National Science and Technology Network (Sierra Peak 1)

System Name: National Science and Technology Network (Sierra Peak 1)
Location: Sierra Peak, CA
County: 3 Counties
System Type: LTR Standard
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: March 4, 2021, 6:11 pm CST   [Added Talkgroup 3001 Towing - Norwalk/Brea area(Towing)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Confirmed LCN Los Angeles 01 472.087502 472.05003 472.10004 472.07505 N/A 06 472.12507 472.8875
   08 N/A 09 N/A 10 N/A 11 N/A 12 N/A 13 N/A 14 471.4125
   15 N/A 16 472.837517 N/A 18 472.97519 N/A 20 N/A  


Ambulance Services
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-03-019AMedixMedix Ambulance (OC)EMS Dispatch
0-03-026AAMB 026 Ambulance BLSEMS Dispatch
0-03-103AAmbSvc 03103Ambulance Service - BaseEMS Dispatch
0-03-116ACareAmb DispCare Ambulance Service (Orange County) - Dispatch/StatusEMS Dispatch
0-03-117ACareAmb RprtCare Ambulance Service (Orange County) - Reports EMS Dispatch
0-03-118ACareAmb03118Care Ambulance ServiceEMS Dispatch
0-03-135AAmeriCareAmeriCareEMS Dispatch
0-06-077AAmb 077Ambulance - Anaheim area - BLSEMS Dispatch
0-14-003AAmb 003Ambulance (La Palma area)EMS-Tac
0-14-033AAMB 033AmbulanceEMS Dispatch
0-14-116ACARE AMB 116Care Ambulance - Anaheim areaEMS Dispatch
0-14-130AAmbSvc 14130Ambulance ServiceEMS Dispatch
0-14-135ATransportAmbTransport Ambulance (LA and Orange Counties)EMS Dispatch
0-18-060APacificAmb60Pacific Ambulance Service (Orange County)EMS Dispatch
0-18-062APacificAmb62Pacific Ambulance Service (Orange County)EMS Dispatch
0-18-066AAmbSvc 18066Ambulance Service (San Diego area)EMS Dispatch
0-18-068AMedixMedix AmbulanceEMS Dispatch
0-18-202AMedCoast AmbMedCoast Ambulance Service (Santa Fe Springs)EMS Dispatch
0-18-203ALynch AmbSvcLynch Ambulance Service (South LA County & Orange County)EMS Dispatch
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-03-114ASecurty03114Security CompanySecurity
0-03-150ASecur 150Apartment Complex Security Patrol - Orange CountySecurity
0-03-232ASecurty-PCCSecurity Co - Bike Patrol (Pomona Civic Center area)Security
0-03-247ANordic DispNordic Security Services (Orange County) - DispatchSecurity
0-03-248ANordic CTac1Nordic Security Services (Orange County) - C-Tac 1Security
0-06-200ASecurty06200Security CompanySecurity
0-14-039AGuard SvcSecurity Guard ServiceSecurity
0-14-113ASecurty14113Security CompanySecurity
0-14-185ABreakwater Breakwater Security - Orange CountySecurity
0-14-247ANordic ATac1Nordic Security Services (Orange County) - A-Tac 1Security
0-14-248ANordic SuperNordic Security Services (Orange County) - SupervisorSecurity
0-18-003ASecurty18003Security (Orange County area)Security
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-14-034ATaxi NBTaxi (Newport Beach area)Transportation
0-14-116ATaxi IrvineTaxi (Irvine area)Transportation
0-14-117ATaxi SJ CapTaxi (San Juan Capistrano area)Transportation
0-14-142ATaxi OC - BTaxi (OC) (with 0-14-143) - BaseTransportation
0-14-143ATaxi OC - MTaxi (OC) (with 0-14-142) - MobileTransportation
0-14-161ATaxi Riv -BTaxi (Riverside County area) - BaseTransportation
0-14-162ATaxi Riv-MTaxi (Riverside County area) - MobileTransportation
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-01-165ATowingTowing - Pico Rivera areaBusiness
0-03-001ATow 001Towing - Norwalk/Brea areaBusiness
0-03-005ATow 005Towing - Santa AnaBusiness
0-03-018ATow 018Towing - AnaheimBusiness
0-03-020ATow 020Towing - Ontario areaBusiness
0-03-024ATo&Mo TowTo' & Mo' Towing (Anaheim area)Business
