System Name: Richmond/Henrico/Chesterfield
Location: Various, VA
County: 4 Counties
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice: Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
System ID: Sysid: 6F3A Connect Tone: 97.3
Last Updated: March 21, 2024, 15:06 pm UTC   [Updated encryption settings for 1 talkgroups for Henrico County Police]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Henrico Simulcast Henrico 851.7375852.300852.8125853.725853.8625854.9875c855.2125
002 (2) Chesterfield Simulcast Chesterfield 854.1625854.4875c855.6625c856.2125c856.2375856.5125c856.7625
003 (3) Richmond Simulcast Richmond 853.825c853.950c851.1375851.2375851.3875851.6625851.7875


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
163844000DRegnwde LE 1Regionwide Law Enforcement 1Law Tac
164004010DRegnwde LE 2Regionwide Law Enforcement 2Law Tac
164164020DRegnwde LE 3Regionwide Law Enforcement 3Law Tac
164324030DERegnwde LE 4Regionwide Law Enforcement 4Law Tac
164484040DERegnwde LE 5Regionwide Law Enforcement 5Law Tac
201604ec0DRegionwide 1Regionwide 1Interop
201764ed0DRegionwide 2Regionwide 2Interop
201924ee0DRegionwide 3Regionwide 3Interop
202084ef0DRegionwide 4Regionwide 4Interop
202244f00DRegionwide 5Regionwide 5Interop
202884f40DRegnwdPrsuitRegionwide PursuitInterop
267686890DRegnwdPS 1Regionwide Public Safety 1Interop
2678468a0DRegnwdPS 2Regionwide Public Safety 2Interop
2680068b0DRegnwdPS 3Regionwide Public Safety 3Interop
2681668c0DRegnwdPS 4Regionwide Public Safety 4Interop
2683268d0DRegnwdPS 5Regionwide Public Safety 5Interop
369129030DRegnwdFire 1Regionwide Fire 1Fire-Tac
369289040DRegnwdFire 2Regionwide Fire 2Fire-Tac
369449050DRegnwdFire 3Regionwide Fire 3Fire-Tac
369609060DRegnwdFire 4Regionwide Fire 4Fire-Tac
369769070DRegnwdFire 5Regionwide Fire 5Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
367688fa0DRich City 1City 1Interop
367848fb0DRich City 2City 2Interop
368008fc0DRich City 3City 3Interop
368168fd0DRich City 4City 4Interop
368328fe0DRich City 5City 5Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2880b40ARFD FRAPFRAP ActivationData
343048600DRFD SpOp 1Special Operations 1Fire-Tac
343208610DERFD SpOp 2Special Operations 2Fire-Tac
346248740DRFD 1 Disp1 DispatchFire Dispatch
346408750DRFD 2 Tac 22 Tac 2Fire-Tac
346568760DRFD 3 Tac 33 Tac 3Fire-Tac
346728770DRFD 4 Tac 44 Tac 4Fire-Tac
3472087a0DRFD 5 Prev5 Prevention (Investigations) Fire-Talk
3473687b0DRFD AdminAdministrationFire-Talk
3475287c0DRFD 7 Trng7 TrainingFire-Talk
3478487e0DRFD 88Fire-Talk
348168800DRFD Ops 1Operations 1Fire-Tac
348328810DRFD Ops 2Operations 2Fire-Tac
348488820DRFD Ops 3Operations 3Fire-Tac
348648830DRFD Tac 5Tac 5Fire-Tac
348808840DRFD Tac 6Tac 6Fire-Tac
348968850DRFD Tac 7Tac 7Fire-Tac
349128860DRFD Tac 8Tac 8Fire-Tac
349288870DRFD Tac 9Tac 9Fire-Tac
349448880DRFD Tac 10Tac 10Fire-Tac
3497688a0DRFD Tac 11Tac 11Fire-Tac
3499288b0DRFD AutoDispAutomated DispatchFire Dispatch
Richmond Ambulance Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
346888780DREMS 11 DispatchEMS Dispatch
347048790DREMS 22 On-Scene OpsEMS-Tac
3729691b0DREMS 33 Interfacility TransfersEMS-Tac
3731291c0DREMS 44 Large Incident TacEMS-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
328488050DERPD 11st Precinct (Ch. 1)Law Dispatch
