Albuquerque / Bernalillo County

System Name: Albuquerque / Bernalillo County
Location: Albuquerque, NM
County: Bernalillo
System Type: EDACS Networked Standard
System Voice: ProVoice and Analog
Last Updated: December 4, 2020, 7:29 pm CST   [(2) Talkgroups Updated (Bernalillo County Fire)]
System Notes

Bernalillo County and the City of Albuquerque share a Mulit-Site Simulcast Ericsson TRS. Theres is a total of 7 sites located within the County. System #2 has 3 sites, and System #3 has 4 sites.

The TRS is a Wide Area System so Group ID's will show up on both systems depending on where the radio is located at.

The two systems use a mixed Voice solution. Most of the communications use the PROVOICE solution and there are only a hand full of ID's that use analog.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
002 (2) County Simulcast 01 851.225c02 851.475c03 851.7375c04 851.95005 852.20006 852.47507 852.712508 852.950
  09 853.2375       
003 (3) City Simulcast 01 851.250c02 851.5625c03 851.7625c04 851.975c05 852.25006 852.60007 852.97508 853.2625
  09 853.50010 853.75011 851.112512 851.45013 851.712514 852.062515 852.450c 


Albuquerque Police
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52804-020MAPD FLEETAPD Fleet CallLaw Dispatch
53004-022MAPD FHAPD Foothills DispatchLaw Dispatch
53104-023MAPD NEAPD Northeast DispatchLaw Dispatch
53204-024MAPD SEAPD Southeast DispatchLaw Dispatch
53304-025MAPD SWAPD Southwest DispatchLaw Dispatch
53404-026MAPD VALLEYAPD Valley DispatchLaw Dispatch
53504-027MAPD NWAPD Northwest DispatchLaw Dispatch
53604-030MAPD E TACAPD East Tac (No longer in use)Law Tac
53704-031MAPD W TACAPD West Tac (No longer in use)Law Tac
53804-032MAPD CT TACAPD City TacLaw Tac
53904-033DCommonMutual AidInterop
54304-037DAPD MESAAPD Mesa Del SolLaw Dispatch
54504-041DEAPD CITCITLaw Tac
54704-043DAPD InvestInvestigationsLaw Talk
55104-047DEAPD SWATSWATLaw Tac
55204-050DEAPD ROPROP Repeat Offender Project Channel-1Law Tac
55304-051DEAPD VICEViceLaw Tac
55404-052DEAPD E NARCEast NarcoticsLaw Tac
55504-053DEAPD W NARCWest NarcoticsLaw Tac
55604-054DEAPD C NARCCentral NarcoticsLaw Tac
55704-055DEAPD ENCRYPTEncryptedLaw Tac
55804-056DEAPD GANGSGangsLaw Tac
55904-057DEAPD ENCRYPTEncryptedLaw Tac
56104-061DAPD ADMIN 1APD Admin 1Law Tac
56204-062DAPD ADMIN 2APD Admin 2Law Tac
56304-063DEAPD CID 1CID 1Law Tac
56404-064DEAPD CID 2CID 2Law Tac
56504-065DEAPD CID 3CID 3Law Tac
56704-067DAPD TrainingTrainingLaw Talk
56804-070DEAPD SwatSwat Law Tac
57804-082DEAPD ROP 2ROP Repeat Offender Project Channel-2Law Tac
57904-083DEAPD HORSEHorse Mounted UnitLaw Tac
58004-084DEAPD K-9K-9 UnitLaw Tac
58104-085DEAPD EODExplosive Ordnance DisposalLaw Tac
139610-144DAPD EVENT 1APD Event 1Law Tac
139710-145DAPD EVENT 2APD Event 2Law Tac
52904-021DAPD NCICAPD NCICFire-Talk
55904-057DAPD NCIC 2APD NCIC 2Law Talk
Bernalillo County Sheriff
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
