Kansas City KS Public Safety

System Name: Kansas City KS Public Safety
Location: Kansas City, KS
County: Wyandotte
System Type: Motorola Type II Smartnet
System Voice: Analog
System ID: Sysid: 122d Connect Tone: 116.13
Last Updated: August 31, 2014, 8:04 pm CDT   [Updated General Trunked System Information]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Primary 860.7625c859.7625c858.7625c857.7625c860.3125858.9375859.9375858.3375


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1648670AWyandotCoSO1Wyandotte County Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
1616650AWyandotCoSO2Wyandotte County Sheriff 2Law Tac
170084270AWyandottCoEMWyandotte County Emergency MangementEmergency Ops
1552610AWyndotCoParkWyandotte County Park RangersLaw Talk
Kansas City Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
16010AKC PD Zone AKansas City Police -- Zone A (East)Law Dispatch
48030AKC PD Zone BKansas City Police -- Zone B (West)Law Dispatch
80050AKC PD Zone CKansas City Police -- Zone C (South)Law Dispatch
112070AKC PD Zone DKansas City Police -- Zone D (MidTown)Law Dispatch
1760b0AKC PD CarsKansas City Police -- Car-to-CarLaw Tac
2400f0AKC PD DetectKansas City Police -- Detectives (H)Law Tac
400190AKC PD Tac 1Kansas City Police -- Tac 1 (K)Law Tac
144090AKC PD TacticKansas City Police -- TacticalLaw Tac
272110AKC PD ViceKansas City Police -- Vice/Narcotics (E)Law Tac
1760b0AKC PD TraficKansas City Police -- TrafficLaw Tac
2080d0AKC CollegePDKansas City Police -- KCK Community College Police / shared with Animal ControlLaw Dispatch
304130AKC CtznPatrlKansas City Citizens PatrolSecurity

The Fire Department dispatches fire calls using different talkgroups for each fire station.
All fire calls are also broadcast on the main dispatch talkgroup 1392