328648060DERPD 22nd Precinct (Ch. 2)Law Dispatch
328808070DERPD 33rd Precinct (Ch. 3)Law Dispatch
328968080DERPD 44th Precinct (Ch. 4)Law Dispatch
329128090DERPD 5Special Event Tac (Citywide)Law Tac
3292880a0DERPD ServiceService/NCIC/Citywide AlertsLaw Tac
3294480b0DERPD 1 Admin1st Precinct AdministrationLaw Tac
3296080c0DERPD 1 Bike1st Precinct BikeLaw Tac
3297680d0DERPD 1 SEU1st Precinct Special Enforcement UnitLaw Tac
3299280e0DERPD 1 Tac1st Precinct TacticalLaw Tac
330248100DERPD 2 Admin2nd Precinct AdministrationLaw Tac
330408110DERPD 2 Bike2nd Precinct BikeLaw Tac
330568120DERPD 2 SEU2nd Precinct Special Enforcement UnitLaw Tac
330728130DERPD 2 Tac2nd Precinct TacticalLaw Tac
331208160DERPD 3 Admin3rd Precinct AdministrationLaw Tac
331368170DERPD 3 Bike3rd Precinct BikeLaw Tac
331528180DERPD 3 SEU3rd Precinct Special Enforcement UnitLaw Tac
331688190DERPD 3 Tac3rd Precinct TacticalLaw Tac
3321681c0DERPD 4 Admin4th Precinct AdministrationLaw Tac
3323281d0DERPD 4 Bike4th Precinct BikeLaw Tac
3324881e0DERPD 4 SEU4th Precinct Special Enforcement UnitLaw Tac
3326481f0DERPD 4 Tac4th Precinct TacticalLaw Tac
334248290DERPD CanineCanine TacticalLaw Tac
3344082a0DERPD SOD Tac1Special Operations Division (SOD) Tactical 1Law Tac
3345682b0DERPD SOD Tac2Special Operations Division (SOD) Tactical 2Law Tac
3347282c0DERPD DrvTrainDriver TrainingLaw Talk
3350482e0DERPD NarcSurvSurveillance - Narcotics (some encryption)Law Tac
3369683a0DERPD ViceSurvVice SurveillanceLaw Tac
3372883c0DERPD Narc 1Surveillance - Narcotics "Narc 1" (some encryption)Law Tac
3374483d0DERPD Srv33744SurveillanceLaw Tac
338408430DERPD Srv33840SurveillanceLaw Tac
339048470DERPD Srv33904Narcotics/Vice SurveillanceLaw Tac
339208480DERPD Srv33920Narcotics/Vice Surveillance (some encryption)Law Tac
3398484c0DERPD Srv33984Narcotics/Vice Surveillance (some encryption)Law Tac
3401684e0DERPD Srv34016Narcotics/Vice SurveillanceLaw Tac
3403284f0DERPD Srv34032Narcotics/Vice SurveillanceLaw Tac
340648510DERPD NarcSurv/TANarcotics Surveillance/TalkaroundLaw Tac
340808520DERPD Srv34080Narcotics/Vice Surveillance (some encryption)Law Tac
340968530DERPD Srv34096Narcotics/Vice Surveillance (some encryption)Law Tac
341128540DERPD Srv34112Narcotics/Vice SurveillanceLaw Tac
341288550DERPD Srv34128Narcotics/Vice SurveillanceLaw Tac
341448560DERPD Srv34144Narcotics/Vice Surveillance (some encryption)Law Tac
341608570DERPD Srv34160Narcotics/Vice SurveillanceLaw Tac
341768580DERPD 3 T/A3rd Precinct Talkaround/Focus Mission TeamLaw Tac
341928590DERPD Srv34192Narcotics/Vice SurveillanceLaw Tac
3420885a0DERPD Srv34208Narcotics/Vice Surveillance (some encryption)Law Tac
3422485b0DERPD Srv34224Narcotics/Vice SurveillanceLaw Tac
3424085c0DERPD Srv34240Narcotics/Vice SurveillanceLaw Tac
364968e90DRPD CitywideCitywide BroadcastsLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3529689e0DRichSO Jail1Jail 1Corrections
3531289f0DRichSO TransPrisoner TransportCorrections
353288a00DRichSO Jail2Jail 2Corrections
353448a10DRichCircGDCCircuit and General District CourtsCorrections
353608a20DRichSO Cts/CivPrCourts/Civil ProcessCorrections
353768a30DRichJuvDomCtJuvenile and Domestic CourtsCorrections
353928a40DRichSO CourtCourtsCorrections
Richmond Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
