System Name: Collier County (EDACS)
Location: Collier County, FL
County: Collier
System Type: EDACS Networked Standard
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: May 19, 2019, 4:18 pm CDT   [Changed Talkgroup Category: Collier County Sheriff to Collier County Sheriff(Collier County Sheriff)]
System Notes

Two new sites on the simulcast system:

1. Krehling Concrete plant off Tamiami Trail going east.
2. Just east of Collier Blvd behind the fire station off Immokalee Rd.

The other simulcast sites located at:

3. WAVV tower off Benton Rd and Everglades Blvd.
4. County Barn Rd in the county fleet yard.
5. North Naples off of Trade Center Way.
6. Roof top of the Chalet condo on Marco Island.

Immokalee which is now a multi site will convert and become a simulcast
some time soon when Ave Maria University is completed.

The control point which is on the roof top of the court house is linked by microwave to the County Barn site.

The current CCSO dispatch center will move to the new location off Santa Barbara. This is all due to the relocation of the EOC.

Miles City site microwave hop at this time.

29/I-75 will get a multi site some time soon. it is in the planning stage.

For the VHF re-broad cast of fire and EMS (155.82/ 153.95):

It is the VHF TWO-TONE paging system so that the Fire and EMS can get actviation of the station when a call is assigned to the staion. This is done from Control 1 or Control 2 by a ZETRON 25 two-tone sequential tone panel that is interfaced with CAD.
Each station has a docking station for a monitor 3 pager that is interfaced with alarm bells and relays to doors and lights in the bunk rooms and bays.The transmit site is on WAVV tower. Both are VHF Master III repeaters with transmit only(500 Watt TPL power amps on each).

Talkgroups 15-156 & 15-157 patch channels are used when there is a need to combine CCSO NAP 1 & 3 and CCSO NAP 2/4 & 7/8 in times when there are either not enough dispatchers to manintain all 4 channels separately (1, 3, 2/4, 7/8) or when the radio traffic is light like on weekends or primarily at nighttime and can be mananged by a single radio dispatcher

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Naples Simulcast 01 856.437502 856.487503 856.937504 856.962505 857.487506 857.962507 858.937508 858.9625
  09 859.437510 859.487511 859.762512 860.437513 860.487514 860.762515 860.962516 854.3375
  17 854.3625c       
002 (2) Immokalee 01 856.262502 857.437503 858.4375c04 859.962505 860.262506 854.412507 855.2375 
003 (3) Everglades 01 855.487502 857.937503 858.937504 859.262505 859.937506 860.9375  
004 (4) I-75 01 856.762502 857.762503 858.7625     
005 (5) Loop Road 01 856.262502 857.212503 857.9375     


