Memphis and Shelby County Public Safety

System Name: Memphis and Shelby County Public Safety
Location: Memphis, TN
County: Shelby
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice: Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
System ID: Sysid: C11E Connect Tone: 116.13
Last Updated: May 4, 2022, 8:19 pm CDT   [Updated General Trunked System Information]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Public Safety Simulcast 852.4125852.6875852.9875853.5375853.9375854.5375c854.5875c854.6375c
002 (2) Operations Simulcast 854.1625c856.0625c856.7125856.9375856.9625857.7125857.9375857.9625
003 (3) Millington East 853.8875c851.425852.325852.7375853.625   


System Wide Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
408169f70AINTEROP-EVT1AEvent 1 AnalogInterop
408489f90AINTEROP-EVT2AEvent 2 AnalogInterop
408809fb0AINTEROP-EVT3AEvent 3 AnalogInterop
176804510DINTEROP-EVT4DEvent 4 DigitalInterop
177124530DINTEROP-EVT5DEvent 5 DigitalInterop
177444550DINTEROP-EVT6DEvent 6 DigitalInterop
182244730DINTEROP-EMGDSEmergency Dispatch ConsoleInterop
181924710DINTEROP-MPDFDMemphis Police - Memphis Fire ConsoleInterop
177764570DINTEROP-E-1PSPublic Safety Interop Event 1Interop
178084590DINTEROP-E-2PSPublic Safety Interop Event 2Interop
1784045b0DINTEROP-E-3PSPublic Safety Interop Event 3Interop
1787245d0DINTEROP-E-4PSPublic Safety Interop Event 4Interop
1790445f0DINTEROP-E-5PSPublic Safety Interop Event 5Interop
179364610DINTEROP-E-6PSPublic Safety Interop Event 6Interop
Memphis / Shelby County EMA
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53904d290DHOMELAND SECHomeland SecurityEmergency Ops
3120c30DEMA-A COMMAND 1Command 1Emergency Ops
3152c50DEMA-B STATION 1Station 1Emergency Ops
3184c70DEMA-C COMMAND 2Command 2Emergency Ops
3216c90DEMA-D STATION 2Station 2Emergency Ops
3248cb0DEMA-E ADMINAdministrationEmergency Ops
3280cd0DEMA-F STAFFStaffEmergency Ops
41520a230ASYSNETSysnetEmergency Ops
Shelby County Fire / EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54928d690DSCFD-DISPATCH 1Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
54960d6b0DSCFD-DISPATCH 2Dispatch 2Fire Dispatch
54992d6d0DSCEMS-DISPATCHEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
55024d6f0DSCFD-GRD31Fireground 31 - T4Fire-Tac
55056d710DSCFD-GRD32Fireground 32 - T5Fire-Tac
55088d730DSCFD-GRD33Fireground 33 - T6Fire-Tac
55120d750DSCFD-GRD34Fireground 34 - T7Fire-Tac
55152d770DSCFD-GRD35Fireground 35 - T8Fire-Tac
55184d790DSCFD-GRD36Fireground 36 - T9Fire-Tac
55216d7b0DSCFD-GRD37Fireground 37 - T10Fire-Tac
55248d7d0DSCFD-GRD38Fireground 38 - T11Fire-Tac
55280d7f0DSCFD-GRD39Fireground 39 - T12Fire-Tac
55312d810DSCFD-ADMINFire AdministrationFire-Talk
Shelby County Sheriffs Office
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54224d3d0DSO ADMINAdministrationLaw Talk