357928bd0DRich DPW 5DPW 5Public Works
358248bf0DRich DPW DspDispatchPublic Works
358408c00DRich DPW 2DPW 2 (Solid Waste)Public Works
358728c20DRich DPW 3DPW 3 (Street Cleaning)Public Works
358888c30DRich DPW 4DPW 4 (Street Maintenance/Snow Plows)Public Works
359048c40DRich DPW 7DPW 7 (Flagmen)Public Works
359528c70DRich DPW 6DPW 6 (Traffic Engineering/Sign Shop)Public Works
360328cc0DRich DPW 8DPW 8Public Works
360488cd0DRich DPW 9DPW 9Public Works
Richmond Public Utilities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
356008b10DRich DPU DspDPU DispatchUtilities
356168b20DRich DPU 2DPU 2Utilities
356328b30DRich DPU 3DPU 3 (Water Operations)Utilities
356488b40DRich DPU 4DPU 4 (Wasterwater Treatment Plant 1)Utilities
356648b50DRich DPU 5DPU 5 (Street Lights)Utilities
356808b60DRich DPU 7DPU 7 (Gas Operations)Utilities
356968b70DRich DPU 8DPU 8Utilities
357128b80DRich DPU 9DPU 9Utilities
357448ba0DRichDPU WTP2Wastewater Treatment Plant 2Utilities
357608bb0DRich DPU 6DPU 6Utilities
366408f20DRich PORTPortUtilities
372329170DRich GenSrv1General Services 1 DispatchUtilities
372489180DRich GenSrv2General Services 2Utilities
372649190DRich GenSrv3General Services 3Utilities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
355208ac0DRich Pks DspParks DispatchPublic Works
355368ad0DRich Pks 11Parks 11Public Works
355528ae0DRich Pks 12Parks 12Public Works
360008ca0DRich WX RptWeather ReportsPublic Works
363208de0DRich InspectPermits and InspectionsPublic Works
363368df0DRich Insp 14Permits and Inspections 14Public Works
364168e40DRich ACAnimal Control (uses talkgroup 35824 after business hours)Public Works
3704090b0DRich RadTechRadio TechniciansPublic Works
3728091a0DRchCtyHllSecCity Hall SecuritySecurity
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
360808cf0DRichSch SecSecuritySecurity
360968d00DRichSch MntConstruction and MaintenanceSchools
361128d10DRichSch BusBusesSchools
361288d20DRicSchBusSecBuses SecondarySchools
Henrico County Shared
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201124e90DHenr Ctywd 1Countywide 1Interop
201284ea0DHenr Ctywd 2Countywide 2Interop
201444eb0DHenr Ctywd 3Countywide 3Interop
202404f10DHenr Ctywd 4Countywide 4Interop
202564f20DHenr Ctywd 5Countywide 5Interop
Henrico County Public Safety
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
172484360DHenr PS Tac1Public Safety Tac 1Multi-Tac
172644370DHenr PS Tac2Public Safety Tac 2Multi-Tac
172804380DHenr PS Tac3Public Safety Tac 3Multi-Tac
172964390DHenr PS Tac4Public Safety Tac 4Multi-Tac
1731243a0DHenr PS Tac5Public Safety Tac 5Multi-Tac
Henrico County Fire/EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
512200DHCFD FRAPFRAP Activation/Station AlertingData
174724440DHCFD Disp 1Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
174884450DHCFD Disp 2Dispatch 2 (talkaround)Fire Dispatch
175044460DHCFD Tac 4Tac 4Fire-Tac
175204470DHCFD Tac 5Tac 5Fire-Tac
175364480DHCFD Tac 6Tac 6Fire-Tac
175524490DHCFD Tac 7Tac 7Fire-Tac
1756844a0DHCFD Tac 8Tac 8Fire-Tac
1758444b0DHCFD Tac 9Tac 9Fire-Tac
1760044c0DHCFD Tac 10Tac 10Fire-Tac
1761644d0DHCFD Tac 11Tac 11Fire-Tac
1763244e0DHCFD Tac 12Tac 12Fire-Tac
1764844f0DHCFD Tac 13Tac 13Fire-Tac
176804510DHCFD SpOps3Ch. 3 Special OperationsFire-Tac
176964520DHCFD SpOps4Ch. 4 Special OperationsFire-Tac
