Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

System Name: Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Location: Riverside, OH
County: 2 Counties
System Type: Motorola Type II Smartnet
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 2B1C Connect Tone: 105.88
Last Updated: October 15, 2017, 12:04 pm CDT   [Updated General Trunked System Information]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Fairborn Greene 406.1625406.3625406.5625406.7625406.9625408.5625408.7625c


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1760b0DECFR 1Crash/Fire/Rescue CommandAircraft
2080d0DEHAZMATHazmat opsEmergency Ops
272110DESTRUCTURE 1FiregroundFire-Tac
304130DESTRUCTURE 2FiregroundFire-Tac
368170DESTRUCTURE 3Mutual Aid (Patch to 154.2800)Fire-Tac
592250DEFD MEDIC 1Fire/EMS dispatchFire Dispatch
624270DEFD PREVENTFire PreventionFire-Talk
656290DEFD FG 1FiregroundFire-Tac
6882b0DEFD FG 2FiregroundFire-Tac
109602ad0DEFIRE CHATFire ChatterFire-Talk
147043970DEMEDIC 1EMS DispatchEMS-Tac

Base Security uses full time encryption.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1040410DESEC CHATSecurity ChatSecurity
2384950DEHOSP SECHospital SecuritySecurity
80161f50DESEC 1Security DispatchLaw Dispatch
80481f70DESEC 2Security OperationsLaw Tac
80801f90DESEC 3Security - DetailsSecurity
110242b10DESEC TACSecurity TacticalLaw Tac
110562b30DESEC TACSecurity TacticalLaw Tac
110882b50DESEC TACSecurity TacticalLaw Tac
144163850DEHOSP SECHospital SecurityHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
16010DGROUNDPatterson Ground (simulcast 121.800)Aircraft
48030DRAMP OP2Ramp Operations 2Aircraft
9763d0DFUELSFuel ControlMilitary
10083f0DFLEET88th Air Base Wing Fleet ServiceMilitary
1072430DFLT LINE88th Air Base Wing Flight LineMilitary
1136470DFLT LINE88th Air Base Wing Flight LineMilitary
15205f0DSP OPS 1Special Operations 1Military
1552610DSP OPS 2Special Operations 2Military
3216c90D445 ACMX 1445th AW - Aircraft MaintenanceMilitary
3280cd0D445 AEROMED445th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron - OperationsMilitary
98402670DHANGARHangar - Parts DeportMilitary
103202850DRADIO SHOPRadio ShopMilitary
105122910DRADAR MAINTRadar MaintenanceMilitary
1067229b0D445 OPS 1445th AW - OperationsMilitary
1073629f0DRADIO SHOPRadio ShopMilitary
112482bf0d445 AW 2445th Airlift Wing - OperationsMilitary
112802c10D445 AW A445th AW - Aircraft OperationsMilitary
113122c30D445 AW B445th AW - Aircraft MaintenanceMilitary
1451238b0DTOWER OPSKFFO Tower OperationsAircraft
148483a00D445 AW C445th AW - Towing OperationsMilitary
170084270D445 AW 3445th Airlift Wing - OperationsMilitary
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
144090DEODExplosive Ordinance DetachmentMilitary
4641d0DBASE OPS 3Base Operations 3Military
4961f0DBASE OPS 1Base OperationsMilitary
528210DMUSEUMUnited States Air Force Museum General OperationsMulti-Talk
912390DTRANS 1Transportation 1 - CommandTransportation
9443b0DTRANS 2Transportation 2 - Taxis and BusTransportation
12004b0DS2 AMMOSupply 2 - AmmunitionsMilitary
12324d0DSUPPLY 2Supply 2 Military
1616650DNG COMMANDArmy National Guard - CommandMilitary
1648670DNG SECURITYArmy National Guard - SecurityMilitary
17766f0DDISASTERDisaster PreparednessEmergency Ops
1872750DFIBER MXSFiber Optic MaintenanceUtilities
3248cb0DNIGHTWATCHNIGHTWATCH OperationsMilitary
64161910DINSP GENERALInspector General TeamMilitary
74401d10DTELECOM - 2Telecommunications - Job ControlUtilities
100642750DENG 2Engineering 2Military
