ESP Wireless - UHF (Chicago Sears 2)

System Name: ESP Wireless - UHF (Chicago Sears 2)
Location: Chicago, IL
County: Cook
System Type: LTR Standard
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: March 24, 2022, 11:59 am CDT   [(1) Talkgroups Updated (Public Safety)]
System Notes

System website

No longer in use: LCN0 471.8375, LCN4 471.525, LCN9 471.5875, LCN11 471.6125, LCN15 471.6625, LCN19 472.875, LCN20 472.8875

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Sears Tower 00 N/A 01 472.537502 471.50003 471.512504 N/A 05 471.537506 471.55007 471.5625
  08 471.57509 N/A 10 471.60011 N/A 12 471.62513 471.637514 471.65015 N/A 
  16 472.837517 472.85018 472.862519 N/A 20 N/A    


EMS Agencies / Medical Transportation
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-10-145ALifestar ChicagoLifestar Chicago (OOS?)EMS Dispatch
0-03-228ASCR North 1SCR Medical Transportation - North 1 (OOS?)Transportation
0-08-228ASCR North 2SCR Medical Transportation - North 2 (OOS?)Transportation
0-07-228ASCR South 1SCR Medical Transportation - South 1 (OOS?)Transportation
0-13-228ASCR South 2SCR Medical Transportation - South 2? (OOS?)Transportation
0-01-228ASCR 0-01-228SCR Medical Transportation (OOS?)Transportation
0-05-228ASCR 0-05-228SCR Medical Transportation (OOS?)Transportation
0-06-228ASCR 0-06-228SCR Medical Transportation (OOS?)Transportation
0-10-228ASCR 0-10-288SCR Medical Transportation (OOS?)Transportation
0-13-238ASCR 0-13-238SCR Medical Transportation (OOS?)Transportation
0-14-228ASCR 0-14-228SCR Medical Transportation (OOS?)Transportation
0-17-228ASCR 0-17-228SCR Medical Transportation (OOS?)Transportation
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-01-085Amaterials 1085materials hauling [OOS?]Business
0-02-110AMidwest SecMidwest Security Agency [OOS?]Security
0-05-173AFueling 5173Aircraft fueling ops at O'HareBusiness
0-06-158ALindahlTruckLindahl Trucking - data (Bensenville) [OOS?]Business
0-06-159ALindlTrkDatadata bursts [OOS?]Data
0-06-160Adata 0-06-160Operations [OOS?]Data
0-10-114AOps 10114Operations [OOS?]Business
0-10-115ATraffic Pulsrailroad/intermodal operations [OOS?]Business
0-10-120Arail 10120Operations [OOS?]Railroad
0-10-121AOps 10121OperationsBusiness
0-10-173AFueling 10173Aircraft fueling ops at O'HareBusiness
0-16-123ADumpster 16123Dumpster CompanyBusiness
0-16-173AFueling 16173Aircraft fueling ops at O'HareBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-10-151ACicero CSOCicero PD (Community Service Officers) [OOS?]Law Dispatch
0-10-152ACicero CodesCicero, town of (Code Enforcement) [OOS?]Law Dispatch