System Name: Prince George's County
Location: Various, MD
County: Prince George's
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 2A8 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: January 7, 2023, 1:59 pm CST   [Deleted 1 talkgroup(s) from Fire]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) North Simulcast 769.28125769.75625770.25625770.61875771.18125771.73125771.78125772.09375
1 (1) 002 (2) South Simulcast 769.58125770.05625770.35625771.05625771.35625771.75625772.05625772.48125c
1 (1) 003 (3) Metro Tunnels 851.225851.375852.900c     
1 (1) 004 (4) Metro Tunnels 852.900c       
1 (1) 005 (5) Metro Tunnels 852.900c       


Special Events/Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20017d1TPG SpecEvt 1Special Event 1Interop
20037d3TPG SpecEvt 2Special Event 2Interop
20057d5TPG SpecEvt 3Special Event 3Interop
20077d7TPG SpecEvt 4Special Event 4Interop
20097d9TPG SpecEvt 5Special Event 5Interop
20117dbTPG SpecEvt 6Special Event 6Interop
20137ddTPG SpecEvt 7Special Event 7Interop
20157dfTPG SpecEvt 8Special Event 8Interop
20177e1TPG SpecEvt 9Special Event 9Interop
20197e3TPG SpecEvt 10Special Event 10Interop
20217e5TPG SpecEvt 11Special Event 11Interop
20237e7TPG SpecEvt 12Special Event 12Interop
20257e9TPG SpecEvt 13Special Event 13Interop
20277ebTPG SpecEvt 14Special Event 14Interop
20317efTPG FedEx PkgFedEx Field Parking Lot SecurityInterop

8A1/B1/C1/D1 Fire Dispatch are all the same talkgroup
8A2/8B2 Ops 1 are the same talkgroup
8A13/B14/C13/D13 Fire Admin are all the same talkgroup

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10013e9TPGFD 8B10 Inc 108B10 Incident 10Fire-Tac
10033ebTPGFD 8B11 Inc 118B11 Incident 11Fire-Tac
10053edTPGFD 8B12 Inc 128B12 Incident 12Fire-Tac
10073efTPGFD 8B13 Cmd 108B13 Command 10Fire-Tac
10093f1TPGFD 8A13 Admin8A13 Fire AdminFire-Talk
103740dTPGFD 8A3 Inc 508A3 Incident 50Fire-Tac
103940fTPGFD 8A4 Inc 518A4 Incident 51Fire-Tac
1041411TPGFD 8A5 Inc 528A5 Incident 52Fire-Tac
1043413TPGFD 8A6 Cmd 508A6 Command 50Fire-Tac
1045415TPGFD 8A7 Inc 608A7 Incident 60Fire-Tac
1047417TPGFD 8A8 Inc 618A8 Incident 61Fire-Tac
1049419TPGFD 8A9 Inc 628A9 Incident 62Fire-Tac
105141bTPGFD 8A10 Cmd 608A10 Command 60Fire-Tac
105341dTPGFD 8C3 Inc 708C3 Incident 70Fire-Tac
105541fTPGFD 8C4 Inc 718C4 Incident 71Fire-Tac
1057421TPGFD 8C5 Inc 728C5 Incident 72Fire-Tac
1059423TPGFD 8C6 Cmd 708C6 Command 70Fire-Tac
1061425TPGFD 8C7 Inc 808C7 Incident 80Fire-Tac
1063427TPGFD 8C8 Inc 818C8 Incident 81Fire-Tac
1065429TPGFD 8C9 Inc 828C9 Incident 82Fire-Tac
106742bTPGFD 8C10 Cmd 808C10 Command 80Fire-Tac
106942dTPGFD 8A11 NAlm 18A11 North Street Alarm 1Fire-Tac
107142fTPGFD 8A12 NAlm 28A12 North Street Alarm 2Fire-Tac
1073431TPGFD 8C11 SAlm 18C11 South Street Alarm 1Fire-Tac
1075433TPGFD 8C12 SAlm 28C12 South Street Alarm 2Fire-Tac
1077435TPGFD 8D3 Tac 108D3 Tactical 10Fire-Tac
1079437TPGFD 8D4 Tac 118D4 Tactical 11Fire-Tac
1081439TPGFD 8D5 Tac 128D5 Tactical 12Fire-Tac
108343bTPGFD 8D6 TCmd 108D6 Tactical Command 10Fire-Tac
