System Name: San Francisco County/City
Location: San Francisco, CA
County: San Francisco
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice: Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
System ID: Sysid: 2103 Connect Tone: 83.72
Last Updated: January 31, 2022, 1:39 pm CST   [Updated General Trunked System Information]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) CERS (Public Safety) 851.125c851.150c851.400c851.425c851.7625851.8125853.4125853.7875


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12848323ASFPD A1Southern (B) / Tenderloin (J) Districts - MobilesLaw Dispatch
12880325ASFPD A2Southern (B) / Tenderloin (J) Districts - PortablesLaw Dispatch
12912327ASFPD A3Bayview (C) / Mission (D) Districts - MobilesLaw Dispatch
12944329ASFPD A4Bayview (C) / Mission (D) Districts - PortablesLaw Dispatch
1297632bASFPD A5Central (A) / Northern (E) / Park (F) Districts - MobilesLaw Dispatch
1300832dASFPD A6Central (A) / Northern (E) / Park (F) Districts - PortablesLaw Dispatch
1304032fASFPD A7Richmond (G) / Ingleside (H) / Taraval (I) Districts - MobilesLaw Dispatch
13072331ASFPD A8Richmond (G) / Ingleside (H) / Taraval (I) Districts - PortablesLaw Dispatch
13104333ASFPD A9Dispatch SpareLaw Talk
13136335ASFPD A10Dispatch SpareLaw Talk
13168337ASFPD A11Miscellaneous Units (Traffic, Muni, Tactical, etc.)Law Dispatch
13200339ASFPD A12Dispatch SpareLaw Talk
1323233bASFPD A13Station Service A B E F JLaw Talk
1326433dASFPD A14Station Service C D G H ILaw Talk
13360343ASFPD MA 1Mutual Aid 1Law Tac
13392345ASFPD MA 2Mutual Aid 2Law Tac
13424347ASFPD MA 3Mutual Aid 3Law Tac
1406436fASFPD MA 4Mutual Aid 4Law Tac
14224379ASFPD MA 5Mutual Aid 5Law Tac
1329633fASFPD PAROLEParoleLaw Talk
13712359ASFPD B3Tactical B3Law Talk
13968369ASFPD HSUHomeland Security UnitLaw Talk
1454438dASFPD INV 1Investigations 1 - AdministrationLaw Talk
14704397ASFPD TRNG 1Training 1Law Talk
14736399ASFPD TRNG 2Training 2Law Talk
16001DESFPD TAC 7Tactical 7Law Tac
48003DESFPD TAC B14Tactical B14Law Tac
80005DESFPD NARC 2Narcotics 2Law Tac
112007DESFPD NARC 3Narcotics 3Law Tac
144009DESFPD NARC 4Narcotics 4Law Tac
17600bDESFPD NARC 5Narcotics 5Law Tac
20800dDESFPD SID 2Special Investigations Division 2Law Tac
24000fDESFPD VICE 1Vice 1Law Tac
272011DESFPD CMD 1Command 1Law Talk
304013DESFPD CMD 2Command 2Law Talk
400019DESFPD Encr 400EncryptedLaw Talk
43201bDESFPD Encr 432EncryptedLaw Talk
528021DESFPD Encr 528EncryptedLaw Talk
560023DESFPD Encr 560EncryptedLaw Talk
592025DESFPD Encr 592EncryptedLaw Talk
72002dDESFPD Encr 720EncryptedLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1480039dASFFD A1Control A1 - Downtown DispatchFire Dispatch
1483239fASFFD A2Control A2 - North/West DispatchFire Dispatch
148643a1ASFFD A3Control A3 - South/East DispatchFire Dispatch
148963a3ASFFD A4Command A4 - Major IncidentsFire-Talk
149283a5ASFFD A5Command A5 - Division 2Fire-Talk
149603a7ASFFD A6Command A6 - Division 3Fire-Talk
149923a9ASFFD A7Tactical A7 - Battalion 7Fire-Tac
150243abASFFD A8Tactical A8 - Battalion 8Fire-Tac
150563adASFFD A9Tactical A9 - Battalion 9Fire-Tac
150883afASFFD A10Tactical A10 - Battalion 10Fire-Tac
151203b1ASFFD A11Tactical A11 - Battalion 1Fire-Tac
151523b3ASFFD A12Tactical A12 - Battalion 2Fire-Tac
151843b5ASFFD A13Tactical A13 - Battalion 3Fire-Tac
152163b7ASFFD A14Tactical A14 - Battalion 4Fire-Tac
152483b9ASFFD A15Tactical A15 - Battalion 5Fire-Tac
152803bbASFFD A16Tactical A16 - Battalion 6Fire-Tac
100803fDESFFD B7ArsonFire-Talk
154403c5ASFFD B8PreventionFire-Talk
154723c7ASFFD B9Auxiliary Water Supply System (AWSS)Fire-Talk
157603d9ASFFD B10Bureau of Equipment (BOE)Fire-Talk
157283d7ASFFD B11Medical TacFire-Tac
157923dbASFFD B12TrainingFire-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