55376d850DSO-DISPATCH 1Dispatch SO-1Law Dispatch
55408d870DSO-DISPATCH 2Dispatch SO-2Law Dispatch
55440d890DSO-DISPATCH 3Dispatch SO-3Law Dispatch
55472d8b0DSO-SA DISPATCH 4Special Assignment Dispatch SO-4Law Dispatch
55504d8d0DSO-SA DISPATCH 5Special Assignment Dispatch SO-5Law Dispatch
53232cff0DSO FACILITIES 1Facility Deputy DispatchLaw Dispatch
53168cfb0DSO RESERVE-1Reserve Deputies 1Law Tac
53200cfd0DSO RESERVE-2Reserve Deputies 2Law Tac
53264d010DSO CAR TO CAR 1Car to Car 1Law Talk
53296d030DSO CAR TO CAR 2Car to Car 2Law Talk
53328d050DSO CAR TO CAR 3Car to Car 3Law Talk
53360d070DSO CAR TO CAR 4Car to Car 4Law Talk
53392d090DSO CAR TO CAR 5Car to Car 5Law Talk
53520d110DSO TAC-1Tactical 1Law Tac
53552d130DSO TAC-2Tactical 2Law Tac
53584d150DSO TAC-3Tactical 3Law Tac
53008cf10DSO WARRANTSWarrants TeamLaw Tac
55536d8f0DSO-INFOInfo Station/NCIC ChecksLaw Tac
53936d2b0DSO NARCOTICSNarcoticsLaw Tac
1809646b0DEVENT-1SCEvent 1Law Tac
1812846d0DEVENT-2SCEvent 2Law Tac
1816046f0DEVENT-3SCEvent 3Law Tac
53072cf50DSO COURT-1Court Operations 1Law Tac
53104cf70DSO COURT-2Court Operations 2Law Tac
53136cf90DSO COURT-3Court Operations 3Law Tac
53040cf30DSO TRAFFICTraffic EnforcementLaw Tac
53648d190DSO SWAT 1SWAT PrimaryLaw Tac
53680d1b0DESO SWAT SECURESWAT SecureLaw Tac
53616d170DESO HOSTAGESWAT Hostage NegotiationsLaw Tac
53712d1d0DSO BOMBBomb SquadLaw Tac
53744d1f0DSO GANG1Metro Gang Task Force 1Law Tac
53776d210DSO GANG2Metro Gang Task Force 2Law Tac
53808d230DESO SECURE1Secure Operations 1Law Tac
53840d250DESO SECURE2Secure Operations 2Law Tac
53968d2d0DSO ENFORCEMENT 1Enforcement 1Law Tac
54000d2f0DSO ENFORCEMENT 2Enforcement 2Law Tac
53424d0b0DSO TRAINING-1Training 1Law Talk
53456d0d0DSO TRAINING-2Training 2Law Talk
53488d0f0DSO TRAINING-3Training 3Law Talk
55568d910DSC EMERGENCY 1Emergency Backup 1Law Tac
55600d930DSC EMERGENCY 2Emergency Backup 2Law Tac
55632d950DSC EMERGENCY 3Emergency Backup 3Law Tac
55664d970DSC EMERGENCY 4Emergency Backup 4Law Tac
Shelby County Hospitals
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
22888f0DEMS-BAPTCBaptist Women's Hospital ERHospital
2320910DEMS-BAPTEBaptist East Hospital ERHospital
2352930DEMS-CRUMPCrump Women's Hospital ERHospital
2384950DEMS-EWOODDelta Medical ERHospital
2416970DEMS-LBOHNLe Bonneur Hospital ERHospital
2448990DEMS-MED-BRegional Medical Center - Burn UnitHospital
24809b0DEMS-MED-MRegional Medical Center - MedicineHospital
25129d0DEMS-MED-TRegional Medical Center - Level 1 Trauma CenterHospital
25449f0DEMS-METHCMethodist Hospital Central ERHospital
2576a10DEMS-METHNMethodist Hospital North ERHospital
2608a30DEMS-METHSMethodist Hospital South ERHospital
2640a50DEMS-STFRNSt. Francis Hospital ERHospital
2672a70DEMS-STFRNBSt. Francis Bartlett ERHospital
