Broward County Public Services

System Name: Broward County Public Services
Location: Broward County, FL
County: Broward
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice: Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
System ID: Sysid: 1F25 Connect Tone: 97.3
Last Updated: April 24, 2020, 6:52 am CDT   [Updated Service Tag assignments for 16 talkgroups(Hollywood Services)]
System Notes

The Deerfield Beach site 2 has been decommissioned.

Site 3 carries these talkgroups only:

Hollywood Fire/EMS
Hollywood Police
Hollywood Services

Half of site 4 and all of 5 have been converted to the new Broward P25 system:

004 (4) Fort Lauderdale 851.2125 851.2625c 851.4125c 851.2375 851.6625 851.9125c 852.1875 852.2625 852.6125 852.8625c 853.0375 853.0875 853.2875 853.3375 853.5375 853.5625 853.5875 853.7875 853.9125 005 (5) Plantation 856.4125c 857.1375c 858.2625c 859.2625c

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Primary 851.1875851.6875852.0375852.7125853.0625853.1875853.7625854.4625
003 (3) Hollywood 851.0875851.3375c851.5875c851.7125c851.8375852.0875852.3375853.2125
004 (4) Fort Lauderdale 851.2625c851.4125c851.9125c852.2625852.6125852.8625c853.0375853.0875


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
16010ABCFRFire-Rescue 7K, 7L, 7M, 8G, 8H, 8L, 8O, 8P, 9PInterop
48030A10P GLOBAL CGlobal Common (FAC MAN H)Interop
80050ABCM-OMEGA 1 CallingInterop
112070ABCM-OMEGA LGEmergencyInterop
144090ABCM-OMEGA 2 County AdministratorsInterop
1760b0ABCM-OMEGA 3Disaster (BSO 29A)Interop
2080d0ABCM-OMEGA 4Omega-4 (BSO 29B)Interop
2400f0ABCM-TRANSITTransit Police (BSO 29C)Interop
272110ABCM-OMEGA 6Municipal EOCs (BSO 29D)Interop
304130ALG 10C FLIA FLIA Car-Car/ Tactical-1(BSO 29E)Interop
336150ABCM-OMEGA 15Tactical-2(BSO 29F) Interop
368170ABSO 29GTactical-3 (BSO 29G)Interop
400190ABSO 29H Tactical-4 (BSO 29H)Interop
4048fd0ABSO to APDHallandale PD to Aventura PDInterop
Broward County Sheriff Fire-Rescue


Dispatch 1:  Sunrise, Oakland Park, Lauderhill (Central Regional Fire)

Dispatch 2:  BCFR, Deerfield Beach, Dania Beach, Weston, et al.

Dispatch 3:  Hallandale, Miramar (South Regional Fire)

Dispatch 4:  Davie Fire

Dispatch 5:  Pompano Beach, Lighthouse Point, Sea Ranch Lakes, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

Dispatch 6:  Margate, Tamarac, North Lauderdale (North Regional Fire)

