State of Delaware Public Safety

System Name: State of Delaware Public Safety
Location: Statewide, DE
County: Statewide
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 583A Connect Tone: 138.46
Last Updated: May 28, 2024, 01:28 am UTC   [Updated encryption settings for 1 talkgroups for New Castle County Miscellaneous]
System Notes
On October 15, 1993 the State of Delaware purchased a state-of-the-art, digital 800 MHz trunked radio system to provide statewide communications for all state, county and municipal government agencies, including fire and emergency medical services. The system is sub-divided into three geographic regions which correspond to the three counties of the State, with fourteen channels in our New Castle County, and ten channels each in our Kent and Sussex Counties. The State contracted for a digital system which is compatible with the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials - Project 25 (APCO 25) standards, such as "common-air-interface".

The basic system design incorporates a digital microwave (6 & 10 GHz) infrastructure, which links the three county sub-systems and the intra-county system sites. There are three primary dispatch control points, one at each of the three county 911 dispatch centers. These console configurations provide voice logging and instant playback recording and interface with existing conventional radio systems in other frequency bands. In addition to these primary control points, there are many secondary console and radio frequency (RF) control stations located within the other user facilities such as, fire stations, police stations, highway yards, etc.

There are 32 sites within the State, some of which are console and management system sites and some of which are Intellipeater sites which provide improved coverage of Rehoboth, Hartly, Mermaid-Hockessin and the Brandywine Valley areas. A BDA (bi-directional amplifier) has been placed in the I-495 corridor and in the Claymont/Naamans Rd. area. The Intellipeater (IR) sites and one of the bi-directional amplifiers, are connected to the Smart ZoneŽ by T-1 connections from Bell Atlantic. The microwave backbone provides enough capacity for all radio communications as well as a capability to support future customer requirements. The system coverage is fully compliant with the Region 28 guidelines for co-channel and adjacent channel interference levels and provides 95% reliable contour coverage with a three watt portable, in the street, equipped with public safety speaker/microphone/antenna.

The system provides reliable radio communications anywhere within the borders of the State of Delaware for more than seven thousand State and non-state agencies, who require communications inter-operability in a truly multi-jurisdictional radio system.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) New Castle Simulcast New Castle 851.2375851.4875851.5625851.725852.0375852.2375852.4875
002 (2) Kent Simulcast Kent 851.075851.650851.675852.125852.650852.675852.950
003 (3) Sussex Simulcast Sussex 851.100851.3625852.0875852.350852.600852.8375853.0875
004 (4) Wilmington New Castle 856.2625856.7625857.2625857.7625858.7625859.0875c859.7625c
006 (6) Winterthur IR New Castle 851.300851.650851.825852.125852.300852.6625853.325c
007 (7) Hockessin IR New Castle 851.5375851.7875852.2625852.425852.775c853.0875c853.575c


Delaware National Guard
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57121650DSW-SWGUARDStatewide National GuardMilitary
57441670DN-NGUARDNational Guard (NCC)Military
57761690DK-NGUARDNational Guard (Kent)Military
580816b0DS-NGUARDNational Guard (Sussex)Military
584016d0DSW-SWGTACNational Guard TACMilitary
612817f0DN-GTACNational Guard-NCC TACMilitary
61601810DK-GTACNational Guard-Kent TACMilitary
61921830DS-GTACNational Guard-Sussex TACMilitary
76001db0DN-AIRGRDAir National Guard (NCC Airport ops)Military
77601e50DN-KILGDNGAir National Guard (NCC)Military
247206090DDNG-OPSNational Guard (NCC)Military
2478460d0DDNG-OPSNational GuardMilitary
2481660f0DDNG-OPSNational Guard-(NCC)Military
2500861b0DDNG -Ops-SSXNational Guard-SussexMilitary
Department of Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
74721d30DN-NCCDCNCC (Youth detention ctr)Law Dispatch
75041d50DN-FERRISFerris School (Youth detention ctr)Law Dispatch
75361d70DK-STEVHStevens House (Youth detention ctr)Law Dispatch
916823d0DEN-IAInternal AffairsLaw Tac
920023f0DEK-IAInternal AffairsLaw Tac
92322410DES-IAInternal AffairsLaw Tac
149283a50DSW-DOCSWEDOC (SW)Corrections
149603a70DN-DOCCOMDOC (NCC)Corrections
149923a90DK-DOCCOMDOC (Kent)Corrections
150243ab0DS-DOCCOMDOC (Sussex)Corrections
150563ad0DN-PRSONSBureau of Prisons (NCC)Corrections
150883af0DK-PRSONSBureau of Prisons (Kent)Corrections
151203b10DS-PRSONSBureau of Prisons (Sussex)Law Tac
151523b30DN-EXECExecutive Staff (NCC)Law Tac
151843b50DK-EXECExecutive Staff (Kent)Law Tac
152163b70DS--EXECExecutive Staff (Sussex)Law Tac
152483b90DSW-TRANSCourts and Transportation (NCC)Law Tac
152803bb0DK-TRANSCourts and Transportation (Kent)Law Tac
153123bd0DS-TRANSCourts and Transportation (Sussex)Law Tac
153443bf0DN-SEC7Special Security Group 7Corrections
153763c10DN-SEC8Special Security Group 8Corrections
154083c30DN-PRTACBureau of community Custody and SupervisonLaw Tac
154403c50DN-PROPSProbation/Parole (NCC)Law Dispatch
154723c70DK-PROPSProbation/Parole (Kent)Law Dispatch
155043c90DS-PROPSProbation/Parole (Sussex)Law Dispatch
155363cb0DN-CTAC1Bureau of Prisons Tactical 1 (NCC)Corrections
155683cd0DK-CTAC1Bureau of Prisons Tactical 1 (Kent)Corrections
156003cf0DS-CTAC1Bureau of Prisons Tactical 1 (Sussex)Corrections
156323d10DN-CTAC2Bureau of Community Custody and Supervision Tactical (NCC)Law Tac
156643d30DK-CTAC2Bureau of Community Custody and Supervision Tactical (Kent)Law Tac
156963d50DS-CTAC2Bureau of Community Custody and Supervision Tactical (Sussex)Law Tac
157283d70DN-CERT1Emergency Response Team (NCC)Corrections
157603d90DK-CERT1Emergency Response Team (Kent)Corrections
157923db0DS-CERT1Emergency Response Team (Sussex)Corrections
158243dd0DN-CERT2Emergency Response RifleTeam (NCC)Corrections
158563df0DK-CERT2Emergency Response Rifle Team (Kent)Corrections
158883e10DS-CERT2Emergency Response Rifle Team (Sussex)Corrections
159203e30DDOC TranspDOC TransportationCorrections
2609665f0DDOC UidDOC UnidentifiedCorrections
292007210DK-Comm CorrectioCommunity Corrections (Kent)Corrections
292647250DN-Hazel D Plant Hazel D Plant Women's Treatment Center Corrections
292967270DWilm-Plummer CCCPlummer Community Corrections CenterCorrections
Department of Natural Resources

All DNREC units appear to be in the clear, however, DNREC dispatch (KentCOM) is encrypted

