System Name: New Jersey State Police
Location: Statewide, NJ PA
County: 3 Counties
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone Omnilink
System Voice: Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
System IDs: Sysid: B106 Connect Tone: 76.6
Sysid: B11D Connect Tone: 90.00
Sysid: B11E Connect Tone: 83.72
Last Updated: January 25, 2022, 3:10 am CST   [Updated Service Tag assignments for 2 talkgroups(Cedar Grove)]
System Notes

The NJSP 800 MHz radio system was upgraded to a full SmartZone OmniLink setup in 2007. The system upgrade also saw the implementation of an enhanced microwave link backbone & Motorola Quantar repeaters for full mixed-mode analog & digital operation.

The NJSP shares the system with many other state & outside agencies. Many of the talkgroups on the system can be heard across multiple sites, as the system will follow a unit anywhere it travels within the coverage area.

The 10-COMM marine patrols for all three troops have been patched together on-and-off for the last 2 years, with dispatch coverage provided by the Hamilton Substation. They are often patched together 24/7 during the summer season from Memorial Day through Labor Day. They are most often heard on A1-10, but can be on any of the three talkgroups.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Sysid Site Name County Freqs
B106 010 (A) South Simulcast (Troop A) Statewide, NJ 860.9375c859.9375c858.9375c857.9375c859.4375858.4375857.4375
B106 046 (2E) Atlantic City IR Atlantic, NJ 856.4625c857.4625c858.4625859.4625   
B106 047 (2F) Buena IR Atlantic, NJ 851.3125851.6125c853.1375853.4375c   
B106 048 (30) Port Elizabeth IR Cumberland, NJ 856.7125c857.7125c858.7125859.7125   
B106 049 (31) Atlantic City Airport IR Atlantic, NJ 851.3125c852.2375853.4375c    
B106 050 (32) Wildwood IR Cape May, NJ 851.3125851.6125851.8625852.2375c853.4375c856.7125857.2125
B106 051 (33) Port Republic IR Atlantic, NJ 856.9625857.9625c858.9625c859.9625   
B106 054 (36) Millville IR Cumberland, NJ 852.2125c852.6625c853.5125c    
B11D 011 (B) North Simulcast (Troop B) Statewide, NJ 860.9625c859.9625c858.9625c857.9625c856.9625860.4625859.4625
B11D 042 (2A) Easton IR Northampton, PA 856.2125857.2125858.2125c859.2125c   
B11D 043 (2B) Montana Mountain IR Warren, NJ 851.6125c852.7625853.5125c    
B11D 044 (2C) Stockton IR Hunterdon, NJ 851.3125c853.4375c     
B11E 012 (C) Central Simulcast (Troop C) Statewide, NJ 860.7125c859.7125c858.7125c857.7125c856.7125860.2125859.2125
B11E 041 (29) Portland IR Northampton, PA 856.7125c857.7125c858.7125c859.7125c   
B11E 045 (2D) West Trenton IR Mercer, NJ 856.4375857.0375c857.4375858.0375c858.4375  
B11E 052 (34) Bedminster IR Somerset, NJ 851.3125c851.6125853.5125c    
B11E 053 (35) Stroudsburg IR Monroe, PA 855.4875c856.2625c857.2125c858.2625c   


Troop A (South) Patrol Operations

Troop A covers Atlantic, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem counties

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
34832881AA Division CallDivision CallLaw Tac
34864883AA Metro SouthMetro South UnitLaw Tac
34896885AA 3-COMM East3-COMM Dispatch - EastLaw Dispatch
34928887AA 4-COMM South4-COMM Dispatch - SouthLaw Dispatch
34960889AA 5-COMM West5-COMM Dispatch - WestLaw Dispatch
3499288bAA UnassignedUnassignedLaw Tac
3502488dAA Car-Car Ch 7Car-to-Car - Channel 7Law Tac
3505688fAA Command PostCommand PostLaw Tac
35088891AA InteragencyInteragency Ops - Channel 9Law Tac
35120893AA 10-COMM Marine10-COMM - Marine DispatchLaw Dispatch
35184897AA AC ExpresswayAtlantic City Expressway PatrolsLaw Dispatch
3528089dAA FleetwideTroop A FleetwideLaw Tac
354088a5AA DetectivesDetectivesLaw Tac
354408a7AA CIB 1Criminal Investigation Bureau 1Law Tac
354728a9AA CIB 2Criminal Investigation Bureau 2Law Tac
355048abAA CIB 3Criminal Investigation Bureau 3Law Tac
355368adAA CIB 4Criminal Investigation Bureau 4Law Tac
57904e23AA Gaming UnitsGaming Enforcement UnitsLaw Tac
Troop B (North) Patrol Operations

