Metropolitan Government Of Nashville and Davidson County (Motorola)

System Name: Metropolitan Government Of Nashville and Davidson County (Motorola)
Location: Nashville, TN
County: Davidson
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice: Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
System ID: Sysid: 5D1D Connect Tone: 90.00
Last Updated: September 9, 2020, 8:54 pm CDT   [Updated Service Tag assignments for 10 talkgroups(Systemwide Interoperability)]
System Notes

The Legacy Analog System A has been offlined and all users have migrated to the P25 System.

The Legacy Analog System B is being maintained for a short time as backup to the P25 until all users have fully integrated onto the P25.  This system will then be offlined as well.

System B Users Include:
Nashville Electric System
Davidson County Sheriff Office
Nashville Water Department
Nashville Public Works Department
Davidson County Juvenile Corrections
Nashville Board of Education Operations
Nashville Metro Transit Authority
Davidson County Medical Examiner
Davidson County Alcohol Beverage Control
Davidson County Taxi & Wrecker Control Board
Davidson County District Attorney
Davidson County Traffic Violation Board
Davidson County Government Services
Countywide Joint Operations

Most users have backup talkgroups on both System A and System B.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
002 (2) Legacy System (B) 859.7625859.4625857.4625c857.2125856.9375856.7625c856.4625c855.9125c


Systemwide Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48016bb90DA1Unified Command Channel 1Interop
48048bbb0DA2Unified Command Channel 2Interop
48080bbd0DA3Unified Command Channel 3Interop
48112bbf0DA4Unified Command Channel 4Interop
48144bc10DA5Unified Command Channel 5Interop
48176bc30DA6Joint Operations Channel 6 - DigitalInterop
48208bc50DA7Joint Operations Channel 7 - DigitalInterop
48240bc70DA8Joint Operations Channel 8 - DigitalInterop
48272bc90DA9Joint Operations Channel 9 - DigitalInterop
48304bcb0DA10All Metro Hailing for OEM - DigitalInterop
48464bd50APS-RES01Unified Command Reserve Pool Channel 1Interop
48496bd70APS-RES02Unified Command Reserve Pool Channel 2Interop
48528bd90APS-RES03Unified Command Reserve Pool Channel 3Interop
48560bdb0APS-RES04Unified Command Reserve Pool Channel 4Interop
48592bdd0APS-RES05Unified Command Reserve Pool Channel 5Interop
48624bdf0APS-RES06Unified Command Reserve Pool Channel 6Interop
48656be10APS-RES07Unified Command Reserve Pool Channel 7Interop
48688be30APS-RES08Unified Command Reserve Pool Channel 8Interop
48720be50APS-RES09Unified Command Reserve Pool Channel 9Interop
48752be70APS-RES10Unified Command Reserve Pool Channel 10Interop
48784be90APS-RES11Unified Command Reserve Pool Channel 11Interop
48816beb0APS-RES12Unified Command Reserve Pool Channel 12Interop
48848bed0APS-RES13Unified Command Reserve Pool Channel 13Interop
48880bef0APS-RES14Unified Command Reserve Pool Channel 14Interop
48912bf10APS-RES15Unified Command Reserve Pool Channel 15Interop
48944bf30APS-RES16Unified Command Reserve Pool Channel 16Interop
60784ed70AA6 OPSJoint Operations Channel 6 - AnalogInterop
60816ed90AA7 OPSJoint Operations Channel 7 - AnalogInterop
60848edb0AA8 OPSJoint Operations Channel 8 - AnalogInterop
60880edd0AA9 OPSJoint Operations Channel 9 - AnalogInterop
60912edf0AA10 EOCAll Metro Hailing for OEM - AnalogEmergency Ops
61040ee70AA6OPSEJoint Operations Channel 6 - Analog (System B)Interop
61072ee90AA7OPSEJoint Operations Channel 7 - Analog (System B)Interop
61104eeb0AA8OPSEJoint Operations Channel 8 - Analog (System B)Interop
