American Medical Response (Denver)

System Name: American Medical Response (Denver)
Location: Plainview, CO
County: 7 Counties
System Type: LTR Standard
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: July 5, 2024, 11:11 am UTC   [Updated System Description Text]
System Notes

This system can be DEPRECATED.

While LCNs 11 938.750 and 15 939.750 continue to transmit LTR markers, no radio traffic is heard and AMR now operates on the Mountain Communications and Electronics (DT3) system.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Eldorado Mtn Jefferson 01 936.17503 936.75005 937.17507 937.75011 938.75013 939.17515 939.750


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-07-007AAMR Green 1Statewide EMS Mutual Aid-1 EMS-Tac
0-07-008AAMR Green 2Statewide EMS Mutual Aid-2EMS-Tac
Boulder Operations
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-15-001AAMR BoulderBoulder Dispatch / AdminEMS Dispatch
0-15-002AAMR Boulder1Boulder Channel-1EMS-Tac
0-15-003AAMR Boulder2Boulder Channel-2EMS-Tac
0-15-004AAMR BoulderTBoulder TacticalEMS-Tac
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-11-004AAMR DenverDenver DispatchEMS Dispatch
0-07-001AAMR Denver1Denver Channel-1EMS-Tac
0-07-002AAMR Denver2Denver Channel-2EMS-Tac
0-07-003AAMR Denver3Denver Channel-3EMS-Tac
0-07-004AAMR DenverT1Denver Tactical Channel-1EMS-Tac
0-07-005AAMR DenverT2Denver Tactical Channel-2EMS-Tac
0-07-006AAMR DenverAdDenver AdministrationEMS-Talk
0-07-009AAMR DenverFtDenver FleetEMS-Talk