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
166884130DN-BELLVUEBellevue St Park (NCC)Public Works
172644370DSP-CAPE HENCape Henlopen State park SussexPublic Works
1732843b0DSP-SEA SHOREDelaware Seashore state Park SussexPublic Works
3396884b0DN-DNR Fiirst StaFirst State Park opsPublic Works
561615f0DK-FORESTForestry (KENT)Public Works
558415d0DN-FORESTForestry (NCC)Public Works
56481610DS-FORESTForestry (SUSSEX)Public Works
56801630DSW-FORESTForestry (SW)Public Works
172004330DNP-FORT DELFort Delaware state park New CastlePublic Works
172964390DSP-HOLTSHolts - Fenwick Island state park SussexPublic Works
1681641b0DK-DAWMKent DAWM (Air and Waste Management)Public Works
167524170DK-DNREC2Kent DNREC2Law Talk
167844190DK-DNREC3Kent DNREC3Law Talk
1684841d0DK-F&WKent Fish and WIldlifePublic Works
1688041f0DK-PARKSKent PARKSPublic Works
169124210DK-SOILKent SOILPublic Works
167204150DK-KS DNRKS DNRECPublic Works
172324350DNP-LUMSLums Pond State park New CastlePublic Works
165284090DSW-TAC3Natural Resources Enforcement TACLaw Talk
1659240d0DN-DAWMNCC DAWM (Air and Waste Management)Public Works
164964070DN-DNR NNCC DNR NPublic Works
1656040b0DN-TAC4NCC DNREC3Law Talk
1662440f0DN-F&WNCC F&W (Fish and Wildlife)Public Works
166564110DN-PARKSNCC PARKSPublic Works
77281e30DSW-PLTIStatewide Plant Industries (Forestry)Public Works
170404290DS-DAWMSussex DAWM (Air and Waste Management)Public Works
169444230DS-KS DNRSussex / Kent DNRPublic Works
169764250DS-DNREC2Sussex DNREC2Law Talk
170084270DS-DNREC3Sussex DNREC3Law Talk
1707242b0DS-F&WSussex Fish and WIldlifePublic Works
1710442d0DS-PARKSSussex PARKSPublic Works
1713642f0DS-SOILSussex SOILPublic Works
164644050DeSW-DNR PDSW-DNREC PoliceLaw Dispatch
171684310DN-WHITEWhite Clay Creek state park New CastlePublic Works
Department of Transportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46881250DSW-SWTMCStatewide Traffic Management Center (TMC)Public Works
481612d0DSW-SWTEAMStatewide TEAM (TMC)Public Works
51681430DSW-SWDOTStatewide DelDotPublic Works
1889649d0DSW-SWMGMTStatewide ManagementPublic Works
2219256b0DDOTDOT OperationsPublic Works
237925cf0DSW-TMCFB1TMC Fallback 1Public Works
238245d10DSW-TMCGRP1TMC Talkgroup 1Public Works
240485df0DSW-TMCDSP1TMC Dispatch 1Public Works
242405eb0DSW-TMCCOV1TMC Covert 1Public Works
Emergency Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
72481c50DSW-DEMADEMAEmergency Ops
72801c70DN-DEMADEMA NCCEmergency Ops
73121c90DK-DEMADEMA KentEmergency Ops
73441cb0DS-DEMADEMA SussexEmergency Ops
1432037f0DN-SERTSpecial Emergency Response (NCC)Emergency Ops
143523810DK-SERTSpecial Emergency Response (Kent)Emergency Ops
143843830DS-SERTSpecial Emergency Response (Sussex)Emergency Ops
182884770DN-DTAC1NTACTICAL 1 (NCC)Emergency Ops
183204790DN-DTAC2NTACTICAL 2 (NCC)Emergency Ops
1835247b0DN-DTAC3NTACTICAL 3 (NCC)Emergency Ops
1838447d0DN-DTAC4NTACTICAL 4 (NCC)Emergency Ops
1841647f0DK-DTAC1KTACTICAL 1 (KENT)Emergency Ops
184484810DK-DTAC2KTACTICAL 2 (KENT)Emergency Ops
184804830DK-DTAC3KTACTICAL 3 (KENT)Emergency Ops
185124850DK-DTAC4KTACTICAL 4 (KENT)Emergency Ops
185444870DS-DTAC1STACTICAL 1 (SUSSEX)Emergency Ops
185764890DS-DTAC2STACTICAL 2 (SUSSEX)Emergency Ops
1860848b0DS-DTAC3STACTICAL 3 (SUSSEX)Emergency Ops
1864048d0DS-DTAC4STACTICAL 4 (SUSSEX)Emergency Ops
1867248f0DSW-DTC1SWTACTICAL 1 (STATEWIDE)Emergency Ops
187044910DSW-DTC2SWTACTICAL 2 (STATEWIDE)Emergency Ops
187364930DSW-DTC3SWTACTICAL 3 (STATEWIDE)Emergency Ops
187684950DSW-DTC4SWTACTICAL 4 (STATEWIDE)Emergency Ops
245926010DSW-HN-HOSPEmergency Prepardness Base (STATEWIDE)Emergency Ops
246246030DN-HN-HOSPEmergency Prepardness , Hospitals (NCC)Emergency Ops
246566050DK-HN-HOSPEmergency Prepardness , Hospitals (KENT)Emergency Ops
246886070DS-HN-HOSPEmergency Prepardness , Hospitals (SSX)Emergency Ops
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
82722050DSW-MOTADMMotorola AdministrationBusiness
83042070DN-MOTSVCMotorola Service (NCC)Business
83362090DK-MOTSVCMotorola Service (Kent)Business
836820b0DS-MOTSVCMotorola Service (Sussex)Business
888022b0DEN-DEASIUDEA SIUFederal
891222d0DEN-DEATF1DEA TF1Federal
894422f0DEN-DEATF2DEA TF2Federal
163683ff0DEN-NUSMSUnited States Marshal ServiceFederal
164004010DEK-KUSMSUnited States Marshal ServiceFederal
164324030DES-SUSMSUnited States Marshal ServiceFederal
179684630DEN-DEA1DEA North 1Federal
180004650DEN-DEA2DEA North 2Federal
180324670DN-FEDFederal Mutual Aid-NorthFederal
180644690DEKS-DEA1DEA Kent/Sussex 1Federal
1809646b0DEKS-DEA2DEA Kent/Sussex 2Federal
1812846d0DKS-FEDFederal Mutual Aid-Kent/SussexFederal
1816046f0DESW-DEA1DEA Statewide 1Federal
181924710DESW-DEA2DEA Statewide 2Federal
182244730DSW-FEDFederal Mutual Aid- StatewideFederal
223525750DSW-SWARCStatewide American Red CrossInterop
223845770DN-ARCAmerican Red Cross (NCC)Interop
224165790DK-ARCAmerican Red Cross (KENT)Interop
2244857b0DS-ARCAmerican Red Cross (SUSSEX)Interop
228325930DSW-DECDelaware Electric Co-opUtilities
229285990DSW-CHESPEAKChesapeake UtilitiesUtilities
River & Bay Authority (DRBA)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
587216f0DSW-DRBAStatewide OpsPublic Works
59041710DN-DRBANew Castle County OpsPublic Works
59361730DK-DRBAKent OpsPublic Works
59681750DS-DRNASussex OpsPublic Works
60001770DSW-DRBA PDStatewide EnforcementLaw Tac