Dispatch 7:  Fort Lauderdale Fire

Dispatch 8:  Hollywood Fire


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
82082010ABCF 2DDispatch 2Fire Dispatch
82402030ABCF 5DDispatch 5Fire Dispatch
82722050ABCF 3DDispatch 3Fire Dispatch
83042070ABCF Training 2Training 2Fire Dispatch
83362090ABCF 1C Canteen ChannelFire-Talk
836820b0ABCF 2C North Car-to-CarFire-Talk
840020d0ABCF 5C Pompano Beach LifeguardsFire-Tac
843220f0ABCF 3CSouth Car-to-CarFire-Talk
84642110ABCF 2B Information (CW Car-to-Car)Fire-Talk
84962130ABCF 2D TAC 1Tactical-1 (Fireground)Fire-Tac
85282150ABCF 2E TAC 2Tactical-2 (Fireground)Fire-Tac
85602170ABCF 2F TAC 3Tactical-3 (Fireground)Fire-Tac
85922190ABCF Training 5Training 5Fire-Talk
862421b0ABCF 2G TAC 4Tactical-4 (Fireground)Fire-Tac
865621d0ABCF Training 3Training 3Fire-Tac
87202210ABCF MED RESOMedical Resources/SOAFire-Tac
90722370ABCF B INFOInformation (ZONE 1-6)Fire-Talk
913623b0ABCF Training 4Training 4Fire-Talk
920023f0ABCF 4C WEST West Car-to-CarFire-Talk
92322410ABCF D4Dispatch 4 (Davie Fire)Fire Dispatch
92962450ACanteen 1R.E.S.T. CanteenFire Dispatch
93282470ABCF Training 10Training 10Fire-Talk
93602490ABCF J EVENT1Event-1 (Pompano Info I [PD and FD])Fire-Talk
939224b0ABCF K EVENT2Event-2 (Pompano Beach FD Training)Fire-Talk
942424d0ABCF L EVENT3Event-3 (Deerfield Beach Special Events)Fire-Talk
945624f0ABCF L EVENT4Event-4 (Deerfield Beach lifeguards)Fire-Talk
94882510ABCF N EVENT5Event-5 (Dania Beach Lifeguards)Fire-Talk
95202530ABCF 1I Administration-1Fire-Talk
95522550ABCF 2IAdministration-2 (Prevention)Fire-Talk
95842570ABCF 3IAdministration-3Fire-Talk
96162590ABCF 4IAdministration-4 (Inspectors)Fire-Talk
964825b0ABCF 5IAdministration-5 (Pompano FD Administrators)Fire-Talk
968025d0ABCF 6IAdministration-6Fire-Tac
971225f0ABCF CALLING Calling (Miami-Dade County Fire)Interop
97442610ABCF TAC 1 Tactical-1 (Miami-Dade County Fire)Fire-Tac
97762630ABCF TAC 2 Tactical-2 (Miami-Dade County Fire)Fire-Tac
98082650ABCF TAC 3Tactical-3 (Miami-Dade County Fire)Fire-Tac
98402670ABCF OR1Ocean Rescue 1 Deerfield BeachFire-Tac
98722690ABCF OR2Ocean Rescue 2 Pompano BeachFire-Tac
990426b0ABCF OR3Ocean Rescue 3 Lauderdale By-The-SeaFire-Tac
993626d0ABCF OR4Ocean Rescue 4 Fort LauderdaleFire-Tac
996826f0ABCF OR5Ocean Rescue 5 Fort LauderdaleFire-Tac
100002710ABCF OR6Ocean Rescue 6 DaniaFire-Tac
100322730ABCF OR7Ocean Rescue 7 HollywoodFire-Tac
100642750ABCF OR9Ocean Rescue 9 Hallandale Fire-Tac
264166730ABCF D1Dispatch 1 (Sunrise, Oakland Park, Lauderhill Fire)Fire Dispatch
264486750ABCF Training 1Training 1Fire-Talk
2654467b0ABCF D1CCCar-to-Car (Sunrise, Oakland Park, Lauderhill Fire)Fire-Tac
42704a6d0ABCF Training 9Training 9Fire-Talk
42992a7f0ABCF D6Dispatch 6 (Margate, Tamarac, North Lauderdale Fire)Fire Dispatch
43024a810ABCF D6CCCar-to-Car (Margate, Tamarac, North Lauderdale Fire)Fire-Tac
43056a830ABCF Training 6Training 6Fire-Tac
43088a850ABCF Training 7Training 7Fire-Tac
54320d430DBCF Training 8Training 8Fire-Talk
Broward County Medcom
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
87522230ABCF 7BMedcom 1 Hospital PatchHospital
87842250ABCF 7CMedcom 2 Hospital PatchHospital
88162270ABCF 7DMedcom 3 Hospital PatchHospital
88482290ABCF 7EMedcom 4 Hospital PatchHospital
888022b0ABCF 7F/8B/9BMedcom 5 Hospital PatchHospital
891222d0ABCF 7GMedcom 6 Hospital PatchHospital
894422f0ABCF 7HMedcom 7 Hospital PatchHospital
89762310ABCF 7I/8C/9CMedcom 8 Hospital PatchHospital
90082330ABCF 7JMedcom 9 Hospital PatchHospital
90402350ABCF 7A/8A/9AMedcom 10 Calling/Channel AssignmentEMS-Tac
102562810ABCF 8D/9DNorth Broward Medical CenterHospital
102882830ABCF 8E/9EBroward General Medical CenterHospital
103202850ABCF 8F/9FMemorial RegionalHospital
103522870ABCF 9GUniversity HospitalHospital
103842890ABCF 9HMemorial Hospital MiramarHospital
1041628b0ABCF 8ICoral Springs Medical CenterHospital
