Texas Wide Area Radio Network (TxWARN) Motorola

System Name: Texas Wide Area Radio Network (TxWARN) Motorola
Location: Metro Houston area, TX
County: 9 Counties
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice: Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
System ID: Sysid: 2318 Connect Tone: 83.72
Last Updated: June 5, 2017, 8:47 pm CDT   [Updated General Trunked System Information]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
004 (4) Clodine Fort Bend 851.4875852.9625c851.050851.850852.075852.450852.550
009 (9) Anahuac Chambers 851.200851.750852.0375852.4375852.7875c853.425c853.550
010 (A) Richmond Fort Bend 851.3125851.200852.700851.7625852.2375852.7625853.2625c
011 (B) Angleton Brazoria 851.7875852.2875c852.8125853.2875853.5625c853.525853.900
013 (D) Brazoria Brazoria 851.475852.725c852.975853.075853.475c853.9625 
014 (E) Humble Harris 851.225c852.2125852.425852.475852.625853.625c 
015 (F) Missouri City Fort Bend 851.0875851.7375853.5125853.7875857.9625c860.9625c852.675
016 (10) Hempstead Waller 852.6625852.750852.900853.0875853.375853.600c853.750
017 (11) Ames Liberty 851.4875851.850851.050c851.075852.450852.550852.9625
018 (12) Texas City Galveston 851.0625851.125851.3375851.4125851.5875851.8125852.0875
019 (13) Galveston Galveston 851.1625851.4375851.800851.8375851.875851.9625852.3125
023 (17) Pasadena Harris 851.1125851.6125851.8625852.1125852.3625852.6125853.1125
024 (18) Freeport Brazoria 851.5375c851.900c851.9875852.125853.500853.550853.8125
025 (19) High Island Galveston 852.575c852.650854.0625c854.2375854.4125  
026 (1A) 6900 North Gessner Harris 851.1375851.4625852.6375852.9125853.1375853.8875c853.6375
027 (1B) 14350 Wallisville Road Harris 852.0625852.5375852.8875853.2375c857.7125858.2375858.7125
028 (1C) Downtown Houston Harris 851.075851.2375851.425852.9125853.3875c856.7125858.2375
029 (1D) Texas Medical Center Harris 851.1375852.0625852.3875852.6375852.9375853.4875c857.2375


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2080d0ALifeflt CtrlHermann Life Flight ControlEMS-Talk
219045590ALifeflt DispHermann Life Flight DispatchEMS Dispatch
176964520APHI Med 9PHI Med 9 Dispatch (Oak Bend Medical Center)EMS Dispatch
Harris County Mutual Aid
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
191684ae0ACOMLCommunications Unit Leader (COML)Interop
109602ad0AHarrisCo EMSCountywide EMS, used by Baytown EMS to San Jac Methodist Hospital ERInterop
109922af0AHarrisCoFireCountywide FireInterop
80050ACMOC 1Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) 1Interop
1760b0ACMOC 2Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) 2Interop
2400f0ACMOC 3Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) 3Interop
272110ACMOC 4Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) 4Interop
304130ACMOC 5Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) 5Interop
336150ACMOC 6Houston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) 6Interop
192004b00ACMOC CommandHouston Catastrophic Medical Operations Center (CMOC) CommandInterop
85602170AMutual Aid 1Mutual Aid 1 (Law Enforcement)Interop
58080e2e0AMutualAid 10Mutual Aid 10Interop
85922190AMutual Aid 2Mutual Aid 2 (Non-Law Enforcement)Interop
142243790AMutual Aid 3Mutual Aid 3Interop
185444870AMutual Aid 4Mutual Aid 4Interop
185764890AMutual Aid 5Mutual Aid 5Interop
1860848b0AMutual Aid 6Mutual Aid 6Interop
57984e280AMutual Aid 7Mutual Aid 7Interop
58016e2a0AMutual Aid 8Mutual Aid 8Interop
58048e2c0AMutual Aid 9Mutual Aid 9Interop
185284860AMA Air 1Mutual Aid Air 1Interop
185604880AMA Air 2Mutual Aid Air 2Interop
193604ba0AMA HamMutual Aid Amateur RadioInterop
1859248a0AMA DispatchMutual Aid DispatchInterop
193284b80AMA Disp CtrMutual Aid Dispatch CentersInterop
190404a60AMA EOC 1Mutual Aid Emergency Operations Centers 1Interop
190724a80AMA EOC 2Mutual Aid Emergency Operations Centers 2Interop
194564c00AMA EOC 3Mutual Aid Emergency Operations Centers 3Interop
58112e300AMA Event 1Mutual Aid Event 1 (Radio Cache)Interop
58144e320AMA Event 2Mutual Aid Event 2 (Radio Cache)Interop
58176e340AMA Event 3Mutual Aid Event 3 (Radio Cache)Interop
58208e360AMA Event 4Mutual Aid Event 4 (Radio Cache)Interop
191044aa0AMA IC 1Mutual Aid Incident Command 1Interop
191364ac0AMA IC 2Mutual Aid Incident Command 2Interop
1862448c0AMA ISDMutual Aid Independent School DistrictsInterop
190084a40AMA LawMutual Aid Law EnforcementInterop
163523fe0AMA Law 1Mutual Aid Law Enforcement 1Interop
163844000AMA Law 2Mutual Aid Law Enforcement 2Interop
164484040AMA Law 3Mutual Aid Law Enforcement 3Interop
164804060AMA Law 4Mutual Aid Law Enforcement 4Interop
1654440a0AMA Law 5Mutual Aid Law Enforcement 5Interop
187524940AMA NE 1Mutual Aid Northeast 1Interop
187844960AMA NE 2Mutual Aid Northeast 2Interop
186884900AMA NW 1Mutual Aid Northwest 1Interop
187204920AMA NW 2Mutual Aid Northwest 2Interop
48030AMA PubHealthMutual Aid Public HealthInterop
1865648e0AMA PubWorksMutual Aid Public WorksInterop
1888049c0AMA SE 1Mutual Aid Southeast 1Interop
1891249e0AMA SE 2Mutual Aid Southeast 2Interop
188164980AMA SW 1Mutual Aid Southwest 1Interop
1884849a0AMA SW 2Mutual Aid Southwest 2Interop
192644b40AMA State EMSMutual Aid State EMSInterop
192324b20AMA StateFireMutual Aid State FireInterop
192964b60AMA State LawMutual Aid State Law EnforcementInterop
1838447d0APursuit 1Pursuit 1 (used by Houston Police Department Narcotics)Interop
1841647f0APursuit 2PURSUIT 2Interop
Harris County Sheriff - High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
131683370AHCSO HIDTA 1High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) 1Law Tac
177764570AHCSO HIDTA 2High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) 2Law Tac
178084590AHCSO HIDTA 3High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) 3Law Tac
1784045b0AHCSO HIDTA 4High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) 4Law Tac
1787245d0AHCSO HIDTA 5High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) 5Law Tac
1790445f0AHCSO HIDTA 6High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) 6Law Tac
179684630AHCSOHIDTA T1High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) Tactical 1Law Tac
95522550AHIDTA TF 1High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) Task Force 1Law Tac
Harris County Sheriff's Office
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55201590AHCSO D1 DispDispatch 1 - District 1 (North)Law Dispatch
84962130AHCSO D2 DispDispatch 2 - District 2 (East)Law Dispatch
89762310AHCSO D3 DispDispatch 3 - District 3 (South)Law Dispatch
90082330AHCSO D4 DispDispatch 4 - District 4 (West)Law Dispatch
184804830AHCSO D5 DispDispatch 5 - District 5 (Northwest)Law Dispatch
191204ab0AHCSO D6 DispDispatch 6 - District 6Law Dispatch
Harris County Toll Road Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
103522870AHCTRA Law 2Toll Road Law Enforcement Ch. 2 SupervisorsLaw Talk
3523289a0AHCTRA Law 3Toll Road Law Enforcement Ch. 3Law Talk
1041628b0AHCTRA LawToll Road Law Enforcement DispatchLaw Dispatch
103842890AHCTRA MAINTToll Road MaintenancePublic Works
1022427f0AHCTRA Ops EToll Road Operations East (includes Toll Bridge)Public Works
88482290AHCTRA Ops NToll Road Operations North (includes Hardy Toll Road and Airport Connector)Public Works
103202850AHCTRA Ops WToll Road Operations West (includes Central and South)Public Works
Harris County Other Public Safety
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
83362090AHarrisCo EM1Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
187364930AHarrisCo EM2Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
187684950AHarrisCo EM3Emergency Management 3Emergency Ops
65121970AHC FM 1Fire Marshal 1Fire-Tac
166564110AHC FM 2Fire Marshal 2Fire-Tac
188324990AHC FM 3Fire Marshal 3Fire-Tac
201124e90AHC FM 4 HMFire Marshal 4 Hazmat "HM 4"Fire-Tac
201444eb0AHC FM 5 HMFire Marshal 5 Hazmat "HM 5"Fire-Tac
Harris County Central Technology Center
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60000ea60DHCCTCDigitalDigitalPublic Works
205605050AHCCTC FieldFieldPublic Works
215845450AHCCTCLoaner1Loaner 1Public Works
1019227d0AHCCTC NetwrkNetworkingPublic Works
125603110AHCCTCOperatrOperatorPublic Works
2142453b0AHCCTC QAQuality AssurancePublic Works
56481610AHCCTC RadioRadio ShopPublic Works
42960a7d0AHCCTC SecrtySecuritySecurity
1296510AHCCTC SysMntSystem MaintenancePublic Works
199524df0AHCCTCSysTst1System Test 1Public Works
199844e10AHCCTCSysTst2System Test 2Public Works
54881570AHCCTCTechSysTechnical SystemsPublic Works
56801630AHCCTCTelephnTelephone SystemsPublic Works
14565b0AHCCTC Test 1Test 1Public Works
20007d0AHCCTC Test 2Test 2Public Works
177444550AHCCTC Test 3Test 3Public Works
Harris County Community Supervision & Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
22248b0AHC CSC Disp2Ch. B Dispatch 2Corrections
1016027b0AHC CSCComSvcCh. D Community ServiceCorrections
2064810AHC CSC Disp1Dispatch 1Corrections
14885d0AHC ProbationProbation Officers ?Corrections
101282790AHC CSC ResidResidential ProbationCorrections
2096830AHC CSC SupvSupervisorsCorrections
Harris County Juvenile Probation & Detention
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1044828d0AHC JPD BBHSBurnett Bayland Home and SchoolCorrections
97762630AHC JPDFldSvcCh. A Field ServicesCorrections
1048028f0AHC JPDBootCaCh. C Boot CampCorrections
95842570AHC JPDVillagCh. D Youth VillageCorrections
1329633f0AHC JPDDetDisCh. E Detention DispatchCorrections
1684841d0AHC JPD BBRCCh. H Burnett Bayland Reception CenterCorrections
134563490AHC JPDDetPriDetention PrimaryCorrections
Harris County Commissioner
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
87202210AHC Pct1 DispCommissioner Precinct 1 - DispatchPublic Works
121122f50AHC Pct1 ParkCommissioner Precinct 1 - ParksPublic Works
840020d0AHC Pct1 SpOlCommissioner Precinct 1 - Special Olympics (temporary use once per year)Public Works
132003390AHC Pct1 SupvCommissioner Precinct 1 - SupervisorsPublic Works
87522230AHC Pct2 DispCommissioner Precinct 2 - DispatchPublic Works
176644500AHC Pct2 RoadCommissioner Precinct 2 - Road and BridgePublic Works
133283410AHC Pct2 SupvCommissioner Precinct 2 - SupervisorsPublic Works
133443420AHC Pct2 TnnlCommissioner Precinct 2 - Tunnel LightsPublic Works
87842250AHC Pct3 DispCommissioner Precinct 3 - DispatchPublic Works
131363350AHC Pct3 RoadCommissioner Precinct 3 - Road CrewsPublic Works
133603430AHC Pct3 SupvCommissioner Precinct 3 - SupervisorsPublic Works
