System Name: Clinton County
Location: Clinton County, NY
County: Clinton
System Type: Motorola Type II Smartnet
System Voice: Analog
System ID: Sysid: 3A34 Connect Tone: 128.57
Last Updated: September 29, 2020, 2:18 pm CDT   [Updated General Trunked System Information]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Simulcast 853.0625c852.8125c852.5625c852.3625851.8875851.3125


Clinton County Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
80801f90ACCSOSheriffLaw Talk
81121fb0ACCSOSheriffLaw Talk
82722050ACCSOSheriffLaw Talk
83042070ACCSOSheriffLaw Talk
83362090ACCSO Car/CarSheriff Car-to-CarLaw Talk
840020d0ACCSO MainSheriff Dispatch and Main CommunicationsLaw Dispatch
293287290ACCSOSheriffLaw Talk
2936072b0ACCSOSheriffLaw Talk
Clinton County Fire/EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
16010ATAC 1K CallTAC 1K All TAC Channel (also TG DEC 17) AnnouncementFire-Tac
48030ATAC 1ATAC 1A Channel, TAC 1 Units to County DispatchFire-Tac
80050ATAC 1B CmndTAC 1B Command ChannelFire-Tac
112070ATAC 1H OffcrTAC 1H Officers ChannelFire-Tac
144090ATAC 1D IntOpTAC 1D Interior Operations ChannelFire-Tac
1760b0ATAC 1E WaterTAC 1E Water Supply ChannelFire-Tac
2080d0ATAC 1G/2G/3GTAC 1G, TAC 2G, and TAC 3G Fire Chiefs to County DispatchFire-Tac
2400f0ATAC 1I EMSTAC 1I EMS ChannelFire-Tac
272110AEMS TelmEMS Telemetry Channel, All Ambulances to CVPH Med. CtrHospital
304130ATAC 1 EMSTac 1 EMS OperationsEMS-Tac
336150ACo-ord Coordinator to Chiefs Channel?Fire-Tac
368170ATAC 1L/2L/3LTAC 1L, TAC 2L, and TAC 3L Coordinator to Coordinator ChannelFire-Tac
400190ATAC 1M/2M/3MTAC 1M, TAC 2M, and TAC 3M Coordinator to County Dispatch ChannelFire-Tac
4641d0ACVPHCVPH Channel, All Ambulances to CVPH Med. Ctr.Fire-Tac
528210ATAC 1J TAC 1J Officer to Coordinator ChannelFire-Tac
1616650ATAC 2K AllTAC 2K All TAC Channel AnnouncementFire-Tac
1648670ATAC 2ATAC 2A Channel, TAC 2 Units to County DispatchFire-Tac
1680690ATAC 2B CmndTAC 2B Command ChannelFire-Tac
17126b0ATAC 2H OffcrTAC 2H Officers ChannelFire-Tac
17446d0ATAC 2D IntOpTAC 2D Interior Operations ChannelFire-Tac
17766f0ATAC 2E WaterTAC 2E Water Supply ChannelFire-Tac
1840730ATAC 2I EMSTAC 2I EMS ChannelFire-Tac
1904770ATac 2 EMSTac 2 EMS OperationsEMS-Tac
19687b0ATAC 2LTAC 2L On Some Radios?Fire-Tac
20327f0ATAC 2JTAC 2J Officer to Coordinator ChannelFire-Tac
3216c90ATAC 3K AllTAC 3K All TAC Channel AnnouncementFire-Tac
3248cb0ATAC 3ATAC 3A Channel, TAC 3 Units to County DispatchFire-Tac
3280cd0ATAC 3B CmndTAC 3B Command ChannelFire-Tac
3312cf0ATAC 3H OfcrsTAC 3H Officers ChannelFire-Tac
3344d10ATAC 3D IntOpTAC 3D Interior Operations ChannelFire-Tac
3376d30ATAC 3E WaterTAC 3E Water Supply ChannelFire-Tac
3440d70ATAC 3I EMSTAC 3I EMS ChannelFire-Tac
3504db0ATac 3 EMSTac 3 EMS OperationsEMS-Tac
3568df0ATAC 3LTAC 3L On Some Radios?Fire-Tac
3632e30ATAC 3JTAC 3J Officer to Coordinator ChannelFire-Tac
484812f0ATAC 1C 36/37TAC 1C Dept. Channel, County No. 36/37/10 Isle LaMotte, Alburg VTFire-Tac
48801310ATAC 1C 10TAC 1C Dept. Channel, County No. 10, FD/AMB, Altona, NYFire-Tac
49121330ATAC 3C 11/41TAC 3C Dept. Channel, County No. 11/41 Ausable Forks NYFire-Tac
49441350ATAC 2C 12TAC 2C Dept. Channel, County No. 12, FD/RS, Beekmantown NYFire-Tac
49761370ATAC 3C 13TAC 3C Dept. Channel, County No. 13, FD/RS, Cadyville NYFire-Tac
50081390ATAC 1C 14TAC 1C Dept. Channel, County No. 14, FD/AMB, Champlain NYFire-Tac
504013b0ATAC 2C 15TAC 2C Dept. Channel, County No. 15, FD/AMB, Chazy NYFire-Tac
507213d0ATAC 1C 16TAC 1C Dept. Channel, County No. 16, FD/AMB, Churubusco NYFire-Tac
510413f0ATAC 2C 18TAC 2C Dept. Channel, County No. 18, FD/RS, Cumberland Head NYFire-Tac
51361410ATAC 1C 19/17TAC 1C Dept. Channel. County No. 19/17, FD/AMB, Dannemora, Clinton Correctional FacilityFire-Tac
51681430ATAC 2C 35TAC 2C Dept. Channel, County No. 35, FD/RS, District 3 Town of Plattsburgh NYFire-Tac
52001450ATAC 1C 20TAC 1C Dept. Channel, County No. 20, FD/AMB, Ellenburg Center NYFire-Tac
