Peoria County Illinois ETSB (P25)

System Name: Peoria County Illinois ETSB (P25)
Location: Peoria, IL
County: 2 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 00A WACN: 92793
Last Updated: January 10, 2019, 10:13 pm CST   [Changed Site # 010 (Simulcast) to 010 (Simulcast)]
System Notes

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Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
10 (A) 010 (A) Simulcast Peoria 851.125c851.7125852.675852.7875853.2375853.600854.4375


Countywide Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2150d7DPeo County AllCountywide All (all radios have this talkgroup)Multi-Tac
400190DPeo Common 2Law: Countywide [Law All] (Common talk group for all law enforcement on system)Law Talk
550226DEMS Common 3EMS: Countywide [EMS All] EMS-Talk
2500faDPeoria Fire AllFire: Countywide - Access to Dispatch [FireAll] Fire-Talk
2050cdDIncident 1Incident 1Interop
2060ceDIncident 2Incident 2Interop
2070cfDIncident 3Incident 3Interop
2080d0DIncident 4Incident 4Interop
2090d1DIncident 5Incident 5Interop
2100d2DIncident 6Incident 6Interop
2110d3DIncident 7Incident 7Interop
2120d4DIncident 8Incident 8Interop
2130d5DIncident 9Incident 9Interop
2140d6DIncident 10Incident 10Interop
2160d8DSTARCOM Patch 1Starcom Patch 1Multi-Tac
2170d9DSTARCOM Patch 2Starcom Patch 2Multi-Tac
2180daDSTARCOM Patch 3Starcom Patch 3Multi-Tac
2190dbDSTARCOM Patch 4Starcom Patch 4Multi-Tac
2380eeDI-REACHI-REACH Interop
295127DFulton Co FireFulton County Fire (Patch)Fire Dispatch
304130DMarshall Co FireMarshall County Fire (Patch/Simulcast of 154.325 Lacon Fire)Fire Dispatch
34815cDWyo FD/StarkShrfWyoming Fire/Stark Co Sheriff (Patched to 151.4975)Fire Dispatch
7002bcDPeo PW Common 1Public Works - Common 1 (all Public Works)Public Works
531213DISPERN LocalPeoria County: Local ISPERN InteropLaw Talk

TG 501 is patched to 158.730 but sheriff's dept is using TG 501 for dispatch.  Other sheriff's dept TGs are not patched to VHF.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5011f5DPeoCo Sheriff 1Sheriff - Ch 1 [Shrf F1] (patched to 158.730)Law Dispatch
5021f6DPeoCo Sheriff 2Sheriff - Ch 2 [Shrf F2]Law Dispatch
5031f7DPeoCo Sheriff 3Sheriff - Ch 3 [Shrf F3]Law Dispatch
5041f8DPeoCo Sheriff 4Sheriff - Ch 4 [Shrf F4]Law Dispatch
5051f9DPeoCoSheriff 5Sheriff - Ch 5 [Shrf F5]Law Dispatch
52520dDPeoCo JailJail - Intake/Booking (Ch.1) (Patch to 853.1125)Corrections
52720fDPC Court Sec 1Courthouse: Security/Bailiffs [COURT 1]Corrections
52620eDPC Court Mnt 2Courthouse: Maintenance [COURT 2]Corrections
614266DPeoCo ESDA 1ESDA [Ch 1] (Patch to 154.295)Emergency Ops
615267DPeoCo ESDA 2ESDA [Ch 2] (Patch to 154.295)Emergency Ops
611263DPeoCo ESDA 5ESDA [Ch 5]Emergency Ops
Peoria County Fire
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
15035dfDPeo Co Fire 8Peoria County Fire: Station Alerting [Ch 8]Fire Dispatch
15045e0DPeo Co Fire 9Peoria County Fire: Station Alerting [Ch 9]Fire Dispatch
15015ddDPeo Co Fire 10Peoria County Fire: Station Alerting [Ch 10]Fire Dispatch
2510fbDFireground AmberCountywide Fireground - AmberFire-Tac
2520fcDFireground BronzCountywide Fireground - BronzeFire-Tac
2530fdDFireground ChromCountywide Fireground - ChromeFire-Tac