169444230AHC Pct4 BurrCommissioner Precinct 4 - Burroughs ParkPublic Works
88162270AHC Pct4 DispCommissioner Precinct 4 - DispatchPublic Works
1688041f0AHC Pct4 ParkCommissioner Precinct 4 - ParksPublic Works
133923450AHC Pct4 SupvCommissioner Precinct 4 - SupervisorsPublic Works
Harris County District Attorney
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
150243ab0AHCDA 1 DispDistrict Attorney - Ch. 1 DispatchLaw Tac
239205d70AHCDA 10 TTDistrict Attorney - Ch. 10 TTLaw Tac
327848010AHCDA 11District Attorney - Ch. 11Law Tac
328168030AHCDA 12 SDistrict Attorney - Ch. 12 SLaw Tac
328488050AHCDA 13 RedDistrict Attorney - Ch. 13 RedLaw Tac
150563ad0AHCDA 3 SupvDistrict Attorney - Ch. 3 SupervisorsLaw Talk
150883af0AHCDA 4 SpCriDistrict Attorney - Ch. 4 Special CrimesLaw Tac
151203b10AHCDA 5 InvesDistrict Attorney - Ch. 5 InvestigatorsLaw Tac
151523b30AHCDA 6 BurChDistrict Attorney - Ch. 6 Bureau ChiefLaw Tac
151843b50AHCDA7 1stADADistrict Attorney - Ch. 7 First Assistant District AttorneyLaw Tac
238565d30AHCDA 8 DADistrict Attorney - Ch. 8 District AttorneyLaw Tac
238885d50AHCDA 9 TTDistrict Attorney - Ch. 9 TTLaw Tac
84642110AHCDA IntakeDistrict Attorney - IntakeLaw Tac
Harris County District Attorney (New)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60272eb70AHCDA 1District Attorney - Ch. 1Law Tac
60416ec00AHCDA 10 TTDistrict Attorney - Ch. 10 TT Law Tac
60432ec10AHCDA 11District Attorney - Ch. 11 Law Tac
60448ec20AHCDA 12 SDistrict Attorney - Ch. 12 S Law Tac
60464ec30AHCDA 13District Attorney - Ch. 13Law Tac
60160eb00AHCDA 2District Attorney - Ch. 2Law Tac
60304eb90AHCDA 3 District Attorney - Ch. 3Law Tac
60320eba0AHCDA 4 SpCriDistrict Attorney - Ch. 4 Special Crimes Law Tac
60336ebb0AHCDA 5 PGDistrict Attorney - Ch. 5 PGLaw Tac
60352ebc0AHCDA 6 BurChDistrict Attorney - Ch. 6 Bureau Chief Law Tac
60368ebd0AHCDA 7District Attorney - Ch. 7Law Tac
60384ebe0AHCDA 8 DADistrict Attorney - Ch. 8 District Attorney Law Tac
60400ebf0AHCDA 9 TTDistrict Attorney - Ch. 9 TT Law Tac
Harris County Miscellaneous
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
112070AHC Appr DistAppraisal District DispatchPublic Works
139683690AHC ChildProtChild Protective ServicesPublic Works
97442610AHC CommuSvcsCommunity Services Department - Dispatch 1Public Works
147363990AHCCommuSvcIRCommunity Services Department - Information ResourcesPublic Works
120482f10AHC AttnyDispCounty Attorney - Dispatch 1Public Works
1304032f0AHC AttnySupvCounty Attorney - SupervisorsPublic Works
98722690AHC CntyClerkCounty Clerk Dispatch 1Public Works
159843e70AHC CntyJudgeCounty JudgePublic Works
54241530AHCCntyJdgDisCounty Judge Dispatch 1Public Works
190244a50AHC CrtAdmOfcCourt Administrative Office DispatchPublic Works
2072050f0AHCDeptEductnDepartment of EducationSchools
218725570AHCDE ISD MADepartment of Education - Independent School District Mutual AidInterop
1400036b0AHC DC PubSvcDistrict Clerk - Public ServicePublic Works
119842ed0AHC DC SystemDistrict Clerk - SystemsPublic Works
60001770AHC DuessnPrkDuessen ParkPublic Works
61601810AHC ElectionElection Services Dispatch 1Public Works
584016d0AHC FPM DispFacilities and Property Management - DispatchPublic Works
54561550AHC FPM SecFacilities and Property Management - SecuritySecurity
141923770AHC FPM SupvFacilities and Property Management - SupervisorsPublic Works
42544a630AHC FPM Temp1Facilities and Property Management - Temporary 1 (Hurricane Rita)Public Works
42576a650AHC FPM Temp2Facilities and Property Management - Temporary 2 (Hurricane Rita)Public Works
42608a670AHC FPM Temp3Facilities and Property Management - Temporary 3 (Hurricane Rita)Public Works
42640a690AHC FPM Temp4Facilities and Property Management - Temporary 4 (Hurricane Rita)Public Works
98402670AHC FleetSvcsFleet Services Dispatch 1Public Works
61921830AHC FCD AdminFlood Control District - AdministrationPublic Works
62241850AHC FCD BC126Flood Control District - Base Camps 1/2/6Public Works
62561870AHC FCD BC35Flood Control District - Base Camps 3/5Public Works
843220f0AHC HD Disp 1Hospital District - Security Dispatch 1Security
868821f0AHC HD Disp 2Hospital District - Security Dispatch 2Security
862421b0AHC HD SupervHospital District - Security SupervisorsSecurity
141283730AHC HD TranspHospital District - TransportationTransportation
202084ef0AHC HRRM DispHuman Resources and Risk Management DispatchPublic Works
121442f70AHC JIMS DispJustice Information Management System (JIMS) DispatchPublic Works
102882830AHC ME BackupMedical Examiner - Back-upPublic Works
85282150AHC ME Disp 1Medical Examiner - Dispatch 1Public Works
90402350AHCMosqCtlAnnMosquito Control - AnnouncementPublic Works
90722370AHCMosqCtlDisMosquito Control - DispatchPublic Works
1936790AHC AnimlCtl1Public Health and Environmental Services - Animal Control Dispatch 1Public Works
189924a30AHC AnimlCtl2Public Health and Environmental Services - Animal Control Dispatch 2Public Works
204965010AHC PHES 1Public Health and Environmental Services 1Public Works
194244be0AHC PHES 2Public Health and Environmental Services 2Public Works
350728900AHC PI ConstrPublic Infrastructure - ConstructionPublic Works
53921510AHC PI Disp 1Public Infrastructure - Dispatch 1Public Works
351048920AHC PI ExecPublic Infrastructure - ExecutivePublic Works
130723310AHC PI PermitPublic Infrastructure - PermitsPublic Works
349448880AHCPIP&O Ops1Public Infrastructure - Planning and Operations Division - Operations 1Public Works
3497688a0AHCPIP&O Ops2Public Infrastructure - Planning and Operations Division - Operations 2Public Works
3500888c0AHCPIP&O Ops3Public Infrastructure - Planning and Operations Division - Operations 3Public Works
349128860AHCPIP&O PlanPublic Infrastructure - Planning and Operations Division - PlanningPublic Works
3504088e0AHCPI P&O WPGPublic Infrastructure - Planning and Operations Division - Watershed Protection GroupPublic Works
105122910AHC PI TraffcPublic Infrastructure - TrafficPublic Works
4321b0AHC PurchDispPurchasing Department - Dispatch 1Public Works
4641d0AHC PurchSupvPurchasing Department - SupervisorsPublic Works
Harris County - Galena Park
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
92962450AGalPrkCommonGalena Park CommonInterop
920023f0AGalPrk Fire1Galena Park Fire 1Fire Dispatch
92642430AGalPrk Fire2Galena Park Fire 2Fire-Tac
891222d0AGalPrkPD1DisGalena Park Police 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
894422f0AGalPrk PD 2Galena Park Police 2Law Tac
916823d0AGalPrkPDSupvGalena Park Police SupervisorsLaw Tac
Harris County - Seabrook
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
215525430ASeabrkPubWrkSeabrook Citywide Public Works (future use)Public Works
2148853f0ASeabrk Fire1Seabrook Fire - Ch. 1Fire Dispatch
215205410ASeabrk Fire2Seabrook Fire - Ch. 2Fire-Tac
207525110ASeabrk PD 1Seabrook Police - Ch. 1Law Dispatch
207845130ASeabrk PD 2Seabrook Police - Ch. 2Law Tac
2145653d0ASeabrk PD 3Seabrook Police - Ch. 3 SecureLaw Tac
208165150ASeabrkPD CIDSeabrook Police - CIDLaw Tac
208485170ASeabrk PD 5Seabrook Police - Special Events/Emergency ManagementLaw Tac
Harris County - South Houston
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
58192e350ASoHou EMSEMSEMS-Tac
58064e2d0ASoHouFD1DispFire 1 DispatchFire Dispatch
58128e310ASoHou FD 2Fire 2Fire-Talk
58096e2f0ASoHouFD Tac1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
58160e330ASoHouFD Tac2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
2910471b0ASoHouPDAnnouPolice AnnouncementLaw Tac
2888070d0ASoHouPD1DispPolice Ch. 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
2891270f0ASoHouPD2 SecPolice Ch. 2 SecondaryLaw Tac
289447110ASoHouPD3 C-CPolice Ch. 3 Car-to-CarLaw Talk
289767130ASoHouPD4GangPolice Ch. 4 Gangs (Pasadena Police Gangs 2)Law Tac
290087150ASoHouPD5NarcPolice Ch. 5 NarcoticsLaw Tac
290407170ASoHouPD6 DetPolice Ch. 6 DetectivesLaw Tac
290727190ASoHouPD7SupvPolice Ch. 7 SupervisorsLaw Talk
2913671d0ASoHouPD GangPolice GangLaw Tac
Harris County - Other Communities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1713642f0AJV FireJersey Village FireFire-Tac
836820b0AJV PD/FD PriJersey Village Police/Fire PrimaryMulti-Dispatch
171684310AJV PD/FD SecJersey Village Police/Fire SecondaryMulti-Tac
3856096a0ALakeview PDLakeview Police (El Lago and Taylor Lake Village)Law Dispatch
328808070ANassauBay PWNassau Bay Public WorksPublic Works
175364480AShoreacresPDShoreacres PoliceLaw Dispatch
1756844a0AShoracrPDTacShoreacres Police TacticalLaw Tac
Harris County Volunteer Fire/EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
118562e50AAlief VFD 1Alief Community VFD 1Fire Dispatch
118882e70AAlief VFD 2Alief Community VFD 2Fire-Tac
119202e90AAliefFD Tac1Alief Community VFD Tactical 1Fire-Tac
119522eb0AAliefFD Tac2Alief Community VFD Tactical 2Fire-Tac
211365290ACLEMC AdminClear Lake Emergency Medical Corps AdministrationEMS-Talk
210725250ACLEMC Disp 1Clear Lake Emergency Medical Corps Dispatch 1 (also covers Kemah in Galveston County)EMS Dispatch
211045270ACLEMC Disp 2Clear Lake Emergency Medical Corps Dispatch 2EMS-Tac
3531289f0ACy-FairVFD35Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department (primary operations on 450 MHz)Fire-Tac
3785693e0ACy-FairVFD37Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department (primary operations on 450 MHz)Fire-Talk
169764250AFrstBndFDTacForest Bend Volunteer Fire Department - Tactical (dispatched by Webster)Fire-Tac
146083910ANassBayFDTacNassau Bay Volunteer Fire Department - Tactical (dispatched by Webster)Fire-Tac
57824e1e0ANW Rural EMSNorthwest Rural EMSEMS-Tac
57776e1b0ASoutheastVFDSoutheast VFDFire Dispatch
57808e1d0ASEVFD Tac 1Southeast VFD Tactical 1Fire-Tac
Harris County Emergency Communications
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
210085210AAtascVFD EMSAtascocita Volunteer Fire Department EMSEMS-Tac
2097651f0AAtascVFDFireAtascocita Volunteer Fire Department Fire 1Fire-Tac
2094451d0AAtascVFDDispAtascocita Volunteer Fire Department Fire/EMS Dispatch (linked to 155.1375 MHz)Fire Dispatch
210405230AAtascVFDSupvAtascocita Volunteer Fire Department SupervisorsFire-Talk
369929080AChannelvwVFDChannelview Volunteer Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
3710490f0ACrosby VFDCrosby Volunteer Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
3702490a0AHC ESD 5 EMSHarris County Emergency Service District #5 EMS (patched to HCEC Fire 10)EMS Dispatch