2704a90DEMS-VAVeterans Administration Hospital ERHospital
2736ab0DEMS-HOSPITAL NETHospital NetHospital
3504db0DEMS-METHGMethodist Germantown ERHospital
Shelby County Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54032d310DSCC-JAIL1Jail 1Corrections
54064d330DSCC-JAIL2Jail 2Corrections
54096d350DSCC-JAIL3Jail 3Corrections
54128d370DSCC-JAIL-OPSJail OperationsCorrections
54160d390DSCC-JAIL-EASTJail EastCorrections
54192d3b0DSCC-JAIL-ADMINJail AdministrationCorrections
54672d590DJUV CRT DET1JV Court Detention 1Corrections
54704d5b0DJUV CRT DET2 JV Court Detention 2Corrections
54736d5d0DJUV CRT BAILIFFJV Court BailiffCorrections
54768d5f0DJUV CRT PROCESSJV Court Process ServerCorrections
54800d610DJUV CRT MAINTJV Court MaintenanceCorrections
54832d630DCORRECTIONS 1Corrections 1Corrections
54864d650DCORRECTIONS 2Corrections 2Corrections
54896d670DCORRECTIONS 3Corrections 3Corrections
Shelby County Health and Human Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49584c1b0DHHS DISPATCHHealth DispatchEmergency Ops
49616c1d0DHHS STACKHealth Stack SampleEmergency Ops
49680c210DHHS VECTORHealth VectorEmergency Ops
54288d410DHHS CLINICSClinicsHospital
54320d430DHHS HOSPITALSHospitalsHospital
54352d450DHHS TRANSPORTSTransportEMS-Tac
54384d470DHHS ADMINAdminPublic Works
54448d4b0DHHS SUPPORT 1Support Services 1Public Works
54480d4d0DHHS SUPPORT 2Support Services 2Public Works
Shelby County Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49296c090DSC-ROAD1Roads and Bridges 1Public Works
49328c0b0DSC-ROAD2Roads and Bridges 2Public Works
49360c0d0DSC-ROAD ADMINRoads and Bridges AdminPublic Works
49392c0f0DSC-ENGINEEEREngineerPublic Works
49424c110DARLINGTON DPW 1Arlington Public WorksPublic Works
49456c130DALINGTON DPW ADMArlington Public Works AdminPublic Works
49488c150DSC-CODES 1Code Enforcement 1 Building/Mechanical/SignPublic Works
49520c170DSC-CODES 2Code Enforcement 2 Electrical/PlumbingPublic Works
49552c190DSC-CODES 3 ADMCode Enforcement 3 AdministrationPublic Works
49648c1f0DSC-PARKSParks and RecreationPublic Works
Shelby County Board of Education
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50081390DSCBOE TRAN1Transport 1Schools
504013b0DSCBOE TRAN2Transport 2Schools
507213d0DSCBOE MAINT1MaintenanceSchools
510413f0DSCBOE MAINT2WarehouseSchools
51361410DSCBOE ADMINAdministrationSchools
51681430DSCBOE STAFFStaffSchools
Memphis Fire Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10083f0DMFD-DISPATCH 1Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
1040410DMFD-DISPATCH 2Dispatch 2Fire Dispatch
1072430DMEMS-DISPATCH 1EMS 1 DispatchEMS Dispatch
1104450DMEMS-DISPATCH 2EMS 2 DispatchEMS Dispatch
12644f0DMFD-GRD1Fireground Ch 01 - A05Fire-Tac
1296510DMFD-GRD2Fireground Ch 02 - A06Fire-Tac
