System Name: Bloomsburg University
Location: Bloomsburg, PA
County: Columbia
System Type: LTR Standard
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: April 27, 2017, 8:56 am CDT   [General text description updated]
System Notes

Bloomsburg University has rolled out there New DMR Radio system and it is now in use.


Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
002 (2) Bloomsburg University TRS 02 860.837508 859.837510 858.837516 857.837518 856.8375


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-02-010AMaintenance1Maintenance #1Schools
0-02-020AMaintenance2Maintenance #2Schools
0-02-030AShuttle TalkShuttle-to-ShuttleSchools
0-02-088AShuttle DispShuttle DispatchSchools
0-02-089ARadio MaintRadio MaintenancePublic Works
0-08-129ABloom DPWTown of Bloomsburg - DPWPublic Works