Regional Wireless Cooperative (RWC)

System Name: Regional Wireless Cooperative (RWC)
Location: Phoenix, AZ
County: 3 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 534 WACN: BEE08
Last Updated: February 6, 2023, 10:56 am CST   [Added Talkgroup to: Phoenix City Services (2388 Phoenix Public Library Security (Burton Barr Central Library))]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Simulcast B: Phoenix Fire and Public Works Maricopa 770.83125c771.13125c771.18125c771.38125771.43125c771.63125771.88125
1 (1) 002 (2) Simulcast C: Chandler Maricopa 769.10625769.35625769.60625769.85625770.10625c770.35625c770.60625
1 (1) 003 (3) Sky Harbor IR Maricopa 772.08125c772.33125c772.58125c772.83125c773.15625773.40625773.65625
2 (2) 001 (1) Simulcast A: Phoenix PD and City Services Maricopa 771.68125c771.79375c771.93125772.04375c772.18125c772.29375772.48125
2 (2) 002 (2) Simulcast D: Daisy Mtn/Anthem/New River Maricopa 772.08125c772.33125c772.58125c772.83125c773.15625773.40625 
2 (2) 005 (5) Simulcast F: Tempe Maricopa 771.16875771.41875771.66875771.91875c772.16875772.41875772.55625
3 (3) 001 (1) Simulcast H: Scottsdale Maricopa 769.09375769.34375769.59375769.84375770.09375770.34375770.59375
4 (4) 001 (1) South Mountain High Maricopa 769.30625c769.55625c769.80625c770.05625c770.30625770.55625770.80625
4 (4) 002 (2) North Mountain High Maricopa 769.28125c769.53125c769.78125c770.03125c770.28125770.53125770.78125
4 (4) 003 (3) Far North Mountain (Mt. Gillen) High Maricopa 769.25625c769.50625c769.75625c770.00625c770.25625770.50625770.75625
4 (4) 004 (4) Sacaton Mountain High Pinal 772.46875c772.71875c772.96875c773.21875c773.46875773.71875773.96875
4 (4) 005 (5) Thompson Peak High Maricopa 771.76875c772.01875c772.26875c772.98125c773.14375773.23125773.39375
4 (4) 006 (6) Towers Mountain High Yavapai 772.49375c772.74375c772.99375c773.24375c773.49375773.74375773.99375
4 (4) 007 (7) White Tanks Regional Park Maricopa 772.44375c772.69375c772.94375c773.19375c773.44375773.69375773.94375
4 (4) 008 (8) Burnt Mountain Maricopa 773.14375c773.39375c773.71875c    
5 (5) 001 (1) Simulcast G: West Valley Maricopa 769.31875769.56875769.81875770.06875770.31875770.56875770.81875
5 (5) 002 (2) Quintero IR Maricopa 772.06875c772.31875c772.56875c772.81875c   
5 (5) 003 (3) Simulcast J: Buckeye Maricopa 769.11875c769.36875c769.61875c769.86875c770.11875770.36875772.78125


Mutual Aid/Intersystem
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17306c2DG1 InteropG1 Interop AInterop
2849b21DG2 InteropG2 Interop BInterop
3223c97DG3 InteropG3 Interop CInterop
2904b58DG4 InteropG4 Interop DInterop
3224c98DG5 InteropG5 Interop EInterop
17316c3DG6 InteropG6 Interop FInterop
3225c99DG7 InteropG7 Interop GInterop
2847b1fDG8 InteropG8 Interop HInterop
3226c9aDG9 InteropG9 Interop IInterop
17326c4DG10InteropG10 Interop JInterop
3222c96DG11 InteropG11 Interop KInterop
17346c6DG12 InteropG12 Interop LInterop
2844b1cDG13 InteropG13 Interop MInterop
3227c9bDG14 InteropG14 Interop NInterop
2843b1bDG15 InteropG15 Interop OInterop
451611a4DOCEAN 1O01 OCEAN 1 InteropInterop
451511a3DOCEAN 2O02 OCEAN 2 InteropInterop
451411a2DOCEAN 3O03 OCEAN 3 InteropInterop
451311a1DOCEAN 4O04 OCEAN 4 InteropInterop
451211a0DOCEAN 5O05 OCEAN 5 InteropInterop
4511119fDOCEAN 6O06 OCEAN 6 InteropInterop
4510119eDOCEAN 7O07 OCEAN 7 InteropInterop
4509119dDOCEAN 8O08 OCEAN 8 InteropInterop
4508119cDOCEAN 9O09 OCEAN 9 InteropInterop
4507119bDOCEAN 10O10 OCEAN 10 InteropInterop
4506119aDOCEAN 11O11 OCEAN 11 InteropInterop
45051199DOCEAN 12O12 OCEAN 12 InteropInterop
45041198DOCEAN 13O13 OCEAN 13 InteropInterop
45031197DOCEAN 14O14 OCEAN 14 InteropInterop
45021196DOCEAN 15O15 OCEAN 15 InteropInterop
45011195DOCEAN 16O16 OCEAN 16 InteropInterop
17676e7DEH1 PS 01H1 PS 01Interop
2851b23DEH2 PS 02H2 PS 02Interop
3230c9eDEH3 PS 03H3 PS 03Interop
2894b4eDEH4 PS 04H4 PS 04Interop
2893b4dDEH5 PS 05H5 PS 05Interop
2892b4cDEH6 PS 06H6 PS 06Interop
2891b4bDEH7 PS 07H7 PS 07Interop
1799707DEH8 PS 08H8 PS 08Interop
1798706DEH9 PS 09H9 PS 09Interop
1797705DEH10 PS 10H10 PS 10Interop
3228c9cDEH11 PS 11H11 PS 11Interop
3219c93DEH12 PS 12H12 PS 12Interop
