Denver Public Safety EDACS

System Name: Denver Public Safety EDACS
Location: Denver, CO
County: Denver
System Type: EDACS Standard w/ESK
System Voice: ProVoice and Analog
Last Updated: August 2, 2019, 9:44 am CDT   [General text description updated]
System Notes

Reported off air 7/2019 replaced by P25 system

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
002 (2) Simulcast 01 854.9875c02 855.4875c03 855.9875c04 856.4875c05 857.237506 857.7375c07 858.487508 859.2375
  09 859.737510 854.437511 855.237512 855.737513 856.237514 856.737515 857.487516 858.2375
  17 858.737518 859.487519 854.062520 854.5625    


DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12000-150ACLEERCLEER (Colorado Law Enforcement Emergency Radio (Patch to 460.425 MHz))Law Dispatch
169713-041DEMETRO NETMetro Net (Console-to-Console connection to DTRS TG 3997)Interop
170913-055ASILVERSilver (Network First - Auraria/Glendale/Denver Police)Law Talk
169813-042AGOLD 1Gold 1 (Network First - Denver Metro Command/Control-1)Interop
169913-043AGOLD 2Gold 2 (Network First - Denver Metro Command/Control-2)Interop
170813-054AGREYNetwork First - Federal InteroperabilityFederal
86206-116AGREEN 1Green 1 - Denver MetroEMS-Talk
101207-144AGreen NWGreen NW - Denver MetroInterop
101107-143AGreen NEGreen NE - Denver MetroInterop
86306-117AGreen SEGreen SE - Denver MetroInterop
101307-145AGreen SWGreen SW - Denver MetroInterop
170013-044ABLUE NEBlue NE (Network First - Law Enforcement Mutual Aid NE Denver Metro)Law Talk
170213-046ABLUE NWBlue NW (Network First - Law Enforcement Mutual Aid NW Denver Metro (Linked to 156.03 in Boulder))Law Talk
170413-050ABLUE SEBlue SE (Network First - Law Enforcement Mutual Aid SE Denver Metro)Law Talk
170613-052ABLUE SWBlue SW (Network First - Law Enforcement Mutual Aid SW Denver Metro)Law Talk
170113-045ARED NERed NE (Network First - Fire/EMS Mutual Aid NE Denver Metro)Fire-Talk
170313-047ARED NWRed NW (Network First - Fire/EMS Mutual Aid NW Denver Metro (Linked to 155.25 in Boulder))Fire-Talk
170513-051ARED SERed SE (Network First - Fire/EMS Mutual Aid SE Denver Metro)Fire-Talk
170713-053ARED SWRed SW (Network First - Fire/EMS Mutual Aid SW Denver Metro)Fire-Talk
14101-015A8CALL908CALL90 PatchInterop

Denver is consolidated as city and a county. The Denver Sheriff's Department primarily handles court, jail and civil matters were as the Denver Police department primarily handles law enforcement


DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
11300-141ADPD EOC-1Emergency Operations Center 1Emergency Ops
11400-142ADPD EOC-2Emergency Operations Center 2Emergency Ops
51204-000ADPD AGENCYPolice Agency CallLaw Dispatch
52804-020ADPD D1 FLEETDistrict 1 Fleet CallLaw Tac
52904-021ADPD DISP1 NWDistrict 1 Dispatch (Northwest)Law Dispatch
53004-022ADPD D1 C-C District 1 Car to CarLaw Talk
53104-023ADPD D1 TACDistrict 1 Tactical 1Law Tac
53204-024ADPD D1 SUPVSupervisor 1Law Tac
53304-025ADPD D1 DISTDistrict 1Law Tac
53404-026ADPD D1 BURGBurglary 1Law Tac
53504-027ADPD SWAT-1SWAT 1Law Tac
53604-030ADPD DISP-1ADispatch 1ALaw Tac
53704-031ADPD DISP-1BDispatch 1BLaw Tac
53804-032ADPD DISP-1CDispatch 1CLaw Tac
54404-040ADPD D2 FLEETDistrict 2 Fleet CallLaw Tac
54504-041ADPD DISP2 NCDistrict 2 Dispatch (North Central)Law Dispatch
54604-042ADPD D2 C-CDistrict 2 Car/CarLaw Talk
54704-043ADPD D2 TACDistrict 2 Tactical 2Law Tac
54804-044ADPD D2 SUPVSupervisor 2Law Tac
54904-045ADPD DIST-2District 2Law Tac
55004-046ADPD BURG-2Burglary 2Law Tac
55104-047ADPD SWAT-2SWAT 2Law Tac
55204-050ADPD DISP-2ADispatch 2ALaw Tac
55304-051ADPD DISP-2BDispatch 2BLaw Tac
55404-052ADPD DISP-2CDispatch 2CLaw Tac
56004-060ADPD D3 FLEETDistrict 3 Fleet CallLaw Tac
56104-061ADPD DISP3 SEDistrict 3 Dispatch (Southeast)Law Dispatch
56204-062ADPP D3 C-CDistrict 3 Car/CarLaw Talk
56304-063ADPD D3 TAC-3District 3 Tactical 3Law Tac
56404-064ADPD D3 SUPVSupervisor 3Law Tac
56504-065ADPD D3 DISTDistrict 3Law Tac
56604-066ADPD D3 BURGBurglary 3Law Tac
56704-067ADPD D3 SWATSWAT 3Law Tac
56804-070ADPD DISP-3ADispatch 3ALaw Tac
56904-071ADPD DISP-3BDispatch 3BLaw Tac
57004-072ADPD DISP-3CDispatch 3CLaw Tac
57604-080ADPD D4 FLEETDistrict 4 Fleet CallLaw Tac
57704-081ADPD DISP4 SWDistrict 4 Dispatch (Southwest)Law Dispatch
57804-082ADPD D4 C-CDistrict 4 Car/CarLaw Talk
57904-083ADPD D4 TACDistrict 4 Tactical 4Law Tac
58004-084ADPD D4 SUPVSupervisor 4Law Tac
58104-085ADPD D4 DISTDistrict 4Law Tac
58204-086ADPD D4 BURGBurglary 4Law Tac
58304-087ADPD D4 SWATSWAT 4Law Tac
58404-090ADPD DISP-4ADispatch 4ALaw Tac
58504-091ADPD DISP-4BDispatch 4BLaw Tac
58604-092ADPD DISP-4CDispatch 4CLaw Tac
59204-100ADPD D5 FLEETDistrict 5 Fleet CallLaw Tac
59304-101ADPD DISP5 NEDistrict 5 Dispatch (Northeast)Law Dispatch
59404-102ADPD D5 C-CDistrict 5 Car/CarLaw Talk
59504-103ADPD D5 TACDistrict 5 Tactical 5Law Tac
59604-104ADPD D5 SUPVSupervisor 5Law Tac
59704-105ADPD D5 DISTDistrict 5Law Tac
59804-106ADPD D5 BURGBurglary 5Law Tac
59904-107ADPD D5 SWATSWAT 5Law Tac
60004-110ADPD DISP-5ADispatch 5ALaw Tac
60104-111ADPD DISP-5BDispatch 5BLaw Tac
60204-112ADPD DISP-5CDispatch 5CLaw Tac
60804-120ADPD D6 FLEETDistrict 6 Fleet CallLaw Tac
60904-121ADPD D6 DTOWNDistrict 6 Dispatch (Downtown)Law Dispatch
61004-122ADPD D6 C-CDistrict 6 Car/CarLaw Talk
61104-123ADPD D6 TACDistrict 6 Tactical 6Law Tac
61204-124ADPD D6 SUPVSupervisor 6Law Tac
61304-125ADPD D6 DISTDistrict 6Law Tac
61404-126ADPD D6 BURGBurglary 6Law Tac
61504-127ADPD D6 SWATSWAT 6Law Tac
61604-130ADPD DISP-6ADispatch 6ALaw Tac
61704-131ADPD DISP-6BDispatch 6BLaw Tac
61804-132ADPD DISP-6CDispatch 6CLaw Tac
69405-066ADPD CTY C-CCitywide Car/CarLaw Talk
69205-064ADPD CLNC-1Clearances 1Law Tac
69305-065ADPD CLNC-2Clearances 2Law Tac
62404-140ADPD TO FLEETTraffic Operations Fleet CallLaw Tac
62704-143ADPD TO OPSTraffic Highway OperationsLaw Tac
62804-144ADPD TO SUPTraffic Operations SupervisorsLaw Tac
62904-145ADPD TO CMDTraffic Operations CommandLaw Tac
63204-150ADPD TO HZMTTraffic Hazmat OperationsLaw Tac
63304-151ADPD TO C-CTraffic Operations Car to CarLaw Talk
62504-141ADPD TO-1Traffic Operations 1Law Tac
62604-142ADPD TO-2Traffic Operations 2Law Tac
63004-146ADPD TO-3Traffic Operations 3Law Tac
63104-147ADPD TO-4Traffic Operations 4Law Tac
68905-061ADPD EVENT-1Event 1Law Tac
69005-062ADPD EVENT-2Event 2Law Tac
69105-063ADPD EVENT-3Event 3Law Tac
67305-041ADPD SWAT-AMetro SWAT ALaw Tac
67405-042ADPD SWAT-BMetro SWAT BLaw Tac
16201-042MDPD SWAT-CMetro SWAT CLaw Tac
67905-047ADPD SWAT SUPMetro SWAT SupervisorsLaw Tac
16701-047ADPD MGTF-1Metro Gang Task Force 1Law Tac
