Hershey Entertainment and Resorts

System Name: Hershey Entertainment and Resorts
Location: Hershey, PA
County: Dauphin
System Type: LTR Standard
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: August 1, 2018, 6:20 pm CDT   [Updated General Trunked System Information]
System Notes

 As of May 2017, The Users of the LTR system have transitioned to the new DMR system.

Follow this link for the new DMR system info.




Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Site 1 01 461.987502 N/A 03 463.287504 N/A 05 463.462506 N/A 07 463.587508 N/A 
  09 464.937510 N/A 11 462.162512 N/A 13 463.362514 N/A 15 463.512516 N/A 
  17 463.662518 N/A 19 464.3875     


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-07-002AHP SecuritySecuritySecurity
0-07-003AHP ParkingParkingBusiness
0-07-009AHP Park OpsUnidentified Park OpsBusiness
0-07-010AHP Rides/MntRides/MaintenanceBusiness
0-07-017AHP Rides/MntRides/MaintenanceBusiness
0-07-018AHP WaterWaterBusiness
0-07-019AHP RetailRetailBusiness
0-07-021AHP GamesGamesBusiness
0-07-022AHP ZooZooBusiness
0-07-023AHP EntertnmtEntertainmentBusiness
0-07-027AHP Financ/ITFinance / ITBusiness
0-07-028AHP GuestSvcsGuest ServicesBusiness
0-07-029AHP SalesSalesBusiness
0-07-030AHP MarketingMarketingBusiness
0-07-128AHP Food&BevFood & BeverageBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-05-006AAR SecurityArena Security OpsSecurity
0-05-036AAR FOH OpsArena Front of House OpsBusiness
0-05-037AAR BOH OpsArena Back of House OpsBusiness
0-05-132AAR MaintArena MaintBusiness
0-05-133AAR UtilitiesArena UtilitiesBusiness
0-05-134AAR UshersArena UshersBusiness
0-05-157AAR MarketingArena MarketingBusiness
0-05-158AAR Food&BevArena Food & BeverageBusiness
0-05-159AAR RetailArena RetailBusiness
0-05-160AAR FinanceArena FinanceBusiness
0-05-161AAR Arena 1Arena 1Business
0-05-162AAR Arena 2Arena 2Business
0-05-163AAR Arena 3Arena 3Business
0-05-164AAR Arena 4Arena 4Business
0-05-165AAR Arena 5Arena 5Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-09-054AAuxiliary 1Auxiliary 1Business
0-09-055AAuxiliary 2Auxiliary 2Business
0-09-056AAuxiliary 3Auxiliary 3Business
0-09-137AAuxiliary 4Auxiliary 4Business
0-09-138AAuxiliary 5Auxiliary 5Business
0-09-139AAuxiliary 6Auxiliary 6Business
0-09-140AAuxiliary 7Auxiliary 7Business
0-09-141AAuxiliary 8Auxiliary 8Business
0-09-142AAuxiliary 9Auxiliary 9Business
0-09-143AAuxiliary 10Auxiliary 10Business
0-09-144AAuxiliary 11Auxiliary 11Business
0-09-145AAuxiliary 12Auxiliary 12Business
0-09-146AAuxiliary 13Auxiliary 13Business
0-09-175AAuxiliary 14Auxiliary 14Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-11-004AGC SecurityGC Security OpsSecurity
0-11-015AGC MaintGC MaintenanceBusiness
0-11-031AGC HockeyHockey OpsBusiness
0-11-034AGC FOH OpsGC Front of House OpsBusiness
0-11-035AGC BOH OpsGC Back of House OpsBusiness
0-11-111AGC MarketingGC MarketingBusiness
0-11-112AGC RetailGC RetailBusiness
0-11-113AGC Financ/ITGC Finance / ITBusiness
0-11-114AGC 1GC 1Business
0-11-115AGC 2GC 2Business
0-11-116AGC 3GC 3Business
0-11-117AGC 4GC 4Business
0-11-125AGC UtilitiesGC UtilitiesBusiness
0-11-126AGC UshersGC UshersBusiness
0-11-127AGC Food&BevGC Food & BeverageBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-01-049ALinks GolfLinks GolfBusiness
0-01-050ACountry ClubCountry ClubBusiness
0-01-099AGolf CourseGolf CourseBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-03-047AHL Sec/MaintHershey Lodge - Security & MaintenanceSecurity
0-03-060AHL IT/Techs?Hershey Lodge? - Technology MaintenanceBusiness
0-17-065AHL OpsHershey Lodge - Unknown OpsBusiness
0-17-074AHL IT/Techs?Hershey Lodge? - Technology Maintenance?Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-07-046AHH SecuritySecuritySecurity
0-01-097AHH BellstandBell StandBusiness
0-11-073AHH EngineerEngineeringBusiness
0-01-098AHH Food/BevFood & BeverageBusiness
0-13-095AHH BanquetsBanquetsBusiness
0-17-064AHH Hskpng?Housekeeping?Business
0-01-068AHH Spa?The Spa at Hotel Hershey?Business
0-01-100AHH Desk?Hotel Hershey?Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-05-011AMT 2Maint 2Business
0-05-012AMT 3 BldgMnt3 Bldg MaintBusiness
0-05-013AMT 4 Rides4 Ride MaintBusiness
0-05-014AMT 5 Utility5 Utility MaintBusiness
0-05-044AMT Corp ComCorp ComBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-01-045ACampgroundHershey Highmeadow CampgroundBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-13-005AST SecuritySecurity OpsSecurity
0-13-029AST MaintMaintenanceBusiness
0-13-032AST FOH OpsFront of House OpsBusiness
0-13-033AST BOH OpsBack of House OpsBusiness
0-13-130AST UtilitiesUtilitiesBusiness
0-13-131AST GC UshersGC UshersBusiness
0-13-149AST Food&BevFood & BeverageBusiness
0-13-150AST RetailRetailBusiness
0-13-151AST GC Fin/ITGC Finance / ITBusiness
0-13-152AST Stadium 1Stad 1Business
0-13-153AST Stadium 2Stad 2Business
0-13-154AST Stadium 3Stad 3Business
0-13-155AST Stadium 4Stad 4Business
0-13-156AST Stadium 5Stad 5Business
0-13-176AST MarketingMarketingBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-01-007ATH SecurityTheater Security OpsSecurity
0-01-035ATH MaintTheater MaintenanceBusiness
0-01-038ATH FOH OpsTheater Front of House OpsBusiness
0-01-039ATH BOH OpsTheater Back of House OpsBusiness
0-01-041ATH UshersTheater UshersBusiness
0-01-136ATH UtilitiesTheater UtilitiesBusiness
0-01-166ATH MarketingTheater MarketingBusiness
0-01-167ATH Food&BevTheater Food & BeverageBusiness
0-01-168ATH RetailTheater RetailBusiness
0-01-169ATH FinanceTheater FinanceBusiness
0-01-170ATH Theater 1Theater 1Business
0-01-171ATH Theater 2Theater 2Business
0-01-172ATH Theater 3Theater 3Business
0-01-173ATH Theater 4Theater 4Business
0-01-174ATH Theater 5Theater 5Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-03-075AFood & BevFood and BeverageBusiness
0-17-089AUnknown UseUnknown UseBusiness