Metro Nashville Board of Health
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
400169c50DHEA 1MACAnimal Control ServicesPublic Works
Davidson County Sheriff Office
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
300007530DSO 1DISPDavidson County Sheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
300327550DSO 2WARDavidson County Sheriff WarrantsLaw Tac
300647570DSO 3TRANDavidson County Sheriff TransportationLaw Tac
300967590DSO 4INVDavidson County Sheriff InvestigationLaw Tac
3012875b0DSO 5SOR1Davidson County Sheriff Special Operations Response Team Channel 1Law Tac
3016075d0DSO 6SOR2Davidson County Sheriff Special Operations Response Team Channel 2Law Tac
3019275f0DSO 7 ADMDavidson County Sheriff AdministrativeLaw Tac
302247610DSO 8SCSDavidson County Sheriff Community ServiceLaw Tac
302567630DD9 SMDavidson County Sheriff MaintenanceLaw Tac
302887650DD10 SFACDavidson County Sheriff FacilitiesLaw Tac
303207670DZ413SODSDavidson County Sheriff Central Backup (System A)Law Tac
303527690DSO 9CJCDavidson County Sheriff Facility CJCLaw Tac
3038476b0DSO 10HDCDavidson County Sheriff Facility HDCLaw Tac
3041676d0DSO11CDCMDavidson County Sheriff Facility CDCMLaw Tac
3044876f0DSO12CDCFDavidson County Sheriff Facility CDCFLaw Tac
304807710DSO 13ORCDavidson County Sheriff Facility ORCLaw Tac
305127730DSO14CRTSDavidson County Sheriff Facility Courthouse SecurityLaw Tac
305447750DSO15TAINDavidson County Sheriff TrainningLaw Tac
Metro Nashville Fire Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
222885710DZ2 F 1BKNFD Dispatch Backup (System B)Fire Dispatch
223205730DZ2 F 2BKNFD Special Operations Channel B2 Backup (System B)Fire-Tac
223525750DZ2 F 3BKNFD Administration Channel B3 Backup (System B)Fire-Tac
223845770DZ2 F 4BKNFD Special Operations Channel B4 Backup (System B)Fire-Tac
224165790DZ2 F 5BKNFD EMS Operations Channel B5 Backup (System B)Fire-Tac
2244857b0DZ2 F HOSNFD Hospital to Hospital Channel 1 Backup (System B)Fire-Tac
2248057d0DZ2 FALT1NFD Alternate Operations Channel 1 Backup (System B)Fire-Tac
2251257f0DZ2 FALT2NFD Alternate Operations Channel 2 Backup (System B)Fire-Tac
Metro Nashville Codes Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
377769390ACOD 1DADispatch/Administration - BackupPublic Works
3780893b0ACOD 2BUBuilding Inspections - BackupPublic Works
3784093d0ACOD 3ELElectrical Inspections - BackupPublic Works
3787293f0ACOD 4MEMechanical Inspections - BackupPublic Works
379049410ACOD 5PLPlumbing Inspections - BackupPublic Works
379369430ACOD 6HZHousing/Zone Inspections - BackupPublic Works
379689450ACODBKUPCodes Enforcement Backup (System A)Public Works
59216e750A1ADispatch/Administration - PrimaryPublic Works
59248e770A2ABuilding Inspections - PrimaryPublic Works
59280e790A3AElectrical Inspections - PrimaryPublic Works
59312e7b0A4AMechanical Inspections - PrimaryPublic Works
59344e7d0A5APlumbing Inspections - PrimaryPublic Works
59376e7f0A6AHousing/Zone Inspections - PrimaryPublic Works
Metro Nashville Electric System
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48030DN_B1OHCCentral Emergency Line DispatchUtilities
80050DN_B2OHC1Central Field 1 / Storm Dispatch Channel 1Utilities
112070DN_B3OHC2Central Field 1 / Storm Dispatch Channel 2Utilities
144090DN_B4OHC3Central Field 1 / Storm Dispatch Channel 3Utilities
1760b0DN_B5OHC4Central Field 1 / Storm Dispatch Channel 4Utilities
2080d0DN_B6OWWest DispatchUtilities
2400f0DN_B7OH1West Field Channel 1Utilities
272110DN_B8OH2West Field Channel 2Utilities
304130DN_B9OH3West Field Channel 3Utilities