2540feDFireground DmndCountywide Fireground - Diamond Fire-Tac
2550ffDFireground EmrldCountywide Fireground - EmeraldFire-Tac
256100DFireground FlintCountywide Fireground - Flint Fire-Tac
257101DFireground GreenCountywide Fireground - Green Fire-Tac
261105DAP Fire AlertAkron-Princeville Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
262106DAP Fire 1Akron-Princeville Fire District [AKPR F1]Fire Dispatch
263107DAP Fire 2Akron-Princeville Fire District: Ops [AKPR F2]Fire-Tac
265109DBFD Disp BackupBartonville Fire: Dispatch - BackupFire Dispatch
26610aDBart Fire DispBartonville Fire: Dispatch - MainFire Dispatch
26710bDBrtnvll Fire 1Bartonville Fire [BTVL F1]Fire Dispatch
26810cDBrtnvll Fire TacBartonville Fire Tac [BTVL F2]Fire-Tac
272110DBrmfld Fire272Brimfield Fire District [BRIM F1]Fire Dispatch
273111DBrmfld Fire 273Brimfield Fire District: Ops [BRIM_F2]Fire-Tac
275113DChill Fire 275Chillicothe Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
276114DChill Fire 276Chillicothe Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
277115DChill Fire 277Chillicothe Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
278116DChill Fire 1Chillicothe Fire [CHLI F1]Fire Dispatch
279117DChill Fire 2Chillicothe Fire F2Fire-Tac
280118DChill Fire 3Chillicothe Fire F3Fire-Tac
28411cDDunlap Fire DispDunlap Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
28511dDDunlap Fire 1Dunlap Fire District [DNLP F1]Fire Dispatch
28711fDDunlap Fire 2Dunlap Fire District Ops [DNLP F2]Fire-Tac
291123DElmwood Fire DspElmwood Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
292124DElmwood Fire 1Elmwood Fire [ELMW F1]Fire Dispatch
293125DElmwood Fire 6Elmwood Fire: Ops (ELMW_F6)Fire-Tac
297129DElmwood Fire 3Elmwood Fire: Ops (ELMW_F3)Fire-Tac
29812aDElmwood Fire 4Elmwood Fire: Ops (ELMW_F4)Fire-Tac
306132DLimestone FireLimestone Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
308134DLmstne Fire 1Limestone Township Fire District [LMST F1]Fire Dispatch
309135DLmstne Fire 309Limestone Township Fire District F2Fire-Tac
310136DLmstne Fire 310Limestone Township Fire: Ops [LMST F2]Fire-Tac
312138DLogTriv Fire DspLogan-Trivoli Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
31413aDLogTriv Fire 1Logan-Trivoli Fire District [LGTR F1]Fire Dispatch
31513bDLogTriv Fire 3Logan-Trivoli Fire: Ops [LGTR F3]Fire-Tac
31913fDLogTriv Fire 2Logan-Trivoli Fire: Ops [LGTR F2] (patch)Fire-Tac
33114bDPeoHts Fire 331Peoria Heights Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
33214cDPeoHts Fire 332Peoria Heights Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
33314dDPeo Hts Fire 1Peoria Heights Fire [PHTS F1]Fire Dispatch
33414eDPeo Hts Fire 2Peoria Heights Fire [Ch 2]Fire-Tac
33514fDPeo Hts Fire 3Peoria Heights Fire [Ch 3]Fire-Tac
337151DTimHollis FireTimber-Hollis Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
339153DTmbrHol FireTimber-Hollis Fire District [TMBR F1]Fire Dispatch
340154DTimHol FD 2Timber-Hollis Fire District F2Fire-Tac
342156DTuscar FireTuscarora Fire District [TUSC F1]Fire Dispatch
343157DTuscar Fire 2Tuscarora Fire District F2Fire-Tac
345159DW Peo Fire1West Peoria Fire District [WPEO F1]Fire Dispatch