1044828d0ABCF 8JHoly Cross HospitalHospital
1048028f0ABCF 8KImperial Point Medical CenterHospital
105122910ABCF 8LNorth Ridge HospitalHospital
105442930ABCF 8MNorthwest Medical CenterHospital
105762950ABCF 8NMemorial Regional Hospital SouthHospital
106082970ABCF-BOCABoca Community HospitalHospital
106402990ABCF-BOCA WSTBoca West HospitalHospital
1067229b0ABCF 9ICleveland Clinic FloridaHospital
1070429d0ABCF 9JFlorida Medical CenterHospital
1073629f0ABCF 9KMemorial SouthHospital
107682a10ABCF 9LMemorial Hospital PembrokeHospital
108002a30ABCF 9MMemorial Hospital West Hospital
108322a50ABCF 9NPlantation GeneralHospital
108642a70ABCF 9OWestside Regional Medical CenterHospital
108962a90ABCF 9PAventura Hospital and Medical CenterHospital
Broward County Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
41121010ABSO 1BBSO 1BLaw Tac
41441030ABSO 2ADistrict (2)(3)(14) DispatchLaw Dispatch
41761050ABSO 3ADistrict (8)(9)(16) DispatchLaw Dispatch
42081070ABSO 4ADistrict (1)(28) DispatchLaw Dispatch
42401090ABSO 5ADistrict (21) DispatchLaw Dispatch
427210b0ABSO 12ACourt Service DispatchLaw Talk
430410d0ABSO 6ADistrict (29) DispatchLaw Dispatch
433610f0ABSO 12CDetention 1Law Talk
43681110ABSO 7ADistrict (4)(5)(12) DispatchLaw Dispatch
44001130ABSO 8ADistrict (7)(15)(17) DispatchLaw Dispatch
44321150ABSO 9ADistrict (10) DispatchLaw Dispatch
44641170ABSO10ADistrict (23) DispatchLaw Dispatch
44961190ABSO Tech STech SupportLaw Talk
452811b0ABSO RIJ03RIJ03Law Talk
456011d0ABSO SID-7Strategic Investigative Division - 7Law Talk
459211f0ABSO 2BDistrict (2)(3)(14) Car-CarLaw Talk
46241210ABSO 3BDistrict (8)(9)(16) Car-CarLaw Tac
46561230ABSO HH DLE/FD CommonLaw Talk
47201270ABSO 4BDistrict (1)(28) Car-CarLaw Tac
47521290ABSO 2CDistrict (2)(3)(14) Car-CarLaw Tac
478412b0ABSO TAC9TAC 9 CommonLaw Dispatch
481612d0ABSO G TTY1G Teletype 1Law Dispatch
484812f0ABSO RSIJ04RSIJ04Law Talk
48801310ABSO 12BCourtsSecurity
49121330ABSO 3CDistrict (8)(9)(16) Car-CarnLaw Tac
49441350ABSO RSIJ05RSIJ05Law Talk
49761370ABSO 4CDistrict (1)(28) Car-CarLaw Tac
50081390ABSO 5BDistrict (21) Car-CarLaw Tac
504013b0ABSO 6BDistrict (29) Car-CarLaw Dispatch
507213d0ABSO 7BDistrict (4)(5)(12) Car-CarLaw Tac
510413f0ABSO 8BDistrict (7)(15)(17) Car-CarLaw Tac
51361410ABSO 9BDistrict (10) Car-CarLaw Tac
51681430ABSO 10BDistrict (23) Car-CarLaw Tac
52001450ABSOBSOLaw Tac
52321470ABSO TAC10TAC 10 CommonLaw Tac
52641490ABSO 5CDistrict (21) Car-CarLaw Tac
529614b0ABSO 6CDistrict (29) Car-CarLaw Tac
532814d0ABSO 7CDistrict (4)(5)(12) Car-CarLaw Tac
536014f0ABSO 8CDistrict (7)(15)(17) Car-CarLaw Tac
53921510ABSO 9CBSO 9CLaw Tac
54241530ABSO 10CBSO 10CLaw Tac
54561550ABSO 1D TrainingLaw Talk
54881570ABSO 3DBSO 3DLaw Tac
55201590ABSO 4DBSO 4DLaw Tac
555215b0ABSO 5DBSO 5DLaw Tac
558415d0ABSO 6DBSO 6DLaw Tac
561615f0ABSO 7DBSO 7DLaw Tac
56481610ABSO 8DBSO 8DLaw Tac
56801630ABSO 9DBSO 9DLaw Tac
57121650ABSO 10DBSO 10DLaw Tac
57441670ABSO KTactical-11 (Zones 1-12)Law Tac
57761690ABSO 3EBSO 3ELaw Tac
580816b0ABSO 4EBSO 4ELaw Tac
584016d0ABSO 5EBSO 5ELaw Tac
587216f0ABSO 6EBSO 6ELaw Tac
59041710ABSO 7EBSO 7ELaw Tac
59361730ABSO 8EBSO 8ELaw Tac
59681750ABSO 9EBSO 9ELaw Tac
60001770ABSO 10EBSO 10ELaw Tac
60321790ABSO CI COMMCriminal Investigation CommonLaw Talk
606417b0ABSOSID-1COMMStrategic Investigative Division -1 CommonLaw Talk
609617d0ABSO L TAC 12Tactical-12 CommonLaw Talk
612817f0ABSO CI-1Criminal Investigation-1Law Talk
61601810ABSO 24CSWAT 1Law Talk
61921830ABSO 12DDetention 2Law Talk
62241850ABSO 1EDetention 3Law Talk
62561870ABSO 1FTransit PD/CourtsLaw Talk
62881890ABSO SID-8Strategic Investigative Division -8Law Talk
632018b0ABSO 24DSWAT 2Law Talk
64161910ABSO 2DDistrict (2)(3)(14) Car-CarLaw Tac
64481930ABSO SID-5Strategic Investigative Division - 5Law Tac
64801950ABSO SID-6Strategic Investigative Division - 6Law Tac
66721a10ABSO CCCity CommonLaw Talk
67361a50ABSO 11ADistrict (11)(13) - East DispatchLaw Dispatch