336150DN_B10ODDonelson DispatchUtilities
368170DN_B11OD1Donelson Field Channel 1Utilities
400190DN_B12OD2Donelson Field Channel 2Utilities
4321b0DN_B13OD3Donelson Field Channel 3Utilities
4641d0DN_B14LD3Load Dispatch TertiaryUtilities
4961f0DN_B15LD2Load Dispatch SecondaryUtilities
528210DN_B16LD1Load Dispatch PrimaryUtilities
560230DN_C1U&SU & S DispatchUtilities
592250DN_C2U&S1U & S Field Channel 1Utilities
624270DN_C2U&S2U & S Field Channel 2Utilities
656290DN_C3U&S3U & S Field Channel 3Utilities
6882b0DN_C5TST1Test Field Channel 1Utilities
7202d0DN_C6TST2Test Field Channel 2Utilities
7522f0DN_C7MTRMeter DispatchUtilities
784310DN_C8MTR1Meter Field Channel 2Utilities
816330DN_C9REMeter Reconnect DispatchUtilities
848350DN_C10RE1Meter Reconnect Field Channel 1Utilities
880370DN_C11EG1Engineering Channel 1Utilities
912390DN_C12EG2Engineering Channel 2Utilities
9443b0DN_D2SPRSecurity PrivateUtilities
9763d0DN_C14GSGeneral ServicesUtilities
10083f0DN_C15FLTFleet MaintenanceUtilities
1040410DN_C16SECFacilities SecurityUtilities
1072430DN_D1TELTelecommunications Channel 1Utilities
1104450DNES3NES Spare Channel 3Utilities
1136470DNES4NES Spare Channel 4Utilities
1168490DNES5NES Spare Channel 5Utilities
12004b0DNES6NES Spare Channel 6Utilities
12324d0DNES7NES Spare Channel 7Utilities
12644f0DNES8NES Spare Channel 8Utilities
1296510DNES9NES Spare Channel 9Utilities
1328530DNES10NES Spare Channel 10Utilities
1360550DNES11NES Spare Channel 11Utilities
1392570DNES12NES Spare Channel 12Utilities
1424590DNES13NES Spare Channel 13Utilities
14565b0DNES14NES Spare Channel 14Utilities
14885d0DNES15NES Spare Channel 15Utilities
15205f0DNES16NES Spare Channel 16Utilities
1552610DNES17NES Spare Channel 17Utilities
1584630DN-C13SFTSafety OperationsUtilities
1616650DN_D5-911NES Mutual Aid To E911 CenterUtilities
1648670DZ6_1-OHCNES Backup Channel 1Utilities
1680690DZ6_2-OHWNES Backup Channel 2Utilities
17126b0DZ6_3-OHDNES Backup Channel 3Utilities
17446d0DZ6_4-LODNES Backup Channel 4Utilities
17766f0DZ6_5-U&SNES Backup Channel 5Utilities
1808710DZ6_6-TSTNES Backup Channel 6Utilities
1840730DZ6_7-MTRNES Backup Channel 7Utilities
1872750DZ6_8-MRNES Backup Channel 8Utilities
1904770DZ6_9-EGNES Backup Channel 9Utilities
1936790DZ6_10SFTNES Backup Channel 10Utilities
19687b0DZ6_11GSNES Backup Channel 11Utilities
20007d0DZ6_12FLTNES Backup Channel 12Utilities
20327f0DZ6_13SECNES Backup Channel 13Utilities
2064810DZ6_14OP1NES Backup Channel 14Utilities
2096830DZ6_15OP2NES Backup Channel 15Utilities
2128850DZ6_16OP3NES Backup Channel 16Utilities
2160870DNES_RGRPNES Wild Card RegroupUtilities
2192890DN_D4L&FNES Lost Radio LocationUtilities
22248b0DN_D3TEL2Telecommunications Channel 2Utilities
Metro Nashville Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49168c010DPW 1PWADAdministrationPublic Works
49200c030DPW 2 OPSOperationsPublic Works
49232c050DPW 3TOPSTraffic OperationsPublic Works
49264c070DPW 4COM1Command Channel 1Public Works
49296c090DPW 5COM2Command Channel 2Public Works
49328c0b0DZ5 5PWPublic Works Backup (System A)Public Works
Metro Nashville Water Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
360168cb0AWS 2SERSystem ServicesUtilities
360488cd0AWS 3 OPSOperationsUtilities
360808cf0AWS 4CSCustomer ServiceUtilities
361128d10AWS 1ADMAdministrative Channel 2Utilities
366568f30AZ5 8WSWater Works Backup (System A)Utilities
57872e210AWS 2SERSystem ServicesUtilities
57904e230AWS 3 OPSOperationsUtilities
57936e250AWS 4CSCustomer ServiceUtilities
57968e270AA4 WEngEngineeringUtilities
58000e290AA5 W FMFleet MaintenanceUtilities
58032e2b0AB1 WStrsStoresUtilities
