System Name: Aurora (EDACS)
Location: Aurora, CO
County: 3 Counties
System Type: EDACS Standard
System Voice: ProVoice and Analog
Last Updated: July 15, 2016, 8:55 pm CDT   [Updated General Trunked System Information]
System Notes

Aurora Police Beat Map. Click on the map to see the full size view:


Aurora Police Department Unit IDs

Unit IDs follow the convention of SBB, where S is the one digit shift that the officer is working (1=days, 2=swings, 3=graves, 4=school resource officer, 5=traffic units, 6,8=special operations) and DD is the two digit beat area where the officer is working.  For example, unit 112 would be an officer working shift 1 (days) in beat area 12.

Others include:

Adam = Other car in that beat area

Motor = Motorcycle traffic units

Cruiser = Sergeants

Tom = Detectives

Lincoln = Lieutenants

Yankee = Crime Scene Investigator

Victor = Vice

King = K-9

Ocean = Hospital Security

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
010 (A) Simulcast Arapahoe 01 856.7625c02 856.9375c03 856.962504 856.987505 857.762506 857.937507 857.9625
   08 857.987509 858.762510 858.937511 858.962512 858.987513 859.762514 859.9375
   15 859.962516 859.987517 860.762518 860.937519 860.962520 860.9875 


Mutual Aid Talkgroups
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
192815-010ACLEERCLEER (Colorado Law Enforcement Emergency Radio)Interop
169713-041AMetro NetMetro Net (Console-to-Console with DTRS)Interop
170913-055ASilverNetwork First - Auraria/Glendale/Denver InteroperabilityInterop
169813-042AGold 1GOLD 1 (Network First - Denver Metro Command/Control-1)Interop
169913-043AGold 2GOLD 2 (Network First - Denver Metro Command/Control-2)Interop
170013-044ABlue NEBLUE NE (Network First - Law Enforcement Mutual Aid NE Denver Metro)Interop
170213-046ABlue NWBLUE NW (Network First - Law Enforcement Mutual Aid NW Denver Metro (Linked to 156.03 in Boulder))Interop
170413-050ABlue SEBLUE SE (Network First - Law Enforcement Mutual Aid SE Denver Metro)Interop
170613-052ABlue SWBLUE SW (Network First - Law Enforcement Mutual Aid SW Denver Metro)Interop
170113-045ARed NERED NE (Network First - Fire/EMS Mutual Aid NE Denver Metro)Interop
170313-047ARed NWRED NW (Network First - Fire/EMS Mutual Aid NW Denver Metro (Linked to 155.25 in Boulder))Interop
170513-051ARed SERED SE (Network First - Fire/EMS Mutual Aid SE Denver Metro)Interop
170713-053ARed SWRED SW (Network First - Fire/EMS Mutual Aid SW Denver Metro)Interop
170813-054AGreyNetwork First - Federal InteroperabilityInterop
194915-035ASTARGT-1STARGATE 1Interop
195015-036ASTARGT-2STARGATE 2Interop
195115-037ASTARGT-3STARGATE 3Interop
55704-055ASTARGT-4STARGATE 4Interop
55804-056ASTARGT-5STARGATE 5Interop
55904-057ASTARGT-6STARGATE 6Interop
59304-101AFERNFREN (Fire Emergency Radio Network)Interop
86206-116AGreen-1GREEN 1 (Network First - Statewide EMS Mutual Aid-1)Interop
86306-117AGreen 2GREEN 2 (Network First - Statewide EMS Mutual Aid-2)Interop
Aurora Police Department
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
180914-021MAPD DIST-1APD District 1 Patrol DispatchLaw Dispatch
181014-022MAPD Srvcs-1APD Services-1Law Tac
181114-023MAPD Srvcs-2APD Services-2Law Tac
181214-024MAPD Tac-11APD District 1 Tactical Channel 1Law Tac
181314-025MAPD Tac-12APD District 1 Tactical Channel 2Law Tac
181414-026MAPD Tac-13APD District 1 Tactical Channel 3Law Tac
181514-027MAPD Trafic-1APD District 1 Traffic EnforcementLaw Tac
181614-030MAPD Dart-1APD District 1 Direct Action Response TeamLaw Tac
181714-031MAPD Det-1APD District 1 DetectivesLaw Tac
181814-032MAPD Par-1APD District 1 Police Area ResponseLaw Tac
181914-033MAPD Sar-1APD District 1 Search And RescueLaw Tac
182514-041MAPD Dist-2APD District 2 Patrol DispatchLaw Dispatch
182814-044MAPD Tac-21APD District 2 Tactical Channel 1Law Tac
182914-045MAPD Tac-22APD District 2 Tactical Channel 2Law Tac
183014-046MAPD Tac-23APD District 2 Tactical Channel 3Law Tac
183114-047MAPD Trafic-2APD District 2 Traffic EnforcementLaw Tac
183214-050MAPD Dart-2APD District 2 Direct Action Response TeamLaw Tac
183314-051MAPD Det-2APD District 2 DetectivesLaw Tac
183414-052MAPD Par-2APD District 2 Police Area ResponseLaw Tac
183514-053MAPD Sar-2APD District 2 Search And RescueLaw Tac
184114-061MAPD Dist-3APD District 3 Patrol DispatchLaw Dispatch
184414-064MAPD Tac-31APD District 3 Tactical Channel 1Law Tac
184514-065MAPD Tac-32APD District 3 Tactical Channel 2Law Tac
184614-066MAPD Tac-33APD District 3 Tactical Channel 3Law Tac
184714-067MAPD Trafic-3APD District 3 Traffic EnforcementLaw Tac
184814-070MAPD Dart-3APD District 3 Direct Action Response TeamLaw Tac
184914-071MAPD Det-3APD District 3 DetectivesLaw Tac
185014-072MAPD Par-3APD District 3 Police Area ResponseLaw Tac
185114-073MAPD Sar-3APD District 3 Search And RescueLaw Tac
185714-081DEAPD Swat-1APD Special Weapons And Tactics Special OperationsLaw Tac
185814-082DEAPD Swat-2APD Special Weapons And Tactics-2Law Tac
185914-083DEAPD Swat-3APD Special Weapons And Tactics-3Law Tac
188114-111MAPD IntelAPD IntelligenceLaw Tac
189714-131MAPD AdminAPD AdminLaw Tac
190514-141MAPD Sp Evt-1APD Special Event-1Law Tac
190614-142MAPD Sp Evt-2APD Special Event-2Law Tac
193715-021MAPD GangAPD Gang Enforcement UnitLaw Tac
195315-041MAPD Train 1APD Training Ch-1Law Tac
195415-042AAPD Train2APD Training Ch-2Law Tac
195815-046MAPD RangAPD RangeLaw Tac