78606-022DBCSO NORTHBCSO NorthLaw Dispatch
78706-023DBCSO N TACBCSO North TacLaw Tac
78806-024DBCSO SOUTHBCSO SouthLaw Dispatch
78906-025DBCSO S TACBCSO South TacLaw Tac
79006-026DBCSO EASTBCSO EastLaw Dispatch
79106-027DBCSO E TACBCSO East TacLaw Tac
79206-030DBCSO WESTBCSO WestLaw Dispatch
79306-031DBCSO WTACBCSO West TacLaw Tac
79606-034ABCSO AIRBCSO AirLaw Tac
136110-101DBCSO CWBCSO County WideLaw Tac
80106-041DBCSO CIVILBCSO CivilLaw Tac
80206-042DBCSO ERT 1BCSO ERT Ch 1Law Talk
80406-044DBCSO EVENT 1BCSO Event 1Law Tac
80506-045DBCSO EVENT 2BCSO Event 2Law Tac
80806-050DBCSO WARRANTBCSO WarrantsLaw Tac
82006-064DBCSO ACAD 1BCSO Academy/TrainingLaw Tac
82106-065DBCSO ACAD 2BCSO Academy/TrainingLaw Tac
81706-061DBCSO 2ND CRTBCSO 2nd District CourthouseLaw Tac
81806-062DBCSO MET CRTBCSO Metro CourtLaw Tac
82806-074AJDCJuvenile Detention CenterCorrections
88106-141DCHILILLI SOChililli SOLaw Tac
88206-142DCHILILLI FDChililli FDFire-Tac
88306-143DCHILILLI TACChililli TACLaw Tac
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
104108-021MAFD ALARMAFD AlarmFire Dispatch
112108-121DAFD TAC 1AFD TAC 1Fire-Tac
112208-122DAFD TAC 2AFD TAC 2Fire-Tac
112308-123DAFD TAC 3AFD TAC 3Fire-Tac
112408-124DAFD TAC 4AFD TAC 4Fire-Tac
112508-125DAFD TAC 5AFD TAC 5Fire-Tac
112608-126DAFD TAC 6AFD TAC 6Fire-Tac
112708-127DAFD TAC 7AFD TAC 7Fire-Tac
112808-130DAFD TAC 8AFD TAC 8Fire-Tac
112908-131DAFD TAC 9AFD TAC 9Fire-Tac
104208-022DAFD EMS 1EMS 1EMS-Tac
104308-023DAFD EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Tac
104408-024DAFD EMS 3EMS 3EMS-Tac
104508-025DAFD EMS 4EMS 4EMS-Tac
105408-036AAFD ICPAFD ICPFire-Tac
113008-132AKAFB FDKirtland Air Force Base Fire DepartmentFire-Tac
102808-004AAFD IntercomAFD IntercomFire-Talk
104608-026DAFD SUPPLYAFD SupplyFire-Tac
104708-027DAFD TECHAFD TechFire-Tac
104808-030DAFD MECHAFD MechFire-Tac
104908-031DAFD Fire 1AFD Fire 1Fire-Tac
105008-032AAFD Fire 2AFD Fire 2Fire-Tac
105108-033AAFD Fire 3AFD Fire 3Fire-Tac
107808-066DEAFD EOCEOC (Encrypted)Fire-Tac
107908-067DAFD FMOAFD FMOFire-Tac
102908-005AAFD IntercomAFD IntercomFire-Talk
103008-006AAFD IntercomAFD IntercomFire-Talk
103108-007AAFD IntercomAFD IntercomFire-Talk
103208-010AAFD IntercomAFD IntercomFire-Talk
103308-011AAFD IntercomAFD IntercomFire-Talk
103408-012AAFD IntercomAFD IntercomFire-Talk
103508-013AAFD IntercomAFD IntercomFire-Talk
103608-014AAFD IntercomAFD IntercomFire-Talk
128110-001AAFD IntercomAFD IntercomFire-Tac
107308-061DAFD ADMINAFD Admin ChannelFire-Tac
113708-141DTrain 1AFD Training Academy Channel 1Fire-Tac
113808-142DTrain 2AFD Training Academy Channel 2Fire-Tac
113908-143DTrain 3AFD Training Academy Channel 3Fire-Tac
114008-144DTrain 4AFD Training Academy Channel 4Fire-Tac
114108-145DTrain 5AFD Training Academy Channel 5Fire-Tac
Bernalillo County Fire
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
105708-041DBCFD DISPBCFD Fire ControlFire Dispatch