371369110AHC Fire Tac2Harris County Fire Tactical 2Fire Dispatch
3704090b0AHighlandsVFDHighlands Volunteer Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
3705690c0AHuffman VFDHuffman Volunteer Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
3708890e0ASheldon CFRSheldon Community Fire and Rescue DispatchFire Dispatch
198564d90ASLakeHouEMS1South Lake Houston EMS 1EMS Dispatch
198884db0ASLakeHouEMS2South Lake Houston EMS 2EMS-Tac
Fort Bend County Sheriff

Patrol 1 dispatches the unincorporated areas around Katy, Sugar Land and Richmond.  Patrol 2 dispatches (in addition to Sheriff) Constables, Needville Police and Meadows Police after hours.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45808b2f0AFBSO AcademyFBSO AcademyLaw Talk
2608a30AFBSO AdminFBSO AdministrationLaw Talk
46288b4d0AFBSO ArsonFBSO Arson InvestigationsLaw Tac
2704a90AFBSO BldgMntFBSO Building MaintenancePublic Works
2352930AFBSO Car-CarFBSO Car-to-CarLaw Talk
46384b530AFBSO FairSecFBSO County Fair SecuritySecurity
25449f0AFBSO CIDFBSO Criminal Investigation Division (CID)Law Tac
22888f0AFBSO EmrgncyFBSO Emergency ButtonsLaw Tac
2576a10AFBSO Fug/WarFBSO Fugitives/WarrantsLaw Tac
2640a50AFBSO Jail 1FBSO Jail 1Corrections
2672a70AFBSO Jail 2FBSO Jail 2Corrections
2800af0AFBSO Narc 1FBSO Narcotics 1Law Tac
45776b2d0AFBSO Narc 2FBSO Narcotics 2Law Tac
22568d0AFBSO Patrol1FBSO Patrol 1 West Side Dispatch (Districts 2, 3)Law Dispatch
2384950AFBSO Patrol2FBSO Patrol 2 East Side Dispatch (Districts 1, 5, 7, 8, 9)Law Dispatch
3888f30AFBSO Patrol3FBSO Patrol 3 (Districts 4, 6)Law Dispatch
45744b2b0AFBSO PatTacFBSO Patrol TacticalLaw Talk
2768ad0AFBSO Sp OpsFBSO Special OperationsLaw Tac
529614b0AFBSO SuppSvcFBSO Support ServicesLaw Talk
24809b0AFBSO Tac 1FBSO Tactical 1Law Tac
2320910AFBSO WreckerFBSO Wrecker CallLaw Tac
51521420AFBSO MC 1Motorcycle 1Law Tac
Fort Bend County EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2864b30AFB EMS1 DispFort Bend County EMS Ch. 1 DispatchEMS Dispatch
3216c90AFB EMS2 SLSLFort Bend County EMS Ch. 2 to St. Lukes Sugar Land HospitalHospital
3248cb0AFB EMS3 Tac1Fort Bend County EMS Ch. 3 Tactical 1EMS-Tac
3280cd0AFB EMS4 Tac2Fort Bend County EMS Ch. 4 Tactical 2EMS-Tac
3344d10AFB EMS5 C-HFort Bend County EMS Ch. 5 C-HERNEMS-Tac
3696e70AFB EMS-OkBndFort Bend County EMS to Oak Bend Medical CenterHospital
3728e90AFB EMS-FBHspFort Bend County EMS to Fort Bend HospitalHospital
3760eb0AFB EMS-MetSLFort Bend County EMS to Methodist Sugar Land HospitalHospital
51841440AFB EMS-OBWWFort Bend County EMS to OakBend Williams Way Medical CenterPublic Works
46032b3d0AFB EMS-MHKtyFort Bend County EMS to Memorial Hermann Katy HospitalHospital
Fort Bend County Other Public Safety
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3056bf0AFB ConstPct1Constable Precinct 1Law Tac
3088c10AFB ConstPct2Constable Precinct 2Law Tac
3120c30AFB ConstPct3Constable Precinct 3Law Tac
3152c50AFB ConstPct4Constable Precinct 4Law Tac
3312cf0AFB DA InvDistrict Attorney InvestigationsLaw Tac
4016fb0AFB OEM EOCEmergency Operations Center (EOC)Emergency Ops
3984f90AFB Fire DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
3024bd0AFBFireMrshl1Fire Marshal 1Fire-Tac
3792ed0AFBFireMrshl2Fire Marshal 2Fire-Tac
478412b0AFB Fire MAidFire Mutual AidFire-Tac
3920f50AFB Firegrnd1Fireground 1Fire-Tac
3952f70AFB Firegrnd2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
45040aff0A1stClnyMgmt1First Colony Management District - Wackenhut Security Ch. 1Security
45072b010A1stClnyMgmt2First Colony Management District - Wackenhut Security Ch. 2Security
45136b050AWackenhut MCFirst Colony Management District - Wackenhut Security Missouri CitySecurity
45104b030AWackenhut SLFirst Colony Management District - Wackenhut Security Sugar LandSecurity
44976afb0AFB ECnty FG1Fort Bend East County Fireground 1Fire-Tac
45008afd0AFB ECnty FG2Fort Bend East County Fireground 2Fire-Tac
Fort Bend County Miscellaneous
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
532814d0AFB Back-up 1Fort Bend County Back-up 1Public Works
536014f0AFB Back-up 2Fort Bend County Back-up 2Public Works
555215b0AFB Back-up 3Fort Bend County Back-up 3Public Works
558415d0AFB Back-up 4Fort Bend County Back-up 4Public Works
561615f0AFB Back-up 5Fort Bend County Back-up 5Public Works
45840b310AFB Court SecFort Bend County Court SecuritySecurity
46320b4f0AFB Court MntFort Bend County Courthouse MaintenancePublic Works
46096b410AFB HealthFort Bend County Health and Human ServicesPublic Works
46128b430AFB HospAdminFort Bend County Hospital AdministrationPublic Works
51681430AFB HAStLukesFort Bend County Hospital Administration - St. Luke's Sugar Land HospitalPublic Works
46352b510AFB Juv DetenFort Bend County Juvenile DetentionCorrections
3184c70AFB Juv ProbaFort Bend County Juvenile ProbationCorrections
3856f10AFB Rd/BridgeFort Bend County Road and BridgePublic Works
65520fff0DFBSystemwideFort Bend County SystemwideInterop
Fort Bend County - Fresno
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
44720aeb0AFresno Fire1Fresno Fire 1Fire-Tac
44752aed0AFresno Fire2Fresno Fire 2Fire-Tac
44784aef0AFresno Fire3Fresno Fire 3Fire-Tac
Fort Bend County - Katy

Katy is divided into Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller Counties.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
945624f0AKaty PD 1Katy Police 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
95202530AKaty PD 2Katy Police 2Law Talk
217765510AKaty Fire 1Katy Volunteer Fire Department (simulcast with 151.115 MHz)Fire Dispatch
235365bf0AKaty PD 3Katy Police 3 TalkLaw Talk
Fort Bend County - Missouri City
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
43088a850AMC DetMissouri City DetectivesLaw Talk
43120a870AMC CommonMissouri City CommonInterop
43152a890AMC EOCMissouri City EOCEmergency Ops
43184a8b0AMC FD DispMissouri City FD DisptachFire Dispatch
43216a8d0AMC FD Tac 1Missouri City FD Tac 1Fire-Tac
43248a8f0AMC FD Tac 2Missouri City FD Tac 2Fire-Tac
43280a910AMC FD CmnMissouri City FD CommonFire-Talk
43344a950AMC PD 1 DispMissouri City PD 1 PrimaryLaw Dispatch
43376a970AMC PD 2Missouri City PD 2Law Talk
43408a990AMC PD 3Missouri City PD 3Law Talk
43440a9b0AEMC PD 4Missouri City PD 4 SecureLaw Talk
43472a9d0AMC PD 5Missouri City PD 5Law Talk
43504a9f0AMC PD SprvsMissouri City PD SupervisorLaw Talk
43536aa10AMC PD Tac 1Missouri City PD Tac 1Law Tac
43568aa30AMC ParksDeptMissouri City Parks DeptPublic Works
43600aa50AMC PlansDeptMissouri City Planning DeptPublic Works
43632aa70AMC Pub WrksMissouri City Public WorksPublic Works
44624ae50AMC/Staf SWATMissouri City/Stafford SWATLaw Tac
44656ae70AMC StreetsMissouri City StreetsPublic Works
44688ae90AMC GarageMissouri City GaragePublic Works
44944af90AMC FD Tac 3Missouri City FD Tac 3Fire-Tac
Fort Bend County - Richmond
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2896b50ARchmd PD 1Richmond Police 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
2960b90ARchmd PD C-CRichmond Police Car-to-CarLaw Talk
3568df0ARchmdFD Tac2Richmond Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
46561230ARchmd PD SIDRichmond Police SIDLaw Tac
46881250ARchmd PD CIDRichmond Police CIDLaw Tac
481612d0ARchmd FD 1Richmond Fire 1 DispatchFire Dispatch
484812f0ARchmdPubWrksRichmond Public WorksPublic Works
48801310ARchmd PD 2Richmond Police 2Law Tac
52001450ARchmd PD AdmRichmond Police AdministrationLaw Talk
52321470ARchmd PD SRGRichmond Police SRGLaw Tac
52641490ARchmd PD TacRichmond Police TacticalLaw Tac
Fort Bend County - Rosenberg
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2928b70ARsnbgPD1DispRosenberg Police Ch. 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
41441030ARsnbg PD 2Rosenberg Police Ch. 2Law Talk
41761050ARsnbgPD3 C-CRosenberg Police Ch. 3 Car-to-CarLaw Talk
42081070ARsnbg PD CIDRosenberg Police CIDLaw Tac
42401090ARsnbgPD4SupvRosenberg Police (Ch. 4?) SupervisorsLaw Talk
430410d0ARsnbgFD DispRosenberg Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
433610f0ARsnbgFD Tac1Rosenberg Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
43681110ARsnbgFD Tac2Rosenberg Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
44001130ARsnbgFD Tac3Rosenberg Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
44641170ARsnbgPubWrk1Rosenberg Public Works 1 Water DepartmentPublic Works
44961190ARsnbgPubWrk2Rosenberg Public Works 2Public Works
46241210ARsnbgPubWrk3Rosenberg Public Works 3 SupervisorsPublic Works
Fort Bend County - Stafford
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
44144ac70AStfrd FD1DspStafford FD 1Fire Dispatch
44176ac90AStfrd FD2Stafford FD 2Fire-Talk
44208acb0AStfrd FD3Stafford FD 3Fire-Talk
44240acd0AStfrd FDSprvStafford FD SupervisorFire-Talk
44272acf0AStfrd FDTac1Stafford FD Tac 1Fire-Tac
44304ad10AStfrd CtyCmnStafford City CommonInterop
44336ad30AStfrd PD1DspStafford PD 1Law Dispatch
44368ad50AStfrd PD5Stafford PD 5Law Talk
44400ad70AStfrd PD3Stafford PD 3Law Talk
44432ad90AEStfrd PD4Stafford PD 4 SecureLaw Talk
44496add0AStfrd PD CIDStafford PD CIDLaw Talk
44528adf0AStfrd PDSprvStafford PD SupervisorsLaw Talk
44560ae10AStfrd PDTac1Stafford PD Tac 1Law Tac
45296b0f0AStfrd PubWrkStafford Public WorksPublic Works
Fort Bend County - Sugar Land
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
274886b60ASGR MaintAirport MaintenancePublic Works
280326d80ASGR OpsAirport OperationsPublic Works
45376b140ASgrLdAnmlCtlAnimal ControlPublic Works
44592ae30ASgrLndCommonCity CommonInterop
45552b1f0ASgrLnd EOCEmergency Operations Center (EOC)Emergency Ops
43664aa90ASgrLndFD1DisFire 1 DispatchFire Dispatch
43696aab0ASgrLnd FD 2Fire 2Fire-Talk
43728aad0ASgrLnd FD 3Fire 3Fire-Talk
43760aaf0ASgrLndFDSupvFire SupervisorsFire-Talk
43792ab10ASgrLndFDTac1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
43824ab30ASgrLnd PD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
43856ab50ASgrLnd PD 2Police 2Law Talk
43888ab70ASgrLnd PD 3Police 3Law Talk
43920ab90AESgrLnd PD 4Police 4 SecureLaw Talk
43952abb0ASgrLnd PD 5Police 5Law Talk
43984abd0ASgrLnd PDCIDPolice CIDLaw Talk
44016abf0ASgrLnd PDSupPolice SupervisorsLaw Talk
44080ac30ASgrLndPDSWATPolice SWATLaw Tac
44048ac10ASgrLndPDTac1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
43680aaa0ASgrLndPD TrnPolice TrainingLaw Talk
45328b110ASgrLdPW45328Public WorksPublic Works
45360b130ASgrLdPW45360Public WorksPublic Works
45344b120ASgrLd EngnrgPublic Works - EngineeringPublic Works