94403bDESFFD EMS1EMS 1 / FD-B13 - Medic-Hospital - All HospitalsHospital
97603dDESFFD EMS2EMS 2 / FD-B14 - Medic-Hospital - SFGHHospital
153123bdASFFD EMS3EMS 3 / FD-B15 - City Ambulances (no longer used)EMS-Talk
153443bfASFFD EMS4EMS 4 / FD-B16 - Private AmbulancesEMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
158563dfASFSD A1 CJ1County Jail 1Corrections
158883e1ASFSD A2 CJ2County Jail 2Corrections
159203e3ASFSD A3 CJ3County Jail 3Corrections
159523e5ASFSD A4 CJ4County Jail 4Corrections
159843e7ASFSD A5 CJ5County Jail 5Corrections
160163e9ASFSD A6Laguna Honda Patrol Law Dispatch
160483ebASFSD A7Classification Unit/SBBSCorrections
160803edASFSD A8City Hall Patrol DispatchLaw Dispatch
161123efASFSD A9Juvenile Justice Commission (JJC) Courts Law Dispatch
161443f1ASFSD A10Courts Dispatch Law Dispatch
161763f3ASFSD A11Transportation/SWAP/SFGHLaw Tac
162403f7ASFSD A15 TACTactical/Emergency Services UnitLaw Tac
162723f9ASFSD A16 DSPPatrol Dispatch/SF GeneralLaw Dispatch
49200c03ASFGH-IPSF General Hospital - Institutional PoliceLaw Tac
Citywide/Mutual Aid
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1352034dAEVENT 1All City Event 1Interop
1355234fAEVENT 2All City Event 2Interop
13584351ASAFEVT 1Public Safety Event 1Interop
13616353ASAFEVT 2Public Safety Event 2Interop
13648355ASAFEVT 3Public Safety Event 3Interop
13840361AENF EVT 1Enforcement Event 1Interop
13872363AENF EVT 2Enforcement Event 2Interop
13904365AENF EVT 3Enforcement Event 3Interop
13936367AENF EVT 4Enforcement Event 4Interop
OES & Homeland Security
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17424441AOES 1Office of Emergency Services 1Emergency Ops
17456443AOES 2Office of Emergency Services 2Emergency Ops
17488445AOES ADMINOffice of Emergency Services - AdministrationEmergency Ops
San Francisco State University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1787245dASFSU PD 1Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
1790445fASFSU PD 2Police TacLaw Tac
17936461ASFSU PD 3Police ParkingLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
18032467AUCSF PD 1Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
18064469AUCSF PD 2Police 2Law Tac
1809646bAUCSF PD 3Police 3Law Tac
1812846dAUCSF PD 4Police 4Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
155043c9AMED-EXAMMedical Examiner (Coroner)Law Talk
156003cfASIREN-TGOutdoor Warning SirensData
16464405ADPT A1Dept of Parking & Traffic A1 - PCO DispatchLaw Tac
16496407ADPT A2Dept of Parking & Traffic A2 - PTC Administration & EngineeringLaw Tac
16528409ADPT A3Dept of Parking & Traffic A3 - Paint & Traffic Signal ShopsPublic Works
1656040bADPT A4Dept of Parking & Traffic A4 - Parking Meter & Sign ShopsPublic Works
1659240dADPT A5Dept of Parking & Traffic A5 - PTC Special EventsLaw Tac
1662440fADPT A6Dept of Parking & Traffic A6 - Traffic Control CenterPublic Works
16656411ASCOFFParking Scofflaws (also SFPD A15)Law Tac
16688413ATOWParking Tow Desk (also SFPD A16)Law Tac
1681641bAWATER 1Water Department 1 - AdministrationUtilities
1684841dAWATER 2Water Department 2 - OperationsUtilities
16912421AREC A1Recreation & Parks A1 - Admin-Rec-Marina-EventsPublic Works
16944423AREC A2Recreation & Parks A2 - Structural MaintenancePublic Works
16976425AREC A3Recreation & Parks A3 - Park Maintenance & Urban ForestryPublic Works
17008427AREC A4Recreation & Parks A4 - Park PatrolSecurity
17040429AREC A5Recreation & Parks A5 - Candlestick ParkPublic Works
1707242bAWater 3Water Department 3Utilities
1764844fADTIS-1Telecomms & Info Services 1Public Works
17680451ADTIS-2Telecomms & Info Services 2Public Works
17712453APUB-SAFETYTelecomms & Info Services 3 - Public SafetyPublic Works
