Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino

System Name: Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino
Location: Las Vegas, NV
County: Clark
System Type: DMR Motorola Capacity Plus Single Site (TRBO)
System Voice: DMR
Last Updated: January 14, 2021, 3:58 pm CST   [Deleted System ID: [5F2C | 105.88 | ]]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Caesars Palace 01 935.22502 936.40003 936.637504 937.887505 937.9125


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
19TeCaesars 19Caesars 19Business
20TeCaesars 20Caesars 20Business
23TeCaesars 23Caesars 23Business
26TeCaesars 26Caesars 26Business
41TeCaesars 41Caesars 41Business
43TeCaesars 43Caesars 43Business
63TeCaesars 63Caesars 63Business
64TeCaesars 64Caesars 64Business
67TeCaesars 67Caesars 67Business
74TeCaesars 74Caesars 74Business
80TeCaesars 80Caesars 80Business
81TeCaesars 81Caesars 81Business
82TeCaesars 82Caesars 82Business
103TeCaesars 103Caesars 103Business
105TeCaesars 105Caesars 105Business
109TeCaesars 109Caesars 109Business
110TeCaesars 110Caesars 110Business
114TeCaesars 114Caesars 114Business
116TeCaesars 116Caesars 116Business
118TeCaesars 118Caesars 118Business
119TeCaesars 119Caesars 119Business
120TeCaesars 120Caesars 120Business
125TeCaesars 125Caesars 125Business
127TeCaesars 127Caesars 127Business
129TeCaesars 129Caesars 129Business
131TeCaesars 131Caesars 131Business
135TeCaesars 135Caesars 135Business
137TeCaesars 137Caesars 137Business
139TeCaesars 139Caesars 139Business
145TeCaesars 145Caesars 145Business
149TeCaesars 149Caesars 149Business
151TeCaesars 151Caesars 151Business
152TeCaesars 152Caesars 152Business
154TeCaesars 154Caesars 154Business
156TeCaesars 156Caesars 156Business
157TeCaesars 157Caesars 157Business
158TeCaesars 158Caesars 158Business
159TeCaesars 159Caesars 159Business
160TeCaesars 160Caesars 160Business
161TeCaesars 161Caesars 161Business
162TeCaesars 162Caesars 162Business
164TeCaesars 164Caesars 164Business
167TeCaesars 167Caesars 167Business
172TeCaesars 172Caesars 172Business
174TeCaesars 174Caesars 174Business
190TeCaesars 190Caesars 190Business
195TeCaesars 195Caesars 195Business
216TeCaesars 216Caesars 216Business