1328530DMFD-GRD3Fireground Ch 03 - A07Fire-Tac
1360550DMFD-GRD4Fireground Ch 04 - A08Fire-Tac
1392570DMFD-GRD5Fireground Ch 05 - A09Fire-Tac
14565b0DMFD-GRD6Fireground Ch 06 - A10Fire-Tac
14885d0DMFD-GRD7Fireground Ch 07 - A11Fire-Tac
15205f0DMFD-GRD8Fireground Ch 08 - A12Fire-Tac
1552610DMFD-GRD9Fireground Ch 09 - B05Fire-Tac
1584630DMFD-GRD10Fireground Ch 10 - B06Fire-Tac
1616650DMFD-GRD11Fireground Ch 11 - B07Fire-Tac
1648670DMFD-GRD12Fireground Ch 12 - B08Fire-Tac
1680690DMFD-GRD13Fireground Ch 13 - B09Fire-Tac
17126b0DMFD-GRD14Fireground Ch 14 - B10Fire-Tac
17446d0DMFD-GRD15Fireground Ch 15 - C05Fire-Tac
17766f0DMFD-GRD16Fireground Ch 16 - C06Fire-Tac
1808710DMFD-GRD17Fireground Ch 17 - C07Fire-Tac
1840730DMFD-GRD18Fireground Ch 18 - C08Fire-Tac
1872750DMFD-GRD19Fireground Ch 19 - C09Fire-Tac
1904770DMFD-GRD20Fireground Ch 20 - C10Fire-Tac
1936790DMFD-GRD21Fireground Ch 21 - C11Fire-Tac
19687b0DMFD-GRD22Fireground Ch 22 - C12Fire-Tac
20007d0DMFD-GRD23Fireground Ch 23 - C13Fire-Tac
20327f0DMFD-GRD24Fireground Ch 24 - D06Fire-Tac
2064810DMFD-GRD25Fireground Ch 25 - D07Fire-Tac
2096830DMFD-GRD26Fireground Ch 26 - D08Fire-Tac
2128850DMFD-GRD27Fireground Ch 27 - D09Fire-Tac
2160870DMFD-GRD28Fireground Ch 28 - D10Fire-Tac
2192890DMFD-GRD29Fireground Ch 29 - D11Fire-Tac
22248b0DMFD-GRD30Fireground Ch 30 - D12Fire-Tac
2992bb0DMFD-OPS1Operations Channel 1Fire-Talk
3024bd0DMFD-OPS2Operations Channel 2Fire-Talk
3056bf0DMFD--RIT OPSRapid Intervention TeamFire-Tac
1424590DMFD-CTCCar to CarFire-Talk
2800af0DMFD-INSPECTORS 1Inspectors 1Fire-Tac
12324d0DMFD-INSPECTORS 2Inspectors 2Fire-Tac
1136470DEVENT-1FDEvent 1Fire-Talk
1168490DEVENT-2FDEvent 2Fire-Talk
12004b0DEVENT-3FDEvent 3Fire-Talk
2928b70DMFD-TRAINING 1Training Channel 1Fire-Talk
2960b90DMFD-TRAINING 2Training Channel 2Fire-Talk
2896b50DMFD-SHOPVehicle MaintenancePublic Works
Memphis Police Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48030DMPD-AUSTIN PEAYAustin Peay Precinct DispatchLaw Dispatch
80050DMPD-CTC1Austin Peay Precinct Car to CarLaw Talk
2080d0DMPD-RAINSRaines Precinct DispatchLaw Dispatch
2400f0DMPD-CTC2Raines Precinct Car to CarLaw Talk
272110DMPD-MT MORIAHMt Moriah Precinct DispatchLaw Dispatch
304130DMPD-CTC3Mt Moriah Precinct Car to CarLaw Talk
336150DMPD-CRUMPCrump Precinct DispatchLaw Dispatch
368170DMPD-CTC4Crump Precinct Car to CarLaw Talk
400190DMPD-TILLMANTillman Precinct DispatchLaw Dispatch
4321b0DMPD-CTC5Tillman Precinct Car to CarLaw Talk
4641d0DMPD-NORTH MAINNorth Main Precinct DispatchLaw Dispatch
4961f0DMPD-CTC6North Main Precinct Car to CarLaw Talk
528210DMPD-AIRWAYSAirways Precinct DispatchLaw Dispatch
560230DMPD-CTC7Airways Precinct Car to CarLaw Talk
592250DMPD-APLING FARMSAppling Farms Precinct DispatchLaw Dispatch
624270DMPD-CTC8Appling Farms Precinct Car to CarLaw Talk
