Saint Mary's University

System Name: Saint Mary's University
Location: San Antonio, TX
County: Bexar
System Type: LTR Standard
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: April 23, 2018, 5:57 pm CDT   [Added Talkgroup 116023 Event Command HQ (First Aid Medic Stations)(Oyster Bake Fiesta Event)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) One Camino Santa Maria 01 N/A 02 N/A 03 N/A 04 N/A 05 N/A 06 N/A 07 N/A 08 N/A 
  09 N/A 10 N/A 11 N/A 12 N/A 13 N/A 14 N/A 15 N/A 16 463.6875
  17 N/A 18 464.612519 N/A 20 462.400    


 Primary Police operations are on the San Antonio / Bexar County ProVoice System.  Dispatch still has access to this system though.

DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1-18-010ASt Marys PD CH-1Police Dispatch CH-1Law Tac
1-16-005ASt Marys PD CH-2Police Ops Tac CH-2Law Tac
1-18-110ASt Marys PD CH-3Police Student Phone PatchLaw Tac
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1-16-001ASt Marys Maint-1Maintenance Staff CH-1Business
1-16-003ASt Marys Maint-3Maintenance Staff CH-3Business
1-16-007ASt Marys Maint-7Maintenance Staff CH-7Business
Oyster Bake Fiesta Event
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1-16-023ASt Marys CommandEvent Command HQ (First Aid Medic Stations)EMS-Tac