45424b170ASgrLdTrafficPublic Works - Traffic Control/SignalsPublic Works
45392b150ASgrLnd WaterPublic Works - Water DepartmentUtilities
Fort Bend County - Other Communities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3824ef0AArcola PD1Arcola Police PrimaryLaw Dispatch
45904b350ABeasley FireBeasley Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
45680b270ABeasley PDBeasley PoliceLaw Tac
45872b330AFairchild FDFairchild VFDFire Dispatch
47201270AFulshear FDFulshear FireFire Dispatch
47521290AFulshear FD2Fulshear Fire 2Fire-Tac
507213d0AFlshrPD 5072Fulshear PoliceLaw Dispatch
46160b450AFlshrPD46160Fulshear PoliceLaw Tac
3600e10AKendleton PDKendleton PDLaw Dispatch
2992bb0AMeadows PD1Meadows PD 1Law Dispatch
3376d30AMeadows PD2Meadows PD 2Law Talk
3408d50AMeadows PD3Meadows PD 3Law Talk
45616b230ANeedville FDNeedville FireFire Dispatch
3504db0ANeedville PDNeedville PDLaw Dispatch
45712b290ANEFBCo VFD2North East Fort Bend County Volunteer Fire Department - Ch. 2Fire-Talk
45648b250ANEFBCo VFD1North East Fort Bend County Volunteer Fire Department - PrimaryFire Dispatch
45936b370AOrchard VFDOrchard Volunteer Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
3632e30APcnGrove FDPecan Grove Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
3664e50APcnGr1FDTac1Pecan Grove Fire Tactical 1Fire-Talk
4080ff0APleak VFDPleak VFDFire Dispatch
46192b470AWllwfkFDDispWillowfork VFD DispatchFire Dispatch
46224b490AWllwfkFDTac1Willowfork VFD Tactical 1Fire-Tac
Galveston County - Countywide
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
345768710ALC BA Tac 1Bay Area Tactical 1Interop
346088730ALC BA Tac 2Bay Area Tactical 2Interop
346408750ALC BA Tac 3Bay Area Tactical 3Interop
346728770ALC BA Tac 4Bay Area Tactical 4Interop
347048790ALC BA Tac 5Bay Area Tactical 5Interop
3473687b0ALC BA Tac 6Bay Area Tactical 6Interop
341928590ALC CLMA 1Clear Lake Mutual Aid 1Interop
3422485b0ALC CLMA 2Clear Lake Mutual Aid 2Interop
3425685d0ALC CLMA 3Clear Lake Mutual Aid 3Interop
3428885f0ALC CLMA 4Clear Lake Mutual Aid 4Interop
55920da70AGC CW AllCountywide AllInterop
55952da90AGC CW EMSCountywide EMSInterop
55888da50AGC CW FireCountywide Fire DepartmentsInterop
55296d800AGC CW ISDCountywide Independent School DistrictsInterop
55856da30AGC CW LawCountywide Law EnforcementInterop
56336dc10AGC EmergencyEmergency RevertInterop
55984dab0AGC Event AEvent AInterop
56016dad0AGC Event BEvent BInterop
56048daf0AGC Event CEvent CInterop
56080db10AGC Event DEvent DInterop
56112db30AGC Event EEvent EInterop
56176db70AGC Event FEvent FInterop
56208db90AGC Event GEvent GInterop
56240dbb0AGC Event HEvent HInterop
56272dbd0AGC Event IEvent IInterop
56304dbf0AGC Event JEvent J Emergency RevertInterop
55408d870AIMAS FG 1Industrial Mutual Aid System (IMAS) Industrial Fireground 1Interop
55440d890AIMAS FG 2Industrial Mutual Aid System (IMAS) Industrial Fireground 2Interop
55376d850AIMAS Mut AidIndustrial Mutual Aid System (IMAS) Mutual AidInterop
54064d330AGC LifeFlghtLife Flight Ground ContactInterop
56144db50AGC PublicPublicInterop
Galveston County Health District
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51008c740AGCHD 1Galveston County Health District 1Public Works
51040c760AGCHDAnmlCtrlGalveston County Health District Animal Control & Texas City ShelterPublic Works
51104c7a0AGCHD AdminGalveston County Health District AdministrationPublic Works
51472c910AGCHDEMS1DispGalveston County Health District EMS Ch. 1 DispatchEMS Dispatch
51504c930AGCHDEMS2TalkGalveston County Health District EMS Ch. 2 TalkEMS-Talk
51536c950AGCHDEMS3GMT1Galveston County Health District EMS Ch. 3 "GMT 1"EMS-Tac
51568c970AGCHDEMS4GMT2Galveston County Health District EMS Ch. 4 "GMT 2"EMS-Tac
51600c990AGCHDEMSGMTAdGalveston County Health District EMS GMT AdministrationEMS-Tac
54480d4d0AGCHDEMS-UTMBGalveston County Health District EMS Patient Reports to UTMB John Sealy Hospital in GalvestonHospital
55504d8d0AGCHDEMS-MMCGalveston County Health District EMS Patient Reports to Mainland Medical Center in Texas CityHospital
Galveston County Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50032c370AGCSO1 DispGalveston SO 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
50064c390AGCSO2 AltGalveston SO 2 AlternateLaw Dispatch
50096c3b0AGCSO3 C-CGalveston SO 3 Car-to-CarLaw Talk
50128c3d0AGCSO4IntrctyGalveston SO 4 IntercityLaw Tac
50160c3f0AGCSO5 PatrolGalveston SO 5 PatrolLaw Tac
50192c410AGCSO Supv 1Galveston SO Patrol Supervisors 1Law Talk
50224c430AGCSOBailMainBailiffs 1 MainLaw Tac
50256c450AGCSO BailTacBailiffs 2 TacticalLaw Tac
50288c470AGCSO CID 1CID 1 (Investigations Main)Law Tac
50320c490AGCSO CID ACID ALaw Tac
50352c4b0AGCSO Surv 1Surveillance 1Law Tac
50416c4f0AGCSO CommuniCommunicationsLaw Tac
50448c510AGCSOJailPrimJail PrimaryCorrections
50480c530AGCSO JailSecJail SecondaryCorrections
50512c550AGCSO JailMedJail Medical StaffCorrections
50544c570AGCSOJailSORTJail Special Operation React Team (SORT)Corrections
50576c590AGCSOJailSupvJail SupervisorsCorrections
50608c5b0AGCSO IdentifIdentificationLaw Tac
50704c610AGCSO ACTFAuto Crimes Task Force (ACTF)Law Tac
50736c630AGCSO NTF 1Narcotics Task Force 1Law Tac
50768c650AGCSO Warrnt1Warrants Ch. 1Law Tac
50800c670AGCSO Warrnt2Warrants Ch. 2Law Tac
50832c690AGCSO AdminAdministration (Adam units?)Law Talk
50864c6b0AGCSO Marine1Marine 1Law Tac
50896c6d0AGCSO Marine2Marine 2Law Tac
50928c6f0AGCSODiveTeamDive TeamLaw Tac
51056c770AGCSOReserve1Reserve 1Law Tac
51792ca50AGCSO CommandCommandLaw Talk
52800ce40AGCSO CID 2CID 2Law Tac
52832ce60AGCSO CID 3CID 3Law Tac
52864ce80AGCSO ACTF 2Auto Crimes Task Force (ACTF) 2Law Tac
52896cea0AGCSO NTF 2Narcotics Task Force 2Law Tac
52928cec0AGCSO Surv 3Surveillance 3Law Tac
52960cee0AGCSO Surv 4Surveillance 4Law Tac
54624d560AGCSO SearchSearchLaw Tac
55360d840AGCSO Supv 2Galveston SO Patrol Supervisors 2Law Talk
55584d920AGCSO JTTFJoint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF)Law Tac
62512f430AGCSO NTF2NewNarcotics Task Force 2 (new)Law Tac
Galveston County Constable
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3403284f0AGCConst Pct8Precinct 8Law Tac
51120c7b0AGCConst 1 ACh. 1 Galveston ALaw Dispatch
51152c7d0AGCConst 2 BCh. 2 Galveston BLaw Dispatch
51184c7f0AGCConst 3 LMCh. 3 LaMarqueLaw Tac
51216c810AGCConst 4 SFCh. 4 Santa FeLaw Tac
51248c830AGCConst 5 TCCh. 5 Texas CityLaw Tac
51280c850AGCConst 6Ch. 6Law Tac
51312c870AGCConst 7 BaCh. 7 BacliffLaw Tac
51344c890AGCConst 8 FrCh. 8 FriendswoodLaw Tac
51376c8b0AGCConst 9 Ch. 9Law Tac
51440c8f0AGCConst Pct9Precinct 9Law Tac
55776d9e0AGCConst Pct7Precinct 7Law Tac
Galveston County Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54816d620AGCAmRedCros1American Red Cross - Galveston County 1Emergency Ops
54848d640AGCAmRedCros2American Red Cross - Galveston County 2Emergency Ops
54080d340AGC AdltProb1Galveston County Adult Probation 1Corrections
54112d360AGC AdProbSupGalveston County Adult Probation Supervisors?Corrections
51264c840AGC BM 1Galveston County BM 1Public Works
51296c860AGC BM 2Galveston County BM 2Public Works
50272c460AGC Cnty CommGalveston County CommissionersPublic Works
52016cb30AGC DistAtny1Galveston County District Attorney 1Law Tac
52048cb50AGC DistAtny2Galveston County District Attorney 2Law Tac
53264d010AGCEmergComm1Galveston County Emergency Communications District Ch. 1Public Works
53296d030AGCEmergComm2Galveston County Emergency Communications District Ch. 2Public Works
49632c1e0AGC ECD CTechGalveston County Emergency Communications District CTECHPublic Works
54784d600AGC ECD DispGalveston County Emergency Communications District DispatchPublic Works
56528dcd0AGC ECD E911Galveston County Emergency Communications District E-911Public Works
53360d070AGCECD NetClkGalveston County Emergency Communications District Net ClockData
54976d6c0AGC ECD TestGalveston County Emergency Communications District TestPublic Works
51984cb10AGC GovtGalveston County GovernmentPublic Works
51168c7e0AGC JuvJusCtrGalveston County Juvenile Justice CenterCorrections
51136c7c0AGC JuvJusOpsGalveston County Juvenile Justice Department OperationsCorrections
51232c820AGC JuvJusSupGalveston County Juvenile Justice Department SupervisorsLaw Tac
51200c800AGC JuvProbatGalveston County Juvenile Probation OfficersCorrections
51328c880AGC Mosquito1Galveston County Mosquito Control District 1Public Works
51360c8a0AGC Mosquito2Galveston County Mosquito Control District 2Public Works
51728ca10AGC OEM Dis1 Galveston County Office of Emergency Management - Disaster Ch. 1Emergency Ops
51760ca30AGC OEM Dis2Galveston County Office of Emergency Management - Disaster Ch. 2Emergency Ops
51696c9f0AGC OEM 1Galveston County Office of Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
51888cab0AGC OEM 2Galveston County Office of Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
51920cad0AGC OEM 3Galveston County Office of Emergency Management 3Emergency Ops
51952caf0AGC OEM AdminGalveston County Office of Emergency Management AdministrationEmergency Ops
50944c700AGC Parks OpsGalveston County Parks and Senior Services Department OperationsPublic Works
50976c720AGC Parks TRDGalveston County Parks TRDPublic Works
50816c680AGC RB EastGalveston County Road and Bridge Department - EastPublic Works
50784c660AGC RB NEGalveston County Road and Bridge Department - NortheastPublic Works
52992cf00AGC RBSeawallGalveston County Road and Bridge Department - SeawallPublic Works
50848c6a0AGC RB SWGalveston County Road and Bridge Department - SouthwestPublic Works
50752c640AGC RB 1Galveston County Road and Bridge Department 1Public Works
50912c6e0AGC RB SupvsrGalveston County Road and Bridge Department SupervisorsPublic Works
51072c780AGC SantittnGalveston County SanitationPublic Works
51824ca70AGC Site 1Galveston County Site 1Public Works
51856ca90AGC Site 2Galveston County Site 2Public Works
56000dac0AGC TaxGalveston County TaxPublic Works
57136df30AGCWCID 1 CNGalveston County Water Control and Improvement District #1 CNPublic Works
52080cb70AGCWCID 1 OpsGalveston County Water Control and Improvement District #1 General OperationsPublic Works
57168df50AGCWCID 1 IIGalveston County Water Control and Improvement District #1 IIPublic Works
52112cb90AGCWID1 MaintGalveston County Water Control and Improvement District #1 MaintenancePublic Works
52144cbb0AGCWID1 MeterGalveston County Water Control and Improvement District #1 Meter TechniciansPublic Works
