Mammoth Mountain & June Mountain Ski Areas

System Name: Mammoth Mountain & June Mountain Ski Areas
Location: Mammoth Mountain, CA
County: Mono
System Type: Motorola Type I
System Voice: Analog
System ID: Sysid: 393A Connect Tone: 76.6
Last Updated: March 13, 2021, 7:58 am CST   [Changed Site # 001 (Mammoth Mtn Summit) to 001 (Mammoth Mtn Summit)]
System Notes
The repeaters are located in the upper gondola station building at the summit of Mammoth Mountain. The control channel rotates between 860.5125 and 859.5125 every 24 hours.

Conventional Channels:

860.1625 MHz  -  Channel 16A - "Talk Around"

This frequency is used for simplex radio to radio communication. It has a CTCSS or DCS tone (To Be Determined) to keep it from receiving from, or transmitting to, the trunked system.

Talkgroup Notes:

* Summer channel use (when it differs from winter channel use). Lift construction may use additional channels.

** Mammoth Mountain leases its shuttle buses to the Eastern Sierra Transit Authority for this summertime activity.

NOTE: Many of the channels above are used for large, mainly summertime events in Mammoth Lakes. The annual Mammoth Motocross is one of these.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Mammoth Mtn Summit 854.9375855.8375856.5125857.5125c858.5125c858.8125859.5125c860.1625


Mammoth Mountain & June Mountain Ski Areas

SubfleetDEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
600-010000A1A SkiPatrolCh 1A - Ski PatrolEMS-Talk
600-020000A1B SkiPatrolCh 1B - Ski Patrol Alternate EMS-Talk
600-030000A1C Pan GondCh 1C - Panorama Gondola OperationsBusiness
200-010000A2A AdminCh 2A - Host Supervisors/Lift Operations Supervisors/Administration/Bike Park *Business
200-020000A2B Lift OpsCh 2B - Lift OperationsBusiness
200-030000A2C Ski HostsCh 2C - Ski HostsBusiness
200-050000A3A Lift MntCh 3A - Lift MaintenanceBusiness
200-060000A3B Lift MntCh 3B - Lift Maintenance AlternateBusiness
200-070000A3C Lift MntCh 3C - Lift Maintenance AlternateBusiness
200-090000A4A Slope MntCh 4A - Slope MaintenanceBusiness
200-100000A4B Slope MntCh 4B - Slope Maintenance AlternateBusiness
200-110000A4C Snow CatCh 4C - Snow Cat MaintenanceBusiness
200-130000A5A Snow Pl/MCh 5A - Snow Placement (Snow Plowing & Snow Making)/Lift Construction *Business
200-140000A5B Snow Pl/MCh 5B - Snow Placement (Snow Plowing & Snow Making) AlternateBusiness
200-150000A5C Veh MaintCh 5C - Garage Calling (Vehicle Maintenance)Business
000-090000A6A Race DeptCh 6A - Race DepartmentBusiness
000-100000A6B EventsCh 6B - EventsBusiness
000-110000A6C Jun RaceCh 6C - Junior Race TeamsBusiness
001-010000A7A UnboundCh 7A - Unbound (Snowboard play areas) (includes Unbound grooming)Business
001-020000A7B EventsCh 7B - EventsBusiness
001-030000A7C EventsCh 7C - EventsBusiness
001-090000A8A Canyon SSCh 8A - Canyon Lodge Sports School/Sierra Star Golf Course Operations *Schools
001-100000A8B Canyon SSCh 8B - Canyon Lodge Sports School Alternate/Sierra Star Food Operations *Schools
001-110000A8C Wolly SSCh 8C - Main Lodge/Woollywood Sports Schools/Mammoth Mtn. Adventure Center *Schools
000-010000A9A Eagle SSCh 9A - Eagle Lodge Sports SchoolSchools
000-020000A9B Eagle SSCh 9B - Eagle Lodge Sports School AlternateSchools
000-030000A9C Wolly SSCh 9C - Main Lodge/Woollywood Sports Schools AlternateSchools
201-010000A10A SecurityCh 10A - SecuritySecurity
201-020000A10B SecurityCh 10B - Security AlternateSecurity
201-030000A10C SnowmobCh 10C - Mammoth Snowmobile AdventuresBusiness
201-050000A11A Bldg MntCh 11A - Building MaintenanceBusiness
201-060000A11B HousingCh 11B - Staff HousingBusiness
201-070000A11C TelecomCh 11C - TelecommunicationsBusiness
201-090000A12A MMI MntCh 12A - Mammoth Mountain Inn Operations - Maintenance/GroundsBusiness
201-100000A12B MMI HskpCh 12B - Mammoth Mountain Inn - HousekeepingBusiness
201-110000A12C MMI SvcsCh 12C - Mammoth Mountain Inn Guest Services & Night Bus LinesBusiness
700-010000A13A Cat/BusCh 13A - Catering/Devils Postpile Shuttle Buses **Business
700-020000A13B FoodSvcsCh 13B - Food ServicesBusiness
700-030000A13C HotelsCh 13C - HotelsBusiness
201-130000A14A TransprtCh 14A - Transportation Red Line (Main Lodge) & StaffTransportation
201-140000A14B TransprtCh 14B - Transportation Main Lodge Parking Control & ShuttleTransportation
201-150000A14C TransprtCh 14C - Transportation Green/Blue/Orange Lines/Canyon Parking Control/ShuttleTransportation
700-040000A15A HotelsCh 15A - HotelsBusiness
700-050000A15B HotelsCh 15B - HotelsBusiness
700-060000A15C HotelsCh 15C - HotelsBusiness
700-080000A16B No LabelCh 16B - Not LabeledBusiness
700-090000A16C TestingCh 16C - Radio TestBusiness