System Name: Cumberland County
Location: Carlisle, PA
County: Cumberland
System Type: OpenSky 9600 baud
System Voice: TDMA Digital
Last Updated: February 26, 2024, 18:15 pm UTC   [Changed Site # 006 (Shippensburg) to 6 (Shippensburg)]
System Notes

Operational Profile for Fire:

Fire_1  -  Fire Dispatch (simulcast on 46.06)
Ops_2  -  Fire Operations (as assigned by County)
Ops_3  -  Fire Operations (as assigned by County)
Ops_4  -  Fire Operations (as assigned by County)
Ops_5  -  Fire Operations (as assigned by County)
Ops_6  -  Fire Operations (as assigned by County)
Ops_7  -  Fire Operations (as assigned by County)
Ops_8  -  Fire Operations (as assigned by County)
EMS_DSP  -  EMS Dispatch (simulcast on 453.175)
FP_CW  -  Countywide Fire Police
FREG_E  -  Fire Regional East (non-911 monitored comms between FD units)
FREG_W -  Fire Regional West (non-911 monitored comms between FD units)
PS_E  -  Public Safety East (non-911 monitored between PS units)
PS_W  -  Public Safety West (non-911 monitored between PS units)
[Muni TG]  - Municipal TG for comms with local PD, etc.
[DEPT TG]  -  Department TG for individual FD comms

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Mount Holly Spring 857.4375858.4375859.4375     
002 (2) Toboyne Township 855.2125857.9375859.9375     
003 (3) Enola 860.9375854.9325856.9375     
004 (4) Carlisle 856.4375856.7375857.2375857.7375858.7375858.9375859.7375860.7375
005 (5) Reesers Summit 855.7125858.7375860.7375     
006 (6) Shippensburg 854.9625856.9375860.9375858.9375860.7375