52321470ATAC 1C 21TAC 1C Dept. Channel, County No. 21, FD/RS, Ellenburg Depot NYFire-Tac
52641490ATAC 1C 22TAC 1C Dept. Channel, County No. 22, FD/AMB, Hemmingford, Quebec, CanadaFire-Tac
529614b0ATAC 3C 23TAC 3C Dept. Channel, County No. 23, FD/AMB, Keeseville NYFire-Tac
532814d0ATAC 1C 38TAC 1C Dept. Channel, County No. 38, FD, Lacolle, Quebec, CanadaFire-Tac
536014f0ATAC 1C 24TAC 1C Dept. Channel, County No. 24, FD/AMB, Lyon Mountain NYFire-Tac
53921510ATAC 1C 23TAC 1C Dept. Channel, County No. 23, FD/AMB, Mooers NYFire-Tac
54241530ATAC 3C 26TAC 3C Dept. Channel, County No. 26, FD, Morrisonville NYFire-Tac
54561550ATAC 3C 27TAC 3C Dept. Channel, County No. 27, FD/AMB, Peru NYFire-Tac
54881570ATAC 2C 28TAC 2C Dept. Channel, County No.28, FD/AMB, City of Plattsburgh NYFire-Tac
555215b0ATAC 1C 30TAC 1C Dept. Channel, County No. 30, FD/AMB, Rouses Point NYFire-Tac
558415d0ATAC 3C 31TAC 3C Dept. Channel, County No. 31, FD/AMB, Saranac NYFire-Tac
561615f0ATAC 3C 32TAC 3C Dept. Channel, County No. 32, FD, South Plattsburgh NYFire-Tac
56481610ATAC 1C 42TAC 1C Dept. Channel, County No. 42, FD, St. Bernard, Quebec, CanadaFire-Tac
56801630ATAC 1C 39TAC 1C Dept. Channel, County No. 39, FD, St. Paul, Quebec, CanadaFire-Tac
57121650ATAC 2C 33TAC 2C Dept. Channel, County No. 33, FD/AMB, West Chazy NYFire-Tac
580816b0ATAC 3C 40TAC 3C Dept. Channel, County No. 40, AMB Squad, Morrisonville NYFire-Tac
584016d0ATAC 2C 91-95TAC 2C Dept. Channel, County Nos. EMS 91,92,93,94,95 CVPH Medical Center AmbulancesFire-Tac
587216f0ATAC 1C ChampTAC 1C Dept. Channel, Champlain and Mooers Ambulances 462 and 463Fire-Tac
Clinton County Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1584630ARadio MntceRadio MaintenancePublic Works
68961af0AHwy Flag 2Highway Department Flag 2Public Works
82082010AHwy SuptTown Highway SuperintendentsPublic Works
836820b0AHwySpt to CCTown Highway Superintendents to Clinton County Highway DepartmentPublic Works
964825b0ADisp CC HwyCounty Dispatch to Clinton County Highway Department ForemanPublic Works
968025d0AHwy Flag 1Highway Department Flag 1Public Works
97442610AHwy DeptHighway DepartmentPublic Works
97762630ACARTClinton County Area Rural Transportation (CART) BusesPublic Works
98402670AHwy DeptHighway DepartmentPublic Works
990426b0AHwy DeptHighway DepartmentPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
80481f70ADisp to LECounty Dispatch to Law Enforcement AgenciesInterop
118562e50ACtyWideEMSCounty Wide EMS, Law Enforcement, FireInterop
118882e70ACoord A/GCoordinator Air/GroundInterop
129443290ALE I/A Ch.Law Enforcement Inter Agency ChannelInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
67041a30AHighway DeptHighway DepartmentPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
114082c90ADPW TownTown Public WorksPublic Works
Champlain (Village)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
82402030ADPW VillageVillage Public WorksPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
67681a70AHighway DeptHighway DepartmentPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
69281b10AMuni LightngCity of Plattsburgh Municipal Lighting Dept.Utilities
115042cf0APIA OpsPlattsburgh International Airport Operations and FirefightingMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
64801950ARPPDPoliceLaw Talk
65441990ADPWWater, Sewer, Street and Electric DepartmentsPublic Works
660819d0ARPPDPoliceLaw Talk
664019f0ARPPDPoliceLaw Talk
66721a10ARPPD EmrgPolice Emergency ChannelLaw Talk
New York State Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
112802c10ANYSP Troop BNYSP - PlattsburghLaw Talk
New York Department of Transportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
67361a50ANY DOT CrewsRoad CrewsPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
112482bf0AWells CommWells Communications (radio technicians, system maintenance)Public Works
113122c30ALE Surveil?Law Enforcement Surveillance?Law Talk