17366c8DEH13 PS 13H13 PS 13Interop
17356c7DEH14 PS 14H14 PS 14Interop
2842b1aDEH15 PS 15H15 PS 15Interop
2841b19DEH16 PS 16H16 PS 16Interop
2890b4aDEM12 CMN 1M12 Common 1Interop
2889b49DEM13 CMN 2M13 Common 2Interop
1796704DEM14 CMN 3M14 Common 3Interop
3231c9fDEM15 CMN 4M15 Common 4Interop
2901b55DM16 MUN2PPDM16 Municipal Emergency (to Phoenix Police)Interop
2834b12DSRPD - VALSalt River PD to All Valley Police Departments LinkInterop
2835b13DLAFB - VALLuke AFB to All Valley Police Departments LinkInterop
2836b14DSCPD - VALState Capitol PD to All Valley Police Departments LinkInterop
2852b24DPSAP - WestPSAP - WestInterop
2853b25DTOLLE PD-VALTolleson PD to All Valley Police Departments LinkInterop
2854b26DTEMPE PD-VALTempe PD to All Valley Police Departments Link Interop
2855b27DSurpPD - VALSuprise PD to All Valley Police Departments LinkInterop
2858b2aDSkyHPD - VALSky Harbor PD to All Valley Police Departments LinkInterop
2859b2bDSCOTT PD-VALScottsdale PD to All Valley Police Departments Link Interop
2862b2eDPEORIAPD-VALPeoria PD to All Valley Police Departments Link Interop
2863b2fDPVPD - VALParadise Valley PD to All Valley Police Departments LinkInterop
2864b30DMCSO-VALMCSO to All Valley Police Departments LinkInterop
2865b31DMCSO-VAL BMCSO to All Valley Police Departments LinkInterop
2866b32DGOOD PD-VALGoodyear PD to All Valley Police Departments LinkInterop
2867b33DGLEN PD-VALGlendale PD to All Valley Police Departments Link Interop
2868b34DGilbPD - VALGilbert PD to All Valley Police Departments LinkInterop
2869b35DGRPD-VALLEYGila River PD to All Valley Police Departments Link Interop
2870b36DFBI - VALLEYFBI to All Valley Police Departments LinkInterop
2871b37DELMPD - VALEl Mirage PD to All Valley Police Departments LinkInterop
2872b38DPSAP - EastPSAP - EastInterop
2873b39DDPS - VALLEYDPS to All Valley Police Departments Link Interop
2874b3aDCHAND PD-VALChandler PD to All Valley Police Departments Link Interop
2875b3bDCAP - VALLEYCentral Arizona Project to All Valley Police Departments LinkInterop
2876b3cDBuckPD - VALBuckeye PD to All Valley Police Departments LinkInterop
2877b3dDAVON PD-VALAvondale PD to All Valley Police Departments Link Interop
2878b3eDASU PD - VALASU PD to All Valley Police Departments LinkInterop
2879b3fDADOT - VALADOT to Al Valley Police Departments LinkInterop
2880b40DAJPD - VALApache Junction PD to Al Valley Police Departments LinkInterop
Phoenix Regional Fire Dispatch

Phoenix dispatches many suburban agencies as well as PFD. Phoenix FD itself uses the RWC system only for non-hazard incidents.   Hazard incidents are on the Phoenix FD VHF frequencies.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1795703DK1 PHX AlarmK1 - Alarm VHF-Patched Ch 1Fire Dispatch
17536d9DPHXFD K2K2 Fire-Tac
17866faDPHXFD K3K3 Fire-Tac
17726ecDEPHXFD K4K4 - EncryptedFire-Tac
17546daDEPHXFD K5K5 - EncryptedFire-Tac
161564fDPHXFD K6K6 - FDCOM 6 - NorthFire-Tac
161464eDPHXFD K7K7 - FDCOM 7 - EastFire-Tac
161364dDPHXFD K8K8 - FDCOM 8 - SouthFire-Tac
161264cDPHXFD K9K9 - FDCOM 9 - WestFire-Tac
161164bDPHXFD K10K10 - FDCOM 10 - Major Incident / Mountain RescueFire-Tac
161064aDPHXFD K11K11 - FDCOM 11 - Major Incident / Mountain RescueFire-Tac
1609649DPHXFD K12K12 - FDCOM 12 - Major Incident / Mountain RescueFire-Tac
1608648DPHXFD K13K13 - FDCOM 13 - Major Incident / Mountain Rescue Fire-Tac
1607647DPHXFD K14K14 - FDCOM 14Fire-Tac
1606646DPHXFD K15K15 - FDCOM 15Fire-Tac
162965dDPHXFDEvnt L2L2 - Events 2Fire-Tac
162865cDPHXFDEvnt L3L3 - Events 3Fire-Tac
162765bDPHXFDEvnt L4L4 - Events 4Fire-Tac
162665aDPHXFDEvnt L5L5 - Events 5Fire-Tac
1625659DPHXFDEvnt L6L6 - Events 6Fire-Tac
1624658DPHXFDEvnt L7L7 - Events 7Fire-Tac
1623657DPHXFDEvnt L8L8 - Events 8Fire-Tac
1622656DPHXFDEvnt L9L9 - Events 9Fire-Tac
1621655DPHXFDEvntL10L10 - Events 10Fire-Tac
1620654DPHXFDEvntL11L11 - Events 11Fire-Tac
1619653DPHXFDEvntL12L12 - Events 12Fire-Tac
1618652DPHXFDEvntL13L13 - Events 13Fire-Tac
1617651DPHXFDEvntL14L14 - Events 14Fire-Tac
1616650DPHXFDEvntL15L15 - Events 15Fire-Tac
163065eDPHXFDEvntL16L16 - Events 16Fire-Tac
1600640DETempe E5Tempe FD E5 Fire-Tac
1601641DETempe E4Tempe FD E4Fire-Tac
