Vancouver Island Health Authority - Hospitals

System Name: Vancouver Island Health Authority - Hospitals
Location: Victoria, BC
County: Capital
System Type: LTR Standard
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: October 14, 2009, 14:41 pm UTC   [Added Talkgroup 018210 Central Processing Services Talkaround]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Victoria General Hospital 01 411.1625 
002 (2) Royal Jubilee Hospital 18 410.262519 410.4625


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-18-002ARoyJub PatPtPatient Porter CallupHospital
0-18-003ARoyJub MatPtMaterial Porter CallupHospital
0-18-006ARoyJub EDSElectrodiagnostic Services CallupHospital
0-18-110ARoyJub CPSCentral Processing Services CallupHospital
0-18-202ARoyJub PatPtPatient - Porter to PorterHospital
0-18-203ARoyJub MatPtMaterial - Porter to PorterHospital
0-18-205ARoyJub ElectElectrical MaintenanceHospital
0-18-206ARoyJub EDSTAElectrodiagnostic Services TalkaroundHospital
0-18-209ARoyJub PlmbPlumbing MaintenanceHospital
0-18-210ARoyJub CPSTACentral Processing Services TalkaroundHospital
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-01-003AVicGen Ptr1Patient Porter CallupHospital
0-01-020AVicGen Ptr2Patient PorterHospital
0-01-025AVicGen MatPMaterial PorterHospital