60321790DN-DRBA ENFDelaware Memorial Bridge Police Law Dispatch
606417b0DK-DRBA ENFEnforcement KentLaw Tac
609617d0DS-DRBA ENFCape May Lewes Ferry Police SussexLaw Dispatch
261926650DDRBA N-TAC1DRBA PD TAC-1 (NCC)Law Tac
262246670DDRBA N-TAC2DRBA PD TAC-2 (NCC)Law Tac
2628866b0DDRBA S-TAC1DRBA PD Tac-1 Cape May-Lewes FerryLaw Tac
2632066d0DDRBA S-TAC2DRBA PD Tac-2 Cape May-Lewes FerryLaw Tac
263846710DCMLF-NJ TAC1Cape May-Lewes Ferry NJ TAC 1Law Talk
264166730DCMLF-NJ TAC2Cape May-Lewes Ferry NJ TAC 2Law Talk
264806770DN-DRBA OpsN-DRBA Bridge OperationsPublic Works
265126790DDRBA TrafficDelaware Memorial Bridge traffic opsPublic Works
2654467b0DDRBA-OPSDelaware Memorial Bridge Motor PoolPublic Works
266406810DCMLF NJ opsDRBA Cape May OpsPublic Works
267366870DDRBADelaware Memorial Bridge Operations Public Works
269926970DCMLF-LANDCape May-Lewes Ferry (land)Transportation
270246990DCMLF-BOATCape May-Lewes Ferry (Boats)Transportation
2712069f0DCMLF NJ-LOTNJ Side (Loading and lot ops)Public Works
271526a10DCMLF-BUSDRBA Lewes BusTransportation
272166a50DCMLF-LOTDE Side (Loading and lot ops)Public Works
State Police Statewide
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1616650DESW-SWENStatewide Emergency NetLaw Talk
1648670DESW-DETECTDetective NetLaw Tac
1680690DESW-CMTConflict Management TeamLaw Talk
17126b0DESW-AVCOMAviation PrimaryLaw Tac
17446d0DESW-SERTSert NetLaw Tac
17766f0DESW-EXECExecutive CommandLaw Tac
1808710DESW-EXSECExecutive SecurityLaw Tac
1936790DESW-NLEENNational Law Enforcement Emergency NetLaw Talk
19687b0DESW-SWISSInformation Support ServicesLaw Talk
20007d0DESW-SIUSRTSpecial Operations Response Team Law Tac
2576a10DESW-HQHeadquartersLaw Talk
2608a30DESW-BOMBBomb SquadLaw Tac
3024bd0DESW-ADMINPolice Administration Law Talk
147043970DESW-SWIAInternal AffairsLaw Talk
1480039d0DESW-SWESU1Intelligence 1Law Talk
1483239f0DESW-SWESU2Intelligence 2Law Talk
161443f10DESW-SIUSpecial Investigative Unit SWLaw Tac
163363fd0DESW-AVNADMSW Aviation AdministrationLaw Tac
Statewide EMS / Fire / Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3152c50DSW-FIREFire (SW)Fire-Talk
3792ed0DSW-REGRPFire regroupFire-Talk
3824ef0DSW-SW EMSStatewide Emergency MedicalEMS-Talk
73761cd0DESW-MED EXMedical ExaminerLaw Talk
843220f0DSW-REGRP1Regroup A - N- POLICELaw Talk
84642110DSW-REGRP2Regroup B - N - FIREFire-Talk
84962130DSW-REGRP3Regroup C - K - POLICELaw Talk
85282150DSW-REGRP4Regroup D - K - FIREFire-Talk
85602170DSW-REGRP5Regroup E - S - POLICELaw Talk
85922190DSW-REGRP6Regroup F - S - FIREFire-Talk
92962450DSW-SW MAStatewide Mutual AidInterop
964825b0DSW-PMASW Police Mutual Aid (PMA)Law Talk
117282dd0DSW-SWDSFSFire School (SW)Fire-Talk
130723310DSW-UDSTWDUniversity of Delaware Police (SW)Law Talk
1323233b0DSW-CAPPDCapitol Police (SW)Law Talk
141603750DSW-SWFMSLState Fire Marshall (SW)Fire-Talk
1790445f0DESW-SWONDDOffice of Narcotics & Dangerous DrugsLaw Talk
2120052d0DSW-SWJPStatewide Justice of the Peace (Constables)Law Talk
2251257f0DSW-OEMSOffice of EMS Admin (SW)EMS-Talk
258726510DState Wd IOP1Statewide Interop-1Interop
259046530DState Wd IOP2Statewide Interop-2Interop
259366550DState Wd IOP3Statewide Interop-3Interop
259686570DState Wd IOP4Statewide Interop-4Interop
Statewide Miscellaneous
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
44001130DN-SWCADMStatewide NCC Comm. Admin.Public Works
52001450DSW-OTM 1Office of Telecommunication ManagementPublic Works
52321470DSW-OTM 2Office of Telecommunication ManagementPublic Works
52641490DESW-STAFFGovernor's StaffPublic Works
529614b0DESW-MAINTRadio Maintnence (SW)Public Works
54241530DSW-OTM MGOffice of Telecommunication ManagementmultigroupPublic Works
555215b0DSW-SWADMINFacilities Management (SW)Public Works
76961e10DESW-ICFIUInsurance Commission Fraud Investigation UnitLaw Tac
78881ed0DSW-JUSTICEDepartment of JusticeLaw Tac
80161f50DSW-ABCAlcohol Beverage ControlLaw Tac
1761644d0DESW-SWTEUSW Truck Enforcement Unit Law Tac
2094451d0DSW-SWARMSStatewide Audit & Recovery Mgmt Services (ARMS)Public Works
2248057d0DSW-DPHDept. of Public Health adminPublic Works
225445810DSW-EPIEpidemiology OperationsPublic Works
225765830DSW-EHS 1Environmental Health Services AdminPublic Works
226085850DESW-EHS 2Environmental Health Services OperationsPublic Works
226405870DSW-LAB 1Public Health Lab AdminPublic Works
226725890DSW-LAB 2Public Health Lab CouriersPublic Works
2276858f0DSW-PSC-ALLPublic Safety CommissionLaw Tac
228005910DSW-PSCPublic Safety CommissionLaw Tac
251686250DHealthDept. of Public HealthPublic Works
252006270DHealthDept. of Public HealthPublic Works
Transit Corporation (DTC)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2299259d0DN-WILFB1DTC Wilmington Fallback 1Transportation
2302459f0DN-WILFB2DTC Wilmington Fallback 2Transportation
230565a10DN-WILFB3DTC Wilmington Fallback 3Transportation
230885a30DSW-STSUPVDTC Street SupervisorsTransportation
231205a50DN-NMNTDTC North MaintenanceTransportation
231525a70DN-NMGRSDTC North ManagersTransportation
231845a90DSW-DTC-EXECDTC Executive StaffTransportation
232165ab0DKS-DOVFB1DTC Dover Fallback 1Transportation
232485ad0DKS-DOVFB2DTC Dover Fallback 2Transportation
232805af0DKS-SMNTDTC South MaintenanceTransportation
233125b10DKS-SMGRSDTC South ManagersTransportation
233445b30DN-WILGRP1DTC Wilmington 1Transportation
233765b50DN-WILGRP2DTC Wilmington 2Transportation