1602642DTempe E3Tempe FD E3Fire-Tac
1603643DTempe E2Tempe FD E2Fire-Tac
1604644DEPHXFD A2A2 VHF PatchFire-Tac
1605645DEPHXFD A3A3 VHF PatchFire-Tac
163165fDEPHXFD A5A5 VHF PatchFire-Tac
1632660DETolleson E5Tolleson FD E5Fire-Tac
1633661DETolleson E4Tolleson FD E4Fire-Tac
1634662DTolleson E3Tolleson FD E3Fire-Tac
1635663DTolleson E2Tolleson FD E2Fire-Tac
1636664DEScottsdale E5Scottsdale FD E5Fire-Tac
1637665DEScottsdale E4Scottsdale FD E4Fire-Tac
1638666DScottsdale E3Scottsdale FD E3Fire-Tac
1639667DScottsdale E2Scottsdale FD E2Fire-Tac
1640668DEPeoria E5Peoria FD E5Fire-Tac
1641669DEPeoria E4Peoria FD E4Fire-Tac
164266aDPeoria E3Peoria FD E3Fire-Tac
164366bDPeoria E2Peoria FD E2Fire-Tac
164466cDEParadise Vly E5 Paradise Valley FD E5Fire-Tac
164566dDEParadise Vly E4Paradise Valley FD E4Fire-Tac
164666eDParadise Vly E3Paradise Valley FD E3Fire-Tac
164766fDParadise Vly E2Paradise Valley FD E2Fire-Tac
1648670DESurprise E5Surprise FD E5Fire-Tac
1649671DESurprise E4Surprise FD E4Fire-Tac
1650672DSurprise E3Surprise FD E3Fire-Tac
1651673DSurprise E2Surprise FD E2Fire-Tac
1652674DESun City E5Sun City FD E5Fire-Tac
1653675DESun City E4Sun City FD E4Fire-Tac
1654676DSun City E3Sun City FD E3Fire-Tac
1655677DSun City E2Sun City FD E2Fire-Tac
1656678DEMaricopa E5Maricopa FD E5Fire-Tac
1657679DEMaricopa E4Maricopa FD E4Fire-Tac
165867aDMaricopa E3Maricopa FD E3Fire-Tac
165967bDMaricopa E2Maricopa FD E2Fire-Tac
166067cDEGoodyear E5Goodyear FD E5Fire-Tac
166167dDEGoodyear E4Goodyear FD E4Fire-Tac
166267eDGoodyear E3Goodyear FD E3Fire-Tac
166367fDGoodyear E2Goodyear FD E2Fire-Tac
1664680DEGlendale E5Glendale FD E5Fire-Tac
1665681DEGlendale E4Glendale FD E4Fire-Tac
1666682DGlendale E3Glendale FD E3 Fire-Tac
1667683DGlendale E2Glendale FD E2Fire-Tac
1668684DEGuadalupe E5Guadalupe FD E5Fire-Tac
1669685DEGuadalupe E4Guadalupe FD E4Fire-Tac
1670686DGuadalupe E3Guadalupe FD E3Fire-Tac
1671687DGuadalupe E2Guadalupe FD E2Fire-Tac
1672688DEGila River E5Gila River FD E5Fire-Tac
1673689DEGila River E4Gila River FD E4Fire-Tac
167468aDGila River E3Gila River FD E3Fire-Tac
167568bDGila River E2Gila River FD E2Fire-Tac
167668cDEChandler E5Chandler FD E5Fire-Tac
167768dDEChandler E4Chandler FD E4Fire-Tac
167868eDChandler E3Chandler FD E3Fire-Tac
167968fDChandler E2Chandler FD E2Fire-Tac
1680690DEBuckeye E5Buckeye (City) FD E5Fire-Tac
1681691DEBuckeye E4Buckeye (City) FD E4Fire-Tac
1682692DBuckeye E3Buckeye (City) FD E3Fire-Tac
1683693DBuckeye E2Buckeye (City) FD E2Fire-Tac
1684694DEAvondale E5Avondale FD E5Fire-Tac
1685695DEAvondale E4Avondale FD E4Fire-Tac
1686696DAvondale E3Avondale FD E3Fire-Tac
1687697DAvondale E2Avondale FD E2Fire-Tac
1688698DEPHXFD A6A6 VHF PatchFire-Tac
17296c1TEPHXFD A7A7 VHF PatchFire-Tac
17336c5TEPHXFD A8A8 VHF PatchFire-Tac
17376c9DEDaisy Mtn E5Daisy Mtn FD E5Fire-Tac
17386caDEDaisy Mtn E4Daisy Mtn FD E4Fire-Tac
17396cbDDaisy Mtn E3Daisy Mtn FD E3Fire-Tac
17406ccDDaisy Mtn E2Daisy Mtn FD E2Fire-Tac
17476d3DEPHXFD A9A9 VHF PatchFire-Tac
17506d6DEPHXFD A10A10 VHF PatchFire-Tac
17516d7DEPHXFD A11A11 VHF PatchFire-Tac
17526d8TEPHXFD A12A12 VHF PatchFire-Tac
17606e0TEPHXFD A13A13 VHF PatchFire-Tac
180570dDESun Lakes E5Sun Lakes FD E5Fire-Tac
180670eDESun Lakes E4Sun Lakes FD E4Fire-Tac
180770fDSun Lakes E3Sun Lakes FD E3Fire-Tac
1808710DSun Lakes E2Sun Lakes FD E2Fire-Tac
1809711DENorth County E5North County FD E5Fire-Tac
1810712DENorth County E4North County FD E4Fire-Tac
1811713DNorth County E3North County FD E3Fire-Tac
1812714DNorth County E2North County FD E2Fire-Tac
1813715DELuke AFB E5Luke AFB FD E5Fire-Tac
1814716DELuke AFB E4Luke AFB FD E4Fire-Tac
1815717DLuke AFB E3Luke AFB FD E3Fire-Tac
1816718DLuke AFB E2Luke AFB FD E2Fire-Tac
1817719DEEl Mirage E5El Mirage FD E5Fire-Tac
181871aDEEl Mirage E4El Mirage FD E4Fire-Tac
181971bDEl Mirage E3El Mirage FD E3Fire-Tac
182071cDEl Mirage E2El Mirage FD E2Fire-Tac
182171dDEBuckeye Vly E5Buckeye Valley FD E5Fire-Tac
182271eDEBuckeye Vly E4Buckeye Valley FD E4Fire-Tac
182371fDBuckeye Vly E3Buckeye Valley FD E3Fire-Tac
1824720DBuckeye Vly E2Buckeye Valley FD E2Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
44991193DAvondale PD A01A01 DispatchLaw Dispatch
