Worcester County / Ocean City

System Name: Worcester County / Ocean City
Location: Snow Hill, MD
County: Worcester
System Type: EDACS Networked Standard
System Voice: ProVoice and Analog
Last Updated: April 8, 2019, 6:46 pm CDT   [Updated General Trunked System Information]
System Notes

 Worcester County has moved to a P25 system.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Ocean City 01 859.987502 856.537503 855.237504 859.612505 856.737506 857.737507 858.737508 859.7375
  09 858.287510 856.237511 857.2375c     
007 (7) Worcester 01 855.962502 856.462503 857.462504 857.712505 858.462506 858.712507 859.462508 859.7125
  09 860.4625c10 860.7125      


Worcester County Shared
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
98507-111AWC Shelter 1Shelter 1Emergency Ops
98607-112AWC Shelter 2Shelter 2Emergency Ops
99307-121AWC EmerServ1Emergency Services 1Emergency Ops
99707-125DEWC EmerServ2Emergency Services 2Emergency Ops
99907-127AWC/OC IntercWorcester County/Ocean City Dispatch IntercomInterop
118509-041AWC EmergncyCountywide EmergencyEmergency Ops
118609-042AWC Coord 1Coordination 1Interop
118709-043AWC Coord 2Coordination 2Interop
119009-046AWC Event 1Event 1Interop
119109-047AWC Event 2Event 2Interop
Worcester County Fire/EMS
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
94507-061AWCFD DispFire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
94607-062AWCFD Fire1 NFire 1 - NorthFire-Tac
94707-063AWCFD Fire2 CFire 2 - CentralFire-Tac
94807-064AWCFD Fire3 SFire 3 - SouthFire-Tac
94907-065AWCFD EMS 1 NEMS 1 - NorthFire-Tac
95007-066AWCFD EMS 2 CEMS 2 - CentralFire-Tac
95107-067AWCFD EMS 3 SEMS 3 - SouthFire-Tac
95207-070AWCFD / WCSOFire/Law Enforcement CommonInterop
95307-071AWCFD FirePolFire PoliceFire-Tac
95507-073AWCFD SpOpsSpecial OperationsFire-Tac
95607-074AMD DNR For 1Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forestry 1Fire-Tac
95707-075AMD DNR For 2Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forestry 2Fire-Tac
95907-077AWCFD Trng 3Training 3Fire-Tac
96107-081AWCFD PocomokPocomoke Station 100 IntracompanyFire-Talk
96207-082AWCFD StocktnStockton Station 200 IntracompanyFire-Talk
96307-083AWCFD GrdltreGirdletree Station 300 IntracompanyFire-Talk
96407-084AWCFD SnowHilSnow Hill Station 400 IntracompanyFire-Talk
96507-085AWCFD NewarkNewark Station 500 IntracompanyFire-Talk
96607-086AWCFD BerlinBerlin Station 600 IntracompanyFire-Talk
96707-087AWCFD OcPinesOcean Pines Station 1100 IntracompanyFire-Talk
96807-090AWCFD ShowellShowell Station 800 IntracompanyFire-Talk
96907-091AWCFD BishopvBishopville Station 900 IntracompanyFire-Talk
97007-092AWCFD Trng 1Training 1Fire-Tac
97107-093AWCFD Trng 2Training 2Fire-Tac
97207-094AWCFD PocEMSPocomoke EMS Station 140 IntracompanyEMS-Talk
97307-095AWCFD Ops 1Fire/EMS Ops 1Fire-Tac
97407-096AWCFD Ops 2Fire/EMS Ops 2Fire-Tac
97507-097AWCFD Ops 3Fire/EMS Ops 3Fire-Tac
97707-101AWCFD AccomEastern Shore Virginia F3 PatchInterop
97807-102AWCFD SussexSussex County Fire SharedInterop
97907-103AWCFD SomersSomerset County Fire SharedInterop
98007-104AWCFD WicomWicomico Fire SharedInterop
98107-105AWCFD AGHAtlantic General Hosptial EMS AdministrativeHospital
98207-106AWCFD PRMCPeninsula Regional Medical Center EMS AdministrativeHospital
98307-107AWCFD McCreadMcCready Hospital EMS AdministrativeHospital
100907-141AWCFD FMO 1Fire Marshal's Office 1Fire-Tac
101007-142AWCFD FMO 2Fire Marshal's Office 2Fire-Tac
Worcester County Sheriff
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
78506-021AWCSO 1 Main1 MainLaw Dispatch
78606-022DEWCSO 2 Tac2 TacLaw Tac
78706-023DWCSO 3 Tac3 TacLaw Tac
78806-024AWCSO CBICriminal Bureau of InvestigationsLaw Tac
79006-026DEWCSO DataDataLaw Tac
79206-030AWC LE OpsCountywide Law Enforcement TacLaw Tac
79306-031DEWCSO 55Law Tac
79406-032AWCSO AC 1Animal Control 1Law Tac
79506-033AWCSO AC 2Animal Control 2Law Tac
