System Name: Cumberland County
Location: Carlisle, PA
County: Cumberland
System Type: OpenSky 9600 baud
System Voice: TDMA Digital
Last Updated: February 26, 2024, 18:15 pm UTC   [Changed Site # 006 (Shippensburg) to 6 (Shippensburg)]
System Notes

Operational Profile for Fire:

Fire_1  -  Fire Dispatch (simulcast on 46.06)
Ops_2  -  Fire Operations (as assigned by County)
Ops_3  -  Fire Operations (as assigned by County)
Ops_4  -  Fire Operations (as assigned by County)
Ops_5  -  Fire Operations (as assigned by County)
Ops_6  -  Fire Operations (as assigned by County)
Ops_7  -  Fire Operations (as assigned by County)
Ops_8  -  Fire Operations (as assigned by County)
EMS_DSP  -  EMS Dispatch (simulcast on 453.175)
FP_CW  -  Countywide Fire Police
FREG_E  -  Fire Regional East (non-911 monitored comms between FD units)
FREG_W -  Fire Regional West (non-911 monitored comms between FD units)
PS_E  -  Public Safety East (non-911 monitored between PS units)
PS_W  -  Public Safety West (non-911 monitored between PS units)
[Muni TG]  - Municipal TG for comms with local PD, etc.
[DEPT TG]  -  Department TG for individual FD comms

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
004 (4) Carlisle 856.4375856.7375857.2375857.7375858.7375858.9375859.7375860.7375
003 (3) Enola 860.9375854.9325856.9375     
001 (1) Mount Holly Spring 857.4375858.4375859.4375     
005 (5) Reesers Summit 855.7125858.7375860.7375     
006 (6) Shippensburg 854.9625856.9375860.9375858.9375860.7375   
002 (2) Toboyne Township 855.2125857.9375859.9375