Northside Independent School District

System Name: Northside Independent School District
Location: San Antonio, TX
County: Bexar
System Type: LTR Passport
System Voice: NXDN Digital
Last Updated: February 17, 2023, 1:34 pm CST   [Changed Site # 067 (Medio Creek Tower) to 67 (Medio Creek Tower)]
System Notes

 All 3 site frequencies data burst every 2 seconds.  The sites are independent and do not report any neighbor site frequencies.  Radios must be manually switched between passport sites as needed depending on user location within the school district.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
054 (36) City View Building Bant 01 460.050c02 460.175c03 460.250c04 460.375c05 460.475c06 460.5875c
062 (3E) Grass Hill Water Tower 01 453.225c02 453.625c03 460.125c04 460.325c05 460.575c 
067 (43) Medio Creek Tower 01 453.0875c02 460.025c03 460.450c04 460.875c04 463.250c05 463.500c


Northside Independent School District Police
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
40000DNISD PD ALLNorthside ISD Police All CallLaw Dispatch
40001DNISD PD DISPNorthside ISD Police 1-A DispatchLaw Dispatch
40011DNISD PD PT ONorthside ISD Police 1-B Patrol OpenLaw Talk
40002DNISD PD INFONorthside ISD Police 1-C InformationLaw Tac
40012DNISD PD IN ONorthside ISD Police 1-D Information OpenLaw Talk
40101DNISD PD TAC1Northside ISD Police 1-E TacticalLaw Tac
40111DNISD PD T1 ONorthside ISD Police 1-F Tactical OpenLaw Talk
40102DNISD PD TAC2Northside ISD Police 1-G Tactical 2Law Tac
40112DNISD PD T2 ONorthside ISD Police 1-H Tactical 2 OpenLaw Talk
40201DNISD PD SE-1Northside ISD Police 1-I Special Events 1Law Tac
40211DNISDPD SE1 ONorthside ISD Police 1-J Special Events 1 OpenLaw Talk
40202DNISD PD SE-2Northside ISD Police 1-K Special Events 2Law Tac
40212DNISDPD SE2 ONorthside ISD Police 1-L Special Events 2 OpenLaw Talk
40203DNISD PD SE-3Northside ISD Police 1-M Special Events 3Law Tac
40213DNISDPD SE3 ONorthside ISD Police 1-N Special Events 3 OpenLaw Talk
50000DNISD PD INOPNorthside ISD Police 1-O InteropInterop
Northside ISD Administration
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
32000ANISD ALLCALLPRIMARY - NISD All Call BroadcastInterop
65508A2-N IO 10NISD District-Wide Interoperability Channel 10Interop
65509A2-M IO 09NISD District-Wide Interoperability Channel 9Interop
65510A2-L IO 08NISD District-Wide Interoperability Channel 8Interop
65511A2-K IO 07NISD District-Wide Interoperability Channel 7Interop
65512A2-J IO 06NISD District-Wide Interoperability Channel 6Interop
65513A2-I IO 05NISD District-Wide Interoperability Channel 5Interop
65514A2-H IO 04NISD District-Wide Interoperability Channel 4Interop
65515A2-G IO 03NISD District-Wide Interoperability Channel 3Interop
65516A2-F IO 02NISD District-Wide Interoperability Channel 2Interop
65517A2-E IO 01NISD District-Wide Interoperability Channel 1Interop
Northside ISD Athletics
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
32100A3A ATH ADMINAthletics AdministrationSchools
32101A3E GUS OPS1Gustafson Stadium Ops-1Schools
32102A3F GUS OPS2Gustafson Stadium Ops-2Schools
32103A3G GUS OPS3Gustafson Stadium Ops-3Schools
32111A3H FAR OPS1Farris Stadium Ops-1Schools
32112A3I FAR OPS2Farris Stadium Ops-2Schools
32113A3J FAR OPS3Farris Stadium Ops-3Schools
32121A3K PTFH OPS1Paul Taylor Field House Ops-1Schools
32122A3L PTFH OPS2Paul Taylor Field House Ops-2Schools
32123A3M PTFH OPS3Paul Taylor Field House Ops-3Schools
Northside ISD Elementary Schools
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51010ACABLE ES101 Cable ESSchools
51020AGLENN ES102 Glenn ESSchools
51030AGLENOAKS ES103 Glenoaks ESSchools
51040AHELOTES ES104 Helotes ESSchools
51050AHULL ES105 Hull ESSchools
51060ALACK CITY ES106 Lackland City ESSchools
51070AFISHER ES107 Fisher ESSchools
51080ALEON VLY ES108 Leon Valley ESSchools
51090ALOCK HILL ES109 Locke Hill ESSchools
51110AGLASS ES111 Glass ESSchools
51120APOWELL ES112 Powell ESSchools
51130AVALLEY HI ES113 Valley Hi ESSchools
51140AWESTWD TR ES114 Westwood Terrace ESSchools
51150ACOLON NTH ES115 Colonies North ESSchools
51160AVILLAREAL ES116 Villarreal ESSchools
51170AMEADW VLG ES117 Meadow Village ESSchools
51180AOAK HILLS ES118 Oak Hills Terrace ESSchools
