Lincoln Correctional Center - IDOC (Logan)

System Name: Lincoln Correctional Center - IDOC (Logan)
Location: Lincoln, IL
County: Logan
System Type: Motorola Type II Smartnet
System Voice: Analog
System ID: Sysid: 692C Connect Tone: 90.00
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System Notes

Also see analog frequencies/info database page

Lincoln Correctional Center (K-18) - radio units K-13-x Website
Logan Correctional Center (K-13) --- radio units K-18-x Website

37.16 110.9 PL IDOC Statewide LF-2
37.36 110.9 PL IDOC Statewide LF-1
-Used primarily for CTU (Prisoner transfer unit); prison site to site communications and base communications with vehicles for writs / escorts.

Lincoln CC - Towers are listed as K-18-10x; tower 1 is K-18-101, tower 5 is K-18-105, etc.
Logan CC - Towers are listed as K-13-10x; tower 7 is K-13-107 etc.

Housing Units:
Lincoln CC - Housing units are broken into two sections; referred to as K-18-5x-y. For example, housing unit 3A is referred to as K-18-53-A.
Logan CC - Housing units are referred to as K-13-5xx; for example K-13-509 is Logan housing unit 9. Units are broken into wings and referred to as Alpha or A wing, Bravo, Charlie or Delta.

Radio IDs (RIDs)
*40216 - TG 1040 (12/13)

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Lincoln 856.2375856.9375857.9375c858.7375c859.7375c860.7375c


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
560230AK13 GeneralLogan CC - Primary Routine CommsCorrections
592250AK13 Low SideLogan CC - Routine Ops: Low-Side Housing Units (units 1-6)Corrections
624270AK13 HighSideLogan CC - Routine Ops: High-Side Housing Units (units 7-14)Corrections
656290AK13 PerimetrLogan CC - Outside Perimeter Patrol (vehicles/units)Corrections
1040410AK13 1040Logan CC - All Call ?? / or / Transportation Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
16010AK18 T/ALincoln CC - Alternate/Talk-Around (unit-to-unit)Corrections
48030AK18 GeneralLincoln CC - Routine Operations: PrimaryCorrections
80050AK18 SuprvisrLincoln CC - Supervisor Confidential Comms (Lt. and above).Corrections
112070AK18 Sprvisr2Lincoln CC - Supervisor 2 (Admin)Corrections
368170AK18 PerimetrLincoln CC - Outside Perimeter Patrol (vehicles/units)Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
400190AK13/K18 CommLincoln/Logan CC - Comms between Lincoln CC & Logan CC unitsCorrections
528210Acorr 528correctionsCorrections
576240Acorr 576correctionsCorrections
7522f0AMaint 752Maintenance (road repair)Corrections
912390AMaint 912Maintenance (power plant in basement)Corrections
9763d0Acorr 976Lt. Channel?Corrections