67681a70ABSO 11BDistrict 11 - West DispatchLaw Dispatch
68001a90ABSO 11CDistrict 11 - East Car to CarLaw Talk
68321ab0ABSO 11DDistrict 11 - West Car to CarLaw Talk
68641ad0ABSO 11EDistrict 11 - InfoLaw Talk
68961af0ABSO 11FDistrict 11 - TacticalLaw Tac
69281b10ABSO 11GDistrict 11 - Teletype2 (D11 only)Law Talk
69601b30ABSO 17AZone 17A Future UseLaw Talk
69921b50ABSO 17BZone 17B Future UseLaw Talk
70241b70ABSO 17CZone 17C Future UseLaw Talk
70561b90ABSO 17DZone 17D Future UseLaw Talk
70881bb0ABSO 17EZone 17E Future UseLaw Talk
71201bd0ABSO 18AZone 18A Future UseLaw Talk
71521bf0ABSO 18BZone 18B Future UseLaw Talk
71841c10ABSO 18CZone 18C Future UseLaw Talk
72161c30ABSO 18DZone 18D Future UseLaw Tac
72481c50ABSO 18EZone 18E Future Use Law Tac
72801c70ABSO LH2Lauderhill 2 City ChannelLaw Tac
73121c90ABCM SWT 1CSWAT 1Law Tac
73441cb0ABSO FSFugitive SquadLaw Tac
73761cd0ABCM SWT 2CSWAT 2Law Tac
74081cf0ABCM SWT 3CSWAT 3Law Tac
74401d10ABSO RAC COMMCommonLaw Tac
74721d30ABSO CIDVIPERViper ChannelLaw Tac
75041d50ABSO BIRMBSO BIRM TechniciansLaw Tac
75361d70ABSO 12EDetention ERTLaw Tac
75681d90ABSOLighthouse Point City ChannelLaw Tac
76001db0ABSO-MDPD LNKBSO Link to Dade CountyLaw Tac
76321dd0ABSO SID-4Strategic Investigative Division - 4Law Tac
76641df0ABC EMERGEmergencyLaw Tac
76961e10ABSO K9 TRAINBSO K-9 TrainingLaw Tac
77601e50ABSO 19AZone 19A Future UseLaw Tac
77921e70ABSO 19BZone 19B Future UseLaw Tac
78241e90ABSO 19CZone 19C Future UseLaw Tac
78561eb0ABSO 19DZone 19D Future UseLaw Tac
78881ed0ABSO 19EZone 19E Future UseLaw Tac
79201ef0ABSO 20AZone 20A Future UseLaw Tac
79521f10ABSO 20BZone 20B Future UseLaw Tac
79841f30ABSO 20CZone 20C Future UseLaw Tac
80161f50ABSO 20DZone 20D Future UseLaw Tac
80481f70ABSO 20EZone 20E Future UseLaw Tac
116322d70ABSO SurvBSO SurveillanceLaw Tac
1812846d0ABSO TTY STeletype SouthLaw Talk
181924710ABSO TTY NTeletype NorthLaw Talk
182244730ABSO InfoInformation (replaced TG 6704 Fox channel)Law Talk
51024c750ABSO Tech SupBSO Tech SupportLaw Tac
51056c770ABSO RE TacBSO Regional Enforcement TACLaw Tac
51088c790ABSO SID 2BSO SID 2Law Tac
51120c7b0ABSO RAC 2BSO RAC 2Law Tac
51152c7d0ABSO SID 3BSO SID 3Law Tac
51184c7f0ABSO IABSO Internal AffairsLaw Tac
51216c810ABSO NARC SBSO NARC SouthLaw Tac
51248c830ABSO CTU 1BSO CTU 1Law Tac
51280c850ABSO SWAT 4BSO SWAT 4Law Tac
51312c870ABSO CI 2BSO CI 2Law Tac
51408c8d0ABSO RSIJO 2BSO RSIJO 2Law Tac
51472c910ABSO FW1W BSO FW1W Fort Laud Intl Airport & Port EvergladesLaw Tac
51600c990ARadio ShopRadio ShopOther
51728ca10ABSO SWAT 3BSO SWAT 3Law Tac
51920cad0AFTL RadioFort Lauderdale Radio TechsOther
62224f310DBSO RSIJO 1RSIJO 1Law Tac
62288f350DEBSO SurvBSO surveillanceLaw Tac
Broward County Public Safety Zone 11
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1104450ABCFR 11AJOPS 1Interop
1136470ABCFR 11BJOPS 2Interop
1168490ABCFR 11CJOPS 3Interop
12004b0ABCFR 11DJOPS 4Interop
12324d0ABCFR 11EJOPS 5Interop
12644f0ABCFR 11FJOPS 6Interop
1296510ABCFR 11GJOPS 7Interop
1328530ABCFR 11HJOPS 8Interop
1360550ABCFR 11IJOPS 9Interop
1392570ABCFR 11JJOPS 10Interop
1424590ABCFR 11KJOPS 11Interop
14565b0ABCFR 11LJOPS 12Interop
14885d0ABCFR 11MJOPS 13Interop
15205f0ABCFR 11NJOPS 14Interop
1552610ABCFR 11OJOPS 15Interop
1584630ABCFR 11PJOPS 16Interop
Broward County Public Safety Zone 12
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
592250ABCFR 12AJOPS 1Interop
624270ABCFR 12BJOPS 2Interop
656290ABCFR 12CJOPS 3Interop
6882b0ABCFR 12DJOPS 4Interop
7202d0ABCFR 12EJOPS 5Interop
7522f0ABCFR 12FJOPS 6Interop
784310ABCFR 12GJOPS 7Interop
816330ABCFR 12HJOPS 8Interop
848350ABCFR 12IJOPS 9Interop
880370ABCFR 12JJOPS 10Interop
912390ABCFR 12KJOPS 11Interop
9443b0ABCFR 12LJOPS 12Interop
9763d0ABCFR 12MJOPS 13Interop
10083f0ABCFR 12NJOPS 14Interop
1040410ABCFR 12OJOPS 15Interop
1072430ABCFR 12PJOPS 16Interop
Broward County Public Safety Zone 13 (Site 4)