57200df70AGCWCID 1 MGGalveston County Water Control and Improvement District #1 MGPublic Works
57104df10AGCWCID 1 PMGalveston County Water Control and Improvement District #1 PMPublic Works
51392c8c0AGCWCID 8 AGalveston County Water Control and Improvement District #8 Ch. APublic Works
50368c4c0AGCWCID 8 BGalveston County Water Control and Improvement District #8 Ch. BPublic Works
50640c5d0AGCC MHMRGulf Coast Center Mental Health and Mental RetardationPublic Works
Galveston County - Dickinson
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49952c320ADknsn Bldg 1Dickinson Building Inspection? 1Public Works
49984c340ADknsnBldgAdmDickinson Building Inspection? AdministrationPublic Works
54688d5a0ADknsn CourtDickinson CourtPublic Works
49904c2f0ADknsn OEMDickinson Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
53312d040ADknsnFDMrshlDickinson Fire MarshalsFire-Tac
49968c330ADknsn FD T1Dickinson Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
50000c350ADknsn FD T2Dickinson Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
49936c310ADknsn FD/EMSDickinson Fire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
55168d780ADknsnFDAdminDickinson Fire? AdministrationFire-Talk
49712c230ADknsn PD 1Dickinson Police Ch. 1Law Dispatch
49744c250ADknsn PD 2Dickinson Police Ch. 2Law Tac
49776c270ADknsn PD 3Dickinson Police Ch. 3 AdministrationLaw Talk
49808c290ADknsn PD 4Dickinson Police Ch. 4Law Tac
49840c2b0ADknsn PD 5Dickinson Police Ch. 5 NarcoticsLaw Tac
49872c2d0ADknsn PD EvtDickinson Police Special EventsLaw Tac
Galveston County - Galveston - Fire
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52656cdb0AGalvFireDispFire Dispatch (simulcast on 154.37 MHz [136.5 PL])Fire Dispatch
52720cdf0AGalvFiregnd1Fireground 1Fire-Tac
52752ce10AGalvFiregnd2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
52848ce70AGalvFireMarsFire MarshalFire-Tac
55680d980AGalvFireAdmnFire Administration/Fire MarshalsFire-Tac
Galveston County - Galveston - Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50960c710AGalv Beach 1Beach Patrol Ch. 1Law Tac
50992c730AGalv Beach 2Beach Patrol Ch. 2Law Tac
51024c750AGalvBeachResBeach Patrol Rescue/SupervisorLaw Tac
52784ce30AGalvPD AdminPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
52208cbf0AGalv PD1DispPolice Ch. 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
52240cc10AGalv PD2 AltPolice Ch. 2 AlternateLaw Tac
52272cc30AGalv PD3 C-CPolice Ch. 3 Car-to-CarLaw Talk
52304cc50AGalv PD4Tac1Police Ch. 4 Tactical 1Law Tac
52336cc70AGalv PD5Tac2Police Ch. 5 Tactical 2Law Tac
52368cc90AGalv PD 6 PSPolice Ch. 6 Public SafetyLaw Tac
52464ccf0AGalv PD7SWATPolice Ch. 7 SWAT TeamLaw Tac
52400ccb0AGalv PD 8 EvPolice Ch. 8 Special EventsLaw Tac
52496cd10AGalv PD9DivePolice Ch. 9 Dive TeamLaw Tac
52592cd70AGalv PD CIDPolice Criminal Investigation Division (CID)Law Tac
52560cd50AGalvPDEscortPolice Escort OperationsLaw Tac
52528cd30AGalv PD HostPolice Hostage NegotiationLaw Tac
52624cd90AGalv PD NarcPolice NarcoticsLaw Tac
Galveston County - Galveston - Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51584c980AGalv Admin 1Galveston Administration 1Public Works
51616c9a0AGalv Admin 2Galveston Administration 2Public Works
51648c9c0AGalv Admin 3Galveston Administration 3Public Works
54496d4e0AGalvAnmlCtrlGalveston Animal ControlPublic Works
54304d420AGalvBldgIns1Galveston Building Inspectors 1 / PermitsPublic Works
54464d4c0AGalvBldgIns2Galveston Building Inspectors 2Public Works
54144d380AGalv CMGalveston CMPublic Works
54176d3a0AGalv CM AdmnGalveston CM AdministrationPublic Works
53408d0a0AGalvCol53408Galveston CollectionsPublic Works
53440d0c0AGalvCol53440Galveston CollectionsPublic Works
54208d3c0AGalv Compl 1Galveston Compliance Division 1Public Works
54240d3e0AGalv Compl 2Galveston Compliance Division 2Public Works
54336d440AGalv Compl AGalveston Compliance Division APublic Works
50336c4a0AGalv EOC AdmGalveston Emergency Operations AdministrationEmergency Ops
52880ce90AGalv EOC 1Galveston Emergency Operations Center 1Emergency Ops
56560dcf0AGalv EOC 2Galveston Emergency Operations Center 2Emergency Ops
56592dd10AGalv EOC 3Galveston Emergency Operations Center 3Emergency Ops
54528d500AGalv Garage1Galveston Garage 1Public Works
54560d520AGalv Garage2Galveston Garage 2Public Works
53856d260AGalvIslBusesGalveston Island Transit BusesUtilities
52576cd60AGalv MayorGalveston MayorPublic Works
55392d860AGalv Parks 1Galveston Park Board of Trustees Ch. 1Public Works
55424d880AGalv Parks 2Galveston Park Board of Trustees Ch. 2Public Works
55456d8a0AGalv Parks 3Galveston Park Board of Trustees Ch. 3Public Works
53504d100AGalv Prk/RecGalveston Parks and RecreationPublic Works
55488d8c0AGalv ParksGalveston Parks DepartmentPublic Works
54272d400AGalv Plan 1Galveston Planning 1Public Works
54432d4a0AGalv Plan 2Galveston Planning 2Public Works
54368d460AGalv PlanAdmGalveston Planning AdministrationPublic Works
51552c960AGalv PubWrksGalveston Public WorksPublic Works
53600d160AGalvPWTraffcGalveston Public Works - Traffic DivisionPublic Works
53792d220AGalvRecycle1Galveston Recycling 1Public Works
51680c9e0AGalv Sewer 1Galveston Sewer 1Utilities
53376d080AGalv Sewer 2Galveston Sewer 2Utilities
53664d1a0AGalvStreets1Galveston Street Department 1Public Works
53696d1c0AGalvStreets2Galveston Street Department 2Public Works
53728d1e0AGalvStreets3Galveston Street Department 3Public Works
53536d120AGalvTraffic1Galveston Traffic 1Public Works
53568d140AGalvTraffic2Galveston Traffic 2Public Works
53824d240AGalv TrashGalveston Trash/Refuse DepartmentPublic Works
53760d200AGalv UtilGalveston UtilitiesUtilities
53472d0e0AGalvUtBil472Galveston Utility BillingUtilities
53888d280AGalvUtBil888Galveston Utility BilllingUtilities
51424c8e0AGalv Water 1Galveston Water 1Utilities
51456c900AGalv Water 2Galveston Water 2Utilities
51488c920AGalv Water 3Galveston Water 3Utilities
51520c940AGalvWtrSewerGalveston Water and SewerUtilities
Galveston County - Hitchcock
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51840ca80AHtchk City 1Hitchcock City 1Public Works
51872caa0AHtchk City 2Hitchcock City 2Public Works
53520d110AHtchk PD AdmHitchcock Police AdministrationLaw Talk
53456d0d0AHtchk PD 1Hitchcock Police Ch. 1Law Dispatch
53488d0f0AHtchk PD 2Hitchcock Police Ch. 2Law Tac
53552d130AHtchk PD CIDHitchcock Police CIDLaw Tac
60720ed30AHtchkFD60720Hitchcock Volunteer Fire DepartmentFire-Tac
51904cac0AHtchkFD DispHitchcock Volunteer Fire Department DispatchFire Dispatch
51936cae0AHtchkFD Tac1Hitchcock Volunteer Fire Department Tactical 1Fire-Tac
51968cb00AHtchkFD Tac2Hitchcock Volunteer Fire Department Tactical 2Fire-Tac
Galveston County - Jamaica Beach
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
56880de30AJamBch AdminJamaica Beach AdministrationPublic Works
52096cb80AJamBch FD 1Jamaica Beach Fire 1Fire Dispatch
52128cba0AJamBch FD 2Jamaica Beach Fire 2Fire-Tac
52032cb40AJamBch PD 1Jamaica Beach Police Ch. 1Law Dispatch
52000cb20AJamBch PD 2Jamaica Beach Police Ch. 2Law Tac
Galveston County - Kemah
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55520d8e0AKemah EOCKemah Emergency Operations CenterEmergency Ops
53712d1d0AKemah FD 2Kemah Fire Ch. 2Fire-Tac
53680d1b0AKemahFD DispKemah Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
62992f610AKemah OEMKemah Office of Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
53280d020AKemah PD AdmKemah Police AdministrationLaw Talk
53584d150AKemah PD2Kemah Police Ch. 2Law Tac
53248d000AKemah PD CIDKemah Police CIDLaw Tac
53616d170AKemah PD1 DpKemah Police Dispatch (2xx units)Law Dispatch
53216cfe0AKemah PD TacKemah Police TacticalLaw Tac
53632d180AKemhVFD53632Kemah Volunteer Fire DepartmentLaw Talk
Galveston County - La Marque
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52256cc20ALaMrq AdminLa Marque AdministrationPublic Works
58000e290ALaMrq CtyHLa Marque City HallPublic Works
57072def0ALaMrq CtyWdLa Marque CitywideInterop
50016c360ALaMrq CTSPLa Marque CTSPPublic Works
53904d290ALaMrq FD 1La Marque Fire - Ch. 1 (simulcast on 154.19 MHz [732 DPL])Fire Dispatch
53968d2d0ALaMrq FD 2La Marque Fire - Ch. 2Fire-Tac
50240c440ALaMrq FD A1La Marque Fire A1Fire-Talk
53936d2b0ALaMrq FD FGLa Marque FiregroundFire-Tac
53872d270ALaMrq PD AdmLa Marque Police AdministrationLaw Talk
53840d250ALaMrq PD CIDLa Marque Police CIDLaw Tac
53776d210ALaMrq PD 1La Marque Police Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
50176c400ALaMrq PD 2La Marque Police Dispatch 2Law Tac
53808d230ALaMrq PDPtl1La Marque Police Patrol 1Law Talk
50208c420ALaMrq PD SupLa Marque Police SupervisorsLaw Talk
61008ee50ALaMrq PubWrkLa Marque Public WorksPublic Works
50144c3e0ALaMrq Roads1La Marque Roads 1Public Works
52192cbe0ALaMrq SewerLa Marque Sewer DepartmentUtilities
50048c380ALaMrq Util 1La Marque Utilities 1Utilities
50080c3a0ALaMrq Util 2La Marque Utilities 2Utilities
50112c3c0ALaMrqUtilAdmLa Marque Utilities AdministrationLaw Talk
52224cc00ALaMrq WaterLa Marque Water DepartmentUtilities
Galveston County - League City
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3377683f0ALC AnmCtrl 1League City Animal Control Ch. 1Public Works
338088410ALC AnmCtrl 2League City Animal Control Ch. 2Public Works
41616a290ALC BldgInsp1League City Building Inspectors 1Public Works
41648a2b0ALC BldgInsp2League City Building Inspectors 2Public Works
42032a430ALC EM Ops 1League City Emergency Management Operations 1Emergency Ops
42064a450ALC EM Ops 2League City Emergency Management Operations 2Emergency Ops
3476887d0ALC EMS AdminLeague City EMS AdministrationEMS-Talk
3480087f0ALC EMS DispLeague City EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
348328810ALC EMS Tac1League City EMS Tactical 1EMS-Tac
348648830ALC EMS Tac2League City EMS Tactical 2EMS-Tac
41680a2d0ALC Engineer1League City Engineering 1Public Works
41712a2f0ALC Engineer2League City Engineering 2Public Works
343208610ALC FireAdminLeague City Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
343528630ALC Fire DispLeague City Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
343848650ALC FireMrsh1League City Fire Marshal 1Fire-Talk
344168670ALC FireMrsh2League City Fire Marshal 2Fire-Talk
344488690ALC Fire Tac1League City Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
3448086b0ALC Fire Tac2League City Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