54241530DMPD-RIDGEWAYRidgeway Precinct DispatchLaw Dispatch
54561550DMPD-CTC10Ridgeway Precinct Car to CarLaw Talk
656290DMPD-TRAFFICTrafficLaw Dispatch
6882b0DMPD-CTC9Traffic Car to CarLaw Talk
144090DMPD-CITYWIDECitywideLaw Tac
112070DMPD-STATION BStation B - Info/NCIC ChecksLaw Tac
49761370DMPD-ALARMAlarm AnnouncementsLaw Tac
179684630DEVENT-1PDEvent 1 - C04Law Talk
180004650DEVENT-2PDEvent 2Law Talk
180324670DEVENT-3PDEvent 3Law Talk
180644690DEVENT-4PDEvent 4Law Talk
9443b0DMPD-ADMINAdministrationLaw Tac
612817f0DMPD-MAYORMayor Protection TeamLaw Tac
182884770DEMPD-EXECCity Executive GroupLaw Talk
816330DEMPD-SEC SQUADSecurity SquadLaw Tac
848350DMPD-IAB-1Internal Affairs Bureau Channel 1Law Tac
912390DMPD-IAB-2Internal Affairs Bureau Channel 2Law Tac
880370DMPD-IAB ADMInternal Affairs AdministrationLaw Tac
1760b0DMPD-TACT EVENTTactical Unit EventsLaw Tac
47521290DMPD-TACT1Tactical Unit 1Law Tac
478412b0DMPD-TACT2Tactical Unit 2Law Tac
481612d0DMPD-TACT3Tactical Unit 3Law Tac
484812f0DMPD-TACT4Tactical Unit 4Law Tac
48801310DMPD-TASK1Task Force 1Law Tac
49121330DMPD-TASK2Task Force 2Law Tac
49441350DMPD-TASK3Task Force 3Law Tac
57121650DMPD-TASK4Task Force 4Law Tac
456011d0DEMPD-DRUG 1Organzied Crime Unit Drug 1Law Tac
459211f0DEMPD-DRUG 2Organzied Crime Unit Drug 2Law Tac
46241210DEMPD-DRUG 3Organzied Crime Unit Drug 3Law Tac
46561230DEMPD-DRUG 4Organzied Crime Unit Drug 4Law Tac
46881250DEMPD-DRUG 5Organzied Crime Unit Drug 5Law Tac
55201590DEMPD-DRUG 6Organzied Crime Unit Drug 6Law Tac
47201270DEMPD-BLUEOrganzied Crime Unit AdministrationLaw Tac
555215b0DEMPD-SPINVOrganzied Crime Unit Drug Special InvestigationsLaw Tac
609617d0DEMPD-DEADEA Task ForceLaw Tac
53921510DMPD-DTFDrug Task ForceLaw Tac
59041710DEMPD-VICE1Vice Squad 1Law Tac
54881570DEMPD-VICE2Vice Squad 2Law Tac
584016d0DEMPD-CAT1Metro Gang 1Law Tac
587216f0DEMPD-PSNProject Safe NeighborhoodLaw Tac
580816b0DEMPD-MAC 1Inter-Agency Secure 1Law Tac
57761690DEMPD-MAC 2Inter-Agency Secure 2Law Tac
59361730DEMPD-ACTFAuto Cargo Task ForceLaw Tac
606417b0DEMPD-ACTFSAuto Cargo Task Force SecureLaw Tac
532814d0DMPD-ATGN1Shelby County Attorney General 1Law Tac
536014f0DMPD-ATGN2Shelby County Attorney General 2Law Tac
7202d0DMPD-TRAINING 1Training 1Law Talk
7522f0DMPD-TRAINING 2Training 2Law Talk
784310DMPD-TRAINING 3Training 3Law Talk
Memphis Housing Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
41488a210DMHA - PRIMARYPrimary Public Works
3312cf0DMHA-ENFORC DIGEnforcement DigitalPublic Works
3376d30DMHA-ADMIN DIGAdministration DigitalPublic Works
3440d70DMHA-SEC ADMINSecurity AdminSecurity
3344d10DMHA-TALK1 DIGCar to Car 1 DigitalPublic Works
3472d90DMHA-TALK2 DIGCar to Car 2 DigitalPublic Works
41808a350AMHA-ENF ANALOGEnforcementPublic Works