80106-041AWCSO SchSecSchool Security Deputies (SSD)Law Tac
80206-042AWCSO STAR 1Sheriff Tactical Armed Response 1Law Tac
80306-043DWCSO STAR 2Sheriff Tactical Armed Response 2Law Tac
80506-045AMSP TrooperMaryland State Police Trooper (Patch to 39.1800 MHz)Interop
80606-046ASom LE ShareSomerset Law Enforcement SharedLaw Tac
80706-047AAcco SO 1Accomack County Sheriff 1 PatchLaw Dispatch
81706-061AWCSO Jail 1Worcester County Jail 1Corrections
81806-062AWCSO Jail 2Worcester County Jail 2Corrections
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
84906-101ASHPD 1Snow Hill Police 1Law Dispatch
85006-102DSHPD 2Snow Hill Police 2Law Tac
86506-121APPD 1Pocomoke Police 1Law Dispatch
86606-122DPPD 2Pocomoke Police 2Law Tac
86806-124DPPD Tac 1Pocomoke Police Tac 1Law Tac
86906-125DPPD Tac 2Pocomoke Police Tac 2Law Tac
91307-021AOPPD 1Ocean Pines Police 1Law Dispatch
91407-022AOPPD 2Ocean Pines Police 2Law Tac
92907-041ABerlin PD 1Berlin Police 1Law Dispatch
93007-042DBerlin PD 2Berlin Police 2Law Tac
93107-043DEBerlin PD 3Berlin Police 3Law Tac
Worcester County Services
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
104108-021AWC Co Adm 1County Administration 1Public Works
105708-041AWC PW 1Public Works Administration 1Public Works
105808-042AWC PW 2Public Works Administration 2Public Works
105908-043AWC Flt Mnt 1Fleet Maintenance 1Public Works
106008-044AWC Flt Mnt 2Fleet Maintenance 2Public Works
107308-061AWC Lndfill 1Landfill 1Public Works
107408-062AWC Lndfill 2Landfill 2Public Works
108908-081AWC Roads 1Roads 1Public Works
109008-082AWC Roads 2Roads 2Public Works
110508-101AWC FacMnt 1Facilities Maintenance 1Public Works
110608-102AWC FacMnt 2Facilities Maintenance 2Public Works
112108-121AWC Water 1Water 1Public Works
112208-122AWC Water 2Water 2Public Works
113708-141AWC Election1Board of Elections 1Public Works
113808-142AWC Election2Board of Elections 2Public Works
115309-001AWC Parks 1Parks 1Public Works
115409-002AWC Parks 2Parks 2Public Works
116909-021AWC DRP 1Development Review & Permitting 1Public Works
117009-022AWC DRP 2Development Review & Permitting 2Public Works
117609-030AWC EnvProg 1Environmental Programs 1Public Works
117709-031AWC EnvProg 2Environmental Programs 2Public Works
117809-032AWC IT 1Information Technology 1Public Works
117909-033AWC IT 2Information Technology 2Public Works
118009-034AWC LiqCont 1Liquor Control 1Public Works
118109-035AWC LiqCont 2Liquor Control 2Public Works
118209-036AWC HR 1Human Resources 1Public Works
118309-037AWC HR 2Human Resources 2Public Works
120109-061AWC Health 1Health Department 1Public Works
120209-062AWC Hlth NURHealth Department NURPublic Works
120309-063AWC Hlth CRTHealth Department CRTPublic Works
120409-064AWC Hlth EPHealth Department EPPublic Works
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
121709-081APocomoke PW1Pocomoke Public Works 1Public Works
121809-082APocomoke PW2Pocomoke Public Works 2Public Works
122109-085ASnow Hill PWSnow Hill Public WorksPublic Works
122509-091ABerlin PW 1Berlin Public Works 1Public Works
122609-092ABerlin PW 2Berlin Public Works 2Public Works
122909-095AOcnPinesPW 1Ocean Pines Public Works 1Public Works
123009-096AOcnPinesPW 2Ocean Pines Public Works 2Public Works
Worcester County Schools
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
123309-101AWC Sch 1Schools 1Schools
123409-102AWC Sch 2Schools 2Schools
123509-103AWC Sch BusesBusesSchools
123609-104AWC Sch MntMaintenanceSchools
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
25602-000AOC All CallAll CallInterop
35302-121AOC ExecutiveExecutivesInterop
35402-122AOC IncCmdIncident CommandInterop
35502-123AOC Coord 1Coordination 1Interop
35602-124AOC Coord 2Coordination 2Interop
35702-125AOC Coord 3Coordination 3Interop
35902-127AOC EmergEmergency calls to CommunicationsEmergency Ops
36002-130AOC MESIN1MESIN 1Interop
