System Name: Will County (EDACS)
Location: Simulcast, IL
County: Will
System Type: EDACS Standard
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: January 24, 2021, 1:15 am CST   [Updated General Trunked System Information]
System Notes

Operated by Will County EMA

Multiple Sites:
1- 2.4KM E, ELWOOD, IL WILL County 41-23-38.1 N, 088-05-53.2 W
2- ST JOSEPH S HOSP 333 W N MADISON ST, JOLIET, IL WILL County 41-31-44.1 N, 088-08-06.2 W
3- PUMPING STA 3KM W, LOCKPORT, IL WILL County 41-38-22.1 N, 088-02-43.2 W
4- 851 W NEW MONEE RD, CRETE, IL WILL County 41-25-17.0 N, 087-38-39.0 W
5- .75 1 SW, MANHATTAN, IL WILL County 41-24-40.1 N, 087-59-17.2 W
6- 689 GREEN GARDEN PL, LOCKPORT, IL WILL County 41-33-57.1 N, 088-03-44.2 W
7- Mobile Centerpoint-42.0 km radius around centerpoint 41-28-06.1 N, 087-54-07.2 W

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Simulcast 00 853.25000 853.600


Mutual Aid/Emergency
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53904-033AWCSO ISPERNISPERN (Patch to 155.475)Law Talk
141911-013ADisaster 11Disaster 11Interop
142011-014ADisaster 12Disaster 12Interop
142111-015ADisaster 13Disaster 13Interop
142211-016ADisaster 14Disaster 14Interop
142311-017ADisaster 15Disaster 15Interop
142411-020ADisaster 16Disaster 16Interop
142511-021ADisaster 17Disaster 17Interop
Will County Sheriff's Department
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52904-021AWCSO EastSheriff: Dispatch - EastLaw Dispatch
53004-022AWCSO WestSheriff: Dispatch - WestLaw Dispatch
53104-023AWCSO E C/CSheriff: Car to Car - EastLaw Tac
53204-024AWCSO W C/CSheriff: Car to Car - WestLaw Tac
53304-025AWCSO Detail1Sheriff: Detail 1Law Tac
53404-026AWCSO Detail2Sheriff: Detail 2Law Tac
53504-027AWCSO TrafficSheriff: TrafficLaw Tac
53604-030AWCSO 911Sheriff: 911Law Tac
54004-034AWCSO Narc S1Metropolitan Area Narcotics Squad 1Law Tac
54504-041AWCSO InvestSheriff: InvestigationsLaw Tac
54604-042AWCSO SurvSheriff: SurveillanceLaw Tac
54904-045AWillCO SO SurvSheriff: Surveillance Law Tac
56104-061AWCSO AdminSheriff: AdminLaw Tac
56204-062AWCSO SuprvsrSheriff: SupervisorsLaw Tac
59704-105AWCSO AuxSheriff: Auxillary DeputiesLaw Tac
53704-031AWCSO 04-031SheriffLaw Tac
53804-032AWCSO 04-032SheriffLaw Tac
54704-043AWCSO 04-043SheriffLaw Tac
Lincolnway Police Communication Center
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
59104-097ALincolnwayPoliceLincolnway Police: Dispatch (patched with 155.670)Law Dispatch
60504-115AFrnkftPolice c2cFrankfort Police: Car-to-Car [Ch 3]Law Tac
60604-116AMokenPolice c2cMokena Police: Car-to-Car Law Tac
60704-117ANLenoxPolice c2cNew Lenox Police: Car-to-CarLaw Tac
68005-050AUPrkPolice PatchUniversity Park Police: PatchLaw Dispatch
198015-074AUnPark PoliceUniversity Park Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
199915-097ALWay Police ALincolnway Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch

TG 673 Law Dispatch - Peotone, Beecher, Monee, S Chicago Heights, Steger

DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
67405-042ABeecherPDc2cBeecher Police: ar-to-Car [Ch 2]Law Tac
67505-043AMonneePD c2cMonnee Police: Car-to-Car [Ch 2]Law Tac
67605-044APeotonePDc2Peotone Police: Car-to-Car [Ch 2]Law Tac
67705-045AEastcmPDc2c3EastCom Police: Car-to-Car [Ch 3]Law Tac
130410-030ACretUniPrkPDCrete/University Park PoliceLaw Dispatch
139010-136AEastCom Fire 90EastCom Fire (Simulcast of 154.235)Fire-Tac
139510-143AEastCom Fire 95EastCom FireFire-Tac
140210-152AEastcom Fire 02EastCom Fire (Simulcast of 154.235R)Fire-Tac
142911-025AMonee FireMonee Fire (patch to 155.835)Fire Dispatch
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57004-072AD5 Speedway1Dist 5 Joliet - ChicagoLand Speeway Traffic Control (No longer in use?)Law Tac
57204-074AD5 Speedway2Dist 5 Joliet - ChicagoLand Speedway Ops (No longer in use?)Law Tac
57704-081ARockdale PDRockdale Police: Car-to-CarLaw Tac
57804-082AManhattan PDManhattan Police: Car-to-CarLaw Tac
57904-083AElwood PDElwood Police: Car-to-CarLaw Tac
71105-087APD C2C 711unid Police Department - Car to CarLaw Tac
76906-001ARockdale PDRockdale PoliceLaw Dispatch
77506-007AElw/Manh PDElwood/Manhattan Police Law Dispatch
105908-043AEvidenceTechEvidence TechsLaw Dispatch
133810-072ACh Hts PD ?Chicago Heights Police?Law Dispatch
137810-122ACr/UPark PDCrete/University Park Police (Simulcast of 470.5625?)Law Dispatch
137910-123AUPark PD F2University Park Police: Ch. 2 (Simulcast of 453.05?)Law Dispatch
138110-125AWC Police 1-1WesCom Police 1: Ch. 1 (Simulcast of 158.85?)Law Dispatch
138210-126AWC Police 2-1WesCom Police 2: Ch. 1 (Simulcast of ?)Law Dispatch
138310-127AWC Police 2-10WesCom Police 2: Ch. 10 (Simulcast of ?)Law Dispatch
145711-061AMonee PD C2CMonee Police: Car-to-CarLaw Tac
Special Operations/S.W.A.T.
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
59304-101ASOG 1 SierraSpecial Ops Group 1: Sierra TeamLaw Tac
59404-102ASOG 2 EntrySpecial Ops Group 2: Entry TeamLaw Tac
59504-103ASOG 3 SniperSpecial Ops Group 3: Sniper TeamLaw Tac
59604-104AGang UnitGang Supression UnitLaw Tac
Will County Corrections
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
56304-063ACorrectionsWill County Courthouse / Court HoldingCorrections
58204-086AProbation F7Will County Probation [Ch. 7]Corrections
62404-140AADF ATG CorrAdult Detention Facility Joliet: ATG CorrectionsCorrections
62504-141AADF BookingAdult Detention Facility Joliet: Booking CentralCorrections
62604-142AADF MedicalAdult Detention Facility Joliet: Medical [Ch 3]Corrections
62704-143AADF 04-143Adult Detention Facility JolietCorrections
62804-144AADF MaintAdult Detention Facility Joliet: MaintenanceCorrections
63004-146AADF TrnsprtAdult Detention Facility Joliet: Central TransportCorrections
63104-147AADF 631Adult Detention Facility Joliet: OpsCorrections
64105-001AADF M ContrlAdult Detention Facility Joliet: Master ControlCorrections
64205-002AADF Blue PodAdult Detention Facility Joliet: Blue PodCorrections
64405-004AJDJ 05-004Juvenile Detention Jail: Blue PodCorrections
64505-005AJDJ MaintencJuvenile Detention Jail: Blue Pod - MaintenanceCorrections
64605-006ARV M ControlRiver Valley: Master ControlCorrections
72605-106AJuv TransprtWill County Juvenile TransportCorrections
Emergency Management
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
132910-061AEMA MainEMA MainEmergency Ops
133010-062AEMA SprvsrEMA: SupervisorsEmergency Ops
133110-063AEMA FieldEMA: Field ServicesEmergency Ops
133210-064AEMA Tac 1EMA: Tac 1Emergency Ops
133310-065AEMA Detail 1EMA: Detail 1Emergency Ops
133410-066AEMA OEMEMA: OEM (VHF / EAS)Emergency Ops
133510-067AEMA WillWarnEMA: WillWarnEmergency Ops
134210-076AEMA C/WideEMA: Countywide EOC-to-EOCEmergency Ops
136110-101AMnhttn EMAManhattan EMA Emergency Ops
136510-105DEEOC Enc10105EOC (Provoice Encrypted)Emergency Ops
143311-031ANwLenex ESDANew Lenox ESDAEmergency Ops
144411-044AHG EMAHomer Glen Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
144511-045AHG EMA c2cHomer Glen Emergency Management: Car-to-CarEmergency Ops
144611-046AMokena EMAMokena Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
145011-052ACrete EMACrete Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
59004-096AFire SAR-1Search and Rescue [Ch. 1]Fire-Tac
138610-132ASWCD 154.4*SSWCD ? (Simulcast of 154.4 FD)Fire-Tac
138810-134AFD 159.045*SSimulcast of 159.045 FireFire-Tac
139110-137AFD 159.045*SFire (Simulcast of 159.045)Fire-Tac
140110-151AJoliet FireJoliet Fire DepartmentFire-Tac
140610-156AEJoliet FireEast Joliet Fire (Simulcast of 154.4)Fire-Tac
144211-042AIFERN PatchIFERN (Patch with 154.265)Fire-Talk
144911-051AFrnkfrt c2cFrankfort (Fire?): Car-to-CarFire-Talk
145811-062A155.145*SimuPolice/Fire? (Simulcast of 155.145)Law Dispatch
145911-063ANprvilleFireNaperville Fire (Simulcast of xxx)Fire Dispatch
Will County Forest Preserve
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60904-121AFrstPrsv PD1Forest Preserve Police: Ch 1Law Dispatch
61004-122AFrstPrsv PD2Forest Preserve Police: Ch 2Law Dispatch
134510-081AFrstPrsrvAdmForest Preserve: AdminPublic Works
140911-001AFrstPrsrFireForest Preserve Fire (Controlled Burns)Fire-Tac
Will County Government
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
58804-094AElwood DPWElwood Public WorksPublic Works
129710-021AHighway 1County Highway 1Public Works
129810-022AHighway 2County Highway 2Public Works
130310-027ABBrk Parks 1Bolingbrook Parks: Maintenance 1Public Works
131310-041AAnim Cntrl 1Animal Control: Will County [Ch 1]Public Works
131410-042AAnim Cntrl 2Animal Control [Ch 2]Public Works
131710-045AAnim Cntrl 3Animal Control: Joliet Township [Ch 3]Public Works
134310-077AHealth DeptHealth DepartmentPublic Works
140010-150AAnimalCntrlAnimal ControlPublic Works
155312-021AHighwayHighway DepartmentPublic Works
Radio Techs / Unidentified
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
133610-070ATechs 10-070Radio TechsBusiness
141011-002ATechs 11-002Radio Techs (checking radio modulation)Business
141111-003ATechs 11-003Radio TechsBusiness
180914-021ATechs 14-021Radio Techs (Holodeck)Business