41840a370AMHA-TALK ANALOGCar to CarPublic Works
41872a390AMHA-ADMIN ANALOGAdminPublic Works
Memphis Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
402409d30AMPW EMERG SVCSEmergency ServicesPublic Works
41296a150AMPW ADMINMemphis Public Works AdministrationPublic Works
41328a170AMEMPHIS ADMINCity AdministrationPublic Works
41456a1f0AMPW MCC SPOCMayor Citizen Center - Single Point of ContactPublic Works
405929e90AMPW GEN SVC ADMGeneral Services AdministrationPublic Works
401769cf0AMPW CENTRAL CTRLCentral Control StationPublic Works
400169c50AMPW STREET MTNCStreet MaintenancePublic Works
400489c70AMPW DRAINS MTNCStorm Drain MaintenancePublic Works
400809c90AMPW MTNC ADMINMaintenance AdministrationPublic Works
404969e30AMPW FLEETVehicle MaintenancePublic Works
405289e50AMPW PROPERTYProperty MaintenancePublic Works
405609e70AMPW GROUNDSGrounds MaintenancePublic Works
404649e10AMPW ENV ADMINEnvironmental AdministrationPublic Works
404329df0AMPW-FLOODFlood ControlPublic Works
403369d90AMPW SVC FEEService FeePublic Works
404009dd0AMPW MAINTENANCEMaintenancePublic Works
403689db0AMPW SLD WST ADMSolid Waste AdministrationPublic Works
401129cb0AMPW SAN BELLVUESanitation - Bellvue AreaPublic Works
401449cd0AMPW SAN BROOKSSanitation - Brooks AreaPublic Works
402089d10AMPW SAN DEMOCRATSanitation - DemocratPublic Works
402729d50AMPW SAN MIDTOWNSanitation - MidtownPublic Works
403049d70AMPW SAN SCOTTSanitation - Scott AreaPublic Works
Memphis Engineering Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
41264a130AMED-TRAFFICTrafficPublic Works
41072a070AMED-TRFC SIG MNTTraffic Signal MaintenancePublic Works
41168a0d0AMED-SIGN SHOPSign Repair CrewsPublic Works
41232a110AMED-PRK METERParking and MetersPublic Works
41136a0b0AMED-SURVEYSurvey CrewsPublic Works
41104a090AMED-INSPECTORSBuilding InspectorsPublic Works
41200a0f0AMED-ADMINAdministrationPublic Works
Memphis Parks Commission
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
406249eb0AMPC-CONSTRUCTIONConstructionPublic Works
406569ed0AMPC-GROUNDS NGrounds Maintenance NorthPublic Works
406889ef0AMPC-GROUNDS SGrounds Maintenance SouthPublic Works
407209f10AMPC-GROUNDS EGrounds Maintenance EastPublic Works
407529f30AMPC-GROUNDS CGrounds Maintenance CentralPublic Works
407849f50AMPC-ADMINAdministrationPublic Works
Memphis Animal Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
41552a250AMAS-DISPATCHPrimary DispatchPublic Works
41584a270AMAS-ADMINAdministrationPublic Works
41648a2b0AMAS-OPERATIONSOperationsPublic Works
University of Memphis Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1835247b0DUMPD-DISPATCHDispatchLaw Dispatch
1838447d0DUMPD-TALKCar to CarLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49136bff0DMILLINGTON PD 1DispatchLaw Dispatch
49168c010DMILLINGTON PD 2Car-to-CarLaw Talk