234085b70DN-WILGRP3DTC Wilmington 3Transportation
234405b90DN-WILEMG1DTC Wilmington Emerg 1Transportation
234725bb0DN-WILEMG2DTC Wilmington Emerg 2Transportation
235045bd0DN-WILEMG3DTC Wilmington Emerg 3Transportation
235365bf0DSW-SPECEVDTC Special EventsTransportation
235685c10DKS-DOVGRP1DTC Dover 1Transportation
236005c30DKS-DOVGRP2DTC Dover 2Transportation
236325c50DKS-DOVEMG1DTC Dover Emerg 1Transportation
236645c70DKS-DOVEMG2DTC Dover Emerg 2Transportation
237285cb0DSW-CNTRCTDTC Contract CarriersTransportation
237605cd0DSW-RESORTSDTC ResortsTransportation
238885d50DKS-DTC-DOV1DTC Dover Dispatch 1Transportation
239205d70DKS-DTC-DOV2DTC Dover Dispatch 2Transportation
239525d90DN-WILDSP1DTC Wilmington Dispatch 1Transportation
239845db0DN-WILDSP2DTC Wilmington Dispatch 2Transportation
240165dd0DN-WILDSP3DTC Wilmington Dispatch 3Transportation
240805e10DKS-DOVCOV1DTC Dover Covert 1Transportation
241125e30DKS-DOVCOV2DTC Dover Covert 2Transportation
241445e50DN-WILCOV1DTC Wilmington Covert 1Transportation
241765e70DN-WILCOV2DTC Wilmington Covert 2Transportation
242085e90DN-WILCOV3DTC Wilmington Covert 3Transportation
New Castle County - Fire and EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3184c70DN-DISPNCC DispatchFire Dispatch
3216c90DN-TAC3NCC Fire-Tac 3Fire-Tac
3248cb0DN-TAC4NCC Fire-Tac 4Fire-Tac
3280cd0DN-TAC5NCC Fire-Tac 5Fire-Tac
3312cf0DN-TAC6NCC Fire-Tac 6Fire-Tac
3888f30DN-TAC7NCC Fire-Tac 7Fire-Tac
3920f50DNK-TAC8NK Fire-Tac 8 Fire-Tac
106082970DN-CCHSFPChristiana Care Health System Fire ProtectionFire-Talk
3856f10DN-EMSOP1NCC EMS Ops 1EMS Dispatch
41441030DN-EMSOP2NCC EMS Ops 2EMS-Tac
43681110DN-EMSOP3NCC EMS Ops 3EMS-Tac
302247610DN-EMS NCC-EMS Unconfirmed useEMS-Tac
1380835f0DN-MIRTFire Marshal (major incident response team)Fire-Talk
141923770DN_FMSL NCC Fire MarshallFire-Talk
105762950DN-FP-1NCC Fire PoliceFire-Talk
105122910DN-FP-2NCC Fire Police 2Fire-Talk
105442930DN-FP-3NCC Fire Police 3Fire-Talk
1070429d0DN-FP-4NCC Fire Police 4Fire-Talk
1073629f0DN-FP-5NCC Fire Police 5Fire-Talk
242725ed0DN-SFH EMSSt Francis Healthcare EMSEMS-Talk
3038476b0DN-AID CommandA. I. DuPont Command / HelipadHospital
New Castle County Hospitals
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3952f70DN-CER5Christiana Hospital Emergency Room 1Hospital
3984f90DN-CER6Christiana Hospital Emergency Room 2Hospital
4016fb0DN-CER7Christiana Hospital Emergency Room 3Hospital
4048fd0DN-SFHERSaint Francis Emergency RoomHospital
4080ff0DN-AIHERA. I. DuPont Hospital Emergency RoomHospital
41121010DN-WILER1Wilmington Hospital Emergency Room 1Hospital
46561230DN-WILER2Wilmington Hospital Emergency Room 2Hospital
82082010DN-MIDERMiddletown Emergency RoomHospital
82402030DN-CROZERCrozer Emergency Room (Chester PA))Hospital
107682a10DN-CCHSHelipad Christiana/ConstablesHospital
108002a30DN-UNIONHUnion Hospital (Elkton, MD)Hospital
New Castle County - Fire Company TAC
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
98402670DN-BELVEDBelvedere FCFire-Talk
98722690DN-BRANDYBrandywine Hundred FCFire-Talk
993626d0DN-CLAMNTClaymont FCFire-Talk
996826f0DN-CRANSTCranston Heights FCFire-Talk
100642750DN-5PTSFive Points FCFire-Talk
101282790DN-HOCKHockessen FCFire-Talk
1019227d0DN-MDLTWNMiddletown FCFire-Talk
1022427f0DN-MILLCKMill Creek FCFire-Talk
102562810DN-MINQDLMinquadale FCFire-Talk
102882830DN-MINQUSMinquas FCFire-Talk
103202850DN-ODESSAOdessa FCFire-Talk
103522870DN-PORTPPort Penn FCFire-Talk
103842890DN-TLYVLTalleyville FCFire-Talk
1041628b0DN-TOWNSDTownsend FCFire-Talk
1044828d0DN-NCCAPTNew Castle County Airport FCFire-Talk
1048028f0DN-WILMNRWilmington Manor FCFire-Talk
New Castle County State Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1840730DEN-EXSECExecutive SecurityLaw Tac
20327f0DEN-SORT 1Special Operations Response Team 1Law Tac
2128850DEN-CMDN DSP Dispatch / CommandLaw Dispatch
2160870DEN-TAC1N DSP Tactical-1Law Tac
2192890DEN-TAC2N DSP Tactical-2Law Tac
22248b0DEN-TAC3N DSP Tactical-3Law Tac
22568d0DEN-TAC4N DSP Tactical-4Law Tac
2672a70DEN-TROOP1DSP Troop 1 (Wilmington North)Law Talk
2704a90DEN-TROOP2DSP Troop 2 (Newark)Law Talk
2832b10DEN-TROOP6DSP Troop 6 (Wilmington South)Law Talk
2896b50DEN-TROOP9DSP Troop 9 (Odessa)Law Talk
2928b70DEN-SUPERSupervisorLaw Tac
3056bf0DEN-SORT 2Special Operations Response Team 2Law Tac
139043650DEN-DETECTDetectivesLaw Tac
1400036b0DEN-ESUIntelligenceLaw Tac
1403236d0DEN-SIUSpecial Investigation UnitLaw Tac
144163850DEN-MURDERHomicide squadLaw Tac
146083910DEN-INTLIntelligenceLaw Tac
147363990DEN-DSP DSP OperationsLaw Tac
159523e50DEN-CMDCTRCommand CenterLaw Tac
160483eb0DEN-INVESTSpecial Investigative Unit 1Law Tac
162403f70DEN-AVNNCCN Aviation AdminLaw Tac
New Castle County Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
62241850DEN-PD DISP1NCCPD Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
62561870DEN-PD DISP2NCCPD Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
70561b90DEN-SHERFNCC SheriffLaw Talk
64161910DEN-PDDATA-CNCCPD Data CLaw Tac
62881890DEN-PD TAC1-CNCCPD Tactical 1Law Tac
632018b0DEN-PD TAC2-CNCCPD Tactical 2Law Tac
635218d0DEN-PD TAC3-CNCCPD Tactical 3Law Tac
638418f0DEN-PD TAC4-CNCCPD Tactical 4Law Tac
657619b0DEN-PD Ops-1NCCPD Ops 1Law Talk
66721a10DEN-PD Ops-2NCCPD Ops 2Law Talk
69921b50DEN-PD Ops-3NCCPD Ops 3Law Talk
70241b70DEN-PD Ops-4NCCPD Ops 4Law Talk