Zone 13 is used mostly by Fort Lauderdale PD.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
327848010AFTL 13APolice Department CallingInterop
328168030AFTL 13BFire Department CallingInterop
328488050AFTL 13CJoint Operations-1Interop
328808070AFTL 13DJoint Operations-2Interop
329128090AFTL 13EJoint Operations-3Interop
3294480b0AFTL 13FJoint Operations-4Interop
3297680d0AFTL 13GJoint Operations-5Interop
3300880f0AFTL 13HJoint Operations-6Interop
330408110AFTL 13IJoint Operations-7Interop
330728130AFTL 13JJoint Operations-8Interop
331048150AFTL 13KJoint Operations-9Interop
331368170AFTL 13LJoint Operations-10Interop
331688190AFTL 13MJoint Operations-11Interop
3320081b0AFTL 13NJoint Operations-12Interop
3323281d0AFTL 13OJoint Operations-13Interop
3326481f0AFTL 13PJoint Operations-14Interop
332968210AFTL RS1 Radio Shop Telecom -1Interop
333288230AFTL RS2 Radio Shop Telecom -2Interop
333608250AFTL RS3 Radio Shop Telecom -3Interop
Broward County Public Safety Zone 14

Zone 14 is used mostly for BSO.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1761644d0ABSO 14AJOPS CALLInterop
1764844f0ABSO 14BJOPS OPS1Interop
176804510ABSO 14CJOPS OPS2Interop
177124530ABSO 14DJOPS OPS3Interop
177444550ABSO 14EJOPS OPS4Interop
177764570ABSO 14FJOPS OPS5Interop
178084590ABSO 14GJOPS OPS6Interop
1784045b0ABSO 14HJOPS OPS7Interop
1787245d0ABSO 14LJOPS OPS11Interop
1790445f0ABSO 14MJOPS OPS12Interop
179364610ABSO 14NJOPS OPS13Interop
179684630ABSO 14OJOPS OPS14Interop
180004650ABSO 14IJOPS OPS8Interop
180324670ABSO 14JJOPS OPS9Interop
180644690ABSO 14KJOPS OPS10Interop
1809646b0ABSO 14PJOPS OPS15Interop
Broward County Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
122402fd0AHealth DeptHealth Department (ESF-8)Public Works
122722ff0ALibrariesLibrariesPublic Works
123043010AL Govt CommTraffic Engineering Central/ Animal ControlPublic Works
123363030AACRD DispAnimal Care and Regulation Division Dispatch CentralPublic Works
123683050AACRD AdminAnimal Care and Regulation Division Administration Public Works
124003070ALG 10A/BSO AFort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport OperationsPublic Works
124323090ACZ AdmnBuilding Code Services Division Admin - Code and Zoning Enforcement InspectorsPublic Works
1246430b0ABP SvpsBuilding Code Services Division - Building PermitsPublic Works
1249630d0ABP OpnsBuilding Code Services Division - Building PermitsPublic Works
1252830f0ALG 10DEmergency Management Emergency Ops
125603110AEng DivEngineering DepartmentPublic Works
126243150AOnrp MNOffice of Natural Resource Protection MainPublic Works
126563170ALG 10EFleet Services (Equipment Management)Public Works
126883190AFAC AFacilities Building MaintenancePublic Works
1272031b0ALG 10FFacilities Building SecuritySecurity
1275231d0AFAC CFacilities C/D/E EnergyPublic Works
1278431f0ACourt AdminCourt AdministrationPublic Works
128163210ALG 10HMedical Examiner and Trauma Services Division MainPublic Works
128483230AME B Medical Examiner and Trauma Services Division B Car-to-CarPublic Works
128803250AAddict RcvryAddiction RecoveryPublic Works
129123270AMC MainMosquito Control - MainPublic Works
129443290AMC AircMosquito Control - Aircraft SprayPublic Works
1297632b0AWtr MtnWater Supply - MaintenancePublic Works
1300832d0AWtr TrtWater Supply - TreatmentPublic Works
1304032f0AWtr EngWater Supply - EngineeringPublic Works
130723310AWtr CusWater Supply - Customer ServicePublic Works
131043330AWW OpnsWastewater Services - OperationsPublic Works
131363350AWW MntWastewater Services - MaintenancePublic Works
131683370AWW PrssWastewater Services - ProcessingPublic Works
132003390ASW CollWaste and Recycling Services - Garbage and Trash CollectionPublic Works
1323233b0ASW RecyWaste and Recycling Services - Recycling and Waste TiresPublic Works
1326433d0ASW LndfWaste and Recycling Services - LandfillPublic Works
133283410ALG 10GStreets and Highways MainPublic Works
133603430ASH Svps F2Streets and Highways Supervisor Public Works
135843510AConsumer AConsumer AffairsPublic Works
136163530ATE ATraffic Engineering Division A CommonPublic Works
