System Name: Edinburg
Location: Edinburg, TX
County: Hidalgo
System Type: EDACS Standard
System Voice: ProVoice and Analog
Last Updated: June 10, 2022, 4:51 pm CDT   [General text description updated]
System Notes

All police, Fire/EMS and animal control have moved to the Pharr/Edinburg P25 system.  UTRGV Police are on the Lower Rio Grande Valley System now also.  Edinburg city services remain on this system as of 2022.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Primary 01 851.100c04 852.100c


DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
25902-003AEdinburg PD DispDispatchDeprecated
53004-022AEdinburg PD Ch 2Ch. 2Deprecated
53104-023AEdinburg PD Ch 3Ch. 3Deprecated
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
27302-021AEdinburg FD1Fire 1 Dispatch (linked to 154.370 MHz)Deprecated
27402-022AEdinburg FD2Fire 2Deprecated
27502-023AEdinburg FD3Fire 3Deprecated
27602-024AEdinburg FD4Fire 4Deprecated
27702-025AEdinburg FD5Fire 5Deprecated
Edinburg Public Works
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53804-032AEB Animal ContrlAnimal ControlPublic Works
78906-025AEB Public WorksPublic WorksPublic Works
80206-042AEB Resid GarbageResidential Garbage CollectionPublic Works
80306-043AEdinburg CWLandfillPublic Works
81006-052AEB CleanUp 1Clean Up 1Public Works
81106-053AEB CleanUp 2Clean Up 2Public Works
81206-054AEB Water MetersUtilities - Installing water metersPublic Works
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
28602-036ALSM VFD DispLinn San Manuel Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54704-043AUTRGV PDPolice DispatchDeprecated