Collier County Fire and EMS
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
86606-122ACCFD DispCounty-Wide Fire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
86506-121ACCFD NorthNorth County Fire/EMS ControlFire Dispatch
78606-022ACCFD SouthSouth County Fire/EMS ControlFire Dispatch
88106-141ACCFD WestWest County Fire/EMS Control (Naples City)Fire Dispatch
78706-023ACCFD Tac 1Tactical 1 - NAPLES FIRE RESCUEFire-Tac
86806-124ACCFD Tac 2Tactical 2 - GREATER NAPLES FIRE "20" BATTALIONFire-Tac
87006-126ACCFD Tac 4Tactical 4 - NORTH COLLIER FIRE "40" BATTALIONFire-Tac
87106-127ACCFD Tac 5Tactical 5 - MARCO ISLAND FIRE RESCUEFire-Tac
87206-130ACCFD Tac 6Tactical 6 - GREATER NAPLES FIRE "60" BATTALIONFire-Tac
87306-131ACCFD Tac 7Tactical 7 - GREATER NAPLES FIRE "70" BATTALIONFire-Tac
87406-132ACCFD Tac 9Tactical 9 - GREATER NAPLES FIRE "90" BATTALIONFire-Tac
87506-133ACCFD Tac 10Tactical 10 - NORTH COLLIER FIRE "10" BATTALIONFire-Tac
87606-134ACCFD Tac 11Tactical 11 - Assigned as neededFire-Tac
87706-135ACCFD Tac 12Tactical 12 - Assigned as neededFire-Tac
87806-136ACCFD Tac 13Tactical 13 - Assigned as neededFire-Tac
83306-081ACCFD Tac 14Tactical 14 - Assigned as neededFire-Tac
83406-082ACCFD Tac 15Tactical 15 - Assigned as neededFire-Tac
83506-083ACCFD Tac 16Tactical 16 - Assigned as neededFire-Tac
83606-084ACCFD Tac 17Tactical 17 - Assigned as neededFire-Tac
83706-085ACCFD Tac 18Tactical 18 - Assigned as neededFire-Tac
85406-106ACCFD OpsFire and EMS OpsFire-Talk
80306-043ACCFD Admin20Admin 20 - East Naples Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
80506-045ACCFD Admin40Admin 40- North Naples Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
81906-063ACCFD ChiefsChiefsFire-Talk
82006-064ACCFD SuprvsrSupervisorsFire-Talk
82106-065ACCFD SupportSupportFire-Talk
83806-086ACCFD LogistLogisticsFire-Talk
84606-096ACCFD Train 1Training 1Fire-Talk
84706-097ACCFD Train 2Training 2Fire-Talk
88306-143ACCFD Event 1Collier County EMS and FireFire-Talk
88406-144ACCFD Event 2Collier County EMS and FireFire-Talk
88506-145ACCFD LeeCntyLee County ControlFire-Talk
88606-146ACCFD BlueLnkWhite (cross-linked to the VHF white frequency for comm's with Dep't of Forestry)Fire-Talk
89006-152ACCFD CommandCollier County EMS and FireMulti-Dispatch
94907-065ACCFD SpareSpare ChannelOther
83906-087ACCFD RoofGrpCollier County EMS and FireFire-Talk
84006-090ACCFD VentGrpCollier County EMS and FireFire-Talk
84106-091ACCFD Group 1Collier County EMS and FireFire-Talk
84206-092ACCFD Group 2Collier County EMS and FireFire-Talk
84306-093ACCFD Group 3Collier County EMS and FireFire-Talk
84406-094ACCFD Group 4Collier County EMS and FireFire-Talk
84506-095ACCFD RehabCollier County EMS and FireFire-Talk
84906-101ACCFD Insp 1Fire Inspectors 1Fire-Talk
85006-102ACCFD Insp 2Fire Inspectors 2Fire-Talk
85106-103ACCFD Insp 3Fire Inspectors 3Fire-Talk
85206-104ACCFD Insp 4Fire Inspectors 4Fire-Talk
85306-105ACCFD Insp 5Fire Inspectors 5Fire-Talk
79706-035ACC EMS Tac 1EMS Tac 1Multi-Tac
79806-036ACC EMS Tac 2EMS Tac 2Multi-Tac
89707-001ACC EMS Ops 1EMS Ops 1EMS Dispatch
90107-005ACC EMS Adm 1EMS Admin 1EMS Dispatch
90207-006ACC EMS Adm 2EMS Admin 2EMS Dispatch
92907-041ACC EMS Ops 1EMS Ops 1EMS Dispatch
93007-042ACC EMS Ops 2EMS Ops 2EMS Dispatch
93307-045ACC EMS TrainEMS EMS Dispatch
93407-046ACC EMS Ops 3EMS Ops 3EMS Dispatch
93507-047ACC EMS Ops 4EMS Ops 4EMS Dispatch
91507-023ACC EMS MIUCCMIUCCFire-Talk
91707-025ACC EMS GGUCCGGUCCFire-Talk
91807-026ACC EMS Hosp1All Hosp 1Hospital
91907-027ACC EMS Hosp2All Hosp 2Hospital
92007-030ACC EMS HospHospitals GroupHospital