136483550ATE ITraffic Engineering Division AdministrationPublic Works
136803570ATE BTraffic Engineering Division Signs/StudiesPublic Works
137123590ATE CTraffic Engineering Division SystemsPublic Works
1374435b0ATE DTraffic Engineering Division ConstructionPublic Works
1377635d0ALG MCMailroom ClerksPublic Works
1380835f0ATE SvpsTraffic Engineering DivisionPublic Works
138403610AWR MainWaste Resources MainPublic Works
138723630ARad ShpTelecom Radio Shop MainPublic Works
139043650ARad TstTelecom Radio TestPublic Works
139363670ALG AS/FDAdministrative Services/ Finance DepartmentPublic Works
139683690ALG HSHuman ServicesPublic Works
1400036b0ALG Comm SCommunity ServicesPublic Works
1403236d0APublic WorksPublic WorksPublic Works
1406436f0ALG EOC 1Emergency Operations Center - 1Emergency Ops
140963710ALG EOC 2Emergency Operations Center - 2Emergency Ops
141283730ALG EEEnvironmental EngineeringPublic Works
141603750AWtr Adm1Water Supply Administration 1Public Works
141923770AWtr Adm2Water Supply Administration 2Public Works
142243790AArc OpsAmerican Red Cross OperationsPublic Works
1425637b0AOnrp TSOffice of Natural Resource ProtectionPublic Works
1428837d0ALG 10B North Perry AirportPublic Works
1432037f0AOIT OpsComputer Systems MaintenancePublic Works
143523810ACourtsClerk of CourtsPublic Works
143843830AAv MntnFLL MaintenancePublic Works
144163850ALG 10JSchool Bus EvacuationPublic Works
144483870AChild Care LChild Care LicensingPublic Works
144803890ALG OmegaPort EvergladesPublic Works
1451238b0ARevenue CollRevenue CollectionPublic Works
Broward County Public Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1454438d0ABCPS N. DispSchool Bus - North Area DispatchTransportation
1457638f0ABCPS N. BusSchool Bus - North ManagementTransportation
146083910ABCPS C. DispSchool Bus - Central Area DispatchTransportation
146403930ABCPS C. BusSchool Bus - Central ManagementTransportation
146723950ABCPS S. DispSchool Bus - South Area DispatchTransportation
147043970ABCPS S. BusSchool Bus - South ManagementTransportation
147363990ABCPS CW DispSchool Bus - Central West DispatchTransportation
1476839b0ABCPS CW BusSchool Bus - Central West ManagementTransportation
1480039d0ABCPS SW DispSchool Bus - Southwest DispatchTransportation
1483239f0ABCPS SW BusSchool Bus - Southwest ManagementTransportation
148643a10ABCPS NW DispSchool Bus - Northwest DispatchTransportation
148963a30ABCPS NW BusSchool Bus - Northwest ManagementTransportation
149283a50ABCPS NC DispSchool Bus - North Central Dispatch Transportation
149603a70ABCPS NC BusSchool Bus - North Central Bus-to-BusTransportation
149923a90ABCPS Veh MntSchool Bus - Vehicle MaintenanceTransportation
150243ab0ABCPS Site OpSite OperationsSchools
150563ad0ABCPS Rsk MgtRisk ManagementSchools
150883af0ABCPS NASUPTNorth Area SuperintendentSchools
151203b10ABCPS Safety South Area SuperintendantSchools
151523b30ABCPS NCSUPTNorth Central Area SuperintendentSchools
151843b50ABCPS SCSUPTSouth Central Area SuperintendentSchools
152163b70ABCPS TMGTTMGTSchools
152483b90ABCPS SIUSpecial Investigative UnitSchools
152803bb0ABCPS Fac MntFacilities MaintenanceSchools
153123bd0ABCPS TelcomATelecom ASchools
153443bf0ABCPS TelcomTTelecom TSchools
153763c10ABCPS EmergEmergenciesSchools
154083c30ABCPS TelcomBTelecom BSchools
154403c50ABCPS APATAPATSchools
154723c70ABCPS Prj MgrProject ManagerSchools
155043c90ABCPS DeputyDeputy SuperintendantSchools
155363cb0ABCPS BSOSheriff's Office (SIU)Schools
155683cd0ABCPS DNMTDNMTSchools
156003cf0ABCPS ASCPOT(ASCPOT)Schools
156323d10ABCPS AdminAdministrationSchools
156643d30ABCPS SS MgmtSS ManagementSchools
156963d50ABCPS MaintMaintenanceSchools
157283d70ABCPS Maint NNorth Area MaintenanceSchools
157603d90ABCPS Maint SSouth Area MaintenanceSchools
157923db0ABCPS Maint CCentral Area MaintenanceSchools
158243dd0ABCPSMaint CWCentral West Area MaintenanceSchools
158563df0ABCPSMaint SWSouthwest Area MaintenanceSchools
158883e10ABCPSMaint NWNorthwest Area MaintenanceSchools
159203e30ABCPS Sch BrdGroundsSchools
Fort Lauderdale Public Services