Troop B covers Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunderton (north), Middlesex (north), Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union and Warren counties

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
356648b5AB Division CallDivision CallLaw Talk
356968b7AB 2-COMM Sussex2-COMM Dispatch - SussexLaw Dispatch
357288b9AB 3-COMM West3-COMM Dispatch - WestLaw Dispatch
357608bbAB 4-COMM North4-COMM Dispatch - NorthLaw Dispatch
357928bdAB 5-COMM South5-COMM Dispatch - SouthLaw Dispatch
358248bfAB MeadowlandsMeadowlands Complex UnitsLaw Tac
358568c1AB Car-Car Ch 7Car-to-Car - Channel 7Law Tac
358888c3AB Command PostCommand PostLaw Tac
359208c5AB InteragencyInteragency Ops - Channel 9Law Tac
359528c7AB 10-COMM Marine10-COMM - Marine DispatchLaw Dispatch
360168cbAB UnassignedUnassignedLaw Tac
360488cdAB Bridge UnitsDelaware River Bridge UnitsLaw Dispatch
361128d1AB FleetwideTroop B FleetwideLaw Tac
362408d9AB DetectivesDetectivesLaw Tac
362728dbAB CIB 1Criminal Investigation Bureau 1Law Tac
363048ddAB CIB 2Criminal Investigation Bureau 2Law Tac
363368dfAB CIB 3Criminal Investigation Bureau 3Law Tac
363688e1AB CIB 4Criminal Investigation Bureau 4Law Tac
Troop C (Central) Patrol Operations

Troop C covers Burlington, Hunderton (south), Mercer, Middlesex (south), Monmouth and Ocean counties