17744455ATELECOMTelecomms & Info Services 4 - TelecommunicationsPublic Works
17776457AEMERGENCY-2Telecomms & Info Services 5 - EmergencyPublic Works
17808459ADIRECTORTelecomms & Info Services 6 - DirectorPublic Works
1860848bACCSF PDCity College of San Francisco PoliceLaw Dispatch
189604a1ASec 1455 MarketSecurity - 1455 Market StreetSecurity
50000c35ALibrary 1SF Public Library 1 - SecuritySecurity
50032c37ALibrary 2SF Public Library 2Public Works
50064c39ALibrary 3SF Public Library 3Public Works
50096c3bALibrary 4SF Public Library 4Public Works
61808f17AMotive PowerMotive Power (Electrical maintenance)Public Works
Public Service Emergency Radio System

These talkgroups will only be seen on the Public Service Emergency Radio System (PERS) Site 3.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
13680357AMAPMobile Assistance PatrolPublic Works
192164b1ASFPD BU 1Police Back-Up 1Law Talk
192484b3ASFPD BU 2Police Back-Up 2Law Talk
192804b5ASFPD BU 3Police Back-Up 3Law Talk
193124b7ASFPD BU 4Police Back-Up 4Law Talk
193444b9ASFPD BU 5Police Back-Up 5Law Talk
193764bbASFFD BU 1Fire Back-Up 1Fire-Talk
194084bdASFFD BU 2Fire Back-Up 2Fire-Talk
194404bfASFSD BU 1Sheriff Back-Up 1Law Talk
194724c1ASFSD BU 2Sheriff Back-Up 2Law Talk
25136623ASF USD 1San Francisco Unified School District 1 (Maintenance A)Schools
25168625ASF USD 2San Francisco Unified School District 2 (Maintenance B)Schools
25200627ASF USD 3San Francisco Unified School District 3Schools
25232629ASF USD 4San Francisco Unified School District 4Schools
25648643AAnimal ContrAnimal ControlPublic Works
2632066dACAO 1Chief Administrators Office 1 SpecialPublic Works
2635266fACAO 2Chief Administrators Office 2 OperationsPublic Works
26384671ACAO 3Chief Administrators Office 3 Farmers MarketPublic Works
324327ebADA 1District Attorney 1Law Talk
48080bbdARADIO-1Radio Service 1Public Works
48112bbfARADIO-2Radio Service 2Public Works
48336bcdAPort AdminPort Authority - AdministrationPublic Works
48400bd1APort MaintPort Authority - MaintenancePublic Works
48432bd3AWETAWater Emergency Transportation AuthorityPublic Works
49008bf7ADPH-OPSPublic Health 1 - OperationsPublic Works
49072bfbASFGH-ENGPublic Health 2 - SFGH EngineeringLaw Dispatch
49040bf9ADPH-ADMPublic Health 3 - AdministrationPublic Works
49104bfdALHH-PDPublic Health 4 - Laguna Honda PoliceLaw Dispatch
49136bffALHH-ADMINPublic Health 5 - Laguna Honda AdministrationPublic Works
49328c0bASFFD-AWSSFire Auxiliary Water Supply System (AWSS) DataData
65360ff5ADPW 1 DispDispatchPublic Works
65328ff3ADPW 2 St/Ev1Street and Environmental Services 1Public Works
65296ff1ADPW 3 StSew1Street and Sewer Repair 1Public Works
65264fefADPW 4 Bldg 1Building Repair 1Public Works
65232fedADPW 5 St/Ev2Street and Environmental Services 2Public Works
65200febADPW 6 UrbForUrban ForestryPublic Works
65168fe9ADPW 7 Eng/ArEngineering and ArchitecturePublic Works
65136fe7ADPW 8 EMERGDPW EmergencyPublic Works
65104fe5ADPW 9 Sup 1Supervisors 1Public Works
65072fe3ADPW10 Sup 2Supervisors 2Public Works
65040fe1ADPW11 St/Ev3Street and Environmental Services 3Public Works
65008fdfADPW12 Bldg 2Building Repair 2Public Works
64976fddADPW13 StreetStreet and Environmental Services 4Public Works
64944fdbADPW14 StSew2Street and Sewer Repair 2Public Works
64912fd9ADPW15 Sewer2Wastewater Sewer Ops 2Public Works
64880fd7ADPW16 Sewer1Wastewater Sewer Ops 1Public Works
64848fd5ADPW17 Rep/MtBuildings Repair and MaintenancePublic Works
64816fd3ADPW18 BInsp1Building Inspectors 1Public Works
64784fd1ADPW19 BInsp2Building Inspectors 2Public Works
64752fcfADPW20 CE2C&E 2Public Works
64720fcdADPW21 HOJHall of Justice EngineeringPublic Works
64688fcbADPW22 RE2Real Estate 2Public Works
64656fc9ADPW23 RE1Real Estate 1Public Works