3451286d0ALC Fire Tac3League City Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
3454486f0ALC Fire Tac4League City Fire Tactical 4Fire-Tac
42288a530ALC FW EMSLeague City Friendswood EMSEMS-Talk
42320a550ALC FWPD 1League City Friendswood Police 1Law Tac
42352a570ALC FWPD 2League City Friendswood Police 2Law Tac
42384a590ALC FWPD 3League City Friendswood Police 3Law Tac
42416a5b0ALC FWPD 4League City Friendswood Police 4Law Tac
42224a4f0ALC FW CID 1League City Friendswood Police CID 1Law Tac
42256a510ALC FW CID 2League City Friendswood Police CID 2Law Tac
41744a310ALC Parks 1League City Parks and Recreation 1Public Works
41776a330ALC Parks 2League City Parks and Recreation 2Public Works
338408430ALCPD AdminLeague City Police - AdministrationPublic Works
338728450ALCPD BldgEntLeague City Police - Building EntryLaw Tac
3396884b0ALCPD CIDLeague City Police - CIDLaw Talk
339048470ALCPD CARTLeague City Police - Combined Agency Response Team (CART; joint SWAT with Pearland and Alvin)Law Tac
3400084d0ALCPD CmdLeague City Police - CommandLaw Tac
340968530ALCPD Disp1League City Police - Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
341288550ALCPD Disp2League City Police - Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
340648510ALCPD MotorLeague City Police - MotorLaw Tac
341608570ALCPD SpEvntLeague City Police - Special EventsLaw Tac
3502488d0ALC SCADALeague City SCADAData
41808a350ALC Streets 1League City Street Department 1Public Works
41840a370ALC Streets 2League City Street Department 2Public Works
41936a3d0ALC VehMaint1League City Vehicle Maintenance 1Public Works
41968a3f0ALC VehMaint2League City Vehicle Maintenance 2Public Works
348968850ALC WtrCusSv1League City Water Customer Service 1Utilities
349288870ALC WtrCusSv2League City Water Customer Service 2Utilities
349608890ALC LineRepr1League City Water Line Repair 1Utilities
3499288b0ALC LineRepr2League City Water Line Repair 2Utilities
350888910ALC WaterWks1League City Water Works 1Utilities
351848970ALC WaterWks2League City Water Works 2Utilities
Galveston County - Santa Fe
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54544d510ASF EMSSanta Fe EMSEMS Dispatch
54576d530ASF Fire DispSanta Fe Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
54608d550ASF Fire Tac1Santa Fe Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
54672d590ASF FireAdminSanta Fe Fire AdministrationFire-Tac
54704d5b0ASF PD 1Santa Fe Police - Ch. 1Law Dispatch
54736d5d0ASF PD 2Santa Fe Police - Ch. 2Law Tac
54768d5f0ASF PD AdmnSanta Fe Police - AdministrationLaw Talk
54800d610ASF PD CIDSanta Fe Police - CIDLaw Talk
54832d630ASF PD TacSanta Fe Police - TacticalLaw Tac
Galveston County - Texas City
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55328d820ATxC AnmlCtrlTexas City Animal ControlPublic Works
52608cd80ATxC BldgInspTexas City Building InspectorsPublic Works
56624dd30ATxC Comm DevTexas City Community DevelopmentPublic Works
55152d770ATxC EOC 1Texas City Emergency Operations Center (EOC) 1Emergency Ops
56720dd90ATxC EOC 2Texas City Emergency Operations Center (EOC) 2Emergency Ops
55216d7b0ATxC EMS DspTexas City EMSEMS Dispatch
55184d790ATxC FD 1Texas City FireFire Dispatch
55248d7d0ATxC FD 3 AdmTexas City Fire 3? AdministrationFire-Talk
55056d710ATxC FD ChiefTexas City Fire ChiefFire-Talk
53024cf20ATxC FD DataTexas City Fire DataData
55280d7f0ATxC FD FG1Texas City Fireground 1Fire-Tac
55312d810ATxC FD FG2Texas City Fireground 2Fire-Tac
55344d830ATxC FD FG3Texas City Fireground 3Fire-Tac
52544cd40ATxC GolfTexas City Golf CoursePublic Works
55120d750ATxC Info SysTexas City Information Systems and CommunicationsPublic Works
52480cd00ATxC MaintTexas City MaintenancePublic Works
54896d670ATxC PD 1Texas City Police 1Law Dispatch
54928d690ATxC PD 2Texas City Police 2Law Talk
54960d6b0ATxC PD CIDTexas City Police CIDLaw Tac
55024d6f0ATxC PD IDTexas City Police IdentificationLaw Talk
56400dc50ATxC PD InAffTexas City Police Internal AffairsLaw Tac
55088d730ATxC PD JailTexas City Police JailCorrections
56752ddb0ATxC PD Jail2Texas City Police Jail 2Corrections
56656dd50ATxC PD Narc1Texas City Police Narcotics 1Law Tac
56688dd70ATxC PD Narc2Texas City Police Narcotics 2Law Tac
54992d6d0ATxC PD SuprvTexas City Police SupervisorsLaw Talk
55008d6e0ATxC PD SWAT1Texas City Police SWAT 1Law Tac
55040d700ATxC PD SWAT2Texas City Police SWAT 2Law Tac
55840da20ATxC PD Tac 1Texas City Police Tactical 1Law Tac
55872da40ATxC PD Tac 2Texas City Police Tactical 2Law Tac
57392e030ATxC PumpStaTexas City Pump StationsPublic Works
52416ccc0ATxC RecTour1Texas City Recreation and Tourism 1Public Works
52448cce0ATxC RecTour2Texas City Recreation and Tourism 2Public Works
56464dc90ATxC Siren 1Texas City Siren 1Data
56448dc80ATxC Siren 2Texas City Siren 2Data
52512cd20ATxC WastewtrTexas City WastewaterUtilities
Galveston County - Other Communities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
56160db60ABclifFD56160Bacliff Volunter Fire DepartmentFire-Tac
59216e750ABclifFD59216Bacliff Volunter Fire DepartmentFire-Tac
50400c4e0ABcliffFD TlkBacliff Volunter Fire Department 1 "back channel"Fire-Talk
50496c540ABclifSLFDDisBacliff/San Leon Fire Dispatch ("Bay Fire")Fire Dispatch
50432c500ABclifSLFDFG1Bacliff/San Leon Fireground 1Fire-Tac
50464c520ABclifSLFDFG2Bacliff/San Leon Fireground 2Fire-Tac
50560c580ABayouVistaPDBayou Vista PoliceLaw Dispatch
50592c5a0ABayouVistaFDBayou Vista Volunteer Fire DepartmentFire-Tac
54752d5e0AClrLkShrs PDClear Lake Shores Police (5xx units; rarely used; dispatched by Kemah Police)Law Tac
49616c1d0AClrLkShrsPD2Clear Lake Shores Police Ch. 2Law Tac
49648c1f0AClrLkShrs PWClear Lake Shores Public WorksPublic Works
49680c210ACrystalBchFDCrystal Beach Volunteer Fire DepartmentFire-Tac
59312e7b0AGC Bay F/RGalveston County Bay Fire/RescueFire-Tac
54352d450ABolvrFD/EMS1Port Bolivar Volunteer Fire/EMS Ch. 1 Dispatch (includes Port Bolivar, Crystal Beach, Gilchrist, High Island)Fire Dispatch
54192d3b0ABolvrFD/EMS2Port Bolivar Volunteer Fire/EMS Ch. 2Fire-Talk
54224d3d0ABolvrFD FG 1Port Bolivar Volunteer Fire/EMS Fireground 1Fire-Tac
54256d3f0ABolvrFD FG 2Port Bolivar Volunteer Fire/EMS Fireground 2Fire-Tac
54512d4f0ASnLeonFD TlkSan Leon Volunteer Fire Department "back channel"Fire-Talk
52688cdd0ATI Fire2 OpsTiki Island Fire Ch. 2 OperationsFire-Tac
55664d970ATI PD TalkTiki Island Police (back channel; 18xx units; dispatched on GCSO 1)Law Tac
52704cde0ATI/BV FD DisTiki Island/Bayou Vista Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
52768ce20ATI/BV FD FG2Tiki Island/Bayou Vista Fireground 2Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53136cf90APortGal AdmPort of Galveston AdministrationPublic Works
53072cf50APortGal2CruiPort of Galveston Ch. 1 Cruise Ship TerminalsPublic Works
53168cfb0APortGal 1 PDPort of Galveston Ch. 2 PoliceLaw Dispatch
53200cfd0APortGal ConsPort of Galveston ConstructionPublic Works
53232cff0APortGalPiersPort of Galveston PiersPublic Works
53104cf70APortGalPDAdmPort of Galveston Police AdministrationPublic Works
Brazoria County Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
239525d90ABCSO Disp 1Brazoria County SO Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
239845db0ABCSO Disp 2Brazoria County SO Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
240165dd0ABCSO Ptrl 1Brazoria County SO Patrol 1Law Talk
240485df0ABCSO Ptrl 2Brazoria County SO Patrol 2Law Talk
240805e10ABCSOIntrcty1Brazoria County Sheriff Intercity 1Law Tac
241125e30ABCSOIntrcty2Brazoria County Sheriff Intercity 2Law Tac
241445e50ABCSO Det 1Brazoria County Detective 1Law Talk
241765e70ABCSO Det 2Brazoria County Detective 2Law Talk
242085e90ABCSO Narc 1Brazoria County Narcotics Channel 1Law Talk
242405eb0ABCSO Narc 2Brazoria County Narcotics Channel 2Law Talk
242725ed0ABCSO RAIDBrazoria County SO RAID (Combined LE Operations)Law Tac
243045ef0ABCSO Tac 1Brazoria County SO TAC 1Law Tac
243365f10ABCSO Tac 2Brazoria County SO TAC 2Law Tac
243685f30ABCSO Tac 3Brazoria County SO TAC 3Law Tac
244005f50ABCSO Tac 4Brazoria County SO TAC 4Law Tac
244325f70ABCSO Jail 1Brazoria County SO Jail 1Law Tac
244645f90ABCSO Jail 2Brazoria County SO Jail 2Law Tac
244965fb0ABCSO CAERBrazoria County SO CAER (Community Awareness & Emergency Response)Law Talk
2504061d0ABCSO JuvieBrazoira County SO Juvenile DivisionLaw Talk
2532862f0ABCSO EmgTrafBrazoria County SO Emergency Traffic Ch.Law Tac
2603265b0ABCSO/AgltnMASheriff/Angleton Mutual AidInterop
261606630ABCSO Narc 3Brazoria County Narcotics Channel 3Law Talk
262246670ABCSO N Ch1Brazoria County SO North Channel 1Law Talk
262566690ABCSO Det 3Brazoria County SO Detective 3Law Talk
2635266f0ABC Contsbl 1Brazoria County Constables CH 1Law Tac
Brazoria County Other Public Safety
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2529662d0ABC Fire 1Brazoria County Fire 1Fire Dispatch
2606465d0ABC Fire 2Brazoria County Fire 2Fire-Tac
2609665f0ABC EMS 1Brazoria County EMS 1EMS Dispatch
261286610ABC EMS 2Brazoria County EMS 2EMS-Tac
Brazoria County Miscellaneous
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2507261f0ABCRdDp FlgmnBrazoria County Road construction flagmenPublic Works
251046210ABCRdMnt Pct1Brazoria County Pct 1 Road MaintenancePublic Works
251366230ABCRdMnt Pct2Brazoria County Pct 2 Road MaintenancePublic Works
251686250ABCRdMnt Pct3Brazoria County Pct 3 Road MaintenancePublic Works
252006270ABCRdMnt Pct4Brazoria County Pct 4 Road MaintenancePublic Works
252326290ABC Rd/Brdg 1Brazoria County County Road & BridgePublic Works
2526462b0ABC BldgInspBrazoria County Building Inspector or health inspectorsPublic Works
253606310ABC ArptMaintBrazoria County Airport MaintenancePublic Works
253926330ABC JP OfficeBrazoria County JP OfficePublic Works
254246350ABC Rd/Brdg 2Brazoria County Road and BridgePublic Works
2580864d0ABC MsqutoCtlBrazoria County Mosquito ControlPublic Works
2584064f0ABC PrkMaintBrazoria County Park MaintenancePublic Works
259366550AVelascoDD 36Velasco Drainage DistrictPublic Works
259686570AVelascoDD 68Velasco Drainage DistrictPublic Works
Brazoria County - Angleton
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
241925e80AAngletonFireAngleton FireFire Dispatch
245285fd0AAgltn PD PriAngleton Police PrimaryLaw Dispatch
245605ff0AAgltnPD Tac1Angleton Police Tactical 1Law Tac
245926010AAgltn PD DetAngleton Police DetectivesLaw Tac
246246030AAgltnPD SupvAngleton Police SupervisorsLaw Talk
2499261a0AAngletonHospAngleton HospitalHospital