44971191DEAvondale TAC ATactical ALaw Tac
44961190DEAvondale TAC BTactical BLaw Tac
4495118fDEAvondale TAC CTactical CLaw Tac
4492118cDEAvondale TAC DTactical ELaw Tac
4493118dDEAvondale TAC DTactical DLaw Tac
44891189DEAvondale TAC FTactical FLaw Tac
Avondale Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
44501162DAvondale PW1Public Works 1Public Works
44491161DAvondale PW2Public Works 2Public Works
44481160DAvondale PW3Public Works 3Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
42011069DEBuckeye PD 1DispatchLaw Dispatch
4202106aDEBuckeye PD 2InfoLaw Dispatch
4203106bDBuckeye PD AltDispatch (Alternate)Law Dispatch
42081070DEBuckeye PD ATacticalLaw Tac
42101072DEBuckeye PD BTacticalLaw Tac
42111073DBuckeye PD EventEventsLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
24999c3TECPD Info AA01 Info ALaw Talk
24989c2TCPD Patrol AA02 Patrol ALaw Dispatch
24979c1TECPD HOTA03 HOTLaw Tac
24969c0DECPD C2CA04 Car-to-CarLaw Talk
24959bfDECPD TrafficA05 TrafficLaw Tac
24949beDCPD MetroA06 MetroLaw Tac
24939bdDECPD CIB 1A07 CIB 1Law Tac
24929bcDECPD SAUA08 SAULaw Tac
24919bbDECPD K9A09 K9Law Tac
24909baDCPD BikeA10 BikeLaw Tac
24899b9TCPD Event 1A11 Event 1Law Tac
24889b8TCPD Event 2A12 Event 2Law Tac
24879b7DECPD TrainingA13 TrainingLaw Talk
24869b6TECPD Info BB01 Info BLaw Talk
24859b5TCPD Patrol BB02 Patrol BLaw Dispatch
24849b4TECPD Info CC01 Info CLaw Talk
24839b3TCPD Patrol CC02 Patrol CLaw Dispatch
24819b1DECPD CAUC11 CAULaw Tac
24829b2DECPD CIB 2D10 CIB 2Law Tac
24809b0DECPD PersonsD12 PersonsLaw Tac
24799afDECPD PropertyD13 PropertyLaw Tac
24789aeDECPD NARCD15 NARCLaw Tac
24779adDECPD GANGD16 GangLaw Tac
24769acDECPD Event 3E09 Event 3Law Talk
24759abDCPD ExplorerE11 ExplorerLaw Talk
24699a5DCPD JailJ16 JailLaw Talk
Chandler Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
22998fbDChandler City WM01 PW City WidePublic Works
22988faDChandler Tfc EnM02 Traffic EngineeringPublic Works
22978f9DChandler StreetM03 StreetsPublic Works
22968f8DChandler WaterM04 WaterPublic Works
22958f7DChandler Sld WstM05 Solid WastePublic Works
22948f6DChandler Muni 1M06 Municipal 1Public Works
22938f5DChandler Muni 2M07 Municipal 2Public Works
22928f4TChandler Com TecM08 CommtechPublic Works
Deer Valley Airport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1158486DEDeerVal AirportOperationsPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
433010eaDEl M PD DispDispatchLaw Dispatch
433110ebDEEl M PD InfoInfoLaw Tac
433210ecDEEl M PD OPS1Ops 1Law Tac
Glendale City Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46911253DGlendale UtyUtilities DepartmentUtilities
46921254DEGlendale AirAirport OperationsPublic Works
46931255DGlendale DR1Dial-A-Ride 1Public Works
46941256DGlendale DR2Dial-A-Ride 2Public Works
46951257DGlendale TrafficTraffic DepartmentPublic Works
46961258DGlendale ParksParks and Recreation DepartmentPublic Works
4698125aDGlendale San 1Sanitation DepartmentPublic Works
4699125bDGlendale San 2Sanitation DepartmentPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47401284DGlendale A01A01 South DispatchLaw Dispatch
47391283DEGlendale A02A02 South TacticalLaw Tac
47381282DEGlendale A03A03 InformationLaw Talk
47371281DGlendale A04A04 North DispatchLaw Dispatch
47361280DEGlendale A05A05 North TacticalLaw Tac
4735127fDEGlendale A06A06 Car to CarLaw Talk
4734127eDEGlendale A07A07 AlternateLaw Tac
4733127dDEGlendale A08A08 AlternateLaw Talk
4732127cDEGlendale A09A09 AlternateLaw Talk
4731127bDGlendale A10A10 AlternateLaw Talk
4730127aDGlendale A11A11 AlternateLaw Talk
47291279DGlendale A12A12 Possibly Arena associatedLaw Talk
47281278DGlendale A13A13 Arena 1Law Talk
47271277DGlendale A14A14 Arena 2Law Talk
47261276DEGlendale A15A15 Alternate EncryptedLaw Talk
47251275DEGlendale A16A16 Alternate EncryptedLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49991387DEGoodyear PD DispDispatchLaw Dispatch
49981386DEGoodyear PD AltDispatch (Alternate)Law Dispatch
49921380DGood PD EvtAEvents ALaw Tac
4991137fDGood PD EvtBEvents BLaw Tac
4988137cDEGood PD TACTacticalLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
156561dDMC EOCEOCEmergency Ops
