System Name: Morgan County
Location: Decatur, AL
County: Morgan
System Type: EDACS Networked Standard
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: January 7, 2015, 6:31 pm CST   [Updated General Trunked System Information]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
016 (10) Decatur Main / Flint 01 851.812502 852.062503 852.312504 854.462505 855.062506 855.337507 855.762508 856.2125
  09 856.912510 857.2125      
017 (11) Decatur North 01 856.487502 856.987503 857.487504 854.7375    
020 (14) Morgan East / Brindlee Mountain 01 855.7375c02 854.2875c03 855.0875     


DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
61004-122AMC Mut Aid 1Mutual Aid 1 (linked to 155.01 MHz "STATENET" Statewide Mutual Aid)Interop
75205-140AMC FleetwideCountywide - FleetwideInterop
75305-141AMC StagingCountywide - StagingInterop
75405-142AMC AdminCountywide - AdministrationInterop
75505-143AMC County 1Countywide Ch 1Interop
75605-144AMC County 2Countywide Ch 2Interop
75705-145AMC County 3Countywide Ch 3Interop
75805-146AMC County 4Countywide Ch 4Interop
75905-147AMC County 5Countywide Ch 5Interop
76005-150AMC County 6Countywide Ch 6Interop
76105-151AMC County 7Countywide Ch 7Interop
76205-152AMC County ?Countywide ?Interop
76305-153AMC County ?Countywide ?Interop
76405-154AMC County ?Countywide ?Interop
76505-155AMC County ?Countywide ?Interop
76705-157AMC County ?Countywide ?Interop
79906-037AMC Mut Aid 4Mutual Aid 4Interop
177713-141AMC Mut Aid 2Mutual Aid 2Interop
193115-013AMC RadioTechCom-Eng/Communications Engineers (radio techs)Interop
197615-070AMC M/A CallMutual Aid CallingInterop
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57604-080AMetro FleetMetro - Fleetwide (All)Interop
57704-081AMetroCentralMetro - Central DispatchMulti-Dispatch
57804-082ATrinity 1Metro - Trinity Ch 1 (Town of Trinity)Public Works
57904-083ATrinity 2Metro - Trinity Ch 2Public Works
58004-084APriceville 1Metro - Priceville Ch 1 (Town of Priceville)Public Works
58104-085APriceville 2Metro - Priceville Ch 2Public Works
58204-086AMetro ? 086Metro ?Public Works
58304-087AMetro ? 087Metro ?Public Works
58404-090AMetro ? 090Metro ?Public Works
58504-091AMetro ? 091Metro ?Public Works
58604-092AMetro ? 092Metro ?Public Works
58704-093AMetro ? 093Metro ?Public Works
58804-094AMetro ? 094Metro ?Public Works
58904-095AMetro ? 095Metro ?Public Works
59004-096AMetro ? 096Metro ?Public Works
59104-097AMetro ? 097Metro ?Public Works
70105-075ANucor SteelNucor SteelPublic Works
Morgan County Sheriff
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
56004-060AMCSO FleetSheriff - FleetwideLaw Dispatch
56104-061AMCSO DispSheriff - Dispatch (not linked with 155.070)Law Dispatch
56204-062AMCSO AdminSheriff - AdministrationLaw Talk
56304-063AMCSO InvestSheriff - InvestigationsLaw Talk
56404-064AMCSO Tac 1Sheriff - Tac 1Law Tac
56504-065AMCSO Tac 2Sheriff - Tac 2Law Tac
56604-066AMCSO ? 066Sheriff ?Law Talk
56704-067AMCSO ? 067Sheriff ?Law Talk
56804-070AMCSO ? 070Sheriff ?Law Talk
56904-071AMCSO ? 071Sheriff ?Law Talk
57004-072AMCSO ? 072Sheriff ?Law Talk
57104-073AMCSO ? 073Sheriff ?Law Talk
57204-074AMCSO ? 074Sheriff ?Law Talk
57304-075AMCSO ? 075Sheriff ?Law Talk
57404-076AMCSO ? 076Sheriff ?Law Talk
57504-077AMCSO MDTsSheriff - MDTsData
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
29502-047AMC Mut Aid 3Mutual Aid 3Interop
52804-020ADPD FleetDecatur PD - Fleetwide (Fleet 1)Law Dispatch
52904-021ADPD DispatchDecatur PD - DispatchLaw Dispatch
53004-022ADPD CommandDecatur PD - CommandLaw Talk
53104-023ADPD InvestDecatur PD - InvestigationsLaw Talk
53204-024ADPD Detail 1Decatur PD - Detail 1Law Tac
