Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (EDACS)

System Name: Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (EDACS)
Location: Lexington, KY
County: Fayette
System Type: EDACS Standard
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: June 19, 2018, 5:23 am CDT   [Updated General Trunked System Information]
System Notes

> This TRS is reconfigured

> The system will track properly using the BCD396T if each  Site is entered with all the talk groups id's desired in separate systems and then entered under the same Quick Key. Each Site must be entered in a separate bank in order for the entire system to Trunk properly in the Trunking PRO 92 thru 96 Series scanners (it appears that programming  Site One will assure adequate reception of all transmissions (this is a multi-cast TRS)).

> The PSR500 tracks all three sites very nicely, and Unitrunker shares the talkgroup files quite well using the Delegate feature.

> 860.93750 is still a part of this system in Simplex Talk-Around.

> Georgetown EMS uses the Lexington Public Safety EMS Talk Groups when transporting to a Lexington Hospital

> University of Kentucky Unit Numbers
6XX U.K. Medical Center Security
7XX U.K. Parking Enforcement
9XX U.K. Police

New Lexington TRS Lat/Long
1 - WQCJ588 (LEX) WINCHESTER RD 38-02-23.0 N, 084-24-10.0 W
2 - WQCJ588 (LEX) CLAYS FERRY 37-52-50.9 N, 084-19-15.9 W
3 - WQCJ588 (LEX) PATTERSON OFFICE TOWER BLDG 38-02-19.0 N, 084-30-16.0 W
4 - WQCJ588 (LEX) Mobile - 26.0 km radius around centerpoint 38-01-30.3 N, 084-27-59.8 W
1 - WPEE674 (UK) PATTERSON OFFICE TWR 38-02-19.3 N, 084-30-15.8 W

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Site 1 (Lexington-Central) 01 857.2625c02 858.2625c03 859.2625c04 854.7125c05 856.2625c06 855.212507 856.9375c08 857.9375c
003 (3) Site 3 (Winchester Rd-East) 01 856.4375c02 857.4375c03 858.4375c04 858.987505 859.4375c06 859.937507 855.2625c08 856.8625c
004 (4) Site 4 (Clay's Ferry-South) 01 858.2125c02 858.7625c03 859.212504 859.762505 854.2125c06 854.4875  
005 (5) Site 5 (Bull Lea) 01 854.3875c       