16801-050ADPD MGTF-2Metro Gang Task Force 2Law Tac
69705-071ADPD FRTF-1Front Range Task Force 1Law Tac
69805-072DDPD FRTF-2Front Range Task Force 2Law Tac
66705-033ADPD NARC-1Narcotics 1Law Tac
66805-034ADPD NARC-2Narcotics 2Law Tac
66905-035ADPD NARC-3Narcotics 3Law Tac
65505-017DDPD NARC-4Narcotics 4Law Tac
65305-015ADPD NARC-5Narcotics 5Law Tac
67005-036ADPD NARC-6Narcotics 6Law Tac
64405-004DDPD LAB CH-1Crime Lab 1Law Tac
2700-033DDPD LAB CH-2Crime Lab 2Law Tac
65405-016ADPD VICEViceLaw Tac
18001-064ADPD CoronerDenver Coroner Law Tac
63604-154ADPD DUIDUI ChannelLaw Tac
64105-001ADPD DETCDetectivesLaw Tac
65705-021DDPD HOMICIDEHomicideLaw Tac
65805-022ADPD ASSAULTAssaultLaw Tac
65905-023ADPD S CRIMESex CrimesLaw Tac
66005-024ADPD ROBBERYRobberyLaw Tac
66105-025ADPD CHK FRDCheck FraudLaw Tac
66205-026ADPD FAMILYFamilyLaw Tac
66505-031ADPD ATO THFTAuto TheftLaw Tac
66605-032ADPD V ASSISTVictim's AssistanceLaw Tac
67705-045DDPD CANINE-ACanine ALaw Tac
67805-046ADPD CANINE-BCanine BLaw Tac
70205-076ADPD AIR SUPAir SupportLaw Tac
71505-093ADPD FUGITIVEFugitive ApprehensionLaw Tac
71805-096DDPDWarrantsWarrant Service OperationsLaw Talk
72005-100ADPD TRNG-1Training 1Law Tac
72105-101ADPD TRNG-2Training 2Law Tac
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
76806-000ADFD All CallFire & EMS All CallFire Dispatch
78406-020ADFD FLEETFire All CallFire Dispatch
78506-021ADFD Fire 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
79706-035ADFD AutoDispAutomated Dispatches Fire Dispatch
95107-067ADFD BkupDispBackup DispatchFire Dispatch
91307-021ADFD TAC 2TAC 2Fire-Tac
91407-022ADFD TAC 2ATAC 2AFire-Tac
91507-023ADFD TAC 2BTAC 2BFire-Tac
91607-024ADFD TAC 2CTAC 2CFire-Tac
91707-025ADFD TAC 2DTAC 2DFire-Tac
91907-027ADFD TAC 3TAC 3Fire-Tac
92007-030ADFD TAC 3ATAC 3AFire-Tac
92107-031ADFD TAC 3BTAC 3BFire-Tac
92207-032ADFD TAC 3CTAC 3CFire-Tac
92307-033ADFD TAC 3DTAC 3DFire-Tac
92507-035ADFD TAC 4TAC 4Fire-Tac
92607-036ADFD TAC 4ATAC 4AFire-Tac
92707-037ADFD TAC 4BTAC 4BFire-Tac
92907-041ADFD TAC 4CTAC 4CFire-Tac
93007-042ADFD TAC 4DTAC 4DFire-Tac
93207-044ADFD TAC 5TAC 5Fire-Tac
93307-045ADFD TAC 5ATAC 5AFire-Tac
93407-046ADFD TAC 5BTAC 5BFire-Tac
93507-047ADFD TAC 5CTAC 5CFire-Tac
93607-050ADFD TAC 5DTAC 5DFire-Tac
93807-052ADFD TAC 6TAC 6Fire-Tac
93907-053ADFD TAC 6ATAC 6AFire-Tac
94007-054ADFD TAC 6BTAC 6BFire-Tac
94107-055ADFD TAC 6CTAC 6CFire-Tac
94207-056ADFD TAC 6DTAC 6DFire-Tac
94507-061ADFD TAC 7TAC 7Fire-Tac
94607-062ADFD TAC 7ATAC 7AFire-Tac
94707-063ADFD TAC 7BTAC 7BFire-Tac
94807-064ADFD TAC 7CTAC 7CFire-Tac
94907-065ADFD TAC 7DTAC 7DFire-Tac
96407-084ADFD TAC 8TAC 8Fire-Tac
95207-070ADFD TAC 8ATAC 8AFire-Tac
95307-071ADFD TAC 8BTAC 8BFire-Tac
95407-072ADFD TAC 8CTAC 8CFire-Tac
95507-073ADFD TAC 8DTAC 8DFire-Tac
95707-075ADFD TAC 9TAC 9Fire-Tac
95807-076ADFD TAC 9ATAC 9AFire-Tac
88806-150ADFD Command 2Command 2Fire-Talk
88906-151ADFD Command 3Command 3Fire-Talk
89006-152ADFD Command 4Command 4Fire-Talk
89106-153ADFD Command 5Command 5Fire-Talk
89206-154ADFD Command 6Command 6Fire-Talk
89306-155ADFD Command 7Command 7Fire-Talk
89406-156ADFD Command 8Command 8Fire-Talk
89506-157ADFD Command 9Command 9Fire-Talk
80906-051ADFD Tech ServiceTech ServicesFire-Talk
80306-043ADFD Repair ShopRepair ShopFire-Talk
139310-141AMuseumFDCmdMuseum Fire Command (Denver City Services TG 1393)Fire-Tac
86506-121AAurora FD Tac 3Aurora Fire Department Tac-3 PatchInterop
79906-037AFERN PatchFire Emergency Radio NetworkFire-Talk
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
84806-100AEMS FLEETEMS All CallEMS Dispatch
84906-101AEMS CH-1 DSPAmbulance Dispatch 1EMS Dispatch
85806-112AEMS ETAC 1ETAC 1EMS-Tac
85906-113AEMS ETAC 2ETAC 2EMS-Tac
86006-114AEMS ETAC 3ETAC 3EMS-Tac
85706-111AEMS ETAC 4ETAC 4EMS-Tac
100907-141AEMS ETAC 5ETAC 5EMS-Tac
101007-142AEMS ETAC 6ETAC 6EMS-Tac
85306-105AEMS ETAC 7ETAC 7 EMS-Tac
85406-106AEMS ETAC 8ETAC 8 - Englewood AmbulancesEMS-Tac
85006-102AEMS MCI OPSMass Casualty Incidents OperationsEMS-Tac
85106-103AEMS SP EVENTSpecial EventsEMS-Tac
85506-107AEMS DETOX VNDetox VansEMS-Tac
85606-110AEMS ER-1EMS ER-1EMS-Tac
86106-115AEMS TO HOSPEMS to HospitalHospital