106402990DENG 4Engineering 4Military
108002a30DENG 5Engineering 5Military
108322a50DMUS CHATUnited States Air Force Museum - ChatterMulti-Talk
109282ab0DENG 6Engineering 6Military
112162bd0DTRANSPORTTransportation CommandTransportation
1252830f0DENG 7Engineering 7Military
1304032f0DRESEARCHResearch and Development ?Multi-Talk
1403236d0DENG 8Engineering 8Military
1406436f0DENG ADMINEngineering AdministrationMilitary
140963710DENG 9Engineering 9Military
141283730DHVAC 1Plant EngineeringUtilities
141923770DHVAC 2Plant EngineeringUtilities
1428837d0DENG 10Engineering 10Military
144483870DVIP 1VIP Coordination 1Multi-Talk
144803890DVIP 2VIP Coordination 2Multi-Talk
1457638f0DSEC DRILLSecurity DrillSecurity
146723950DMAINT DISPMaintenance DispatchUtilities
1475239a0DLASER TARGETLaser Targeting OperationsMilitary
1476839b0DLASER RANGELaser Range OperationsMilitary
1480039d0DMUS MAINTMuseum - MaintenanceMulti-Talk
192164b10DOUTDOOR RECOutdoor RecreationMulti-Talk
193124b70DKITTY HAWKKitty Hawk Recreation AreaMulti-Talk
256486430DRESEARCHAir Force Material Command - Research DepartmentMulti-Talk
400009c40DCOM 1CommunicationsMedia
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
112070DCE HOUSINGCivil Engineering - HousingPublic Works
7202d0DCE MAINT 1Civil Engineering - Utility Maintenance 1Public Works
784310DCE STEAMCivil Engineering - Steam PlantPublic Works
816330DCE AIRFIELDCivil Engineering - Runway Clearing OperationsPublic Works
848350DCE BLDG5Civil Engineering - Building Maintenance 5Public Works
880370DFORESTRYCivil Engineering - ForestryPublic Works
1408580DCABLE MAINTCivil Engineering - Cable MaintenancePublic Works
74081cf0DCE BULLDOGCivil Engineering - BULLDOG OpsUtilities
75681d90DCE COALCivil Engineering - Coal Plant OperationsUtilities
76001db0DCE HEATINGCivil Engineering - Boilers OperationsOther
76641df0DCE WATERCivil Engineering - Water DistributionPublic Works
76961e10DCE GROUNDSCivil Engineering - GroundsPublic Works
1022427f0DCE GRNDS 2Civil Engineering - GroundsPublic Works
141603750DCE GROUNDS 3Civil Engineering - GroundsPublic Works
142243790DCE GROUNDS 4Civil Engineering - GroundsPublic Works
280806db0DCE OB HOUSECivil Engineering - Off Base Housing MaintenancePublic Works
48016bb90DCE 1Civil Engineering 1Public Works
48080bbd0DCE ELECTRICCivil Engineering - ElectricalPublic Works
48272bc90DCE 2Civil Engineering 2Public Works
48304bcb0DCE 3Civil Engineering 3Public Works
48336bcd0D CE ALARMCivil Engineering - Alarm SystemsPublic Works
48656be10DCE 4Civil Engineering 4Public Works
48688be30DCE 5Civil Engineering 5Public Works
48720be50DSTREET NETCivil Engineering - Street/Sidewalk MaintenancePublic Works
48784be90DCE GROUNDSCivil EngineeringPublic Works
48816beb0DCE GROUNDSCivil EngineeringPublic Works
48944bf30DCE 6Civil Engineering 6Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2352930DMEDICAL NETMedical NetHospital
2416970DHOSP SUPPLYHospital SupplyHospital
2448990DREADINESS Readiness NetHospital
24809b0DBIO NETBiological NetHospital
2576a10DMED 1 DEPOTMedical Supply 1 - DepotHospital
2640a50DMED SUP 2 Medical Supply 2Hospital
2704a90DMED SUP 4Medical Supply 4Hospital
2736ab0DMOB SAFETYMobile SafetyHospital
288167090DHOPE HOTELHope Hotel - OperationsHospital
X- Information Technology
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
74721d30DTELECOM - 3Telecommunications - PhoneUtilities
75041d50DTELECOM - 4Telecommunications - RadioUtilities
75361d70DTELECOM - 5Telecommunications - RadarUtilities