University of KY Public Safety
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
27502-023AUK PD PTRL 1Patrol 1Law Dispatch
27602-024AUK PD PTRL 2Patrol 2Law Talk
27802-026AUK PD EVNT 1Event 1 (Football Games, etc)Law Talk
27902-027AUK PD EVNT 2Event 2 (Football Games, etc)Law Talk
28002-030AUK PD TATalkaroundLaw Talk
27202-020AUK PD TATalkaroundLaw Talk
27402-022AUK PD TATalkaroundLaw Talk
28102-031AUK PD TA Information/SafeCats (UK Student Safety Escorts)Law Talk
28602-036AUKPD/SECRTY Talk Around with Campus SecurityLaw Talk
28702-037AUKPD/SECRTYPolice/UKMC SecuritySecurity
28902-041AUKPRKING DSPParking Information DispatchSchools
29002-042AUK SHUTTLESShuttle BusesSchools
29102-043AUK PRKING 2 Parking Enforcement/Parking Meter RepairSchools
29202-044AUK PAKING TA Parking Enforcement #2/TASchools
32202-082AUK SAFECATSSafeCats (UK Student Safety Escorts)Law Talk
University of KY Medical Center
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
33602-100AUKMC Scrty 0Security Emergency DispatchSecurity
33702-101AUKMC Scrty 1Security Ch 1 - DispatchSecurity
33802-102AUKMC Scrty 2Security Ch 2Security
33902-103AUKMC Scrty 3Security Ch 3Security
34002-104AUKMC Scrty 4Security Ch 4Security
30502-061AUKMC ER TrgeEmergency Room TriageHospital
30602-062AUKMC EREmergency RoomHospital
34502-111AUKMCScrtySPCSecurity Special EventSecurity
34602-112AUKMCScrtySPCSecurity Special EventSecurity
University of KY Staff
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
35302-121AUK AGCollege of AgricultureSchools
35402-122AUK AGCollege of Agriculture (Woodford Co. Farm)Schools
35502-123AUK AGCollege of AgricultureSchools
38603-002AUK SGAStudent Government AssociationSchools
39103-007AUKSGAStudent Government AssociationSchools
University of KY Contract Security
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
37102-143ASecuritasSecuritas (Contracted Security)Schools
37202-144ASecuritasSecuritas (Contracted Security)Schools
University of KY Physical Plant
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48003-120AUK PPDElectriciansPublic Works
48103-121AUK PPDElectriciansPublic Works
48203-122AUK PPDElectriciansPublic Works
48303-123AUK PPDElectriciansPublic Works
48403-124AUK PPDComputer Techs #1Public Works
48503-125AUK PPDComputer Techs #2Public Works
48603-126AUK PPDComputer TechsPublic Works
48703-127AUK PPDComputer TechsPublic Works
48803-130AUK PPDComputer TechsPublic Works
49303-135AUK PPDComputer Techs #5Public Works
50003-144AUK PPDComputer TechsPublic Works
93807-052AUK PPDComputer TechsPublic Works
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
104108-021ALFD/EMS DSPFire/EMS DispatchMulti-Dispatch
113708-141AEC TO UKUK Hospital ERHospital
113808-142AEC TO STJOESt. Joseph's Hospital ERHospital
113908-143AEC TO CBHCentral Baptist Hospital ERHospital
114008-144AEC TO GD SAMGood Samaritan Hospital ERHospital
114108-145AEC TO VAVA Hospital ERHospital
114208-146AEC TO EASTSt. Joseph's East Hospital ERHospital
103608-014ALFD EMS/ADMNEMS/AdminEMS-Talk
114608-152ALFD EMS SPCEMS Special DetailEMS-Talk
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
104108-021ALFD/EMS DSPFire/EMS DispatchMulti-Dispatch
104208-022ALFD Fire 1Fire 1Fire-Tac
104308-023ALFD Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
104408-024ALFD Fire 3Fire 3Fire-Tac
104508-025ALFD Fire 4Fire 4Fire-Tac
104608-026ALFD Fire 5Fire 5Fire-Tac
104708-027ALFD Fire 6Fire 6Fire-Tac
100-001ALFD DSP PTCHDispatch PatchFire Dispatch
200-002ALFD DSP PTCHDispatch PatchFire Dispatch
300-003ALFD DSP PTCHDispatch PatchFire Dispatch
400-004ALFD DSP PTCHDispatch PatchFire Dispatch
500-005ALFD DSP PTCHDispatch PatchFire Dispatch
1700-021ALFD TATalk-AroundFire-Talk
4900-061ALFD TATalk-AroundFire-Talk
105708-041ALFD SCENE 1SCENE #1Fire-Tac
105808-042ALFD SCENE 2SCENE #2Fire-Tac
105908-043ALFD SCENE 3SCENE #3Fire-Tac
106008-044ALFD SCENE 4SCENE #4Fire-Tac
106108-045ALFD SCENE 5SCENE #5Fire-Tac
106208-046ALFD SCENE 6SCENE #6Fire-Tac
104808-030ALFD HAZMAT 1Hazmat 1Fire-Talk
104908-031ALFD HAZMAT 2Hazmat 2Fire-Talk
105008-032ARED BUTTON"Red Button" Alert (alert button individual radios)Fire-Talk
107308-061ALFD INFO/STFInfo/StaffFire-Talk
107508-063ALFDINFO/GEN2Info/General 2Fire-Talk
