ARINC (O'Hare International Airport - Chicago)

System Name: ARINC (O'Hare International Airport - Chicago)
Location: Chicago, IL
County: Cook
System Type: Motorola Type I
System Voice: Analog
System ID: Sysid: 1216 Connect Tone: 83.72
Last Updated: July 21, 2018, 12:46 am CDT   [Updated General Trunked System Information]
System Notes

6/18 - New DMR system added to database -
6/16 - Believe this system has been converted to a DMR system.

12/06 - Three Frequencies (855.0875, 855.9375, 856.3375) from this system have been moved to ARINC's new Iden trunked system.  See iDEN system

For more info, see CARMA PDF Page

Uniden Custom Fleet Map may be:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 5 2 2 12 12 2 4

Very active low power system used by American & American Eagle Staff at G, H & K Gates. (At least 30 radios heard in 20 minutes)

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Primary 857.3375858.3375859.3375860.3375856.8875857.8875c858.8875c859.8875c


SubfleetDEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
400-010000AAA 1A FltSvcFlight Service / GSC Rep -Intl ServicesBusiness
400-020000AAA 1B Zone 1Zone 1 Proaact / Ops Manager / Bag Team / Midnite / NightriderBusiness
400-030000AAA 1C Zone 2Zone 2 Proaact / K Mobile CC -C-CON L GatesBusiness
400-040000AAA 1D Zone 3Zone 3 Proaact -C-CON H/K GatesBusiness
400-050000AAA 1E Zone 4Zone 4 Proaact / H Mobile CC -BaggageBusiness
400-060000AAA 1F Zone 5Zone 5 Proaact / AE to AA Ramp Connect -C-CON H/K GatesBusiness
400-070000AAA 2A AutoMtAuto Maint / FAR Maint / Scrub A/C MaintBusiness
400-080000AAA 2B De-IceDe-Icing / IT5 Hardstand / R ServiceBusiness
400-090000AAA 2C MailAA Mail / Air Frieght -Cargo OpsBusiness
400-100000AAA 2D A/C MtAircraft Maint -Aircraft Maint OpsBusiness
400-110000AAA 2E CabSvcCabin Services / Crew ServicesBusiness
400-120000AAA 2F PasSvcPassenger Service / Iberia ArrivalsBusiness
400-130000AAA 3A EmergEmergency / Bag Room Maint / AE to AA Ramp ConnectBusiness
400-140000AAA 3B BagsATO / Bag Room / CSMBusiness
400-150000AAA 3C FuelFueling - Fuel / Load / WeightBusiness
600-010000AAA WeightCntAmerican Airlines Weight ControlBusiness
600-020000AAA BaggageAmerican Airlines Bag Loaders, Inbound FlightsBusiness
600-030000AAA GatesAmerican Airlines Gate K19 and othersBusiness
600-040000AAA 600-04American Airlines OpsBusiness
600-050000AAA 600-05American AirlinesBusiness
600-060000AAA Food/LoadAmerican Foods, Load, Garbage, H/K Gates ControlBusiness
600-070000AAA LoadersAmerican LoadersBusiness
600-090000AAA Cab/BusCity Chgo Cab & Bus Starters, Traffic Detail AidesBusiness
600-100000AAA Hotel MntAmerican Airlines - Hotel Maintenance crewsBusiness
600-110000AAA 600-11Active, probably American AirlinesBusiness
600-120000AAA 600-12Active, probably American AirlinesBusiness
600-130000AAA 600-13Active, probably American AirlinesBusiness
600-140000AAA BaggageBags, probably American AirlinesBusiness
600-150000AAA MaintMaintenance, possibly American AirlinesBusiness
SubfleetDEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
700-010000AAE Cabin/LavLav, Cabins, Tugs, Bags, H/G GatesBusiness
700-020000AAE DispatchAmerican Eagle Base, DispatchBusiness
700-030000AAE Gate OpsAmerican Eagle Base, Gate OperationsBusiness
700-040000AAE 700-04radio checkBusiness
700-050000AAE Zone 2Special Bags, animals, oversize, Zone 2 (Eagle?)Business
700-060000AAE Zone 5Zone 5, Meals, Pusher Trucks, Hangar Ops, bags, G10Business
700-070000AAE Zone 3Bag unload, Load Chief, A/C Maint, Zone 3, G18Business
700-140000AAE SpanishSpanishBusiness
SubfleetDEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
000-010000ADe-IcingDe-Icing, drivers, Spanish & English crewsBusiness
002-010000AShuttlesShuttle BussesTransportation
004-010000AIntlTerminalIntl TerminalBusiness
007-010000AIntlTerminalIntl Terminal, multi-language (NACA?)Business
016-010000APasseng SvcsH-5, Bags, Passenger Services, calling Cargo OpsBusiness
017-010000AArabic?Foreign Language Ops (Arabic?)Business
029-010000ACarouselsCarousels, Gate M13, De-IcingBusiness
032-030000AArabicArabic and English language opsBusiness
044-010000AShuttle BusShuttle BusesTransportation
052-010000ARequest APURequesting APUBusiness
068-010000AARINC DispARINC DispatchBusiness
082-010000AIntlSecurityIntl Terminal Security?Security
200-010000ABags/MaintBags, Maint, Intl Terminal, Spanish/EnglishBusiness
201-010000ARadio TechsSystem Radio TechsBusiness
202-010000AShuttle BusShuttle Busses, Gate AgentsTransportation
207-010000AIntlTerminalBase to Cargo, Intl Terminal OpsBusiness
208-010000AMeals/CrewsMeals, CrewsBusiness
210-010000ACrewsCrew arrangements, personnel, Intl?Business
211-010000AIntlTerminalIntl Term, Passenger Servs, Bags, OpsBusiness
211-020000AForeignForeign Language Ops (Russian or Polish)Business
213-030000ASpanishSpanish LanguageBusiness
214-010000AAir CanadaAir CanadaBusiness
214-050000ARampsService calling RampsBusiness
300-010000AShuttle BusShuttle Bus & TransportationTransportation
301-010000AAmerican?American? - Cargo loading, OperationsBusiness
302-010000AIntl flightsRelaying flight info, Intl flights, bag roomBusiness
309-010000AIntlTerminalInternational TerminalBusiness
309-020000AWheelchairsWheelchairs, lost bags, boarding passesBusiness
310-010000AShuttle BusRemote Lot Shuttle BussesTransportation
310-020000AShuttleTrainShuttle Train Ops, ElectriciansTransportation
310-040000ACentral450 calling centralBusiness