177124530DHCFD SpOps5Ch. 5 Special OperationsFire-Tac
177284540DHCFD SpOps6Ch. 6 Special OperationsFire-Tac
177444550DHCFD SpOps7Ch. 7 Special OperationsFire-Tac
177764570DHCFD FMOFire Marshal's OfficeFire-Tac
1782445a0DHCFD TraingFire TrainingFire-Tac
1788845e0DHCFD AllCallAll CallFire-Tac
182404740DHCFD EMSOps8Ch. 8 EMS OperationsEMS-Tac
182564750DHCFD EMSOps9Ch. 9 EMS OperationsEMS-Tac
182724760DHCFD EMSOp10Ch. 10 EMS OperationsEMS-Tac
182884770DHCFD HVRSEMS Henrico Volunteer Rescue SquadEMS Dispatch
183044780DHCFD LVRSEMS Lakeside Volunteer Rescue SquadEMS Dispatch
183204790DHCFD TVRSEMS Tuckahoe Volunteer Rescue SquadEMS Dispatch
1835247b0DHCFD CtywEMSCountywide EMS (dispatcher-only side of 17472)EMS Dispatch
Henrico County Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4481c0AHCPD B/E AlarmsBreaking and Entering AlarmsData
164804060DHCPD AdminAdminLaw Tac
164964070DEHCPD SouthSouthLaw Dispatch
165124080DEHCPD CentralCentralLaw Dispatch
165284090DEHCPD NorthNorthLaw Dispatch
1654440a0DEHCPD WestWestLaw Dispatch
1660840e0DEHCPD ACAnimal Protection TacLaw Tac
1662440f0DEHCPD StCrm EStreet Crimes - EastLaw Tac
166404100DEHCPD StCrm WStreet Crimes - WestLaw Tac
166724120DEHCPD 16672UnknownLaw Tac
166884130DEHCPD 16688SurveillanceLaw Tac
167044140DEHCPD Tac EPolice Tactical EastLaw Tac
167204150DEHCPD Tac WPolice Tactical 2 WestLaw Tac
167364160DEHCPD Tac SPolice Tactical 3 SouthLaw Tac
167524170DEHCPD Tac NPolice Tactical 4 NorthLaw Tac
167684180DEHCPD 16768UnknownLaw Tac
1688041f0DEHCPD Disp TrngDispatcher TrainingLaw Talk
169444230DHCPD Annc AnnouncementLaw Tac
170244280DEHCPD 17024UnknownLaw Tac
1705642a0DEHCPD SouthSouthLaw Dispatch
Henrico County Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1867248f0DHCSO Jail WJail West (Primary Jail in Henrico County)Corrections
187044910DHCSO Jail EJail East (Regional Jail in New Kent County)Corrections
187204920DHenrJuvDetCntr 1Juvenile Detention Center 1Corrections
187364930DHenrCircGDCCircuit and General District CourtsCorrections
187524940DHenrJuvDomCtJuvenile and Domestic CourtsCorrections
187844960DHenrJuvDetCntr 2Juvenile Detention Center 2Corrections
Henrico County Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
184644820DHen HealthHealth DepartmentPublic Works
190084a40DHen Parks 1Parks 1Public Works
190244a50DHen Parks 2Parks 2Public Works
191524ad0DHenPU WaterPublic Utilities Water/SewerUtilities
191684ae0DHenPU SolidWPublic Utilities Solid WasteUtilities
191844af0DHenPU 1 OpsPublic Utilities 1 OperationsUtilities
192004b00DHenPU 2 BillPublic Utilities 2 Billing / Meter ReadersUtilities
192164b10DHenPU 3 WTPPublic Utilities 3 Water Treatment PlantUtilities
193924bc0DHenPW Mnt EPublic Works Maintenance EastPublic Works
194084bd0DHenPW Mnt WPublic Works Maintenance WestPublic Works
194244be0DHenPW TrfEngPublic Works Traffic EngineeringPublic Works
194404bf0DHenPW CDEPublic Works CDEPublic Works
194564c00DHenPW Ops 1Public Works Operations 1Public Works
194724c10DHenPW Ops 2Public Works Operations 2Public Works
194884c20DHenPW Ops 3Public Works Operations 3Public Works
199204dd0DHenGS MntGeneral Services MaintenancePublic Works
199364de0DHenGS Sec 1General Services Security 1Security
199524df0DHenGS OpsGeneral Services OperationsPublic Works