Maricopa Police (City - Pinal County)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2599a27TEMPD A1 DispatchA1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
2598a26TMPD A2 AlternateA2 AlternateLaw Dispatch
2597a25TEMPD A3 TACA3 TACLaw Tac
2595a23TEMPD A5 TACA5 TACLaw Tac
Paradise Valley Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3696e70DPV PD DispDispatchLaw Dispatch
3698e72DEPV PD TACTACLaw Tac
Peoria City Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4010faaDPeoria WaterWater ResourcesUtilities
4011fabDPeoria EnvEnvironmentalPublic Works
4012facDPeoria EngEngineeringPublic Works
4013fadDPeoria UtilitiesUtilities ManagementUtilities
4014faeDPeoria BlueStakeBlue StakePublic Works
4015fafDPeoria Waste WatWaste WaterUtilities
4016fb0DPeoria Water ProWater ProductionUtilities
4017fb1DPeoria Water DisWater DistributionUtilities
4018fb2DPeoria Meter RepInstrument TechniciansUtilities
4019fb3DPeoria Butler PlButler Water Treatment PlantUtilities
4020fb4DPeoria Jomax PlaJomax Water Treatment PlantUtilities
4021fb5DPeoria Brdsy PlaBeardsley Water Treatment PlantUtilities
4022fb6DPeoria GW and Q Greenway and Quintero Water Treatment PlantsUtilities
4023fb7DPeoria UtilitiesGeneral UtilitiesUtilities
4024fb8DPeoria SupsSenior SupervisorsPublic Works
4025fb9DPeoria Waste SupSolid Waste SupervisorsPublic Works
4026fbaDPeoria SweepersSweepersPublic Works
4027fbbDPeoria SignalsSignalsPublic Works
4028fbcDPeor UtltySigns and StripingPublic Works
4029fbdDPeor StreetsStreet MaintenancePublic Works
4030fbeDPeor SldWst1Solid Waste - CommercialPublic Works
4031fbfDPeor SldWsteSolid Waste - ResidentialPublic Works
4032fc0DPeor ParkRgrPark RangersPublic Works
4033fc1DPeor Parks 1Parks 1 SouthPublic Works
4034fc2DPeor Parks 2Parks 2 NorthPublic Works
4035fc3DPeor Flt SvcFleet ServicesPublic Works
4036fc4DPeor InfTechInformation TechnologyPublic Works
4037fc5DPeor MeterMeter ReadersPublic Works
4038fc6DEPeor CodeEnfCode EnforcementPublic Works
4039fc7DPeor FaclityFacilities ManagementPublic Works
4040fc8DPeor TransitTransit Dial a RidePublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4141102dDA1 Peoria PDA1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
4140102cDEA2 Peoria PDA2 InformationLaw Tac
4139102bDEA3 Peoria PDA3 ChaseLaw Tac
4138102aDA4 Peoria PDA4 EventLaw Tac
41371029DEA5 Peoria PDA5 Car to CarLaw Tac
41361028DA6 Peoria PDA6 MetroLaw Tac
41351027DEA7 Peoria PDA7 SupervisorsLaw Tac
41341026DEA8 Peoria PDA8 TACLaw Tac
41331025DEA9 Peoria PDA9 TACLaw Tac
41321024DEA10 Peoria PDA10 InvestigationsLaw Tac
41311023DEA11 Peoria PDA11 InvestigationsLaw Tac
41301022DA16 Peoria PDA16 City CommonLaw Tac
41291021DB1 Peoria PDB1 Dispatch (Future use)Law Dispatch
41281020DEB2 Peoria PDB2 InformationLaw Tac
4127101fDEB3 Peoria PDB3 ChaseLaw Tac
4126101eDB4 Peoria PDB4 EventLaw Tac
4125101dDEB5 Peoria PDB5 Car to CarLaw Tac
4124101cDB6 Peoria PDB6 MetroLaw Tac
4123101bDEB7 Peoria PDB7 SupervisorLaw Tac
4122101aDEB8 Peoria PDB8 TACLaw Tac
41211019DEB9 Peoria PDB9 TACLaw Tac
41201018DEB10 Peoria PDB10 InvestigationsLaw Tac
41191017DEB11 Peoria PDB11 InvestigationsLaw Tac
41051009DB13 Peoria PDB13 EventLaw Tac
41181016DB16 Peoria PDB16 City CommonLaw Tac
41171015DC1 Peoria PDC1 Dispatch (Future use)Law Dispatch
41161014DEC2 Peoria PDC2 InformationLaw Tac
41151013DEC3 Peoria PDC3 ChaseLaw Tac
41141012DC4 Peoria PDC4 EventLaw Tac
41131011DEC5 Peoria PDC5 Car to CarLaw Tac
41121010DEC6 Peoria PDC6 MetroLaw Tac
4111100fDC7 Peoria PDC7 EventLaw Tac
4110100eDEC8 Peoria PDC8 TACLaw Tac
4109100dDEC9 Peoria PDC9 TACLaw Tac
4108100cDEC10 Peoria PDC10 InvestigationsLaw Tac
4107100bDEC11 Peoria PDC11 InvestigationsLaw Tac
41041008DC13 Peoria PDC13 EventLaw Tac
4106100aDC16 Peoria PDC16 EOCInterop
Phoenix Police Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2811afbTPPD - 200 AA02 200 Black Mt PrecLaw Dispatch
2996bb4TPPD - 400 AA04 400 South Mt PrecLaw Dispatch
2995bb3TPPD - 500 AA05 500 Central City PrecLaw Dispatch
2994bb2TPPD - 600 AA06 600 Desert Horizon PrecLaw Dispatch
2993bb1TPPD - 700 AA07 700 Mt View PrecLaw Dispatch
2992bb0TPPD - 800 AA08 800 Maryvale Estralla PrecLaw Dispatch