94507-061ACC EMS NCHNaples Community Hospital TriageHospital
94607-062ACC EMS NOCONorth Collier Hospital TriageHospital
94707-063ACC EMS PRCTPhysicians Regional Collier Blvd. TriageHospital
94807-064ACC EMS PRPRTPhysicians Regional Pine Ridge TriageHospital
87906-137ALee Collier OneLee Collier OneInterop
Collier County Sheriff
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
27302-021ACCSO Dist 1District 1 - North NaplesLaw Dispatch
27402-022ACCSO Dist 3/5Districts 3/5 - East Naples and EvergladesLaw Dispatch
27502-023ACCSO Dist 8District 8 - ImmokaleeLaw Dispatch
27202-020ACCSO DispSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
28202-032ACCSO Dist 2/4Districts 2/4 - Golden Gate and EstatesLaw Dispatch
27602-024ACCSO Tac 1Tac 1 - North Naples TacticalLaw Tac
27702-025ACCSO Tac 2Tac 2 - Golden Gate TacticalLaw Tac
27802-026ACCSO Tac 3Tac 3 - East Naples TacticalLaw Tac
27902-027ACCSO Tac 6Tac 6 - Marco Island TacticalLaw Tac
28002-030ACCSO Tac 7Tac 7 - Everglades City TacticalLaw Tac
28102-031ACCSO Tac 8Tac 8 - Immokalee TacticalLaw Tac
30702-063ACCSO Event 1Special Events 1 - Special Details (Fairs, Festival, CID)Law Tac
30802-064ACCSO Event 2Special Events 2 - Traffic Special OpsLaw Tac
30902-065ACCSO Event 3Special Events 3Law Tac
31002-066ACCSO Event 4Special Events 4Law Tac
30502-061ACCSO Admin 1Admin 1Law Tac
30602-062ACCSO Admin 2Admin 2Law Tac
25602-000ACCSO SheriffSheriffLaw Tac
28902-041ACCSO SpOps 2Special Ops 2Law Tac
29002-042ACCSO Yrd/PrvSheriffLaw Tac
31102-067ACCSO SuprvsrField SupervisorsLaw Tac
31202-070ACCSO ConsoleConsole (Console Ops)Law Tac
32602-086ACCSO CivilProcess ServersLaw Tac
32702-087ACCSO WarrantWarrantsLaw Tac
36902-141ACCSO VNB ENCSheriffLaw Tac
41503-037ACCSO GangsStreet Gang DivisionLaw Tac
41903-043ACCSO VNBSheriffLaw Tac
42003-044ACCSO VNB NapSheriffLaw Tac
40703-027ACCSO WarrantWarrantsLaw Tac
41203-034ACCSO IntAff1Internal Affairs 1Law Tac
50703-153ACCSO IntAff2Internal Affairs 2Law Tac
25702-001ACCSO RadiosRadio ShopLaw Talk
32502-085ACCSO CIDCID OperationsLaw Tac
40403-024ACCSO CID NapCID Naples OpsLaw Tac
40503-025ACCSO CID ImmCID Immokalee OpsLaw Tac
42103-045ACCSO VNB ImmCID Operations / Fugitve RecoveryLaw Tac
49703-141ACCSO SpecOpsCID OperationsLaw Tac
50003-144ACCSO VNB 1CID OperationsLaw Tac
50103-145ACCSO VNB 2CID OperationsLaw Tac
50203-146ACCSO VNB 3CID OperationsLaw Tac
50303-147ACCSO CIB 1CID OperationsLaw Tac
50403-150ACCSO CID AdmCID AdminLaw Tac
50503-151ACCSO CID NapCID NaplesLaw Tac
50903-155ACCSO CIB 2CID WarrantsLaw Tac
51003-156ACCSO CIDGangCID Gang UnitLaw Tac
41703-041ACCSO SWAT 1SWAT 1Law Tac
41803-042ACCSO SWAT 2SWAT 2Law Tac
49803-142ACCSO SRU T1Special Response Unit - Tactical 1Law Tac
49903-143ACCSO SRU T2Special Response Unit - Tactical 2Law Tac
50803-154ACCSO SRU T3Special Response Unit - Tactical 3Law Tac
52304-013ACCSO FL/Col1FL/Col 1Law Tac
52404-014ACCSO FL/Col2FL/Col 2Law Tac
28302-033ACCSO DadeCtyDade County TacLaw Tac
28402-034ACCSO LeeCntyLee County Sheriff PatchLaw Tac
32802-090ACCSO BailiffJail / Courthouse Security Law Tac
39603-014ACCSO DOC TacCorrections TacticalCorrections
32102-081ACCSO JailNaples Jail CenterCorrections
32202-082ACCSO JailTacNaples Jail Center - TacticalCorrections
32402-084ACCSO JailTacNaples Jail Center - TacticalCorrections
32302-083ACCSO Juv DetNJC- Juvenille Detention FacilityCorrections
37002-142ACCSO CIB ENCImmokalee Jail CenterCorrections
204415-154ACCSO SAID 44SAID PatchLaw Tac
204615-156ACCSO SAID 46SAID Patch - Dispatch (Nighttime)Interop
204715-157ACCSO SAID 47SAID Patch - Dispatch (Nighttime)Interop