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
364648e7AC FleetwideTroop C FleetwideLaw Tac
364968e9AC Division CallDivision CallLaw Talk
365288ebAC 2-COMM Hamiltn2-COMM - Hamilton HeadquartersLaw Tac
365608edAC 3-COMM South3-COMM Dispatch - SouthLaw Dispatch
365928efAC 4-COMM Central4-COMM Dispatch - CentralLaw Dispatch
366248f1AC 5-COMM West5-COMM Dispatch - WestLaw Dispatch
366568f3AC Trenton CityTrenton City PatrolsLaw Tac
366888f5AC Car-Car Ch 7Car-to-Car - Channel 7Law Tac
367208f7AC Command PostCommand PostLaw Tac
367528f9AC InteragencyInteragency Ops - Channel 9Law Tac
367848fbAC 10-COMM Marine10-COMM - Marine DispatchLaw Dispatch
368168fdAC Bridge UnitsDelaware River Bridge UnitsLaw Tac
368488ffAC Statehouse SecStatehouse SecurityLaw Dispatch
53456d0dAC DetectivesDetectivesLaw Tac
53488d0fAC CIB 1Criminal Investigation Bureau 1Law Tac
53520d11AC CIB 2Criminal Investigation Bureau 2Law Tac
53552d13AC CIB 3Criminal Investigation Bureau 3Law Tac
53584d15AC CIB 4Criminal Investigation Bureau 4Law Tac
Statewide NJSP Operations
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
26640681ANJSP SuperintendSuperintendentLaw Talk
26672683ATroop CommandersTroop CommandersLaw Talk
2686468fAAviation UnitsAviation UnitsLaw Dispatch
26896691ANJSP NOCBNarcotics & Organized Crime InvestigatorsLaw Tac
2712069fASP All CallStatewide All-CallLaw Talk
273446adAEMRAD-28State OEM Emergency Ops CenterEmergency Ops
273766afAEMRAD-SPState Police OEM UnitsEmergency Ops
286246fdAREMU 1Radio Electronics Maintenance Unit 1 Public Works
35152895AExecutive ProtecExecutive Protection UnitLaw Tac
409449ffDREMU 2Radio Electronics Maintenance Unit 2Public Works
40976a01DREMU 3Radio Electronics Maintenance Unit 3Public Works
41648a2bDEHomeland SecHomeland Security DetailsLaw Tac
41840a37DESP Encrypt 1State Police Encrypted 1Law Tac
41872a39DESP Encrypt 2State Police Encrypted 2Law Tac
41904a3bDESP Encrypt 3State Police Encrypted 2Law Tac
54864d65AHazWasteSolid Hazardous Waste UnitLaw Tac
55120d75AREMU 4 Radio Electronics Maintenance Unit 4Public Works
57712e17AEASEmergency Alert SystemEmergency Ops
Toll Road Patrol Operations
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
26928693AGSP North2-COMM - Parkway NorthLaw Dispatch
53296d03AGSP Central3-COMM - Parkway Central Law Dispatch
26960695AGSP South1-COMM - Parkway SouthLaw Dispatch
27024699ANJTP North3-COMM - Turnpike NorthLaw Dispatch
53264d01ANJTP Central1-COMM - Turnpike Central Law Dispatch
26992697ANJTP South2-COMM - Turnpike SouthLaw Dispatch
2708869dAGSP HQParkway HeadquartersLaw Tac
2705669bANJTP TACTurnpike Car-to-CarLaw Tac
53328d05AFleetwideNJTP/GSP FleetwideLaw Tac
Special Investigations Unit
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
29040717ASIU Ops 1Metro South - Camden Operations 1Law Tac
29072719ASIU Ops 2Metro South - Camden Operations 2Law Tac
2910471bASIU Ops 3Metro South - Camden Operations 3Law Tac
2913671dASIU Ops 4Metro South - Camden Operations 4Law Tac
2916871fASIU GroupMetro South - Camden Group-CallLaw Tac
29200721ASIU PatrolMetro South - Camden City Patrol PatchLaw Tac
29232723ASIU ViceMetro South - Camden City Vice PatchLaw Tac
55280d7fASIU NorthMetro North - Irvington Task ForceLaw Tac
NJ Attorney General
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
286566ffAAG CallAttorney General CallingLaw Talk
285926fbAAG TaskAttorney General Task ForceLaw Tac
275046b7ABCJ CallBureau of Criminal Justice CallingLaw Talk
275366b9ABCJ N Ops 1Bureau of Criminal Justice North Ops 1Law Tac
275686bbABCJ N Ops 2Bureau of Criminal Justice North Ops 2Law Tac
58896e61ABCJ CntOps 1Bureau of Criminal Justice Central Ops 1Law Tac
58928e63ABCJ CntOps 2Bureau of Criminal Justice Central Ops 2Law Tac
58960e65ABCJ S Ops 1Bureau of Criminal Justice South Ops 1Law Tac
58992e67ABCJ S Ops 2Bureau of Criminal Justice South Ops 2Law Tac
59024e69ABCJ StateBureau of Criminal Justice StatewideLaw Talk
57776e1bAState MEState Medical ExaminerLaw Tac
Dept. of Human Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
355688afADHS PD-SPolice SouthLaw Dispatch
364008e3ADHS PD-NPolice NorthLaw Dispatch
41072a07DDCF UnitsDept. of Children & Families Case WorkersLaw Tac
53616d17ADHS PD-CPolice CentralLaw Dispatch
59440e83ADHS CP&PChild Protection InvestigatorsLaw Tac
59472e85ADHS Det 1Detectives OperationsLaw Tac
59504e87ADHS CommandCommand PostLaw Tac
59536e89ADHS TacPatrol Car-to-CarLaw Tac
59568e8bADHS Det 2Detectives Car-to-CarLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2680068bAJEMSTAR SMedevac Operations - South JerseyEMS Dispatch
2683268dAJEMSTAR NMedevac Operations - North JerseyEMS Dispatch
274086b1AMICU StateMICU Dispatch Network - StatewideEMS-Talk
274406b3AMICU TAC 1MICU Dispatch Network - Tactical 1EMS-Tac
274726b5AMICU TAC 2MICU Dispatch Network - Tactical 2EMS-Tac
276006bdATRAUMAStatewide Trauma Center LinkEMS-Talk
283046e9AHERN AlertHospital Emergency Radio Network - AlertEMS Dispatch
283366ebAHERN SWHospital Emergency Radio Network - Statewide TacticalEMS-Talk
283686edAHERN F-6 SHospital Emergency Radio Network - South Tac 1EMS-Tac
284006efAHERN F-7 SHospital Emergency Radio Network - South Tac 2EMS-Tac
284326f1AHERN F-6 NHospital Emergency Radio Network - North Tac 1EMS-Tac
284646f3AHERN F-7 NHospital Emergency Radio Network - North Tac 2EMS-Tac
284966f5AHERN F-6 CHospital Emergency Radio Network - Central Tac 1EMS-Tac
285286f7AHERN F-7 CHospital Emergency Radio Network - Central Tac 2EMS-Tac
55024d6fAEMS TF 1State EMS Task Force - TacticalEMS-Tac
55056d71AEMS TF 2State EMS Task Force - StatewideEMS-Tac
Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission

The DRJTBC is in the process of migrating off this system to the NJICS. As of March, 2017 approx. 80% of the field units are now on 700MHz.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
41104a09DDRJTBC Dist 1District 1 South - Main OperationsLaw Dispatch
41136a0bDDRJTBC D1 SpcDistrict 1 South - Special OperationsLaw Tac
41168a0dDDRJTBC D1 TacDistrict 1 South - TacticalLaw Tac
41200a0fDDRJTBC Dist 2District 2 Central - Main OperationsLaw Dispatch
41232a11DDRJTBC D2 SpcDistrict 2 Central - Special OperationsLaw Tac
41264a13DDRJTBC D2 Tac District 2 Central - TacticalLaw Tac
41296a15DDRJTBC Dist 3District 3 North - Main OperationsLaw Dispatch
41328a17DDRJTBC D3 SpcDistrict 3 North - Special OperationsLaw Tac
41360a19DDRJTBC D3 TacDistrict 3 North - TacticalLaw Tac
41392a1bDDRJTBC SpcOpsSpecial OperationsLaw Tac
41424a1dDDRJTBC-NJSPNJSP Dispatch Inter-OperationsInterop
41456a1fDDRJTBC EmergEmergencyLaw Tac
Dept. of Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
271526a1ADOC Trns SthSouth Prisoner TransportCorrections
271846a3ADOC Parole SSouth Parole BureauCorrections
272166a5ADOC SOG SthSouth Special Operations GroupCorrections
272486a7ADOC DeltaStatewide Parole Bureau 2 (Tactical)Corrections
272806a9ADOC EchoTransportation Base-to-VehicleCorrections
273126abADOC FoxtrotSpecial Ops (Foxtrot)Corrections
53776d21ADOC GolfDOC Ops (Golf)Corrections
53808d23ADOC HotelDOC Ops (Hotel)Corrections
54064d33ADOC Trns NrtNorth Prisoner TransportCorrections
54096d35ADOC Parole NNorth Parole BureauCorrections
54128d37ADOC SOG NrtNorth Special Operations GroupCorrections
54160d39ADOC Ops 1Operations 1Corrections
54384d47ADOC Trns CntCentral Prisoner TransportCorrections
54416d49ADOC Parole CCentral Parole BureauCorrections
54448d4bADOC SOG CntCentral Special Operations GroupCorrections
54480d4dADOC Ops 2Operations 2Corrections
65424ff9ADOC Stwide 1Statewide 1Corrections
65456ffbADOC Stwide 2Statewide 2Corrections
NJ Army National Guard
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
278246cbAARNG DATAData Transmissions OnlyData
278566cdAARNG 1 ALPHA1 AlphaMilitary
278886cfAARNG 1 BRAVO1 BravoMilitary
279206d1AARNG 1 CHARL1 CharlieMilitary
28688701AARNG 1 DELTA1 DeltaMilitary
28720703AARNG 1 ECHO1 EchoMilitary
28752705AARNG 1 FOXTR1 FoxtrotMilitary
2888070dAARNG CH 10Channel 10Military
2891270fAARNG CH 11Channel 11Military
28944711AARNG CH 12Channel 12Military
28976713AARNG CH 13Channel 13Military
29008715AARNG AIR OPSAir OperationsMilitary
57936e25AARNG 2BGUARDEOC NetMilitary
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
58256e39ANJTF1 USAR 1USAR 1 Statewide CommandFire-Tac
58288e3bANJTF1 USAR 2USAR 2 OpsFire-Tac
58320e3dANJTF1 USAR 3USAR 3 South 1Fire-Tac
58352e3fANJTF1 USAR 4USAR 4 South 2Fire-Tac
58384e41ANJTF1 USAR 5USAR 5 Central 1Fire-Tac
58416e43ANJTF1 USAR 6USAR 6 Central 2Fire-Tac
58448e45ANJTF1 USAR 7USAR 7 UASI 1Fire-Tac
58480e47ANJTF1 USAR 8USAR 8 UASI 2Fire-Tac
Interagency & Mutual-Aid
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57872e21AStateCom 1NStateCom 1 NorthInterop
281446dfAStateCom 2NStateCom 2 NorthInterop
281766e1AStateCom 3NStateCom 3 NorthInterop
28784707AStateCom 4NStateCom 4 NorthInterop
282086e3AStateCom 5CStateCom 5 CentralInterop
282406e5AStateCom 6CStateCom 6 CentralInterop
28816709AStateCom 7CStateCom 7 CentralInterop
280806dbAStateCom 8SStateCom 8 SouthInterop
281126ddAStateCom 9SStateCom 9 SouthInterop
2884870bAStateCom 10SStateCom 10 SouthInterop
29264725AStateCom 11StateCom 11Interop
29296727AStateCom 12StateCom 12Interop
29328729AStateCom 13StateCom 13Interop
2936072bAStateCom 14StateCom 14Interop