2991bafTPPD - 900 AA09 900 Cactus Park PrecLaw Dispatch
Phoenix Police Miscellaneous
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2812afcDPPD - A01A01 100 A Future UseLaw Tac
2810afaDPPD - A03A03 300 A Future UseLaw Tac
2990baeTEPPD Talk A10A10 TALKLaw Talk
2985ba9DEA15 Talk NA15 Talk NorthLaw Talk
2984ba8TEPPD Info NA16 Info NorthLaw Tac
2809af9DEPPD - B01B01 100 B Future UseLaw Tac
2808af8DEPPD - 200 BB02 200 TAC Black Mt PrecLaw Tac
2807af7DEPPD - B03B03 300 B Future UseLaw Tac
2980ba4DEPPD - 400 BB04 400 TAC S Mt PrecLaw Tac
2979ba3DEPPD - 500 BB05 500 TAC Central City PrecLaw Tac
2978ba2DEPPD - 600 BB06 600 TAC Desert Horizon PrecLaw Tac
2977ba1DEPPD - 700 BB07 700 TAC Mt View PrecLaw Tac
2976ba0DEPPD - 800 BB08 800 TAC Maryvale Estralla PrecLaw Tac
2975b9fDEPPD - 900 BB09 900 TAC Cactus Park PrecLaw Tac
2882b42DEPPD - C01C01 TAC 1 Future UseLaw Tac
2966b96TEPPD-200 CC02 200 HotLaw Tac
2965b95DEPPD - C03C03 TAC 3 Future UseLaw Tac
2964b94TEPPD-400 CC04 400 HotLaw Tac
2963b93TEPPD-500 CC05 500 HotLaw Tac
2962b92TEPPD-600 CC06 600 Hot Law Tac
2961b91TEPPD-700 CC07 700 HotLaw Tac
2960b90TEPPD-800 CC08 800 HotLaw Tac
2959b8fTEPPD-900 CC09 900 HotLaw Tac
2958b8eTEC10 TAC 10C10 TAC 10Law Tac
2957b8dTEC11 TAC 11C11 TAC 11Law Tac
2956b8cDEC12 TAC 12C12 TAC 12Law Tac
2955b8bDEC13 TAC 13C13 TAC 13Law Tac
2954b8aDEC14 HOT MonC14 HOT MonitorLaw Tac
2953b89DEC15 Talk SC15 Talk SouthLaw Talk
2952b88TEPPD Info SC16 Info SouthLaw Tac
2948b84TEPPD - 400 DD04 400 South Mt PrecLaw Tac
2945b81TEPPD - 700 DD07 700 Mt View PrecLaw Tac
2944b80TEPPD - 800 DD08 800 Maryvale Estralla Prec Law Tac
2943b7fTEPPD - 900 DD09 900 Cactus Park PrecLaw Tac
Phoenix City Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1568620DUnk Golf CrsUnknown Golf CoursePublic Works
1570622DS Mountain ParkPark Ops at South Mountain City ParkPublic Works
1571623DParks MaintParks MaintenancePublic Works
1574626DPHX Pks MntParks MaintenancePublic Works
1576628DPHX ParksParksPublic Works
158262eDINFOTECInformation TechnologyPublic Works
159763dDPHX Conv CtrPhoenix Convention CenterPublic Works
159863eDParks Maint 1598Parks MaintenancePublic Works
237994bDLibrary Sec TacPhoenix Public Library Security TACSecurity
238094cDLibrary Sec DispPhoenix Public Library Security DispatchSecurity
238194dDLibrary SecurityPhoenix Public Library SecuritySecurity
2388954DLibrary SecurityPhoenix Public Library Security (Burton Barr Central Library)Security
2389955DEK10 Transit SecK10 Transit SecuritySecurity
2390956DSECURTYMunicipal SecuritySecurity
2393959DROADSVCRoad ServicePublic Works
239495aDHUMNSVCHuman ServicesPublic Works
239695cDEK09 Park RangersK09 Park RangersLaw Dispatch
239995fDCOURTMunicipal CourtPublic Works
2908b5cDPD TechPD TechnicianPublic Works
Phoenix Dept. of Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2391957DOPERATRCity OperatorsPublic Works
15015ddDSWNORTHGroup 1 Ch. 1 Solid Waste North RegionPublic Works
15035dfDPWPROJ1Group 1 Ch. 10 Public WorksPublic Works
15065e2DPWPROJ2Group 1 Ch. 11 Public WorksPublic Works
157862aDPUBWRKSGroup 1 Ch. 16 Public WorksPublic Works
15125e8DSWEASTGroup 1 Ch. 2 Solid Waste East RegionPublic Works
15135e9DSWWESTGroup 1 Ch. 3 Solid Waste West RegionPublic Works
15155ebDSWSOUTHGroup 1 Ch. 4 Solid Waste South RegionPublic Works
15055e1DSWDSKCRGroup 1 Ch. 5 Solid Waste Skunk Creek LandfillPublic Works
15085e4DSWD27AVGroup 1 Ch. 6 Solid Waste 27th Avenue Transfer StationPublic Works
15175edDSWDSR85Group 1 Ch. 7 Solid Waste SR 85 LandfillPublic Works
15075e3DEMDGroup 1 Ch. 8 Equipment Maintenance DepartmentPublic Works
1587633DFACMNTGroup 1 Ch. 9 Facility ManagementPublic Works
236293aDPhxDPW-SignSign ShopPublic Works
2369941DPHX Street MaintStreets Maintenance SweepersPublic Works
239795dDSTREETSStreets TransportionPublic Works
236593dDPhxDPW Trfc2TrafficPublic Works
236393bDPhxDPW-TrfcTraffic Signal Construction and MaintenancePublic Works
236493cDPhxDPW Trfc3Traffic SignalsPublic Works
236693eDPhxDPW TrfSiTraffic SignalsPublic Works
1539603DPhxWasteWtrWaste Water CollectionPublic Works
159963fDWATERWater DepartmentPublic Works
1536600DPhxWaterMntWater MaintenancePublic Works
