Boeing Company (Hazelwood)

System Name: Boeing Company (Hazelwood)
Location: Hazelwood, MO
County: 2 Counties
System Type: Motorola Type II Smartnet
System Voice: Analog
System ID: Sysid: AA13 Connect Tone: 97.3
Last Updated: March 7, 2023, 1:33 pm CST   [Updated System Description Text]
System Notes
System still on air, active control channel on 859.8125 (3/23)

Fire units use the St. Louis County numbering system (79xx Agency ID)
7900 Fire Chief
7908 Fire Inspector
7910 Reserve Pumper
7917 Ambulance
7980 Airport Crash Truck
7988 Airport Crash Truck
7990 Pumper
7998 Fire Inspector
7999 Rescue / Haz-Mat Unit
At the St. Louis buildings, the fire department provides EMS at a BLS level.  Anytime there is an ALS call or transportation needed, the nearest outside agency gets called.  At the St. Charles buildings, St. Charles City Fire Department gets called for all fire/EMS emergencies.
Uniform security is handled by AlliedBarton.  Security post officers use the building number that they are in or just outside of.  Mobile officers are units 51, 52, 53, 54, and 55.  Only the Security Main is used regularly for both St. Louis and St. Charles areas.  The other two talkgroups are rarely used anymore.
Inter-plant transportation was outsourced to Davidson Surface/Air in 2016.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Primary St. Louis 855.8625856.8125857.8125c858.8125c859.8125c860.8125c


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
40976a010AFireDispatchFire: Dispatch / Operations Fire Dispatch
41008a030ASec AltSecurity: Alternate (rare use)Security
41040a050ASecurity 1Security: Main Security
41104a090ASecurityTac2Security: St Charles (rare use)Security
41328a170AFlightRampFlight Ramp OperationsBusiness
42160a4b0AFlight TestFlight TestBusiness