPATCH 64911Patch 64911 - 055 SysIDInterop
64912fd90TPATCH 64912Patch 64912 - 055 SysIDInterop
64913fd91TPATCH 64913Patch 64913 - 055 SysIDInterop
64914fd92TPATCH 64914Patch 64914 - 055 SysIDInterop
64915fd93TPATCH 64915Patch 64915 - 055 SysIDInterop
64916fd94TPATCH 64916Patch 64916 - 055 SysIDInterop
64917fd95TPATCH 64917Patch 64917 - 055 SysIDInterop
64918fd96TPATCH 64918Patch 64918 - 055 SysIDInterop
64919fd97TPATCH 64919Patch 64919 - 055 SysIDInterop
64920fd98TPATCH 64920Patch 64920 - 055 SysIDInterop
65101fe4dTPATCH 65101Patch 65101 - 06A SysIDInterop
65102fe4eTPATCH 65102Patch 65102 - 06A SysIDInterop
65103fe4fTPATCH 65103Patch 65103 - 06A SysIDInterop
65104fe50TPATCH 65104Patch 65104 - 06A SysIDInterop
65105fe51TPATCH 65105Patch 65105 - 06A SysIDInterop
65106fe52TPATCH 65106Patch 65106 - 06A SysIDInterop
65107fe53TPATCH 65107Patch 65107 - 06A SysIDInterop
65108fe54TPATCH 65108Patch 65108 - 06A SysIDInterop
65109fe55TPATCH 65109Patch 65109 - 06A SysIDInterop
65110fe56TPATCH 65110Patch 65110 - 06A SysIDInterop
65111fe57TPATCH 65111Patch 65111 - 06A SysIDInterop
65112fe58TPATCH 65112Patch 65112 - 06A SysIDInterop
65113fe59TPATCH 65113Patch 65113 - 06A SysIDInterop
65114fe5aTPATCH 65114Patch 65114 - 06A SysIDInterop
65115fe5bTPATCH 65115Patch 65115 - 06A SysIDInterop
65116fe5cTPATCH 65116Patch 65116 - 06A SysIDInterop
65117fe5dTPATCH 65117Patch 65117 - 06A SysIDInterop
65118fe5eTPATCH 65118Patch 65118 - 06A SysIDInterop
65119fe5fTPATCH 65119Patch 65119 - 06A SysIDInterop
65120fe60TPATCH 65120Patch 65120 - 06A SysIDInterop
65121fe61TPATCH 65121Patch 65121 - 06A SysIDInterop
65122fe62TPATCH 65122Patch 65122 - 06A SysIDInterop
65123fe63TPATCH 65123Patch 65123 - 06A SysIDInterop
65124fe64TPATCH 65124Patch 65124 - 06A SysIDInterop
65125fe65TPATCH 65125Patch 65125 - 06A SysIDInterop
65126fe66TPATCH 65126Patch 65126 - 06A SysIDInterop
65127fe67TPATCH 65127Patch 65127 - 06A SysIDInterop
65128fe68TPATCH 65128Patch 65128 - 06A SysIDInterop
65129fe69TPATCH 65129Patch 65129 - 06A SysIDInterop
65130fe6aTPATCH 65130Patch 65130 - 06A SysIDInterop
65131fe6bTPATCH 65131Patch 65131 - 06A SysIDInterop
65132fe6cTPATCH 65132Patch 65132 - 06A SysIDInterop
65133fe6dTPATCH 65133Patch 65133 - 06A SysIDInterop
65134fe6eTPATCH 65134Patch 65134 - 06A SysIDInterop
65135fe6fTPATCH 65135Patch 65135 - 06A SysIDInterop
65136fe70TPATCH 65136Patch 65136 - 06A SysIDInterop
65137fe71TPATCH 65137Patch 65137 - 06A SysIDInterop
65138fe72TPATCH 65138Patch 65138 - 06A SysIDInterop
65139fe73TPATCH 65139Patch 65139 - 06A SysIDInterop
65140fe74TPATCH 65140Patch 65140 - 06A SysIDInterop
65141fe75TPATCH 65141Patch 65141 - 06A SysIDInterop
65142fe76TPATCH 65142Patch 65142 - 06A SysIDInterop
65143fe77TPATCH 65143Patch 65143 - 06A SysIDInterop
65144fe78TPATCH 65144Patch 65144 - 06A SysIDInterop
65145fe79TPATCH 65145Patch 65145 - 06A SysIDInterop
65146fe7aTPATCH 65146Patch 65146 - 06A SysIDInterop
65147fe7bTPATCH 65147Patch 65147 - 06A SysIDInterop
65148fe7cTPATCH 65148Patch 65148 - 06A SysIDInterop
65149fe7dTPATCH 65149Patch 65149 - 06A SysIDInterop
65150fe7eTPATCH 65150Patch 65150 - 06A SysIDInterop
65151fe7fTPATCH 65151Patch 65151 - 06A SysIDInterop
65152fe80TPATCH 65152Patch 65152 - 06A SysIDInterop
65153fe81TPATCH 65153Patch 65153 - 06A SysIDInterop
65154fe82TPATCH 65154Patch 65154 - 06A SysIDInterop
65155fe83TPATCH 65155Patch 65155 - 06A SysIDInterop
65156fe84TPATCH 65156Patch 65156 - 06A SysIDInterop
65157fe85TPATCH 65157Patch 65157 - 06A SysIDInterop
65158fe86TPATCH 65158Patch 65158 - 06A SysIDInterop
65159fe87TPATCH 65159Patch 65159 - 06A SysIDInterop
65160fe88TPATCH 65160Patch 65160 - 06A SysIDInterop
65161fe89TPATCH 65161Patch 65161 - 06A SysIDInterop
65162fe8aTPATCH 65162Patch 65162 - 06A SysIDInterop
65163fe8bTPATCH 65163Patch 65163 - 06A SysIDInterop
65164fe8cTPATCH 65164Patch 65164 - 06A SysIDInterop
65165fe8dTPATCH 65165Patch 65165 - 06A SysIDInterop
65166fe8eTPATCH 65166Patch 65166 - 06A SysIDInterop
65167fe8fTPATCH 65167Patch 65167 - 06A SysIDInterop
65168fe90TPATCH 65168Patch 65168 - 06A SysIDInterop
65169fe91TPATCH 65169Patch 65169 - 06A SysIDInterop
65170fe92TPATCH 65170Patch 65170 - 06A SysIDInterop
65171fe93TPATCH 65171Patch 65171 - 06A SysIDInterop
65172fe94TPATCH 65172Patch 65172 - 06A SysIDInterop
65173fe95TPATCH 65173Patch 65173 - 06A SysIDInterop
65174fe96TPATCH 65174Patch 65174 - 06A SysIDInterop
65175fe97TPATCH 65175Patch 65175 - 06A SysIDInterop
65176fe98TPATCH 65176Patch 65176 - 06A SysIDInterop
65177fe99TPATCH 65177Patch 65177 - 06A SysIDInterop
65178fe9aTPATCH 65178Patch 65178 - 06A SysIDInterop
65179fe9bTPATCH 65179Patch 65179 - 06A SysIDInterop
65180fe9cTPATCH 65180Patch 65180 - 06A SysIDInterop
65181fe9dTPATCH 65181Patch 65181 - 06A SysIDInterop
65182fe9eTPATCH 65182Patch 65182 - 06A SysIDInterop
65183fe9fTPATCH 65183Patch 65183 - 06A SysIDInterop
65184fea0TPATCH 65184Patch 65184 - 06A SysIDInterop
65185fea1TPATCH 65185Patch 65185 - 06A SysIDInterop
65186fea2TPATCH 65186Patch 65186 - 06A SysIDInterop
65187fea3TPATCH 65187Patch 65187 - 06A SysIDInterop
65188fea4TPATCH 65188Patch 65188 - 06A SysIDInterop
65189fea5TPATCH 65189Patch 65189 - 06A SysIDInterop
65190fea6TPATCH 65190Patch 65190 - 06A SysIDInterop
65191fea7TPATCH 65191Patch 65191 - 06A SysIDInterop
65192fea8TPATCH 65192Patch 65192 - 06A SysIDInterop
65193fea9TPATCH 65193Patch 65193 - 06A SysIDInterop
65194feaaTPATCH 65194Patch 65194 - 06A SysIDInterop
65195feabTPATCH 65195Patch 65195 - 06A SysIDInterop
65196feacTPATCH 65196Patch 65196 - 06A SysIDInterop
65197feadTPATCH 65197Patch 65197 - 06A SysIDInterop
65198feaeTPATCH 65198Patch 65198 - 06A SysIDInterop
65199feafTPATCH 65199Patch 65199 - 06A SysIDInterop
65200feb0TPATCH 65200Patch 65200 - 06A SysIDInterop
65321ff29TPATCH 65321Patch 65321 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65322ff2aTPATCH 65322Patch 65322 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65323ff2bTPATCH 65323Patch 65323 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65324ff2cTPATCH 65324Patch 65324 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65325ff2dTPATCH 65325Patch 65325 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65326ff2eTPATCH 65326Patch 65326 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65327ff2fTPATCH 65327Patch 65327 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65328ff30TPATCH 