 Talkgroups now operate off of Site-004.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
204965010ALG CommLocal Government CommonPublic Works
205285030ACity Mgr 1City Manager 1Public Works
205925070AEOC 1Emergency Operations Center 1Emergency Ops
206245090AEOC 2Emergency Operations Center 2Emergency Ops
2065650b0AEOC 3Emergency Operations Center 3Emergency Ops
208165150ABuilding CCBuilding Dept Code CompliancePublic Works
208485170ABuilding ABuilding Dept Construction Services - APublic Works
2091251b0ABuilding ComBuilding & Zoning Department commonPublic Works
2094451d0ABuilding BBuilding Dept Construction Services - BPublic Works
2097651f0ALG UnknownLG UnknownPublic Works
210085210ACityHall SecCity Hall SecuritySecurity
210405230AExec AirportExecutive AirportPublic Works
211365290APFS-A EnforcParking Services - A EnforcementPublic Works
2116852b0APFS-B MeterParking Services - B Meter MechanicsPublic Works
212645310ASurveyors ASurveyors - AlphaPublic Works
212965330ASurveyors DSurveyors - DeltaPublic Works
213285350ASurveyors ESurveyors - EchoPublic Works
213605370ASurveyors FSurveyors - FoxtrotPublic Works
213925390ASurveyors GSurveyors - GolfPublic Works
2142453b0ASurveyors HSurveyors - HotelPublic Works
215205410APublic ServiPublic ServicesPublic Works
215525430APublic Ser CPublic Services CommonPublic Works
215845450ABulk TrashSolid Waste Services - Bulk TrashPublic Works
216165470AFleet Maint.Fleet MaintenancePublic Works
216485490ALG ConstructConstructionPublic Works
2168054b0ALG UnknownPublic ServicesPublic Works
2196855d0AUtil DispUtilities DispatchUtilities
2200055f0AWastewaterUtilities WastewaterUtilities
220325610AEnvironmentUtilities EnvironmentUtilities
220645630AWater TreatUtilities Water TreatmentUtilities
220965650ACustomer SerUtilities Customer ServiceUtilities
221285670AConstructionUtilities ConstructionUtilities
221605690AMaint ElectrMaintenance - ElectricalPublic Works
2219256b0AInter RepairMaintenance - Internal RepairPublic Works
2222456d0ASpec ProjectMaintenance - Special ProjectsPublic Works
2225656f0APublic ServiPublic ServicesPublic Works
2244857b0APark CommonParks and Recreation CommonPublic Works
2251257f0APark RangersParks and Recreation RangersPublic Works
225445810ASnyder ParkParks and Recreation Snyder ParkPublic Works
2276858f0APark Event Parks and Recreation Special EventsPublic Works
228005910AMarine FacMarine Facilities (Marina Docks)Public Works
232805af0AInfo TechInformation TechnologyPublic Works
286887010A6K FLGLOBALFort Lauderdale GlobalPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65441990AHB CITY-1City-1 (Police Tactical)Interop
657619b0AHB CITY-2City-2 (Police and Fire Use)Interop
660819d0AHB CITY-3City-3 (Fire Use)Interop
664019f0AHB CITY-4City-4 (Fire Use)Interop
Hollywood Fire/EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53520d110DHFD AnnounceAnnouncementEmergency Ops
53552d130DHFD AdminAdministrationFire-Tac
53584d150DHFD AdminAdministrationFire-Tac
53616d170DHFD BP SupBeach Patrol SupervisorsFire-Tac
53648d190DHFD BP ABeach Patrol - A MainFire Dispatch
53680d1b0DHFD BP BBeach Patrol - BFire-Tac
53712d1d0DHFD EMSEMS InspectorsEMS-Tac
53744d1f0DHFD N DispNorth Dispatch (Hollywood)Fire Dispatch
53808d230DHFD InspectInspectors/SWATFire-Tac
53840d250DHFD LogisticLogisticsFire-Tac
53872d270DHFD OR8Ocean Rescue 8Fire-Tac
54128d370DHFD Tac1 NTactical 1 - NorthFire-Tac
54192d3b0DHFD Tac2 NTactical 2 - NorthFire-Tac
54256d3f0DHFD Tac3 NTactical 3 - NorthFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52816ce50DHPD VICEVICE OperationsLaw Tac
52848ce70DHPD VICE TACVice/Intelligence/Narcotics TacticalLaw Tac
52944ced0DHPD AnnounceAnnouncementLaw Tac
52976cef0DHPD DISP-EDispatch EastLaw Dispatch
53008cf10DHPD Event 1Special Events 1Law Talk
53040cf30DHPD Event 2Special Events 2Law Talk
53072cf50DHPD LOG ONDuty Log OnLaw Tac
53104cf70DHPD DETDetectivesLaw Tac
53136cf90DHPD S CRIMEStreet CrimesLaw Tac
53168cfb0DHPD TAC1Tactical 1Law Tac
53200cfd0DHPD TAC2Tactical 2Law Tac
53232cff0DHPD TAC3Tactical 3Law Tac
53264d010DHPD TTYInformation/TeletypeLaw Tac
53296d030DHPD DISP-WDispatch WestLaw Dispatch
Margate and Coconut Creek Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
42768a710ACCPD Disp F1Coconut Creek Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
42800a730ACCPD Info F2Police InformationLaw Tac
42832a750ACCPD Car F3Police Car-to-CarLaw Tac
42864a770ACCPD Tac F4Police TacticalLaw Talk
42896a790ACCPD Evt F5Police Special EventsLaw Talk
42928a7b0AMPD DispatchMargate Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
42960a7d0AMPD TacticalMargate Police TacticalLaw Tac
Margate-Coconut Creek Fire Rescue
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
43120a870AMargate FD5Tactical 3 C.E.R.TFire-Tac
43152a890AMargate FD6Tactical 4Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
635218d0AMMMiramar City ChannelMulti-Talk
Oakland Park City Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
236005c30AOPPW CtyWideCitywide CommomPublic Works
236325c50AOPPW OpsPublic Works OperationsPublic Works
236645c70AOPPW Mun OpsMunicipal OperationsPublic Works
236965c90AOPPW SanitatSanitationPublic Works