199684e00DHenGS Sec 2General Services Security 2Security
200004e20DHenGS Mnt 2General Services Maintenance 2Public Works
Henrico County Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
196804ce0DHenrSch MntMaintenanceSchools
196964cf0DHenrSch FoodFood ServiceSchools
197124d00DHenrSch Bus T/A?Buses - Tallkaround?Schools
197284d10DHenrSch ServGeneral ServicesSchools
197764d40DHenrSchBus Z1 EBuses Zone 1 EastSchools
197924d50DHenrSchBus Z2 NBuses Zone 2 NorthSchools
198084d60DHenrSchBus Z3 NWBuses Zone 3 NorthwestSchools
198244d70DHenrSchBus Z4 WBuses Zone 4 WestSchools
198404d80DHenrSchBus Z5 NEBuses Zone 5 NortheastSchools
198564d90DHenrSch Bus T/A?Buses - Talkaround?Schools
Chesterfield County Fire
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17286c0AChstFD FRAPFRAP ActivationData
253766320DChstFD AnncAnnouncementFire Dispatch
253926330DChstFD Ops 1Ops 1 (Dispatch)Fire Dispatch
254086340DChstFD Ops 2Ops 2Fire-Tac
254246350DChstFD Tac 3Tac 3Fire-Tac
254406360DChstFD Tac 4Tac 4Fire-Tac
254566370DChstFD Tac 5Tac 5Fire-Tac
254726380DChstFD Tac 6Tac 6Fire-Tac
254886390DChstFD Tac 7Tac 7Fire-Tac
2550463a0DChstFD Tac 8Tac 8Fire-Tac
2552063b0DChstFD Tac 9Tac 9Fire-Tac
2553663c0DChstFD Tac10Tac 10Fire-Tac
2555263d0DChstFD Tac11Tac 11Fire-Tac
2556863e0DChstFD Tac12Tac 12Fire-Tac
2558463f0DChstFD Tac13Tac 13Fire-Tac
256006400DChstFD Tac14Tac 14Fire-Tac
256166410DChstFD Tac15Tac 15Fire-Tac
256326420DChstFD AdmFire AdministrationFire-Talk
256486430DChstFD CmdCommand StaffFire-Talk
256646440DChstFD LifSfLife SafetyFire-Talk
256806450DChstFD PlanPlan/ReviewFire-Talk
256966460DChstFD LogisLogisticsFire-Talk
257126470DChstFD Trng1Training Tactical 1Fire-Talk
257286480DChstFD Trng2Fire Training 2Fire-Talk
257446490DChstFD FMFire Marshal TacticalFire-Talk
2576064a0DChstFD EMS Tac?EMS Tac?EMS-Tac
2577664b0DChstFD Trng Tac?Training Tac?Fire-Tac
Chesterfield County Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2473660a0DChstPD AnncAnnouncementLaw Dispatch
2475260b0DEChstPD Zone1Zone 1Law Dispatch
2476860c0DEChstPD Tac 1Tac 1Law Tac
2478460d0DEChstPD Zone2Zone 2Law Dispatch
2480060e0DEChstPD Zone3Zone 3Law Dispatch
2481660f0DEChstPD Tac 3Tac 3Law Tac
248326100DEChstPD Zone4Zone 4Law Dispatch
248486110DEChstPD ServcService/NCICLaw Dispatch
248646120DEChstPD SpOpsSpecial OperationsLaw Tac
248806130DEChstPD EvtEvent TacticalLaw Tac
248966140DEChstPD ACAnimal ControlPublic Works
249126150DEChstPD Trng1Training 1Law Talk
249286160DEChstPD Trng2Training 2Law Talk
249446170DEChstPD AdminAdministrationLaw Talk
249766190DEChstPD CIDOpCriminal Investigations Division (CID) OperationsLaw Tac
2499261a0DEChstPD CIDTcCriminal Investigations Division (CID) TacticalLaw Tac
2502461c0DEChstPD Covt1Covert 1Law Tac
2504061d0DEChstPD Covt2Covert 2Law Tac
2505661e0DEChstPD Covt3Covert 3Law Tac
2507261f0DEChstPD Covt4Covert 4Law Tac
251046210DEChstPD SWATSWATLaw Tac
251206220DEChstPD Tac 2Tac 2Law Tac
251366230DEChstPD Tac 4Tac 4Law Tac
Chesterfield County Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
261926650DEChstSO AnncAnouncementLaw Dispatch
262086660DEChstSO DispDispatchLaw Dispatch
262246670DEChstSO TacTacticalLaw Tac
262406680DEChstSO 3Jail3 JailCorrections
262566690DEChstSO 4Crt14 Court Security 1Corrections
2627266a0DEChstSO 5Crt25 Court Security 2Corrections