The Aurora Fire Department no longer uses this system - all operations have moved to the new P25 system.

DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52904-021MAFD DispatchAFD DispatchFire Dispatch
53004-022AAFD Tac-2AFD TAC-2Fire-Tac
53104-023AAFD Tac-3AFD TAC-3Fire-Tac
53204-024AAFD Tac-4AFD TAC-4Fire-Tac
53304-025AAFD Tac-5AFD TAC-5Fire-Tac
53404-026AAFD Tac-6AFD TAC-6Fire-Tac
53504-027AAFD ArsonAFD ArsonFire-Tac
54504-041AAFD EMS-1AFD EMS-1Fire-Tac
54604-042AAFD EMS-2AFD EMS-2Fire-Tac
54704-043DAFD EMS AdmnAFD EMS AdministrationFire-Tac
56404-064DAFD AdminAFD AdministrationFire-Tac
60904-121AAFD Traing-1AFD Traning-1Fire-Tac
61004-122AAFD Traing-2AFD Traning-2Fire-Tac
61104-123AAFD PagingFire Station PagingFire-Tac
61204-124AAFD PagingFire Station PagingFire-Tac
62504-141DRMA-1EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
62604-142DRMA-2EMS Channel-2EMS-Tac
Aurora Public Safety
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
78506-021APS/PW CommPS/PW CommunicationsInterop
187314-101APUB Safety-1Public Safety-1Interop
187414-102APUB Safety-2Public Safety-2Interop
187514-103APUB Safety-3Public Safety-3Interop
187614-104APUB Safety-4Public Saftey-4Interop
CU/Fitzsimmons University
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
191714-155AUCHSC PD-1UCHSC Fitz PD 1Law Tac
191814-156AUCHSC PD-2UCHSC Fitz PD 2 - Link to 9th ave campus (854.9625)Interop
191914-157DUCHSC PD-3UCHSC Fitz PD 3 - DispatchLaw Dispatch
197515-067ACUH Security University of Colorado Hospital SecuritySecurity
Aurora Detention Center

 The Aurora Detention Center no longer uses this system - all operations have moved to the new P25 system.

DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
188414-114MAPD JailJailLaw Tac
188614-116MAPD Detns-1Detentions-1Law Tac
188714-117MAPD Detns-2Detentions-2Law Tac
Aurora Public Works

Aurora Public Works no longer uses this system - all operations have moved to the new P25 system.

DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
80106-041AAUR Snow-1Snow-1Public Works
80206-042AAUR Snow-2Snow-2Public Works
80306-043AAUR Snow-3Snow-3Public Works
80406-044AAUR Snow-4Snow-4Public Works
81706-061AAUR Street NPublic Works Streets NorthPublic Works
81806-062AAUR Street SPublic Works Streets SouthPublic Works
81906-063AAUR Street WPublic Works Streets WestPublic Works
82006-064AAUR Street EPublic Works Streets EastPublic Works
82206-066AAUR InspecrInspectorsPublic Works
82506-071AAUR StreetsPublic Works StreetsPublic Works
83306-081AAUR WaterWater DepartmentPublic Works
83406-082AAUR Strm DrnPublic Works Strom DrainsPublic Works
83606-084AAUR H20 PtrlWater Waste PatrolPublic Works
83706-085AAUR Waste WTPublic Works Waste WaterPublic Works
84106-091AAUR Waste WTWaste WaterPublic Works
84806-100AAUR PR FleetParks & Recreation FleetPublic Works
84906-101AAUR ParkRec1Parks & Recreation-1Public Works
85006-102AAUR ParkRec2Parks & Recreation-2Public Works
85106-103AAUR ParkRec3Parks & Recreation-3Public Works
85206-104AAUR ParkRec4Parks & Recreation-4Public Works
85306-105AAUR ParkRec5Parks & Recreation-5Public Works
85406-106AAUR ParkRecParks & RecreationPublic Works
85606-110AAUR ParkRecParks & RecreationPublic Works
85706-111AAUR ParkRecParks & RecreationPublic Works
85806-112AAUR ParkRecParks & RecreationPublic Works
86006-114AAUR Ranger-1Ranger-1Public Works
86106-115AAUR Ranger-2Ranger-2Public Works
86506-121ACode InspctrCode Inspector Channel-1Public Works
86806-124AACO CH-1Animal Control Channel-1Public Works
86906-125AACO CH-2Animal Control Channel-2Public Works
87006-126AAUR InspctrInspectorsPublic Works
87206-130ACode Insptr2Code Inspector Channel-2Public Works
91307-021AAUR Survey-1Survey-1Public Works
91407-022AAUR Survey-2Survey-2Public Works
91507-023AAUR Survey-3Survey-3Public Works
91607-024AAUR Survey-4Survey-4Public Works
91707-025AAUR Survey-5Survey-5Public Works
91807-026AAUR Survey-6Survey-6Public Works
92907-041AAUR Flt MntcFleet MaintenancePublic Works
94507-061AAUR TrnsprtnTransportationPublic Works
94607-062AAUR ParkRecParks & RecreationPublic Works
94707-063AAUR ParkRecParks & RecreationPublic Works
94807-064AAUR ParkRecParks & RecreationPublic Works
Aurora Information Technology
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
27302-021AAur Radio TCRadio TechniciansPublic Works
27402-022AAur Radio TCRadio TechniciansPublic Works
88206-142AAUR IT SuprtInformation Technology SupportPublic Works

 The Aurora Schools no longer uses this system - all operations have moved to the new P25 system.

DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
197715-071AAPS Ch 1Aurora Public Schools SecuritySchools
197815-072AAPS TacAurora Public Schools Security TacSchools
Denver International Airport
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
161912-103ADIA DFD-1DIA Denver Fire Department Channel-1Fire Dispatch
162412-110ADIA DFD-2DIA Denver Fire Department Channel-2Fire-Tac
162512-111ADIA DFD-3DIA Denver Fire Department Channel-3Fire-Tac
165512-147ADIA PD-1DIA Police Channel-1EMS Dispatch
165612-150ADIA PD-2DIA Police Channel-2Law Tac
165712-151AMedicDIA MedicsEMS Dispatch
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
16701-047AMGTF-1Metro Gang Task Force Channel-1Law Talk
16801-050AMGRF-2Metro Gang Task Force Channel-2Law Talk
66705-033ADPD NARC-1Denver Police Narcotics Channel-1Law Talk
69705-071AFRTF-1Front Range Task Force Channel-1Law Talk
71505-093ADENVR PD FugDenver Police Fugitive UnitLaw Talk
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
28902-041ARadio Tch 1Radio Technicians Channel-1Public Works
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100-001AAur PatchPatchInterop
200-002AAur PatchPatchInterop
300-003AAur PatchPatchInterop
400-004AAur PatchPatchInterop
59904-107ADenver FireDenver Fire DepartmentInterop