34615aDW Peo Fire 2West Peoria Fire District F2Fire-Tac
34715bDW Peo Fire 3West Peoria Fire District F3Fire-Tac
1400578DAkPrnc Fire PageAkron Princeville Fire: PagingFire Dispatch
1401579DBart Fire PageBartonville Fire: PagingFire Dispatch
140257aDBrim Fire PageBrimfield Fire: PagingFire Dispatch
140357bDChill Fire PageChillicothe Fire: PagingFire Dispatch
140457cDDunlp Fire PageDunlap Fire: PagingFire Dispatch
140557dDElmwd Fire PageElmwood Fire: PagingFire Dispatch
140657eDCrash Fire PageAir Guard Crash/Rescue: PagingFire Dispatch
140757fDLime Fire PageLimestone Fire: PagingFire Dispatch
1408580DLogTrv Fire PageLogan Trivoli Fire: PagingFire Dispatch
1409581DPeoHts Fire PagePeoria Heights Fire: PagingFire Dispatch
1410582DTimHol Fire PageTimber Hollis Fire: PagingFire Dispatch
1411583DTuscra Fire PageTuscarora Fire: PagingFire Dispatch
1412584DW Peo Fire PageWest Peoria Fire: PagingFire Dispatch
1415587DPeo Fire PagePeoria Fire: PagingFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4511c3DPeo Police 1Police: Ch 1 [PREP 1] - DispatchLaw Dispatch
4521c4DPeoHtsChili PDPolice: Ch 2 [PREP 2] - Peoria Heights, Chillicothe Police Dispatch (was ILEADS, Warrants)Law Tac
4531c5DPeo Police 3Police: Ch 3 [PREP 3] - Patrol / Car-CarLaw Tac
4541c6DPeo Police 4Police: Ch 4 [PREP 4] - TacticalLaw Tac
4551c7DPeo Police 5Police: Ch 5 [PREP 5] - IncidentLaw Dispatch
4581caDPeo Police 8Police: Ch 8 [PREP 8] - Traffic ChannelLaw Talk
535217DPeo Park Police1Park District Police - Ch 1 [ParkPD1]Law Dispatch
320140DPeo Fire DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
321141DPeo Fire 1Fire: Ch 1 [PEOR F1] Fire-Tac
322142DPeo Fireground 2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
323143DPeo Fireground 3Fireground 3Fire-Tac
324144DPeo Fireground 4Fireground 4Fire-Tac
325145DPeo Fireground 5Fireground 5Fire-Tac
326146DPeo Fire HazmatFire: HazMat TeamFire-Tac
327147DPeo Fire TechRsqFire: Technical Rescue TeamFire-Tac
4561c8DPeo PD TargetPolice: Target OffenderLaw Tac
4571c9DPeo PD CIDPolice: CID Law Tac
4601ccDPeo PD ParkngPolice: Parking Enforcement (Scout units)Law Tac
4611cdDPeo PD Event 1Police: Special Event 1 [PPD_EV1]Interop
4621ceDPeo PD Event 2Police: Special Event 2 [PPD_EV2]Interop
4631cfDPeo PD Event 3Police: Special Event 3 [PPD_EV3]Interop
4641d0DPeo PD TrainingPolice: Training Scenairo [PPD_TRN]Law Tac
4701d6DPeo Police A 470Police: Future Use or Special Need [PPD_A]Law Tac
4711d7DPeo Police B 471Police: Future Use or Special Need [PPD_B]Law Tac
4811e1DEPeoPolice SRT481Police: Special Reaction Team (SRT)Emergency Ops
4821e2DEPeoPolice SRT482Police: Special Reaction Team (SRT)Emergency Ops
4831e3DEPeoPolice SRT483Police: Special Reaction Team (SRT)Emergency Ops
4841e4DEPeoPolice SRT484Police: Special Reaction Team (SRT)Emergency Ops
4861e6DEPeo Police CmmndPolice: Command - Lt's and AboveLaw Tac
4871e7DEPeo Police ChiefPolice: Chief and StaffLaw Tac
520208DeCIEART 520CIEART (Clear and Enc)Emergency Ops
521209DeCIEART 521CIEART (Clear and Enc)Emergency Ops
52220aDECIEART 522CIEARTEmergency Ops
52320bDECIEART 523CIEARTEmergency Ops
52420cDECIEART 524CIEARTEmergency Ops
536218DEPeo Park PD2Park District Police - Ch 2 [ParkPD2 Secure]Law Tac
