System Name: Longview
Location: Longview, TX
County: Gregg
System Type: Motorola Type II Smartnet
System Voice: Analog
System ID: Sysid: 6A2B Connect Tone: 76.6
Last Updated: July 15, 2010, 9:19 am CDT   [Updated General Trunked System Information]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Primary 854.2875854.7125855.2125856.7625857.7625857.9375858.7625858.9375


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
16010ACTAC1City Tactical 1 - City EmergenciesMulti-Tac
48030ACTAC2City Tactical 2 - City Emergencies and Spec EventsMulti-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
400190AFDISP1Longview Fire/Medical Dispatch-1Fire Dispatch
4321b0AFDISP2Longview Fire/Medical Dispatch-2Fire Dispatch
4641d0AFDGRD6Longview Fire Ground 6Fire-Tac
4961f0AFDADMINLongview Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
528210AFDSUPRLongview Fire SupervisorFire-Talk
560230AFDTALKLongview Fire TalkaroundFire-Talk
592250AFDGRD1Longview Fire Ground 1Fire-Tac
624270AFDGRD2Longview Fire Ground 2Fire-Tac
640280AFD GRDLongview Fire GroundFire-Tac
656290AFDGRD3Longview Fire Ground 3Fire-Tac
6882b0AFDTAC1link to Judson Metro VFD on 154.430 (old LFD rpt)Fire-Tac
7202d0AFDTAC2Longview Fire Training and Spec EventsFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12004b0ALRMC ERLongview Regional HospitalHospital
12324d0AGSH ERGood Shepherd HospitalHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
80050APDADMINPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
112070APDCIDPolice CIDLaw Tac
144090APDSUP1Police Supervisor-1Law Tac
1760b0AGREGG SO LNKLink to Gregg County Sheriff 155.415Law Tac
2080d0APDISP1Police Patrol Primary DispatchLaw Dispatch
2400f0APDISP2Police Patrol Inquiry, InfoLaw Tac
272110APDTALKPolice Car-to-CarLaw Talk
304130APDTAC1Police Spec OpsLaw Tac
336150APDTAC2Police Spec OpsLaw Tac
368170APDNARCPolice Narcotics Ops (CODE)Law Tac
1424590ALPD MOTORCYLPD Traffic Div. Motorcycle OfficersOther
Longview Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7522f0ASERVICCity Department SupervisorPublic Works
784310ABUILDIBuilding InspectionsPublic Works
816330ACOLLECCollection/Distribution OpsPublic Works
848350ADRAINADrainage OpsPublic Works
880370AENGINEEngineering OpsPublic Works
912390AHEALTHEnvironmental Health / Animal ControlPublic Works
9443b0APARKSParks OpsPublic Works
9763d0ASANITASanitation OpsPublic Works
10083f0ASTREETStreet OpsPublic Works
1040410ATRAFFICTraffic Dept OpsPublic Works
1072430AWASTEWastewater Treatment OpsPublic Works
1104450AWATERWater Supply OpsPublic Works
1136470ASYSTEMRadio System ManagementOther
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12644f0ALISD BUSLongview ISD school bussesSchools
1328530ALONGV TRANSLongview Transit Public TransportationOther