105808-042DBCFD STAC1BCFD South TAC 1Fire-Tac
117609-030DBCFD STAC2South TAC2Fire-Tac
106008-044DBCFD ETAC1BCFD East TAC 1Fire-Tac
117409-026DBCFD ETAC2East TAC 2Fire-Tac
105908-043DBCFD NTAC1BCFD North TAC 1Fire-Tac
117509-027DBCFD NTAC2North TAC2Fire-Tac
117709-031DBCFD WTACWest TACFire-Tac
105508-037MBCFD INTERBCFD IntercomFire Dispatch
106108-045DBCFD ADMINBCFD AdminFire-Tac
106208-046DEBCFD FMO BCFD FMO (Encrypted)Fire-Tac
106308-047DBCFD ARSONBCFD ArsonFire-Tac
107408-062DBCFD SUPBCFD SupplyFire-Tac
107508-063DBCFD TECHBCFD Tech SupportFire-Tac
107608-064DBCFD MAINTBCFD MaintenanceFire-Tac
107708-065DBCFD TRAINBCFD TrainingFire-Tac
108108-071DBCFD HAZMATBCFD HazMatFire-Tac
108208-072DBCFD HTRBCFD HTRFire-Tac
108308-073DBCFD WATERBCFD AquaticFire-Tac
108408-074DBCFD WILDBCFD WildlandFire-Tac
108508-075DBCFD ESUBCFD ESUFire-Tac
108908-081DLOS RANCHOSVillage of Los RanchosFire-Tac
115309-001DBCFD DIST 1BCFD Dist 1Fire-Tac
115409-002DBCFD DIST 2BCFD Dist 2Fire-Tac
115509-003DBCFD DIST 3BCFD Dist 3Fire-Tac
115609-004DBCFD DIST 4BCFD Dist 4Fire-Tac
115709-005DBCFD DIST 5BCFD Dist 5Fire-Tac
115809-006DBCFD DIST 6BCFD Dist 6Fire-Tac
115909-007DBCFD DIST 7BCFD Dist 7Fire-Tac
116009-010DBCFD DIST 8BCFD Dist 8Fire-Tac
116109-011DBCFD DIST 9BCFD Dist 9Fire-Tac
116209-012DBCFD DIST 10BCFD Dist 10Fire-Tac
116309-013DBCFD DIST 11BCFD Dist 11Fire-Tac
116409-014DBCFD DIST 12BCFD Dist 12Fire-Tac
116509-015DBCFD DIST 13BCFD Dist 13Fire-Tac
116609-016DBCFD DIST 14BCFD Dist 14Fire-Tac
154812-014DBCFD IntercomBCFD IntercomFire-Talk
154912-015ABCFD IntercomBCFD IntercomFire-Talk
155012-016ABCFD DIST 35BCFD Dist 35Fire-Tac
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
110508-101DUNMH HOSPUNMHHospital
110608-102DPRESBY HOSPPresbytarianHospital
110708-103DLMC DTLovelace Medical Center - DowntownHospital
110808-104DLMC WSLovelace Medical Center - WestsideHospital
110908-105DLMC WOMLovelace Medical Center - Women's HospitalHospital
111008-106DKASEMAN HOSPKasemanHospital
111108-107DLOVELACE HSPLovelaceHospital
111208-110DVA MED CTRV.A. Med CenterHospital
111308-111DMOTUMedical Observation and Treatment UnitHospital
111408-112DHEART HOSPHeart HospitalHospital
111508-113ARust MCRust Medical CenterHospital
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
132910-061DMAC 1MAC 1Interop
133010-062DMAC 2MAC 2Interop
133110-063DMAC 3MAC 3Interop
133210-064DMAC 4MAC 4Interop
133310-065DMAC 5MAC 5Interop
133410-066DMAC 6MAC 6Interop
133510-067DMAC 7MAC 7Interop
134510-081DMAC 8MAC 8Interop
134610-082DMAC 9MAC 9Interop
134710-083DMAC 10MAC 10Interop
134810-084DMAC 11MAC 11Interop
134910-085DMAC 12MAC 12Interop
136210-102DINTEROP 1Interoperability Channel-1Interop
136310-103DINTEROP 2Interoperability Channel-2Interop
136410-104DINTEROP 3Interoperability Channel-3Interop
Albuquerque Services
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46503-101ARADIO AN 1Radio Shop Analog 1Public Works
