Tazewell County Public Safety (TC3)

System Name: Tazewell County Public Safety (TC3)
Location: Pekin, IL
County: 2 Counties
System Type: EDACS Networked Standard
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: July 14, 2024, 01:21 am UTC   [Updated General System Details]
System Notes

7/24 - System has been urned off, all communications are on STARCOM21 

TAZCOM Website

12/18 - 856.0125 found to be C01 S06 (Ragan license at Dunlap)

May 2015 - Tazwell County will be abandoning this system for Starcom21 in the future.

I-CALLS are used on this system

**NOTE** LCNs updated Nov 2015.  Unitrunker needs to be ran for Creve Coeur and Delevan to confirm any LCN changes.

UniTrunker Info: (on all sites unless noted)
Color=0; Delay=2; Failsoft=Yes; Peers=Island; SCAT=No; Signal=Inverted
*Site 1-same
*Site 2-same except SCAT=YES; may occassionally stop on 855.9625 118.8 for voice traffic or CW-ID
*Site 3-same except Peers=6
*Site 4-same
*Site 5-same except Failsoft=No, Delay=5
*Site 6-same


004 Mackinaw 01 855.96250 --> To monitor this site, set it up as a EDACS-SCAT system in your scanner (you can't decode individual talkgroups but can eliminate the data so that just the audio is heard). This frequency always transmits control channel data, except when analog audio is being transmitted.

If you are trying to monitor this system from Bloomington-Normal, the best signal will be from the Delavan site. In Peoria County, the best signal is from the Creve Coeur site.

Agencies dispatched on talkgroup 02-021 include: Tazewell County Sheriff's Department ("Sam" units), Deer Creek PD, Delavan PD, Green Valley, Hopedale, Mackinaw PD, Minier PD, South Pekin PD, Tremont PD (all rural PD units ID as "Town"+"unit #")

Ameren E.D. Edwards Power Station located in Bartonville, IL uses Ericson LPE-50 hand helds trunked via WHOI TV Tower located in Creve Coeur by Ragon Communication
PAWS - Peoria Animal Welfare Shelter

8/27/10 - Note: 860.0125 was decoded as Channel 01 on site 04 (listed now as site 01)
9/4/12 - I-55 in Tazewell County, received - 855.9625 EDACS C01 S02 (Currently listed differently in database)
12/12/12 - 858.2625 Channel 01, Site 01; 860.0125 Channel 01, Site 04
1/21/13 - Traffic heard on Creve Coeur Site:
*TG 51 - RID 3042, 3041
*TG 54 - RID 3080 Maintenance Ops?

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Delavan Tazewell 01 858.2625c02 857.237503 854.9625    
002 (2) Mackinaw Tazewell 01 855.9625c02 851.100     
003 (3) Washington Tazewell 01 859.4625c02 858.462503 854.662504 857.462505 860.9125  
004 (4) Creve Coeur Tazewell 01 860.0125c02 854.062503 854.312504 858.587505 856.587506 859.587507 857.5875
   08 860.587509 855.687510 855.1375    
005 (5) Pekin Tazewell 01 860.7125c02 857.262503 859.712504 856.7375   
006 (6) Dunlap Peoria 01 856.0125c02 858.012503 857.0125    
007 (7) Glasford Peoria 01 851.5625c02 852.087503 853.550    


DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
27302-021ATaz Shrf/RuralSheriff: Dispatch / Rural Municipalities (simulcast SC21 TG 6326)Law Dispatch
27402-022ATaz Sheriff c2cSheriff: Secondary / Car-to-CarLaw Tac
27502-023ATaz Sheriff InfoSheriff: Car-to-Car "Info"Law Tac
27802-026ATaz CoronerTazewell County CoronerPublic Works
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
28902-041APekin PolicePekin Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
29002-042APekin Police 2Pekin Police: OperationsLaw Tac
29102-043APekin Police-S/OPekin Police: Special Operations (may no longer be used?)Law Tac
30502-061APekin Fire 1Pekin Fire / Rescue (paging simulcast on 154.205)Fire Dispatch
30602-062APekin Fire 2Pekin Fire (may no longer be used?)Fire-Tac
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53104-023APeo OEM ECRTOffice of Emergency Management (Emergency Communications Response Team)Emergency Ops
54504-041APAWS ShelterAnimal Shelter/MiscellaneousPublic Works
54704-043APAWS ControlAnimal ControlPublic Works
56304-063APeo Zone/ParCode Enforcement (Zoning/Health?)/Parking Meter EnforcementPublic Works
57704-081APeo RoadsRoad Maintenance / Snow PlowsPublic Works
58104-085APeoria OpsOperations (talk about writing tickets for snow plows)Public Works
Ameren Power Plant (Bartonville)

Ameren Energy Resource Generation Company (uses Creve Coeur Tower)

DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
8200-102AAmeren-CoalCoal YardUtilities
8300-103AAmeren-InstrInstrument TechsUtilities
8500-105AAmeren-MaintMechanical MaintenanceUtilities
8600-106AAmeren-OutagUnit Outage CoordinationUtilities
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3300-041ARagan TechsRagan Communications TechniciansBusiness
5400-066Aroads 54roads / snow plowsPublic Works
78506-021Adata 785telemetryData