1541605DPHXWtrMntBWater Maintenance Public Works
1555613DPhxWtrMtrWater Meter ReadingPublic Works
1543607DPHX WTPWater Treatment PlantPublic Works
1544608DPHX WTP BWater Treatment PlantPublic Works
1542606DPHX WTP MntWater Treatment Plant MaintenancePublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3401d49DSPD PD1 SouthA01 District 1 McKellips & Downtown SectionLaw Dispatch
3402d4aDSPD PD2 NorthA02 District 3 Via Linda & District 4 FoothillsLaw Dispatch
3403d4bDSPD PD3A03 Future UseLaw Tac
3417d59DSPD PD4A04 Future UseLaw Tac
3404d4cDSPD Event 1A05 Event 1Law Talk
3405d4dDSPD Event 3A06 Event 3Law Talk
3406d4eDSPD Traffic 1A07 Traffic 1Law Tac
3407d4fDESPD ProperyA08 PropertyLaw Tac
3408d50DESPD ROPA09 ROPLaw Tac
3409d51DESPD HEATA10 HEATLaw Tac
3410d52DESPD GANGA11 GangLaw Tac
3412d54DESPD WideA12 Wide AreaLaw Tac
3413d55DESPD SupervisorA13 SupervisorLaw Talk
3425d61DSPD RMUA14 RMU (Resource Mgt Unit)Law Tac
3415d57DESPD Emergency 2A15 Emergency 2Law Tac
3416d58DESPD Emergency 1A16 Emergency 1Law Tac
3421d5dDESPD Info AB03 Info ALaw Tac
3422d5eDESPD Info BB05 Info BLaw Tac
3424d60DESPD TRNSB12 TRNSLaw Tac
3459d83DESPD AdminB14 AdminPublic Works
3431d67DESPD Talk 1C01 Talk 1Law Talk
3432d68DESPD Talk 2C02 Talk 2Law Tac
3433d69DESPD Talk 3C03 Talk 3Law Talk
3440d70DESPD Talk 4C04 Talk 4Law Talk
3443d73DSPD Event 2C05 Event 2Law Talk
3434d6aDSPD Event 4C06 Event 4Law Talk
3435d6bDSPD Traffic 2C07 Traffic 2Law Tac
3436d6cDESPD IntelC08 IntelLaw Tac
3437d6dDESPD SAUC09 SAULaw Tac
3438d6eDESPD NARC 1C10 NARC 1Law Tac
3439d6fDESPD NARC 2C11 NARC 2Law Tac
3441d71DESPD Prison TransC12 Prisoner TransportLaw Tac
3414d56DSPD PD to MuniC14 PD to Municipal ServicesLaw Talk
3451d7bDESPD Training 1D04 Training 1Law Tac
3452d7cDESPD Training 2D05 Training 2Law Tac
3458d82DESPD Training 3D06 Training 3Law Tac
Scottsdale Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3455d7fDSct Apt OpsAirport OperationsPublic Works
3567defDSct Muni SecMunicipal SecuritySecurity
3570df2DSct Fleet OpsP03 Fleet OperationsPublic Works
3572df4DSct Wat OpsP05 Water OpsPublic Works
3573df5DSct Wat ProdP06 Water ProductionPublic Works
3574df6DSct Water DistP07 Water DistributionPublic Works
3575df7DSct Water NP08 Water NorthPublic Works
3578dfaDSct Wat ElctP11 Water ElectricPublic Works
3579dfbDSct Fld SvcsP12 Field ServicePublic Works
3580dfcDSct AsphaltP13 AsphaltPublic Works
3581dfdDSct SweeperP14 SweeperPublic Works
3582dfeDSct Hvy EqipP15 Heavy EquipmentPublic Works
3583dffDSct SignsP16 SignsPublic Works
3586e02DSct Sld WsteQ06 Solid WastePublic Works
3587e03DSct Rsd WsteQ07 Residential WastePublic Works
3588e04DSct Cml WsteQ08 Commercial WastePublic Works
3589e05DSct Strts BhQ09 Streets BrushPublic Works
3591e07DSct TranspQ11 TransportationPublic Works
3592e08DSct Tnsp SigQ12 Transportation SignalsPublic Works
3594e0aDSct Parks SouthParks SouthPublic Works
Sky Harbor Airport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1145479TESKY PARKINGParkingPublic Works
1154482TESKY PARKING2Parking 2Public Works
1157485TESkyTrain-ASky Train Operations - ATransportation
1159487TESkyTrain-BSky Train Operations - BTransportation
1168490TESKY TRANSPTTransportationPublic Works
117949bDESKY FACLTY 2Facilities 2 - Terminal ServicesPublic Works
118049cTESKY FACLTY 1Facilities 1 - DispatchPublic Works
118149dDESKY EngyMgmtEnergy ManagementPublic Works
118249eDESKY AirCoordAir Field CoordinationPublic Works
118349fDESKY ElectricElectricalPublic Works
11844a0TESKY TermOpsTerminal OperationsPublic Works
11884a4TESKY AIR OPSAir Operations TalkPublic Works
11904a6DESKY IMS 1Incident Management IMS 1Fire-Tac
11914a7DESKY IMS 2Incident Management IMS 2Fire-Tac
11924a8DESKY IMS 3Incident Management IMS 3Fire-Tac
11984aeDESKY EmergncyEmergency DispatchFire Dispatch
11994afTSKY MainDispMain DispatchMulti-Dispatch
2987babTESky Harb PDSky Harbor PDLaw Dispatch
Surprise City Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
432010e0DSurprise RefuseSurprise PW Refuse trucksPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
430110cdDSurpPD DispDispatchLaw Dispatch
430210ceDESurpPD InfoInfoLaw Tac