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1392570AKC Fire DispKansas City Fire -- DispatchFire Dispatch
14565b0AKC Fire EMSKansas City Fire -- EMSEMS Dispatch
1424590AKC Fire Tac1Kansas City Fire -- Tac 1Fire-Tac
784310AKC Fire Tac2Kansas City Fire -- Tac 2Fire-Tac
816330AKC Fire Tac3Kansas City Fire -- Tac 3Fire-Tac
24809b0AKCFDStation1Fire Station 1 -- 6th and Armstrong (Downtown)Fire Dispatch
25129d0AKCFDStation2Fire Station 2 -- 62nd and State Ave (West)Fire Dispatch
25449f0AKCFDStation3Fire Station 3 -- 4th and Kansas Ave (South)Fire Dispatch
2576a10AKCFDStation4Fire Station 4 -- 81st and Leavenworth Rd (West)Fire Dispatch
2608a30AKCFDStation5Fire Station 5 -- 9th and Quindaro (East)Fire Dispatch
2640a50AKCFDStation6Fire Station 6 -- 95th and State Ave (West)Fire Dispatch
2672a70AKCFDStation7Fire Station 7 -- 27th and Strong Ave (South)Fire Dispatch
2704a90AKCFDStation8Fire Station 8 -- 123rd and Leavenworth Rd (West)Fire Dispatch
3056bf0AKCFDStation9Fire Station 9 -- 11th and Central Ave (Downtown)Fire Dispatch
2768ad0AKCFDStatin10Fire Station 10 -- 36th and Rainbow Blvd (South)Fire Dispatch
2800af0AKCFDStatin11Fire Station 11 -- 31st and State Ave (East)Fire Dispatch
2832b10AKCFDStatin14Fire Station 14 -- 27th and Rowland Ave (East)Fire Dispatch
2864b30AKCFDStatin15Fire Station 15 -- Kindleberger and Sunshine (Fairfax)Fire Dispatch
2896b50AKCFDStatin16Fire Station 16 -- 55th and Metropolitan Ave (South)Fire Dispatch
2928b70AKCFDStatin17Fire Station 17 -- 51st and Gibbs Rd (South)Fire Dispatch
2960b90AKCFDStatin18Fire Station 18 --54th and Leavenworth Rd (West)Fire Dispatch
2992bb0AKCFDStatin19Fire Station 19 -- 80th and Minnesota (Wes)Fire Dispatch
3024bd0AKCFDStatin20Fire Station 20 -- 78th and Kansas Ave (West)Fire Dispatch
3120c30AKCFD AllCallKansas City Fire Station All CallEmergency Ops
MARCER Ambulance to Hospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
44001130AEMS DispatchAmbulance Control and DispatchEMS Dispatch
44321150AJoCoMed Tac1Johnson Med -- Tactical Channel 1EMS-Tac
44641170AJoCoMed Tac2Johnson Med -- Tactical Channel 2EMS-Tac
44961190AJoCoMed Tac3Johnson Med -- Tactical Channel 3EMS-Tac
452811b0AJoCoMed Tac4Johnson Med -- Tactical Channel 4EMS-Tac
48416bd20AHosp Patch 1Hospital Patch 1Hospital
48432bd30AHosp Patch 2Hospital Patch 2Hospital
48448bd40AHosp Patch 3Hospital Patch 3Hospital
48464bd50AHosp Patch 4Hospital Patch 4Hospital
48480bd60AHosp Patch 5Hospital Patch 5Hospital
48016bb90ABaptist HospBaptist Medical CenterHospital
48032bba0AChildrnsMrcyChildren's Mercy HospitalHospital
48048bbb0AIdepenRegnalIndependence Regional Medical CenterHospital
48064bbc0AKU MedCenterKU Medical CenterHospital
48080bbd0ALawrenceHospLawrence Memorial HospitalHospital
48096bbe0ALeesSumtHospLee's Summit HospitalHospital
48112bbf0ALiberyHosptlLiberty HospitalHospital
48128bc00AMedCtrIndpndMedical Center of IndependenceHospital
48144bc10AMenorah HospMenorah Medical CenterHospital
48160bc20ANorthKC HospNorth Kansas City HospitalHospital
48176bc30AOvlndParkMedOverland Park Regional Medical CenterHospital
48192bc40AOlathe HospOlathe Medical CenterHospital
48208bc50AProvidencMedProvidence Medical CenterHospital
48224bc60AResearchBltnResearch Belton Medical CenterHospital
48240bc70AResearch MedResearch Medical CenterHospital
48256bc80AShawnMisnMedShawnee Mission Medical CenterHospital
48272bc90AStJoe HelathSt. Joseph Health CenterHospital
48288bca0AStLukeSmithvSt. Luke's Hospital of SmithvilleHospital
48304bcb0AStLukeBaryRdSt. Luke's Hospital on Barry RdHospital
48320bcc0AStLuke of KCSt. Luke's Hospital of KC (Plaza)Hospital
48336bcd0AStLuke SouthSt. Luke's SouthHospital
48352bce0AStMaryBluSpgSt. Mary's Hospital of Blue SpringsHospital
48368bcf0ATruman Med WTruman Medical Center (West)Hospital
48384bd00ATrumnMedLakeTruman Medical Center Lakewood (East)Hospital
48400bd10AVeterans MedVeteran's Medical CenterHospital
43681110AHospAllCall KCK Hospitals (All Call)Hospital
Kansas City Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
528210AKC PW ComandKansas City Public Works -- Command ChannelPublic Works
560230AKC PW EnginrKansas City Public Works -- EngineeringPublic Works
624270AKC PW MaintnKansas City Public Works -- MaintenancePublic Works
592250AKC StreetsKansas City Street DepartmentPublic Works
7522f0AKC StreetEmrKansas City Street Department -- Emergency / Snow RemovalPublic Works
656290AKC WastewatrKansasa City Wastewater TreatmentPublic Works
6882b0AKC ParksKansas City Parks and RecreationPublic Works
7202d0AKC GolfCorseKansas City Golf Course MaintenancePublic Works
1104450AKC InspectorKansas City Building InspectorsPublic Works