58064e2d0AB2 WPrmtPermitsUtilities
58096e2f0AB3 W CSOStorm Sewer Overflow ResponseUtilities
58128e310AB4 W MRMeter ReadingUtilities
58160e330AB5 OmohOmohundroWaste Water Treatment PlantUtilities
58192e350AB6 CWWTPCentral Waste Water Treatment PlantUtilities
58224e370AB7 KRHK.R. Harrington Waste Water Treatment PlantUtilities
58256e390AB8DCWWTPDry Creek Waste Water Treatment PlantUtilities
58288e3b0AB9WCWWTPWhite Creek Waste Water Treatment PlantUtilities
58320e3d0AB10 W SMSewer MaintenanceUtilities
58352e3f0AB11 W WMWater MaintenanceUtilities
58384e410AB12WTOOFService Turn Ons/OffsUtilities
58448e450AWS 1ADMAdministrative Channel 1Utilities
Metro Nashville Fleet Motor Pool
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3326481f0AGS 9FMPFleet Motor PoolPublic Works
Metro Nashville General Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3320081b0DGS 1GSAGeneral Services AdministrationPublic Works
3323281d0DZ4 2GSAGeneral Services Administration EmergencyPublic Works
332968210DGS 3RS1General Services Radio Shop Channel 1Public Works
333288230DGS 4RS2General Services Radio Shop Channel 2Public Works
333608250DZ4 3GSRSGeneral Services Radio Shop Backup (System B)Public Works
333928270DGS 6BOSS2General Services B.O.S.S. Operations Channel 2Public Works
334248290DGS 5BOSS1General Services B.O.S.S. Operations Channel 1Public Works
3345682b0DZ44GBOSSGeneral Services B.O.S.S. Backup (System B)Public Works
3348882d0DGS 7HAZMGeneral Services HazmatEmergency Ops
335528310DGS 2GSS1DGeneral Services Security/Court House DigitalSecurity
335848330DGS 10 RVGeneral Services RiverviewPublic Works
336168350DGS 11 SECGeneral Services Security TODSecurity
336488370DGS XRAYGeneral Services Security XRAYSecurity
57392e030AGS 2GSS1General Services Security/Court HouseSecurity
65456ffb0AGS 8WWSWeather Warning SirensEmergency Ops
Metro Nashville Miscellaneous Agency
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
345768710DDA 1District Attorney OfficeLaw Tac
358568c10DTV 1Traffic Violations BureauLaw Tac
372329170DALCBEVCNTRLAlcohol Beverage Control BoardLaw Tac
3729691b0DTAXI 1Taxi Cab & Wrecker Regulatory Control BoardLaw Tac
Metro Nashville Transit Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
384169610DMTA1 BUSDispatchTransportation
384489630DMTA2 ACAccess RideTransportation
384809650DMTA3 MATMaintanceTransportation
385129670DMTA4 ADMAdministrationTransportation
385449690DMTA5 SAFSafetyTransportation
3857696b0DMTA6 SUP1Supervisor Channel 1Transportation
3860896d0DMTA7 SUP2Supervisor Channel 2Transportation
3864096f0DEMRVEmergency RevertTransportation
386729710DZ5 5MTAMTA Metro Transit Backup (System A)Transportation
Metro Nashville Board of Education
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
338408430DSCH2ADMSchool AdministrationSchools
338728450DSCH3STSafety & TrainingSchools
339048470DSCH4RE1Regular Education Buses Channel 1Schools
339368490DSCH5RE2Regular Education Buses Channel 2Schools
3396884b0DSCH6SESpecial Education BusesSchools
3400084d0DSCH7FTField TripsSchools
3403284f0DSCH8TMSTransportation Maintance ShopSchools
340648510DSCH9TATransportation AdministrationSchools
340968530DSCH1SSSchool SecuritySchools
341928590DSCH12CL1Antioch-Glencliff ClustersSchools
3422485b0DSCH13CL2Hillsboro-Hillwood ClustersSchools
3425685d0DSCH14CL3Hunters Lance-Maplewood ClustersSchools
3428885f0DSCH15CL4McGavock-Overton ClustersSchools
343208610DSCH16CL5Pearl Cohn-Stratford-Whites Creek ClustersSchools
343528630DZ5 1SCHBoard of Education Backup (System A)Schools
60240eb50AA6 ScrtyFSSecurity Analog FailsoftSchools