36102-131AOC MESIN2MESIN 2Interop
36202-132AOC MESIN3MESIN 3Interop
36302-133AOC MESIN4MESIN 4Interop
36902-141AOCHMRAOCHMRA Emergency InformationEmergency Ops
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
28902-041AOCFD 1-1 Dsp1-1 DispatchFire Dispatch
29002-042AOCFD 1-2 Ops1-2 OperationsFire-Tac
29102-043AOCFD 1-3 Ops1-3 OperationsFire-Tac
29202-044AOCFD 1-4 ES1-4 Emergency Services/EMS OpsEMS-Tac
29302-045AOCFD 1-101-10 Helicopter PatchInterop
29502-047AOCFD FirePolFire PoliceFire-Tac
29602-050AOCFD 1-5 FMO1-5 Fire MarshalFire-Tac
29702-051AOCFD SussexSussex County PatchInterop
30102-055AOCFD MarshalFire MarshalsFire-Tac
30302-057AOCFD AlertAlerting/Control TonesFire-Tac
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
27302-021AOCPD 1 S Dsp1 South DispatchLaw Dispatch
27402-022AOCPD 2 N Dsp2 North DispatchLaw Dispatch
27502-023AOCPD 3 Tac3 TacLaw Tac
27602-024AOCPD 4 Data4 Data/TeletypeLaw Tac
27702-025DOCPD 5 Detec5 DetectivesLaw Tac
27802-026AOCPD 6 Narc6 NarcoticsLaw Tac
27902-027DOCPD DataDataData
28002-030DOCPD 8 QRT 28 Quick Response Team Tac 2Law Tac
Ocean City Services
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30502-061AOC PW 1Public Works 1 WaterPublic Works
30602-062AOC PW 2Public Works 2 TrafficPublic Works
30702-063AOC Sanit 1Sanitation 1 Solid WastePublic Works
30802-064AOC Sanit 2Sanitation 2 RecyclingPublic Works
30902-065AOC Trans 1Transit 1 TramsTransportation
31002-066AOC Trans 2Transit 2 BusesTransportation
31102-067AOC AirportAirportPublic Works
31202-070AOC Bldg CodeBuilding Code EnforcementPublic Works
31302-071AOC Trans SrvTransit Service Center/Parts RoomTransportation
31402-072AOC ADA/ConstADA/Construction EngineeringPublic Works
31502-073AOC ITInformation TechnologyPublic Works
31902-077AOC WastewatrWastewater DepartmentPublic Works
32102-081AOC Parks AdmParks AdministrationPublic Works
32202-082AOC ELGolfMntEagles Landing Golf Course - MaintenancePublic Works
32302-083AOC BchPatl 1Beach Patrol 1Public Works
32402-084AOC BchPatl 2Beach Patrol 2Public Works
32502-085AOC ELGolfOpsEagles Landing Golf Course - OperationsPublic Works
33702-101AOC ConvCtr 1Convention Center 1Public Works
33802-102AOC ConvCtr 2Convention Center 2Public Works
33902-103AOC CnvCtrRntConvention Center RentalsPublic Works
34002-104AOC CnvCtrSrvConvention Center ServicePublic Works
34102-105AOC CnCtrRnt2Convention Center Rentals 2Public Works
49703-141AOC RadioMnt1Radio Maintenance 1Public Works
49803-142AOC RadioMnt2Radio Maintenance 2Public Works
49903-143AOC RadioMnt3Radio Maintenance 3Public Works
50003-144AOC RadioDem1Radio Demo 1Public Works
50103-145AOC RadioDem2Radio Demo 2Public Works
50203-146AOC RadioDem3Radio Demo 3Public Works
50303-147AOC RadioDem4Radio Demo 4Public Works
50403-150AOC RadioTrngRadio TrainingPublic Works
64105-001AOC AirUNICOMAirport UNICOM Patch to 123.0500 MHzAircraft
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
29402-046AUSCG PatchCoast Guard PatchFederal
29802-052AESG 052Eastern Shore GasUtilities
29902-053AESG 053Eastern Shore GasUtilities
64205-002ADSP SussexDelaware State Police Sussex DispatchLaw Dispatch
83306-081AMSP Berlin 1Maryland State Police Berlin 1Law Dispatch
83406-082AMSP Berlin 2Maryland State Police Berlin 2Law Tac
88106-141AStAttyOffc 1State's Attorney's Office 1Law Tac
88206-142DStAttyOffc 2State's Attorney's Office 2Law Tac
88306-143DStAttyOffc 3State's Attorney's Office 3Law Tac
89707-001AMD NRP 2Maryland Natural Resources Police 2Law Tac
90007-004ANPS Rangers1National Park Service Rangers 1Law Dispatch
90207-006ANPS Rangers2National Park Service Rangers 2Law Tac
90407-010AMD NRP 1Maryland Natural Resources Police 1Law Dispatch
101607-150ADelmarva PowDelmarva Power Trunked System PatchUtilities
109108-083AMD SHA 1State Highway Administration 1Public Works
109208-084AMD SHA 2State Highway Administration 2Public Works