660819d0DEN-PD SP Ops1NCCPD Special Ops 1Law Talk
664019f0DEN-PD SP Ops2NCCPD Special Ops 2Law Talk
68001a90DEN-EM/PRENCC Emergency PreparednessEmergency Ops
64481930DEN-PD ADMNCC Police AdministrationLaw Talk
68321ab0DEN-EMS/ADNCC Emergency Medical AdministrationEmergency Ops
68641ad0DEN-COMMNCC CommunicationsLaw Talk
68961af0DEN-NEXECNCC ExecutivesLaw Talk
69281b10DEN-NSTAFFNCC StaffLaw Talk
69601b30DEN-NSUPVNCC SupervisorLaw Talk
New Castle County Mutual Aid
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
93282470DN-NCCMA1NCC Mutual Aid 1Multi-Tac
93602490DN-NCCMA2NCC Mutual Aid 2Multi-Tac
95202530DN-PMANCC Police Mutual Aid (PMA)Law Tac
254886390DNCC IOP1NCC Interops 1Interop
2552063b0DNCC IOP2NCC Interops 2Interop
2555263d0DNCC IOP3NCC Interops 3Interop
2558463f0DNCC IOP4NCC Interops 4Interop
New Castle County Miscellaneous
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
532814d0DN-MAINTRadio maintnencePublic Works
54561550DN-FACMGTFacilities ManagementPublic Works
76321dd0DN-HEALTHDept of Health & Soc SvcsPublic Works
77921e70DN-C SVCCommunity ServicePublic Works
79201ef0DN-DOJDepartment of JusticeLaw Tac
80481f70DN-ABCAlcohol Beverage ControlLaw Tac
865621d0DN-SHERIFSheriffLaw Dispatch
1326433d0DN-CAP PDCapitol PoliceLaw Dispatch
1451238b0DN-LOTTRYN Casinos / Gambling EnforcementLaw Tac
174244410DN-SPCANCC SPCAPublic Works
1764844f0DN-NTEUN Truck Enforcement UnitLaw Tac
1787245d0DEN-ONDDOffice of Narcotics & Dangerous DrugsLaw Tac
201284ea0DN-Court SecCourthouse SecurityLaw Tac
204324fd0DN-NGA1National Governor's AssociationPublic Works
204644ff0DN-NGA2National Governor's AssociationPublic Works
204965010DN-NGA3National Governor's AssociationPublic Works
205285030DN-NGA4National Governor's AssociationPublic Works
205605050DN-NGA5National Governor's AssociationPublic Works
208485170DVA Hosp SecVA Medical Center Security (Elsmere)Security
208805190DVA Hosp Sec2VA Medical Center Security Alternate (Elsmere)Security
2091251b0DVA Hosp OpsVA Medical Center Operations (Elsmere)Public Works
2097651f0DN-NARMSNCC Audit & Recovery Mgmt Services (ARMS)Public Works
2123252f0DN-NCCJPNew Castle Justice of the Peace (Constables)Law Tac
213285350DN-SUPCRTSuperior CourtLaw Dispatch
2142453b0DN-CCPCRTCourt of Common PleasLaw Dispatch
215205410DN-FAMCRTFamily CourtLaw Dispatch
267686890DAirport OperAirport OperationsPublic Works
2680068b0DAirport MntAirport Plowing / MaintPublic Works
300007530DNCC Crt AnouNCC Court building Announcement channelLaw Dispatch
3012875b0DCourts panic almNCC Courts panic alarmsLaw Dispatch
3424085c0DBrandywineSD 1Brandywine School District Resource officers 1Security
3428885f0DBrandywineSD 2Brandywine School District Resource officers 2Security
New Castle County - Department Of Transportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47201270DN-TRAFICNew Castle County Traffic (TMC)Public Works
219045590DN-AREA10Bear Yard - Area 10Public Works
2193655b0DN-AREA11Kiamensi Yard - Area 11Public Works
2196855d0DN-AREA12Talley Yard - Area 12Public Works
2171254d0DKN-AREA9Middletown Yard - Area 9Public Works
2200055f0DN-AREA22NCC Yard - Area 22Public Works
220325610DN-AREA23NCC Yard - Area 23Public Works
2174454f0DN-AREA14Newark Yard - Area 14Public Works
47521290DN-SIGNSSigns (NCC)Public Works
478412b0DN-CONSTNew Castle ConstructionPublic Works
507213d0DN-M-1Expressways Maintenance Dispatch 1Public Works
510413f0DN-M-2Expressways Maintenance Dispatch 2Public Works
188004970DN-NDOTSUPNCC DelDot SupervisorPublic Works
220645630DN- N-ADMINNCC AdminPublic Works
223205730DKN-AREA26Smyrna Yard - Area 26Public Works
2683268d0DToll ops Toll Plaza Ops (DE/MD State Line)Public Works
New Castle County - Elsmere
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1297632b0DEN-ELS-EXECElsmere ExecutiveLaw Tac
100322730DEN-ELS-FCElsmere FCFire-Talk
129123270DEN-ELS-PDElsmere PoliceLaw Tac
New Castle County - New Castle City
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100002710DN-DELCTYDelaware City FCFire-Talk
100962770DN-GDWILLGoodwill FCFire-Talk
1016027b0DN-HOLL THolloway Terrace FCFire-Talk
1300832d0DEN-N C PDNew Castle City PoliceLaw Tac
131043330DN-NC-EXECNew Castle City ExecutiveLaw Tac
New Castle County - Newark City
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
192164b10DEN-NWK PD DisNewark PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
192484b30DEN-NWK OPSNewark PD OpsLaw Talk
192804b50DEN-NWK TACNewark PD TACLaw Tac
71201bd0DEN-NWK PD1 Newark PD 1 Law Tac
71841c10DEN-NWK PDNewark PD opsLaw Tac
67361a50DEN-NWK PD 2Newark PD 2 Law Tac
98082650DN-AETNAAetna FCFire-Talk
990426b0DN-CHRISChristiana FCFire-Talk
New Castle County - Newport, Town Of
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
131363350DEN-NEWPRTNewport PoliceLaw Tac
New Castle County - Middletown
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
208165150DEN-MIDLTWNPDMiddletown Police TACLaw Tac
New Castle County - University of Delaware
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
193124b70DEN-UDPD DispU of D PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
193444b90DEN-UDPD TACU of D PD TACLaw Tac
193764bb0DEN-UDPD OPSU of D PD OPSLaw Talk
303207670DN-U of D EHSEnvironmental Health and SafetySchools
303527690DU of D ECU PVT.U of D Emergency Care Unit (private) EMS-Talk
New Castle County - Wilmington City

