System Name: East Windsor
Location: East Windsor, CT
County: Hartford
System Type: LTR Standard
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: June 10, 2023, 22:50 pm UTC   [Added Talkgroup to: Schools (104073 High School)]
System Notes

The Fire Incident channels 1 through 4 are shared by both Warehouse Point and the Broad Brook Fire Department

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Prospect Hill 01 453.337502 453.42503 453.587504 460.275


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1-04-061APolice 1 DispPolice 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
1-04-062APolice 2Police 2Law Tac
1-04-063APolice 3Police 3Law Tac
1-04-064APolice 4Police 4Law Tac
1-04-065APolice SupervisrPolice SupervisorsLaw Tac
1-04-066APolice MTSMTSLaw Tac
1-04-201APolice Disp DirDispatch DirectLaw Dispatch
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1-04-081AFire DispatchFire DispatchFire Dispatch
1-04-082AFire Incident 1Fire Incident 1Fire-Tac
1-04-083AFire Incident 2Fire Incident 2Fire-Tac
1-04-084AFire Incident 3Fire Incident 3Fire-Tac
1-04-085AFire Incident 4Fire Incident 4Fire-Tac
1-04-086AFire OfficersFire OfficersFire-Talk
1-04-087ATollandCountyLnkTolland County Mutual Aid StationFire-Tac
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1-04-101AEMS DispatchEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
1-04-102AEMS Incident 1EMS Incident 1EMS-Tac
1-04-103AEMS Incident 2EMS Incident 2EMS-Tac
1-04-104AEMS OperationsEMS OperationsEMS-Tac
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1-04-166AEmergencyEmergency MainEmergency Ops
1-04-121AHighway DeptHighway DepartmentPublic Works
1-04-165ATown GovmntLocal GovernmentPublic Works
1-04-161ATown CommandTown CommandInterop
1-04-162ATownwide 1Townwide 1Interop
1-04-163ATownwide 2Townwide 2Interop
1-04-164ATownwide 3Townwide 3Interop
1-04-167AWater PolutionWater Polution ControlPublic Works
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1-04-071ABBrook EsBroad Brook Elementary SchoolSchools
1-04-072AMiddle SchMiddle SchoolSchools
1-04-073AHigh SchoolHigh SchoolSchools