107608-064ALFDINFO/GEN3Info/General 3Fire-Talk
108908-081ALFD FrPrvntnFire Fire PreventionFire-Talk
109008-082ALFD INVSTRSFire InvestigatorsFire-Talk
109108-083ALFD INVSTRSFire InvestigatorsFire-Talk
110608-102ALFD MAINTMaintenance/Repair StaffFire-Talk
110708-103ALFD COM STFCommunications StaffFire-Talk
116009-010ALFD TRNG DSPFire Training DispatchFire Dispatch
116909-021ALFD TRNG DSPFire Training DispatchFire Dispatch
117009-022ALFD TRNG 1Training 1Fire-Talk
117109-023ALFD TRNG 2Training 2Fire-Talk
117209-024ALFD TRNG 3Training 3Fire-Talk
117309-025ALFD TRNG 4Training 4Fire-Talk
117409-026ALFD TRNG 5 Training 5Fire-Talk
117509-027ALFD TRNG ScnTraining-ScenariosFire-Talk
118509-041ALFDTRNG PTCTraining (Patch to 08-021)Fire-Talk
120109-061ALFD EMS SPCTraining Staff/EMS Special DetailFire-Talk
120209-062ALFD EMS SPCTraining Staff/EMS Special DetailFire-Talk
120309-063ALFD EMS SPCTraining Staff/EMS Special DetailFire-Talk
120409-064ALFD TRNG STFTraining StaffFire-Talk
120809-070ALFD TRNG STFTraining StaffFire-Talk
Fayette County DEEM
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
115409-002ADEEM 2DEEM (Division of Environmental and Emergency Management)Emergency Ops
115509-003ADEEM 3DEEM (Division of Environmental and Emergency Management)Emergency Ops
115609-004ADEEM 4DEEM (Division of Environmental and Emergency Management)Emergency Ops
115909-007ADEEM 7DEEM (Division of Environemental and Emergency Management)Emergency Ops
116209-012ADEEM 12DEEM (Division of Environmental and Emergency Management)Emergency Ops
Lexington Public Works
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
156912-041ALEX WATERWater TreatmentPublic Works
157012-042ALEX WATERWater TreatmentPublic Works
157312-045ALEX WATERWater TreatmentPublic Works
157712-051ALEX SEWERSSewer DepartmentPublic Works
157812-052ALEX SEWERSSewer DepartmentPublic Works
158512-061ALEX SEWERS 1Sewers Dispatch #1Public Works
158612-062ALEX SEWERS 2Sewer Inspections #2Public Works
158712-063ALEX SEWERS 3Sewer Inspections #3Public Works
158812-064ALEX SEWERS 4Sewer Inspections #4Public Works
158912-065ALEX SEWERS 5Sewer Inspections #5Public Works
159012-066ALEX SEWERS 6Sewer Inspections #6Public Works
160112-081ALEX StrtsRdsStreets, Roads & Forestry Public Works
Fayette County Schools
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
182414-040AFCPS Trans 1TransportationSchools
182514-041AFCPS Trans 2TransportationSchools
182614-042AFCPS LB RD 2 ShopSchools
182714-043AFCPS LB DSPDispatchSchools
182814-044AFCPS TRPSTrips DeskSchools
182914-045AFCPS BUSMisc School Bus TrafficSchools
183014-046AFCPS RTGRouting Info ChannelSchools
183214-050AFCPS TransTransportation StaffSchools
184014-060AFCPS PD DSPSecurity - Dispatch AND Ch-6Security
184114-061AFCPS PD 1Security - Ch-1Security
184214-062AFCPS PD 2Security - Ch-2Security
184314-063AFCPS PD 3Security - Ch-3Security
184414-064AFCPS PD 4Security - Ch-4Security
184514-065AFCPS PD 5Security - Ch-5Security
184614-066AFCPS PD 7Security - Ch-7Security
184714-067AFCPS PD 8Security - Ch-8Security
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
181014-022ALEXTRAN 1Dispatch to BusTransportation
181114-023ALEXTRAN 2Bus to BusTransportation
181214-024ALEXTRAN 3Shop/GarageTransportation
181314-025ALEXTRAN 4Bus Garage/MaintenanceTransportation
180914-021ALEXTRAN 5AdministrationTransportation
181414-026ALEXTRAN 6Bus to DispatchTransportation
Systemwide Talkgroups/Patches
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
112108-121ALFD TO LPDDirect Link to Lexington Police DispatcherLaw Dispatch
112208-122ALFD TO LPD 2Direct Link to Lexington Police Dispatcher #2Law Dispatch
195315-041AFCPS BUS PTCFayette Co. Schools School Transportation PatchSchools
195315-041AUK TRANS PTCUK Transportation Patch (Tied to TGID 02-042)Transportation
196515-055ATECHSRadio TechniciansBusiness
196615-056ATECHSRadio TechniciansBusiness
196715-057ATECHSRadio TechniciansBusiness
203615-144ALFD PTCHFire Dispatch PatchFire Dispatch
203715-145AEMS PTCAmbulance to Hospital PatchHospital
204015-150ACP/INTEROP1Command Post/Interop #1/Fire Dispatch PatchInterop
204115-151ACP/INTEROP2Command Post/Interop #2/Fire Dispatch PatchInterop
204215-152ACP/INTEROP3Command Post/Interop #3/Fire Dispatch PatchInterop