28502-035ACCSO MotorMotor Vehicle EnforcementLaw Tac
Public Works / Miscellaneous
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
62504-141ACC Airport 1Airport 1 Public Works
62604-142ACC Airport 2Airport 2Public Works
52104-011ACC All CntyAll Co Public Works
53004-022ACC Bldg InspBuilding InspectorPublic Works
63104-147ACC C TranC Tran Transportation
62704-143ACC CAT DispCAT 1 - Collier Area Transit DispatchTransportation
62804-144ACC CAT SupvCAT 2 - Collier Area Transit SupervisorTransportation
61104-123ACC Co ExecCo Exec Public Works
53104-023ACC Code EnfCode Enforcement Public Works
51304-001ACC Cntywd 1Countywide 1 Public Works
51404-002ACC Cntywd 2Countywide 2 Public Works
73705-121ACC Court OpsCourthouse OperationsPublic Works
60104-111ACC Court SecCourthouse Security Public Works
60304-113ACC DOE MandDOE Mand Public Works
55004-046ACC Anim CntlDomestic Animal Services Public Works
60904-121ACC EM OpsEmergency Management - Operations Public Works
61604-130ACC EM TalkEmergency Management - Talkaround Public Works
61304-125ACC EOC 1Emergency Operations Center 1 Emergency Ops
61404-126ACC EOC 2Emergency Operations Center 2 Emergency Ops
61504-127ACC EOC 3Emergency Operations Center 3 (Emergency Ops
51604-004ACC Event 1Event 1 Public Works
51704-005ACC Event 2Event 2 Public Works
51804-006ACC Event 3Event 3Public Works
59504-103ACC Fac SDMFacilities Public Works
59404-102ACC Fac Mgt 1Facilities Management - Operations 1 Public Works
60504-115ACC Fac Mgt 2Facilities Management - Operations 2Public Works
65905-023ACC FDLEFDLE Interop
59604-104ACC FleetFleet Maintenance Public Works
59704-105ACC Fleet OpsFleet Maintenance - Operations Public Works
52204-012ACC HealthHealth Department Public Works
59904-107ACC IT DeptInformation Technology Public Works
60004-110ACC IT OpsInformation Technology - OperationsPublic Works
69905-073ACC InnercityInnercityInterop
57204-074ACC LandscpngLandscaping OpsPublic Works
59804-106ACC MetersMeters Public Works
61204-124ACC Mob CmdMobile Command Public Works
75405-142ACC Mosq AdmMosquito Control - Admin Public Works
75505-143ACC Mosq LabMosquito Control - Lab Public Works
75305-141ACC Mosq OpsMosquito Control - Operations Public Works
70505-081ANCH AdminNaples Community Hospital - Admin Public Works
70705-083ANCH FacilityNaples Community Hospital - Facilities Public Works
70405-080ANCH - NICHNaples Community Hospital - NICHPublic Works
70805-084ANCH Ops 1Naples Community Hospital - Ops 1Public Works
70905-085ANCH Ops 2Naples Community Hospital - Ops 2 Public Works
70605-082ANCH SecurityNaples Community Hospital - SecuritySecurity
71005-086ANCH TransitNaples Community Hospital - Transit Transportation
53204-024ACC Nat ResNatural ResourcesPublic Works
54704-043ACC P&R MaintParks and Recreation - MaintenancePublic Works
54604-042ACC P&R OpsParks and Recreation - Operations Public Works
55304-051ACC P&R ProgParks and Recreation - Programs Public Works
54804-044ACC P&R RangrParks and Recreation - Rangers Public Works
54904-045ACC P&R SupvParks and Recreation - SupervisorsPublic Works
51504-003ACC 911 PatchPatch Public Works
61004-122ACC PolicyPolicy Public Works
65705-021ACC Prob OpsProbation OpsPublic Works
65805-022ACC Prob TacProbation Tactical Public Works
51204-000ACC Pub SvcsPublic Services Public Works
53304-025ACC Pol ContPublic Services Public Works
53404-026ACC Plng SvcPublic Services Public Works
53504-027ACC CDS SuppPublic ServicesPublic Works
51904-007ACC PS Wide 1Public Services - Wide 1 Public Works
52004-010ACC PS Wide 2Public Services - Wide 2 Public Works