2939272dAStateCom 15StateCom 15Interop
57840e1fAMarine IntOpMarine InteragencyInterop
282726e7AHCLERNHudson County Inter-AgencyInterop
Dept. of Transportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
277606c7ADOT Stwd ITSStatewide ITSPublic Works
279846d5ASJTA ACE MntAC Expressway Maintenance UnitsPublic Works
353768a3ASJTA ACE ESPAC Expressway Emergency Service Patrols Public Works
49232c05ADOT NMaint26North Maintenance - Crew 26 AreaPublic Works
49392c0fADOT Cent MntCentral Maintenance - Crew 34 AreaPublic Works
57744e19ADOT IMARTIMART Traffic Diversion TeamsEmergency Ops
57808e1dADOT EAS ALTEAS AlertingEmergency Ops
57968e27ADOT ELEC NNorth Electrical OpsPublic Works
58000e29ADOT MAINT NNorth Maintenance OpsPublic Works
58032e2bADOT ELEC SSouth Electrical OpsPublic Works
58064e2dADOT SWStatewide OperationsEmergency Ops
58096e2fADOT SSP NrthNorth Safety Service PatrolsPublic Works
58128e31ADOT MAINT CSouth Maintenance OpsPublic Works
58160e33ADOT ELEC CCentral Electrical OpsPublic Works
58192e35ADOT DMV InspMobile DMV Inspection UnitPublic Works
58224e37ADOT 95'95' ChannelPublic Works
58512e49ADOT VEHVehicle MaintenancePublic Works
58640e51ADOT SSP CentCentral Safety Service PatrolsPublic Works
58672e53ADOT SSP SoutSouth Safety Service PatrolsPublic Works
58704e55ADOT MAINT CCentral Maintenance OpsPublic Works
58736e57ADOT OTSOffice of Transportation SecurityTransportation
59248e77ADOT IABInternal Affairs InvestigatorsPublic Works
Dept. of Environmental Protection
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
24656605AParks PD DispPark Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
24688607AParks PD OpsPark Police OperationsLaw Tac
2475260bAF/W SW 11Fish & Wildlife Units - Statewide Channel 11Law Tac
41552a25DF/W SW 12Fish & Wildlife Units - Statewide Channel 12Law Tac
41680a2dDF/W NorthFish & Wildlife Units - North OperationsLaw Tac
41712a2fDF/W CentralFish & Wildlife Units - Central OperationsLaw Tac
41744a31DF/W SouthFish & Wildlife Units - South OperationsLaw Tac
41776a33DF/W MarineFish & Wildlife Units - Marine OperationsLaw Tac
Atlantic City International Airport (ACY)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
280166d7AACY Patrol 1Patrol Units 1Law Dispatch
3531289fAACY Patrol 2Patrol Units 2Law Tac
353448a1AACY FireFire OperationsFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1659240dDCharts-1Essex County DOC Transport 1Corrections
1662440fDCharts-2Essex County DOC Transport 2Corrections
24624603DRed Cross 1Red Cross Operations 1Emergency Ops
2478460dDRed Cross 2Red Cross Operations 2Emergency Ops
276326bfABldg/GroundsBuildings and GroundsPublic Works
41008a03DNJBPUBoard of Public Utilities OpsUtilities
54704d5bAOCI InvestOCI Investigators - Dept. of TaxationLaw Tac
58576e4dACounty FireState Fire Coordinators to Mercer County CentralFire-Talk
58608e4fAState FireState Fire Coordinator OpsFire-Tac
59216e75ADCA InvestConsumer Affairs InvestigatorsLaw Tac
59280e79ADCA LogistConsumer Affairs LogisticsLaw Tac
59312e7bATaxationDept. of TaxationLaw Tac
59344e7dAInsuranceDept. of InsuranceLaw Tac
59376e7fAAgricultureDept. of AgricultureLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
16400401DFed-FleetFederal Fleetwide OpsFederal
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
8208201DCedGrv PD DispPD DispatchLaw Dispatch
8240203DCedGrv FD DispFD DispatchFire Dispatch
8272205DCedGrv EMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
8304207DCedGrv DPWDPWPublic Works
8336209DCedGrv SchoolsSchoolsSchools
836820bDCedGrv Ops 1Township Ops 1Interop
840020dDCedGrv Ops 2Township Ops 2Interop