Technically, the Wilmington City site is part of the delaware statewide system and is identified as Site 4.

Only Wilmington City radios affiliate with it but any state agency can get on the system by selecting a city TG (if it is in their radios)

It is common to hear EMS / FD patches for backup to City units.

Also note that Traffic Divisions do not have the same radio configuration. Traffic has TAC A thru E  and then their own F_G_H


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3696e70DWPD-S-TAC1WPD TAC1 (State System)Law Tac
1067229b0DWPD patch WPD patch to state system (not always up)Law Dispatch
129443290DWPD TAC2 (StWPD TAC2 (State System)Law Talk
277926c90DWPD DispatchWPD Dispatch Law Dispatch
278246cb0DEWPD DataWPD DataLaw Tac
278566cd0DEWPD TAC CWPD TAC CLaw Tac
278886cf0DWPD TAC DWPD TAC D (Bluerocks)Law Tac
279206d10DWPD TAC E PaWPD TAC E ParkingLaw Tac
279526d30DWPD TAC F InWPD TAC F InvestigatorsLaw Tac
279846d50DWPD TAC G InWPD TAC G InvestigatorsLaw Tac
280166d70DWPD TAC H OpWPD TAC H OpsLaw Tac
280486d90DWPD TAC IWPD TAC ILaw Tac
280806db0DWPD TAC JWPD TAC JLaw Tac
281446df0DWPD TAC L WPD TAC L Law Tac
106402990DWILM-FDWPD FD patch from City system (not always up)Fire Dispatch
283046e90DWFD-DISPWFD Dispatch Fire Dispatch
283366eb0DFire BWFD Fire BFire-Tac
283686ed0DFire CWFD Fire CFire-Tac
284006ef0DFire DWFD Fire DFire-Tac
284326f10DFire EWFD Fire EFire-Tac
284646f30DFire FWFD Fire FFire-Tac
284966f50DFire GWFD Fire GFire-Tac
288167090DStreetsPW StreetsPublic Works
2884870b0DSigns TraffiPW Signs Traffic controlPublic Works
2888070d0DParksPW Parks / RecreationPublic Works
2891270f0DFinanceFinance DepartmentPublic Works
289447110DL&ILicense InspectionPublic Works
289767130DHousingReal Estate HousingPublic Works
290407170DParking Parking EnforcementPublic Works
Kent County - Fire & EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3344d10DK-FIRDSPK Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
3376d30DK-FIRE 1K Fire-Tac 1Fire-Tac
3408d50DK-TAC4K Fire-Tac 4Fire-Tac
3440d70DK-TAC5K Fire-Tac 5Fire-Tac
3472d90DK-TAC6K Fire-Tac 6Fire-Tac
42081070DKS-TAC7KS Fire-Tac 7Fire-Tac
114402cb0DK-FIRPOLK Fire policeFire-Talk
295847390DK-FIRPOL-3K Fire 3olice 3Fire-Talk
138403610DK-MIRTFire Marshal (major incident response team)Fire-Talk
142243790DK-FMSL K Fire MarshallFire-Talk
3664e50DK-SCHOOLFire School (Dover)Fire-Talk
115362d10DK-EMSDSPK EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
41761050DK-EMSOP1K EMS Ops 1EMS-Talk
115682d30DK-EMSOP2K EMS Ops 2EMS-Talk
116002d50DK-EMSTC2K EMS Talk 2EMS-Talk
116962db0DKN-KMEDICKent County ParamedicsEMS-Talk
116642d90DK-KENTCTRKent CenterFire-Talk
115042cf0DKN-A64American Legion AmbulanceFire-Talk
Kent County - Fire Company TAC
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
108322a50DK-BOWERSBowers Beach FCFire-Talk
108962a90DK-CHSWLDCheswold FCFire-Talk
109922af0DK-FARMTNFarmington FC(KENT&SUSSEX)Fire-Talk
111202b70DK-HARTLYHartly FC (KENT&SUSSEX)Fire-Talk
111522b90DK-HUSTONHouston FC (KENT&SUSSEX)Fire-Talk
111842bb0DK-LEIPSCLeipsic FCFire-Talk
112162bd0DK-LILCRKLittle Creek FCFire-Talk
112482bf0DK-MAGNOLMagnolia FCFire-Talk
112802c10DK-MARDELMarydel FCFire-Talk
113762c70DK-SBOWERSouth Bowers FCFire-Talk
Kent County - Hospitals
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
430410d0DKN-KG ER 1Kent General Hospital Emer Room 1Hospital
433610f0DKN-KG ER 2Kent General Hospital Emer Room 2Hospital
840020d0DBH Smyrna ERBayhealth Smyrna Emergency Center-ER Hospital
343048600DBH Milton ERBayhealth Milton Emergency Center-ER Hospital
Kent County - State Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2320910DEKN-CMDK DSP Dispatch / Cmd.Law Dispatch
2352930DEK-TAC1K DSP Tactical-1Law Tac
2384950DEK-TAC2K DSP Tactical-2Law Tac
161763f30DEK-SECURESecureLaw Tac
2736ab0DEK-TROOP3DSP Troop 3 (Dover)Law Tac
162723f90DEK-AVNKNTK Aviation AdminLaw Tac
2960b90DEK-SUPERSupervisorLaw Tac
1872750DEK-EXSECExecutive SecurityLaw Tac
159843e70DEK-CMDCTRCommand CenterLaw Dispatch
2064810DEK-SORT 1Special Operations Response Team 1Law Tac
3088c10DEK-SORT 2Special Operations Response Team 2Law Tac
177764570DEK-TCUTCU (crowd control)Law Tac
1784045b0DEKS-TCUTCU (crowd control) KSLaw Tac
139363670DEK-DETECTDetectivesLaw Tac
141283730DEK-KESUIntelligenceLaw Tac
146403930DEK-INTLIntelligenceLaw Tac
1406436f0DEK-SIUSpecial Investigation Unit Law Tac
160803ed0DEK-INVESTSpecial Investigative Unit 2Law Tac
144483870DEK-MURDERHomicide squadLaw Tac
Kent County - Mutual Aid
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
939224b0DK-KNTMA1K Mutual Aid 1Multi-Tac
942424d0DK-KNTMA2K Mutual Aid 2Multi-Tac
95522550DK-PMAK Police Mutual Aid (PMA)Law Tac
256166410DKent iop 1Interoperability 1Interop
256486430DKent iop 2Interoperability 2Interop
256806450DKent iop 3Interoperability 3Interop
257126470DKent iop 4Interoperability 4Interop
Kent County - Miscellaneous
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
536014f0DK-MAINTRadio MaintnencePublic Works
54881570DK-FACMGTFacilities ManagementPublic Works
74081cf0DK-EMPREEmergency PreprarednessPublic Works
78241e90DK-C SVCCommunity ServicePublic Works
79521f10DK-DOJDepartment of JusticeLaw Tac
80801f90DK-ABCAlcohol Beverage ControlLaw Tac
868821f0DK-SHERIFSheriffLaw Dispatch
114722cd0DK-DAFBSPDover Air Force Base Security Police (Incative)Law Tac
1329633f0DK-CAP PDCapitol Police KentLaw Dispatch
1454438d0DK-LOTTRYK Casinos / Gambling EnforcementLaw Tac
1739243f0DSPCASW SPCA Public Works
174564430DK-SPCAKent SPCAPublic Works
176804510DK-KTEUK Truck Enforcement UnitLaw Tac
210085210DK-KARMSAudit & Recovery Mgmt Services (ARMS)Public Works
212645310DK-KENTJPJustice of the Peace (Constables)Law Dispatch
213605370DK-SUPCRTSuperior CourtLaw Dispatch
2145653d0DK-CCPCRTCourt of Common pleasLaw Dispatch
215525430DK-FAMCRTFamily CourtLaw Dispatch
2273658d0DKPUBSFYPublic Safety (Kent Center)Law Dispatch
3016075d0DK-CRT ANCMTCourts Announcement channelLaw Dispatch
3019275f0DFamily Court AlmFamily Court AlarmsLaw Dispatch
Kent County - Department of Transportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
484812f0DKN-K-TRAFICKent County Traffic (TMC)Public Works
238565d30DKS-TMCEMG1TMC Emergency 1Public Works
216165470DK-AREA6Harrington Yard - Area 6Public Works
216485490DKAREA7Magnolia Yard - Area 7Public Works
2168054b0DK-AREA8Cheswold Yard - Area 8Public Works
217765510DKN-AREA21Kent Yard - Area 21Public Works
218085530DK-AREA25Kent Yard - Area 25Public Works
218405550DK-AREA30Kent Yard - Area 30Public Works
48801310DK-M-4Expressways Maintenance Dispatch 4Public Works
49761370DKN-TLLOPSToll Plaza OperationsPublic Works
504013b0DK-CONSTKent ConstructionPublic Works
51361410DKN-XADMINExpressways AdminPublic Works
188324990DK-KDOTSUPKent DelDot SupervisorPublic Works
218725570DK-ADMINKent AdminPublic Works
220965650DKN-M-3Expressways Maintenance Dispatch 3 (NCC/Kent)Public Works
221285670DKN-XCONSTExpressways Construction (NCC/Kent)Public Works
Kent County - Camden/ Wyoming
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
108642a70DK-CAMWYOCamden Wyoming FCFire-Talk
197604d30DEK-CAMPDCamden PdLaw Tac
205925070DEK-WYOPDWyoming PDLaw Tac
Kent County - Clayton
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
109282ab0DK-CLAYTN FCClayton FCFire-Talk
196004c90DEK-CLAYTN PDClayton PDLaw Tac
Kent County - Dover AFB
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
116322d70DEK-DAFB-EMSDover Air Force Base EMSEMS-Talk
117922e10DESW-SWDAFBDover Air Force Base Clinic StatewideHospital
118242e30DEK-DAFBFDDover Air Force Base Fire DepartmentFire-Talk
Kent County - Dover