921399DPeoCi Govt AllCity Government Common [Peo_All]Interop
60425cDPeoCity OEMCity Office of Emergency Management [EM2]Emergency Ops
60525dDPeoCity OEM1City Office of Emergency Management [EM1]Emergency Ops
7102c6DPeoria AnmlCntrlAnimal ControlPublic Works
Peoria County Municipalities - Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
401191DBrtnv Police 1Bartonville Police [B PREP1]Law Dispatch
402192DEBrtnv Police 2Bartonville Police: LEADS, Warrants, Etc [B_PREP2]Law Tac
403193DEBrtnv Police 3Bartonville Police: LEADS, Warrants, Etc [B_PREP3]Law Tac
404194DeBrtnv PD CommonBartonvile Police: Common 1 [B Comn 1] (Dispatch ENC)Law Tac
41119bDBU Police 1Bradley University Police [Brdley1]Law Dispatch
41219cDBU Police 2Bradley University Police LEADS, Warrants, Ect [Brdley2]Law Tac
53821aDPeoHeight PolicePeoria Heights Police [Hts PD1]Law Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1416588DCMED-AMTpageCMED-AMT: PagingFire Dispatch
551227DC-MED DPNEC-MED Dispatch: (Non Emergency)EMS Dispatch
552228DC-MED DPEOC-MED Dispatch: Admin {Patched to 155.22}EMS Dispatch
55522bDEAMT Amb TacC-MED / AMT Ambulance: TacEMS-Tac
1413585DAPA PageAkron-Princeville Ambulance: PagingFire Dispatch
65028aDAPA Amb DispatchAPA Ambulance: DispatchEMS Dispatch
561231DAkrnPrnc EMSAkron-Princeville Ambulance [APA 1]EMS Dispatch
562232DAPA Amb F2APA Ambulance [Ch 2]EMS-Tac
1414586DBYE Amb PageBYE Ambulance: P25 PagingFire Dispatch
65128bDBYE Amb DispatchBYE Ambulance: DispatchEMS Dispatch
564234DBYE EMS 1Brimfield-Yates City-Elmwood Ambulance [BYE 1]EMS Dispatch
565235DBYE EMS 2Brimfield-Yates City-Elmwood Ambulance: Ops [BYE_3]EMS-Tac
569239DBYE EMS 3Brimfield-Yates City-Elmwood Ambulance: Ops [BYE_2]EMS-Tac
55622cDEC-MED_E 556AMT Ambulance: Admin 556EMS-Tac
55822eDEC-MED_E 558AMT Ambulance: Admin 558EMS-Tac
55922fDC-MED_E 559AMT Ambulance: Link to TazComEMS-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
289121DE Peoria FireEast Peoria Fire (simulcast of 151.43, as needed)Fire Dispatch
4211a5DE Peoria PoliceEast Peoria Police: Dispatch (simulcast of 460.075, as needed)Law Dispatch
Peoria International Airport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30212eDIANG Fire 1Illinois Air National Guard Fire at Greater Peoria Airport [AGRD F1]Fire Dispatch
30312fDIANG Fire 2Illinois Air National Guard Fire Ops [AGRD F2]Fire-Tac
10013e9DPIA_F1Airport Operations Public Works
103440aDPIA_F2Airport Operations (PIA_F2)Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100064DTechs 100System Techs - Radio TestingMulti-Talk
101065DTechs 101System Techs - Radio TestingMulti-Talk
102066DTechs 102System Techs - Radio TestingMulti-Talk
103067DTechs 103System Techs - Radio TestingMulti-Talk
104068DTechs 104System Techs - Radio TestingMulti-Talk
150096DTechs 150System Techs - Radio TestingMulti-Talk
2010c9DTechs 201System Techs - Radio TestingMulti-Talk
2020caDETechs 202System Techs (Encrypted)Multi-Talk
990126adDTechs 9901Audio Testing (Prerecorded Voice)Multi-Talk
990226aeDTechs 9902Audio Testing (Prerecorded Voice)Multi-Talk
990426b0DTechs 9904Audio Testing (Prerecorded Voice)Multi-Talk
991826beDTechs 9918Audio Testing (Prerecorded Voice)Multi-Talk