1136470AKC InspectorKansas City Structure InspectorsPublic Works
1168490AKC LicenseKansas City-- City LicensesPublic Works
12004b0AKC FacilMangKansas City Facilities ManagementPublic Works
41761050AKC Radio 1Kansas City Radio Maintenance -- Ch 1Public Works
42081070AKC Radio 2Kansas City Radio Maintenance -- Ch 2Public Works
Kansas City Board of Public Utilites
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
160163e90AKC Util LineKansas City Utilities -- Line CrewsUtilities
160483eb0AKC Util HQKansas City Utilities -- HeadquartersUtilities
160803ed0AKC Util ShopKansas City Utilities -- Garage / ShopUtilities
161123ef0AKC UtilWorkrKansas City Utilities -- WorkersUtilities
161443f10AKC UtilEnrgyKansas City Utilities -- Energy ControlUtilities
161763f30AKC UtilAdminKansas City Utilities -- AdministrationUtilities
162083f50AKC Util TechKansas City Utilities -- Tech ChannelUtilities
162403f70AKC Util SignKansas City Utilities -- Traffic Signal MaintenanceUtilities
162723f90AKC UtilEngnrKansas City Utilities -- EngineeringUtilities
163043fb0AKC UtilEnvirKansas City Utilities -- Environmental ServicesUtilities
163363fd0AKC Util DispKansas City Utilities -- Main DispatchUtilities
163683ff0AKC AccountsKansas City Utilities -- Past Due AccountsUtilities
164004010AKC Meter 1Kansas City Utilities -- Meter Readers Channel 1Utilities
164164020AKC Meter 2Kansas City Utilities -- Meter Readers Channel 2Utilities
164324030AKC WaterDistKansas City Utilities -- Water DistributionUtilities
164644050AKC WatrPlantKansas City Utilities -- Water Plant OpsUtilities
164964070AKC WatrMeterKansas City Utilities -- Water MetersUtilities
165284090AKC WatrAdminKansas City Utilities -- Water AdministrationUtilities
1656040b0AKC UtilTreesKansas City Utilities -- Tree MaintenanceUtilities
1659240d0AQuindaroMantKansas City Utilities -- Quindaro Plant MaintenanceUtilities
1662440f0AQuindaro OpsKansas City Utilities -- Quindaro Plant OperationsUtilities
166564110AQuindaroFuelKansas City Utilities -- Quindaro Plant Fuel OperationsUtilities
166884130AKawPlantFuelKansas City Utilities -- Kaw Plant Fuel OperationsUtilities
167204150AKawPlant OpsKansas City Utilities -- Kaw Plant OperationsUtilities
167524170ANearman FuelKansas City Utilities -- Nearman Plant Fuel OperationsUtilities
167844190ANearman OpsKansas City Utilities -- Nearman Plant OperationsUtilities
1688041f0AQuindaroElecKansas City Utilities -- Quindaro Electric PlantUtilities
169124210ANearmanElecKansas City Utilities -- Nearman Plant Electrical OperationsUtilities
169444230ANearmanMech Kansas City Utilities -- Nearman Plant Mechanical OperationsUtilities
169764250AKawPlantMechKansas City Utilities -- Kaw Plant Mechanical OperationsUtilities
169764250AKawPlantMechKansas City Utilities -- Kaw Plant Mechanical OperationsUtilities
170404290AKC UtilStoreKansas City Utilities -- Storage RoomUtilities
1707242b0AKCUtilStorm1Kansas City Utilities -- Storm Operations 1Utilities
1710442d0AQuindaroStorKansas City Utilities -- Quindaro Plant Storage Ch 1Utilities
1713642f0AKCPowerStoreKansas City Utilities -- Power StorageUtilities
171684310AQuindaroStr2Kansas City Utilities -- Quindaro Plant Storage Ch 2Utilities
1732843b0AKC UtilCableKansas City Utilities -- Cable SplicersUtilities
1736043d0AKC BldngCodeKansas City Utilities -- Structure CodeUtilities
174884450AKCUtilStorm2Kansas City Utilities -- Storm Operations 2Utilities
175204470AKC StormWatrKansas City Utilities -- Storm WaterUtilities
1758444b0AKC PaintersKansas City Utilities -- PaintersUtilities
Kansas Highway Patrol

The Kansas Highway Patrol has switched to the digital KSICS System.  This talkgroup may no longer be in use.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1584630AKHP Trp AKansas Highway Patrol -- Troop A DispatchLaw Dispatch
Bonner Springs / Edwardsville Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
336150ABnrSprgsPD 1Bonner Springs / Edwardsville Police -- Channel 1Law Tac
368170ABnrSprgsPD 2Bonner Springs / Edwardsville Police -- Channel 2Law Talk
City-Wide Mutual Aid
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2352930ACitywideTac1City-Wide Tactical 1Interop
2384950ACitywideTac2City-Wide Tactical 2Interop
2416970ACitywideCmndCity-Wide Command ChannelInterop
3344d10ACity Event 1Event 1Interop
3376d30ACity Event 2Event 2Interop
3408d50ACity Event 3Event 3Interop
3440d70ACity Event 4Event 4Interop
3472d90ACity Event 5Event 5Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
42401090AKC City BusKansas City -- City BusesTransportation
64481930ADial-A-RideKansas CIty Dial-A -Ride BusesTransportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag