System Name: Dallas P25 / NCTCOG
Location: Dallas, Fort Worth Area, TX
County: 4 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 378 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: June 12, 2022, 02:34 am UTC   [Added P25 CH ID Table [Network BEE00.378]]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Dallas Simulcast Dallas 770.78125771.93125772.45625c772.95625c773.90625c774.90625c
1 (1) 020 (14) NCTCOG Dallas Dallas 769.25625c769.50625c769.78125c770.05625c  
1 (1) 021 (15) NCTCOG Collin Collin 769.31875769.56875c770.35625c770.60625c  
1 (1) 022 (16) NCTCOG Denton Denton 769.10625769.35625c769.60625c769.85625c  
1 (1) 023 (17) NCTCOG Tarrant Tarrant 770.83125771.08125c771.33125c771.73125c  


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60020ea74DNCTRG TestRegional TestInterop
60021ea75DNCTRG ARegional AInterop
60022ea76DNCTRG BRegional BInterop
60023ea77DNCTRG CRegional C Interop
60024ea78DNCTRG D Regional DInterop
60029ea7dDDAL ISSI Dallas ISSI Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60011ea6bDNCTCOL ACollin Interop AInterop
60012ea6cDNCTCOL BCollin Interop BInterop
60013ea6dDNCTCOL CCollin Interop CInterop
60014ea6eDNCTCOL DCollin Interop DInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60001ea61DNCTDAL ADallas Interop A Interop
60002ea62DNCTDAL BDallas Interop BInterop
60003ea63DNCTDAL CDallas Interop C Interop
60004ea64DNCTDAL D Dallas Interop D Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60016ea70DNCTTAR ATarrant Interop A Interop
60017ea71DNCTTAR BTarrant Interop BInterop
60018ea72DNCTTAR CTarrant Interop C Interop
60019ea73DNCTTAR DTarrant Interop DInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60006ea66DNCTDEN-ADenton Interop AInterop
60007ea67DNCTDEN-BDenton Interop BInterop
60008ea68DNCTDEN-CDenton Interop CInterop
60009ea69DNCTDEN-DDenton Interop DInterop
Department of Public Safety
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60035ea83DTxDPS NTTA DispNorth Texas Tollways DispatchLaw Dispatch
60036ea84DTxDPS NTTA TacNorth Texas Tollways TacLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
609017caDDal FairPark PDFair Park PoliceLaw Dispatch
61631813DDal Love Fld PDLove Field PoliceLaw Dispatch
61761820DDal City MarshalCity Marshals - City Hall Court SecurityLaw Tac
611617e4DDPD Fugitive 1Dallas PD Fugitive/Parole Unit 1Law Tac
611717e5DDPD Fugitive 2Dallas PD Fugitive/Parole Unit 2Law Tac
107042eDDal Parking Enf1Parking Enforcement Ch 1Public Works
107142fDDal Parking Enf2Parking Enforcement Ch 2Public Works
1072430DDal Parking Enf3Parking Enforcement Ch 3Public Works
613017f2DDal WU DistWater Utilities Water DistributionPublic Works
613817faDDal WU Plant MntWater Utilities Treatment Plant MaintenancePublic Works
614217feDDal WU 1 MeterWater Water Utilities 1 MetersPublic Works
614317ffDDal WU 2 ServiceWater Water Utilities 2 ServicePublic Works
61441800DDal WU SewerWater Utilities SewerPublic Works
61461802DDal WU Pump WRWater Utilities Pump Station Operations (White Rock)Public Works
61621812DEEnc 6162Encrypted 6162Public Works
6174181eDDal CDC Dallas City Detention Center Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
62001838TCockHill PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
6202183aDCockHill FD DispFire DispatchMulti-Dispatch