2628866b0DEChstSO 6 Tac6 TacticalLaw Tac
2630466c0DEChstSO 7 Adm7 AdministrationLaw Tac
2632066d0DEChstSO 8 IA8 Internal AffairsLaw Tac
2633666e0DEChstSO Trng?Training?Law Tac
Chesterfield County Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2654467b0DChst County1County 1Public Works
2656067c0DChst County2County 2Public Works
2657667d0DChst County3County 3Public Works
2659267e0DChst County4County 4Public Works
2660867f0DChst County5County 5Public Works
266246800DChst County6County 6Public Works
269446940DEChst RadShopRadio ShopPublic Works
269606950DChst BldgInsBuilding InspectorsPublic Works
269766960DChst ParksParksPublic Works
269926970DChst EnvEng?Enviromental Engineering?Public Works
270086980DChst Bldg/GrBuildings/GroundsPublic Works
270246990DChst GarbageGarbagePublic Works
2704069a0DChst LndfillLandfillPublic Works
2705669b0DChst WaterOpWater Utility OperationsUtilities
2707269c0DChst WatMetrWater Utility Meter ReadersUtilities
271686a20DChst WaterTrtmntWater Treatment PlantUtilities
271846a30DChst NACCNorthern Area Convenience CenterPublic Works
Chesterfield County Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2710469e0DChstSchBusRpBus RepairSchools
2712069f0DChst SchBdOpSchool Board OperationsSchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
274086b10DECHPD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
274246b20DECHPD 2Police 2Law Tac
274406b30DECHPD 3Police 3Law Tac
274566b40DECHPD DetectvPolice Detectives (some encryption)Law Tac
274726b50DECHPD AdminPolice AdministrationLaw Tac
276006bd0DCHFD AnncFire AnnouncementFire Dispatch
276166be0DCHFD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
276326bf0DCHFD Tac 2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
276486c00DCHFD Tac 3Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
276646c10DCHFD Tac 4Fire Tactical 4Fire-Tac
276806c20DCHFD AdminFire AdministrationFire-Tac
276966c30DCH EOCEmergency Operations CenterEmergency Ops
278086ca0DECH SO/Court?Sheriff or Court?Law Talk
279366d20DCH UtilitiesUtilities (Sewer)Public Works
279526d30DCH DialARideSenior Center Dial-A-Ride TransportationTransportation
279686d40DCH Sch BusesSchool BusesSchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
374089220DCapitol PD 1Capitol Police 1Law Dispatch
374249230DCapitol PD 2Capitol Police 2Law Tac
Virginia Commonwealth University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3708890e0DVCU1 PD Disp1 Police/Hospital SecurityLaw Dispatch
3710490f0DVCU2 Escorts2 EscortsLaw Tac
371209100DVCU3 PD T/A3 Police Talkaround/Record ChecksLaw Tac
J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
190724a80DJSRCC MntMaintenanceSchools
191044aa0DJSRCC Sec/TrSecurity/TransportationSecurity
Virginia Union University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
371689130DVUU PDPoliceLaw Dispatch
Virginia State University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
286887010DVSU1 PD1 PoliceLaw Dispatch
287047020DVSU2 Sec2 SecuritySecurity
University of Richmond
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
169764250DUnivRich PDPoliceLaw Dispatch
169924260DUnivRich EscEscortsSchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
188004970DJamesRvJuvDetCtrJames River Juvenile Detention CenterCorrections