1095447DPGFD 8F58F5 Fire Operations CenterFire-Tac
1097449DPGFD 8F68F6 1st BattalionFire-Tac
109944bDPGFD 8F138F13 TrainingFire-Tac
1107453DPGFD 8F78F7Fire-Tac
1113459TPGFD 8B6 MedCall8B6 EMRC CallEMS-Tac
111545bTPGFD 8B7 Med A8B7 EMRC MED-A (Med 1)EMS-Tac
111745dTPGFD 8B8 Med B8B8 EMRC MED-B (Med 2)EMS-Tac
111945fTPGFD 8B9 Med E8B9 EMRC MED-E (Med 5)EMS-Tac
1121461TPGFD 8E4 PGHC8E4 Prince George's Hospital CenterHospital
1123463TPGFD 8E6 DCH8E6 Doctors Community HospitalHospital
1125465TPGFD 8E8 LRH8E8 Laurel Regional HospitalHospital
1127467TPGFD 8E5 SMH8E5 Southern Maryland HospitalHospital
1129469TPGFD 8E9 FWH8E9 Fort Washington Medical CenterHospital
113146bTPGFD 8E10 BHC8E10 Bowie Health CenterHospital
1139473TPGFD Trng 1139TrainingFire-Talk
1141475TPGFD 8B5 Res 28B5 Rescue 2Fire-Tac
1143477TPGFD 8B4 Res 1 8B4 Rescue 1Fire-Tac
1145479TPGFD 8F9 Trng8F9 TrainingFire-Talk
115147fDPGFD 8A2 Disp8A2 DispatchFire Dispatch
1153481DPGFD 8A1 Ops 18A1 Ops 1 (North)Fire-Tac
1155483DPGFD 8C1 Ops 28C1 Ops 2 (South)Fire-Tac
9101238dDPGFD Marine 1Marine 1Interop
9103238fDEPGFD Marine 2Marine 2Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1001DPGPD AAdam Sector-District 1-HyattsvilleLaw Dispatch
3003DPGPD A TacAdam Sector TacLaw Tac
5005DPGPD A SATAdam Sector Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
7007DPGPD BBaker Sector-District 1-HyattsvilleLaw Dispatch
9009DPGPD B TacBaker Sector TacLaw Tac
1100bDPGPD B SATBaker Sector Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
1300dDPGPD DDavid Sector-District 2-BowieLaw Dispatch
1500fDPGPD D TacDavid Sector TacLaw Tac
17011DPGPD D SATDavid Sector Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
19013DPGPD EEdward Sector-District 2-BowieLaw Dispatch
21015DPGPD E TacEdward Sector TacLaw Tac
23017DPGPD E SATEdward Sector Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
25019DPGPD GGeorge Sector-District 3-LandoverLaw Dispatch
2701bDPGPD G TacGeorge Sector TacLaw Tac
2901dDPGPD G SATGeorge Sector Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
3101fDPGPD HHenry Sector-District 8-ForestvilleLaw Dispatch
33021DPGPD H TacHenry Sector TacLaw Tac
35023DPGPD H SATHenry Sector Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
37025DPGPD JJohn Sector-District 4-Oxon HillLaw Dispatch
39027DPGPD J TacJohn Sector TacLaw Tac
41029DPGPD J SATJohn Sector Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
4302bDPGPD KKing Sector-District 4-Oxon HillLaw Dispatch
4502dDPGPD K TacKing Sector TacLaw Tac
4702fDPGPD K SATKing Sector Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
49031DPGPD FFrank Sector-District 5-ClintonLaw Dispatch
51033DPGPD F TacFrank Sector TacLaw Tac
53035DPGPD F SATFrank Sector Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
55037DPGPD CCharlie Sector-District 6-BeltsvilleLaw Dispatch
57039DPGPD C TacCharlie Sector TacLaw Tac
5903bDPGPD C SATCharlie Sector Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
6103dDPGPD WWilliam Sector-District 7-Ft. WashingtonLaw Dispatch
7704dDPGPD Trn 1Training Op 1Law Tac