430310cfDESurpPD SuperSupervisorLaw Tac
430410d0DESurpPD TalkTalkLaw Talk
430510d1DESurpPD EventEventLaw Tac
430610d2DSurp CitywidCitywideMulti-Tac
430710d3DESurpPD Ops1Ops 1Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2607a2fDETPD A01A01 Hot 1Law Tac
2601a29DTPD A02A02 NorthLaw Dispatch
2602a2aDTPD A03A03 TACLaw Tac
2603a2bTTPD A04A04 SouthLaw Dispatch
2637a4dDTPD A05A05 Mill AveLaw Tac
2624a40DTPD A06A06 SecurityLaw Tac
2635a4bDETPD A07A07 Action TeamLaw Tac
2613a35DETPD A08A08 TrafficLaw Tac
2621a3dDTPD A09A09 Event 2Law Tac
2618a3aTETPD A10A10 Event 5Law Tac
2633a49DETPD A11A11 SEULaw Tac
2631a47DETPD A12A12 NarcLaw Tac
2632a48DETPD A13A13 GangsLaw Tac
2628a44DETPD A14A14 SIBLaw Tac
2615a37DETPD A15A15 TransportLaw Tac
2616a38DETPD A16A16 DetentionLaw Tac
2608a30DETPD B01B01 Hot 2Law Tac
2604a2cTETPD B02/7/11B02, B07, B11 - Info 1Law Tac
2606a2eTETPD B03B03 Info 2Law Tac
2605a2dTETPD B4/12/13B04, B12, B13 - Info 3Law Tac
2636a4cTETPD B05B05 Info Mill AveLaw Tac
2629a45DETPD B06B06 EODLaw Tac
2614a36DETPD B08B08 CIBLaw Tac
2620a3cDTPD B09B09 Event 3Law Tac
2617a39DETPD B10B10 Event 6Law Tac
2627a43DETPD B14B14 SIB 2Law Tac
2634a4aDETPD B16B16 Tech CenterLaw Tac
2609a31DETPD C01C01 Hot 3Law Tac
2610a32TETPD C02C02 Talk 1Law Talk
2611a33DETPD C03C03 Talk 2Law Talk
2612a34TETPD C04C04 Talk 3Law Talk
2080820TTPD C07C07 PW to PD LinkInterop
2619a3bDTPD C09C09 Event 4Law Tac
2622a3eDTPD C11C11 Event 1Law Tac
2630a46DETPD C12C12 SWATLaw Tac
2626a42DETPD C15C15 TrainingLaw Tac
Tempe Public Works / City Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
207981fDTempe Water 1A1 Water 1Public Works
207881eDTempe Water 2A2 Water 2Public Works
207781dDTempe Water 3A3 Water 3Public Works
207681cDTempe PW 1A4 Public Works 1Public Works
207581bTTempe PW 2A5 Public Works 2Public Works
207481aTTempe PW 3A6 Public Works 3Public Works
2073819TTempe PW 4A7 Public Works 4Public Works
2072818TTempe PW 5A8 Public Works 5Public Works
2071817DTempe Traffic 1A9 Traffic 1Public Works
2070816DTempe Traffic 2A10 Traffic 2Public Works
2069815DTempe TransitA11 TransitPublic Works
2068814DTempe Streets 1A12 Streets 1Public Works
2067813DTempe RefuseA15 Refuse 1Public Works
209382dTTempe Diablo 1Diablo Stadium 1Public Works
209282cTTempe Diablo 2Diablo Stadium 2Public Works
2098832TTempe EscalanteEscalante CenterPublic Works
206180dDTempe Maint 1Maintenance 1Public Works
206080cDTempe Maint 2Maintenance 2Public Works
2064810TTempe Parks 1Parks 1Public Works
206380fDTempe Parks 2Parks 2Public Works
206280eDTempe Parks 3Parks 3Public Works
2066812TTempe Refuse 2Refuse 2Public Works
2065811DTempe Refuse 3Refuse 3Public Works
Tohono O'odham Nation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4895131fDTohono PDPolice Desert Diamond West Valley Casino and ResortLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48991323DTolleson PDDispatchLaw Dispatch
Valley Metro Public Transit System
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1401579DVMRail Ops1Light Rail Ops 1Railroad
140257aDVMRail Mnt1Light Rail Maintenance 1Railroad
140357bDVMRail EMGLight Rail Emergency - Channel 6Railroad
140457cDVMRail Ops2Light Rail Ops 2Railroad
140557dDVMRail Mnt2Channel-4 - Light Rail Mainentance 2 Railroad
140657eDVMRail SECLight Rail SecuritySecurity
Maricopa Community Colleges
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
455211c8DE/G SecurityEstrella/200 & Glendale/400 SecuritySecurity
455411caDSM/PV SectySouth Mountain/700 & Paradise Valley/600 SecuritySecurity
455511cbDG/S SecurityGateway/300 & Scottsdale/1100 SecuritySecurity
455711cdDCG/M SectyChandler-Gilbert/100 & Mesa/500 SecuritySecurity
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
131083TRadio Shop 131Radio Shop Test 131Public Works
2010c9TSim A TestSimulcast A TestPublic Works
2020caDSim B TestSimulcast B TestPublic Works
2030cbTSim C TestSimulcast C TestPublic Works
2110d3TSim F TestSimulcast F TestPublic Works
1589635DRM/RWC OpsRadio Maintenance RWC OperationsPublic Works
1590636TTest 1590Radio Maintenance TestingPublic Works
159463aDWirelessRadTWireless Radio TechniciansPublic Works
180470cDTest 1804Radio TechsPublic Works