Public Safety Backup
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3568df0DEMRG1 PDPD Emergency Backup 1Law Talk
3600e10DEMRG2 PDPD Emergency Backup 2Law Talk
3632e30DEMRG3 PDPD Emergency Backup 3Interop
3664e50DEMRG4 PDPD Emergency Backup 4Interop
3696e70DEMRG5 PDPD Emergency Backup 5Interop
3728e90DEMRG6 PDPD Emergency Backup 6Interop
3760eb0DEMRG7 PDPD Emergency Backup 7Interop
3792ed0DEMRG8 PDPD Emergency Backup 8Interop
3824ef0DEMRG9 PDPD Emergency Backup 9Interop
3856f10DEMRG10 PDPD Emergency Backup 10Interop
3888f30DEMRG11 PDPD Emergency Backup 11Interop
3920f50DEMRG12 PDPD Emergency Backup 12Interop
3952f70DEMRG13 PDPD Emergency Backup 13Interop
3984f90DEMRG14 PDPD Emergency Backup 14Interop
4016fb0DEMRG15 PDPD Emergency Backup 15Interop
4048fd0DEMRG 1 FDFD Emergency Backup 1Fire-Talk
4080ff0DEMRG 2 FDFD Emergency Backup 2Fire-Talk
41121010DEMRG 3 FDFD Emergency Backup 3Interop
41441030DEMRG 4 FDFD Emergency Backup 4Interop
41761050DEMRG 5 FDFD Emergency Backup 5Interop
42081070DEMRG 6 FDFD Emergency Backup 6Interop
42401090DEMRG 7 FDFD Emergency Backup 7Interop
427210b0DEMRG 8 FDFD Emergency Backup 8Interop
430410d0DEMRG 9 FDFD Emergency Backup 9Interop
433610f0DEMRG 10 FDFD Emergency Backup 10Interop
43681110DEMRG 11 FDFD Emergency Backup 11Interop
44001130DEMRG 12 FDFD Emergency Backup 12Interop
44321150DEMRG 13 FDFD Emergency Backup 13Interop
44641170DEMRG 14 FDFD Emergency Backup 14Interop
44961190DEMRG 15 FDFD Emergency Backup 15Interop
Memphis Light, Gas and Water Backup
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
64016fa10DMLGW1MLGW Backup 1Utilities
64048fa30DMLGW2MLGW Backup 2Utilities
64080fa50DMLGW3MLGW Backup 3Utilities
64112fa70DMLGW4MLGW Backup 4Utilities
64144fa90DMLGW5MLGW Backup 5Utilities
64176fab0DMLGW6MLGW Backup 6Utilities
64208fad0DMLGW7MLGW Backup 7Utilities
64240faf0DMLGW8MLGW Backup 8Utilities
64272fb10DMLGW9MLGW Backup 9Utilities
64304fb30DMLGW10MLGW Backup 10Utilities
64336fb50DMLGW11MLGW Backup 11Utilities
64368fb70DMLGW12MLGW Backup 12Utilities
64400fb90DMLGW13MLGW Backup 13Utilities
64432fbb0DMLGW14MLGW Backup 14Utilities
64464fbd0DMLGW15MLGW Backup 15Utilities
64496fbf0DMLGW16MLGW Backup 16Utilities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3088c10DMLGWCNTCMLGW Contact (Console)Business
59681750DRS-SHOPMemphis Radio Shop MainBusiness
60001770DRS-SYSMemphis Radio Shop SYSBusiness
60321790DRS-ADMMemphis Radio Shop AdministrationBusiness
182564750D MOTODMotorola Digital TestBusiness
399529c10DMOTO2DMotorola Digital TestBusiness
41680a2d0AMOTO1AMotorola Analog TestBusiness
44944af90AMOTO2AMotorola Analog TestBusiness
54608d550DSC RSHP1Shelby County Radio Shop 1Business
54640d570DSC RSHP2Shelby County Radio Shop 2Business
55792d9f0DBLANKBlank TalkgroupBusiness