51190AHOWSMAN ES119 Howsman ESSchools
51220APASSMORE ES122 Passmore ESSchools
51230AADMS HILL ES123 Adams Hill ESSchools
51240AESPARZA ES124 Esparza ESSchools
51250ABOONE ES125 Boone ESSchools
51280ACLOS COON ES128 Carlos Coon ESSchools
51300AMURNIN ES130 Murnin ESSchools
51310ALINTON ES131 Linton ESSchools
51320ATIMBERWLD ES132 Timberwilde ESSchools
51340ABRAUN STN ES134 Braun Station ESSchools
51350ACODY ES135 Cody ESSchools
51360ANW CROSSG ES136 Northwest Crossing ESSchools
51380AKNOWLTON ES138 Knowlton ESSchools
51410AFORESTER ES141 Forester ESSchools
51430ASCOBEE ES143 Scobee ESSchools
51440AGALM ES144 Galm ESSchools
51450AELROD ES145 Elrod ESSchools
51480AWANKE ES148 Wanke ESSchools
51490ATHORNTON ES149 Thornton ESSchools
51500ABRAUCHLE ES150 Brauchle ESSchools
51510AFERNANDEZ ES151 Fernandez ESSchools
51520ALEON SPRG ES152 Leon Springs ESSchools
51560AEVERS ES156 Evers ESSchools
51570AMAY ES157 May ESSchools
51580AMCDERMOTT ES158 McDermott ESSchools
51600AMYERS ES160 Myers ESSchools
51610ASTEUBING ES161 Steubing ESSchools
51620AMICHAEL ES162 Michael ESSchools
51650ACARSON ES165 Carson ESSchools
51660ABURKE ES166 Burke ESSchools
51670ARABA ES167 Raba ESSchools
51680ALEWIS ES168 Lewis ESSchools
51690ARHODES ES169 Rhodes ESSchools
51700ANICHOLS ES170 Nichols ESSchools
51710ADRIGGERS ES171 Driggers ESSchools
51770ACARNAHAN ES177 Carnahan ESSchools
51780AAUE ES178 Aue ESSchools
51790ASCRBOROUG ES179 Scarborough ESSchools
51800ABEARD ES180 Beard ESSchools
51810ABLATTMAN ES181 Blattman ESSchools
51820AOTT ES182 Ott ESSchools
51830AWARD ES183 Ward ESSchools
51840AHATCHETT ES184 Hatchett ESSchools
51850AMEAD ES185 Mead ESSchools
51860AKRUEGER ES186 Krueger ESSchools
51870ALANGLEY ES187 Langley ESSchools
51880AHOFFMAN ES188 Hoffman ESSchools
51890ACNTBRY FM ES189 Canterbury Farm Area ESSchools
51910AKUENTZ ES191 Kuentz ESSchools
51920ALAUREL MT ES192 Laurel Mountain Ranch Area ESSchools
51950AWESTWINDS ES195 Westwinds Area ESSchools
52220ABANDERA N ES222 Bandera Road North Area ESSchools
52230AKALLISON ES223 Kallison Ranch Area ESSchools
52250ALIECK ES225 Lieck ESSchools
Northside ISD High Schools
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50010AHOLMES HSPRI001 Holmes HS PrimarySchools
50011AHOLMES HSALT001 Holmes HS AlternateSchools
50020AJAY HS PRI002 Jay HS PrimarySchools
50021AJAY HS ALT002 Jay HS AlternateSchools
50030AMARSHL HSPRI003 Marshall HS PrimarySchools
50031AMARSHL HSALT003 Marshall HS AlternateSchools
50050ACLARK HS PRI005 Clark HS PrimarySchools
50051ACLARK HS ALT005 Clark HS AlternateSchools
50060AHCHS006 Health Careers HS PrimarySchools
50070ATAFT HS PRI007 Taft HS PrimarySchools
50071ATAFT HS ALT007 Taft HS AlternateSchools
50160AO'CONR HSPRI016 O'Connor HS PrimarySchools
50161AO'CONR HSALT016 O'Connor HS AlternateSchools
50190AWARREN HSPRI019 Warren HS PrimarySchools
50191AWARREN HSALT019 Warren HS AlternateSchools
50220ASTEVNS HSPRI022 Stevens HS PrimarySchools
50221ASTEVNS HSALT022 Stevens HS AlternateSchools
50230ABRNDIS HSPRI023 Brandeis HS PrimarySchools
50231ABRNDIS HSALT023 Brandeis HS AlternateSchools
50240ABRENAN HSPRI024 Brennan HS PrimarySchools
50241ABRENAN HSALT024 Brennan HS AlternateSchools
Northside ISD Middle Schools
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50410ANEFF MS041 Neff MSSchools
50420ARAYBURN MS042 Rayburn MSSchools
50430AROSS MS043 Ross MSSchools
50440AJONES MS044 Jones MSSchools
50450AHOBBY MS045 Hobby MSSchools
50460APEASE MS046 Pease MSSchools
50470ASTEVENSON MS047 Stevenson MSSchools
50480ARUDDER MS048 Rudder MSSchools
50490AZACHRY MS049 Zachry MSSchools
50500ASTINSON MS050 Stinson MSSchools
50510AJORDAN MS051 Jordan MSSchools
50520ACONNALLY MS052 Connally MSSchools
50530ARAWLINSON MS053 Rawlinson MSSchools
50540ALUNA MS054 Luna MSSchools
50550AJEFFERSON MS055 Jefferson MSSchools
50560AVALE MS056 Vale MSSchools
50570AGARCIA MS057 Garcia MSSchools
Northside ISD Special Schools
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50040AHLMGRN CTR004 Holmgreen CenterSchools
50080ANAHS008 NAHSSchools
50130AREDDIX CTR013 Reddix CenterSchools
50610ANAMS-SOUTH061 NAMS-SouthSchools
50620ANAMS-NORTH062 NAMS-NorthSchools
51390ANCC139 NCCSchools