7904fDPGPD Trn 2Training Op 2Law Tac
81051DPGPD Trn 3Training Op 3Law Tac
83053DPGPD Trn 4Training Op 4Law Tac
121079DEPGPD 121SWAT?Law Tac
1850b9DPGPD D/E SurvDavid/Edward Sector SurveillanceLaw Tac
265109DPGPD MA 1NMutual Aid 1NInterop
26710bDPGPD MA 2Mutual Aid 2Interop
26910dDPGPD MA 3Mutual Aid 3Interop
293125DPGPD A FDMAAdam Sector (FDMA)Law Tac
295127DPGPD B FDMABaker Sector (FDMA)Law Dispatch
297129DPGPD D FDMADavid Sector (FDMA)Law Dispatch
29912bDPGPD E FDMAEdward Sector (FDMA)Law Dispatch
30112dDPGPD G FDMAGeorge Sector (FDMA)Law Dispatch
30312fDPGPD H FDMAHenry Sector (FDMA)Law Dispatch
305131DPGPD J FDMAJohn Sector (FDMA)Law Tac
307133DPGPD K FDMAKing Sector (FDMA)Law Tac
309135DPGPD F FDMAFrank Sector (FDMA)Law Tac
311137DPGPD C FDMACharlie Sector (FDMA)Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1990c7DLaurel PDLaurel PoliceLaw Dispatch
2010c9DLaurl PD TacLaurel Police TacLaw Tac
2030cbDLaurl PD SATLaurel Police Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
2050cdDHyattsvllePDHyattsville PoliceLaw Dispatch
2070cfDHyattsPD TacHyattsville Police TacLaw Tac
2090d1DHyattsPD SATHyattsville Police Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
2110d3DGreenbelt PDGreenbelt PoliceLaw Dispatch
2130d5DGrnbltPD TacGreenbelt Police TacLaw Tac
2150d7DGrnbltPD SATGreenbelt Police Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
2170d9DRivrdlePk PDRiverdale Park PoliceLaw Dispatch
2190dbDRivPk PD TacRiverdale Park Police TacLaw Tac
2210ddDRivPk PD SATRiverdale Police Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
2230dfDBbg/MR PDBladensburg/Mt. Ranier PoliceLaw Dispatch
2250e1DBbg/MR PDTacBladensburg/Mt. Ranier Police TacLaw Tac
2270e3DBbg/MR PDSATBladensburg/Mt. Ranier Police Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
2290e5DBowie PDBowie PoliceLaw Dispatch
2310e7DBowie PD TacBowie Police TacLaw Tac
2330e9DBowie PD SATBowie Police Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
2350ebDMunicipal 4Municipal Op 4Law Tac
2370edDMunicipal 5Municipal Op 5Law Tac
2390efDMunicipal 6Municipal Op 6Law Tac
2410f1DMunicipal 7Municipal Op 7Law Tac
2430f3DMunicipal 8Municipal Op 8Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1750afDPGSO 1 Tac1 TacLaw Tac
1790b3DPGSO 1 Inv1 InvestigationsLaw Tac
1800b4DPGSO Fug WarrntFugitive WarrantsLaw Tac
1810b5DPGSO 1 Disp1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
31513bDPGSO FDMADispatch (FDMA)Law Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
108543dDPG PW/RoadsPublic Works/Roads (Snow Plows)Public Works
20437fbDPG Corr TrnsCorrections - TransportCorrections
20457fdDPG Hwy Ops 1Highway Ops 1Public Works
3001bb9DPG PWPublic WorksPublic Works
3003bbbDPG PW EngPublic Works - EngineerPublic Works
3005bbdDPG PW D1Public Works District 1Public Works
3007bbfDPG PW D1APublic Works District 1APublic Works
3009bc1DPG PW D2Public Works District 2Public Works
3011bc3DPG PW D3Public Works District 3Public Works
3013bc5DPG PW D4Public Works District 4Public Works
3015bc7DPG PW D5Public Works District 5Public Works
