System Name: DFW Airport (EDACS)
Location: DFW Airport, TX
County: 2 Counties
System Type: EDACS Standard w/ESK
System Voice: ProVoice and Analog
Last Updated: October 10, 2019, 2:49 pm CDT   [Updated General Trunked System Information]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) DFW Airport Dallas 01 851.087502 853.812503 852.5875c04 853.562505 853.4625c06 851.462507 851.9875
   08 852.462509 853.662510 853.9375    


DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
27302-021DDFW PD-1DFW Airport Police (Police 1)Law Dispatch
27502-023DDFW PD-2DFW Airport Police (Police 2)Law Tac
79006-026DDFW PD-4DFW Airport Police (Police 4)Law Tac
79106-027DDFW PD-5DFW Airport Police (Police 5)Law Tac
27802-026DDFW PD-7DFW Airport Police (Police 7)Law Tac
27402-022DDFW MEETMEDFW Airport Police (Meetme)Law Tac
27702-025DDFW PDDFW Airport PoliceLaw Tac
29002-042DDFW PDDFW Airport Police unid opsLaw Tac
55004-046DDFW AIRPatch to Police Helicopters & possibly EMS helos (Analog?)Interop
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
25602-000ADFW DPS-1DFW Airport Fire/EMS Dispatch - Alerting (DPS-1)Fire Dispatch
28102-031DDFW EMS CH9DFW Airport Fire/EMS Ch-9Fire-Tac
28202-032DDFW EMSTAC15DFW Airport Fire/EMS TAC-15Fire-Tac
28302-033DDFW EMSTAC14DFW Airport Fire/EMS TAC-14Fire-Tac
28802-040DFW STA ALRTFire Station AlertsFire Dispatch
28902-041DDFW FIRE 16DFW Airport Fire Ch-16 Fire ResponseFire-Tac
29002-042DDFW Fire TlkDFW Airport Fire Talk/TrainingFire-Tac
30302-057DFW STA ALRTFire Station AlertsFire Dispatch
78706-023DDFW EMS CH3DFW Airport Fire/EMS Ch-3 (EMS Responses)Fire-Tac
80406-044DDFW FIRE15DFW Airport Fire/EMS Ch-15 Fire ResponseFire-Tac
80506-045DDFW FIRE14DFW Airport Fire/EMS Ch-14 Fire ResponseFire-Tac
80606-046DDFW FIRE13DFW Airport Fire/EMS Ch-13 Fire ResponseFire-Tac
80706-047DDFW TrainingDFW Airport Training Operations (Casualty Training)Fire-Tac
81706-061DGV EMS LinkGrapevine to EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
204715-157DDFW ALERTDFW Airport Fire/EMS Alert OperationsFire Dispatch
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52904-021DOps PrimaryDFW Airport Operations PrimaryPublic Works
53004-022DOps EscortsDFW Airport Operations EscortsPublic Works
53104-023DOpsDFW Airport OperationsPublic Works
53204-024DOpsDFW Airport OperationsPublic Works
56104-061DMaint PriDFW Airport Maintenance PrimaryPublic Works
56404-064DCh 2 ElectDFW Airport Operations Ch 2 Elect MaintPublic Works
56504-065DBird OpsDFW Airport Bird OpsPublic Works
56704-067DLandscapeDFW Maintenance/LandscapePublic Works
56804-070DOpsDFW Airport OperationsPublic Works
59304-101DTrains PriDFW Airport Transit Trains PrimaryPublic Works
59404-102DTransitDFW Airport TransitPublic Works
59504-103DTrains SecDFW Airport Transit Trains SecondaryPublic Works
59604-104DTransitDFW Airport TransitPublic Works
59704-105DTransitDFW Airport TransitPublic Works
59804-106DCabsDFW Airport Transit Cabs OperationsPublic Works
60904-121DConst 1Construction-1Public Works
61004-122DConst 2Construction-2Public Works
61104-123DConst 3Construction-3Public Works
61204-124DConst 4Construction-4Public Works
61304-125DConst 5Construction-5Public Works
61604-130DSurveyConstruction or SurveyPublic Works
61704-131DSurveyConstruction or SurveyPublic Works
64205-002DSkylink MaintSkylink MaintenancePublic Works
64305-003DSkylink OpsSkylink OperationsPublic Works
105908-043ABaggage 1Baggage Operations 1Public Works
106008-044ABaggage 2Baggage Operations 2Public Works