Denver is consolidated as city and a county. The Denver Sheriff's Department primarily handles court, jail and civil matters were as the Denver Police department primarily handles law enforcement


DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
6500-081ADEN SO DISPDispatchLaw Dispatch
6600-082ADEN SO CRTSCourt OperationsLaw Tac
6700-083ADEN SO CRTS Court OperationsLaw Talk
6800-084ADEN SO CRTSCourt OperationsLaw Talk
6900-085ADEN SO CIVILCivil OperationsLaw Tac
7000-086ADEN SO IMPDImpound Facility Law Tac
7100-087ADEN SO SCOUTScoutLaw Tac
7200-090ADEN SO TACTaticalLaw Tac
7500-093ADEN SO C-CCar/CarLaw Tac
7700-095ADEN SO CLRNCClearenceLaw Tac
8000-100AJAIL FLEETJail FleetCorrections
8100-101AJAIL OPSJail OperationsCorrections
8200-102AJAIL CTRLJail ControlCorrections
8300-103AJAIL TAC-1Jail Tac 1Corrections
8400-104AJAIL TAC-2Jail Tac 2Corrections
8500-105AJAIL TAC-3Jail Tac 3Corrections
8600-106AJAIL TAC-4Jail Tac 4Corrections
8700-107AJAIL TAC-5Jail Tac 5Corrections
8800-110AJAIL MEDICALJail MedicalCorrections
8900-111AJAIL MAINTJail MaintenanceCorrections
9000-112AJAIL TAC-8Jail Tac 7Corrections
9100-113ACRT TNSFRJail Court TransfersCorrections
9200-114ACAGE CTRLJail Cage ControlCorrections
75305-141ADen MarshalsCourt MarshalsLaw Tac
Denver International Airport Fire
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
96507-085ADIA DFD 1DIA Fire 1Fire Dispatch
96607-086ADIA DFD 2DIA Fire 2Fire-Tac
96707-087ADIA DFD 3DIA Fire 3Fire-Tac
96807-090ADIA DFD 4DIA Fire 4Fire-Tac
96907-091ADIA DFD 5DIA Fire 5Fire-Tac
Denver Public Schools
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
145611-060ADPS FLEETSecurity FleetSecurity
145711-061ADPS DISPSecurity 1 DispatchSecurity
145811-062ADPS SEC-2Security 2Security
145911-063ADPS SEC-3Security 3Security
146011-064ADPS SEC-4Security 4Security
Red Rocks Amphitheatre