Dove Police Communications are primarily encrypted


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
42401090DK-DOVFIRDover City Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
427210b0DK-DAFBHDover AFB HospitalHospital
109602ad0DK-DOVERDover FCFire-Talk
114082c90DK-DOV-FMCity of Dover Fire MarshallFire-Talk
117602df0DK-DVDISPDover Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
128803250DEK-DISP-1Dover PD Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
198564d90DEK-DISP-2Dover PD Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
198884db0DEK-DVDATADover PD DataLaw Tac
199204dd0DEK-DVTAC1Dover PD TAC-1Law Tac
199524df0DEK-DVTAC2Dover PD TAC-2Law Tac
199844e10DEK-DVCIDover PD Criminal InvestigationLaw Tac
200164e30DEK-HNTDover PD Hostage Negotiation TeamLaw Tac
200484e50DEK-SORT-1Dover PD Sort-1Law Tac
200804e70DEK-SORT-2Dover PD Sort-2Law Tac
201124e90DEK-SRTCMDDover PD Sort CommandLaw Tac
201444eb0DEK-EXECCMDDover PD Exec CommandLaw Tac
2270458b0DKDFM-OPSCity of Dover Fire MarshallFire-Talk
300967590DDover Fire 2Dover Fire 2Fire-Tac
Kent County - Felton
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
110242b10DK-FELTONFelton FCFire-Talk
198244d70DEK-FLTPDFelton PDLaw Tac
Kent County - Frederica
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
110562b30DK-FRDRCAFrederica FCFire-Talk
197924d50DK-FRDPDFrederica PDLaw Tac
Kent County - Harrington
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
110882b50DK-HARRTNHarrington FC (KENT&SUSSEX)Fire-Talk
196324cb0DEKS-HPD-CMDHarrington PDLaw Tac
196644cd0DEKS-HPD-DATAHarrington PD DataLaw Tac
196964cf0DEKS-HPD-SPCOPHarrington PD Special OperationsLaw Tac
Kent County - Milford
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
113122c30DK-MILFRDMilford FCFire-Talk
197284d10DEKS-MDISPMilford Pd DispatchLaw Dispatch
201764ed0DEKS-MOPS1Milford PD Operations 1Law Tac
202084ef0DEKS-MOPS2Milford PD Operations 2Law Tac
202404f10DEKS-MADMINMilford PD Admin.Law Tac
Kent County - Smyrna
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
113442c50DK-SMYRNASmyrna FCFire-Talk
194084bd0DENK-SPD1Smyrna PD #1Law Tac
194404bf0DENK-SPD2Smyrna PD #2Law Tac
194724c10DENK-SPTA1Smyrna PD Tac 1Law Tac
195044c30DENK-SCOPSSmyrna PD OpsLaw Tac
195364c50DENK-SSIUSmyrna PD SIULaw Tac
195684c70DENK-SPDADMINSmyrna PD AdminLaw Tac
Kent County - Delaware State University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
207525110DEDSU-PDDelaware State University PDLaw Dispatch
207845130DEDSU-PD-2Delaware State University PD 2Law Tac
Sussex County - Fire & EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
44321150DS-FIRE DISPS Fire / EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
3536dd0DS-FIRE 1S Fire-1 Fire-Tac
3568df0DS-FIRE 2 EastS Fire-2 EastFire-Tac
3600e10DS-FIRE 3 CentralS Fire-3 CentralFire-Tac
3632e30DS-FIRE 4 WestS Fire-4 WestFire-Tac
3504db0DS-FIRE 5S Fire-5 Fire-Tac
297447430DS-Fireops 1S Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
297767450DS-Fireops 2S Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
298087470DS-Fireops 3S Fire Ops 3Fire-Tac
298407490DS-Fireops 4S Fire Ops 4Fire-Tac
2987274b0DS-Fireops 5S Fire Ops 5Fire-Tac
44641170DS-EMS 1 WestS EMS-1 Ops WestEMS-Tac
44961190DS-EMS 2 CentralS EMS-2 Ops CentralEMS-Tac
126563170DS-EMS3 Ops EastS EMS-3 Ops EastEMS-Tac
128163210DS-SXPMO1Paramedics Ops-1EMS-Tac
128483230DS-SXPMO2Paramedics Ops-2EMS-Tac
125923130DS-FPOL 1S Fire Police-1Fire-Tac
210725250DS-FPOL 2S Fire Police-2Fire-Tac
211045270DS-FPOL 3S Fire Police-3Fire-Tac
211365290DS-FPOL 4S Fire Police-4Fire-Tac
2116852b0DS-FPOL 5S Fire Police-5Fire-Tac
1252830f0DWorc. MD PatPatch to Worcester Co Md FireFire-Tac
125603110DS-OCFIREOcean City MD Fire PatchFire-Tac
1272031b0DS-COMSPTSuscom Support PersonnelEMS-Tac
1425637b0DS-FMSL S Fire MarshallFire-Tac
138723630DS-MIRTFire Marshall (Major Incident Response Team)Fire-Tac
74401d10DS-EMPREEmergency Medical PreparednessEmergency Ops
Sussex County - Hospitals
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
452811b0DS-BEEBE ERBeebe Medical Center Lewes ERHospital
456011d0DS-MILLVL ERBeebe Medical Center Millville ER (SUMMER ONLY)Hospital
459211f0DKS-MH ERMilford Hospital Emergency RoomHospital
46241210DS-NMH ERNanticoke Memorial Hospital ERHospital
126883190DS-AGH ERAtlantic General Hospital MDHospital
Sussex County - Fire Company TAC
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
120482f10DSTA76 FrankfFrankford FD TACFire-Tac
121442f70DSTA79 GumborGumboro FD TACFire-Tac
122722ff0DSTA89 SlaughSlaughter Beach FD TACFire-Tac
123363030DSTA84 MillviMillville FD TACFire-Tac
124323090DSTA90 RoxanaRoxana FD TACFire-Tac
Sussex County - State Police