53304-025ADPD Detail 2Decatur PD - Detail 2Law Tac
53404-026ADPD DrugsDecatur PD - DrugsLaw Tac
53504-027ADPD BikeDecatur PD - Bike UnitLaw Talk
53604-030ADPD GangsDecatur PD - STHAWk StreetHawks Gang UnitLaw Tac
53704-031ADPD ? 031Decatur PD ?Law Talk
53804-032ADPD ? 032Decatur PD ?Law Talk
53904-033ADPD ? 033Decatur PD ?Law Talk
54004-034ADPD ? 034Decatur PD ?Law Talk
54104-035ADPD ? 035Decatur PD ?Law Talk
54204-036ADPD ? 036Decatur PD ?Law Talk
54304-037ADPD MDTsDecatur PD - MDTsData
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
62404-140AHPD FleetHartselle PD - FleetwideLaw Dispatch
62504-141AHPD DispatchHartselle PD - Dispatch (linked with 155.61 MHz)Law Dispatch
62604-142AHPD InvestHartselle PD - InvestigationsLaw Talk
62704-143AHPD PatrolHartselle PD - PatrolLaw Talk
62804-144AHPD Detail 1Hartselle PD - Detail 1Law Tac
62904-145AHPD Detail 2Hartselle PD - Detail 2Law Tac
63004-146AHPD Tac 1Hartselle PD - Tac 1Law Tac
63104-147AHPD Tac 2Hartselle PD - Tac 2Law Tac
63204-150AHPD AdminHartselle PD - AdminLaw Talk
63304-151AHPD ? 151Hartselle PD ?Law Talk
63404-152AHPD ? 152Hartselle PD ?Law Talk
63504-153AHPD ? 153Hartselle PD ?Law Talk
63604-154AHPD ? 154Hartselle PD ?Law Talk
63704-155AHPD ? 155Hartselle PD ?Law Talk
63804-156AHPD ? 156Hartselle PD ?Law Talk
63904-157AHPD MDTsHartselle PD - MDTsData
Morgan County Fire
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
59204-100AMCFD FleetCounty Fire - FleetwideFire Dispatch
59304-101AMCFD DispCounty Fire - Dispatch (not yet linked to 453.050 rptrs)Fire Dispatch
59404-102AMCFD Tac 1County Fire - Tac 1Fire-Tac
59504-103AMCFD Tac 2County Fire - Tac 2Fire-Tac
59604-104AMCFD Tac 3County Fire - Tac 3Fire-Tac
59704-105AMCFD Tac 4County Fire - Tac 4Fire-Tac
59804-106AMCFD Tac 5County Fire - Tac 5Fire-Tac
59904-107AMCFD Tac 6County Fire - Tac 6Fire-Tac
60004-110AMCFD Tac 7County Fire - Tac 7Fire-Tac
60104-111AMCFD Tac 8County Fire - Tac 8Fire-Tac
60204-112AMCFD TalkCounty Fire - TalkaroundFire-Talk
60304-113AMCFD ? 113County Fire ?Fire-Talk
60404-114AMCFD ? 114County Fire ?Fire-Talk
60504-115AMCFD ? 115County Fire ?Fire-Talk
60604-116AMCFD ? 116County Fire ?Fire-Talk
60704-117AMCFD ? 117County Fire ?Fire-Talk
69305-065AMCFD Rescue1County Rescue Squad Ch 1EMS-Tac
69405-066AMCFD Rescue2County Rescue Squad Ch 2EMS-Tac
72305-103AFaukvilleVFDFaukville VFDFire-Talk
72605-106AM Tavern VFDMud Tavern VFDFire-Talk
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54404-040ADFD FleetDecatur FD - Fleetwide (Fleet 2)Fire Dispatch
54504-041ADFD DispatchDecatur FD - Dispatch (linked with 154.980)Fire Dispatch
54604-042ADFD AdminDecatur FD - AdministrationFire-Talk
54704-043ADFD InvestDecatur FD - InvestigationsFire-Talk
54804-044ADFD PreventDecatur FD - PreventionFire-Talk
54904-045ADFD Train 1Decatur FD - Training 1Fire-Talk
55004-046ADFD Train 2Decatur FD - Training 2Fire-Talk
55104-047ADFD TalkDecatur FD - TalkaroundFire-Talk
55204-050ADFD EMS 1Decatur FD - EMS 1EMS Dispatch
55304-051ADFD EMS 2Decatur FD - EMS 2EMS-Talk
55404-052ADFD ? 052Decatur FD ?Fire-Talk
55504-053ADFD ? 053Decatur FD ?Fire-Talk
55604-054ADFD ? 054Decatur FD ?Fire-Talk
55704-055ADFD ? 055Decatur FD ?Fire-Talk
55804-056ADFD ? 056Decatur FD ?Fire-Talk
55904-057ADFD ? 057Decatur FD ?Fire-Talk
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
64005-000AHFD FleetHartselle FD - FleetwideFire Dispatch
64105-001AHFD DispatchHartselle FD - Dispatch (unknown if linked to 154.265)Fire Dispatch
64205-002AHFD F/G 1Hartselle FD - Fireground 1Fire-Tac
64305-003AHFD F/G 2Hartselle FD - Fireground 2Fire-Tac
64405-004AHFD Train 1Hartselle FD - Training 1Fire-Talk