257446490AAngleton EMSAngleton EMSEMS-Tac
258726510AAgltnPDPtrl1Angleton Police Patrol 1Law Talk
2654467b0AAngleton EMCAngleton Area Emergency Medical CorpsEMS Dispatch
Brazoria County - Clute
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
240005dc0ACluteEMS TacClute EMSEMS-Tac
264166730ACluteEMS DisClute EMS (patched to 155.895 PL 146.2)EMS Dispatch
242565ec0AClute FireClute FireFire Dispatch
270246990AClute PD 1Clute Police 1Law Dispatch
2705669b0AClute PD 2Clute Police 2Law Tac
2712069f0AClute PD DetClute Police DetectivesLaw Tac
271526a10AClutePD NarcClute Police NarcoticsLaw Tac
2708869d0AClutePD SupvClute Police SupervisorsLaw Talk
Brazoria County - Freeport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
241605e60AFreeport EMSFreeport EMSEMS Dispatch
248966140AFreeport FDFreeport FireFire Dispatch
2657667d0AFreeport PD1Freeport Police 1Law Dispatch
2660867f0AFreeport PD2Freeport Police 2Law Tac
266406810AFreeptPD DetFreeport Police DetectivesLaw Tac
266726830AFreeptPDNarcFreeport Police NarcoticsLaw Tac
Brazoria County - Sweeny
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
241285e40ASweeny EMSSweeny EMSEMS Dispatch
2505661e0ASweeny HospSweeny HospitalHospital
248486110ASweeny PD MASweeny Police Mutual AidLaw Tac
247206090ASweeny PD/FDSweeny Police/FireMulti-Dispatch
2475260b0ASweenyPubWrkSweeny Public WorksPublic Works
Brazoria County - Other Communities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2558463f0ABrazoria PDBrazoria PoliceLaw Dispatch
249446170ABrkside PDBrookside PoliceLaw Dispatch
242885ee0AColLakes VFDColumbia Lakes Volunteer Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
243205f00ACntyRd143VFDCounty Road 143 Volunteer Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
243525f20ADamon FireDamon FireFire Dispatch
240325de0ADanbury EMSDanbury EMSEMS Dispatch
243845f40ADanbury FireDanbury FireFire Dispatch
2500861b0ADanbury PDDanbury PoliceLaw Dispatch
244165f60ADemi-John FDDemi-John Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
2552063b0AHlcrstVlg PDHillcrest Village PoliceLaw Dispatch
244805fa0AIowaCol FDIowa Colony FireFire-Tac
245125fc0AJonesCrk FDJones Creek FireFire Dispatch
249766190AJonesCrk PDJones Creek PoliceLaw Dispatch
245445fe0ALkJack FireLake Jackson FireFire Dispatch
246566050ALkJack PD1Lake Jackson Police 1Law Dispatch
57856e200ALkJackPD1033Lake Jackson Police 10-33Law Tac
246886070ALkJack PD2Lake Jackson Police 2Law Talk
267366870ALkJackPoliceLake Jackson Police Primary?Law Dispatch
245766000ALiverpool FDLiverpool FireFire Dispatch
264486750AManvel EMSManvel EMSEMS Dispatch
246086020AManvel FireManvel FireFire Dispatch
249126150AManvel PDManvel PoliceLaw Dispatch
248806130AManvelPubWrkManvel Public WorksPublic Works
259046530AOystrCrk PDOyster Creek Police PrimaryLaw Dispatch
247046080ARichwood FDRichwood FireFire Dispatch
2577664b0ARichwood PDRichwood PoliceLaw Dispatch
2473660a0ARiversEnd FDRivers End FireFire Dispatch
2476860c0ARosharon FDRosharon FireFire Dispatch
240965e20ASurfside EMSSurfside EMSEMS Dispatch
2480060e0ASurfside FDSurfside FireFire Dispatch
254886390ASurfside PDSurfside PoliceLaw Dispatch
239685da0AWColumbiaEMSWest Columbia EMSEMS Dispatch
248326100AWColumbia FDWest Columbia FireFire Dispatch
2478460d0AWColumbia PDWest Columbia PoliceLaw Dispatch
248646120AWildPeach FDWild Peach Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2174454f0ALibertyCtywdLiberty CitywideMulti-Tac
235045bd0ALibertyCons1Liberty County Constable Precinct 1Law Dispatch
42672a6b0ALibertyCo EMLiberty County Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
2268858a0ALibertyCoSh1Liberty County Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
216485490ALiberty FireLiberty Fire PrimaryFire Dispatch
216165470ALiberty PDLiberty Police PrimaryLaw Dispatch
2171254d0ALibertyPDSupLiberty Police SupervisorsLaw Talk
2168054b0ALibertyPubWkLiberty Public Works PrimaryPublic Works

For Prairie View A&M University Police, see Colleges and Universities below.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
160643ec0AWALL CO FIREWaller Co. Fire (tactical use, Tri-County only)Fire-Tac
160963ee0AWALL EMS DSPWaller Co. EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
161283f00AWALL EMS MEDWaller Co. EMS Tactical ("MED")EMS-Tac
231525a70AWALLER SO-1Waller Co. Sheriff Dispatch (12XX Units)Law Dispatch
231845a90AWALL SO TACWaller Co. Sheriff TacticalLaw Tac
232165ab0AWALLER NTFWaller Co. Narcotics Task ForceLaw Tac
232485ad0AWallCoShDINVWaller Co. Sheriff Detectives/InvestigationsLaw Tac
232805af0AWC CRIME SCNWaller Co. Sheriff Crime Scene (talkaround use)Law Tac
233125b10AMUTUAL AID 1Waller Co. Law Enforcement Mutual AidLaw Tac
233445b30AHEMP PD PRIMHempstead Police Dispatch (1XX Units)Law Dispatch
233765b50AHEMP PD TACHempstead Police TacticalLaw Tac
234085b70ABROOKSHIR PDBrookshire Police Dispatch (7XX Units)Law Dispatch
234405b90AWALLER PDWaller Police (2XX Units) - Dispatched on SO-1Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
236005c30AWlkrSherPrimSheriff Primary (back-up, primary operations on STARNET Project 25 system)Law Dispatch
57872e210AWlkrSherTac1Sheriff Tactical 1 (back-up, primary operations on STARNET Project 25 system)Law Tac
57904e230AWlkrSherTac2Sheriff Tactical 2 (back-up, primary operations on STARNET Project 25 system)Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
362728db0AMONTCTYEVT5Montgomery County Event 5Interop
Houston - Police Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65441990AHPD CitywidePatch to HPD Citywide (Ch. A5/B5 on 460.425 MHz)Law Tac
1886449b0AHPD Fox"Fox" Helicopters (used for ground surveillance; Crime Reduction Unit?)Law Tac
202724f30AHPD Int AffInternal AffairsLaw Tac
Houston - Other Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
135843510AHouston OEM1Houston Office of Emergency Management (OEM) 1Emergency Ops
College and University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
121762f90AAlvin CC PDAlvin Community College - PoliceLaw Dispatch
49888c2e0AColMnldPDAdmCollege of the Mainland - Police AdministrationLaw Talk
50624c5c0AColMainldPD1College of the Mainland - Police Ch. 1Law Dispatch
50656c5e0AColMainldPD2College of the Mainland - Police Ch. 2Law Tac
55136d760AGalvColl SecGalveston College - SecuritySecurity
110242b10ALnStrCol PD1Lone Star College - Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
230885a30ALnStrCol PD2Lone Star College - Police SecondaryLaw Talk
234725bb0APVAMU PolicePrairie View A&M University - Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
156003cf0ASanJacColPD1San Jacinto College - Police Ch. 1Law Dispatch
156323d10ASanJacColPD2San Jacinto College - Police Ch. 2Law Tac
156963d50ASanJColPDSupSan Jacinto College - Police SupervisorsLaw Talk
156643d30ASanJColPDTacSan Jacinto College - Police TacticalLaw Tac
56432dc70ATAMUG PoliceTexas A&M University at Galveston - PoliceLaw Dispatch
54880d660ATAMUGPolice2Texas A&M University at Galveston - Police 2Law Tac
55072d720ATAMUG RATexas A&M University at Galveston RASchools
1707242b0AUHCLPD AdminUniversity of Houston Clear Lake - Police AdministrationLaw Talk
170404290AUHCL PD PriUniversity of Houston Clear Lake - Police PrimaryLaw Dispatch
1710442d0AUHCL PD SupvUniversity of Houston Clear Lake - Police SupervisorsLaw Talk
96162590AUHD PD DispUniversity of Houston Downtown - Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
964825b0AUHD PD SupvUniversity of Houston Downtown - Police SupervisorsLaw Tac
117602df0AUHMainPD1PriUniversity of Houston Main Campus - Police 1 PrimaryLaw Dispatch
117922e10AUHMainPD2AdmUniversity of Houston Main Campus - Police 2 AdministrationLaw Talk
118242e30AUHMainPD3EvtUniversity of Houston Main Campus - Police 3 Special EventsLaw Tac
55696d990AUTMB PD 2University of Texas Medical Branch (Galveston) - Police Ch. 2 (Dispatch for units off the island)Law Tac
55728d9b0AUTMB PD 3University of Texas Medical Branch (Galveston) - Police Ch. 3Law Tac
55760d9d0AUTMB PD4 CIDUniversity of Texas Medical Branch (Galveston) - Police Ch. 4 CIDLaw Tac
56064db00AUTMBPD Main2University of Texas Medical Branch (Galveston) - Police Main 2Law Tac
55792d9f0AUTMB PD VIPUniversity of Texas Medical Branch (Galveston) - Police VIPLaw Tac
Other School Districts
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
990426b0AAldISDPDDispAldine ISD PD - PrimaryLaw Dispatch
993626d0AAldISDPDTac1Aldine ISD PD - Tactical 1Law Tac
1297632b0AAlvISD PDPriAlvin ISD PD - PrimaryLaw Dispatch
1323233b0AAlvISD PDTacAlvin ISD PD - TacticalLaw Tac
2481660f0AAngleton ISDAngleton ISDSchools
2628866b0AAng ISD PD 1Angleton ISD - Police 1Law Dispatch
2632066d0AAng ISD PD 2Angleton ISD - Police 2Law Tac
54656d580ACCISD AdminClear Creek ISD - AdministrationSchools
1892849f0ACCISD BusesClear Creek ISD - BusesSchools
205285030ACCISDEmrgncyClear Creek ISD - EmergencyEmergency Ops
1889649d0ACCISD SLOClear Creek ISD - School Liasion Officers (SLO)Law Tac
146403930ACyFairISD PDCypress-Fairbanks ISD - PoliceLaw Dispatch
44816af10AFBISD PD 1Fort Bend ISD - Police 1Law Dispatch
44848af30AFBISD PD 2Fort Bend ISD - Police 2 SupervisorsLaw Talk
44880af50AFBISD PD 3Fort Bend ISD - Police 3Law Tac
44912af70AFBISD PD 4Fort Bend ISD - Police 4 Secure (Special Events)Law Tac
55904da60AGalvISD55904Galveston ISDSchools
52944ced0AGalv ISD PD1Galveston ISD - Police 1Law Dispatch
52976cef0AGalv ISD PD2Galveston ISD - Police 2Law Tac
53008cf10AGalv ISD BusGalveston ISD - Transportation/BusesSchools
51776ca40AHitchckISD 1Hitchcock ISD 1Schools
51808ca60AHitchckISD 2Hitchcock ISD 2Schools
54720d5c0AHitchckISDAdHitchcock ISD AdministrationSchools
120162ef0AHumble ISDPDHumble ISD PDLaw Dispatch
128803250AShared ISDPDISD Police Tactical (Shared)Law Tac
1136470AKaty ISD PD1Katy ISD - Police 1 PrimaryLaw Dispatch
147043970AKaty ISD PD2Katy ISD - Police 2 Special EventsLaw Tac
1872750AKaty ISD PD3Katy ISD - Police 3 PatrolLaw Tac
1403236d0AKlein ISD PDKlein ISD PDLaw Dispatch
54944d6a0ALaMrqISD AdmLa Marque ISD - AdministrationSchools
55264d7e0ALaMarqISD APLa Marque ISD - APSchools
55232d7c0ALaMarque HSLa Marque ISD - La Marque High SchoolSchools
55200d7a0ALaMarque MSLa Marque ISD - La Marque Middle SchoolSchools
54000d2f0ALaMarqISDPD1La Marque ISD - Police 1Law Dispatch
54032d310ALaMarqISDPD2La Marque ISD - Police 2Law Tac
167044140ALaPortISDCMTLa Porte ISD - Crisis Management TeamSchools
