Eastern Virginia Regional Communications

System Name: Eastern Virginia Regional Communications
Location: Various, VA
County: 3 Counties
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 791A Connect Tone: 116.13
Last Updated: March 26, 2016, 9:41 am CDT   [General text description updated]
System Notes

PSR-500 custom tables:
LO chan 380
HI chan 759

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Norfolk Naval Operating Base Norfolk 406.150c406.725c408.350409.225409.700
002 (2) Norfolk Naval Shipyard Portsmouth 406.500c408.525c409.100409.425409.475
003 (3) Fort Lee Prince George 409.200409.300c409.375409.875c 


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3376083e0DF&ES COMFire/EMS CommonFire-Talk
3377683f0DF&ES OPSFire/EMS Dispatch/operationsFire Dispatch
337928400DF&ES EMSEMSEMS-Tac
338088410DF&ES T 1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
338248420DF&ES T 2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
338408430DF&ES SAFFire SafetyFire-Tac
339208480DPMO 1Provost Marshal's Office 1 (Military Police Primary)Law Dispatch
339368490DPMO 2Provost Marshal's Office 2Law Tac
340808520DPMO TAC1Provost Marshal's Office Tactical 1/Range Control 2/Range Control 3Military
340968530DSURVEYSSurveyingPublic Works
3425685d0DFL DPWPublic WorksPublic Works
349288870DRANGERange ControlLaw Tac
Norfolk Naval Operating Base
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3728091a0DHARB SECHarbor Security - "USS Kearsarge to Harbor Patrol Boat"Military
41024a040DAIR OPS ATOCAir Ops ATOCMilitary
41040a050DAMC LineAMC LineMilitary
41072a070DAMC GroundAMC Ground TransportationMilitary
41088a080DUNKWNUnknown - "Nick Jones Radio Check"Military
41120a0a0DMAC PassSvcMAC Passenger Service -ATBMilitary
41232a110DCOG PS NOB4Chief of the Guard - Pier Sentries NOB4Military
41792a340DNORVA LP-1First Lt? - "President will be at LP-1"Military
41840a370DBaseCommandBase Command Net - Presidential Visit CoordMilitary
41952a3e0DTROJAN BASETrojan Base- Aircraft SquadronMilitary
Defense Supply Center
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
44800af00DR G SECDefense Supply Center (link)Law Tac
44816af10DR G FIREDefense Supply Center (link)Fire-Tac
44832af20DR G EMSDefense Supply Center (link)EMS-Tac
44848af30DR C SECDefense Supply Center (link)Law Tac
44864af40DR C FIREDefense Supply Center (link)Fire-Tac
44880af50DR C EMSDefense Supply Center (link)EMS-Tac
Norfolk Naval Shipyard
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
368008fc0DCharlie PatrCharlie PatrolMilitary
368649000DDelta PatrlDelta PatrolMilitary
368969020DOOD DispatchOfficer of the Deck (OOD) Dispatch to PatrolsMilitary
369289040DEOOD CH-3Officer of the Deck (OOD) Channel 3Military
3708890e0DTRAININGTraining ExerciseMilitary
372329170DTanglePatrolTangle PatrolMilitary
408489f90DCOG NOB1Chief of the Guard - Dry Dock Sentries NOB1Federal
41296a150DPier PatrolPier PatrolMilitary
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
41616a290DHPD/FtM SecHampton Police/Park Security Law Dispatch
41632a2a0DHFD DispHampton Fire/EMS Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
41664a2c0DHPD/FtM DispHampton Police/Park Security Patrol/DispatchLaw Dispatch