64505-005AHFD Train 2Hartselle FD - Training 2Fire-Talk
64605-006AHFD ? 006Hartselle FD ?Fire-Talk
64705-007AHFD ? 007Hartselle FD ?Fire-Talk
64805-010AHFD ? 010Hartselle FD ?Fire-Talk
64905-011AHFD ? 011Hartselle FD ?Fire-Talk
65005-012AHFD ? 012Hartselle FD ?Fire-Talk
65105-013AHFD ? 013Hartselle FD ?Fire-Talk
65205-014AHFD ? 014Hartselle FD ?Fire-Talk
65305-015AHFD ? 015Hartselle FD ?Fire-Talk
65405-016AHFD ? 016Hartselle FD ?Fire-Talk
65505-017AHFD ? 017Hartselle FD ?Fire-Talk
74905-135AHartVFD Tac1Hartselle VFD - Tac 1Fire-Tac
75005-136AHartVFD Tac2Hartselle VFD - Tac 2Fire-Tac
75105-137AHartVFD Tac3Hartselle VFD - Tac 3Fire-Tac
75205-140AHartVFD Tac4Hartselle VFD - Tac 4Fire-Tac
Morgan County EMS & Hospitals
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
73605-120AMC EMS FleetMedical - FleetwideEMS Dispatch
73705-121ADecaturEMS 1Decatur EMS - Ch 1EMS Dispatch
73805-122ADecaturEMS 2Decatur EMS - Ch 2EMS-Talk
73905-123AHunts EMS 1Huntsville EMS - Ch 1EMS Dispatch
74005-124AHunts EMS 2Huntsville EMS - Ch 2EMS-Talk
74105-125AAmer EMS 1American Ambulance (Cullman) - Ch 1EMS Dispatch
74205-126AAmer EMS 2American Ambulance - Ch 2EMS-Talk
74305-127ALife EMS 1LifeCare Ambulance (Hartselle) - Ch 1EMS Dispatch
74405-130ALife EMS 2LifeCare Ambulance - Ch 2EMS-Talk
74505-131AArab EMS 1Arab Ambulance (Arab) - Ch 1EMS Dispatch
74605-132AArab EMS 2Arab Ambulance - Ch 2EMS-Talk
74705-133AEMS HEAR/AirHEAR/Air Ops (linked with 155.34 MHz)Hospital
74805-134AEMS-to-PrkwyEMS-to-Hospital (Parkway Medical Center) (Decatur)Hospital
74905-135AEMS-to-DecatEMS-to-Hospital (Decatur General Hospital)Hospital
75005-136AEMS-to-HartsEMS-to-Hospital (Hartselle Medical Center)Hospital
75105-137AEMS-to-HuntsEMS-to-Hospital (Huntsville Hospital) - Area Trauma CenterHospital
Decatur Public Works
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65605-020ADPW FleetDecatur PW - FleetwidePublic Works
65705-021ADPW GarageDecatur PW - GaragePublic Works
65805-022ADPW Sanit 1Decatur PW - Sanitation 1Public Works
65905-023ADPW Sanit 2Decatur PW - Sanitation 2Public Works
66005-024ADPW SignShopDecatur PW - Sign ShopPublic Works
66105-025ADPW Util 1Decatur PW - Utilities 1Public Works
66205-026ADPW Util 2Decatur PW - Utilities 2Public Works
66305-027ADPW Util 3Decatur PW - Utilities 3Public Works
66405-030ADPW Util 4Decatur PW - Utilities 4Public Works
66505-031ADPW WaterDecatur PW - WaterPublic Works
66605-032ADPW ? 032Decatur PW - ?Public Works
66705-033ADPW ? 033Decatur PW - ?Public Works
66805-034ADPW ? 034Decatur PW - ?Public Works
66905-035ADPW ? 035Decatur PW - ?Public Works
67005-036ADPW ? 036Decatur PW - ?Public Works
67105-037ADPW ? 037Decatur PW - ?Public Works
Hartselle Public Works
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
67205-040AHPW FleetHartselle PW - FleetwidePublic Works
67305-041AHPW CommonHartselle PW - Hart All (Common)Public Works
67405-042AHPW ? 042Hartselle PW ?Public Works
67505-043AHPW ? 043Hartselle PW ?Public Works
67605-044AHPW ? 044Hartselle PW ?Public Works
67705-045AHPW ? 045Hartselle PW ?Public Works
67805-046AHPW ? 046Hartselle PW ?Public Works
67905-047AHPW ? 047Hartselle PW ?Public Works
68005-050AHPW ? 050Hartselle PW ?Public Works
68105-051AHPW ? 051Hartselle PW ?Public Works
68205-052AHPW ? 052Hartselle PW ?Public Works
68305-053AHPW ? 053Hartselle PW ?Public Works
68405-054AHPW ? 054Hartselle PW ?Public Works
68505-055AHPW ? 055Hartselle PW ?Public Works
68605-056AHPW ? 056Hartselle PW ?Public Works
68705-057AHPW ? 057Hartselle PW ?Public Works
Unidentified Users
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60804-120AUnid FleetUnid - FleetwidePublic Works