46603-102ARADIO AN 2Radio Shop Analog 2Public Works
46703-103DRADIO DIG 1Radio Shop IMBE 1Public Works
46803-104DRADIO DIG 2Radio Shop IMBE 2Public Works
58204-086DC.E.R.T.Community Emergency Response TeamOther
174513-101DRADIO GRP ARadio Shop Group AOther
Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
84906-101ABC MDC OPSMDC OperationsCorrections
85206-104DBC MDC EVT 1MDC Event 1Corrections
85306-105ABC MDC EVT 2MDC Event 2Corrections
85406-106ABC MDC MEDMDC MedicalCorrections
85506-107ABC MDC MAINTMDC MaintanceCorrections
85106-103DBC MDC TRANSMDC TransportCorrections
85006-102DBC CCPCareer Criminal ProgramCorrections
Bernalillo County Services
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
41803-042DBC ANIM CNTLBernalillo County Animal ControlOther
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
129710-021DOPEN SPACE 1Open Space Ch 1Law Dispatch
129810-022DOPEN SPACE 2Open Space Ch 2Law Tac
129910-023DOPEN SPACE 3Open Space Ch 3Law Tac
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100-001APATCH 1PatchMulti-Dispatch
200-002APATCH 2PatchMulti-Dispatch
300-003APATCH 3PatchMulti-Dispatch
State of New Mexico
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
80906-051DNMLENNew Mexico Law Enforcement NetworkInterop
135010-086DSTATE FIREState FireInterop
135110-087DSTATE POLICEState PoliceInterop
135210-090DSTATE SARState SARInterop
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
131310-041DKABQ PD 1Aviation Police Ch 1Law Dispatch
131410-042DKABQ PD 2Aviation Police Ch 2Law Tac
131510-043DKABQ PD 3 TAcAviation Police Ch 3 TacPublic Works
131610-044DKABQ PD 4Aviation Police Ch 4Law Tac
132010-050DABQ TAC 1Avitaion Tac 1Law Tac
132110-051DABQ TAC 2Aviation Tac 2Law Tac
131710-045AABQ TERM MNTSunport Terminal MaintenancePublic Works
131810-046DABQ COMM CTRSunport Comm CenterPublic Works
131910-047ASunport CleanSunport CustodiansPublic Works
University of New Mexico
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57304-075DUNM PD 1Police/Security Ch 1Law Dispatch
57404-076DUNM PD 2Police/Security Ch 2Law Tac
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
75705-145DVA PD CH 1Veterans Hospital Police Ch 1Law Dispatch
75805-146DVA PD CH 2Veterans Hospital Police Ch 2Law Tac
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60904-121DCITY SEC 1Albuquerque City Security Ch 1Security
61004-122DCITY SEC 2Albuquerque City Security Ch 2Security
Parking Enforcement
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
61104-123DPARKING ENFParking EnforcementLaw Talk
ABQ Public Schools
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
140911-001DAPS SEC 1APS Security Ch 1Law Dispatch
141011-002DAPS SEC 2APS Security Ch 2Law Tac
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
29002-042DABQ Ride PDAbq Ride Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
33702-101AANIM CNTRL 1Animal Control Ch 1Public Works
33802-102AANIM CNTRL 2Animal Control Ch 2Public Works