San Diego Gas and Electric (SDGE)

System Name: San Diego Gas and Electric (SDGE)
Location: San Diego, CA
County: 2 Counties
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice: Analog
System ID: Sysid: 8420 Connect Tone: 97.30
Last Updated: May 15, 2020, 6:47 pm CDT   [Added Talkgroup 1328 Unknown Dispatcher (Distribution?)(All)]
System Notes
Radio Codes:

800 Message Received
801 Routine Assignment
802 Urgent Assignment
803 Any Assignment? (Give location)
804 Nothing For You
805 Cancel Last Assignment
806 What Is Your Location?
807 Repeat Message
809 Call By Phone
810 Stand By
811 In Service (Give location)
812 Out Of Service (Give location)
813 Job Progress
814 Too Weak To Read (Change location)
888 Emergency Code

Station IDs:

Station A - Station A
Station C - Gas Control
Station E - Eastern Ops
Station L - San Luis Rey (L = Distribution?)
Station M - Mission
Station O - Carlsbad
Station Q - Kearny Mesa Electric
Station R - Orange County Ops
Station S - Escondido Ops
Station X - Mt. Empire
Station Y - Trouble
Construction - Plant Construction

See "Public Utilties" page for conventional frequencies.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Primary San Diego 936.1375936.150936.1625936.175936.1875936.200c936.225c
002 (2) San Clemente Orange 938.250938.6375938.650938.6625c938.675c  
003 (3) South Laguna Orange 936.2375936.250c936.725c    
004 (4) Jeremy Way San Diego 935.450935.4625c937.1375c    
007 (7) Monument Peak San Diego 935.925936.950937.000937.175937.4375c  
008 (8) East County San Diego 936.2375936.250c936.725c    
009 (9) Site 9 San Diego 937.175c      
010 (A) Site 10 San Diego 935.4625c937.1375c     
011 (B) Chihuahua Valley San Diego 936.2375936.250c936.725c    
012 (C) Site 12 San Diego 935.450935.4625937.1375c    
013 (D) Volcan Mtn. San Diego 937.700937.7375938.7375c    
014 (E) Black Mountain San Diego 936.725c936.250c     
016 (10) Site 16 San Diego 938.6375c      
019 (13) Site 19 San Diego 936.9125c      
903 (387) Mount Soledad San Diego 936.175936.200936.225936.2375936.250936.675936.725


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48030AMetro?Center City / MetroUtilities
80050AEastern OM?Eastern Operations & Maintenance (OM)?Utilities
112070A1G - ETM SEmergency Troublemen South? - Station YUtilities
144090A1H - DS S1Distribution South 1 - Station A (MSEL w/ 240)Utilities
1760b0A1ITransmission - Station AUtilities
2080d0A1JElectric OpsUtilities
2400f0A1K - DS S2Distribution South 2 - Station A (MSEL w/ 144)Utilities
272110A1LMt Empire OMUtilities
304130AKY SUBKearny Mesa Sub (Mission Control)Utilities
336150AKY TCMKearny TCM (Telecom?)Utilities
528210A2ANorth Coast OMUtilities
560230A2C2C - UnknownUtilities
624270A2G - ETM NEmergency Troublemen North? - Station YUtilities
656290A2H - DS N1Distribution North 1 - Station L (MSEL w/ 752)Utilities
6882b0A2IOutages NorthUtilities
7202d0A2J - EOCEmergency Operations Center (Brush Fires)Emergency Ops
7522f0A2K - DS N2Distribution North 2 - Station L (MSEL w/ 656)Utilities
784310ADist Ramona?Distribution Ramona?Utilities
1040410AGas SouthGas Service South - Station YUtilities
1072430AGas NorthGas Service North - Station YUtilities
1168490AGas 1168Gas - Station YUtilities
12004b0AGas 1200Gas South - Station YUtilities
12324d0AGas 1232Gas - Station YUtilities
1296510ACompHelpDeskComputer Help DeskUtilities
1328530ASDGE 1328Unknown Dispatcher (Distribution?)Utilities
1392570ASPLSunrise Power Link ProjectUtilities
1584630ASCRTYSecurity ControlUtilities