50081390ALamarCISDSecLamar Consolidated ISD - SecuritySecurity
105442930ANForestISDPDNorth Forest ISD PDLaw Dispatch
281446df0APasadISD PD1Pasadena ISD - Police 1Law Dispatch
281766e10APasadISD PD2Pasadena ISD - Police 2Law Tac
282086e30APasadISD PD3Pasadena ISD - Police 3Law Tac
57008deb0ASanFeISDBus1Santa Fe ISD - Buses 1Schools
57040ded0ASanFeISDBus2Santa Fe ISD - Buses 2Schools
56912de50ASanFeISDMnt1Santa Fe ISD - Maintenance 1Schools
56944de70ASanFeISDMnt2Santa Fe ISD - Maintenance 2Schools
56976de90ASanFeISDMnt3Santa Fe ISD - Maintenance 3Schools
53328d050ASanFeISD PD1Santa Fe ISD - Police 1Law Dispatch
53344d060ASanFeISD PD2Santa Fe ISD - Police 2Law Tac
20327f0ASheld ISD PDSheldon ISD PDLaw Dispatch
968025d0ASprBrchISDPDSpring Branch ISD PDLaw Dispatch
159523e50ASprISD CrsisSpring ISD - School CrisisLaw Tac
632018b0ASpringISDPD1Spring ISD PD - PrimaryLaw Dispatch
635218d0ASpringISDPD2Spring ISD PD - SecondaryLaw Tac
45264b0d0AStaff MSD PDStafford Municipal School DistrictLaw Dispatch
53184cfc0ATCISD EleSchTexas City ISD - Elementary SchoolsSchools
53120cf80ATCISD MaintTexas City ISD - MaintenanceSchools
53152cfa0ATCISD TranspTexas City ISD - TransportationSchools
49920c300ATCISD Ch 1Texas City ISD Ch. 1 - Texas City High SchoolSchools
53056cf40ATCISD Ch 2Texas City ISD Ch. 2 - Blocker Middle School and DEAPSchools
53088cf60ATCISD Ch 3Texas City ISD Ch. 3 - Levi Fry Intermediate School and AdministrationSchools
Port of Houston Authority - Public Safety
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1680041a0APHA FireFire Dispatch/OperationsFire Dispatch
200484e50APHA PD 1 DisPolice 1 Dispatch (includes fire boats)Multi-Dispatch
200804e70APHA PD 2 SupPolice 2 SupervisorsLaw Talk
176804510APHA PD Tac 1Police Ch. O Tactical 1Law Tac
167364160APHA PD Tac 2Police Tactical 2Law Tac
167684180APHA SecuritySecuritySecurity
Port of Houston Authority - Barbours Cut Container Terminal
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
172804380APHABCTGenMntBarbours Cut Container Terminal General MaintenancePublic Works
1731243a0APHA BCT Mnt1Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 1Public Works
1734443c0APHA BCT Mnt2Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 2Public Works
2249657e0APHA BCT Mnt3Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 3Public Works
225285800APHA BCT Mnt4Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 4Public Works
225605820APHA BCT Mnt5Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 5Public Works
225925840APHA BCT Mnt6Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 6Public Works
226245860APHA BCT Mnt7Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 7Public Works
226565880APHA BCT Mnt8Barbours Cut Container Terminal Maintenance 8Public Works
1683241c0APHA BCT Ops1Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 1Public Works
2169654c0APHA BCTOps10Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 10Public Works
2172854e0APHA BCTOps11Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 11Public Works
217605500APHA BCTOps12Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 12Public Works
217925520APHA BCTOps13Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 13Public Works
218245540APHA BCTOps14Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 14Public Works
218565560APHA BCTOps15Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 15Public Works
1686441e0APHA BCT Ops2Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 2Public Works
168964200APHA BCT Ops3Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 3Public Works
215045400APHA BCT Ops4Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 4Public Works
215365420APHA BCT Ops5Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 5Public Works
215685440APHA BCT Ops6Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 6Public Works
216005460APHA BCT Ops7Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 7Public Works
216325480APHA BCT Ops8Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 8Public Works
2166454a0APHA BCT Ops9Barbours Cut Container Terminal Operations 9Public Works
224005780APHABCTOutMntBarbours Cut Container Terminal Outside MaintenancePublic Works
2246457c0APHABCT WharfBarbours Cut Container Terminal WharfPublic Works
2243257a0APHA BCT YardBarbours Cut Container Terminal YardPublic Works
Port of Houston Authority - Bayport Container & Cruise Terminal
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1708842c0APHA BPGenMntBayport Container and Cruise Terminal General MaintenancePublic Works
174404420APHA BPGenOpsBayport Container and Cruise Terminal General OperationsPublic Works
1712042e0APHA BP Mnt 1Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 1Public Works
171524300APHA BP Mnt 2Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 2Public Works
171844320APHA BP Mnt 3Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 3Public Works
172164340APHA BP Mnt 4Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 4Public Works
172484360APHA BP Mnt 5Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 5Public Works
223045720APHA BP Mnt 6Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 6Public Works
223365740APHA BP Mnt 7Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 7Public Works
223685760APHA BP Mnt 8Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Maintenance 8Public Works
169284220APHA BP Ops 1Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 1Public Works
220165600APHA BP Ops10Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 10Public Works
220485620APHA BP Ops11Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 11Public Works
220805640APHA BP Ops12Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 12Public Works
221125660APHA BP Ops13Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 13Public Works
221445680APHA BP Ops14Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 14Public Works
2217656a0APHA BP Ops15Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 15Public Works
169604240APHA BP Ops 2Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 2Public Works
169924260APHA BP Ops 3Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 3Public Works
170244280APHA BP Ops 4Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 4Public Works
1705642a0APHA BP Ops 5Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 5Public Works
218885580APHA BP Ops 6Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 6Public Works
2192055a0APHA BP Ops 7Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 7Public Works
2195255c0APHA BP Ops 8Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 8Public Works
2198455e0APHA BP Ops 9Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal Operations 9Public Works
2220856c0APHA BPOutMntBayport Container and Cruise Terminal Outside MaintenancePublic Works
222725700APHA BP WharfBayport Container and Cruise Terminal Wharf BayPublic Works
2224056e0APHA BP YardBayport Container and Cruise Terminal Yard BayPublic Works
Port of Houston Authority - Turning Basin Terminal
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1737643e0APHA TBGenMntTurning Basin Terminal General MaintenancePublic Works
174084400APHA TBGenOpsTurning Basin Terminal General OperationsPublic Works
Texas Medical Center (Houston)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1809646b0ATMC A MntDisCh. A Maintenance Dispatch 1Public Works
181924710ATMC B Sec 1Ch. B Security 1Security
1816046f0ATMC C PD 1Ch. C Police 1Security
1812846d0ATMC D Sec 2Ch. D Security 2Security
182564750ATMC E TchSvcCh. E Technical ServicesPublic Works
183204790ATMC F CommonCh. F Member Institution Common/Talk-AroundEmergency Ops
182884770ATMC G ParkngCh. G ParkingPublic Works
182244730ATMC H Maint1Ch. H Maintenance 1Public Works
1835247b0ATMC I Maint2Ch. I Maintenance 2Public Works
Greater Harris County 911
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
197924d50AGHC 911 Ch.1Greater Harris County 911 Ch. 1Public Works
198244d70AGHC 911 Ch.2Greater Harris County 911 Ch. 2Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
205925070AUP PoliceUnion Pacific Railroad PoliceLaw Tac
2116852b0ABNSF PoliceBurlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad PoliceLaw Tac
42896a790APTRA PolicePort Terminal Railroad Association PoliceLaw Tac
42928a7b0ABNSF PD SupvBurlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Police SupervisorsLaw Talk
55536d8f0ABNSF PD GalvBurlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Police Galveston CountyLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
56032dae0ADEA Galv CoDrug Enforcement Agency Galveston County InvestigationsFederal
193924bc0ADEA SF 1Drug Enforcement Agency Strike Force 1Federal
179364610ADEA SF 2Drug Enforcement Agency Strike Force 2Federal
201764ed0ANASA JSC SecNASA Johnson Space Center - SecurityFederal
50304c480ANWS Galv CoNational Weather Service Galveston CountyFederal
51664c9d0ANWS HGXNational Weather Service Houston/Galveston OfficeFederal
202404f10AArmy75 TrainUS Army - 75th Division (Training Support)Military
182084720AArmy75 Adm 1US Army - 75th Division (Training Support) Administration 1Military
182404740AArmy75 Adm 2US Army - 75th Division (Training Support) Administration 2Military
208805190AUSCG Galv 1US Coast Guard (Galveston) Ch. 1Federal
2091251b0AUSCG Galv 2US Coast Guard (Galveston) Ch. 2Federal
1763244e0AUSFSUS Forest ServiceFederal
110562b30AUSMarshalCriUS Marshal's Office - CriminalFederal
110882b50AUSMarshalInvUS Marshal's Office - InvestigationsFederal
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46000b3b0ATABC Ft BendTABC Fort Bend CountyLaw Tac
54864d650ATABC Galv CoTABC Galveston CountyLaw Tac
17126b0ATABC HarrisTABC Harris County Dispatch 1Law Tac
Texas Department of State Health Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
181764700ATexas DSHSTexas Department of State Health ServicesPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
58400e420AHealth1RTC 1HealthOne Regional Transfer Center 1Business
58416e430AHealth1RTC 2HealthOne Regional Transfer Center 2Business
54912d680AHouston 2WayHouston 2 Way (Galveston County)Business
54096d350AMotorola GCMotorola (Galveston County)Business
54128d370AMotorola GC1Motorola (Galveston County) 1Business
54160d390AMotorola GC2Motorola (Galveston County) 2Business
136163530AMotorola 1Motorola Ch. 1Business
136483550AMotorola 2Motorola Ch. 2Business
353288a00AWindsor EMSWindsor EMSBusiness