54504-041ACC PS DivPublic Services Division Public Works
56104-061ACC PU DivPublic Utilities Division Public Works
60404-114ACC RiskRisk Public Works
56204-062ACC R&B PWEDRoad and Bridge Public Works
56304-063ACC R&B TrnspRoad and Bridge Public Works
56604-066ACC Road RepRoad and Bridge - Repair Public Works
56404-064ACC Roads 1Road and Bridge - Roads 1 Public Works
56504-065ACC Roads 2Road and Bridge - Roads 2 Public Works
64105-001ACC SAO OpsSAO Ops Public Works
64205-002ACC SAP TacSAP TacticalPublic Works
56804-070ACC LandfillSolid Waste Department - Landfill Public Works
59304-101ACC SS DivSS Division Public Works
60204-112ACC SS SupvSS Supervisors Public Works
56704-067ACC Traff SigTraffic Signal Ops Public Works
57104-073ACC TransportTransportation Services Division Public Works
57704-081ACC WWTFWaste Water Treatment Facility Public Works
58604-092ACC WW AlarmWater Department - Alarms Public Works
57804-082ACC WW CollWater Department - CollectionsPublic Works
58004-084ACC WaterDistWater Department - Distribution Public Works
57904-083ACC WW EmergWater Department - EmergencyPublic Works
58204-086ACC Wtr N PltWater Department - N Plant Public Works
58404-090ACC Water OpsWater Department - Operations Public Works
58304-087ACC Wtr S PltWater Department - S PlantPublic Works
58504-091ACC Wtr SupvWater Department - Supervisors Public Works
59104-097ACC Wtr WellsWater Department - Wells and PumpsPublic Works
56904-071ACC WaterMgmtWater Management - Mosquito Control (WTR MGT)Public Works
Marco Island Public Safety
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
122109-085AMIPD 1Public Safety DispatchLaw Dispatch
123409-102AMIPD TacPublic Safety - Tac (Ch 6)Law Tac
123509-103AMIPD OpsMIPD OPSLaw Tac
123209-100AMIPSPublic Safety Law Tac
121709-081AMarco 1MARCO 1Law Tac
121809-082AMarco 2MARCO 2Law Tac
121909-083AMarco 3MARCO 3Law Tac
122009-084AMarco 4MARCO 4Law Tac
120109-061AMarco Admin1MAR ADM1Law Tac
120209-062AMarco Admin2MAR ADM2Law Tac
120009-060AMarcoMARCOLaw Tac
123309-101AMarco 09-101MarcoLaw Tac
Naples Police and Emergency Services Department
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
88206-142ANFD TacticalFire TacticalFire-Tac
80106-041ANFD Admin 1Fire Admin 1Fire Dispatch
110508-101ANPD DispatchPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
110608-102ANPD Ch 2Police Ch.2Law Talk
110708-103ANPD Ch 3Police Ch.3Law Talk
110908-105ANPD CIDPolice Criminal Investigation DivisionLaw Talk
111108-107ANPD DetectPolice DetectivesLaw Talk
111408-112ANPD Spec OpsPolice Special Operations DivisionLaw Talk
107708-065ANPD to DPWDPWLaw Tac
109308-085ANPD to NAAPD to Naples Airport AuthorityLaw Tac
110808-104ANPD Tac 1Police Tactical - 1Law Tac
Naples Municipal Airport (APF)
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
115209-000ANAANaples Airport AuthorityPublic Works
115309-001ANAA OPSNaples Airport Authority Ops CH1Public Works
115409-002ANAA SECNaples Airport Authority Security CH2Public Works
115509-003AATC-TCross-Linked to Tower (128.5 Mhz)Public Works
115609-004ANAA ADMNaples Airport Authority AdminPublic Works
115709-005ANAA TACNaples Airport Authority TacticalPublic Works
115809-006AARINCARINCPublic Works
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202715-133ASAID 27SAIDInterop
202815-134ASAID 28SAIDInterop
202915-135ASAID 29SAIDInterop
203715-145ASAID 37SAIDInterop
203815-146ASAID 38SAIDInterop
203915-147ASAID 39SAIDInterop
204015-150ASAID 40SAIDInterop
204115-151ASAID 41SAIDInterop
204215-152ASAID 42SAIDInterop
204315-153ASAID 43SAIDInterop
204515-155ASAID 45SAIDInterop