237285cb0AOPPW Prk/RecParks and RecreationPublic Works
237605cd0AOPPWPublic WorksPublic Works
237925cf0AOPPWPublic WorksPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
42096a470APPPD 1 Disp1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
42128a490APPPD 2 Info2 InformationLaw Tac
42160a4b0APPPD 3 Car3 Car-to-CarLaw Tac
42192a4d0APPPD 4 Tac14 Tactical - 1Law Talk
42224a4f0APPPD 5 Tac25 Tatical- 2 SurveillanceLaw Talk
42256a510APPPD 6 Tac36 Tactical- 3 DetectivesLaw Tac
42288a530APPPD 6 Serg7 SergeantsLaw Tac
42320a550APPPD 8 SWAT8 SWATLaw Tac
42352a570APPPD 9 CRT9 CRTLaw Tac
42384a590APPPD10SIUSOU10 SIU/SOU (Special Operations)Law Tac
42416a5b0APPPD/PPFD 1Police and Fire City 1Interop
42448a5d0APPPD/PPFD 2Police and Fire City 2Interop
42480a5f0APPFR 1 Disp1 Fire-Rescue DispatchFire Dispatch
42512a610APPFR 2 Talk2 Fire-Rescue TalkaroundFire-Tac
42544a630APPFR 3 Tac33 Fire-Rescue Tactical-3Fire-Tac
42576a650APPFR 4 Tac44 Fire-Rescue Tactical-4Fire-Tac
42608a670APPFR 5 Tac55 Fire-Rescue Tactical-5Fire-Tac
42640a690APPFR 6 Tac66 Fire-Rescue Tactical-6Fire-Tac
42672a6b0APPFD/PPPD 77 Prevention/PD Training 2Multi-Talk
42736a6f0APPFR 9 Admn9 Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
Pompano Beach City Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
346408750AEOC 1Emergency Operations Center 1Public Works
346728770AEOC 2Emergency Operations Center 2Public Works
347048790AEOC 3Emergency Operations Center 3Public Works
3473687b0AEOC 4Emergency Operations Center 4Public Works
348648830ALocalLocalPublic Works
348968850ACommon SupCommon SupervisorsPublic Works
349288870AAirpark Airpark (Airport)Public Works
349608890AAirpark TwrAirpark TowerPublic Works
351208930AEngineering Engineering CommonPublic Works
351528950AAll CommonAll CommonPublic Works
3524889b0AOccupationalOccupational LicensingPublic Works
3528089d0AUtil - CSCustomer Service - UtilitiesPublic Works
354088a50APBPW CommPublic Works CommonPublic Works
354408a70APBPW DispPublic Works DispatchPublic Works
354728a90APBPW Ops-1Public Works Operations 1Public Works
356008b10APBPW Ops-2Operations 2Public Works
356328b30AUtil Ops-1Utilities Operations 1Public Works
357288b90AAquaticsCommAquatics CommonPublic Works
357608bb0AAquatics 1Aquatics 1Public Works
357928bd0AAquatics 2Aquatics 2Public Works
358568c10ARecreation CRecreation CommonPublic Works
358888c30ARecreation ARecreation Administration (Municipal Golf Course)Public Works
359208c50ARecreation 1Recreation 1Public Works
359528c70APublic WorksPublic WorksPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
116962db0APE 1 OpsOperationsPublic Works
117282dd0APE 2 OpsOperationsPublic Works
117602df0APE 3 OpsOperationsPublic Works
117922e10APE 4 OpsOperationsPublic Works
118242e30APE 5 OpsOperationsPublic Works
118562e50APE 6 BusesBusesTransportation
118882e70APE 7 ShipsShips and PortPublic Works
119202e90APE 8 OpsOperationsPublic Works
119522eb0APE 9 OpsOperationsPublic Works
119842ed0APE 10 SecTacSecurity TacSecurity
120162ef0APE 11 AdminAdministrationPublic Works
120482f10APE 12 SecC/CSecurity Car-CarSecurity
120802f30APE 13 SecSecurity MainSecurity
121122f50APE 14 PD TacPD TacticalLaw Tac
121442f70APE 15 OpsOperationsPublic Works
121762f90APE 16 OpsOperationsPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55984dab0DMotorola 1 TechniciansOther
56016dad0DMotorola 2 Project ManagementOther
56048daf0DMotorola 3 SpareOther
56080db10DMotorola 4Motorola 4Other
56112db30DMotorola 5Motorola 5Other
56144db50DMotorola 6Motorola 6Other
56176db70DMotorola 7Motorola 7Other
56208db90DMotorola 8Motorola 8Other
56224dba0DMotorola 9Motorola 9Other
56240dbb0DMotorola 10Motorola 10Other
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65121970ASRSea Ranch City ChannelOther
Seminole Tribe of Florida
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
41648a2b0ASem FD1F1 Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
41616a290ASem FD2F2 Fire Car-CarFire-Talk
41680a2d0ASem FD3F3 Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
41712a2f0ASem FD4F4 Fire Tac 2 Car-CarFire-Tac
41744a310ASem FD5F5 Fire Tac 3Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
261606630ASunrise PD1Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
262246670ASunrise PD3Police Car-to-CarLaw Tac
2657667d0ASunrise PD9Police TacticalLaw Tac
2635266f0ASunrise PD7Police InvestigationsLaw Talk
263846710ASunrise PD8Police SupervisorsLaw Talk
261926650ASunrise PD2Police TeletypeLaw Tac
264806770ASunriseFD3Fireground Fire-Talk
52656cdb0ASunrisePDINvSunrise PD InvestigationsLaw Tac
262566690ASunrise PD4Special Events Common Law Tac
2628866b0ASunrise PD5BBandT Center CommonLaw Tac
2632066d0ASunrise PD6Common LocalLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
312487a10AWM 1N TAC1Tactical - DeltaLaw Tac
313447a70AWM EOCEmergency Operations CenterEmergency Ops
313767a90AWM AdminAdministrationPublic Works
314087ab0AWM Fire InspFire InspectorsFire-Talk
314407ad0AWM CityCity Channel (Public Works)Public Works
314727af0AWM PWPublic WorksPublic Works
Florida Atlantic University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
122082fb0AFAU DavieFlorida Atlantic University Police (Davie)Law Dispatch