3017bc9DPG PW D6Public Works District 6Public Works
3019bcbDPG PW/RoadsPublic Works/Roads (Snow Plows)Public Works
3021bcdDPG PW/RoadsPublic Works/RoadsPublic Works
3023bcfDPW PW/Roads PlowPublic Works/Roads (Snow Plows)Public Works
3025bd1DPGTheBus3025The BusTransportation
3029bd5DPGTheBus3029The BusTransportation
3031bd7DPGTheBus3031The BusTransportation
4001fa1DPG AnimCntlAnimal ControlPublic Works
4003fa3DPG Bldg InspBuilding InspectorPublic Works
4005fa5DPG RefuseColRefuse CollectionPublic Works
4007fa7DPG RefuseRefusePublic Works
4009fa9DPG SanitatnSanitationPublic Works
4011fabDPG RecyclingRecyclingPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60011771TPGCPS SecuritySecuritySecurity
60031773TPGCPS BoardBoardSchools
6031178fTPGCPS Trans DispTransportation DispatchSchools
60331791TPGCPS Trans 01Trans 01 (Transportation Alternate)Schools
60351793TPGCPS Trans 02Trans 02Schools
60371795TPGCPS Trans 03Trans 03Schools
60391797TPGCPS FairmontFairmont LotSchools
60411799TPGCPS BladensburBladensburg LotSchools
6043179bTPGCPS CrosslandCrossland LotSchools
6045179dTPGCPS Forestvlle15 Forestville LotSchools
6047179fTPGCPS GoddardGoddard LotSchools
604917a1TPGCPS GreenbeltGreenbelt LotSchools
605117a3TPGCPS JohnHansonJohn Hanson LotSchools
605317a5TPGCPS LaurelLaurel LotSchools
605517a7TPGCPS MullikinMullikin LotSchools
605717a9TPGCPS SurrattsviSurrattsville LotSchools
605917abTPGCPS DouglassDouglass LotSchools
606117adTPGCPS FriendlyFriendly LotSchools
Maryland State Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2470f7DMSP ForstvleForestvilleLaw Dispatch
2490f9DMSPForst TacForestville TacLaw Tac
2530fdDMSP Q/LBarrack Q/L College Park/ForestvilleLaw Dispatch
2550ffDMSP Q/L TacBarrack Q/L College Park/Forestville TacLaw Tac
Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1870bbDMNCPPC 1Police 1Law Dispatch
1890bdDMNCPPC 1 TacPolice 1 - TacLaw Tac
1910bfDMNCPPC 1 InvPolice 1 - InvestigationsLaw Tac
1930c1DMNCPPC 2Police 2Law Tac
1950c3DMNCPPC SpEvtSpecial EventsPublic Works
Maryland State Highway Administration

CHART is using an ISSI SoM talkgroup on the Prince George's system. These talkgroups are assigned as needed in the 20xxx range. The CHART talkgroup varies; there is only a single talkgroup for CHART at any given time.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
321141DMSHA D3 321District 3Public Works
323143DMSHA D3 323District 3Public Works

Talkgroup 9003 (known as AAFD 1O Wayson's Channel) - usage is per incident as command on the AAFD incident directs. When activated, all AAFD portable radios on the incident are directed to switch their portable radios to 1O, and AAFD Dispatch makes a patch from the PGFD talkgroup (9003) to the AAFD assigned talkgroup.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
90012329DAAPD WaysonsPolice - WaysonsLaw Dispatch
9003232bDAAFD WaysonsFire - 1O Waysons Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
9501251dDWSSC PDWashington Suburban Sanitary Commission Police (simulcast on talkgroup 6800 on Montgomery system)Law Dispatch