These Talkgroups are not active all the time on this system.  They are only active occasionally for roaming or backup purposes.  If you wish to monitor these Talkgroups, monitor their home system.

DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
132210-052ARedRocks FacFacilitiesBusiness
132810-060ARedRocks AllAll-CallBusiness
132910-061ARedRocks OpsOperationsBusiness
133010-062ARedRocks CMDCommand - Chan 11Business
133110-063ARedRocks EMGEmergencyBusiness
133210-064ARedRocks SecSecurity - Chan 14Security
133510-067ARedRocks BSTour Parking & Backstage SecurityBusiness
137510-117ARedRocks BOBox Office Ch. 9Business
System Assigned ID Patch
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
153712-001APATCH 1537SAID PatchInterop
153812-002APATCH 1538SAID PatchInterop
153912-003APATCH 1539SAID PatchInterop
154012-004APATCH 1540SAID PatchInterop
154112-005APATCH 1541SAID PatchInterop
154212-006APATCH 1542SAID PatchInterop
154312-007APATCH 1543SAID PatchInterop
154412-010APATCH 1544SAID PatchInterop
154512-011APATCH 1545SAID PatchInterop
154612-012APATCH 1546SAID PatchInterop
154712-013APATCH 1547SAID PatchInterop
154812-014APATCH 1548SAID PatchInterop
154912-015APATCH 1549SAID PatchInterop
155012-016APATCH 1550SAID PatchInterop
155112-017APATCH 1551SAID PatchInterop
179314-001APATCH 1793SAID PatchInterop
179414-002APATCH 1794SAID PatchInterop
179514-003APATCH 1795SAID PatchInterop
179614-004APATCH 1796SAID PatchInterop
179714-005APATCH 1797SAID PatchInterop
179814-006APATCH 1798SAID PatchInterop
179914-007APATCH 1799SAID PatchInterop
180014-010APATCH 1800SAID PatchInterop
180114-011APATCH 1801SAID PatchInterop
180214-012APATCH 1802SAID PatchInterop
180314-013APATCH 1803SAID PatchInterop
180414-014APATCH 1804SAID PatchInterop
180514-015APATCH 1805SAID PatchInterop
180614-016APATCH 1806SAID PatchInterop
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
73705-121ADENVER DADenver District Attorney PrimaryLaw Talk
73805-122ADENV DA C-CDenver District Attorney Car-to-CarLaw Talk
3300-041AEEB TEST CH1Electronic Engineering Bureau Test Channel-1Public Works
3400-042AEEB TEST CH2Electronic Engineering Bureau Test Channel-2Public Works
3500-043AEEB TEST CH3Electronic Engineering Bureau Test Channel-3Public Works
3600-044AEEB TEST CH4Electronic Engineering Bureau Test Channel-4Public Works
12901-001AEEB Test ChElectronic Engineering Bureau Test ChannelPublic Works
70105-075ARangerDenver Park RangerPublic Works
70305-077ATRAF ENGNRGTraffic EngineeringPublic Works
102307-157APUB HEALTHDepartment of Public HealthPublic Works
128910-011AACO CH-1Denver Animal Control Channel-1Public Works
129010-012AACO CH-2Denver Animal Control Channel-2Public Works
129110-013AACO CH-3Denver Animal Control Channel-3Public Works
191914-157DUCHSC PD-3UCHSC Fitz PD 3 - DispatchLaw Dispatch