0-03-053ATow-LA&OCTowing (LA and Orange Counties)Business
0-03-075ADuBois TowDuBois Towing (Anaheim)Business
0-03-087ATow 087TowingBusiness
0-03-246ATow-OC 2Towing (Orange County)Business
0-06-230ATow-SFSpringTowing (Santa Fe Springs area)Business
0-06-249ATow 249Towing - Irvine areaBusiness
0-14-010ATow OCTowing - Orange CountyBusiness
0-14-025ATow-S OC 2Towing (South Orange County area)Business
0-14-026ATow 026TowingBusiness
0-14-027ATow-LBTowing (Long Beach area)Business
0-14-028ATow South OCTowing (Mission Viejo)Business
0-14-029ATowing 029Towing (Riverside)Business
0-14-031ATow-OC 4Towing (Orange County)Business
0-14-032ATow FontanaTowing (Fontana)Business
0-14-036ATow-NBTowing (Newport Beach area)Business
0-14-044AViertels OPGTowing - Viertel's OPG LAPD CentralBusiness
0-14-045ATow 045TowingBusiness
0-14-075ATowing 14075Towing (Orange County)Business
0-14-078ATow 078Towing - Huntington Beach areaBusiness
0-14-154ATow-LA CoTowing (LA County)Business
0-14-155ATow La PalmaTowing (La Palma)Business
0-14-156ATow-LA Co 2Towing (LA County)Business
0-14-190ATowing (Ful)Towing (Fullerton area)Business
0-14-196ATow - MobTowing - Mobile (with 0-14-197)Business
0-14-197ATow - BaseTowing - Base (with 0-14-196)Business
0-14-227ATow-OC 5Towing (Orange County)Business
0-14-246ATow-RSMTowing (Rancho Santa Margarita area)Business
0-16-034ATow RiversidTowing (Riverside)Business
0-18-008AETow-Repo INVTowing (Repossessions, Orange County) (VOICE INVERSION)Business
0-18-058ATow-OC 6Towing (Orange County area)Business
0-18-080ATow 080Towing - Downey areaBusiness
0-18-190A3GuysTow3 Guys Towing (Fullerton)Business
0-18-238ATow 238Towing - ChinoBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-03-011ACatalinaFlyBoatsCatalina Flying Boats - package deliveryBusiness
0-03-035ALHCSD-BusesLa Habra City School District - BusesTransportation
0-03-037AVoice Inv.Voice InversionBusiness
0-03-045APipe OCPipe Delivery Co. (South Orange County area)Business
0-03-097ATruckRep 1Truck Repairs Ch1Business
0-03-098ATruckRep 2Truck Repairs Ch2Business
0-03-100ADial a RideDial a ride - Laguna Hills areaTransportation
0-03-201ADowneyCity of DowneyPublic Works
0-03-201ADowney PWCity of Downey Public WorksPublic Works
0-03-253ACW ID R03Morse Code IdentifierBusiness
0-07-253ACW ID R07Morse Code Identifier (WPJX768)Business
0-14-004ADial-a-RideDial-a-Ride - Bellflower areaTransportation
0-14-012ATool SupplyTool Supply CompanyBusiness
0-14-082AParts DelVehicle Parts DeliveryBusiness
0-14-085AParts DelVehicle Parts Delivery - Gardena areaBusiness
0-14-105ATrucking-LATrucking (LA County)Business
0-14-152ABoat / Dive ShopBoat / Dive ShopBusiness
0-16-170ASantaFeSprngCity of Santa Fe Springs - Public Safety / Parking EnforcementLaw Dispatch
0-16-201ADowney PWCity of Downey Public WorksPublic Works
0-16-202ADowney WtrCity of Downey Water DepartmentUtilities
0-16-208ADowney 208City of DowneyPublic Works
0-16-209ADowney 209City of DowneyPublic Works
0-16-210ADowney 210City of Downey - Street ServicesPublic Works
0-16-211ADowney 211City of DowneyPublic Works
0-18-041AHVAC-MHVAC Installation/Repair - Mobile (with 0-18-042)Business
0-18-042AHVAC-BHVAC Installation/Repair - Base (with 0-18-041)Business
0-18-050AGDoorInstallGarage Door Installation (Los Angeles County)Business
0-18-110ADeliv YumaDelivery Company - "Yuma Base" (Southern California area)Business
0-18-155ADelivFontanaDelivery Company - "Fontana Base" (San Bernardino County area)Business
0-18-181APropertyMgtProperty ManagementBusiness