65328Patch 65328 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65329ff31TPATCH 65329Patch 65329 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65330ff32TPATCH 65330Patch 65330 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65331ff33TPATCH 65331Patch 65331 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65332ff34TPATCH 65332Patch 65332 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65333ff35TPATCH 65333Patch 65333 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65334ff36TPATCH 65334Patch 65334 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65335ff37TPATCH 65335Patch 65335 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65336ff38TPATCH 65336Patch 65336 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65337ff39TPATCH 65337Patch 65337 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65338ff3aTPATCH 65338Patch 65338 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65339ff3bTPATCH 65339Patch 65339 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65340ff3cTPATCH 65340Patch 65340 - 052 Sys IDInterop
65381ff65TPATCH 65381Patch 65381 - 007 SysIDInterop
65382ff66TPATCH 65382Patch 65382 - 007 SysIDInterop
65383ff67TPATCH 65383Patch 65383 - 007 SysIDInterop
65384ff68TPATCH 65384Patch 65384 - 007 SysIDInterop
65385ff69TPATCH 65385Patch 65385 - 007 SysIDInterop
65386ff6aTPATCH 65386Patch 65386 - 007 SysIDInterop
65387ff6bTPATCH 65387Patch 65387 - 007 SysIDInterop
65388ff6cTPATCH 65388Patch 65388 - 007 SysIDInterop
65389ff6dTPATCH 65389Patch 65389 - 007 SysIDInterop
65390ff6eTPATCH 65390Patch 65390 - 007 SysIDInterop
65391ff6fTPATCH 65391Patch 65391 - 007 SysIDInterop
65392ff70TPATCH 65392Patch 65392 - 007 SysIDInterop
65393ff71TPATCH 65393Patch 65393 - 007 SysIDInterop
65394ff72TPATCH 65394Patch 65394 - 007 SysIDInterop
65395ff73TPATCH 65395Patch 65395 - 007 SysIDInterop
65396ff74TPATCH 65396Patch 65396 - 007 SysIDInterop
65397ff75TPATCH 65397Patch 65397 - 007 SysIDInterop
65398ff76TPATCH 65398Patch 65398 - 007 SysIDInterop
65399ff77TPATCH 65399Patch 65399 - 007 SysIDInterop
65400ff78TPATCH 65400Patch 65400 - 007 SysIDInterop
65441ffa1TPATCH 65441Patch 65441 - 01F SysIDInterop
65442ffa2TPATCH 65442Patch 65442 - 01F SysIDInterop
65443ffa3TPATCH 65443Patch 65443 - 01F SysIDInterop
65444ffa4TPATCH 65444Patch 65444 - 01F SysIDInterop
65445ffa5TPATCH 65445Patch 65445 - 01F SysIDInterop
65446ffa6TPATCH 65446Patch 65446 - 01F SysIDInterop
65447ffa7TPATCH 65447Patch 65447 - 01F SysIDInterop
65448ffa8TPATCH 65448Patch 65448 - 01F SysIDInterop
65449ffa9TPATCH 65449Patch 65449 - 01F SysIDInterop
65450ffaaTPATCH 65450Patch 65450 - 01F SysIDInterop
65451ffabTPATCH 65451Patch 65451 - 01F SysIDInterop
65452ffacTPATCH 65452Patch 65452 - 01F SysIDInterop
65453ffadTPATCH 65453Patch 65453 - 01F SysIDInterop
65454ffaeTPATCH 65454Patch 65454 - 01F SysIDInterop
65455ffafTPATCH 65455Patch 65455 - 01F SysIDInterop
65456ffb0TPATCH 65456Patch 65456 - 01F SysIDInterop
65457ffb1TPATCH 65457Patch 65457 - 01F SysIDInterop
65458ffb2TPATCH 65458Patch 65458 - 01F SysIDInterop
65459ffb3TPATCH 65459Patch 65459 - 01F SysIDInterop
65460ffb4TPATCH 65460Patch 65460 - 01F SysIDInterop