Encryption is selectively used on the DSP TAC's

On DATA, DSP is generally ENC while Municipal PD's are more liekly to be clear.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2448990DES-CMDS DSP Dispatch / Command Law Dispatch
25449f0DES-DATAS DSP DataLaw Tac
24809b0DES-TAC1S DSP Tactical-1Law Tac
148643a10DES-TAC3S DSP Tactical-3Law Tac
25129d0DES-TAC2S DSP Tactical-2Law Tac
148963a30DES-TAC4S DSP Tactical-4Law Tac
2768ad0DES-TROOP4DSP Troop-4 (Georgetown)Law Tac
2800af0DES-TROOP5DSP Troop-5 (Bridgeville)Law Tac
2864b30DES-TROOP7DSP Troop-7 (Lewes)Law Tac
2992bb0DES-SUPERSupervisorLaw Tac
163043fb0DES-AVNSSXS Aviation AdminLaw Tac
1904770DES-EXSECExecutive SecurityLaw Tac
2096830DES-SORT 1Special Operation Response Team-1Law Tac
3120c30DES-SORT 2Special Operations Response Team-2Law Tac
139683690DES-DETECTDetectivesLaw Tac
140963710DES-SIUSpecial Investigation UnitLaw Tac
1428837d0DES-ESUIntelligenceLaw Tac
144803890DES-MURDERHomicideLaw Tac
146723950DES-INTLIntelligenceLaw Tac
160163e90DES-CMDCTRCommand CenterLaw Tac
161123ef0DES-INVESTSpecial Investigative Unit 3Law Tac
162083f50DES-SECURESecureLaw Tac
178084590DES-TCUTCU (crowd control)Law Tac
179364610DES-ONDDOffice of Narcotics & Dangerous DrugsLaw Tac
Sussex County - Miscellaneous
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53921510DS-MAINTRadio MaintenencePublic Works
55201590DS-FACMGTFacilities ManagementPublic Works
76641df0DS-HEALTHDept of Health & Soc SvcsPublic Works
78561eb0DS-S SVCCommunity ServicePublic Works
79841f30DS-DOJDepartment of JusticeLaw Tac
81121fb0DS-ABCAlcohol Beverage ControlLaw Tac
87202210DS-SHERIFSheriffLaw Dispatch
1275231d0DS-SXEOCEmergency Operation CenterMulti-Talk
133283410DS-CAP PDCapitol PoliceLaw Dispatch
174884450DS-SPCASSX SPCAPublic Works
177124530DS-STEUS Truck Enforcement UnitLaw Tac
210405230DS-SARMSAudit & Recovery Mgmt Services (ARMS)Public Works
212965330DS-SSXJPJustice of the Peace (Constables)Law Tac
213925390DS-SUPCRTSuperior CourtLaw Dispatch
2148853f0DS-CCPCRTCourt of Common PleasLaw Dispatch
215845450DS-FAMCRTFamily CourtLaw Dispatch
Sussex County - Department Of Transportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49121330DS-MAINT-DOTSussex MaintenancePublic Works
49441350DS-TRAFICSussex County Traffic (TMC)Public Works
50081390DS-CONSTSussex ConstructionPublic Works
1886449b0DS-SDOTSUPSussex DelDot SupervisoPublic Works
1892849f0DS-DOT LaurelLaurel YardPublic Works
189604a10DS-DOT SeaforSeaford YardPublic Works
189924a30DS-DOT EllendEllendale YardPublic Works
190244a50DS-DOT GravelGravel Hill Yard Public Works
190564a70DS-DOT DagsboDagsboro Yard Public Works
190884a90DS-DOT GravelGravel Hill Yard Float CrewPublic Works
191204ab0DS-DOT AdminSussex AdminPublic Works
Sussex County - Mutual Aid
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
945624f0DS-SSXMA1S Mutual Aid-1Multi-Tac
94882510DS-SSXMA2S Mutual Aid-2Multi-Tac
95842570DS-PMAS Police Mutual Aid (PMA)Law Tac
257446490DS-IOP-1Sussex Interoperability-1Interop
2577664b0DS-IOP-2Sussex Interoperability-2Interop
2580864d0DS-IOP-3Sussex Interoperability-3Interop
2584064f0DS-IOP-4Sussex Interoperability-4Interop
Sussex County - Bethany Beach
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
118562e50DSTA70 BethanBethany Beach FD TACFire-Tac
1304032f0DS-BETH-PKNGBethany Parking EnforcementPublic Works
134563490DES-BETHNY PDBethany Beach PD Law Tac
Sussex County - Blades
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
118882e70DSTA71 BladesBlades FD TACFire-Tac
132003390DEBlades PDBlades PD Local Law Talk
Sussex County - Bridgeville
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
119202e90DSTA72 BridgeBridgeville FD TACFire-Tac
1377635d0DES-BRDGVL PDBridgeville PD Law Tac
Sussex County - Dagsboro
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
119522eb0DSTA73 DagsDagsboro FD TACFire-Tac
1352034d0DES-DAGSBO PDDagsboro PD Law Tac
Sussex County - Delmar
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
119842ed0DSTA74 DelmarDelmar FD TACFire-Tac
1348834b0DES-DELMAR PDDelmar PD Law Tac
Sussex County - Dewey Beach
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
135843510DES-DEWEY PDDewey Beach PD Law Tac
Sussex County - Ellendale
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
120162ef0DSTA75 EllendEllendale FD TACFire-Tac
206245090DES-ELND PDEllendale PD Law Tac
Sussex County - Fenwick Island
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
134243470DES-FENWK PDFenwick Island PDLaw Tac
Sussex County - Georgetown
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
120802f30DSTA77 GeorgtGeorgetown FD TACFire-Tac
1278431f0DSTA93Georgetown American Legion AmbulanceEMS-Tac
133603430DES-GEORGE PDGeorgetown PD Law Tac
Sussex County - Greenwood
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
121122f50DSTA78 GwoodGreenwood FD TACFire-Tac
202724f30DES-GNWOODGreenwood PD Law Tac
Sussex County - Laurel
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
122082fb0DSTA81 LaurelLaurel FD TACFire-Tac
136163530DES-LAUREL PDLaurel PD Law Tac
Sussex County - Lewes
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
122402fd0DSTA82 LewesLewes FD TACFire-Tac
133923450DES-LEWES PDLewes PD Law Tac
Sussex County - Millsboro
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
121762f90DSTA80 IRiverIndian River FD TACFire-Tac
123043010DSTA83 MillsbMillsboro FD TACFire-Tac
126243150DSTA91 MidssxMid-Sussex Rescue Squad TACEMS-Tac
137123590DES-MILSBO PDMillsboro PD Law Tac
Sussex County - Milton
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
123683050DSTA85 MiltonMilton FD TACFire-Tac
1374435b0DES-MILTON PDMilton PD Law Tac
Sussex County - Oceanview
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
131683370DS-OCEANOcean View PD 936Law Tac
Sussex County - Rehoboth Beach
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3728e90DS-REHFIRRehoboth Beach Disp Fire/EMS/OpsFire Dispatch
124003070DSTA86 RehobRehoboth Beach FD TACFire-Tac
136483550DES-REHO PDRehoboth Beach PD (DISPATCH)Law Dispatch
2065650b0DES-REHO_1Rehoboth Beach PD-1 dataLaw Tac
2068850d0DES-REHO_2Rehoboth Beach PD-2 tacLaw Tac
300327550DS-Rehobo EMSRehoboth Beach EMSEMS-Tac
Sussex County - Seaford
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3760eb0DS-SFRFIRSeaford Disp Fire/EMS/OpsFire Dispatch
1246430b0DSTA87 SeaforSeaford FD TACFire-Tac
1355234f0DES-SFRDISP PDSeaford PD (DISPATCH)Law Dispatch
203364f70DES-SFRDATASeaford PD (DATA)Law Tac
203684f90DES-SFRDETSSeaford PD (Detectives)Law Tac
204004fb0DES-SFRSORTSeaford PD Special Ops teamLaw Tac
2990474d0DS-SFR EMSSeaford EMSEMS Dispatch
Sussex County - Selbyville
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1249630d0DSTA88 SelbySelbyville FD TACFire-Tac
203044f50DES-SLBYVSelbyville PD Law Tac
Sussex County - South Bethany Beach
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
136803570DES-S BETH PSSouth Bethany Beach PDLaw Tac